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Date Title Comments Rating
2012-12-29 Study identifies mechanism by which bacterium S. aureus colonizes nasal passages 0 1
2012-12-29 Common cholesterol-lowering drug may help protect against cerebral malaria 0 None
2012-12-29 Hepatitis C virus takes over invaded cell by hijacking protein making machinery 0 None
2012-12-28 FDA clears Cepheid Xpert CT/NG molecular diagnostic test 0 None
2012-12-28 Protein in human blood platelets points to a new weapon against malaria 0 None
2012-12-28 Gates Foundation grant to promote effective use of new cholera vaccine 0 None
2012-12-26 Genome sequencing may help identify new targets to treat Pneumocystis pneumonia 0 None
2012-12-26 SVR associated with prolonged overall survival in patients with chronic HCV infection 0 None
2012-12-21 Cholera strain from Guinea identified as more toxic, contagious 0 None
2012-12-21 Can crowdfunding be used effectively to advance HIV vaccine research? 0 None
2012-12-21 New insight into structure of Cathepsin B protein 0 None
2012-12-21 Nigeria can eradicate polio with international support 1 None
2012-12-21 Blogs respond to attacks against polio workers in Pakistan 0 None
2012-12-21 House passes bio-threat vaccines, Medicare coverage bills 0 None
2012-12-21 New low-cost combined therapy shows promise against malaria 0 None
2012-12-21 Improvements in child survival a 'sweeping accomplishment' 0 None
2012-12-21 Voluntary moratorium on H5N1 avian flu research likely to end soon 0 None
2012-12-21 UAB research succeeds in testing a vaccine against leishmaniasis 0 None
2012-12-21 U.S. 'unprepared for' resurgence of MDR-TB, Wall Street Journal reports 0 None
2012-12-21 International community condemns attacks on polio workers in Pakistan 0 None
2012-12-21 FDA seeks input from states on drug compounders 0 None
2012-12-21 NPR, Inter Press Service examine efforts to prevent drug-resistant malaria 0 None
2012-12-21 Kenya working to integrate PMTCT services into maternal, child health care clinics 0 None
2012-12-21 Youth advocates working to improve reproductive health education, services access in Latin America 0 None
2012-12-21 Pergamum’s DPK-060 Phase II trial on acute external otitis meets primary end-point 0 None
2012-12-21 New technique to directly image biological structures at atomic levels 0 None
2012-12-21 Ebselen effectively inhibits thioredoxin reductase system in H. pylori, M. tuberculosis 0 None
2012-12-20 Three more polio workers shot in Pakistan 0 None
2012-12-20 Rwanda implementing programs to prevent cancer 0 None
2012-12-20 U.S. preparedness for drug-resistant TB strains questioned 0 None
2012-12-20 QweCI and HEALTHY FUTURES project to host symposium on links between climate, VBDs 0 None
2012-12-20 Researchers report seroprevalence of three avian flu virus strains in pigs in southern China 0 None
2012-12-20 Lancet reports on global efforts to develop malaria vaccine 0 None
2012-12-20 Science supports early interventions for children in adversity 0 None
2012-12-20 Researcher explores new PCR system to discover dangerous foodborne pathogens 0 None
2012-12-20 NPR's 'Shots' blog examines malaria drug resistance in Southeast Asia 0 None
2012-12-20 Malaria Journal article reports on WHO Malaria Policy Advisory Committee meeting 0 None
2012-12-20 West African human population genomes provide important clues about evolution of HIV 0 None
2012-12-20 Recreational use of HIV drugs leading to pre-treatment resistance in South Africa 0 None
2012-12-20 Top-line results from Medivir's simeprevir phase III trials on genotype 1 HCV infection 0 None
2012-12-20 Malaria progress at risk as funding for global response levels off, WHO report states 0 None
2012-12-20 Seattle Times examines partnership between Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Uganda Cancer Institute 0 None
2012-12-19 Tips to prevent food allergies during Christmas 0 None
2012-12-19 Findings emphasize importance of counseling HIV patients on smoking cessation 0 None
2012-12-19 Study highlights need for health services and social support for parolees 0 None
2012-12-19 Continued U.S. leadership crucial to building on global progress against TB 0 None
2012-12-19 WASH improvements necessary to fight NTDs, and vice versa 0 None
2012-12-19 'Repackaging' of U.N. cholera initiative detracts attention from epidemic's origin 0 None
2012-12-19 Australian scientists receive grants for research on cancer, malaria and rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2012-12-19 New antibiotic principle for fighting bacterial infections 0 None
2012-12-19 No evidence for man flu according to preliminary results from UK Flusurvey 0 None
2012-12-19 CSIS paper examines U.S. role in global polio eradication 0 None
2012-12-19 Georgia State researcher discover new process to make one-time flu vaccine 0 None
2012-12-19 Meeting participants discuss HHS framework for funding H5N1 avian influenza research 0 None
2012-12-19 Small ceramic indoor cookstoves do not reduce pneumonia incidence among children, study shows 0 None
2012-12-19 Infectex initiates enrollment in SQ109 Phase IIb-III trial for MDR-TB 0 None
2012-12-19 MiR-122 plays a critical role in the life cycle of hepatitis C virus 0 None
2012-12-18 Jagaricin and antifungal drugs: an interview with Prof Christian Hertweck 0 5
2012-12-18 Blogs discuss conference on neglected diseases 0 None
2012-12-18 Global Fund, Nigeria sign grants for HIV, TB initiatives 0 None
2012-12-18 Opinions differ on proposed HIV/AIDS levies in Uganda 0 None
2012-12-18 Guardian examines challenges of eliminating river blindness in Africa 0 None
2012-12-18 International community must keep fighting to end mother-to-child HIV transmission 0 None
2012-12-18 Global travel, climate warming could create right conditions for chikungunya outbreaks in the U.S. 0 None
2012-12-18 Injecting LECT2 may protect against bacterial sepsis 0 None
2012-12-18 IRMA, Population Council and MTN release Rectal Revolution video project 0 None
2012-12-17 Experts warn banning thimerosal from use in vaccines would harm immunization campaigns in developing world 0 None
2012-12-17 GSK receives FDA approval for FLUARIX QUADRIVALENT to treat seasonal flu 0 None
2012-12-17 Maryland researchers launch groundbreaking study into spread of drug-resistant malaria in Burma 0 None
2012-12-17 Increased life expectancy not benefitting everybody equally: U of T 0 None
2012-12-17 Regenstrief investigator recognized as American College of Medical Informatics fellow 0 None
2012-12-17 Three critical illness factors independently associated with increased risk of dementia 0 None
2012-12-17 Strong unadjusted relationship between COPD, pneumonia and lung cancer 0 None
2012-12-16 Apophysomyces fungus kills 5 people following a massive Joplin tornado 0 None
2012-12-15 Efforts to prevent, treat cervical cancer increasing in Africa 0 None
2012-12-15 New issue of GHD-NET's Health & Foreign Policy Bulletin available online 0 None
2012-12-15 PlusNews reviews AVAC priorities for 2013 HIV prevention agenda 0 None
2012-12-15 Though progress made, global burden of HIV/AIDS requires greater, 'better' response 0 None
2012-12-15 Examining developing country contributions to AIDS response 0 None
2012-12-15 WHO releases new guidelines for interventions aimed at protecting sex workers from HIV 0 None
2012-12-15 Cempra commences CEM-102 Phase 2 trial in prosthetic joint infections 0 None
2012-12-15 Global Burden of Disease Study finds people worldwide living longer, but with more illness, disability 0 None
2012-12-15 Study suggests that existing HIV drug could be a potential therapy for Staph infections 0 None
2012-12-14 FDA approves GSK’s raxibacumab to treat inhalational anthrax 0 None
2012-12-14 GSK receives FDA approval for raxibacumab to treat inhalational anthrax 0 None
2012-12-14 Scientists discover how Yersinia pestis avoids setting off immune system's early infection-alarm 0 None
2012-12-14 High-dose vitamin D can reduce risk of respiratory tract infections 0 None
2012-12-14 Malaria vaccine trial: an interview with Professor Sir Brian Greenwood 0 5
2012-12-14 IRIN examines HIV/AIDS response in Guinea-Bissau 0 None
2012-12-14 Aidspan publishes new issue of 'Global Fund Observer' 0 None
2012-12-14 Scientists discover new evidence about evolution of viruses 0 None
2012-12-14 Continue support of GAVI Alliance and childhood disease prevention 0 None
2012-12-14 New global disease burden data should inform global health spending 0 None
2012-12-14 Gender inequality must be addressed to 'get to zero' in AIDS epidemic 0 None
2012-12-14 Meridian completes beta trials for two new illumigene molecular amplification tests 0 None
2012-12-14 HPV in women at or after menopause may represent an infection acquired years ago 0 None
2012-12-14 Some diplomats, U.N. observers express 'concerns' over U.N. appeal for Haitian cholera aid, Al Jazeera reports 0 None
2012-12-13 NovaDigm announces data from NDV-3 vaccine Phase 1 study on Candida and Staph infections 0 None
2012-12-13 Fatal imbalance between global disease burden and drug development 0 None
2012-12-13 TU Darmstadt’s biosensor can diagnose African sleeping sickness before it breaks out 0 None
2012-12-13 Scientists identify new antibiotic substances in Russian Brown frog's skin 0 None
2012-12-13 Medivir commences cohort 2 simeprevir and sofosbuvir phase II combination trial in HCV GT1 0 None
2012-12-13 Lutheran Malaria Initiative holds advocacy day on Capitol Hill 0 None
2012-12-13 Reproductive Health Matters' supplement issue focuses on pregnancy decisions of HIV-positive women 0 None
2012-12-13 HIV/AIDS efforts among women, girls gaining momentum, but journey 'far from over' 0 None
2012-12-13 Ceramic cookstoves may not reduce risk of pneumonia in young rural Kenyan children 1 None
2012-12-13 Study investigates different approaches to eradicate mosquito-borne diseases 0 None
2012-12-13 U.N. launches $2.2B appeal for new initiative to eliminate cholera in Haiti, Dominican Republic 0 None
2012-12-13 Researchers discover a trigger by which the HCV enters liver cells 0 None
2012-12-12 BBC News examines HIV microbicide research 0 None
2012-12-12 Report analyzes risk factors and infection control strategies taken to prevent spread of NDM1-Kp 0 None
2012-12-12 African scientists gather in Kenya to discuss global response to NTDs 0 None
2012-12-12 AstraZeneca, Case Western Reserve initiate AZD5847 Phase 2a trial in TB 0 None
2012-12-12 Uganda's proposed anti-homosexuality legislation would inhibit health care access 0 None
2012-12-12 Contact precautions reduce number of visits by healthcare workers and outside visitors 0 3
2012-12-12 Study finds important links between Pf malaria and endemic Burkitt Lymphoma 0 None
2012-12-12 New collaborative model for drug discovery can ensure antibiotics are not lost to resistance 0 None
2012-12-12 Researchers decipher mechanism by which anophelin binds to thrombin 0 None
2012-12-12 Drugs for Neglected Diseases receives UNITAID grant for paediatric HIV programme 0 None
2012-12-12 U.N. officials call on Security Council, international community to tackle complex crisis in Sahel 0 None
2012-12-12 Researchers shed new light on how salmonella bacteria cause infections 0 None
2012-12-12 Clinical trial to examine AstraZeneca experimental drug against pulmonary tuberculosis 0 None
2012-12-11 Bacteriophages may play an important role in competition among bacterial strains 0 None
2012-12-11 Top-line results from Durata Therapeutics’ dalbavancin Phase 3 study on ABSSSI 0 None
2012-12-11 Roundup: NH hospital at center of hepatitis outbreak details fixes; Report finds racial gap in Colo. dental coverage; Health cuts part of Conn. budget plan 0 None
2012-12-11 New coronavirus can infect cells from humans and bats alike 0 None
2012-12-11 Janssen announces U.S. prescribing information update for EDURANT tablets 0 None
2012-12-11 Recognizing reproductive rights as human rights 0 None
2012-12-11 Aidspan publishes new issue of 'Global Fund Observer' 0 None
2012-12-11 GlobalPost series examines HIV/AIDS in European, MENA regions 0 None
2012-12-11 GAVI Alliance to support 30M HPV vaccinations among girls by 2020 0 None
2012-12-11 PEPFAR blueprint relies on science to inform policies, SciDev.Net reports 0 None
2012-12-11 Governments, donors should follow PMI model of testing drugs for quality 0 None
2012-12-11 Africa needs additional $3.6B to fight malaria, RBM partnership board says 0 None
2012-12-11 Orientation of antibody binding to bacteria can mean life or death to the bug 0 None
2012-12-10 Boston College professor to research into new drugs that can prevent onset of toxoplasmosis 0 None
2012-12-10 Severe RSV disease may impair innate immune response in infants 0 None
2012-12-10 Despite effective anti-viral drugs, majority of HCV patients remain untreated 0 4
2012-12-10 Nuron Biotech announces acquisition of Meningitec from Pfizer 0 None
2012-12-10 Researchers track emergence and global spread of healthcare-associated C. difficile 0 None
2012-12-10 Sanofi Pasteur’s IMOJEV vaccine against Japanese encephalitis is now available in Australia 0 None
2012-12-10 Exposure to passive smoking may increase risk of invasive meningococcal disease in children 0 None
2012-12-09 IDSA guidelines describe best methods for diagnosis of prosthetic joint infections 0 None
2012-12-09 More than 100 academic institutions to participate in Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 0 None
2012-12-09 C5aRA treatment could be effective against periodontitis 0 None
2012-12-08 IQWiG investigates benefits of rilpivirine for HIV treatment 0 None
2012-12-08 New public-private partnership will allow Brazil to produce patented ARV for national treatment program 0 None
2012-12-08 Lancet editorial examines possibility of 'AIDS-free generation,' PEPFAR blueprint 0 None
2012-12-08 Cost-benefit analysis of TasP compared with circumcision, ART 2 None
2012-12-07 GlobalPost reports on HIV/AIDS in Latin America 0 None
2012-12-07 Stopping TB requires dedication of international community 0 None
2012-12-07 Blog series examines challenges, solutions in global AIDS response 0 None
2012-12-07 Al Jazeera examines HIV/AIDS in Persian Gulf 0 None
2012-12-07 U.S. must maintain leadership in AIDS fight, bipartisan support of PEPFAR 0 None
2012-12-07 Global Fund names interim inspector general 0 None
2012-12-07 U.S. government announces grants for implementation science projects on PMTCT 0 None
2012-12-07 U.S. House Minority Leader Pelosi announces new top Democrats on House committees 0 None
2012-12-07 Health workers face 'severe logistical challenges' to vaccinating Maasai tribes in Tanzania 0 None
2012-12-07 IRIN examines WHO's efforts to communicate HIV risk among injectable hormonal contraceptive users 0 None
2012-12-07 Strengthen health systems to integrate polio vaccinations into routine childhood immunizations, Save the Children report says 0 None
2012-12-07 Nordic project to coordinate initiatives to combat dramatic increase in tick-borne diseases 0 None
2012-12-06 FDA designates two of Cubist’s Phase 3 antibiotic candidates 0 None
2012-12-06 Fexinidazole enters Phase II/III clinical study to treat sleeping sickness 0 None
2012-12-06 Examining the definition of neglected diseases 0 None
2012-12-06 Scientific exploration important on earth, in space 0 None
2012-12-06 PEPFAR to buy additional 150 rapid TB testing devices 0 None
2012-12-06 Report examines partnership between PEPFAR, Botswana 0 None
2012-12-06 Global Post examines unproven, unscientific HIV treatments 0 None
2012-12-06 Johns Hopkins focuses on MRSA, motherhood in November-December 2012 research news brief 0 None
2012-12-06 U.S. must maintain commitment to research outlined in AIDS blueprint 0 None
2012-12-06 IOM's Forum on Microbial Threats to take place from Dec.11-12 0 None
2012-12-06 Maryland P3 Program can improve outcomes of patients with chronic diseases 0 None
2012-12-06 Vaccine-derived polio outbreak shows gaps in immunization coverage in Pakistan 0 None
2012-12-06 MSF expresses concerns regarding global vaccination efforts ahead of GAVI forum 0 None
2012-12-06 ASU scientists use X-ray laser to reveal 3-D structure of cathepsin B enzyme 0 None
2012-12-06 Devex examines reaction of international development community to U.S. AIDS blueprint 0 None
2012-12-06 Tenofovir DF safe and effective in treating adolescents with HBV 0 None
2012-12-05 Copper can prevent horizontal transmission of genes in antibiotic-resistant bacteria 0 None
2012-12-05 BBC News examines HIV/AIDS in Iran 1 None
2012-12-05 U.S. working with Namibia on AIDS response 0 None
2012-12-05 Reflecting on global health challenges, opportunities 0 None
2012-12-05 Senior adviser to President reflects on World AIDS Day 0 None
2012-12-05 Report examines international funding for neglected diseases 0 None
2012-12-05 Global Fund, Tanzania sign new grant agreement worth $308M 0 None
2012-12-05 Converting 'moral entitlements' into life-long AIDS treatment commitments 0 None
2012-12-05 European Vaccine Initiative to celebrate one-day symposium in Heidelberg 0 None
2012-12-05 Starting ART for HIV decreases food insecurity among patients in Uganda 0 None
2012-12-05 Yellow Fever kills 164 in Sudan's Darfur; Agencies working to vaccinate people in region 0 None
2012-12-05 Bioinformaticians use molecular simulations to explain specific step in HIV virion maturation 0 None
2012-12-04 New clues about B. burgdorferi could lead to novel strategy to reduce Lyme disease 0 None
2012-12-04 Hebrew University researchers pave way for development of new approaches to cure malaria 0 None
2012-12-04 Virginia Women's Center to participate in new HPV and cervical cancer vaccine clinical trial 0 None
2012-12-04 Showing progress in the 'decade of vaccines' 0 None
2012-12-04 Leaders, policymakers recognize World AIDS Day 0 None
2012-12-04 Opinion pieces, editorial address global AIDS response 0 None
2012-12-04 PBS blog interviews journalist Jon Cohen about progress against HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-12-04 Huffington Post opinion pieces published in recognition of World AIDS Day 0 None
2012-12-04 Researchers describe role of calcium in ability of Yersinias to cause disease 0 None
2012-12-04 IPS interview examines efforts to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission 0 None
2012-12-04 State department's 'DipNote' blog publishes pieces surrounding World AIDS Day 0 None
2012-12-04 Questions raised over cost of, funding for Obama administration's AIDS blueprint 0 None
2012-12-04 Chronic periodontitis present more often in men with erectile dysfunction 0 None
2012-12-04 GlobalPost examines HIV/AIDS in Asia, Africa 0 None
2012-12-04 Blogs address global AIDS issues following World AIDS Day, release of U.S. blueprint 0 None
2012-12-04 Childhood HIV risks becoming neglected disease as fewer children born with HIV, experts warn 0 None
2012-12-03 Colleges and universities should implement new or improved flu vaccine strategies 0 None
2012-12-03 Ansell introduces GAMMEX N95 Respirator and Surgical Mask 0 None
2012-12-03 New study finds chemicals used for water purification can lead to food allergies 0 None
2012-12-01 Bringing malnutrition into the political spotlight 0 None
2012-12-01 Report finds low infection rate for hip replacement or revision procedures at HSS 0 None
2012-12-01 Cedars-Sinai surgeons use evidence-based protocols to reduce post-operative infections 0 None
2012-12-01 The Atlantic features special section for AIDS articles 0 None
2012-12-01 Aidspan publishes new issue of 'Global Fund Observer' 0 None
2012-12-01 Mass. Republicans want top state health official to resign 0 None
2012-12-01 Health People comments on PEPFAR Blueprint for an AIDS Free World 0 None
2012-12-01 University of Washington team develops electrically spun cloth to prevent pregnancy, HIV 0 None
2012-12-01 The Lancet issues special series of articles focused on emerging zoonoses 0 None
2012-12-01 Financial Times publishes special report on global AIDS response 0 None
2012-12-01 New strains of HIV spreading in India, scientists warn 0 None
2012-12-01 Loss of either T-bet or Eomes protein reduces immune system's ability to fight viral infection 0 3
2012-12-01 Scientists can produce new proteins by following certain rules 0 5
2012-12-01 Current hospital cleaning protocol may be inadequate to rid MDR A. baumannii 0 None
2012-12-01 Researchers study antimicrobial peptides in fish gills to find solution for blocking human infections 0 None
2012-12-01 Tissue damage, disease severity in C. diff. infection associated with disruption of PPARγ pathway 0 None
2012-12-01 Use resources efficiently to end AIDS epidemic 0 None
2012-12-01 Traveling med tech indicted on new charges related to hepatitis C outbreak 0 None
2012-11-30 Study of hospital-acquired infection yields potential therapeutic target 0 None
2012-11-30 Broad range of human activities affects spread of vector-borne zoonotic diseases, experts say 0 None
2012-11-30 Respiratory physical therapy before cardiac surgery may reduce serious pulmonary complications 0 None
2012-11-30 IPS examines PEPFAR guidance on family planning in light of new AIDS blueprint 0 None
2012-11-30 European health officials warn Greece to address increasing number of HIV cases 0 None
2012-11-30 Mother-to-child transmission of HIV can be eliminated through collective alliances 0 None
2012-11-30 U.S. must continue to lead in HIV/AIDS investments but everyone needs to increase efforts 0 None
2012-11-30 More widespread HIV treatment helped South Africa increase life expectancy, researchers say 0 None
2012-11-30 President Obama releases statement, signs presidential proclamation commemorating World AIDS Day 0 None
2012-11-30 Membrane-proximal external region of HIV could be used to design vaccines 0 None
2012-11-30 U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator reflects on PEPFAR blueprint for achieving global 'AIDS-free generation' 0 None
2012-11-30 Home Access Health urges individuals at risk for HIV infection to get tested 0 None
2012-11-30 Clinton's blueprint for 'AIDS-free generation' focuses on preventing new infections, stopping HIV-infection progression 0 None
2012-11-30 Guineafowl may spread Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus 0 None
2012-11-30 Secretary Clinton unveils 'blueprint' for achieving 'AIDS-free generation' 0 None
2012-11-30 Blog examines report on state of TB funding 0 None
2012-11-30 HIV travel bans violate human rights, hurt business 0 None
2012-11-30 Number of new HIV/AIDS cases in China increases over 2011 0 None
2012-11-30 More than 40 CEOs urge 45 countries to lift HIV travel restrictions 0 None
2012-11-30 Fully funded Global Fund key to preventing MTCT of HIV 0 None
2012-11-30 blog publishes posts leading up to World AIDS Day 0 None
2012-11-30 Project shows simple steps reduce hospital infections 0 None
2012-11-30 Many adult entertainment club workers do not have access to basic healthcare 0 None
2012-11-30 First Edition: November 30, 2012 0 None
2012-11-30 VAC-3S immunotherapeutic vaccine for HIV completes first clinical development phase 0 None
2012-11-30 Study shows how anaplasma phagocytophilum subverts natural processes 0 None
2012-11-30 PEPFAR, Zimbabwe will continue to work together, improve country ownership 0 None
2012-11-30 Haiti, Dominican Republic to seek $2.2B over 10 years for cholera elimination plan 0 None
2012-11-30 Secretary Clinton to unveil PEPFAR Blueprint at event on Thursday; White House event to commemorate World AIDS Day 0 None
2012-11-30 JQ1 cancer drug may be useful in purging latent HIV infection 0 None
2012-11-30 CSL, PharmaJet partner for needle-free delivery of Afluria influenza vaccine 0 None
2012-11-29 Study: Only one third of MSM can easily access HIV services 0 None
