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2006-05-31 WHO bird flu situation update 0 None
2006-05-31 Australia all set to tackle bird flu 0 5
2006-05-30 What to do about bird flu 0 None
2006-05-29 Additional six Indonesian cases of human infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus 0 None
2006-05-29 Birthplace of AIDS found 1 3
2006-05-29 WHO ships Tamiflu to Indonesia just in case 0 None
2006-05-25 Bird flu doing the rounds, back again in China 0 1
2006-05-25 WHO says Indonesian bird flu cluster does not show virus has mutated 0 None
2006-05-24 WHO says bird flu cluster shows no evidence of virus mutating 0 None
2006-05-23 Two more deaths from bird flu as Indonesia tries to track down souce of 'cluster' deaths 0 None
2006-05-22 Bird flu crops up again in Indonesia 0 None
2006-05-21 vCJD may have infected far more people than previously thought 0 None
2006-05-21 WHO says bird flu cluster in Indonesia not due to human-to-human infection 0 None
2006-05-18 Cholera update in Angola and Sudan 0 None
2006-05-18 Seven new cases of human infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus in Indonesia 0 None
2006-05-17 Experts concerned over bird flu 'clusters' in Indonesia 0 None
2006-05-16 Critics say expert's figure of 350,000 Russians with HIV an underestimation 0 None
2006-05-16 Malaria - the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing! 0 None
2006-05-16 Who should get influenza vaccine? 0 None
2006-05-15 Simple "dipstick" test could save millions from blindness 0 None
2006-05-15 Fifth from Indonesian family dies from bird flu 0 None
2006-05-15 Thanks to WHO effective combo malaria therapy will be de-rigueur 0 None
2006-05-14 Bird flu - the battle could be over 0 None
2006-05-14 Seniors should be last in line when it comes to bird flu jabs 0 None
2006-05-14 Fifty more deaths in Angola from cholera 0 None
2006-05-14 Bird flu not spread on the wings of wild birds 0 None
2006-05-12 Study holds promise for malarial susceptibility test 0 None
2006-05-11 Climate, deer, rodents, and acorns as determinants of variation in Lyme-disease risk 0 None
2006-05-11 First human H5N1 bird flu case in Horn of Africa 0 None
2006-05-11 Fictional bird flu accounts point to need for emergency preparations - not panic 0 None
2006-05-10 Routine screening for chlamydia at colleges essential 0 None
2006-05-10 Scientists unlock more secrets of HIV and SARS 0 None
2006-05-09 Drought-induced amplification key to West Nile transmission 0 None
2006-05-08 US bird flu plan puts the onus on local communities 0 None
2006-05-08 Chancroid vaccine may help control HIV in Africa 0 None
2006-05-03 Restricting air travel as good as useless when it comes to stopping bird flu 0 None
2006-05-03 Thousands of chickens culled in the UK to stop spread of bird flu 0 None
2006-05-03 Protein produced by immune cells during malaria infection triggers severe anemia 0 None
2006-05-03 South East Asia could be the epicentre of the next human influenza pandemic 0 None
2006-05-01 Bird flu hits British farms 0 None


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