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2009-05-31 Marijuana effectiveness as an HIV self-care strategy 1 5
2009-05-31 Researchers plan to target immune cells responsible for eluding antiretroviral treatment 0 None
2009-05-31 Thai HIV/AIDS advocates urge increased treatment access for IDUs 0 None
2009-05-31 Report estimates significant impact of widespread circumcision effort in Botswana 0 None
2009-05-31 HIV prevention efforts in five African countries not reaching at-risk groups, report says 0 None
2009-05-28 'Complacency,' 'stigma' hindering efforts to reduce HIV/AIDS in black communities, opinion piece says 0 None
2009-05-28 Fishing industry contributing to spread of HIV around Africa's Lake Victoria 0 None
2009-05-28 Thailand aims to halve new HIV cases by 2011, Prime Minister says 0 None
2009-05-28 About 75% of people in Rwanda who have experienced discrimination are HIV-positive, survey finds 0 None
2009-05-28 About 0.59% of Vietnamese fishery workers are HIV-positive, prevalence could rise by 2013, survey says 0 None
2009-05-28 Second death from mosquito-borne disease prompts calls for more spraying programs 1 4
2009-05-27 Stranded swine flu cruise ship plays a waiting game 0 None
2009-05-27 New cellular targets for HIV drug development 0 None
2009-05-27 Solomon Islands could see increase in HIV cases, WHO says 0 None
2009-05-27 Rwanda launches campaign to address cross-generational sex 0 None
2009-05-27 World Cup campaign to build centers to provide HIV/AIDS education, other services to ‘at-risk’ African youth 0 None
2009-05-27 South African Health Minister to launch ‘plan to address mother-to-child HIV transmission’ 0 None
2009-05-27 Advocates at Kenyan conference explore new strategies to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa 0 None
2009-05-27 California Gov. Schwarzenegger's plan to reduce state spending includes cuts to HIV/AIDS services 0 None
2009-05-26 Australian swine flu toll climbs but expert says threat is over-hyped 0 None
2009-05-26 Australian scientist finds two new animal viruses 0 None
2009-05-26 Ancient skeletal evidence for leprosy in India 1 5
2009-05-26 De-worming drug praziquantel could help reduce spread of HIV in Africa 0 None
2009-05-26 City of Sheffield to participate in pilot home-based HIV testing program 0 None
2009-05-26 Sex education in Singapore's schools should provide teens with objective, reliable information, Education Ministry says 0 None
2009-05-26 Economic recession, emerging diseases should not replace efforts to fight HIV/AIDS, IAS President says 0 None
2009-05-26 Meeting addresses mother-to-child HIV transmission in Africa 0 None
2009-05-26 More funding urged for yellow fever vaccine stockpile 0 None
2009-05-26 Researchers gain ground in efforts to fight parasite infection 0 None
2009-05-25 Sanofi Pasteur receives U.S. Government order to produce new influenza A(H1N1) vaccine 0 None
2009-05-24 Australian H1N1 flu toll climbs to 17 0 5
2009-05-24 New understanding on how superbugs manipulate the immune system 0 5
2009-05-24 HHS directs $1 billion towards commercial-scale production of a candidate vaccine for H1N1 0 None
2009-05-24 California’s AIDS funding cuts would be ‘catastrophic,’ says AHF 0 5
2009-05-22 Scientists map sequence mutations of the 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus 0 5
2009-05-22 Vaginal ring could protect against HIV 1 None
2009-05-22 London Health Service begins offering rapid HIV tests 0 None
2009-05-22 Majority of HIV-positive pregnant women in developing world lack access to PMTCT services, report says 0 None
2009-05-22 Australia's swine flu toll rising 0 None
2009-05-22 62nd World Health Assembly closes with resolutions on public health 0 None
2009-05-22 Call for vaccination against HPV 16 in young men and women to prevent head and neck cancers 0 None
2009-05-22 Prevalence of vCJD agent in Britain remains uncertain 0 None
2009-05-22 Chemical found in green tea shows promise as low-cost intervention against sexual HIV transmission, 0 None