2012-11-29 RIVA fully automated IV compounding system ahead of competitors in overall performance 0 None
2012-11-29 Bend Research, PATH and FhCMB develop new technology for thermostable vaccine production 0 5
2012-11-29 Naked AIDS protesters arrested in Boehner's congressional office 0 None
2012-11-29 Reflecting on U.S. military's contribution to global AIDS response 0 None
2012-11-29 Global AIDS response will miss 2015 targets, ONE report suggests 0 None
2012-11-29 SLU study to use various assays for new TB vaccine development 0 None
2012-11-29 International Men's Day opportunity to recognize volunteers for VMMC 0 None
2012-11-29 Myanmar can build more stable future by investing in vaccines, immunization 0 None
2012-11-29 HIV treatment cascade important tool for reaching AIDS-free generation goal 0 None
2012-11-29 Nude activists enter House Speaker's office to protest potential AIDS spending cuts 0 None
2012-11-29 UNAIDS, Stop TB Partnership sign memo to work together to halve TB deaths by 2015 0 None
2012-11-29 Study: Tdap vaccination safe for seniors 0 None
2012-11-29 AVAC report calls for greater access to combination prevention strategies, protection of research funding 0 None
2012-11-29 Pharma companies improving access to medicines but lack oversight of outsourced clinical trials, analysis says 0 None
2012-11-29 Nearly 63,000 people visit online catch-up immunization scheduling tool 0 None
2012-11-29 Report finds decline in overall number and rate of healthcare-associated infections in Pennsylvania 0 None
2012-11-29 WellStar Health System implements Xenex’s room disinfection system 0 None
2012-11-29 China's SFDA approves QIAGEN careHPV Test and instrument platform 0 None
2012-11-28 Social media can reduce and prevent infectious diseases from spreading 0 5
2012-11-28 Diptheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine: an interview with Dr. Rudi Eggers, World Health Organisation 0 5
2012-11-28 Parainfluenza virus 5 may serve as foundation for next breakthrough in human vaccine development 0 None
2012-11-28 HHS, PEPFAR work toward AIDS-free generation 0 None
2012-11-28 The Neuro clinician-scientists to further research on HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's 0 None
2012-11-28 Global Fund's new funding model 'designed to be flexible, focused, fast' 0 None
2012-11-28 Vitamin D may help prevent dental caries 0 None
2012-11-28 Microneedle-based measles vaccine can immunize against measles 0 None
2012-11-28 REEAD technology can diagnose malaria infections with very high sensitivity 0 None
2012-11-28 Scientists adapt modern weather prediction techniques to generate local flu outbreak forecasts 0 None
2012-11-28 Global Polio Eradication Initiative IMB report optimistic but warns of possible polio resurgence in 2013 0 None
2012-11-28 Gilead Sciences receives EC approval for Viread to treat HIV-1 infected children 0 None
2012-11-27 Blog examines Myanmar's achievements in fighting NTDs 0 None
2012-11-27 New system can predict timing and severity of seasonal influenza outbreaks 0 None
2012-11-27 China's Health Ministry orders hospitals to treat HIV patients 0 None
2012-11-27 Recognizing pharmaceutical philanthropy's role in fighting NTDs 0 None
2012-11-27 Clinics on Cambodian-Thai border aim to prevent spread of drug-resistant malaria 0 None
2012-11-27 Wall Street Journal reports on challenges of fighting multi-drug resistant TB in India 0 None
2012-11-27 New SARS-like virus detected in total of six people from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, WHO says 0 None
2012-11-27 California researchers develop new strategy to find novel antibiotics for bacterial infections 0 None
2012-11-27 Routine HIV testing can reduce illness and death across Canada 0 None
2012-11-27 Roche’s cobas 4800 HPV Test receives CE mark 0 None
2012-11-27 Some nicotine-free snus products can increase risk of caries 1 None
2012-11-27 GW professor receives federal grant to study effects of microsporidia in HIV patients 0 None
2012-11-27 Experimental flu vaccine technique could reduce time needed to develop new shots for humans 0 None
2012-11-27 Viewpoints: Sen. Corker's plan to avoid the 'fiscal cliff'; Romney's brave attempt to deal with health entitlements; Fixing the drug shortage 0 None
2012-11-26 Chronic suppurative lung disease: an interview with Dr Robyn Marsh 0 None
2012-11-26 Max Planck scientists identify unknown proteins of the herpesvirus 0 None
2012-11-26 Avermectin family of drugs shows promise against TB 0 5
2012-11-26 mRNA vaccines offer protection against influenza A virus infections in various animal models 0 None
2012-11-23 Lymphopenia driven diseases and the orphan drug industry: an interview with Damian Marron, CEO of Cytheris 0 None
2012-11-23 Research reveals surprisingly complex protein-coding capacity of human cytomegalovirus 0 None
2012-11-23 Major advance in understanding how flu viruses replicate within infected cells 0 None
2012-11-23 People worried about catching infections in public transport during flu season 0 None
2012-11-23 Behavioural support programme to make TB patients quit smoking receives BUPA Foundation prize 0 None
2012-11-22 Online flu survey launched in the UK 0 None
2012-11-22 Single dose of Medicago's vaccine could offer cross-protection against flu 0 None
2012-11-22 DiscoGnosis project aims to develop rapid malaria test 0 None
2012-11-22 Microbiologists discover how the spread of antibiotic resistance works in pneumococcus 0 None
2012-11-22 AMFm should continue, improvements should be explored 0 None
2012-11-22 Meningitis outbreak could prompt call for executive jail time 0 None
2012-11-22 UNAIDS report indicates end to AIDS possible but challenges remain 0 None
2012-11-22 Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi accepts role as UNAIDS ambassador 0 None
2012-11-22 AVAC, amfAR release first progress report on Action Agenda to End AIDS 0 None
2012-11-22 Incoming Global Fund head Mark Dybul says organization has 'strong forward trajectory' 0 None
2012-11-22 Dropping of cold chain requirement for meningitis vaccine will improve access, IRIN reports 0 None
2012-11-22 Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researcher wins 2012 Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation 0 None
2012-11-22 Genetic study: Novel coronavirus most closely related to viruses in bats 0 None
2012-11-21 French oil company funding rotavirus research in Congo 0 None
2012-11-21 Global health programs need to address community needs 0 None
2012-11-21 Questions continue over state, FDA oversight of specialty pharmacies 0 None
2012-11-21 Panel backs routine HIV screenings for teens, adults 0 None
2012-11-21 Sudan launches yellow fever vaccination campaign to immunize 2.4M 0 None
2012-11-21 Aidspan publishes new issue of 'Global Fund Observer' 0 None
2012-11-21 UNAIDS report shows progress due to 'unprecedented acceleration' in global AIDS response 0 None
2012-11-21 In order to end AIDS, reduce stigma of marginalized groups and accelerate HIV cure research 0 None
2012-11-21 Case Western Reserve dental and nursing students to treat patients in new 3-year test project 0 None
2012-11-21 Novartis receives FDA approval for Flucelvax to prevent seasonal influenza 0 None
2012-11-21 Computer-based simulation modeling to determine ED HIV screening costs 0 None
2012-11-20 Emory University, Georgia Tech to establish Malaria Host-Pathogen Interaction Center 0 None
2012-11-20 Roundup: Larger-than-expected Medicaid enrollment in Conn.; Texas bill renews rural abortion debate; Calif. details exchange self-sufficiency 0 None
2012-11-20 UBC microbiologist receives Prix Galien 2012 Research Award 0 None
2012-11-20 Texas Biomed applies patent for new genetically-engineered vaccine strategy to prevent HIV 1 None
2012-11-20 Pediatric TB under-diagnosed, treated, MSF report says 0 None
2012-11-20 A closer look into the meningitis outbreak's unwitting enablers 0 None
2012-11-20 Washington Post examines polio eradication efforts in Pakistan 0 None
2012-11-20 Aradigm’s Lipoquin provides full protection in murine models of pneumonic plague 0 None
2012-11-20 Commitment, teamwork needed to control, eliminate NTDs by 2020 0 None
2012-11-20 Global development partners meet in Washington to discuss NTD control efforts 0 None
2012-11-20 International community must allocate resources to fund 'ambitious' Global Fund strategy against TB 0 None
2012-11-20 Hebron introduces Florax DS Diarrhea Relief and Ready-to-Drink probiotic 0 None
2012-11-19 Abacus Diagnostica’s GenomEra C. difficile assay receives CE mark 0 None
2012-11-18 Marinomed’s Antiviral polymer awarded Chinese patent 0 None
2012-11-17 Senators pledge regulation of compounding pharmacies 0 None
2012-11-17 Scientists discover new mode of action for enzymes immersed in cellular membranes 0 None
2012-11-17 HCV medications' side effects can now be replicated and observed in Petri dishes and test tubes 0 None
2012-11-17 Global Fund Board announces integration of AMFm into core grant system 0 None
2012-11-17 Interim results from RTS,S vaccine on-going phase III trial on malaria 0 None
2012-11-17 Global Fund Board votes to begin immediate transition to new funding model 0 None
2012-11-17 GlobalPost interviews PATH Malaria Control Program director about global response 0 None
2012-11-17 Study reveals significant regional variation and trends in antibiotic use between 1999-2010 0 None
2012-11-16 New pneumococcal vaccine highly effective in infants 0 4
2012-11-16 USAID helping to move health forward in Burma 0 None
2012-11-16 Global Fund board terminates employment of Inspector General 0 None
2012-11-16 Vaccinating families could protect young babies against RSV infection 0 None
2012-11-16 FCTC funding cuts could leave world's poorest countries vulnerable to smoking-related diseases 0 None
2012-11-16 Global Fund uncovers 'financial wrongdoing' in some grants to Cambodia 0 None
2012-11-16 Meningitis vaccine declared usable without refrigeration for up to four days 0 None
2012-11-16 Examining private sector, foreign government involvement in Haiti's health system 0 None
2012-11-16 New 'people-centered investment approach' could lead to end of global AIDS pandemic 0 None
2012-11-16 FDA chief's call for greater oversight of drug compounders triggers Republican skepticism 0 None
2012-11-16 Study finds specific way in which Salmonella counteract defense mechanisms of human cells 0 None
2012-11-16 Researchers discover unlikely recipe to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria 0 1
2012-11-15 Simple iron control mechanism can prevent development of severe forms of malaria 0 None
2012-11-15 Money spent on presidential campaigns could go far in fighting NTDs 0 None
2012-11-15 Flu virus suppresses body's ability to defend against bacteria 0 None
2012-11-15 Yellow fever kills more than 100 people in Darfur; WHO, health ministry to provide immunizations 0 None
2012-11-15 Greece faces return of malaria, other public health issues since 2009 economic crash 0 None
2012-11-15 MRC funds largest ever study of genetics relating to lung disease 0 None
2012-11-15 Pharmaceutical compounding problems spread under lax regulation 0 None
2012-11-15 Paxvax PXVX0200 cholera vaccine demonstrates safety and immunogenicity in Phase 1 clinical trial 0 None
2012-11-15 Demand growing for female condoms despite myths 0 None
2012-11-15 Tuberculosis pathogen has an ingenious defence mechanism against oxygen 0 None
2012-11-15 Global health community should save AMFm because it saves lives 0 None
2012-11-15 Ebola, Marburg and Lassa viruses must be designated as emerging diagnoses 0 None
2012-11-14 MRSA outbreak tracked and contained using DNA sequencing 0 None
2012-11-14 Study finds lower uptake of HPV vaccination among racial/ethnic minorities 0 None
2012-11-14 DNA sequencing helps detect MRSA outbreaks in hospitals 0 None
2012-11-14 U.N. has 'moral responsibility' to address cholera outbreak in Haiti 0 None
2012-11-14 Certain UTI-causing bacteria become more difficult to treat with current antibiotics 0 None
2012-11-14 Blog examines RTS,S malaria vaccine trial results 0 None
2012-11-14 New report shows slight increase in U.S., E.U. philanthropic funding for AIDS 0 None
2012-11-14 BMJ examines history, future of Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 0 None
2012-11-14 NPR, GlobalPost examine polio in Nigeria 0 None
2012-11-14 U.N., partners call for greater efforts to fight number one killer of children on World Pneumonia Day 0 None
2012-11-14 Ligand Pharmaceuticals announces data from LG-7501 preclinical studies on HCV 0 None
2012-11-14 Malaria Box helps identify three chemical series that target treatment of NTDs 0 None
2012-11-14 UCI study reveals novel immune system response to bacterial infections 0 None
2012-11-13 Abbott releases details on phase 3 hepatitis C registrational program 0 None
2012-11-09 Malaria vaccine reduced severe and uncomplicated malaria by a third in young infants when given with other routine vaccines 0 None
2012-11-09 New vaccines and drug treatments urgently needed for bacterial meningitis 0 None
2012-11-09 RTS,S vaccine candidate can help protect African infants against malaria 0 None
2012-11-09 Boulder Diagnostics launches novel SpiroFind test to detect Lyme disease 0 None
2012-11-09 Yellow fever outbreak in Sudan's Darfur kills 67, WHO reports 0 None
2012-11-09 Semprus BioSciences to develop surface-modified endotracheal tube 0 None
2012-11-09 Mass. fires head of board overseeing compounding pharmacies 0 None
2012-11-09 New intervention strategies needed to reach HIV-infected youth at birth 0 None
2012-11-09 Scarce resources threatening progress against AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2012-11-09 International community must step up fight against TB in Southern African region 0 None
2012-11-09 Elevated ST2 biomarker levels strongly indicate heart failure and mortality in HIV patients 0 None
2012-11-08 Key areas of disease neglected by UK funding for infectious diseases 0 None
2012-11-08 BioCryst completes planned interim analysis of peramivir Phase 3 trial for serious influenza 0 None
2012-11-08 International community must continue to support cholera treatment, prevention in Haiti 0 None
2012-11-08 Blog examines PEPFAR-funded program to improve access to HIV/AIDS treatment in Ethiopia 0 None
2012-11-08 Two new EU Member States now represented within TRANSVAC services platform 0 None
2012-11-08 Growing number of dengue cases in India increases risk of disease spreading worldwide, experts warn 0 None
2012-11-08 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine creates International Diagnostics Centre 0 None
2012-11-07 HPV testing and cervical screening: an interview with Dr Rosa Legood 0 None
2012-11-07 Aidspan publishes new issue of 'Global Fund Observer' 0 None
2012-11-07 IRIN examines intellectual property protection in South Africa 0 None
2012-11-07 Kenya ramping up male circumcision efforts to meet 2015 goal 0 None
2012-11-07 Previous meningitis outbreak did not trigger additional oversight, changes 0 None
2012-11-07 MSF reports violence in western Myanmar preventing delivery of medical services 0 None
2012-11-07 AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses journal publishes special issue on prevention 0 None
2012-11-07 Researchers divided over effects of climate change on NTD transmission, IRIN reports 0 None
2012-11-07 Alpha-herpesvirus axon-to-cell spread involves limited virion transmission 1 None
2012-11-07 WHO survey shows low knowledge level, acceptance of polio vaccine among Pashtun Pakistanis 0 None
2012-11-07 Recent Africa Braintrust 2012 forum 'informative, inspiring' for those committed to continent's advancement 0 None
2012-11-07 EPO provides notice of intent to issue European Patent Application for Aethlon Hemopurifier 0 None
2012-11-07 SCYNEXIS announces results from SCY-635 Phase 2a study on HCV 0 None
2012-11-06 Researchers show how bacteria control processes in human cells 0 None
2012-11-06 Sabin initiates Part II of Na-GST-1 vaccine Phase I hookworm trial 0 None
2012-11-06 IRIN examines controversy surround AMFm 0 None
2012-11-06 Gene silencing technology used to fight RSV and influenza 0 None
2012-11-06 Haiti faces rise in cholera cases after flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy 0 None
2012-11-06 AIDS organizations release discussion paper on post-2015 development agenda 0 None
2012-11-06 USAID newsletter focuses on TB 0 None
2012-11-06 Combination of mosquito nets and deltamethrin does not lead to decline in malaria 0 None
2012-11-06 Study: Superbug MRSA prevalent at wastewater treatment plants in the U.S. 0 None
2012-11-06 Growing concern in Asia over resistance to artemisinin-based antimalarial medicines 0 None
2012-11-06 University of Alberta medical research supports the 'obesity paradox' 0 None
2012-11-05 Adenovirus detection not uncommon among children with Kawasaki disease 0 None
2012-11-03 Mass. adopts stricter rules, penalties for compounding pharmacies 0 None
2012-11-03 Blog series on global AIDS blueprint interviews NIH investigator 0 None
2012-11-03 November issue of WHO Bulletin available online 0 None
2012-11-03 Legislation planned to tighten oversight of compounding pharmacies 0 None
2012-11-03 USAID to triple financial support for PAHO/WHO Regional TB Program 0 None
2012-11-03 WHO reports on global diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccination efforts 0 None
2012-11-03 Blog reports on meeting of world's largest HIV vaccine research network 0 None
2012-11-03 'Details of implementation' critical to reaching goal of AIDS-free generation 0 None
2012-11-03 'Keep the Promise on HIV/AIDS' March and Rally to be held on Nov. 3 in Centennial Park 0 None
2012-11-03 Weill Cornell researchers awarded Grand Challenges Explorations grants 0 None
2012-11-03 ACE Environmental Advisory explores potential risks of mold and legionella at healthcare facilities 0 None
2012-11-03 GlobalPost interviews director of WHO Stop TB Department about future of global response 0 None
2012-11-03 Xenex offers room disinfection devices to hospitals hit by Hurricane Sandy 0 None
2012-11-03 WSU researcher receives NSF fund to study on antibiotic resistance 0 None
2012-11-03 Asia-Pacific accounts for second highest burden of malaria outside of Africa, RBM Partnership report says 0 None
2012-11-03 NCAR launches study into impact of open-fire cooking on regional air quality and disease 0 None
2012-11-03 Intensified antibiotic treatment can improve prognosis of patients with TB meningitis 0 None
2012-11-03 Mass spectrometry can help visualize how drugs work inside living cells to kill infectious microbes 0 None
2012-11-03 Resolve to fight TB must be strengthened in U.S. global AIDS blueprint 0 None
2012-11-03 Phase II study to evaluate Medivir/Janssen's simeprevir and Vertex against HCV 0 None
2012-11-03 Health experts gather in Sydney for 3-day malaria conference 0 None
2012-11-02 Compounding pharmacies rarely get tough punishments; Another firm recalls drugs 0 None
2012-11-02 Afghanistan, U.N. agencies working to improve routine immunization as winter approaches 0 None
2012-11-02 Janssen, Vertex to evaluate TMC435 and VX-135 in Phase 2 HCV study 0 3
2012-11-02 New data: 4 in 5 children received recommended doses of DTP vaccine during infancy in 2011 0 None
2012-11-02 Malarial drug shows promise in stopping breast cancer 0 None
2012-11-01 Multiple sclerosis disease activity reduced by leukaemia drug, even when first-line treatment has failed 0 None
2012-11-01 U.N. agencies publish 'Atlas' linking climate, health 0 None
2012-11-01 Study shows reduced risk of liver-related mortality in African American women with HIV/HCV 0 None
2012-11-01 Drug-resistant malaria spreading in Asia, experts warn 0 None
2012-11-01 Encouraging results from Gilead’s TAF Phase 2 trial on HIV-1 infection 0 None
2012-11-01 Polio eradication efforts helping to improve other health indicators 0 None
2012-11-01 Political will, funding needed for successful polio eradication initiative 0 None
2012-11-01 AP examines future of AMFm following conflicting reports on program's success 0 None
2012-11-01 PLoS NTDs celebrates 5th anniversary with special collection on 'Geopolitics of NTDs' 0 None
2012-11-01 CDC report outlines international influenza activities 0 None
2012-11-01 New track-and-trace proposal advanced to combat drug counterfeiting, gray market 0 None
2012-11-01 Microbiologists confirm existence of new tick disease in Switzerland 0 None
2012-11-01 Experimental HIV test might help improve diagnosis, treatment in developing countries 0 None
2012-11-01 Novartis resumes distribution of two seasonal influenza vaccines in Canada 0 None
2012-11-01 Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason wins Grand Challenges Explorations grant 0 None
2012-11-01 Scientists solve mystery behind what triggers the herpes virus to become active again 0 5
2012-11-01 FDA: Ameridose voluntarily recalls all unexpired drug products in circulation 0 None
2012-10-31 African American women coinfected with HIV and HCV less likely to die from liver disease than Caucasian or Hispanic women 0 None
2012-10-31 Fla. suspends compounding pharmacy as report slams lax oversight 0 None
2012-10-31 BioCryst announces withdrawal of BCX5191 IND following discussion with FDA 0 None
2012-10-31 Eliminating bacteria's DNA, boosting antimicrobial proteins may help prevent recurrent ear infections 0 None
2012-10-30 State roundup: Hurricane Sandy has east coast hospitals scrambling 0 None
2012-10-30 All health care workers should be vaccinated with annual flu vaccine to protect patients 0 None
2012-10-29 AOAC-PTM validates 3M Tecra Listeria Visual Immunoassay 0 None
2012-10-29 RUB-medical researchers receive $2.3M Gates Foundation grant for HIV vaccine research 0 None
2012-10-29 Blog examines PEPFAR restrictions regarding family planning 0 None
2012-10-29 Examining human rights program integration into national HIV plans 0 None
2012-10-29 Research team receives grant to study impact of urban air pollution on TB immunity 0 None
2012-10-29 NPR series on polio examines obstacles to eradicating disease in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria 0 None
2012-10-29 New HIV test for babies differs from conventional test, delivers diagnosis in less than an hour 0 None
2012-10-29 Scientists develop new prototype ultra sensitive disease sensor 0 None
2012-10-29 Study identifies three organizations successfully using innovative financing for global health 0 None
2012-10-29 Scientists hope to unravel mystery of how Borrelia burgdorferi causes Lyme disease 0 None
2012-10-29 Flu shot might also prevent heart disease 0 None
2012-10-26 Loyola and Hines VA announce accreditation of Dermatopathology Fellowship Program by ACGME 0 None
2012-10-26 Researchers figure out 3D shape of promising TB drug target 0 None
2012-10-26 Contaminated drug passed lab test 0 None
2012-10-26 Opinion pieces published in recognition of World Polio Day 0 None
2012-10-26 Malawi needs donor support to maintain HIV/AIDS treatment program 0 None
2012-10-26 Associated Press examines access to antiretroviral treatment in Myanmar 0 None
2012-10-26 Study finds pollution as dangerous to health in developing world as malaria, TB 0 None
2012-10-26 Differing opinions about AMFm 'unlikely to be resolved' after Global Fund decision on program's future 0 None
2012-10-26 Researchers identify new means to eradicate malaria infections 0 None
2012-10-26 UNICEF calls for 'finishing' global polio eradication; Rotary International warns of funding shortfall in India 0 None
2012-10-26 Central African Republic town struggling to provide health care since withdrawal of foreign companies, VOA reports 0 None
2012-10-26 CUMC researchers develop first true mouse model of typhoid infection 0 None
