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Date Title Comments Rating
2011-09-30 Sandata releases new version of Santrax Agency Management 0 None
2011-09-30 Loma Linda University's Vision Intervention Program receives Spot screener from PediaVision 0 None
2011-09-30 Researchers use fMRI to examine patterns of brain activation in patients with chronic pain 0 None
2011-09-30 Researchers develop HTGTS to map translocatome in the genome 0 None
2011-09-30 FDA, other regulatory and international partners complete International Internet Week of Action 0 None
2011-09-30 Three Georgia Tech projects to receive NSF's EFRI grants 0 None
2011-09-30 First patient in Turkey with Total Artificial Heart attends TUYOD meeting 0 None
2011-09-30 Unibased integrates EHR, periOperative RMS and anesthesia IMS at Monongalia General Hospital 0 None
2011-09-30 Journal of Vascular Surgery publishes Atrium's COBEST Trial on aorto-iliac disease 0 None
2011-09-30 HBI, TPF launch One Heart Magazine 0 None
2011-09-30 New technique helps identify how RNA molecules control gene expression 0 None
2011-09-30 Ambry to provide CLIA-approved exome services for applications in clinical diagnostics 0 None
2011-09-30 FDA approves NeuRx Diaphragm Pacing System to treat ALS 0 None
2011-09-30 MRI-based technique allows researchers to follow neural stem cells in vivo 0 None
2011-09-30 Enrollment begins in Boston Scientific's vagal nerve stimulation trial for heart failure 0 None
2011-09-30 Two Influenza test kits receive FDA clearance for use in JBAIDS 0 None
2011-09-30 Cardiac Dimensions' enhanced version of CARILLON system receives CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-09-29 Clinithink, Acusis to improve clinical documentation in ambulatory and acute care settings 0 None
2011-09-29 Rapid non-invasive test helps identify human exposure to potentially harmful substances 0 None
2011-09-29 Study reports positive effect of RESPeRATE on CHF patients 0 None
2011-09-29 Study: Mammographic surveillance improves outcomes of breast cancer patients 1 None
2011-09-29 Simple low-cost method for isolation and collection of fragile prostate cancer cells 0 None
2011-09-29 DaTscan aids doctors in diagnosing patients with Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-09-28 PerkinElmer releases latest version of Volocity 3D cellular imaging software 0 None
2011-09-28 DJO receives exclusive rights to sell Exos' range of upper extremity products 0 None
2011-09-28 BCBSF unveils new online tool for comparing health care quality and cost 0 None
2011-09-28 XECAN's RFID Oncology Solution integrated with ThingMagic Astra UHF Reader 0 None
2011-09-28 Yale researchers use AB SCIEX's QTRAP technology to synthesize phosphoproteins 0 None
2011-09-28 HealthUnity announces availability of HIE and MPI version 5.5 0 None
2011-09-28 Applied Biomics adds iTRAQ service to its proteomics line 0 None
2011-09-28 Nearly 90% of women consider mammograms important to their health, well-being: Poll 0 None
2011-09-28 Takeda, AACE partner to launch Diabetes Navigator website 0 None
2011-09-28 Older patients who undergo carotid stenting from less experienced physicians have higher death risk 0 None
2011-09-28 Some stroke patients may benefit from treatment outside the typical 3 hour window 0 None
2011-09-28 Wis. unveils Medicaid savings website; some low-income Minn. residents must change health plans 0 None
2011-09-28 Dialog Devices receives CE mark and ISO certification for Padd 0 None
2011-09-28 Engager Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation System pivotal trial to be conducted at 11 European centers 0 None
2011-09-28 HPV testing for cervical screening saves women from more invasive tests 0 None
2011-09-28 Spire receives NIH, NIDCR's SBIR Phase I Grant to develop coatings for dental arch wires 0 None
2011-09-27 CCG announces new version of protein structure database and visualization system 0 None
2011-09-27 USPTO issues patent to Precision BioSciences' engineered meganucleases 0 None