2009-05-22 Elton John calls for increased HIV/AIDS education, care 0 None
2009-05-22 East African officials meet to coordinate HIV/AIDS, transport efforts 0 None
2009-05-22 HIV transmission in Europe occurs primarily in vacation destinations 0 None
2009-05-22 Former President Clinton, U.N. advisor Douste-Blazy announce voluntary airline ticket donation 0 None
2009-05-22 Tuberculosis can evade immune response 0 5
2009-05-20 New insights into a new strain of chlamydia 1 None
2009-05-20 United States should increase its commitment to improving the health of developing nations, IOM report says 0 None
2009-05-20 Methylene blue in combo with new malaria drugs curbs the spread of malaria parasites 0 None
2009-05-20 Cambodian health officials expand HIV/AIDS prevention education to primary schools 0 None
2009-05-20 Governments should increase efforts to reduce stigma, improve access to HIV services among MSM, UNAIDS Executive Director Sidibe says 0 None
2009-05-20 Georgia receives $63.9 million in Ryan White funding 0 None
2009-05-20 HIV/AIDS, gay rights advocate McFarlane dies 0 None
2009-05-20 HIV/AIDS Vaccine Coalition urges continued funding for research amid economic crisis 0 None
2009-05-20 HIV/AIDS advocates react to Obama's proposed global health initiative 0 None
2009-05-20 Algae may the key to SARS vaccine 0 5
2009-05-20 Arsenic exposure linked to influenza A (H1N1) susceptibility 1 5
2009-05-20 NIH to develop therapeutics for rare and neglected diseases 0 None
2009-05-20 Australia's H1N1 flu cases up to 3 0 None
2009-05-19 Recommendations by experts to WHO on influenza A (H1N1) vaccines 0 None
2009-05-19 Experts warn of dangers of swine flu with almost 10,000 now infected, forecasts 4.9 billion doses needed 0 None
2009-05-19 New map depicts the spread of HIV in Europe 0 None
2009-05-19 GIS used to map past and predicted malaria outbreak hotspots 0 None
2009-05-19 Opinion piece examines efficacy of foreign aid 0 None
2009-05-19 Convicting HIV-positive people contributes to spread of virus, opinion piece says 0 None
2009-05-19 'Swift action driven by courage needed' to remove ban on federal funding for needle-exchange programs, letter to editor says 0 None
2009-05-19 Maryland County officials create State's first suburban HIV/AIDS commission 0 None
2009-05-19 Study shows decreased risk of death from opportunistic infections with earlier antiretroviral treatment 0 None
2009-05-19 Researchers develop questions to determine risk of HIV/AIDS drug resistance 0 None
2009-05-19 Research may lead to improved TB vaccines 0 None
2009-05-19 Molecular clues to halting HIV virus 0 None
2009-05-19 Risk perceptions and behaviour towards pandemic control of emerging infectious diseases 0 None
2009-05-19 UN, WHO heads meet 30 vaccine manufacturers 0 None
2009-05-19 Salmonella’s weakness for sugar predicts its downfall 0 5
2009-05-18 Global AIDS coordinator Goosby should serve as 'fierce advocate' for pediatric HIV/AIDS programs, letter to editor Says 0 None
2009-05-18 Sex workers in Pakistan give recommendations on HIV prevention to health officials 0 None
2009-05-18 New HIV/AIDS initiative in Tanzania aims to increase condom availability 0 None
2009-05-18 Denver Post examines efforts to establish needle-exchange programs in Colorado 0 None
2009-05-18 Vaccine candidate successful in blocking Simian version of HIV 0 None
2009-05-18 Computer simulation captures immune response to flu 0 None
2009-05-18 World Health Assembly opens amid concerns about flu pandemic 0 None
2009-05-18 Piecing together the HIV prevention puzzle 0 None
2009-05-17 Latest news on swine flu - 39 countries now affected 0 4
2009-05-17 Urgent need for stringent TB screening policies among South African healthcare workers 0 None
2009-05-17 Influenza A(H1N1) update, 39 countries and 8480 cases 0 None
2009-05-17 Early retroviral use best for AIDS patients with serious complications 0 None
2009-05-17 Early use of antiretroviral treatment improves survival rate of HIV patients 0 None