2012-10-26 Artificial CSP proteins reduce S. pneumoniae competence y more than 90% 0 None
2012-10-26 Population Health Management discusses latest information on shingles and PHN 0 None
2012-10-26 Simple approach results in low rates of MRSA infections 0 None
2012-10-26 Guidelines to help protect vulnerable populations from flu 0 None
2012-10-26 USPTO issues patent to Tobira’s cenicriviroc for treatment of HIV-1 infection 0 None
2012-10-26 Durata completes target enrollment in dalbavancin Phase 3 trial for ABSSSI 0 None
2012-10-26 UC Riverside entomologists reconstruct the evolutionary history of assassin bugs 0 None
2012-10-25 Winter safety tips for older adults 0 None
2012-10-25 New York Times blog features interview with Indian polio expert 0 None
2012-10-25 Global Health Service Partnership 'could be the start of something big' 0 None
2012-10-25 Meningitis outbreak spreads; Mass. revokes Compounding Center's license 0 None
2012-10-25 Indonesia plans to include HIV treatment in universal health care coverage 0 None
2012-10-25 Examining the need for TB indicators, activities in global AIDS response blueprint 0 None
2012-10-25 Communicable diseases responsible for majority of deaths in Africa, WHO official says 0 None
2012-10-25 Special issue of Global Polio Eradication Initiative news bulletin recognizes World Polio Day 0 None
2012-10-25 Oxfam says 'no evidence' AMFm has saved lives; Global Fund says claims are 'untrue,' Guardian reports 0 None
2012-10-25 Scientists unravel physical properties of lung mucus 0 None
2012-10-25 Obese patients more likely to have complications after total knee replacement surgery 0 None
2012-10-25 New method of oral vaccination could help boost immunity to TB, influenza and C. difficile 0 None
2012-10-25 Feedback intervention improves hand hygiene compliance in modern hospitals 0 None
2012-10-24 New method of testing for West Nile virus 0 None
2012-10-24 Meningitis outbreak linked to pharmaceutical compounding has long history 0 None
2012-10-24 Blueprint for AIDS-free generation must allow HIV funds to be used for family planning 0 None
2012-10-24 Large hospitals not following CAUTI preventive guidelines in their ICUs 0 None
2012-10-24 Fewer families refusing polio vaccination in Pakistan, but many still not immunized, officials say 0 None
2012-10-24 International community must ensure political will, financial support necessary to eradicate polio 0 None
2012-10-24 NEJM report on best options for safe, effective patient treatment against fungal meningitis 0 None
2012-10-24 Probiotic supplementation improves health-related quality of life during common cold 0 None
2012-10-23 Researchers increase potency of a compound that reactivates antibiotics against MRSA 0 None
2012-10-23 Improper tinted contact lense use could cause severe eye damage 0 None
2012-10-23 KIF3A protein ferries HIV to the plasma membrane 0 None
2012-10-23 Examining ethics surrounding Taliban's ban on polio vaccination in Pakistan 0 None
2012-10-23 Sierra Leone kicks off four-day polio vaccination drive targeting 1.3M children under 5 0 None
2012-10-23 Researchers discover how HIV-infected people develop very powerful antibody responses 0 None
2012-10-23 First Edition: October 23, 2012 0 None
2012-10-23 C. diff infections on the rise among children, elderly 0 None
2012-10-23 Sanofi presents overview of Phase II and III trials for quadrivalent influenza vaccine 0 None
2012-10-22 Researchers continue hunt for AIDS vaccine 0 None
2012-10-22 Blog reports on ID Week in San Diego 0 None
2012-10-22 PLoS ONE publishes review of AntiViral-HyperActivation Limiting Therapeutics clinical trial 0 None
2012-10-22 Researchers discover Hyalomma ticks in migratory birds 0 None
2012-10-22 Chinese herbs may show significant benefits for patients with NSCLC, IPF and influenza 0 None
2012-10-22 Microgravity and prolonged space flight could give unique advantages to germs 0 None
2012-10-20 Mistakes are still commonly made in prescriptions of antiretroviral medications 0 4
2012-10-20 The main culprit in the meningitis outbreak 0 None
2012-10-20 MRSA-related pneumonia can be effectively treated in half the recommended time 2 5
2012-10-20 Henry Ford study evaluates length of treatment for MRSA-related pneumonia 0 None
2012-10-20 UNDP releases report examining impact of laws regarding sex work, effectiveness of HIV response 0 None
2012-10-20 Researchers identify how mosquito's immune system attacks specific infections 0 None
2012-10-20 Older antibiotic shows success in treating drug-resistant TB in small study 0 None
2012-10-20 Physician shares lessons learned from fungal meningitis outbreak 0 None
2012-10-20 Researchers identify crucial stage in the lifecycle of simple viruses 0 None
2012-10-20 Most compounding pharmacies are not accredited 0 None
2012-10-20 GAPA empowers grandmothers to care for their families affected by HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-10-20 Researchers concerned over likely rise in older people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2012-10-20 NPR series on polio examines efforts to fight disease in India 0 None
2012-10-20 Study finds dramatic increase in acute throat infection admissions in England 0 None
2012-10-20 Shingles vaccine reduces risk of herpes zoster disease in older patients 0 None
2012-10-20 New data shows influenza-associated deaths among children, effectiveness of school vaccinations 0 None
2012-10-20 Canadian journal examines HIV in Swaziland 0 None
2012-10-20 New discovery could help revolutionize antibiotic treatment of bacteria 0 None
2012-10-20 Sanofi Pasteur files Fluzone sBLA with FDA for treatment of influenza 0 None
2012-10-20 Novel therapy that uses human stool is safe and highly effective in treating C.diff infection 0 None
2012-10-19 Survey: Nearly 38% of lesbians less likely to have routine cervical cancer screening 2 None
2012-10-19 Carob extracts may combat listeriosis 0 None
2012-10-19 Babies born to HIV positive mothers more likely to acquire measles 0 None
2012-10-19 Link between norovirus outbreaks and excess hospitalization and mortality in nursing homes 0 None
2012-10-19 NPR series on polio examines efforts to fight disease in Pakistan 0 None
2012-10-19 Linezolid proves effective in treating drug-resistant TB 0 None
2012-10-19 New report shows increasing HIV prevalence, incidence in Uganda 0 None
2012-10-19 Number of new TB infections fall, but drug resistance, lack of funding could slow progress, WHO reports 0 None
2012-10-19 Hindus and Muslims less likely than Christians and Jews to have premarital sex 0 None
2012-10-19 Federal agents raid drug compounding center 0 None
2012-10-19 Zimbabwe to allow trained nurses to prescribe, administer ARVs 0 None
2012-10-19 Political will, humanitarian effort, funding all needed to eradicate polio 0 None
2012-10-19 TB Alliance and FIND partner to promote development of TB drugs and diagnostics 0 None
2012-10-19 Chelsea Clinton in Nigeria to promote program distributing zinc, oral rehydration solutions 0 None
2012-10-19 Views on meningitis outbreak: FDA says it is working to contain risks; USA Today says regulators had 'ample warning of the potential risks' 0 None
2012-10-18 Scientists report on development of new malaria drug 0 None
2012-10-18 Trial results of first new TB vaccine candidate in 90 years expected next year 0 None
2012-10-18 NPR examines efforts to eradicate polio in Nigeria 0 None
2012-10-17 NPR begins series on polio eradication 0 None
2012-10-17 Additional drugs linked to meningitis outbreak 0 None
2012-10-17 Global Fund invites Myanmar to apply for additional funding 0 None
2012-10-17 Peace Corps, USAID, Coca-Cola Company announce WASH training initiative 0 None
2012-10-17 Public-private partnership will promote handwashing to help reduce child mortality in Africa 0 None
2012-10-17 BioLineRx completes pre-clinical development of BL-8020 for HCV 0 None
2012-10-17 Adults with HIV can benefit from cognitive training exercises 0 None
2012-10-17 Offering methadone treatment to drug users significantly reduces HIV infection, transmission risk, study shows 0 None
2012-10-16 FDA approves Hologic’s APTIMA HPV 16 18/45 Genotype Assay for use on TIGRIS system 0 None
2012-10-16 Gravity changes affect immune system development 0 None
2012-10-16 USAID recognizes 5th annual Global Handwashing Day 0 None
2012-10-16 Researchers use cell phone data to track malaria spread in Kenya 0 None
2012-10-16 New initiative aims to bolster human resources at medical schools in Rwanda 0 None
2012-10-16 Hepatitis C rapid and point of care tests highly accurate and reliable 0 None
2012-10-16 NIAID-funded study to evaluate PPSV23 and PCV13 in Phase Iib pneumococcal trial 0 None
2012-10-16 U.N. report shows francophone African countries lag behind in AIDS Treatment; NGOs call for increased funding 0 None
2012-10-16 Current status, challenges and opportunities of pulmonary vaccine delivery 0 None
2012-10-16 Experts discuss recent U.S. meningitis outbreak at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2012 meeting 0 3
2012-10-16 Screening practices for multidrug-resistant organisms in ICUs vary widely between hospitals 0 None
2012-10-16 Saint Louis University to participate in PPV23 vaccine trial for pneumonia 0 None
2012-10-16 Saint Raphael Campus of Yale New Haven Hospital honored for achievements in eliminating HAIs 0 None
2012-10-16 Physicians urged to think twice before they prescribe compounded drugs 0 None
2012-10-16 UPC improves antimicrobial properties of medical textiles 0 None
2012-10-15 International cooperation essential to help Uganda fight malaria 0 None
2012-10-15 U.S. can draw lessons from PEPFAR success to address epidemic in black America 0 None
2012-10-15 Merck, AiCuris enter licensing agreement for novel HCMV candidates 0 None
2012-10-15 Researchers develop two ultra-rapid tests for diagnosis of antibiotic resistance 0 None
2012-10-15 Researchers identify keys and doors of Anaplasmataceae tick-borne bacterium 0 None
2012-10-15 Indonesia issues order to override patents on 7 HIV, hepatitis drugs 0 None
2012-10-15 GlaxoSmithKline to make clinical trial data available to other researchers 0 None
2012-10-15 PEPFAR launches training initiative for HIV/AIDS organizations in Bahamas 0 None
2012-10-15 S. African National AIDS Council CEO speaks to PlusNews about reform, funding 0 None
2012-10-15 Tanzania investigating circulation of fake HIV drugs, stops local ARV production 0 None
2012-10-15 Gardasil does not increase sexual activity in girls 0 None
2012-10-13 Global Fund, Churches Health Association of Zambia sign grant agreement worth $102M 0 None
2012-10-13 Mexican government, NGOs working to expand access to clean syringes to prevent HIV among IDUs 0 None
2012-10-12 Financial Times features special report on NTDs 0 None
2012-10-12 UNAIDS to support Republic of Congo's efforts to reduce HIV MTCT 0 None
2012-10-12 Bureaucracy in India slowing treatment of TB, Wall Street Journal reports 0 None
2012-10-12 UNEP should work to bring about safe alternatives to DDT for malaria vector control 0 None
2012-10-12 Medicare penalties for hospital-acquired infections didn't cut infection rate, study finds 0 None
2012-10-12 Hospital superbugs can float on air currents and contaminate surfaces 0 None
2012-10-12 Zimbabwean AIDS activists march to National AIDS Council demanding accountability for AIDS levy funds 0 None
2012-10-12 Alverix receives FDA 510(k) clearance for new BD Veritor System kit 0 None
2012-10-12 Nelfinavir slows progress of HER2-positive tumor cells 0 None
2012-10-11 New mass spectrometry helps identify bacteria in clinical specimens within minutes 0 5
2012-10-11 Examining funding for TB treatment in Europe 0 None
2012-10-11 People living near livestock may be at increased risk of LA-MRSA 0 None
2012-10-11 Activists propose new model to fight HIV/AIDS in Kenya 0 None
2012-10-11 African governments take steps to increase political support for NTD control 0 None
2012-10-11 Study finds how MAIT cells recognize products of vitamin B synthesis from bacteria and yeast 0 5
2012-10-11 Revamped South African National AIDS Council begins work reviewing national plan 0 None
2012-10-11 Blog interviews medical researcher about proposed blueprint for AIDS-free generation 0 None
2012-10-11 Gender Action report examines international bank spending on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-10-11 Xenex Healthcare Services receives GSA contract to purchase room disinfection systems 0 None
2012-10-11 New mechanism may alter principle understandings of molecular interactions within a cell's nucleus 0 None
2012-10-11 Viewpoints: Wis. Senate candidates Thompson, Baldwin offer competing views of health law; 'Disturbing lack' of oversight of compounding pharmacies 0 None
2012-10-10 No link between HPV vaccination and increased sexual activity in adolescent girls 0 None
2012-10-10 U-M researchers to better understand HIV virus on a molecular level 0 None
2012-10-10 Meningitis outbreak fuels calls for more oversight 0 None
2012-10-10 Letters to U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator address global AIDS blueprint 0 None
2012-10-10 GlobalPost blog examines issue of HIV/AIDS in U.S. presidential election 0 None
2012-10-10 Pakistan to become first south Asian country to introduce pneumococcal vaccine 0 None
2012-10-10 UNICEF, Syrian government agree to expand humanitarian operations to conflict areas 0 None
2012-10-10 IspH protein accepts two completely different classes of molecules as partners 0 None
2012-10-10 GSK, Aeras to advance clinical development of TB vaccine 0 None
2012-10-10 Roundup: Labor activist's work for Blue Shield raises conflict concerns; R.I. to mandate flu shots for health workers; Minn. safety net hospitals brace for cuts 0 None
2012-10-09 T2R38 taste receptor regulates immune defense of the human upper airway 0 None
2012-10-09 Outreach through social media can encourage condom use in young adults 0 None
2012-10-09 Researchers examine relationships between HIV and poverty, food security in separate studies 0 None
2012-10-09 Polio vaccination campaign in Darfur shows immunizations possible in 'emergency and conflict settings' 0 None
2012-10-09 New model of influenza transmission can provide real-time information about infections 0 None
2012-10-09 Study examines trends in HIV mortality 0 None
2012-10-09 Myths about the influenza vaccine 0 None
2012-10-09 Maths-based tool can quantify the spread and infectiousness of viruses 0 None
2012-10-08 Global Network for NTDs working on policy engagement in Europe 0 None
2012-10-08 Harvard announces ExxonMobil Malaria Scholar in Residence 0 None
2012-10-08 Southern African leaders sign declaration on TB in mining sector 0 None
2012-10-08 Positive results from Cempra's IV solithromycin Phase 1 study 0 None
2012-10-08 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health epidemiologist receives Dean's Medal honor 0 None
2012-10-08 Incidence of needlestick injuries appears to be lower among employees at retail pharmacy chain 0 None
2012-10-08 Study determines impact of HIV on anal cancer incidence in the U.S. 0 None
2012-10-08 CytoDyn announces update on feline immunodeficiency virus therapeutic antibody program 0 None
2012-10-06 Significant increase in genomic Replikin Count of human SARS virus 0 None
2012-10-06 FMCNA urges dialysis patients to get flu shots 0 None
2012-10-06 Study demonstrates efficacy of genotyping technology in identifying source of clinic infection outbreak 0 None
2012-10-06 Vaccination campaign in Africa aims to protect 50M people against meningitis 0 None
2012-10-06 Opiate substitution therapies linked to reduced risk of HIV transmission 0 None
2012-10-06 Perplexing evolutionary history of malaria transmitting mosquito species 0 None
2012-10-06 Combination pill to treat malaria pre-approved by WHO 0 None
2012-10-06 Two genes linked to increased risk of diabetes-associated kidney disease 0 None
2012-10-06 Progress toward preventing initial and recurrent episodes of C. diff infection 1 None
2012-10-06 Uganda declares end of Ebola outbreak 0 None
2012-10-05 HIV transmission can be reduced by using opioid substitution treatments instead of injection drug use 1 None
2012-10-05 Emergent receives BARDA contract to advance development of novel rPA anthrax vaccine 0 None
2012-10-05 Britons least likely to adopt protective behaviours against flu 1 None
2012-10-05 I COUGH program reduces likelihood of respiratory complications in surgical patients 0 None
2012-10-05 Report finds increase in occurrence of MRSA bacteria in Denmark 1 None
2012-10-05 Risk of Lyme disease to increase this fall: CAPC 0 None
2012-10-05 New technique has potential to kill off hospital superbugs 0 None
2012-10-05 Top-line data from Pfizer’s Prevenar 13 Phase 3 trial on pneumococcal disease 0 None
2012-10-04 Nature examines future of AMFm 0 None
2012-10-04 Penn researchers to begin Microbion's BisEDT gel Phase 2 trials in post-surgical orthopedic infections 0 4.5
2012-10-04 Zimbabwe set to attain 'universal' ARV coverage 0 None
2012-10-04 Obama should promote, invest more in PMI to gain votes 0 None
2012-10-04 Nursing intervention can significantly decrease substance abuse among homeless youth 0 None
2012-10-04 Blog assesses key elements of Global Fund's new funding model 0 None
2012-10-04 Seasonal allergies more prevalent in Louisville, KY 0 None
2012-10-04 Leaders gather at Columbia University event to discuss local, global responses to AIDS 0 None
2012-10-04 Advocacy group's aid transparency index shows more openness but room for improvement 0 None
2012-10-04 Scientists use new communications, research technologies to quickly identify, contain microbes 0 None
2012-10-04 Roche announces availability of new HIV-1 viral load test in the U.S. 0 None
2012-10-04 New JEBDP series provides updates on evidence-based care in periodontics and implant dentistry 0 None
2012-10-04 Starting HIV-infected patients on ART reduces food insecurity, improves physical health 0 None
2012-10-04 Vitamin D3 intake does not reduce incidence or severity of upper respiratory tract infections 1 None
2012-10-04 ADA, Wiley partner to publish latest book in ‘Practical Guide Series’ 0 None
2012-10-03 HIV prevention, vaccine research progressing 0 None
2012-10-03 LpxC-1 can effectively treat antibiotic-resistant infections 0 None
2012-10-03 IRIN examines allegations of Global Fund grant misuse in Uganda 0 None
2012-10-03 RyMed Technologies to host symposium on origin of catheter-related bloodstream infections 0 None
2012-10-03 NPR's 'Morning Edition' reports on increasing number of polio cases in Nigeria 0 None
2012-10-03 Chloroquine begins to work against malaria 0 None
2012-10-03 GW researcher to help HIV patients better understand treatments for cardiovascular issues 0 None
2012-10-03 Scientific American examines intersection of humanitarian aid, economic development, climate change 0 None
2012-10-03 Global Research Nurses to launch this week in Malawi 0 None
2012-10-02 ONE blog interviews USAID nutrition chief 0 None
2012-10-02 October issue of WHO Bulletin available online 0 None
2012-10-02 New SARS-like virus not spread easily, WHO reports 0 None
2012-10-02 Proton pump inhibitors does not lead to higher rates of pneumonia 0 None
2012-10-02 IPS examines debate over impact of climate change on health 0 None
2012-10-02 Washington Post examines Haiti's efforts to fight lymphatic filariasis 0 None
2012-10-02 News outlets examine challenges to fighting polio in Pakistan, Nigeria 0 None
2012-10-02 Case stories describe technical support for Global Fund grant recipients 0 None
2012-10-01 Inhibiting DUSP6 protein can restore immune cells’ responsiveness to a more youthful state 1 None
2012-10-01 Researchers track spread of human invasive non-Typhoidal Salmonella in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2012-09-29 Bioengineers design inexpensive, rapid medical diagnostic tests 0 None
2012-09-29 WHO urges action to stop spread of drug-resistant malaria in Vietnam, Myanmar 0 None
2012-09-29 World leaders unite behind global polio eradication efforts at U.N. General Assembly 0 None
2012-09-29 Funding neglected disease R&D beneficial to Europe, developing countries, report says 0 None
2012-09-29 Kenyan government releases new guidelines for treatment, prevention of visceral leishmaniasis 0 None
2012-09-29 MicroDose completes third and final MDT-637 Phase 1 study on RSV infection 0 None
2012-09-29 Screening practices for multidrug-resistant organisms in ICUs vary widely between hospitals 0 None
2012-09-28 Bas-Congo virus associated with acute hemorrhagic fever in Africa 0 None
2012-09-28 New report: African-American youth see more alcohol ads in magazines and TV 0 None
2012-09-28 Shingles becoming more common in Australia 0 None
2012-09-28 Education key to ending AIDS 0 None
2012-09-28 New malaria-transmitting mosquitoes: an interview with Jennifer Stevenson, Research Fellow at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 1 None
2012-09-28 Obama's U.N. speech could be 'turning point' in fight against human trafficking 0 None
2012-09-28 Large donors dictating direction of global health research, financing, essay says 0 None
2012-09-28 African leaders renew commitment to providing HIV treatment, prevention services 0 None
2012-09-28 Efavirenz drug may play a key role in brain damage 1 None
2012-09-28 Incarcerated patients with chronic HCV likely to achieve sustained viral response 0 None
2012-09-28 Life Technologies receives FDA clearance for OpTmizer CTS T-cell expansion media 0 None
2012-09-27 Study finds major risk factors for HIV among U.S. Armed Forces personnel during DADT era 0 None
2012-09-27 George Mason University research makes big breakthrough in HIV 0 2.7
2012-09-27 Key bacterial protein structures reveal one of the biochemical secrets behind multi-drug tolerance 0 None
2012-09-27 Women more likely to suffer infections related to urolithiasis 0 None
2012-09-27 World working together to end polio 0 None
2012-09-27 British Society for Immunology, Springer partner to publish six books per year 0 None
2012-09-27 IRIN examines reaction to Global Fund's new funding approach 0 None
2012-09-27 Meeting needs of children living with, affected by HIV 'central' to PEPFAR mission 0 None
2012-09-27 WHO urges health workers to be alert for patients exhibiting symptoms of new SARS-like virus 0 None
2012-09-27 Coca Cola, Global Fund announce expansion of project to deliver medicines in rural areas 0 None
2012-09-27 Easy steps to protect against spread of influenza 0 None
2012-09-26 Presidential candidates should address HIV epidemic more directly 0 None
2012-09-26 Forbes features interview with president of Friends of Global Fight 0 None
2012-09-26 Sufficient resources needed to maintain progress against AIDS, TB, malaria 0 None
2012-09-26 Chinese innovations, resources could help create new global health products 0 None
2012-09-26 IV connectors can play a crucial role in protecting patients from infections and other complications 0 None
2012-09-26 U.S. Ambassador to Mozambique signs PEPFAR funding agreements with CBOs 0 None
2012-09-26 Progress on women's, children's health provides optimism for further success 0 None
2012-09-26 HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer patients have more rapid and robust radiation-therapy response 0 None
2012-09-26 Differences in viral illness patterns play a role in asthma development in urban, suburban children 0 None
2012-09-26 'Big Push' needed to ensure political will necessary to maintain progress against AIDS, TB, malaria 0 None
2012-09-26 Preliminary results of MSF malaria prevention program suggest malaria drugs prevent disease in healthy children 0 None
2012-09-25 Newly developed technique can kill antibiotic-resistant germs 0 None