2011-09-27 Two computerized tests increase ability to detect remaining vision in patients with RP 0 None
2011-09-27 WPI professor receives AHA fellowship for research into cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-09-27 Double balloon enteroscopy safe and effective for detection of small intestine diseases 0 None
2011-09-27 Asuragen announces data from Signature LTx v2.0 clinical study on leukemia 0 None
2011-09-27 PHT releases first ePRO smartphone application 0 None
2011-09-27 Photocure, Ipsen partner to commercialise Hexvix for diagnosis of bladder cancer 0 None
2011-09-27 Statistical algorithm can now determine focus error in eyes, cameras 0 None
2011-09-27 Endologix develops Ventana stent graft system to treat aortic aneurysms 0 None
2011-09-27 UCSF, QuantiaMD develop new DiabetesIQ mobile phone app 0 None
2011-09-27 Aesculap acquires assets of Aragon Surgical 0 None
2011-09-26 World's first treatment of metastasized brain cancer uses IsoRay's Cesium-131 brachytherapy seeds 0 None
2011-09-26 First ever medically intelligent search solution 0 None
2011-09-26 Foam injections to treat varicose veins cause less pain for patients, could save NHS money 0 None
2011-09-26 Gold nanowires in engineered cardiac patches could help heart attack patients 0 None
2011-09-26 Percutaneous hepatic perfusion extends survival time for melanoma patients 0 None
2011-09-26 SAMHSA announces new grants to support expansion of health information technology 0 None
2011-09-26 U-M receives $2.2M FDA grant for 40 ongoing pediatric device projects 0 None
2011-09-26 The Journal of Pain publishes results from Butrans Transdermal System Phase 3 clinical study 0 None
2011-09-26 University of Utah develops video game to help children with cancer 0 None
2011-09-26 Diffusion-weighted MRI can accurately detect lung cancer 0 None
2011-09-23 Capital BlueCross goes live with TriZetto's care management application 0 None
2011-09-23 Gamma radiation could toughen up plastic prosthetic joints 0 None
2011-09-23 First Annual ACR Imaging Informatics Summit and Dose Monitoring Forum to be held from Nov. 3-4 0 None
2011-09-23 TeleTracking named 'Tech Titan of the Year' for second straight year 0 None
2011-09-23 USF receives U.S. Department of Defense award for musculoskeletal research 0 None
2011-09-23 New assay simultaneously visualize gene number, protein expression in individual cells 0 None
2011-09-23 SANUWAVE announces dermaPACE Phase III trial results on diabetic foot ulcers 0 None
2011-09-23 STAAR's new Visian ICL with CentraFLOW technology showcased at ESCRS congress 0 None
2011-09-23 Scientists discover mechanism behind MRI-induced vertigo 0 None
2011-09-23 UCLA's gene-based imaging system can accurately detect metastatic prostate cancers 0 None
2011-09-23 Breast imaging reports generated with automatic speech recognition more likely to contain errors 0 None
2011-09-23 Viable non-invasive, drug-free alternative to IVF for infertile couples 0 4
2011-09-23 Verax Biomedical receives FDA clearance for Platelet PGD test 0 None
2011-09-22 Cambridge Heart enters agreement with EO Medical for MTWA technology 0 None
2011-09-22 Gynesonics initiates VizAblate FAST-EU study for uterine fibroid treatment 0 None
2011-09-22 Neogen develops quick and easy new test for aflatoxin 0 None
2011-09-22 New portable test can quickly and economically detect adulterated heparin 0 None
2011-09-22 Quidel, Life Technologies to distribute and commercialize molecular diagnostics in Europe 0 None
2011-09-22 OPTOS to acquire ophthalmic instrumentation business from OPKO 0 None
2011-09-22 InSightec's ExAblate Neuro system may treat chronic brain disorders 0 None
2011-09-22 NanoString's miRGE Assay now available for use in nCounter Analysis System 0 None
2011-09-22 Sapheon's new varicose vein closure system receives European CE Mark approval 0 3
2011-09-21 Test to properly diagnose fever in children needed 'desperately' 0 None