2009-05-15 Variation of natural compound cures malaria in mice 0 None
2009-05-15 Rates of sexually transmitted infections in Allegheny County, Pa., disproportionately high among blacks, officials say 0 None
2009-05-15 House, Senate Committees approve bills that include influenza pandemic funds 0 None
2009-05-15 Lambda Legal files suit against assisted-living facility for allegedly discriminating against HIV-positive resident 0 None
2009-05-15 New Jersey Senator proposes plan to avert HIV/AIDS drug copayments 0 None
2009-05-15 PIH founder Farmer discussing possible appointment to coordinate U.S. global health initiatives, Boston Globe reports 0 None
2009-05-15 Obama names New York City Health Commissioner Frieden next CDC Director, New York Times reports 0 None
2009-05-15 Human nose temperature too cold for avian influenza 0 None
2009-05-14 Australian scientist suggests Swine flu an accident in the lab 1 3.3
2009-05-14 Swine flu preoccupies world health leaders 1 None
2009-05-14 Vietnamese HIV/AIDS Department announces funding for prevention efforts 0 None
2009-05-14 About 20% of surveyed sex workers who use drugs in Irish capital living with HIV, report finds 0 None
2009-05-14 Vigils held worldwide to protest jailing of Iranian physicians who addressed HIV/AIDS 0 None
2009-05-14 Many Americans support increased domestic funding to address HIV/AIDS, report says 0 None
2009-05-13 Will the NHS continue to function in an influenza pandemic? 0 None
2009-05-13 Canada 'leading contributor' to global HIV/AIDS efforts, Canadian official says 0 4
2009-05-13 International Nurses Day chance to improve conditions for health workers in developing countries, opinion piece says 0 5
2009-05-13 Obama administration 'wants to go slow' on HIV/AIDS efforts, editorial says 0 None
2009-05-13 "Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers" network strong force in HIV/AIDS efforts, HIV advocate Lewis says 0 None
2009-05-13 South African President Zuma appoints new health minister to replace Hogan 0 None
2009-05-13 New York Times examines campaign that promotes HIV awareness, prevention through media 0 None
2009-05-13 Scientists develop tool to study a deadly parasite’s histone code 0 5
2009-05-13 New mathematical model predicts immune response to influenza A virus 0 None
2009-05-13 Influenza pandemic planning needed to ensure that pregnant women and newborns receive priority treatment 1 5
2009-05-13 Break through in the treatment of bacterial meningitis 0 None
2009-05-13 The latest news on swine flu 0 3.2
2009-05-12 New York Legislature should approve legislation requiring health workers to offer HIV testing, editorial says 0 None
2009-05-12 Disabled youth in Botswana call for greater involvement in country's HIV/AIDS efforts 0 None
2009-05-12 IRIN/Plus News examines HIV/AIDS services in Zimbabwe following economic crisis 0 None
2009-05-12 HIV cases among young people in Iowa increasing 0 None
2009-05-12 San Francisco Chronicle examines emergency department HIV testing program 0 None
2009-05-12 Simple interventions could contain flu spread – focus on children 0 None
2009-05-12 A potentially better way to make flu virus vaccines 0 None
2009-05-12 Research looks at the human factor in spread of pandemic illness 0 None
2009-05-12 Obama ensures Hispanic community they will be included in H1N1 flu outbreak efforts 0 None
2009-05-12 Stigma, gender violence placing women in Caribbean at increased risk of HIV 0 None
2009-05-12 Botswana announce HIV-prevention project to circumcise 80% of eligible men over five years 0 None
2009-05-12 Researchers developing pasteurization technique to help HIV-positive women breastfeed 0 None
2009-05-12 Africa should manufacture its own antiretrovirals, A.U. official says 0 None
2009-05-12 HIV/AIDS advocates express concern about Obama's continuation of needle-exchange funding ban 0 None
2009-05-12 Researchers screen the smallpox proteome 0 None
2009-05-12 Early findings about H1N1 pandemic potential 0 3.5
2009-05-11 Money from Bill and Melinda Gates will help beat Dengue fever in Australia 0 4.9