2012-09-25 IVAC at Johns Hopkins announces grant recipients of World Pneumonia Day Advocacy Program 0 None
2012-09-25 Lack of cytokeratin 6A may lead to eye infections 0 None
2012-09-25 Blog examines U.S. government's stance on future of AMFm 0 None
2012-09-25 UC Medicine nurses to administer free flu shots to licensed taxicab drivers at O'Hare Midway 0 None
2012-09-25 Peer education efforts implemented in Uganda to improve condom use for HIV prevention 0 None
2012-09-25 NanoBio to present data from preclinical studies at 8th Annual International RSV Symposium 0 None
2012-09-25 Small fragments of keratin protein in the eye play a key role in warding off pathogens 0 None
2012-09-25 FDA forms new internal task force to support development of new antibacterial drugs 0 None
2012-09-25 FIOCRUZ, DNDi and Brazil collaborate on R&D for neglected diseases 0 None
2012-09-25 People with AIDS more likely to develop esophageal and stomach carcinoma, NHLs 0 None
2012-09-25 Sudanese refugee camps see improvement in water, food provisions, but concerns remain over disease threats, overcrowding 0 None
2012-09-24 Senate Working Group on Malaria expands to congressional caucus including NTDs 0 None
2012-09-24 Biologists unravel why some people infected with HIV have more virus 0 None
2012-09-24 NanoViricides’ oral FluCide dramatically improves survival in animals with H3N2 influenza A 0 None
2012-09-24 FSU researcher to explore gene-controlling effects of addictive drugs in pursuit of new HIV treatments 0 None
2012-09-24 Newly discovered Eilat virus harmless and potentially valuable 0 None
2012-09-24 Transmitted HIV strains may have evolutionary advantage, suggest scientists 0 None
2012-09-24 Global trade pressures may heighten disease incidence 0 None
2012-09-21 Global AIDS response provides lessons for fighting NCDs 0 None
2012-09-21 Sanofi, TB Alliance form research collaboration to search for new treatment compounds 0 None
2012-09-21 NCDs should be considered a 'human rights concern' 0 None
2012-09-21 Blogs examine progress on NCDs one year after U.N. summit 0 None
2012-09-21 Ciprofloxacin use is major contributor to MRSA spread in hospitals 0 5
2012-09-21 Cholera vaccine stockpiles could help save lives in future outbreaks 0 None
2012-09-21 September issue of 'Global Fund News Flash' email newsletter available 0 None
2012-09-21 Strand Life Sciences to validate and commercialize Trovagene's urine-based HPV test 0 None
2012-09-21 Mosquitoes show signs of behavior change in response to bed net use, study says 0 None
2012-09-21 First phase of Global Fund-managed AMFm shows success in bringing malaria drugs to clinics 0 None
2012-09-21 Medivir’s simeprevir and TMC647055 to enter phase IIa combination trial for HCV genotype-1 0 None
2012-09-21 TB Alliance, Sanofi partner to discover and develop novel compounds against tuberculosis 0 None
2012-09-21 Study finds nearly 50% decline in child mortality in Niger over the last decade 0 None
2012-09-20 'Greater commitment' needed to fight NTDs 0 None
2012-09-20 WHO working with partners to stop Ebola from spreading in DRC 0 None
2012-09-20 Study finds high levels of ESBL bacteria in Danish chicken meat 0 None
2012-09-20 Joint Commission offers ranking of hospitals on quality, patient safety 0 None
2012-09-20 Health experts warn of linkages between climate change, increased malnutrition 0 None
2012-09-20 Blog examines role of community health workers in Zambia's malaria control efforts 0 None
2012-09-20 BMJ examines emergence of China as 'major new player' in global vaccine production 0 None
2012-09-20 WHO increasing efforts to fight cholera in Sierra Leone 0 None
2012-09-20 Bill Gates describes how 'catalytic philanthropy' can help bring vaccines, medicines to untouched markets 0 None
2012-09-20 Global health funding cuts threatening fight against HIV, TB in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, NGO report says 0 None
2012-09-20 Research highlights various methods of reporting central line infections in hospitals 0 None
2012-09-20 Study uncovers why some HIV-positive people take long time to progress to full-blown AIDS 0 None
2012-09-20 TECHLAB to utilize Dynex's Gold SmartKit packaging for ELISA product line 0 None
2012-09-20 Complete story behind connection between XMRV virus and prostate cancer 0 None
2012-09-19 New tools can help track healthcare-associated infections in nursing homes 0 None
2012-09-19 Improved health critical to development of democracy in Burma 0 None
2012-09-19 Congress can help improve WASH, survival for children worldwide 0 None
2012-09-19 Dengue Vaccine Initiative launches redesigned website, new blog 0 None
2012-09-19 Number of recorded dengue cases up 36% over last year in Costa Rica 0 None
2012-09-19 FDA warns consumers not to use Intestinomicina for treatment of infectious diarrhea 0 None
2012-09-19 VOA News report examines PEPFAR's use of generic drugs, discusses search for HIV vaccine 0 None
2012-09-19 Hereditary blood disorder found in South-East Asia, South-West Pacific could offer clues for malaria vaccine 0 None
2012-09-19 D.C. clinic provides care for ex-prisoners; Texas lawmakers seek ways to help jails with homeless, ill prisoners 0 None
2012-09-19 BGI Tech achieves whole exome sequencing analysis of total degraded DNA from FFPE samples 0 None
2012-09-19 Xenex's pulsed xenon UV more effective than bleach in decontaminating C. diff surfaces 2 None
2012-09-18 Viewpoints: Dragging the 'C word' -- cost -- out of hiding; Elton John on discrimination against state prisoners with HIV 0 None
2012-09-18 Study finds identical strains of antibiotic-resistant C. coli in ABF and conventionally raised pigs 0 None
2012-09-18 No association between XMRV/pMLV and chronic fatigue syndrome 0 None
2012-09-18 Pacific Global Health Conference to take place from Oct. 8-10 0 None
2012-09-18 Compelling data from two ITS Flunisyn Phase I clinical trials against multiple strains of influenza A 0 None
2012-09-18 FDA clears Meridian Bioscience’s new illumigene Group A Strep test 0 None
2012-09-17 Orthopedists should suspect necrotizing fasciitis in patients with out of proportion pain 0 None
2012-09-17 New test to assess viral load of cytomegalovirus 0 None
2012-09-17 Scientists solve co-crystal structure of human antibody that can neutralize influenza viruses 0 None
2012-09-17 FDA designates Rib-X's delafloxacin as QIDP for acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections 0 None
2012-09-17 Partner treatment essential to prevent recurrent sexually transmitted infections in teenagers 0 None
2012-09-17 Bed nets and insecticides could fail to protect people from new malaria-transmitting mosquitoes 0 None
2012-09-17 Drug-resistant tuberculosis: an interview with Sven Hoffner 0 None
2012-09-15 SLU study: Many U.S. schools not prepared for bioterrorism attacks, outbreaks of pandemics 0 None
2012-09-15 Popular Science magazine names UCLA professor among ‘Brilliant 10’ 0 None
2012-09-15 Study compares transcrestal techniques for maxillary sinus floor elevation 0 None
2012-09-15 Biomedical scientists identify set of genes essential for A. baumannii gram-negative bacteria 0 None
2012-09-15 Floods, Cholera in Niger have claimed 162 lives since July, OCHA reports 0 None
2012-09-15 Drinking water fails to meet state quality standards at North Carolina migrant farmworker camps 0 None
2012-09-15 Gates Foundation blog examines efforts to stop mother-to-child syphilis transmission 0 None
2012-09-15 Some Guinean residents seek cholera vaccine; Outbreak in Sierra Leone winding down 0 None
2012-09-15 Ebola outbreak in DRC responsible for as many as 31 deaths, according to revised count 0 None
2012-09-15 Global Fund board members discuss new funding allocation model amid some concerns from TB advocates 0 None
2012-09-15 Study assesses hand contamination of healthcare workers after disinfection procedures 0 None
2012-09-15 Study estimates drug concentrations of Truvada and tenofovir to reduce risk of HIV among MSM 0 None
2012-09-14 Wits’ Health Sciences Research Day and Postgraduate Expo to take place on Sep. 19 0 None
2012-09-14 Global child mortality rates fall 41% since 1990, U.N. reports 0 None
2012-09-14 Clinical trial results signal 'promise, unresolved challenges' in finding effective dengue vaccine 0 None
2012-09-14 Uganda releases strategy to reduce HIV infections; Activists question country's ability to meet goals 0 None
2012-09-14 Humanitarian situation better, still tenuous, in Zimbabwe as E.U. scales down assistance, IRIN reports 0 None
2012-09-14 IU chemists develop fully synthetic artemisinin to help reduce cost of live-saving drugs 0 None
2012-09-14 Study: 172K polymorphism makes certain forms of HIV less resistant to drugs 0 None
2012-09-13 Examining effects of reduced AIDS funding for Ethiopia 0 None
2012-09-13 Old anti-inflammatory drug possible candidate to treat TB 0 None
2012-09-13 Incidence of Acute gastrointestinal illness is likely to rise in coming years 0 None
2012-09-13 Pam2Cys nasal spray may be useful agent against pandemics and emerging viral strains 0 None
2012-09-13 WHO says Nigeria not on track to turn back polio despite having tools, capacity 0 None
2012-09-13 Loss of normal microbial diversity may be culprit behind chronic sinusitis 0 5
2012-09-13 Case Western Reserve researcher discovers new antivirulence drugs against MRSA and strep 0 None
2012-09-13 Synthetic biology pioneer wins 2012 Heinz Award 0 None
2012-09-13 RPS honors Aston University professor with Pharmaceutical Scientist of the Year Award 0 None
2012-09-13 Positive data from Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals’ eravacycline Phase 2 trial on cIAI 0 None
2012-09-12 PrimeraDx’s ICEPlex system and C. difficile detection assay receive CE mark 0 None
2012-09-12 IRIN reports on flooding in Africa 0 None
2012-09-12 VOA news examines AIDS among marginalized groups in Burma 0 None
2012-09-12 Leading dengue fever vaccine candidate 30% effective in first large clinical trial 0 None
2012-09-12 AusAID draft strategy includes more support for research into neglected diseases 0 None
2012-09-12 Researchers present new results from RV144 HIV vaccine trial at AIDS Vaccine 2012 0 None
2012-09-12 Researchers identify novel genes that make some children cope with malaria 0 None
2012-09-12 Diet could avert toxic effects of quinine in patients with malaria 0 None
2012-09-12 Researchers investigate whether altruism influences parental decisions to vaccinate children 0 None
2012-09-12 AIDS activists in China protest for better care for those affected by 1990s blood-selling schemes 0 None
2012-09-12 Novel method could help advance fight against persistent 'HIV latency' 0 None
2012-09-12 Devex news analysis examines Democratic, Republican party platforms on foreign policy, including global health 0 None
2012-09-12 Religious groups play positive and critical roles in fighting AIDS epidemic 0 None
2012-09-12 Positive results from Santarus rifamycin SV MMX Phase III study on travelers' diarrhea 0 None
2012-09-11 Durata Therapeutics completes dalbavancin Phase 3 trials on ABSSSI 0 None
2012-09-11 Arsanis to develop monoclonal antibody therapeutics against nosocomial infections 0 None
2012-09-11 First demonstration of newly developed dual humanized FRGTM KO system against malaria 0 None
2012-09-11 Strep throat should be treated with penicillin or amoxicillin: IDSA guidelines 0 5
2012-09-11 Methodist Hospital develops new technology to rapidly detect drug-resistant TB 0 None
2012-09-11 Democrats, Republicans can agree on U.S. accomplishments in global health, development 0 None
2012-09-11 Blog features interview with former UNAIDS Executive Director about lessons learned fighting AIDS 0 None
2012-09-11 Speakers at panel discussion explore policy implications of findings on HIV transmission among MSM 0 None
2012-09-11 Most Asian countries fail to include rotavirus vaccine in national immunization programs citing cost as barrier 0 None
2012-09-11 CSL Biotherapies receives U.S. Government contract to supply pandemic vaccine antigens 0 None
2012-09-11 AHRQ-funded project reduces rate of central line-associated bloodstream infections in ICUs by 40% 0 None
2012-09-11 Data from Sangamo BioSciences’ SB-728-T Phase 1 clinical programs on HIV/AIDS 0 4.8
2012-09-11 Oxyphenbutazone can kill drug resistant TB 0 None
2012-09-10 HIV viruses with two genetic 'footprints' associated with greater vaccine efficacy 0 None
2012-09-10 Wall Street Journal examines drug-resistant TB 0 None
2012-09-10 Success and failure in fighting cholera in Haiti 0 None
2012-09-10 NIH awards Immunetics $3.7M SBIR contract for Babesia infection blood screening test 0 None
2012-09-10 Atox Bio AB103 for Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections granted FDA Fast Track designation 0 None
2012-09-10 Study measures cost-effectiveness of on-site rapid HIV testing in drug abuse treatment programs 0 None
2012-09-10 New oral antiseptic spray effective in killing 99.9% of infectious airborne germs 0 None
2012-09-10 Dynamic mapping could potentially help fill gaps in influenza research 0 None
2012-09-07 Researchers, policymakers to gather at AIDS Vaccine 2012 conference in Boston 0 2
2012-09-07 Gates foundation blog examines challenges to global TB response 0 None
2012-09-07 Reuters examines challenges to implementing 'treatment as prevention,' other HIV prevention strategies in current economic climate 0 1
2012-09-07 Outbreak of autoimmune disease with AIDS-like symptoms in Southeast Asia 0 None
2012-09-07 Children and young patients with chronic HBV infection do have a protective immune response 0 None
2012-09-07 Washington Post examines India's efforts against TB amid fears of drug resistance 0 None
2012-09-07 History of TB policy shows need for care, investment equity in developed, developing countries 0 None
2012-09-07 University of Rhode Island engineers develop new blood-testing technology 0 None
2012-09-07 Ugandan parliamentarians threaten to hold up national budget unless more funding committed to health care 0 None
2012-09-07 Kalidex announces presentation of data on KPI-10 against MDR strains at ICAAC 0 None
2012-09-07 Durata completes target enrollment in dalbavancin Phase 3 trials for abSSSI 0 None
2012-09-06 Heavy rainfall worsening cholera outbreaks in Sierra Leone, Guinea 0 None
2012-09-06 Telaprevir offers advantages in patients with chronic hepatitis C infection of genotype 1 0 2
2012-09-06 New cell screening method can identify potential anti-influenza drugs 0 None
2012-09-06 Cholera vaccine offers herd immunity, study from Zanzibar shows 0 None
2012-09-06 Blog examines results of independent AMFm evaluation draft report 0 None
2012-09-06 WHO releases dengue strategy report, sets goal of cutting related deaths in half by 2020 0 None
2012-09-06 Community-based approach to improving sanitation, hygiene practices in Vietnam, Cambodia 0 None
2012-09-06 PlusNews examines recently approved grants under Global Fund's Transitional Funding Mechanism 0 None
2012-09-06 Pakistan official says progress made in vaccinating thousands of children against polio in tribal area 0 None
2012-09-06 FDA continues review of Salix’s Crofelemer new drug application 0 None
2012-09-06 Developing countries NGO delegation to Global Fund submits report highlighting challenges, recommendations 0 None
2012-09-06 Alnylam announces complete results from ALN-RSV01 Phase IIb trial on RSV infection 0 None
2012-09-06 Janssen receives FDA Priority Review for bedaquiline NDA to treat MDR-TB 0 None
2012-09-05 People need to protect themselves against West Nile virus 0 None
2012-09-05 U.S. outbreaks of Dengue, West Nile demonstrate need for U.S investment in neglected diseases 0 None
2012-09-05 U.N. SG warns withdraw of aid groups from Haiti leaves country struggling with cholera epidemic 0 None
2012-09-05 Strong antiviral antibody response observed in oral administration of Flucide 0 None
2012-09-05 S. African, S. Korean research team developing smartphone HIV testing device, application 0 None
2012-09-05 Medivir strengthens hepatitis C platform 0 None
2012-09-05 IPS examines challenges to slowing spread of HIV in Eastern Europe, Central Asia 0 None
2012-09-05 FDA clears Roche's automated type-specific herpes tests 0 None
2012-09-05 Ebola outbreak ending in Uganda, continues to affect neighboring DR Congo 0 None
2012-09-05 Delegates to Latin America, Caribbean Forum on AIDS, STIs discuss progress, challenges 0 None
2012-09-04 Ultrastable RNA nanoparticles may help treat cancer and viral infections 0 None
2012-09-04 Study finds increase in HIV treatment use in the U.S. 0 None
2012-09-04 Whole-genome sequencing can track origin and movement of TB pathogens 0 None
2012-09-04 Nottingham scientists develop novel antimicrobial catheter 0 None
2012-09-04 High-dose vitamin D appears to help patients with TB recover more quickly 0 None
2012-09-03 Scientists succeed in clarifying molecular signature of hantaviruses 0 None
2012-09-03 Researchers measure highest DDT levels in breast milk from South African nursing mothers 0 None
2012-09-03 Triple-threat approach can reduce invasive bloodstream infections in pediatric cancer patients 1 4
2012-09-03 AIDS experts develop first accurate computer simulation to explain drug effects 0 None
2012-09-03 Western Schools offers new 4th Edition West Nile Virus continuing education course for nurses 0 None
2012-09-03 Digested coconut oil able to attack the bacteria that cause tooth decay 0 None
2012-09-03 Scientists create mathematical model that helps to design new drug cocktails against HIV 0 None
2012-09-01 Complacency and apathy may have played a role in recent spike of West Nile cases 0 None
2012-09-01 Reworking of PEPFAR in South Africa must be handled carefully to ensure continuation of care 0 None
2012-09-01 Challenges to eradicating polio in Nigeria 0 None
2012-09-01 Boosting immune system can help reduce asthma attacks due to viral infections 0 None
2012-09-01 Health Net helps to increase awareness about importance of whooping cough vaccination 0 None
2012-09-01 New intriguing knowledge on blood haemoglobin 0 None
2012-08-31 MDR-TB, XDR-TB more widespread than previously believed, study shows 0 None
2012-08-31 Scientists identify specific role of RESA protein in modulating blood circulation 0 None
2012-08-31 Blog examines study looking at role of stigma in HIV PMTCT 0 None
2012-08-31 New cholera cases after tropical storm do not amount to outbreak, Haitian officials say 0 None
2012-08-31 Janssen submits bedaquiline MAA with EMA for treatment of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2012-08-31 Study estimates prevalence, severity and extent of periodontitis in adult U.S population 0 None
2012-08-31 Brazil expanding national HIV treatment program to include patients with higher CD4 cell counts 0 None
2012-08-31 Less than half of U.S. schools address pandemic preparedness in their school plan 0 None
2012-08-31 Researchers discover new immune response mechanism during infection 0 None
2012-08-31 Scientists open new front against cause of sleeping sickness 0 None
2012-08-31 New antibacterial coating on surgical sutures effectively reduces infections 0 None
2012-08-30 Guinea worm disease on verge of eradication, WHO reports 0 None
2012-08-30 Global guidance on bednet purchasing needed, analysis suggests 0 None
2012-08-30 Ambassador Rice lauds India's role in fighting polio, ensuring child survival 0 None
2012-08-30 India's contribution to global health R&D needs domestic, international support 0 None
2012-08-30 Cuban government says cholera outbreak that sickened 417, killed 3, has ended 0 None
2012-08-30 UTMB to offer HPV vaccination against cervical cancer 0 None
2012-08-30 Aidspan publishes new issue of 'Global Fund Observer' 0 None
2012-08-30 Global Fund Board approves 45 new two-year grants as part of Transitional Funding Mechanism 0 None
2012-08-30 Sri Lanka succeeds in reducing malaria cases by 99.9% since 1999 0 None
2012-08-30 Climate change associated with increased risk of avian flu transmission in wild birds 0 None
2012-08-30 Flu virus can be passed on before appearance of symptoms 0 None
2012-08-30 Israel's Ministry of Health approves Medgenics’ INFRADURE Phase I/II clinical trials for hepatitis C 1 None
2012-08-29 Antibiotic residues in meat can allow pathogenic bacteria to proliferate 0 None
2012-08-29 Bill Gates reflects on Angola's success against polio 0 None
2012-08-29 Washington Post examines Guinea worm eradication efforts 0 None
2012-08-29 Johns Hopkins' Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality receives Moore Foundation grant 0 None
2012-08-29 Global Fund, Nigeria sign agreements worth $225M to prevent, treat malaria 0 None
2012-08-29 Fear of stigma prevents pregnant women from seeking prenatal care, studies show 0 None
2012-08-29 Top 10 reasons to avoid flu shots this year 0 3
2012-08-29 Trudeau Institute study holds promise for improved prevention and treatment of bacterial infections 0 None
2012-08-29 Ethiopian government working to improve access to clean toilets, safe water for people living with HIV 0 None
2012-08-29 TaiMed, WuXi enter ibalizumab manufacturing agreement 0 None
2012-08-29 NYU-Poly creates ultra-sensitive biosensor to identify small single virus particles 0 None
2012-08-29 MMV390048 shows potent activity against multiple points in malaria parasite's lifecycle 0 None
2012-08-29 NUI Galway project hopes to deliver cost effective tool for rapid diagnosis of pneumonia 0 None
2012-08-29 Small, ingestible sensor can track patient medication intake, activity levels; Technology to be tested for TB treatment 0 None
2012-08-29 Merit Medical Systems, Catheter Connections enter DualCap distribution agreement 0 None
2012-08-28 Taliban undermining efforts to control polio in Pakistan 0 None
2012-08-28 High doses of vitamin B3 stimulate CEBPE gene, enhance WBCs’ ability to combat staph infections 0 None
2012-08-28 South Sudan refugee health situation 'alarming,' U.N. warns 0 None
2012-08-28 U.K. launches emergency response to fight cholera outbreak in Sierra Leone 0 None
2012-08-28 Process for setting new global development goals should be open, inclusive 0 None
2012-08-28 Cholera toxin binds differently to intestinal cells than previously thought 0 None
2012-08-28 Nicotinamide may combat antibiotic-resistance staph infections 0 4.5
2012-08-28 Haiti at risk of fresh cholera outbreak after tropical storm Isaac hits island nation 0 None
2012-08-28 FDA approves Gilead’s Stribild to treat HIV-1 infection 0 None
2012-08-28 Gilead Sciences receives FDA approval for Stribild to treat HIV-1 infection 0 None
2012-08-28 Roundup: Ga. AIDS Drug Assistance waiting list at zero; Mass. signs up for health law's disabled adults program 0 None
2012-08-27 Tris Pharma joins Perrigo to launch first ever store brand ER liquid cough/cold product 0 None
2012-08-27 Lunch boxes and school eating areas are hotspots for bacteria 0 None
2012-08-27 Oral FluCide drug candidates effective in reducing lung viral load: NanoViricides 0 4
2012-08-27 AIDS Healthcare Foundation acquires MOMS Pharmacy 0 None
2012-08-27 Detect-to-Protect project to measure performance of new sensors for biological agents 0 None
2012-08-26 PEI adjuvant improves effect of vaccines against flu, HIV and herpes 0 None
2012-08-26 International community must address MSM population in order to end AIDS epidemic 0 None
2012-08-26 Global Fund releases funding recommendations for Transitional Funding Mechanism 0 None
2012-08-26 Dominican Republic establishes commission to examine implications of including ART in country health plan 0 None
2012-08-26 Children more likely to pick up stomach infections from private water supplies 0 None
2012-08-24 Sierra Leone cholera outbreak continues to spread 0 None
2012-08-24 Bushmeat blamed for Ebola outbreak in DRC 0 None
2012-08-24 PathGEN signs Powered by Affymetrix Program agreement 0 None