2011-09-21 Saladax, Bristol-Myers Squibb expand Alzheimer's diagnostic assays agreement 0 None
2011-09-21 Two IGB faculty members recognized as University Scholars 0 None
2011-09-21 IRIDEX licenses rights to Ocunetics' intellectual property 0 None
2011-09-21 Influential leaders hold high-level discussions on biomedical S&T initiatives 0 None
2011-09-21 GI Dynamics introduces EndoBarrier Gastrointestinal Liner in Austria 0 None
2011-09-21 Positive data from InVivo's biomaterial scaffold implant preclinical study on acute SCI 0 None
2011-09-21 MRI screenings for breast cancer benefit high-risk, underserved women 0 None
2011-09-21 FDA clears Toshiba's advanced M-Power interface 0 None
2011-09-21 NUI Galway researchers develop super-sized model of heart valve 0 None
2011-09-21 Clinical trial to evaluate TAU's stem cell technology for ALS 0 None
2011-09-21 Aetna supports mHealth diabetes initiative in India 0 None
2011-09-21 Enrollment complete in STENTYS Self-Apposing Stent clinical study for treatment of AMI 0 None
2011-09-21 Smith & Nephew's TRUCLEAR System to improve training for gynecologists 0 None
2011-09-21 New blood test can help detect heart attacks 0 None
2011-09-21 Loyola offers 15 minute emergency balloon angioplasty for heart attack patients 0 None
2011-09-21 New floating microscopic device for researchers to study wide range of cellular processes 0 None
2011-09-21 NIH to honor two Scripps Research scientists with innovator awards 0 None
2011-09-21 FSS initiates FlexStent clinical trial for treatment of peripheral arterial disease 0 None
2011-09-21 FDA clears Anulex's fiXate Tissue Band System to treat chronic trunk/limb pain 0 None
2011-09-21 HIMSS Asia Pac’11 focuses on eHealth records 0 None
2011-09-20 Innovative University of Surrey graduate start-up company wins Technology Strategy Board grant to drive NHS cost savings 0 None
2011-09-20 GE Healthcare unveils ultra-low dose CT technology with profound image clarity 0 None
2011-09-20 Thermo Fisher Scientific cassette cuts tissue embedding time in half 0 None
2011-09-20 Akeso Medical Imaging closes first financing round to develop imaging device for rheumatoid arthritis disease activity monitoring and control 0 None
2011-09-20 UBC Graduate School of Journalism launches 'The Pain Project' site 0 None
2011-09-20 Centrifuge releases new version of Visual Network Analytics solution 0 None
2011-09-20 Autism Speaks and Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation select apps to help people with ASD 0 None
2011-09-20 TJUH adopts new equipment from Roche Diagnostics for laboratory testing services 0 None
2011-09-20 University of Colorado, SuviCa complete license agreement for CU cancer drug screening technology 0 None
2011-09-20 Leverage mobile technology and social networking to strengthen health systems 0 None
2011-09-20 Cardiff develops simple and effective wound test that could save NHS millions 0 None
2011-09-20 Henry Ford Hospital performs DBS procedure inside iMRI to treat Parkinson's 0 None
2011-09-20 BIOTRONIK completes enrollment in Passeo-18 Lux DEB catheter clinical study for PAD 0 None
2011-09-20 AMGA presents 2011 Acclaim Award to Geisinger Health System 0 None
2011-09-20 Vitrolife obtains Chinese SFDA approval for aspiration needles and micropipettes 0 None
2011-09-20 New UCSB technology can identify cancerous prostate cells 0 None
2011-09-20 OvaGene's new molecular diagnostics laboratory receives CLIA-certification 0 None
2011-09-20 MDA, IMRIS collaborate to advance development of MR guided surgical robot 0 None
2011-09-20 Mammography rates among immigrant women remain lower than the native-born 0 None
2011-09-20 Multispectral fluorescence imaging system can localize cancer cells during surgery 0 None
2011-09-19 GE Healthcare launches new ultrasound technology 0 3.7
2011-09-19 Revolution in drug discovery underway in West Midlands, UK 0 None
2011-09-19 Phytel launches new suite of automated care management solutions 0 None
