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2009-07-31 New chemical imaging technique could help in the fight against atherosclerosis 0 5
2009-07-30 Machine designed to reduce infections and cut back on expensive "disposables" 0 None
2009-07-28 Patent Office upholds I-Flow Corporation’s patent covering infusion devices 0 None
2009-07-27 University at Buffalo start-up provides innovative digital sperm analysis to infertile couples worldwide 0 None
2009-07-27 New system may allow use of xenon to protect newborn brain 0 None
2009-07-27 Music drives experimental samples through a lab-on-a-chip 0 None
2009-07-23 Compact gamma camera for prostate cancer imaging 0 5
2009-07-23 New software provides a better understanding of how viruses evolve 0 None
2009-07-22 Camera-phone uses blood, saliva samples to diagnose disease 0 None
2009-07-22 NovaSterilis receives patent for vaccine creation using supercritical carbon dioxide 0 None
2009-07-21 Parabon NanoLabs awarded research grant to develop novel cancer therapeutics 0 3
2009-07-21 Electronic nose detects vapours emitted by human skin in real time 1 None
2009-07-21 Implantable device offers continuous cancer monitoring 0 None
2009-07-20 Can pen and paper help make electronic medical records better? 0 None
2009-07-17 ‘In home’ GP visits at the press of a button 0 None
2009-07-15 J & J: hospital deal will hurt medical device sales 0 None
2009-07-15 Medicare fraud taints California device maker and New Jersey clinic 1 None
2009-07-15 eHealth record system a step closer 3 4
2009-07-15 Upcoming health IT decisions could spell success or failure 0 None
2009-07-14 New brain visualization technology enables removal of fist-sized tumor 0 None
2009-07-14 Researchers design textile load limiter for child seat belt systems 0 None
2009-07-13 Medical use for waste television screens 0 None
2009-07-07 Tiny heart catheter pump with air propulsion 0 None
2009-07-07 Scientists step closer to first artificial nerve cell 0 None
2009-07-07 AbbeyMoor receives approval for design improvements to ‘The Spanner’ prostatic stent 0 None
2009-07-07 FDA approves Hologic's permanent contraception system 0 4
2009-07-05 Acoustics help blind people see the world 0 None
2009-07-02 Major new e-science resource for biologists 0 None


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