2012-08-24 Novira secures $23M in Series A financing to support antiviral development for HBV, HIV 0 None
2012-08-24 Dartmouth’s professor shares news of DAR-901 TB vaccine development 0 None
2012-08-24 Pre-emptive therapy better than valacyclovir prophylaxis in treating CMV in transplant recipients 0 None
2012-08-24 Guidelines for parents to beat back-to-school bugs 0 None
2012-08-24 Study highlights importance of using appropriately treated water for sinus irrigation 0 None
2012-08-24 Researchers discover new way to disarm harmful bacteria 0 4
2012-08-24 Researchers create super-sensor that can detect even single samples of viruses 0 None
2012-08-24 Religion not a barrier to HIV testing, treatment, study finds 0 None
2012-08-24 New disease causes AIDS-like symptoms but not spread through virus 0 None
2012-08-24 The Wistar Institute, MSKCC partner to publish first annotated atlas of Epstein-Barr virus genome 0 None
2012-08-24 Scripps Research Institute scientist to uncover workings of the immune system 0 None
2012-08-24 Gates blog examines potential impact of improving access to contraceptives globally 0 None
2012-08-24 Bristol-Myers Squibb terminates BMS-986094 Phase II development for treatment of hepatitis C 0 None
2012-08-24 OUP, prestigious Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene journals announce partnership 0 None
2012-08-24 Influenza virus can change microRNA expression to control immune responses in human lung cells 0 None
2012-08-23 Researcher describes structure and function of tuberculosis efflux pump regulator 0 None
2012-08-23 Food insecure HIV-infected poor people more likely to visit ERs 0 None
2012-08-23 Blog examines Nicaragua's national deworming program 0 None
2012-08-23 New book sparks debate over whether vaccines cause autism 1 None
2012-08-23 University of Tübingen microbiologist wins 2012 Sofja Kovalevskaja Award 0 None
2012-08-23 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases announces HIV vaccine initiative awards 0 None
2012-08-23 Nearly half of Lesotho population faces food insecurity in coming months, Prime Minister warns 0 None
2012-08-23 Mosquitoes in the U.S. can be infected with Chikungunya virus from Asia 0 None
2012-08-23 CDC-funded ACP program to increase adult immunization rates in five states 0 None
2012-08-23 Aeras, IDRI announce start of first ID93 + GLA-SE Phase I trial for tuberculosis 0 None
2012-08-23 New MMV framework to evaluate risk of resistance for antimalarials 0 None
2012-08-23 One blog examines GAVI Alliance's efforts to accelerate introduction of hepatitis B vaccines in developing countries 0 None
2012-08-23 Study identifies how RNA viruses hijack a host cell to multiply 0 None
2012-08-23 Link between specific weather conditions and dengue fever outbreaks 0 None
2012-08-22 New PrescribeWellness initiative aims to increase flu vaccination rates in the U.S. 0 None
2012-08-22 Study identifies certain small molecule chemicals that can disrupt quorum sensing in A. baumanni 0 None
2012-08-22 Musical memory organized at least partially independent of the hippocampus 0 None
2012-08-22 Child mortality at double emergency rate in South Sudan refugee camp, MSF reports 0 None
2012-08-22 International community must redouble efforts to ensure 'many' AIDS-free generations 0 None
2012-08-22 Clinical trial to test whether fecal transplantation is effective in treating relapsing C. difficile 1 None
2012-08-22 Chimpanzees from African sanctuaries carry drug-resistant strains of Staph 0 None
2012-08-22 Viewpoints: The importance of hepatitis C testing; Medicaid needs to provide coverage for circumcision 0 None
2012-08-22 Massachusetts Institute of Technology to honor IHME's health measurement expert 0 None
2012-08-22 NIAID announces 14 grants for basic research to identify new HIV vaccine approaches 0 None
2012-08-21 Declining circumcision rates in the US raise healthcare costs and disease risk 0 None
2012-08-21 Women in developing countries could play a major role in remedying sanitation and water crisis 1 None
2012-08-21 DR Congo reports Ebola outbreak near Uganda border 0 None
2012-08-21 WHO calls for emergency stockpile of cholera vaccine 0 None
2012-08-21 International community observes World Humanitarian Day 0 None
2012-08-21 World Mosquito Day marks 114 years of battle against malaria 0 None
2012-08-21 Sierra Leone declares cholera outbreak a national emergency 0 None
2012-08-21 Mali faces 'complex humanitarian emergency' as a result of displacement, food insecurity 0 None
2012-08-21 New statistical model predicts global decline in working-age adults to support elderly people 0 5
2012-08-21 Daily vitamin D intake protects against respiratory infections in children 0 None
2012-08-21 Researchers reveal possible drug targets to combat anthrax 0 None
2012-08-21 HIV home test popular among men with high risk sexual practices 0 None
2012-08-20 Injectable controlled-release capsules against gum disease 0 None
2012-08-20 Infectious disease rates are high among homeless people 0 5
2012-08-20 Paper-strip test could identify counterfeit versions of faked medicines in the world 0 3
2012-08-20 Secondhand smoke exposure decreases sensitivity to cough-eliciting respiratory irritants in children 0 None
2012-08-20 New birth-control strategy for mosquitoes can combat malaria 0 None
2012-08-18 CDC: Baby boomers should be tested for Hep C 0 None
2012-08-18 Ohio's three Clinical and Translational Science Award institutions establish IRB agreement 0 None
2012-08-18 USAID blog examines structural issues fueling HIV epidemic 0 None
2012-08-18 New book on malaria tells story of Plasmodium falciparum Genome Project 0 None
2012-08-18 CDC reports worst West Nile virus outbreak in the U.S. 0 None
2012-08-18 Pennsylvania Department of Health reports four confirmed and six probable cases of H3N2v flu 0 None
2012-08-18 FibeBiotics aims to prove benefits of polysaccharides in clinical trials 0 None
2012-08-18 Blog interviews health reporter regarding Haiti's cholera outbreak 0 None
2012-08-18 Viewpoints: Calif. health exchange off to good start; Fay Vincent on access problems for disabled; How 'upcoding' increases health costs 0 None
2012-08-17 Blog examines use of controversial HIV drug in Malawi 0 None
2012-08-17 Kenyan President announces additional funding for national AIDS response 0 None
2012-08-17 Retail medical clinic visits increase four-fold from 2007-2009 0 None
2012-08-17 Blog examines administration of zinc, rehydration salts to treat diarrhea in rural India 0 None
2012-08-17 Study helps explain how large DNA viruses undergo rapid evolution 0 None
2012-08-17 Curcumin shows promise in fighting devastating viruses 0 None
2012-08-17 Vancomycin may not always be the best choice for treatment of bloodstream infections 0 None
2012-08-17 Researchers identify molecular and protein signatures that predict HCV virus-induced liver injury 0 None
2012-08-17 CDC recommends hepatitis C screening for all patients born from 1945-1965 0 None
2012-08-16 Achieving AIDS-free generation worth more than Olympic gold 0 None
2012-08-16 U.S. military medical team supports Botswana HIV prevention efforts 0 None
2012-08-16 Gates looks to develop 'next-generation toilets' for developing world 0 None
2012-08-16 Human milk oligosaccharides may reduce risk of mother-to-child HIV transmission 0 None
2012-08-16 Scientists researching Ebola virus say vaccine 'unlikely' due to funding restraints 0 None
2012-08-16 India launches new laboratory for HIV vaccine research in collaboration with IAVI 0 None
2012-08-16 Medicago, IDRI receive FDA approval to commence Phase 1 H5N1 vaccine trial 0 None
2012-08-16 Special device provides evidence of how bloodstream infections begin 0 3
2012-08-16 Article describes novel technique to study interactions between HIV-1 and P. falciparum 0 1
2012-08-16 Researchers discover why people with sickle cell disease get milder cases of malaria 0 None
2012-08-16 Genocea commences GEN-003 Phase 1/2a study in moderate-to-severe HSV-2 infection 0 None
2012-08-16 Non-antibiotic compounds can prevent urinary tract infections 1 None
2012-08-15 CSIS report examines global polio eradication efforts 0 None
2012-08-15 Recognizing the role of international partnerships in global health 0 None
2012-08-15 Universal HIV treatment, if achieved, would not mean eradication of AIDS 0 None
2012-08-15 U.S. support of PEPFAR, Global Fund helping to achieve global AIDS, TB, malaria goals 0 None
2012-08-15 Overtreatment of malaria in central, south Asia leading to neglect of other diseases, study finds 0 None
2012-08-15 Catechins may help reduce neurological complications linked to HIV 0 None
2012-08-14 Antisense therapy shows promise in treating toxoplasmosis 0 None
2012-08-14 Lack of legislative action heading into congressional recess could impact global health funding 0 None
2012-08-14 Six manufacturers receive FDA approval to produce 2012-2013 flu vaccines 0 None
2012-08-13 Researchers solve hepatitis C vaccine mystery 0 5
2012-08-13 CBIS initiates CS-TATI-1 GMP development plan 0 None
2012-08-13 Fluorescent molecules 'tag' DNA and monitor looping process 0 None
2012-08-13 Wound dressing containing ionic silver capable of killing multidrug-resistant organisms 0 None
2012-08-13 NIH awards ADi Phase II SBIR grant to scan Plasmodium falciparum proteome for protective antigens 0 5
2012-08-13 Orally effective FluCide anti-influenza drug candidate 0 None
2012-08-13 Scientists discover new class of polymers that are resistant to bacterial attachment 0 None
2012-08-13 New 3-D view of the body's response to infection 0 None
2012-08-13 Insight into ubiquitin system 0 5
2012-08-13 Reducing copper in the body delays onset of prion disease 0 None
2012-08-13 Brain activity rapidly changes in olfactory regions following odor deprivation 0 None
2012-08-12 PharmAthene receives clinical hold order from FDA for SparVax rPA anthrax vaccine program 0 None
2012-08-10 U.S. visa policies kept sex workers, drug users from participating in AIDS 2012 0 None
2012-08-10 Breakthrough vaccine against deadly Nipah virus 0 None
2012-08-10 New life for forgotten technique in detecting resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2012-08-09 South Africa to become first PEPFAR country to 'nationalize' AIDS program 0 None
2012-08-09 Syrians in urgent need of life-saving medicines as fighting escalates, WHO warns 0 None
2012-08-09 Link between chronic exposure to staph bacteria and risk of lupus 0 4
2012-08-09 New HIV test helps researchers determine incidence, whether prevention strategies work 0 None
2012-08-09 President's Malaria Initiative contributing to 'major progress' against disease, should be expanded 0 None
2012-08-09 New method gives precise picture of how immune system works 0 None
2012-08-09 University of Nevada researcher to optimize new rapid test for melioidosis 0 None
2012-08-09 Covalon’s IV Clear antimicrobial clear silicone dressing to be presented at FIME 2012 0 None
2012-08-09 Pathologist identifies HPV DNA fragments in post-mortem samples after Gardasil vaccination 0 None
2012-08-08 Drug companies developing novel treatments for MDR-TB 0 None
2012-08-08 UAB program helps reduce incidence of HIV/AIDS in the U.S. 0 None
2012-08-08 Malawi launches week-long campaign to test 250,000 people for HIV 0 None
2012-08-08 Melinda Gates dedicates Tällberg Foundation prize money to Rotary International 0 None
2012-08-08 Clinton discusses global HIV efforts with South African officials during 11-day African tour 0 None
2012-08-08 Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement could restrict access to affordable, life-saving drugs 0 None
2012-08-08 Article describes feasibility and costs of active tuberculosis case finding project in Cape Town 0 None
2012-08-08 GeneXpert TB test maker Cepheid signs deals with PEPFAR, USAID, others to provide lower-cost kits 0 None
2012-08-08 Neutral-pressure IV connector eliminates catheter-related bloodstream infections in cancer patients 0 None
2012-08-08 Researchers help quell parents' worry about why infants seem to get sick so often 0 None
2012-08-08 Review explores whether HPV vaccination of young men is warranted and cost effective 0 None
2012-08-08 UMass Medical, Serum Institute of India partner on anti-rabies monoclonal antibody pivotal trial 0 None
2012-08-08 Communal violence in India forces up to 400,000 into overcrowded camps without sufficient food, water, medicine 0 None
2012-08-07 Creating new non-influenza vaccines: an interview with Julie Phillips, CEO of BioDiem 0 None
2012-08-07 Cannabis-based medications prove effective in relieving pain 0 None
2012-08-07 Advances in HIV/AIDS therapy and the International AIDS Conference: an interview with Professor Sharon Lewin 0 5
2012-08-07 IPS reports on efforts to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission at public hospital in Cameroon 0 None
2012-08-07 Commercial cattle vaccine can effectively reduce levels of E. coli by more than 50% 0 None
2012-08-06 Clinton expresses concern over HIV in Uganda, stops in Malawi on 11-day African tour 0 None
2012-08-06 Uganda Ebola virus outbreak under control, WHO says 0 None
2012-08-06 Mylan launches 18 antiretroviral products in India to treat HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-08-06 Aquapharm discovers new antibiotic compound against multi-drug resistant bacteria 0 None
2012-08-06 Genocea announces new data that supports novel approach for development of HSV-2 vaccine 1 3
2012-08-06 Public Health Wales uses Luminex's xTAG GPP for outbreak investigations during Olympic events 0 None
2012-08-03 Drug molecules designed for influenza may be adapted to treat other viruses 0 None
2012-08-03 Science magazine recaps issues discussed at AIDS 2012 0 None
2012-08-03 Panel discussion looks back on AIDS 2012, explores possible topics for AIDS 2014 0 None
2012-08-03 Study investigates standard practices for insertion and management of urinary catheters 0 None
2012-08-03 Investment in health systems 'a critical prerequisite' in beginning to end AIDS 0 None
2012-08-03 Mylan licenses rights to produce and market generic versions of Gilead HIV/AIDS therapies 0 None
2012-08-03 Financial Times publishes special report focusing on global health policy issues 0 None
2012-08-03 Clinton tours health center in Senegal's capital on first stop of 10-day Africa trip 0 None
2012-08-03 Partners in health reports on efforts to curb Haiti's cholera epidemic using oral vaccinations 0 None
2012-08-03 Rodent study shows potential for development of more virulent malaria if 'leaky' vaccine used 0 None
2012-08-03 Change in drug policy needed to reverse HIV/AIDS epidemic in Eastern Europe, Central Asia 0 None
2012-08-03 PEPFAR announces $60M initiative to support implementation of science research, evaluation programs 0 None
2012-08-03 Australian scientists discover new virus in bats 0 None
2012-08-02 Access to dental care alone is not sufficient to meet oral health needs of adults with I/DD 0 4
2012-08-02 Changing behavior in Haiti to prevent cholera poses challenges 0 None
2012-08-02 U.S. bipartisanship fundamental to continued progress against HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-08-02 Number of suspected Ebola cases in Uganda rises to 36; Outbreak has killed 14 0 None
2012-08-02 President Clinton delivers 'energizing call to action' at AIDS 2012 closing session 0 None
2012-08-02 U.N. SG Ban names 26 members to high-level advisory panel for development agenda 0 None
2012-08-02 Researchers report one-third cut in the rate of lethal SSIs after colorectal operations 0 None
2012-08-02 SPECT/CT with 99mTc-HMPAO-WBC can improve diagnosis of infectious endocarditis 0 None
2012-08-01 USAID releases newest issue of online newsletter 0 None
2012-08-01 HIV people with high CD4 counts could work more hours per week 0 None
2012-08-01 IRIN examines HIV prevention efforts among IDUs in Thailand 0 None
2012-08-01 Keeping orphans in communities 'won't end AIDS' but 'will help AIDS orphans' 0 None
2012-08-01 GSK begins shipping the first lots of 2012-2013 seasonal influenza vaccines 0 None
2012-08-01 Devex assesses HIV/AIDS funding, initiatives of 5 leading donor countries in 2011 0 None
2012-08-01 Scientists decode stability blueprint of rhomboid enzyme 0 5
2012-08-01 Médecins Sans Frontières help fight Ebola outbreak in Uganda 0 None
2012-08-01 Intraluminal protection device outperforms two negative-pressure IV connectors in MECH research 0 None
2012-08-01 HIV would 'remain a threat' even if world achieved 'AIDS-free generation' by any definition 0 None
2012-08-01 Poor sleep can reduce effectiveness of vaccines 0 None
2012-08-01 Guardian's Boseley says USAID's Shah concerned about Europe's commitment to global health issues 0 None
2012-07-31 Bristol-Myers Squibb, Prosetta partner to discover and develop new antiviral drugs 0 None
2012-07-31 IPS examines progress on HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean 0 None
2012-07-31 GlobalPost examines debate surrounding PrEP 0 None
2012-07-31 CSIS blog examines definition of 'AIDS-free generation' 0 None
2012-07-31 Bloomberg Businessweek examines debate surrounding circumcision 0 None
2012-07-31 Slippery technology prevents harmful bacterial slime from forming on surfaces 0 None
2012-07-31 GlobalPost interviews USAID Administrator Shah about global AIDS response 0 None
2012-07-31 DECISION+2 can reduce antibiotic use for acute respiratory infections 0 5
2012-07-31 Advocacy, commitment, investment needed to continue HIV/AIDS response 0 None
2012-07-31 Inclusion of 'marginalized and criminalized' populations essential to HIV/AIDS response 0 None
2012-07-31 Blog posts examine issues discussed at AIDS 2012 0 None
2012-07-31 Limited funding, lack of flexibility forces decisions on how to spend money on disease treatment 0 None
2012-07-31 'AIDS-free generation' possible with available tools for prevention, but not without political will 0 None
2012-07-31 Two new targets could enhance the body's defenses against West Nile and hepatitis C 1 None
2012-07-31 Views on AIDS: More funding will be needed for new attack on HIV; The epidemic hits hard in the South 0 None
2012-07-30 XIX International AIDS Conference concludes in Washington, D.C. 0 None
2012-07-30 Ebola outbreak identified in Uganda 0 None
2012-07-30 Progress with GSK in advancing VaxiRNA technology earns Alnylam $3.2M milestone payment 0 None
2012-07-30 Nurse burnout leads to higher healthcare-associated infection rates 0 None
2012-07-30 Combined approach reduces SSIs by 33% in patients after colorectal procedures 0 None
2012-07-30 EASL calls on the UN to take action to fight against viral hepatitis infection 0 None
2012-07-30 UTMB researchers receives NIH grant to develop engineered lung tissue for biomedical studies 0 None
2012-07-30 Researchers describe new human tissue dendritic cell with cross-presenting function 0 None
2012-07-30 Scientists decipher molecular causes of life-threatening candida fungal infections 0 None
2012-07-30 Study examines how heterosexual men with HIV seek health care and support services 0 None
2012-07-30 Health systems must prepare for aging population living with HIV 0 None
2012-07-30 Early ART treatment delays AIDS-related health events in HIV-infected individuals 0 None
2012-07-30 Results from HIV incidence study in Swaziland 0 None
2012-07-28 PEPFAR, private partner launch 5-year 'Labs for Life' initiative 0 None
2012-07-28 Recent release: AIDS response should be 'instrument for social justice' 0 None
2012-07-28 NPR continues AIDS-related coverage on blog, programs 0 None
2012-07-28 Recent release: Examining mental health needs of people living with HIV 0 None
2012-07-28 Economist articles, blog examine research presented at AIDS 2012 conference 0 None
2012-07-28 Research presented at AIDS 2012 conference renews hope of cure for AIDS 0 None
2012-07-28 Experimental dengue vaccine protects against 3 of 4 viral strains, study results show 0 None
2012-07-28 AIDS 2012 speakers warn vulnerable populations will miss out on HIV prevention advances 0 None
2012-07-28 Recent release: AIDS 2012 panel discussion highlighted link between HIV/AIDS, NTDs 0 None
2012-07-28 Recent release: AIDS 2012 session examines possible PEPFAR, Global Fund collaboration 0 None
2012-07-27 Mylan receives FDA approval for generic Sporanox ANDA 0 None
2012-07-27 NPR examines whether goal of treating all HIV-positive people with ARVs is feasible 0 None
2012-07-27 Lawmakers call for bipartisan support for AIDS funding at AIDS 2012 panel discussion 0 None
2012-07-27 Viral evolution and host protein levels predict rapid disease progression in hepatitis C patients 0 None
2012-07-27 Laura Bush discusses foreign aid, work on AIDS, cervical cancer in ABC interview 0 None
2012-07-27 No 'quick fix' for eradicating the malaria mosquito 0 None
2012-07-27 NPR interviews First Lady of Haiti about country's progress against HIV 0 None
2012-07-27 AIDS roundup: Researchers examine whether the disease causes premature aging; Funding and treatment gaps; Bone marrow transplant treatments 0 None
2012-07-27 A key question at this week's AIDS Conference: Who will pay the worldwide costs of treatment? 0 None
2012-07-27 Researchers decode deadly 2011 E. coli outbreak in Germany 0 None
2012-07-27 Lymphoma drug dislodges hidden virus in HIV patients 0 None
2012-07-27 WHO announces efforts to fight 'hidden epidemic' of hepatitis 0 None
2012-07-27 Viewpoints: AIDS spread in U.S. South; Abortion opponents battle in Ariz.; GOP's costly effort to kill health law 0 None
2012-07-27 Bone marrow transplant eradicates traces of HIV in men 0 None
2012-07-27 Rate of new HIV infections among young U.S. black MSM is high: Study 0 None
2012-07-27 Treatment with robotic surgery offers dramatic benefit for people with head and neck cancer 0 None
2012-07-27 HPTN study results show additional benefits of early ART in HIV clinical outcomes 0 None
2012-07-27 Skin microbiota may help protect the body from infection 0 None
2012-07-27 Recent release: Blog examines faith-based response to HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-07-27 Chevron announces PMTCT partnership to combat mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Africa 1 None
2012-07-26 Recent release: HHS officials discuss take away messages from AIDS 2012 0 None
2012-07-26 Recent release: France to launch financial transactions tax to help fund Global AIDS response 0 None
2012-07-26 UNITAID to invest more than $140M to evaluate point-of-care HIV diagnostics, monitoring in Africa 0 None
2012-07-26 Obama's absence at AIDS 2012 gains attention of activists, Bloomberg reports 0 None
2012-07-26 Study shows potential for histone deacetylase inhibitors to eradicate latent HIV infection 0 None
2012-07-26 AIDS 2012 plenary speakers call for innovative financing, continued research for HIV cure 0 None
2012-07-26 Obama skipping AIDS conference; Black community still bearing high burden of the disease 0 None
2012-07-26 PlusNews interviews Global Fund director of country programs 0 None
2012-07-26 Vienna Declaration launches ad campaign calling on U.S. presidential candidates to end 'war on drugs' 0 None
2012-07-26 AIDS activists march in Washington, India to protest marginalization of sex workers, drug users 0 None
2012-07-26 Viewpoints: 'No Cash, No Insurance, No Live'; Medicaid expansion is a good option; Eradicating polio 0 None
2012-07-26 Recent release: News coverage of AIDS 2012 0 None
2012-07-26 ZOLOFT holds promise against cryptococcal meningitis 0 None
2012-07-26 Assistant Sec. of Health Koh addresses AIDS 2012 plenary; HHS Sec. Sebelius speaks at Washington Post event 0 None
2012-07-26 NIDA announces 2012 recipient of Avant-Garde Award for Medications Development 0 None
2012-07-26 Recent release: HIV epidemic, family planning 'inextricably linked' 0 None