2011-09-19 Laser Med Center receives FDA approval for device to treat Trigeminal Neuralgia 1 None
2011-09-19 CareFusion adds ReVel ventilator to Alternate Care portfolio 0 None
2011-09-19 Boston Scientific introduces Coyote Balloon Catheter for peripheral angioplasty 0 None
2011-09-19 Intelligent t-shirt patient biomonitoring platform 0 None
2011-09-19 Enrollment commences in MINI-AMI study of Impella in STEMI patients 0 None
2011-09-19 SuccessEHS acquires MediaDent EDR and Dental Imaging solution 0 None
2011-09-19 OptiScan's new bedside glucose monitoring system receives European CE Mark 0 None
2011-09-19 Shannon installs Toshiba's Infinix CF-i single plane vascular X-ray system 0 None
2011-09-19 Techulon signs distribution agreement with BioConcept for Glycofect 0 None
2011-09-19 Nutracheck launches UK's first weight loss App 0 None
2011-09-19 Noninvasive method can detect sudden infant death syndrome, sleep apnea 0 None
2011-09-19 Gamers solve molecular structure of retrovirus enzyme 0 None
2011-09-19 University of Groningen surgeons perform first fluorescence-guided ovarian cancer surgery 0 None
2011-09-19 HFSA scientific meeting to discuss long-term management care for LVAD patients 0 None
2011-09-19 CONRAD announces results of SILCS Diaphragm contraceptive effectiveness study 0 None
2011-09-17 HHS awards SwRI $4.4M contract to develop nasal system for treating cyanide poisoning 0 None
2011-09-17 CLASS Act criticism continues, but new report sees 'fixes' 0 None
2011-09-17 Christiana Care Health System named to 2011 InformationWeek 500 0 None
2011-09-17 Radiology Associates of North Texas extends billing services contract with Zotec Partners 0 None
2011-09-17 Study finds no clear advantage of ultrasound guidance for pain relief in nerve block procedures 0 None
2011-09-17 Topcon Europe Medical to distribute LensAR product line in Europe 0 None
2011-09-17 ZocDoc launches in Boston region 0 1
2011-09-17 Hologic to showcase automated systems for cervical cancer screening at IPV, Berlin 0 None
2011-09-17 Arthrosurface releases Glenoid resurfacing product line 0 None
2011-09-16 Nanion’s automated patch clamp platforms show unparalleled results using stem cell derived cardiomyocytes 0 5
2011-09-16 DryDiapersPlus joins Unique Wellness and BIOTX to provide incontinence products 0 None
2011-09-16 New collaboration reinforces Sanofi's translational discovery platform for retinal diseases 0 None
2011-09-16 Mindray launches new DP-50 ultrasound system 0 3.5
2011-09-16 Researchers develop polymers that fluoresce in the presence of bacteria 0 None
2011-09-16 Novel imaging technique reveals new visual resolution of NK cell action 0 None
2011-09-16 Action video games may not improve perceptual and cognitive abilities 0 None
2011-09-16 Cleveland Clinic receives NIH grant to study effectiveness of concussion diagnostic test 0 None
2011-09-16 Patients with chronic kidney disease do not need to undergo painful invasive procedures 0 None
2011-09-16 St. Jude Medical to again participate in Asia-Pacific Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Session 0 None
2011-09-16 Silence receives U.S. patent entitled, 'Use of Protein Kinase N beta' 0 None
2011-09-16 Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification test for human African trypanosomiasis 0 None
2011-09-16 New nanopore sensor can lead to early detection of lung cancer 0 None
2011-09-16 Cancer information on wiki similar in accuracy as peer-reviewed site 0 None
2011-09-16 Viewing video affects preferences for treatment of low back pain 0 None
2011-09-16 Scientists to develop 'Facebook Light' for dementia patients 0 None
2011-09-16 New GE healthymagination initiative aims to improve cancer innovation and care 0 None
2011-09-15 iPad revolution for Weill Cornell Medical students 0 None
2011-09-15 Leica Microsystems bringing digital pathology excellence to the hematopathology workshop 0 None
2011-09-15 Loyola tests new pressure-sensing catheter to treat atrial fibrillation 0 None
