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2004-12-28 New findings clarify the role of NOD2, a key molecular player in Crohn's Disease 0 None
2004-12-28 AIDS breakthrough - vaccine strengthens the body’s immune system againts HIV 0 None
2004-12-28 Is open source the answer for finding cures for tropical diseases? 0 None
2004-12-27 Norovirus still at Christchurch Hospital 0 None
2004-12-23 Vaccine Treatment and Evaluation Units (VTEUs) supply the nurse power necessary to beat back or altogether prevent infectious disease 0 None
2004-12-21 Theory that could help to cure diseases including cancer 0 5
2004-12-21 New compound Viprovex could save millions 0 None
2004-12-21 The burgeoning Indian AIDS epidemic 0 None
2004-12-20 Youki spray halts the spread of superbug MRSA bacterium 0 None
2004-12-20 Framework responding to the growing need for guidance on HIV and AIDS in African communities 0 None
2004-12-20 Risk of tuberculosis infection doubles within one year of HIV infection 0 None
2004-12-16 Key advance in understanding the proteins and mechanisms involved in the spread of Lyme Disease 0 None
2004-12-14 Vaccinating mice against Lyme disease could help reduce the risk of transmission of the disease to humans 0 None
2004-12-13 Start today of human tests for a preventive vaccine against the respiratory disease SARS 0 None
2004-12-13 Britain pledges four million doses of smallpox vaccine to a new global stockpile 0 None
2004-12-13 Molecular Achilles heel in the organism that causes pneumonia 0 None
2004-12-13 Targeted screening of high-risk groups for genital herpes may prevent disease transmission 0 None
2004-12-08 Discovery of key immune system molecules that helps determine how effectively a person resists HIV infection 0 5
2004-12-06 New clues in understanding why group A streptococci (GAS) has a range of bacterial afflictions in humans 0 None
2004-12-06 New advances in sickle cell disease 0 4
2004-12-06 Health Protection Agency is reminding travellers about the importance of protecting themselves against malaria when travelling 0 None
2004-12-06 Next-generation therapeutics with the potential to successfully treat Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2004-12-04 New and revealing portrait of Yersinia pestis emerges 0 None
2004-12-04 More than 11 million children in developing countries die every year from preventable illness 0 4
2004-12-04 Medicines used to treat parasitic infections have much wider benefits than was previously thought 0 2
2004-12-04 Human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) 0 3.4
2004-12-04 Pennsylvania confirms first influenza case 0 None
2004-12-03 Animal model helps explain how AIDS virus spreads throughout the body following oral exposure 0 None
2004-12-01 Rates of HIV/AIDS diagnoses steady in the U.S 0 None
2004-12-01 Call for new focus on women and HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean 0 None


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