2012-07-26 Recent release: Devex blog summarizes Tuesday's events at AIDS 2012 0 None
2012-07-26 Recent release: Blogs discuss advancements in HIV preventative, therapeutic R&D 0 None
2012-07-26 Recent release: Congressional briefing looks to maximize resources for HIV/AIDS response 0 None
2012-07-26 FDA grants priority review to GSK’s Promacta sNDA for treatment of thrombocytopenia 0 None
2012-07-26 Recent release: U.S. Census Bureau, State Department release data, maps on global HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-07-26 Fever in laboring women not associated with epidural analgesia 0 None
2012-07-26 Tips to prevent illness in crowds 0 None
2012-07-26 Recent release: More effort needed to reach universal access to ART by 2015, MSF/UNAIDS report says 0 None
2012-07-26 Studies look at surgical site infections and hyperglycemia 0 None
2012-07-26 Recent release: Kaiser Family Foundation releases report comparing AIDS responses of U.S., other high-income countries 0 None
2012-07-25 Children missing out on in battle against TB 0 None
2012-07-25 Survey offers solutions to meet the needs of young people with HIV 0 None
2012-07-25 Community health campaigns reduce incidence of HIV virus levels in rural Uganda 0 None
2012-07-25 Human neutrophil peptide 1 effectively prevents HIV entry into cells in multiple ways 0 None
2012-07-25 Devex examines history, future of PEPFAR 0 None
2012-07-25 Drug resistance increasing in parts of Africa, report shows 0 None
2012-07-25 New combination therapy for TB shows promise in Phase II study 0 None
2012-07-25 Rutgers cell biologist to receive Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers 0 None
2012-07-25 New NIAID grant to support development of topical microbicide gel for HIV and HSV-2 infections 0 5
2012-07-25 Merck signs two licensing agreements for investigational HIV drug candidates 0 None
2012-07-25 Little evidence exists for potential HPV type competition in cross-sectional study 0 None
2012-07-25 Study demonstrates how C. albicans can sense and attack hosts with varying immune statuses 0 None
2012-07-25 Bill Gates stresses importance of investment in both HIV treatment and research for vaccines, microbicides 0 None
2012-07-25 Researchers discover bats as reservoir of infections 0 None
2012-07-25 Secretary Clinton reaffirms U.S. commitment to 'AIDS-free generation,' pledges more than $150M for global efforts 0 None
2012-07-25 Dapivirine Phase III trial now underway in Africa to treat HIV in women 0 None
2012-07-25 Views on AIDS: The benefits of male circumcision; A more optimistic battle; The need to focus on high-impact prevention strategies 0 None
2012-07-25 Insight into possible new approaches in vaccine development for blood-borne infections and HIV 0 None
2012-07-25 Scientists discover structure and operating procedures of anti-bacterial killing machine 0 None
2012-07-24 Merck, Chimerix sign license agreement for CMX157 to treat HIV infection 0 None
2012-07-24 Recent release: Examining next steps for corporate responsibility programs in India 0 None
2012-07-24 Recent release: World Bank discussion addresses AIDS spending in resource-constrained environment 0 None
2012-07-24 Recent release: CSIS blog posts highlight panel discussions on PEPFAR, examine challenges to administering treatment-as-prevention 0 None
2012-07-24 Recent release: Global Fund results show 3.6M people on HIV treatment under fund-supported programs 0 None
2012-07-24 Most Indian female sex workers do not disclose HIV serostatus to sex partners 0 None
2012-07-24 FDA approves 152 antiretroviral drugs in association with PEPFAR to treat HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-07-24 Novel combination drug regimen could be more effective than existing treatments for TB 0 None
2012-07-24 International AIDS conference kicks off in Washington, D.C. 0 None
2012-07-24 First results from community HIV testing campaign in Uganda 0 None
2012-07-24 Sex workers hold AIDS 2012 'hub' conference in Kolkata, India 0 None
2012-07-24 AVAC, amfAR release action agenda to end HIV/AIDS epidemic 0 None
2012-07-24 Community worker assisting with polio campaign in Pakistan shot, killed 0 None
2012-07-24 New FDA guidelines on HIV And TB drug doses may not apply to African and Asian patients 0 None
2012-07-24 Associated Press examines HIV/AIDS in Uganda, effects of PEPFAR funding 0 None
2012-07-24 Cost of HIV drugs cost less than previous thought, Clinton Foundation study says 0 None
2012-07-24 International Antiviral Society-USA calls for treatment for all who test HIV-positive 0 None
2012-07-24 Weekend events discuss AIDS issues ahead of international conference in Washington 0 None
2012-07-24 NIDA announces recipients of 2012 Avant-Garde Award for HIV/AIDS Research 0 None
2012-07-24 U.S. legislators appeal to U.N. to take greater role in addressing Haiti's cholera outbreak 0 None
2012-07-24 Corporate leaders call on 46 countries to lift travel restrictions for people living with HIV 0 None
2012-07-24 AIDS medical textbook designed specifically for patients and doctors in resource-poor regions 0 None
2012-07-24 TB combination drug trials progress 0 None
2012-07-24 Study shows disturbing rates of new HIV infections among U.S. black MSM 0 None
2012-07-24 U.S. Census Bureau introduces interactive global resource on prevalence of HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-07-24 Recent release: Kaiser Health News interviews White House senior policy advisor ahead of AIDS 2012 0 None
2012-07-24 Recent release: Kaiser Family Foundation/Washington Post poll shows positive news about public opinion and HIV 0 None
2012-07-23 Views on AIDS: Despite advances, still no cure, no vaccine, and indifference grows 0 None
2012-07-23 HIV drug resistance rates rising in some parts of Africa 0 None
2012-07-23 Study: Fewer Americans control their HIV infections 0 None
2012-07-23 Implementing multifaceted global effort may help end global HIV/AIDS pandemic 0 None
2012-07-23 HIV-positive women may use new methods to help reduce frequency of cervical cancer screening 0 None
2012-07-23 All adult patients with HIV should be offered ART: International Antiviral Society-USA panel 0 None
2012-07-23 Researchers explore how male couples of different races make decisions about condom use 0 None
2012-07-23 Study addresses African patients’ attitudes toward HIV antiretroviral therapy 0 None
2012-07-23 Targeting monocyte activation may reduce arterial inflammation in HIV-infected patients 0 None
2012-07-23 Hispanics or Asians have higher percentage of HIV infections attributed to heterosexual contact 0 None
2012-07-23 As AIDS conference opens, health panel urges treatment of all HIV infections 0 None
2012-07-23 Researchers identify high ARV drug exposure in hair samples of HIV uninfected infants 0 None
2012-07-23 Study: HIV-infected women less likely to develop cervical cancer 0 None
2012-07-23 Periodontal examination can determine risk of diabetes 0 None
2012-07-21 Washington Blade compares HIV/AIDS efforts of Presidents Obama, Bush 0 None
2012-07-21 Recognizing how food, nutrition impact the HIV response 0 None
2012-07-21 WHO identifies key actions countries can take to prevent HIV infections among people who inject drugs 0 None
2012-07-21 Obama missing 'historic opportunity' by not appearing in person at AIDS 2012 0 None
2012-07-21 FDA warns against shellfish consumption from Oyster Bay Harbor 0 None
2012-07-21 Exposure to high-intensity vibrations increases risk of Parkinson's 0 None
2012-07-21 New CHAIT initiative on development of novel immunological therapeutic interventions 0 None
2012-07-21 U.S. travel restrictions on sex workers inhibit effective HIV/AIDS response 0 None
2012-07-21 Domestic PEPFAR program would increase coordination, improve AIDS response in U.S. 0 None
2012-07-21 AIDS 2012 could focus spotlight on efforts against HIV/AIDS in U.S., GlobalPost reports 0 None
2012-07-21 Redesign of 'outdated and unsafe' medical bags can cut MRSA risk 0 None
2012-07-21 60 organizations, Archbishop Tutu call on Obama administration to create 5-year HIV strategy 0 None
2012-07-21 South Africa making progress against HIV/AIDS, but still more effort needed, health minister says 0 None
2012-07-21 Experts examine host recognition of Staphylococcus and E.coli bacteria 0 None
2012-07-21 New WHO guidance recommends use of ARVs for HIV prevention 0 None
2012-07-21 Cipla, DNDi to develop ARV combination therapy for children with HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-07-21 Study explores role of L. reuteri against foodborne infection 0 5
2012-07-21 Viewpoints: Creating an HIV-free generation; Postal Service's struggle over retiree health benefits 0 None
2012-07-21 HPV positively impacts overall survival in African Americans with oropharyngeal cancer 0 None
2012-07-20 Study opens way for new approaches to slow development of AIDS in HIV-1-infected patients 0 None
2012-07-20 Study describes 2010 whooping cough epidemic and details strategies to reduce infection incidence 0 None
2012-07-20 Examining challenges facing Global Fund during its reform 0 None
2012-07-20 Peace Corps Volunteers provide HIV/AIDS prevention, awareness 0 None
2012-07-20 Funding must support optimism surrounding HIV prevention, treatment 0 None
2012-07-20 New class of chemically produced antimicrobial agents could become future infection treatment alternative 0 5
2012-07-20 American leadership on HIV/AIDS making a difference in U.S. and abroad 0 None
2012-07-20 Natural compound can virtually eradicate HIV in infected culture cells 0 None
2012-07-20 Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology receives Gates Foundation grant 0 None
2012-07-20 Silymarin does not offer significant improvements for patients with HCV 0 None
2012-07-20 UNAIDS releases report highlighting gains, gaps in global HIV/AIDS response 0 None
2012-07-20 HIV epidemic in MSM could be helped by better interaction with their health system 0 None
2012-07-20 HIV in MSM increasing in countries of all incomes 0 None
2012-07-20 Scientists develop simple assay to diagnose 'superparasites' 0 None
2012-07-20 Short-term infection with intestinal worms may provide long-term protection against TID 0 None
2012-07-20 ARV drug resistance levels steady in low-, middle-income countries, WHO report says 0 None
2012-07-20 Blog highlights factors potentially affecting U.S. support for global AIDS response in 2013 0 None
2012-07-20 Community-based resources in rural Uganda can successfully provide HIV treatments 0 None
2012-07-20 U.S. Secretary of State Clinton to address opening plenary session at AIDS 2012 conference 0 None
2012-07-20 Donor nation funding for HIV remains at 2008 levels, Kaiser Family Foundation/UNAIDS analysis says 0 None
2012-07-20 CSIS official discusses upcoming AIDS 2012 conference, introduces new AIDS 2012 course on iTunes U 0 None
2012-07-20 Scientists identify inhibitors of key enzyme involved in survival of malaria parasite 0 None
2012-07-20 Scientists plan to announce research strategy aimed at pursuing HIV/AIDS cure, Wall Street Journal reports 0 None
2012-07-20 HealthHIV, CCO announce new series of CME/CE-certified interactive local live workshops 0 None
2012-07-20 FDA clears pSivida's IND for injectable sustained-release micro-insert to treat posterior uveitis 0 None
2012-07-20 Conatus, University of Alberta initiate islet cell transplant Phase I/II trial of emricasan for diabetes 0 None
2012-07-20 IMDx HSV-1/2 for Abbott m2000 assay receives CE-marking 0 None
2012-07-20 PBS Newshour shares stories of those affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic 0 None
2012-07-20 Single-step method can rapidly detect pathogens and chemical contaminants 0 None
2012-07-20 Viewpoints: Researchers see potential to control HIV pandemic; The 'ceaseless attacks' on women's reproductive health 0 None
2012-07-19 Primcogent Solutions introduces low level laser therapy for onychomycosis 0 None
2012-07-19 Researchers discover potential drug targets that might reduce ventilator-induced lung inflammation 0 None
2012-07-19 UNMC's ART injectables can successfully treat HIV infection 0 None
2012-07-19 AHF: U.S. defends Obama no-show at AIDS conference 0 None
2012-07-19 AOA honors Medical College of Georgia student with Kuckein Fellowship 0 None
2012-07-19 Bryologs more potent than prostratin in treating HIV 0 None
2012-07-19 USA Today examines recent HIV breakthroughs 0 None
2012-07-19 PATH Blog highlights efforts to reduce HIV in DRC 0 None
2012-07-19 Better methods needed to diagnose and treat HIV, TB in children 0 None
2012-07-19 Duke-led consortium to focus on inducing neutralizing antibodies for HIV-1 prevention 0 None
2012-07-19 NPR reports on Brazilian clinical trial of Truvada as prevention strategy 0 None
2012-07-19 Targets reached in Haiti's pilot cholera vaccination program, NPR reports 0 None
2012-07-19 Africa's new partnership for sustainable health development 'makes sense' 0 None
2012-07-19 Study gauges depression among spouses of severe-sepsis survivors 0 None
2012-07-19 Clinical trial to evaluate maraviroc-based PrEP regimens for HIV prevention 0 None
2012-07-19 Blog examines potential repercussions of CIA's fake vaccination campaign in Pakistan 0 None
2012-07-19 Alcohol and marijuana use predict hookah initiation, frequency 0 None
2012-07-19 Two polio campaign workers shot, wounded in Pakistan; WHO says no sign attack was deliberate 0 None
2012-07-19 Report shows high rates of HIV infections and deaths from AIDS among Black MSM 1 None
2012-07-19 Abscisic acid has anti-inflammatory effects in the lungs and gut 0 None
2012-07-19 Duke receives Gates Foundation grant for HIV vaccine study 1 None
2012-07-19 Researchers identify new behavior for the human macrophage 0 4
2012-07-19 HCV infections can lead to increased mortality from liver disease or variety of other causes 0 None
2012-07-18 Truvada gains FDA approval as HIV preventive 0 None
2012-07-18 New York Times examines global efforts to predict new disease outbreaks 0 None
2012-07-18 Podcast examines HIV/AIDS economics, U.S. role in global epidemic response 0 None
2012-07-18 Advocates, policy experts respond to FDA approval of Truvada for HIV prevention 0 None
2012-07-18 FDA approves Truvada as HIV prevention strategy for high-risk, uninfected individuals 0 None
2012-07-18 Silymarin does not provide greater benefit for patients with chronic HCV infection 0 None
2012-07-18 Combination prevention strategy trials to start later this year in Africa, GlobalPost reports 0 None
2012-07-18 Researchers assess novel approach to encourage HIV positive people to seek care and treatment 0 None
2012-07-18 Researchers uncover mechanism by which aging may weaken immune response 0 None
2012-07-18 Advocates in Sri Lanka call for change to laws that criminalize, stigmatize sex work, same-sex relationships 0 None
2012-07-17 African leaders reaffirm commitment to eliminate malaria at African Union summit 0 None
2012-07-17 Penn. Medicaid enrollees face reductions in dental coverage 0 None
2012-07-17 Duke University to receive CHAVI-Immunogen Discovery grant for effective HIV vaccine 0 None
2012-07-17 Cuba cholera outbreak sickens more than 150 people; Government says number of cases dropping 0 None
2012-07-17 U.S. FDA approves Gilead’s Truvada to minimize risk of sexually-acquired HIV infection 0 None
2012-07-17 Helper T cells may be frontline warriors when battling hepatitis A infection 0 None
2012-07-17 Drug treatments, scientific advances fuel hope for HIV control as AIDS 2012 conference draws near 0 None
2012-07-17 Pakistan polio immunization campaign might not reach 240,000 children because of militant leaders' bans on vaccine 0 None
2012-07-17 CDC launches Let's Stop HIV Together campaign 0 None
2012-07-17 IBMP delivers 11,000 ounces of donor breast milk to South African infants 0 None
2012-07-17 New CD141hi DC subset plays a critical role in activating immune response against pathogens 0 None
2012-07-17 Gilead receives FDA approval for Truvada to reduce risk of sexually acquired HIV-1 infection 0 None
2012-07-16 ACLA announces full and strong support for TEST Act 1 None
2012-07-16 AIDS 2012 conference to discuss problem of HIV in Black community 0 None
2012-07-16 Researchers discover HVEM’s unknown role in fighting off E. coli infections 0 None
2012-07-16 Johns Hopkins doctoral program graduate explores ways to control infectious diseases 0 None
2012-07-16 Special issue of AIDS and Behavior looks at latest behavioral interventions research 0 None
2012-07-14 Report examines PEPFAR GBV initiative in Tanzania 0 None
2012-07-14 Kaiser Family Foundation releases updated reporting manual 0 None
2012-07-14 Five recent Science and Nature papers shed light on elusive 'GPCRs' 0 None
2012-07-14 GlobalPost blog interviews head of WHO's Stop TB Department 0 None
2012-07-14 Financial boost to malaria fight would result in beneficial gains 0 None
2012-07-14 CDC releases Global Health Strategy 2012-2015 0 None
2012-07-14 College-age children also need immunizations, says UMDNJ professor 0 None
2012-07-14 Trade agreements could harm access to antiretroviral drugs in Asia, Pacific, experts and activists warn 0 None
2012-07-14 amfAR analysis examines impact of potential budget sequestration on global health 0 None
2012-07-14 Donor governments need to conduct more post-market oversight of generic medicines 0 None
2012-07-14 EU-funded researchers develop new antimicrobial resistance monitoring solution 0 None
2012-07-14 Global Fund hosts first business forum in Bangkok to encourage private-sector support 0 None
2012-07-14 Sandia researchers develop SpinDx medical diagnostic tool 0 None
2012-07-14 Roundup: Stark price differences at Calif. hospitals; Mass. health law framers helping other states 0 None
2012-07-13 To achieve 'AIDS-free generation,' apply scientific advancements in HIV treatment in the field 0 None
2012-07-13 PEPFAR strengthens AIDS programs, broader health care systems, Goosby says 0 None
2012-07-13 International AIDS Conference must focus on combination prevention strategies to fight AIDS among women 0 None
2012-07-13 Officials identify causes of 'mystery illness' responsible for more than 60 child deaths in Cambodia, CNN reports 0 None
2012-07-13 Discovery sheds light on why human body is unable to fight off HIV infection 0 5
2012-07-13 Cubist initiates CB-315 Phase 3 trial for Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea 0 None
2012-07-12 UC Davis, CDC, Agilent and FDA partner to develop public database of foodborne pathogen genomes 0 None
2012-07-12 Sahel region experiencing increase in cholera cases, UNICEF, WHO warn 0 None
2012-07-12 PLoS Medicine papers examine HIV treatment as prevention 0 None
2012-07-12 NAM Publications to serve as official news partner of AIDS 2012 0 None
2012-07-12 AIDS 2012 conference comes at a 'moment of hope' 0 None
2012-07-12 Many anti-malaria drugs in Africa fake or substandard, reports show 0 None
2012-07-12 Mayo Clinic, 18 other leading research institutions urge Congress to maintain funding levels for NIH 0 None
2012-07-12 IAS announces 'Washington, D.C. Declaration' calling for global support to end AIDS epidemic 0 None
2012-07-12 IAS announces winners of awards recognizing HIV researchers to be presented during AIDS 2012 0 None
2012-07-12 New York Times examines how CIA's decision to use vaccination team affecting polio eradication efforts 0 None
2012-07-12 SRI receives NIAID grant to develop HIV vaccine 0 None
2012-07-12 Roundup: Iowa union files complaint over Gov. order on insurance; Fla. denies it covered up TB outbreak 0 None
2012-07-12 Genes responsible for immune function are almost different in middle age than in early adulthood 0 None
2012-07-12 Dolutegravir-based regimen demonstrates superiority over Atripla in treatment-naive adults with HIV-1 0 None
2012-07-12 Secure protocol allows linking of patient records without revealing personal information 0 None
2012-07-11 AFP examines rise in TB cases in Madagascar 0 None
2012-07-11 WHO working on consolidated HIV treatment guidelines 0 None
2012-07-11 Exposure to H1N1 vaccine in pregnancy does not increase risk of adverse fetal outcomes 0 4
2012-07-11 HIV infection risk reduced by same drugs that treat HIV 0 None
2012-07-11 Global Fund general manager appeals for donations, calling fund a 'good deal' 0 None
2012-07-11 Microbiologists reveal how T. brucei’s key proteins organize to replicate its mtDNA 0 None
2012-07-11 New diagnostic test for drug-resistant TB allows 'new approach' to fight disease 0 None
2012-07-11 Study investigates effect of SwabCap in catheter maintenance bundle 0 None
2012-07-11 Fatal outcome from HFMD is rare, says LUHS pediatric infectious disease specialist 0 None
2012-07-11 Study assesses risk of GBS following H1N1 vaccine administration 0 None
2012-07-11 Activists criticize President Obama for not confirming attendance at AIDS 2012 conference 0 None
2012-07-11 July issue of Health Affairs examining PEPFAR impact to be discussed at briefing on Tuesday 0 None
2012-07-11 TLR1 plays a critical role in protecting the body from food-borne illnesses 0 None
2012-07-11 DRCRF names 21 new Damon Runyon Fellows 0 None
2012-07-11 Former UNAIDS executive director discusses progress in AIDS fight ahead of AIDS 2012 conference 0 None
2012-07-11 African leaders should 'take action' to implement human-rights based laws, policies to enhance HIV response 0 None
2012-07-10 Scientists identify novel strategy to target Taspase1 enzyme 0 None
2012-07-10 FDA acknowledges receipt of resubmission of Human Genome Sciences’ raxibacumab BLA 0 None
2012-07-10 Laws based on evidence and human rights strengthen global AIDS response 0 None
2012-07-10 UCLA to examine whether copper surfaces result in reduced hospital infection rates 0 None
2012-07-10 Financial Times examines integration of family planning, HIV services in Ethiopia 0 None
2012-07-10 Office of Global Health Diplomacy represents move toward expanding GHI's impact 0 None
2012-07-10 New monitoring approach could improve quality of HIV care for prisoners 0 None
2012-07-10 Inovio commences SynCon vaccine phase I study in H1N1 influenza 0 None
2012-07-10 Associated Press examines 'sense of optimism' in HIV fight as AIDS 2012 conference approaches 0 None
2012-07-10 Researchers develop new silk-based stabilizer for vaccines and antibiotics 0 None
2012-07-10 International AIDS Conference to be held in the U.S. from July 22-27 0 None
2012-07-10 HIV drug coverage in sub-Saharan Africa continues to improve but not sustainable, UNAIDS' Sidibe says 0 None
2012-07-10 ASM’s mBio achieves significant increase in impact factor 0 None
2012-07-10 Enterovirus blamed for some deaths of Cambodian children; Officials continue to investigate mysterious respiratory illness 0 None
2012-07-10 Einstein researchers to study molecular mechanism behind Ebola virus infection 0 None
2012-07-10 Diabetes far more widespread than previously thought 0 None
2012-07-09 NPR series examines global progress against AIDS 0 None
2012-07-09 HPV vaccine shows evidence of herd protection 0 None
2012-07-09 Merck, PDS Biotechnology enter licensing agreement for Versamune 0 None
2012-07-09 DNA from CF patients with and without chronic infections points to unsuspected mutation 0 None
2012-07-08 UNN, UM establish firm foundation for mutual collaborations 0 None
2012-07-07 Health ministers from Southeast Asia asked to support U.N. in stemming spread of drug-resistant malaria in region 0 None
2012-07-07 International AIDS Conference a call for global solidarity 0 None
2012-07-07 New vaccine candidate against leading cause of hospital-acquired infections 0 None
2012-07-07 Powerful new drug to treat malaria 0 None
2012-07-07 AHF calls for reasonable pricing of Gilead’s Quad AIDS drug 0 None
2012-07-07 New HIV test results are 'preliminary' and need doctors' confirmation 0 None