2011-09-15 New computational method quickly predicts three-dimensional structure of protein 0 None
2011-09-15 Kenya's Tenwek Hospital receives Aquilion 4 CT system as donation from Toshiba 0 None
2011-09-15 USPTO issues Certificate of Registration for Echo's SYMPHONY and PRELUDE trademarks 0 None
2011-09-15 Medical providers should continue to encourage traditional smoking cessation methods 0 None
2011-09-15 Navigating Cancer receives ONC-ATCB certification for Patient Engagement Portal 0 None
2011-09-15 Roche, Uppsala BIO partner for new open innovation program 0 None
2011-09-15 Axeq announces Turnkey Discovery sequencing and analysis services 0 None
2011-09-15 Telestroke appears to be cost-effective for rural hospitals 0 None
2011-09-15 Heart specialists reveal how pacemaker works at the biological level 0 None
2011-09-15 Fast-track genetic diagnosis for hearing loss 0 None
2011-09-14 Novo Nordisk announces free diabetes educational e-book series 0 2
2011-09-14 Cohera's TissuGlu Surgical Adhesive receives CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-09-14 Zimmer receives clearance for pediatric use of Universal Clamp Spinal Fixation System 0 None
2011-09-14 Single UV laser pulse simultaneously zaps away biological tissue at multiple points 0 None
2011-09-14 STED microscope reveals that F-actin pervades immunological synapse 0 None
2011-09-14 Toshiba to highlight Aquilion ONE CT system at ASER conference 0 None
2011-09-14 Neuroscientists use fMRI to identify how brain figures out scene recognition 0 None
2011-09-14 Bausch + Lomb to launch VICTUS Femtosecond Laser Platform for cataract surgery 0 None
2011-09-14 U-M selects new integration technology for its children and women's hospitals 0 None
2011-09-14 New imaging method could better assess extent of nerve damage 0 None
2011-09-14 University of Antioquia and IBM partner for Leishmaniasis research 0 None
2011-09-14 Electron microscope reveals minute morphology of dendritic trees 0 None
2011-09-14 Computer models that predict response to treatment 0 None
2011-09-14 Web-based tool can improve employment outcomes of breast cancer survivors 0 None
2011-09-14 'Talk Test' effective for gauging exercise intensity 0 None
2011-09-14 Intrauterine devices may lower risk of cervical cancer among users, study shows 0 None
2011-09-14 Tengion reinitiates enrollment in Neo-Urinary Conduit clinical trial for bladder cancer 0 None
2011-09-14 Intrauterine devices may protect against cervical cancer 0 None
2011-09-14 Update to federally mandated system significantly expands number of diagnostic codes used by health care providers 0 None
2011-09-14 Autism Speaks introduces new tool kit to make blood draws and routine procedures less stressful 0 None
2011-09-14 New minimally invasive technique to diagnose early-stage ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-09-13 Combining cell biology and molecular genetics for single-cell research 0 None
2011-09-13 IBM's Watson supercomputer and WellPoint working towards computerized access to records and diagnoses 1 None
2011-09-13 UVA to launch Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center in early October 0 None
2011-09-13 BGI, Merck collaborate to focus on biomarkers and genomic technologies 0 None
2011-09-13 Delcath announces updated Phase 2 trial results from metastatic neuroendocrine tumor cohort 0 None
2011-09-13 Researchers use MRI and PET/CT to assess safety, efficacy of heart drug dalcetrapib 0 None
2011-09-13 Majority of cryoballoon ablation patients show no signs of A-Fib year after procedure 0 4.2
2011-09-13 New contraceptive website for young women 0 None
2011-09-13 ASGE Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program honors 21 endoscopy units for safety and quality 0 None
2011-09-12 Cytta completes first client deployment of remote medical monitoring system 0 None
2011-09-12 Modern Plastics named distributor for new EVONIK VESTAKEEP 5000 PEEK extruded stock shapes 0 None
2011-09-12 Brooke Army Medical Center goes live with Conexus Plexus Asset Tracking System 0 5
