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2009-05-28 New ultra-sensitive device detects viruses in minutes 0 None
2009-05-28 FDA approves new ankle prosthetic 0 None
2009-05-28 New surgical tool for complicated eye surgery 0 None
2009-05-28 American Cancer Society unveils social web application for cancer patients 0 None
2009-05-26 New microscopic device reveals cause of blood clots 0 None
2009-05-25 QIAGEN launches novel product enabling non-invasive prenatal diagnostics and cancer detection 0 None
2009-05-24 New device for coagulating and killing unwanted tissue during surgery 0 None
2009-05-22 President Obama reverses Bush policy preventing consumers from suing product makers in State courts 0 None
2009-05-22 Getting more from whole-transcript microarrays 0 None
2009-05-20 Robotic therapy for cerebral palsy 0 None
2009-05-19 New vaginal ring designed to prevent sexual transmission of HIV 0 None
2009-05-19 New imaging tool helps identify DNA patterns of cancer, genetic disorders 0 5
2009-05-19 Boston Scientific launches 3rd generation platinum chromium drug-eluting stent 0 None
2009-05-19 e-mail intervention program helps improve diet and lifestyle 0 3
2009-05-18 FDA clears new treatment for facial wrinkles 0 None
2009-05-15 Quantitative single cell analysis using optical tweezers and microfluidics 0 None
2009-05-14 Health Subcommittee considers bill to eliminate pre-emption for medical devices 0 None
2009-05-14 Implanted cardioverter defibrillators extend lives of heart attack survivors by a year 0 None
2009-05-13 FDA approves new laser surgery for brain tumors 6 2.9
2009-05-13 New device could track tumor's growth 0 None
2009-05-13 From implantable devices to electric vehicles, UB Professor focuses on power sources 0 None
2009-05-12 Researchers develop a dynamic heart system 0 None
2009-05-12 HHS will release guidance on 'meaningful use' of health IT this summer, Blumenthal says 1 None
2009-05-07 British scientists win grant to develop hand-held self-monitoring test for HIV viral loads 0 None
2009-05-07 New device for patients too sick for open-heart surgery 0 5
2009-05-07 eZono launches innovation for faster adoption of ultrasound-guided anesthesia 0 5
2009-05-06 Results from study comparing safety and efficacy of drug-eluting stents and bare-metal stents 0 None
2009-05-06 Unmanned mini helicopter for disaster rescue workers 0 None
2009-05-06 New device allows for self-monitoring of blood lactate level 0 None
2009-05-06 University of Greenwich speeds drug research with ThalesNano H-Cube 0 None
2009-05-05 3T MRI detects significant number of lesions not found on mammography and sonography 0 None
2009-05-05 Unique electronic strategy alerts physicians to latest clinical information on H1N1 flu 0 None
2009-05-04 A more potent vaccine technology 0 None
2009-05-04 Novel "lab on a tube" monitoring device 0 None


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