2012-07-07 Low rainfall and high temperatures associated with high numbers of mosquito larvae 0 None
2012-07-06 VOA profiles Vietnam Clinical HIV/AIDS Society 0 None
2012-07-06 New study maps global zoonotic disease 'hotspots' 0 None
2012-07-06 FDA approves at-home HIV test, available in Oct. 0 None
2012-07-06 GlobalPost examines adult male circumcision campaign in Swaziland 1 None
2012-07-06 Cholera outbreak in Cuba kills three, sickens more than 50 people 0 None
2012-07-06 Roche receives FDA approval for CMV viral load test 0 None
2012-07-06 U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Goosby discusses PEPFAR on NPR's 'All Things Considered' 0 None
2012-07-06 NPR's 'All Things Considered' examines progress in treating AIDS in developing countries 0 None
2012-07-06 FDC precursor cells exist in the wall of blood vessels 0 None
2012-07-06 Myths about drive-thru influenza immunization clinics 0 None
2012-07-06 Fingolimod offers minor added benefit for patients with RRMS 0 None
2012-07-06 Philippines experiencing increasing number of new HIV cases; Leaders say country should reconsider policies 0 None
2012-07-05 Fewer Danes contract Salmonella infections from eggs 0 None
2012-07-05 Study: 13 zoonoses responsible for 2.4B cases of human illness per year 0 None
2012-07-05 AIDS battle: stretching use of anti-HIV drugs 0 None
2012-07-05 UN food standards body agrees on new regulations to protect health of consumers across the world 0 None
2012-07-05 Lower pH reduces ability of ASL to kill bacteria in CF airways 0 4
2012-07-04 New issue of 'Global Fund News Flash' available 0 None
2012-07-04 Live zoster vaccine associated with reduced risk of HZ in patients with immune-mediated diseases 0 None
2012-07-04 New exhibit highlights global health work of Seattle-area institutions 0 None
2012-07-04 Johnson & Johnson seeking U.S. approval for first new TB drug in more than 4 decades 0 None
2012-07-04 CAP/ASCCP LAST Project recommendations for better diagnosis of HPV-associated lesions 0 5
2012-07-04 Study finds decline in rates of community-onset MRSA infections 0 None
2012-07-04 Polio elimination hindered by unvaccinated children in Pakistan and Afghanistan 0 None
2012-07-04 Shingles vaccine may not increase risk of varicella in people with auto-immune diseases 0 None
2012-07-04 Researcher discovers how West Nile virus breaks through the tough blood-brain barrier to CNS 0 None
2012-07-04 Raising vitamin D concentrations reduces risk of HAIs among hospital patients 0 None
2012-07-04 Former President Bush in Zambia, Botswana to promote Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon initiative to fight cervical cancer 0 None
2012-07-04 New World Bank president says institution open to assisting high-income countries but gives no indication of refocusing 0 None
2012-07-04 OraSure Technologies receives FDA approval for new in-home HIV test 0 None
2012-07-04 Being a parent influences health in a positive way 0 None
2012-07-04 Cuban company's sales of larvicides to fight malaria-carrying mosquitoes in Africa continue despite U.N. concern, Miami Herald reports 0 None
2012-07-04 Study to investigate costs and benefits of home-based HIV testing in Malawi 0 None
2012-07-03 WSU researcher looks for clues on link between H1N1 flu and obesity 0 None
2012-07-03 Being a parent protects against cold: Study 0 None
2012-07-03 Research highlights three factors that could determine outbreak of pandemic flu 0 None
2012-07-03 IRIN examines antibiotic resistance, efforts to discover new drugs 0 None
2012-07-03 Study shows link between changing rates of antibiotic consumption and resistance 0 None
2012-07-03 Study identifies possible new approach to defeat bacterial infections 0 None
2012-07-03 Bacterial vaginosis associated with increased risk of HIV transmission from women to men, study shows 0 None
2012-07-03 Study examines prevalence of pain among HIV patients in two Ugandan outpatient sites 0 None
2012-07-02 Study investigates association between SCC and cutaneous HPV types belonging to five different genera 0 None
2012-07-02 FDA approves Roche's new HIV viral load test 0 None
2012-07-02 Janssen seeks accelerated FDA approval for bedaquiline to treat MDR-TB 0 3
2012-07-02 Safer alternative to experimental gene therapy against HIV infection 0 None
2012-06-30 Big challenges from antibiotic resistant bacteria 0 None
2012-06-30 New Lancet issue focuses on HIV ahead of AIDS 2012 conference 0 None
2012-06-29 Cooperation 'essential' to fight diseases that easily cross borders 0 None
2012-06-29 IAS president will use AIDS 2012 to say 'thank you' to U.S. for contributions to HIV/AIDS battle 0 None
2012-06-29 Gates Foundation plans to invest in biotech companies to improve global access to treatments, vaccines for infectious diseases 0 None
2012-06-29 Association between SCC and cutaneous HPV types 0 None
2012-06-29 More sophisticated process needed to vet research for possible security threats 0 None
2012-06-29 UMass Amherst biochemist receives NIH grant to map molecular structure of bacterial needle 0 None
2012-06-29 Inhibiting immune response during initial multi-drug therapy could speed TB treatment time 0 None
2012-06-29 Cost of dengue vaccine production could be as low as $0.20 per dose 0 None
2012-06-29 RapidChek- SELECT Salmonella highly sensitive to the presence of S. Typhi vaccine in stool 0 None
2012-06-29 Medivir, Bristol-Myers Squibb to initiate TMC435 and daclatasvir phase II combination study in HCV 0 None
2012-06-29 Flu immunity depends on number of viruses involved during initial infection 0 None
2012-06-29 AASLD, EASL to hold special conference on therapy of HCV 0 None
2012-06-29 Researchers probe origin of optimized antibodies against infections 0 None
2012-06-29 Scientists discover new gene in the influenza virus 0 None
2012-06-29 Gilead submits cobicistat NDA with FDA for treatment of HIV 0 None
2012-06-29 Congressman 'dissatisfied' with handling of controversial H5N1 papers calls for cohesive policy for handling 'risky' research 0 None
2012-06-28 AHF urges Gilead to set initial price on latest HIV/AIDS drug combination 0 None
2012-06-28 UTMB researchers improve existing experimental vaccine for Rift Valley fever virus 0 None
2012-06-28 Efforts to fight illegal drugs contributing to spread of HIV, report says 1 None
2012-06-28 World must work together to take advantage of 'unique opportunity' to end polio 0 None
2012-06-28 Ghana to contribute $1M to fight NTDs 0 None
2012-06-28 Miriam Hospital receives NIH renewal grant to support growth of Lifespan/Tufts/Brown CFAR 0 None
2012-06-28 U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator reflects on lessons learned from PEPFAR's first decade 0 None
2012-06-28 U of S training program receives $1.65 million over six years from NSERC 0 None
2012-06-28 Senior Taliban commander bans polio vaccination efforts in Southern region of Pakistan 0 None
2012-06-28 UNFPA Executive Director calls for international community to put family planning back on 'radar' 0 None
2012-06-28 Nanosphere receives FDA marketing approval for Verigene GP Blood Culture Nucleic Acid Test 0 None
2012-06-28 Gay dads may experience lifestyle shifts that could reduce HIV risk 0 None
2012-06-28 International AIDS Society, Kaiser Family Foundation partner to offer free comprehensive daily coverage of AIDS 2012 0 None
2012-06-28 Gilead submits elvitegravir NDA with FDA for treatment of HIV-1 infection 0 None
2012-06-28 Health Canada approves AutoGenomics’ INFINITI PGx testing system 0 None
2012-06-28 Researchers design microparticles that can deliver oxygen quickly into the bloodstream 0 None
2012-06-28 GSD receives FDA clearance for next-generation Lyme disease Line Immunoassay 0 None
2012-06-27 Gates Foundation blog highlights work of CDC Kenya 0 None
2012-06-27 New York Times examines bird flu studies, history of controversy 0 None
2012-06-27 USA Today features Q&A on Truvada's potential as prevention tool 0 None
2012-06-27 Scientists discover new flu-fighting role for IL-15 protein 0 None
2012-06-27 Scientists identify novel mechanism behind bacterial pathogenesis 0 5
2012-06-27 U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator discusses lessons learned from U.S. response to HIV/AIDS worldwide 0 None
2012-06-27 VA encourages all veterans to be tested for HIV at least once in their life time 0 None
2012-06-27 Link between bacterial vaginosis and female-to-male HIV transmission risk 0 None
2012-06-27 Number of fatalities from 2009 swine flu pandemic might have been 15 times higher than reported deaths, study says 0 None
2012-06-26 Survey of home healthcare practices related to infection control 0 None
2012-06-26 Having antibodies for cutaneous HPV and sun exposure can act synergistically in BCC, SCC 0 None
2012-06-26 Swine flu vaccination programme a success in Scotland 2 None
2012-06-26 Event highlights impact of AIDS on women worldwide 0 None
2012-06-26 Vatican official calls on international community to provide 'free, efficient' HIV treatment in Africa 0 None
2012-06-26 KaloBios’ KB001 shows promise against Pa pneumonia 0 None
2012-06-26 Beauty N Black Wellness Tour to improve health of African American families 0 None
2012-06-26 Gothenburg research may lead to more effective arsenic-containing drugs 0 None
2012-06-26 Sinovac provides update on EV71 vaccine Phase III trial on HFMD 0 None
2012-06-25 Comprehensive, automated infection outbreak detection system for the Olympics 0 None
2012-06-25 GE announces $7.5M investment in Nanosonics to further develop and distribute Trophon EPR 0 None
2012-06-23 GlobalPost blog series examines PMTCT program in South Africa 0 None
2012-06-23 Stanford Woods Institute awards five new EVP grants for interdisciplinary research 0 None
2012-06-23 Zimbabwean lawmakers take public HIV tests in campaign to fight stigma 1 None
2012-06-23 Censoring 'dual-use' scientific research not an effective strategy to mitigate security risks 0 None
2012-06-23 blog republishes post in which U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator discusses AIDS 2012 conference 0 None
2012-06-23 No definitive link between hormonal contraceptives and increased risk of HIV infection among women, CDC says 0 None
2012-06-23 Researchers identify new virus alert signal that triggers the human immune system 0 None
2012-06-23 Scientists identify novel animal reservoir for tick-borne diseases 0 None
2012-06-22 Success in fighting malaria helping to fuel Africa's economic growth, Reuters reports 0 None
2012-06-22 U.S. journal Science publishes controversial H5N1 research 0 None
2012-06-22 UC3M joins European research project on tuberculosis treatments 0 None
2012-06-22 Research funding in sub-Saharan Africa needs to 'reflect true disease burden' 0 None
2012-06-22 Shanghai Institutes of Preventative Medicine, Gentris sign MOU to advance personalized medicine 0 None
2012-06-22 Selenium reduces Staph populations in medical implants 0 None
2012-06-22 Polio eradication efforts threatened by funding shortfall, vaccination resistance in some countries, experts say 0 None
2012-06-22 GlobalPost examines investment in community care workers in South Africa as PEPFAR moves toward local implementation of programming 0 None
2012-06-21 New issue of 'Global Fund News Flash' available 0 None
2012-06-21 India emerging as model for improvement in developing countries 0 None
2012-06-21 Examining the threat of multi-drug resistant TB in India 0 None
2012-06-21 VOA News, PlusNews examine tuberculosis in South Africa 0 None
2012-06-21 New research suggests local strains of cholera may have contributed to Haiti's epidemic 0 None
2012-06-21 VOA News examines South African policy promoting exclusive breastfeeding for mothers with HIV 0 None
2012-06-21 Children exposed to HIV before birth may be more likely to experience hearing loss 0 None
2012-06-21 FDA grants Orphan Drug Designation to Medgenics’ INFRADURE Biopump 0 None
2012-06-21 Celebrating the true birthday of PEPFAR 0 1
2012-06-21 Family planning summit offers opportunity to integrate reproductive services with HIV, other health initiatives 0 None
2012-06-21 Authors propose mathematical model to study malaria transmission 0 None
2012-06-21 FimH antagonists can effectively treat UTIs 0 5
2012-06-21 MountainView Hospital first in Nevada to use Xenex’s room disinfection device 0 None
2012-06-21 FDA approves CDC DENV-1-4 Real Time RT PCR Assay to treat dengue 0 None
2012-06-21 Study links two specific strains of bacteria with indoor mold from water damage 0 None
2012-06-20 Thomson Reuters study tracks current status of research on NTDs 0 None
2012-06-20 Affordability of diarrhea treatment offers hope for improving child survival 0 None
2012-06-20 Zimbabwe launches week-long immunization campaign with funding from Japan 0 None
2012-06-20 WHO releases programmatic update on antiretroviral treatment as prevention of HIV, TB 0 None
2012-06-20 Al Jazeera examines Cuba's national health care system; IPS looks at HIV/AIDS in the country 0 None
2012-06-20 AIDS United releases new infographic 1 2
2012-06-20 Young men with HIV more likely to experience low bone mass 0 None
2012-06-20 Researchers unlock structure of STING protein 0 None
2012-06-20 Emergence of drug resistance to ARVs has potential to 'curb, and even reverse' gains against HIV 0 None
2012-06-20 State roundup: Retiree health costs soaring; Calif.'s duplicate surgical payments; Georgia's AIDS drug waiting list shrinks 0 None
2012-06-20 NCOA spearheads new initiative to help protect older adults from influenza 0 None
2012-06-20 Furiex initiates MuDelta Phase III studies in IBS-D 1 None
2012-06-19 New, comprehensive approach to treating underserved South Florida patients living with HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-06-19 Gilead's elvitegravir MAA for HIV-1 infection receives EMA validation 0 None
2012-06-19 Skin disease shares common inflammatory pathway with metabolic disorder 0 None
2012-06-19 Bruker enters collaboration with JMI Laboratories for fungal identification by proteomics fingerprinting 0 None
2012-06-19 Next-generation sequencing technologies for the 1,000 Rare Diseases Project 0 None
2012-06-19 Commensal bacteria essential to fight off viral infections 0 None
2012-06-19 New clues to why some urinary tract infections recur persistently 0 None
2012-06-19 AOAC certifies InstantLabs Salmonella Species Food Safety Kit 0 None
2012-06-19 iBio expands iBioModulator portfolio with allowance of patent for anthrax vaccines 0 None
2012-06-18 T2Endotoxin assay extends reach of T2MR detection 0 None
2012-06-18 Henry Schein Medical to distribute Alma Lasers' nail fungus treatment 0 None
2012-06-18 Tips to avoid becoming a mosquito meal 0 None
2012-06-18 New solution to detect DNA base modifications associated with epigenetic regulation and DNA damage 0 None
2012-06-18 Wellcome Trust awards University of Maryland $4M to accelerate development of conjugate NTS vaccine 0 None
2012-06-18 First study to look at hotel room cleanliness 0 None
2012-06-18 Greater Than AIDS, Walgreens partner to mark National HIV Testing Day 0 None
2012-06-16 AIDS Institute proposes increases for AIDS medications and level funding for prevention 0 None
2012-06-16 Methodist receives $26.2M H&HS grant to reduce blood infections and delirium 0 None
2012-06-16 Governments, private sector partners come together at Child Survival Call to Action in Washington 0 None
2012-06-16 Large-scale trial of vaginal ring that releases anti-HIV drug announced at health summit in London 0 None
2012-06-16 Prevena Incision Management System may help decrease incidence of groin SSIs 0 None
2012-06-16 Interventions aimed at preventing, treating pneumonia in children need to be expanded in developing world 0 None
2012-06-16 Less expensive ARV combination just as effective for women in developing countries as costlier ARVs, study shows 0 None
2012-06-15 Researchers outline strategy and benchmarks to curb childhood preventable deaths 0 None
2012-06-15 U.S. Africa command establishes regional task forces to combat malaria in Africa 0 None
2012-06-15 Changing guidelines threaten important HIV drug trial 0 None
2012-06-15 Longer looks: Battling HIV in Washington; Adderall use among U.S. high schoolers 0 None
2012-06-15 Ethiopian government, PEPFAR to run 5-year HIV prevention program aimed at high-risk groups 0 None
2012-06-15 GAVI Alliance pledges up to $162M to control, prevent measles outbreaks in developing countries 0 None
2012-06-15 South African TB Conference hears demands from advocacy organizations to improve, decentralize treatment 0 None
2012-06-15 LabCorp launches new age-based test protocol for cervical cancer and STD screening 0 None
2012-06-15 NIH awards $9 million grant to study aging and immunity to infections 0 None
2012-06-15 Study strengthens link between HHV-6B and mesial temporal lobe epilepsy 0 None
2012-06-15 FDA approves GSK’s MenHibrix to treat meningococcal and Hib diseases 0 None
2012-06-15 Study unveils crystal structure of H. pylori's acid receptor 0 None
2012-06-15 Theraclone Sciences commences TCN-202 Phase 1 trial in CMV infection 0 None
2012-06-14 Single protein determines persistence of viral infection 0 None
2012-06-14 Researchers identify primary player of the biochemical bugle call 0 None
2012-06-14 U.N. holds panel discussion regarding strategic AIDS financing 0 None
2012-06-14 Brazilian researchers say schistosomiasis vaccine could be available in 3 years 0 None
2012-06-14 IBBR, Sanaria to receive Phase II SBIR grant from NIAID for malaria vaccine 0 None
2012-06-14 Sabin initiates novel human hookworm vaccine Phase 1 clinical trial 0 None
2012-06-14 New chemical-screening method can discover compounds against HIV 0 None
2012-06-14 Inovio to participate at Marcum Microcap Conference, BIO International Convention 0 None
2012-06-14 Roseola virus accounts for one third of febrile status epilepticus cases 0 None
2012-06-14 MDA5 molecule plays a critical role in fighting viral infections 0 None
2012-06-14 Brazil's HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention program may be in jeopardy, some experts say 0 None
2012-06-13 Children of GBS meningitis continue to have substantial long-term morbidity 0 None
2012-06-13 If health continues to wane on G8 agenda, a serious void will be left 0 None
2012-06-13 USPTO issues patent to Ivera Medical’s Curos disinfecting port protector technology 0 None
2012-06-13 Millions suffer chronic food shortages in North Korea, U.N. report says 0 None
2012-06-13 Child Survival Call to Action event signals a 'hopeful moment' in global health 0 None
2012-06-13 HLA B-27 protein appears to confer ability to suppress HIV viral replication 0 None
2012-06-13 Despite progress, efforts to end HIV/AIDS epidemic must be redoubled, U.N. officials say 0 None
2012-06-13 Caspase-11 enzyme plays an important role in Legionella infection 0 None
2012-06-13 Investment in global health programs protects national security, promotes economic growth 0 None
2012-06-13 Transgenic mosquitoes can control malaria 0 None
2012-06-13 VaxInnate commences VAX161 Phase I trial in pandemic avian influenza 0 None
2012-06-13 FDA clears Immunetics’ BacTx rapid test for bacterial contamination in platelet units 0 None
2012-06-13 Hospitalization rates in NYC for patients with CA-MRSA more than tripled between 1997-2006 0 None
2012-06-12 New approach can design antibiotics that kill even 'superbugs' 0 None
2012-06-12 School-based sex education is young people's preferred source of information 0 None
2012-06-12 New data on individuals with natural ability to fight off AIDS 0 None
2012-06-12 New campaign urges Americans to get tested for HIV 0 None
2012-06-12 DNDi, Astellas partner on new drug discovery research for treatment of NTDs 0 None
2012-06-12 GlobalPost launches new special reporting series on fight against AIDS 0 None
2012-06-12 Trudeau Institute to receive sub-contract for translational research grant from NIH 0 None
2012-06-12 MSF report examines past, present, future management of neglected tropical diseases 0 None
2012-06-12 Chagas disease – ‘the AIDS of the Americas’ 0 None
2012-06-12 China amends intellectual property laws to allow for issuance of compulsory licenses 0 None
2012-06-12 No link between alcohol consumption and disclosure of HIV status in Russians 0 None
2012-06-12 Agence France-Presse reports on efforts to eradicate sleeping sickness in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2012-06-12 Premature cancer death risk may be increased by dental plaque 0 None
2012-06-12 Study shows how infections provoke tissues into becoming cancerous 0 None
2012-06-12 UNAIDS governing body calls for range of recommendations to strengthen global HIV response 0 None
2012-06-12 India to host parallel conference for those who can't attend International AIDS Conference in U.S. 0 None
2012-06-12 Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases important targets for development of new drugs against major diseases 0 None
2012-06-12 Hepatitis C more prevalent among homeless adults in downtown Los Angeles 0 None
2012-06-12 Scientists discover new genetic information linked with shigellosis 0 None
2012-06-12 Sucrose and menthol act independently to reduce coughing 0 None
2012-06-11 Subtype of CD4-positive immune cells in the gut may influence HIV infection outcome 0 None
2012-06-11 HackensackUMC recognizes AcquiSci d-OSAB technology with research award 0 None
2012-06-11 Biomedical engineers develop SMART detector for flu diagnosis 0 None
2012-06-11 CLC bio implements specialized antibody engineering and selection module for Crucell 0 None
2012-06-08 PlusNews examines efforts of Malawi's new president to restore donor relations, fight HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-06-08 Peace Corps official reflects on Global Health Service Partnership 0 None
2012-06-08 Magazine examines efforts to biologically alter bugs to fight human diseases 0 None
2012-06-08 Battle to control malaria in Cambodia 'not over' 0 None
2012-06-08 UNAIDS director calls for ARV production in Africa 0 None
2012-06-08 30th UNAIDS Program Coordinating Board meeting concludes in Geneva 0 None
2012-06-08 Project aims to reduce transmission of infectious diseases on aircraft 0 None
2012-06-08 Researchers determine function of series proteins within the mosquito 0 None
2012-06-08 Study: HIV superinfection may be more common than previously believed 0 None
2012-06-08 WHO identifies best targets for seasonal malaria treatment 0 None
2012-06-08 Independent evaluation of PMI presented to U.S. Congress 0 None
2012-06-08 Survey finds 1 in 10 new cases of TB in China are drug-resistant 0 None
2012-06-08 Experimental drug tested against multi-drug resistant TB 0 None
2012-06-08 Scientists uncover origin of Langerhans cells 0 None
2012-06-08 Strand, Trovagene enter MOU to license and validate HPV assay technology 0 None
2012-06-08 More affordable bednets, increased transparency in market will save $22M, UNICEF Executive Director says 0 None
2012-06-08 Sorrento receives $300,000 STTR grant to develop novel therapeutics against Staph infections 0 None
2012-06-08 Researchers develop Texas Pandemic Flu Toolkit 0 None
2012-06-08 HIV superinfection may be more frequent among general population of Uganda 0 None
2012-06-08 Anti-TNFs increase risk of shingles in patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases 0 None
2012-06-08 UNAIDS Executive Director calls on African leaders to reduce 'triple dependency' on external sources of HIV drugs, commodities, technologies 0 None
2012-06-07 WHO warns of drug-resistant strains of gonorrhea 0 None
2012-06-07 Dengue fever vaccine 'may be in sight,' Reuters reports 0 None
2012-06-07 Life expectancy gap narrows between blacks and whites 0 None
2012-06-07 U.N. Women becomes 11th member of UNAIDS partnership 0 None