2011-09-12 Health Robotics announces rental program for I.V. Automation solutions 0 None
2011-09-12 HNL to implement Altosoft's Insight system at anatomic and clinical pathology labs 0 None
2011-09-12 Dome9 Security announces multi-cloud security management platform 0 None
2011-09-12 American Scientific Resources receives first purchase order from ANB Canada 0 None
2011-09-12 FDA grants marketing clearance for WideMed's portable home sleep diagnostic and monitoring solution 0 None
2011-09-12 Publix to offer Bioject ZetaJet for flu immunizations 0 None
2011-09-12 Entellus Medical introduces easy-to-use tool for navigating sinus passages 0 None
2011-09-12 North Clinic to implement eClinicalWorks EHR solution 0 None
2011-09-12 NextBio Enterprise licensed by University of Southern California for research use 0 None
2011-09-12 Cook Medical introduces Otrieva Tapered Ovum Aspiration Needle 0 None
2011-09-12 Chromatin, Dow AgroSciences achieve first milestone in research collaboration 0 None
2011-09-12 FDA clears Fujifilm's Aspire HD breast imaging system 0 None
2011-09-12 IsoRay receives FDA clearance for GliaSite radiation therapy system to treat brain cancer 0 None
2011-09-12 ARC chooses Elsevier's SciVerse Scopus database for ERA 2012 0 None
2011-09-12 BioClinica releases Express EDC solution for clinical trials 0 None
2011-09-12 PHT announces availability of eDHP-18 QoL questionnaire on all ePRO collection modalities 0 None
2011-09-12 New improved method can help doctors diagnose early-stage osteoarthritis 0 None
2011-09-12 Decision Innovations to improve quality, patient satisfaction and financial outcomes of hospitals 0 None
2011-09-12 Boston Scientific releases statement on safety, effectiveness of surgical mesh for POP and SUI 0 None
2011-09-12 LC-MRM could provide better understanding of multiple myeloma drug resistance 0 None
2011-09-12 Experts gather in London to propose appropriate medical devices for developing world 0 None
2011-09-12 Diamyd receives NIH grant to develop NTDDS for Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy 0 None
2011-09-12 FDA grants orphan drug designation for Avedro's VibeX to treat Keratoconus 0 None
2011-09-09 Moffitt researchers employ LC-MRM to detect acquired multiple myeloma drug resistance 0 None
2011-09-09 Stanford Hospital medical records data posted on public website, now removed 0 5
2011-09-09 Pharmacologists study first drug-resistant strain of pneumonia to enter Texas 0 None
2011-09-09 Ultrasonic neuromodulation can be quickly applied in neurocritical care situations 0 None
2011-09-09 NYC REACH selects Criterions EHR as partner company 0 None
2011-09-09 Novel solution for purifying stem cell mixtures 0 None
2011-09-09 Buehler introduces new 40-millimeter brushless DC motor for healthcare applications 0 None
2011-09-09 Einstein led consortium to spearhead Central Africa International Epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS 0 None
2011-09-09 Duties, role of clinical laboratory microbiologists could change significantly in the future 0 None
2011-09-09 Feds stop brain stent stroke study after failures 0 None
2011-09-09 New method for making synthetic collagen 0 None
2011-09-09 New application translates foreign-language food menus for English speakers 0 None
2011-09-09 Mary Ann Liebert launches Games for Health Industry Insider 0 None
2011-09-09 Aura's NanoSmart platform can enable earlier detection, treatment of cancers 0 None
2011-09-08 Angioslide introduces new 5x300mm PROTEUS device for treating Superficial Femoral Artery 0 None
2011-09-08 University of Maryland surgeons transplant first lungs treated with experimental repair process 0 None
2011-09-08 Japan's CCRC to implement Medidata Rave's EDC/CDM system 0 None
2011-09-08 MRG reports 6.5% annual growth in the US and European endoscope market through 2015 0 None
2011-09-08 Nexera to submit amended claims for FDA 510(k) clearance of SpectraShield 9500 Surgical N95 Respirator 0 None