2009-05-11 Swine flu could come round again! 0 None
2009-05-11 Australian scientists win funds for new research 0 None
2009-05-11 Swine flu now in 29 countries and continuing to spread 0 None
2009-05-07 New Jersey should continue efforts to provide no-cost HIV testing, editorial says 0 None
2009-05-07 Obama's $63 billion global health initiative 'will sustain' PEPFAR, editorial says 0 None
2009-05-07 Africa prepares for possible H1N1 flu outbreak amid concerns about HIV/AIDS, other diseases 0 None
2009-05-07 $10.4 billion increase in NIH funding could increase HIV/AIDS research 0 None
2009-05-07 New research nets the true economic costs of dengue fever 0 None
2009-05-07 Transmission of MRSA and Clostridium difficile through dogs 0 None
2009-05-07 Pandemic influenza preparedness in Latin America: analysis of national strategic plans, health policy and planning 0 None
2009-05-06 Ghana's Justice Minster calls for workplace HIV, tuberculosis policies 0 None
2009-05-06 Stigma preventing some HIV-positive women in Kenya from following recommended infant feeding practices 0 None
2009-05-06 Lesotho, UNICEF, European Union launch pilot program to provide financial support to AIDS orphans 0 None
2009-05-06 Countries move toward more sustainable ways to roll back malaria 0 None
2009-05-06 Swine flu: Action and response from the Cochrane Library 0 None
2009-05-06 New influenza A (H1N1) having powerful impact on us 0 3.7
2009-05-06 Dengue fever may be more of a worry to Australians than swine flu 0 None
2009-05-06 A vaccine for swine flu will depend on what happens next 0 5
2009-05-06 Swine flu fear now a pandemic 0 None
2009-05-05 International community should ensure access to diagnostic, treatment services to control tuberculosis in Africa, blog entry says 0 None
2009-05-05 AP/Miami Herald examines potential use of H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2009-05-05 Senate HELP Committee moves up FDA Commissioner-Designate Hamburg's confirmation hearing due to H1N1 outbreak 0 None
2009-05-05 Eliminating Rhode Island's HIV test signature requirement would boost prevention, treatment efforts 0 None
2009-05-05 Recent criticism of Washington, D.C.'s Whitman-Walker could 'undermine' clinic, editorial says 0 None
2009-05-05 Iran reports on new HIV cases 0 None
2009-05-05 HIV-positive people worldwide at increased risk of the H1N1 flu 0 None
2009-05-05 New Jersey lawmakers lobby against plan to close no-cost HIV testing clinic 0 None
2009-05-05 Advocates express concern over Brazilian State's proposed law requiring identification of HIV-positive people 0 None
2009-05-05 U.S. 'investing every resource necessary' to address H1N1 flu emergency, Obama says 0 None
2009-05-05 World Bank HIV/AIDS programs less effective than its other health programs, report finds 0 None
2009-05-05 Some HIV-positive people in Wales denied treatment for common conditions, physician says 0 None
2009-05-05 Advocates express concern over Brazilian state's proposed law requiring identification of HIV-positive people 0 None
2009-05-05 New Jersey free HIV clinic to close, Federal funding at risk 0 None
2009-05-04 Sustainability of ongoing interventions key to successful schistosomiasis control 0 None
2009-05-04 Australia's Dengue risk driven by human adaptation to climate change 0 None
2009-05-04 Helping children and teens cope with fear and uncertainty of swine flu 0 None
2009-05-04 Influenza A (H1N1) swine flu update 0 None
2009-05-04 Caribbean success story - drop in HIV infections in the Dominican Republic 0 None
2009-05-03 World Health Organisation says wash your hands and sing 'Happy Birthday' twice to avoid swine flu 0 None
2009-05-03 Australians warned to remain on guard against 'swine flu' 0 None
2009-05-03 Social isolation the way to stop flu spreading 0 None
2009-05-03 HIV/AIDS expert urges routine HIV testing 1 None
2009-05-03 Southampton scientists race to deliver DNA swine flu test 0 None


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