2011-09-08 Smith & Nephew launches DYONICS PLATINUM Series Shaver Blades for arthroscopy procedures 0 None
2011-09-08 Enrollment complete in Concentric Medical's Stentriever trial for acute ischemic stroke 0 None
2011-09-08 OptiNose chooses BioClinica's advanced imaging and IWR solutions for clinical trials 0 None
2011-09-08 DotWell partners with INX to implement Cisco VoIP phone and voicemail solution 0 None
2011-09-08 Studies examine overuse of scans in determining status of prostate cancer 0 None
2011-09-08 Aggressive medical treatment without stenting better for high-risk stroke patients 0 None
2011-09-08 Intensive medical treatment more effective in preventing second stroke than stenting 0 None
2011-09-08 UVB light processing boosts vitamin D in mushrooms 0 None
2011-09-08 Pall inaugurates new Singapore Life Sciences Centre of Excellence 0 None
2011-09-08 ITFoM FET Flagship pilot project to be presented at European Parliament seminar 0 5
2011-09-08 Scientists invent new system that uses magnetism to purify hybrid nanoparticles 0 None
2011-09-08 Ohio Third Frontier grants to advance Philips Healthcare Global Advanced Imaging Innovation Center 0 None
2011-09-08 GE Healthcare granted exclusive distribution rights to KC BioMedix NTrainer neurostimulation system 0 None
2011-09-08 Developing technologies to improve treatment of craniosynostosis in babies 0 5
2011-09-08 NJIT to honor electrical engineer for nanotechnology research 0 None
2011-09-08 AOI Medical receives ISO 13485 Certification and CE marking approval for two VCF devices 0 None
2011-09-07 Aternity FPI Platform selected for Centene's strategic end user experience management initiatives 0 None
2011-09-07 PSI to develop statewide enterprise content management solution for Maryland DHR 0 None
2011-09-07 St. Jude Medical receives approval for CRT-D quadripolar pacing system in India 0 5
2011-09-07 First aesthetic laser device for long-term reduction in appearance of cellulite 0 None
2011-09-07 SFDA approves MedWaves' AveCure microwave coagulation-ablation system for cancer 0 None
2011-09-07 OptiMedica's Catalys Precision Laser System for cataract receives European CE mark 0 None
2011-09-07 New technique can precisely locate subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson's patients 0 None
2011-09-07 New bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy can benefit patients with degenerative disc disease 0 None
2011-09-07 Electronic monitoring systems, medical records could improve quality, save money 0 None
2011-09-07 Thermo Fisher Scientific offers siRNA libraries in Labcyte Echo qualified source plates 0 None
2011-09-07 Health Endeavors launches web-based tool that tracks physician non-monetary compensation 0 None
2011-09-07 Biomaterials may heal chronic diabetic wounds 0 None
2011-09-07 Combination of blood tests and ROMA algorithm receives FDA clearance to treat ovarian cancer 0 2
2011-09-07 Two motion-sensing systems can effectively detect early onset of illness, fall risk in seniors 0 None
2011-09-07 Computer-tailored nutrition education not effective in reducing fat intake 0 None
2011-09-07 Lung Flute provides relief to Buffalo-area patients with COPD 0 4
2011-09-07 UC San Diego Health System to receive HIMSS' Stage 7 Award 0 None
2011-09-07 St. Jude Medical's Genesis neurostimulation device receives European CE Mark approval 1 4
2011-09-07 New blood test could help identify babies at risk of sickle cell disease 0 None
2011-09-07 SYSU, ASU collaborate to develop early and predictive diagnostics for colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-09-07 Researchers use ultrasound to improve quality of blood stem cell transplant 0 None
2011-09-07 Fujirebio Diagnostics receives FDA 510(k) clearance for Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm test 0 None
2011-09-06 NINDS awards NeuroSigma STTR Phase I grant to support development of eTNS therapy for epilepsy 0 None
2011-09-06 Concentric Medical launches Trevo Pro 4 device for acute ischemic stroke 0 None
2011-09-06 Comanche County Memorial Hospital chooses eClinicalWorks' EHR solution 0 None
2011-09-06 NanoLogix to move R&D operations from Cincinnati to its headquarters in Hubbard 0 None
2011-09-06 Toshiba introduces Kalare Wireless X-ray system 0 None
2011-09-06 European Neurotech Investing & Partnering Summit to take place in Helsinki 0 None
2011-09-06 Waters launches new single quadrupole mass detector at 2011 JAIMA Expo 0 None
2011-09-06 CHEMIE.DE now offers unparalleled access to scientific data 0 None
2011-09-06 Sectra reports net sales of SEK 169.3 million for first quarter 2011 0 None
2011-09-06 Bruker releases new amaZon speed ion trap mass spectrometers 0 None
2011-09-06 Lilly, QIAGEN partner to develop and commercialize companion diagnostic for JAK2 V617F 0 None
2011-09-06 Scale-up Systems establishes new office in India 0 None
2011-09-05 Mesoblast receives EMA clearance to initiate Revascor Phase 2 trial for heart attacks 0 None
2011-09-05 Berlin to market wide range of Acino Pharma's current and future products in Thailand 0 None
2011-09-03 Radiologists should become knowledgeable with regard to meaningful use 0 1
2011-09-03 Loyola surgeons use new, less invasive catheter technique to treat cystic fibrosis 0 None
2011-09-03 Pathology Visions Conference to be held at Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego 0 None
2011-09-03 VA chief outlines computer system to cut disability backlog 0 None
2011-09-03 ATS issues guidelines on use of FENO in different clinical settings 0 None
2011-09-03 Information and communications technology revolution in the developing world 0 1
2011-09-03 Novel analysis of MRI scans reveals distinct features of autistic brain 0 None
2011-09-03 NASA, Louisiana Tech to conduct zero-gravity testing of DNA analysis device 0 None
2011-09-02 Roche Diagnostics terminates sales and distribution agreement with Response 0 None
2011-09-02 Molecular Devices adds TUNE detection cartridge to SpectraMax Paradigm Detection Platform 0 None
2011-09-02 Research roundup: Health IT and diabetes care; Kids' care on insurance exchanges; Medicare and the 'super committee' 0 None
2011-09-02 Using high-speed lasers to zap mosquitoes in the fight against malaria 0 None
2011-09-02 IEEE conference showcases advances in wearable mechanical prosthetics 0 None
2011-09-02 Western, Midwestern states register higher methamphetamine usage 0 None
2011-09-02 Investments in EHRs could reap major benefits in better patient care, health outcomes 0 None
2011-09-02 New genetic screening program for families at high risk of colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-09-02 Practice on virtual reality system may enhance surgical skills 0 None
2011-09-02 September issue of JACR summarizes methods for radiation dose optimization in chest CT scans 0 None
2011-09-02 Rapid sideline visual test effectively detects concussions in collegiate athletes 0 None
2011-09-02 Two ROC trials evaluate new strategies for CPR following cardiac arrest 0 None
2011-09-02 UC Davis computer model can test effects of anti-arrhythmia medications 0 None
2011-09-02 Study: EHRs improve diabetes care, improve clinical quality 0 None
2011-09-02 RI Hospital researcher supports use of ablation procedures for treatment of lung cancer 0 None
2011-09-02 Researchers seek ways to reduce battlefield amputations, identify heart attacks early 0 None
2011-09-02 New implantable micro oxygen generator improves effectiveness of anticancer tharapy 0 None
2011-09-02 Princeton researchers match images of brain activity with complex thought 0 None
2011-09-02 Simpler defibrillators may cause fewer problems for patients at risk of sudden cardiac death 0 None
2011-09-02 Medtronic initiates U.S. post-approval study of Endurant AAA Stent Graft System 0 None
2011-09-02 Low-cost, portable technique can detect specific proteins in human blood 0 None


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