2012-06-07 WHO calls for greater vigilance on correct use of antibiotics against gonorrhoea 0 None
2012-06-07 New strategy can effectively control malaria in Africa 0 None
2012-06-07 CCR5 antagonists may also help prevent aggressive breast cancers from metastasizing 0 None
2012-06-07 Arrowhead initiates final IND-enabling steps for ARC-520 to treat HBV 0 None
2012-06-06 New technique accurately determines infants at risk for malaria 0 None
2012-06-06 Scientists decode genome of main Chagas disease vector 0 None
2012-06-06 Daily bathing with antiseptic cloths effectively reduces MRSA incidence at Ontario geriatric facility 0 None
2012-06-06 Guardian examines high incidence of drowning deaths among children in Bangladesh 0 None
2012-06-06 InVitria receives new SBIR grant from NIAID 0 None
2012-06-06 Altapure, ITT Exelis to launch new model of disinfection system 0 None
2012-06-06 BioMed Protect’s Sanotracin RTU rapidly and effectively kills C. difficile within 3 minutes 0 2.3
2012-06-05 Family members of children with staph infections often harbor drug-resistant germs 0 None
2012-06-05 Bangladesh may be facing HIV epidemic, Inter Press Service reports 0 None
2012-06-05 USAID Administrator Shah addresses fight against HIV in children 0 None
2012-06-05 Experts respond to PLoS editorial comparing Chagas disease to HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-06-05 Joint UNAIDS/UNDP briefing highlights potential impacts of free trade agreements on public health 0 None
2012-06-05 Risk of recurrent shingles episode is relatively low: Study 1 None
2012-06-05 Zimbabwe's successful PMTCT efforts serve as a 'model' for other countries in drive to eliminate pediatric AIDS 0 None
2012-06-05 Australian medical researchers hope to block Hendra virus in humans 0 None
2012-06-04 ViroPharma initiates maribavir Phase 2 program for CMV infections 0 None
2012-06-04 Prisoners need education on the appropriate use of topical antibiotic products 0 None
2012-06-04 New research: Foggers ineffective against bed bugs 1 None
2012-06-02 Engineered proteins demonstrate flu-fighting potency 0 None
2012-06-02 Chagas disease could pose threat similar to other global pandemics, experts warn 0 None
2012-06-02 UV disinfection may reduce CDI in hospitals and LTCFs 0 None
2012-06-02 Pakistan looks to India for guidance on polio eradication efforts 0 None
2012-06-02 HIV markets in rich, poor countries are two distinct markets 0 None
2012-06-02 Smoke from cooking fires associated with cognitive deficits in children 0 None
2012-06-01 NYUCD receives NIH grant for ‘Biomarkers of Periodontal Disease Progression’ project 0 None
2012-06-01 WHO hopes to host second meeting on issues related to 'dual-use' research 0 None
2012-06-01 Large-scale, coordinated effort needed to stop increase in HIV transmission among MSM in China 0 None
2012-06-01 Seriously ill children administered zinc in addition to antibiotics respond better, more quickly to treatment, study shows 0 None
2012-06-01 Foreign-born populations in the U.S. are at increased risk for chronic HBV 0 None
2012-06-01 Scientists discover SL9266 'switch' in the Hepatitis C virus 0 None
2012-06-01 Einstein receives NIH grant to create new vaccine against TB 0 None
2012-06-01 Illumina launches Nextera XT DNA Sample Preparation Kits 0 None
2012-05-31 New photoactive compound eradicates 'Iraqibacter' from wounds and skin infections 0 None
2012-05-31 Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday weekly theme is PMTCT 0 None
2012-05-31 Aeras, IDRI partner to develop novel TB vaccine 0 None
2012-05-31 Implications of eradicating polio, or failing to do so, go beyond public health 0 None
2012-05-31 Simple soft-drink cooler could help patients battle antibiotic-resistant TB 0 None
2012-05-31 CIA's use of health workers in intelligence operations could hurt 'innocent people' 0 None
2012-05-31 Clorox Healthcare to be showcased at APIC 2012 conference 0 None
2012-05-31 Wellmune minimizes risk of URTI among marathoners 0 None
2012-05-31 Trade officials at WIPO fail to make progress on proposals to improve access to generic medicines 0 None
2012-05-31 Top-line results from Alnylam’s ALN-RSV01 Phase IIb trial on RSV infection 0 None
2012-05-30 Researchers identify mechanism key in drug allergy 0 None
2012-05-30 GPUs simulate molecular processes during swine flu drug treatment 0 None
2012-05-30 Genetic analysis on Korean mummy reveals unique HBV genotype C2 sequence 0 None
2012-05-30 Nature Genetics publishes results from whole genome-wide study of recurrent HBV integration in HCC 0 None
2012-05-30 Scientists solve 50-year mystery behind cholera 0 None
2012-05-30 IU scientists focus on health issues and behaviors specific to bisexual men and women 0 None
2012-05-30 Officials at 65th World Health Assembly adopt resolutions on broad range of health issues 0 None
2012-05-30 New imaging device can better diagnose chronic ear infections 0 None
2012-05-30 ONPRC researchers discover new method to create safe and effective vaccines 0 None
2012-05-30 Al Jazeera business program examines fight against malaria 0 None
2012-05-30 Link between women's health issues and gum disease 0 None
2012-05-30 Widespread cholera vaccination needed in Haiti while improvements made to water, sanitation systems 0 None
2012-05-30 Researchers discover new HIV-suppressing protein 0 None
2012-05-30 Participants of 5th International Parliamentarian Conference on Population, Development reiterate commitment to 1994 program of action 0 None
2012-05-29 Pre-harvest vaccines for management of E. coli in Canadian beef receive favourable conclusion 0 None
2012-05-29 Neighborhood immunity has a role in determining risk of dengue infection 0 None
2012-05-29 Pre-exposure preventive treatment may be effective against suspected HIV 0 None
2012-05-29 Short hairpin RNAi gene silencing technology receives CSIRO's foundational patents 0 5
2012-05-29 Single test developed that detects all known strains of H5N1 0 None
2012-05-29 Controlling TB in geographic hotspots could reduce citywide transmission 0 None
2012-05-29 Bioengineers develop first structure to grow small human blood vessels 0 None
2012-05-28 National screening campaign for chlamydia in young people may not prove cost effective 0 None
2012-05-28 AHF's 'Condom-Nation' tour 0 None
2012-05-28 Giant cells protect fungus Cryptococcus neoformans during infection 0 None
2012-05-28 New insight into immune-cell movement patterns 0 None
2012-05-28 Rwanda accelerates fight against rotavirus 0 5
2012-05-28 Ultra-sensitive test can diagnose diseases in their earliest stages 0 None
2012-05-28 Overgrowth of bacteria in the gut linked to IBS 0 None
2012-05-28 ABL receives CE-IVD approval for DeepChek and ViroScore Suite clinical genotyping solutions 0 None
2012-05-28 World Health Assembly endorses Global Vaccine Action Plan 0 None
2012-05-25 Bone age necessary to correctly interpret growth status in pediatric Crohn's disease 0 None
2012-05-25 'Killer silk' can kill anthrax in minutes 0 None
2012-05-25 Capitol Hill briefing addresses research agenda to end AIDS epidemic 0 None
2012-05-25 Merck welcomes launch of ROTATEQ in Rwanda of Africa’s rotavirus vaccination program 0 None
2012-05-25 Fever during pregnancy associated with autism or developmental delay 0 None
2012-05-25 New diagnostic approach for Lyme disease 0 5
2012-05-25 Global Polio Eradication initiative launches 'emergency action plan' 0 None
2012-05-25 Scientists identify new reason why some curry dishes might be good for you 0 None
2012-05-25 Study reveals why people develop life-threatening drug allergies 0 None
2012-05-25 ITM in Antwerp receives Gates Foundation grant for malaria research 0 None
2012-05-25 Ministers meet to discuss Global Plan to eliminate new HIV infections among children 0 None
2012-05-25 Peritonitis commonly arises in the weeks before many dialysis patients die 0 None
2012-05-25 New method can screen for bacterial genes that are expressed during meningitis 0 None
2012-05-24 ICS may prevent parapneumonic effusion in patients with CAP 0 None
2012-05-24 Cepheid’s Xpert CT/NG system receives European CE marking 0 None
2012-05-24 Experts, advocates urge continued funding for research into HIV, TB vaccines 0 None
2012-05-24 COPD patients with P. aeruginosa infection more likely to have poor clinical outcomes 0 None
2012-05-24 Scientific American examines global progress toward clean drinking water, sanitation goals 0 None
2012-05-24 IRIN examines WHO process of translating research results into policy recommendations 0 None
2012-05-24 Senate Appropriations Subcommittee approves FY13 State and Foreign Operations appropriations bill 0 None
2012-05-24 Chronic diseases, bloodstream infections on the rise among HIV+ ICU patients 0 None
2012-05-24 PTH boosts AMPs to fend off infection-causing microbes 0 None
2012-05-24 No link between viral infections during infancy and wheezing in childhood 0 None
2012-05-24 Study shows prevalence of drug-resistant HIV strains in Uganda rising, among highest in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2012-05-24 Many women not screened for gonorrhea and chlamydia infection during pregnancy 0 None
2012-05-24 Acne pills can cause eye infections 0 None
2012-05-23 USPTO issues patent to MicuRx’s MRX-I antibacterial agent 0 None
2012-05-23 Severe hypersensitivity reactions to anti-HIV drug occur through autoimmune mechanism 0 None
2012-05-23 Few new chemicals are in development for malaria vector control 0 None
2012-05-23 Proper care of diabetic foot infections can save limbs, lives 0 None
2012-05-23 Scientists determine genetic sequences of all 12 vancomycin-resistant staph strains 0 None
2012-05-23 Mimotopes can help develop new diagnostic tests for sleeping sickness 0 None
2012-05-23 Scientists trace origin and development of vancomycin-resistant S. aureus 0 None
2012-05-23 HVTN opens enrollment in GeoVax’s GM-CSF adjuvanted vaccine Phase 1 trial for HIV 0 None
2012-05-23 Fake, substandard malaria drugs threatening gains made in fight against disease, NIH study warns 0 None
2012-05-23 Researcher restructures innovative virus-tracking software 0 None
2012-05-23 B cells in breast milk can produce HIV-neutralizing antibodies 0 None
2012-05-23 Sarcoidosis accounts for 25% of all deaths in African-American women 0 None
2012-05-23 H1N1 flu vaccination during pregnancy provides unanticipated benefits to the baby 0 None
2012-05-23 Researchers identify new mechanism for drug-related autoimmune reactions 0 None
2012-05-23 Microfluidic chip can diagnose latent TB 0 None
2012-05-22 C. difficile infection on the rise 0 None
2012-05-22 Globe and Mail examines resurgence of malaria in Congo 0 None
2012-05-22 Bill introduced in U.S. Senate is latest push to award prizes for new drug development 0 None
2012-05-22 Government-supported 'Prize Funds' would help important drugs have greater social impact 0 None
2012-05-22 New research reveals effective treatments for gastrointestinal conditions 0 None
2012-05-22 New knowledge related to host-parasite interaction in severe malaria 0 None
2012-05-22 Some patients appear to be more predisposed for recurrent infection from C. diff 0 None
2012-05-22 Human cytomegalovirus associated with neovascular AMD 0 None
2012-05-22 FDA clears Teleflex’s ARROW PICC with Chloragard technology 0 5
2012-05-22 T cell imbalance may put certain people at increased risk of C. difficile infection 0 None
2012-05-21 Tuberculosis independently predicts death from lung cancer in the elderly 0 None
2012-05-21 Scientists decipher structure of bacterial injection needles at atomic resolution 0 None
2012-05-21 MRSA nasal colonization associated with increase in SSI in patients undergoing GI surgery 0 None
2012-05-21 Vaccination studies from Mercer University to be unveiled at AAPS’ NBC 0 None
2012-05-21 RA drug effective against Entamoeba histolytica 0 None
2012-05-21 Auranofin effective against amoebas in lab and animal studies 0 None
2012-05-19 Afghanistan breaks ground on $30M hospital for treatment of TB, AIDS, malaria 0 None
2012-05-19 Modeling data shows vaccine can build on HIV/AIDS prevention tools 0 None
2012-05-19 International community must organize, commit financial resources to win war on polio 0 None
2012-05-19 Viewpoints: VA failing to provide timely care; Roll up your sleeves to help fight AIDS; Primary care doctors' uncertain future 0 None
2012-05-19 IAS’ XIX International AIDS Conference to take place in Washington D.C. 0 None
2012-05-18 Ugandan AIDS activists concerned over proposed cuts in nation's health budget 0 None
2012-05-18 Food safety tips while barbecuing 0 None
2012-05-18 Effectiveness of 'quorum sensing' directly depends on density of bacterial populations 0 None
2012-05-18 Potential public-private partnership aims to bring TB vaccine trials to mines of Southern Africa 0 None
2012-05-18 House Appropriations Committee releases draft report on FY13 State, Foreign Operations spending bill 0 None
2012-05-18 More research needed into how transgender persons in Asia, Pacific affected by HIV, stigma, report says 0 None
2012-05-18 Tiny filter could fight against tuberculosis 2 None
2012-05-18 icddr,b, AmeriCares launch new cholera-fighting program in the Horn of Africa 0 None
2012-05-18 FDA approves Emergent’s BioThrax sBLA to treat anthrax disease 0 None
2012-05-17 Inovio SynCon avian influenza vaccine demonstrates broad coverage 0 None
2012-05-17 Insecticide resistance threatens malaria control efforts, WHO warns 0 None
2012-05-17 U.S. support for Global Fund may be 'America's greatest global health legacy' 0 None
2012-05-17 Treating prenatal maternal infections could improve birth outcomes, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-17 Immediate response required to curb spread of artemisinin-resistant malaria in Burma 0 None
2012-05-17 Haitian government, health workers show commitment to nationwide vaccination campaign 0 None
2012-05-17 U.S. HIV assistance through PEPFAR prevented 740,000 deaths between 2004-2008, study shows 0 None
2012-05-17 Specific organometallic substances offer new hope for treatment against tapeworm infection 0 None
2012-05-17 IMC to support government of Chad in polio eradication activities 0 None
2012-05-17 TRCARC, IBM partner to strengthen HIV prevention effort 0 None
2012-05-17 Reformulated anti-HIV gel may be safe for use in both vagina, rectum 0 None
2012-05-17 Biologists engineer algae to produce potential candidates for malarial vaccine 0 None
2012-05-16 New directions and challenges in viral hepatitis care and research 0 None
2012-05-16 Social networks influence beliefs regarding safety of influenza vaccines 0 5
2012-05-16 Dual prevalence of STIs/RTIs and malaria in pregnancy found among women in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2012-05-16 National Psoriasis Foundation awards more than $2 million for research 0 None
2012-05-16 Codexis receives U.S. patent for enzymes utilized in HCV therapeutics 0 None
2012-05-16 Reuters examines use of statistics in public health ahead of WHO report 0 None
2012-05-16 Newspapers examine concerns surrounding possible FDA approval of Truvada for PrEP 0 None
2012-05-16 Achaogen’s plazomicin and levofloxacin safe and effective in treating cUTI, acute pyelonephritis 0 None
2012-05-16 NPR's 'All Things Considered' examines HIV among India's gay community 0 None
2012-05-16 Increase in fall death rates in older Americans is likely the effect of improved reporting quality 0 None
2012-05-16 Researchers eager to teach Swedes about best brushing technique 0 None
2012-05-16 Positive data from Theraclone Sciences’ TCN-032 Phase 1 trial on influenza A infection 0 None
2012-05-15 Lab21’s HCV drug resistance genotyping receives new patents in the U.S., Europe 2 None
2012-05-15 Significant breakthrough in understanding the cause of bile duct cancer 0 1
2012-05-15 Third of world carrying TB; Disease could become incurable without action, WHO warns 0 None
2012-05-15 State roundup: Health jobs brightening local economies but workers paying more for care 0 None
2012-05-15 Microbiome of young men depends upon circumcision status, patterns of sexual activity 1 None
2012-05-15 U.N., international community should pledge to improve water, sanitation in Haiti to mitigate cholera epidemic 0 None
2012-05-15 Crothall releases new white paper on infection prevention 0 None
2012-05-14 As MDGs set to expire in 2015, U.N. panel to advise on approaches to development; African Progress Panel calls for 'big push' on continent 0 None
2012-05-14 HIV prevention treatment must include medical, behavorial approaches: APA 0 None
2012-05-14 Excess protein in urine test predicts renal failure in patients with severe sepsis 0 None
2012-05-14 Energy-efficient LED devices use UV light to kill pathogens 0 None
2012-05-14 Groundbreaking biohybrid device to control acute inflammation to prevent sepsis 0 5
2012-05-14 New Jefferson Hepatitis C Center 0 None
2012-05-14 Study reveals variability in physician intentions and recommendations on HPV vaccination 0 None
2012-05-14 JHSPH wins GCE grant for global health and development research project 0 None
2012-05-14 FDA ADAC recommends approval of Quad for HIV-1 infection 0 None
2012-05-11 HIV community supports rapid OTC testing 0 None
2012-05-11 Study looking at impact of HIV funding on Rwanda's health system has 'serious limitations' 0 None
2012-05-11 FDA panel recommends approval of Truvada as preventive treatment for HIV 0 None
2012-05-11 Bacteria in digestive tracts compete against invading bacteria 0 None
2012-05-11 HIV prevention drug receives FDA panel's backing 0 None
2012-05-11 Safer indoor sex work spaces promote health and safety of street-involved women 0 None
2012-05-11 This Mother's Day, ensure babies everywhere are born free of HIV 0 None
2012-05-11 MSF says additional resources needed to improve ART access in Burma 0 None
2012-05-11 Nepalese government launches 'ambitious' plan to end malaria, IRIN reports 0 None
2012-05-11 RNP granules exit the nucleus via new budding mechanism akin to herpes-type viruses 0 None
2012-05-11 Efforts to stem childhood mortality in Ghana will not be enough to reach MDG, UNICEF official says 0 None
2012-05-11 FDA ADAC recommends approval of Gilead’s Truvada for HIV 0 None
2012-05-11 Trovagene receives European patent titled, ‘Methods for Detection of Nucleic Acid Sequences in Urine’ 0 None
2012-05-10 USAID launches five-year initiative in Nigeria to strengthen HIV, TB services 0 None
2012-05-10 Hospital midwife inadvertently spreads whooping cough to up to 170 people 1 None
2012-05-10 Leishmaniasis vaccine trial begins in U.S., India 0 None
2012-05-10 Report identifies challenges, solutions to increasing routine vaccination in Nigeria 0 None
2012-05-10 UNAIDS launches campaign aimed at ending new HIV infections among children by 2015 0 None
2012-05-10 Treatable infections responsible for nearly 2M cases of cancer globally each year, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-10 Arthritis rates set to soar 0 None
2012-05-10 Examining the need for WHO today 0 None
2012-05-10 NCATS initiative to use abandoned experimental drugs for other uses 'a step in the right direction' 0 None
2012-05-10 Researchers use clever screening methods to speed vaccine production 0 None
2012-05-10 ACOEM honors JNJ with 2012 Corporate Health Achievement Award 0 None
2012-05-10 IDRI, Aeras partner to develop new TB vaccine candidate 0 None
2012-05-10 G&D, IAVI and GMI partner to develop new HIV/AIDS vaccine 0 3
2012-05-10 MSU researcher wins Grand Challenges Explorations grant for work on TB 0 None
2012-05-09 ArcDia completes € 2.7 million funding round 0 None
2012-05-09 One in six cancer cases worldwide related to preventable or curable infections 0 None
2012-05-09 USAID committed to improving lives of children affected by HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-05-09 Phone credits offered to teenagers in exchange for sexual health checks 0 None
2012-05-09 New York Times examines Cuba's sanitarium network for people living with HIV 0 None
2012-05-09 Free whooping cough vaccine cut concerns experts 0 None
2012-05-09 Study offers new insight on known link between exposure to violence and sexual risk-taking 0 None
2012-05-09 Option for couples to test together, access ART for prevention can reduce HIV risk 2 None
2012-05-09 Public-private partnership pilot program could facilitate drug development for neglected diseases 0 None
2012-05-09 New insecticide-treated bodysuit can fight malaria 0 None
2012-05-09 Goosby calls for 'extraordinary resources' to be put into male circumcision to prevent HIV infection 0 1
2012-05-09 Probiotics may reduce risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhea 0 None
2012-05-09 Reusable grocery bag can play a role in spreading norovirus infection 0 None
2012-05-09 Bumped kinase inhibitors may control malaria 0 None
2012-05-09 Researchers discover location and effect of abnormal heart proteins 0 None
2012-05-09 iBio receives U.S. patent for iBioModulator platform 0 None
2012-05-08 Certain males at higher risk of infection after receiving experimental HIV vaccine 0 None
2012-05-08 Researchers discover potential way to develop universal flu vaccines 0 None
2012-05-08 Cholera strain in Haiti evolving, CDC reports 0 None
2012-05-08 Oral zinc treatments may shorten duration of common cold symptoms in adults 0 None
2012-05-08 PEPFAR releases 8th annual report to Congress 0 None
2012-05-08 FDA approves Clinigen’s Foscavir sNDA to treat HIV/AIDS-related CMV infections and herpes 0 None
2012-05-08 VOA News examines South Africa's rural public health sector 0 None
2012-05-08 Man-made waterways contribute to malaria breeding grounds, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-08 Blog examines fight against NTDs in Burundi 0 None
2012-05-08 Research reveals possible strategy to reverse fibrosis in liver and other organs 0 4.7
2012-05-08 Cascades Tissue Group applauds third annual ‘STOP! Clean Your Hands Day’ 0 None
2012-05-08 Meningitis B vaccine on the horizon 0 None
2012-05-07 NIH responds to criticism over handling of controversial bird flu studies 0 None
2012-05-07 Various combinations of biomarkers are required to unequivocally diagnose specific disease 0 None
2012-05-07 Satellite-guided plan to effectively control tsetse fly 0 None
2012-05-07 Scientific American examines worldwide spread of drug-resistant gonorrhea 0 None
2012-05-07 NovaDigm reports positive data from Phase 1 NDV-3 vaccine program 0 None
2012-05-07 Chesapeake Regional Medical Center rolls out automated disinfection robot 0 None
2012-05-07 Hot water pasteurisation reduces amount of E. coli on meat 0 None
2012-05-05 NFID to host 15th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research from May 7–9 0 None
2012-05-05 Dengue fever costs Puerto Rico nearly $38M a year, study shows 0 None
2012-05-05 Study reveals steepest decline in HPV vaccine completion among girls 0 None
2012-05-05 Guardian examines launch of GAVI-sponsored immunization campaign in Ghana 0 None
2012-05-05 Breckenridge finalizes agreement with Huahai to market Nevirapine Tablets 0 None
2012-05-05 New research about why people forego colorectal cancer screening 0 None
2012-05-05 Strong link between HAIs and patient readmission after initial hospital stay 0 None
2012-05-05 Johns Hopkins receives $15 million NIH grant to establish CFAR 0 2.3
2012-05-05 More than 15000 health-care facilities to participate in WHO Save Lives: Clean Your Hands Initiative 0 None
2012-05-04 Nature publishes first of two controversial studies on H5N1 avian flu 0 None
2012-05-04 An Achilles heel within cells that bacteria exploit to cause infection 0 None
2012-05-04 One of the controversial avian flu studies published in full finally 0 None
2012-05-04 HIV/AIDS funding does not undermine efforts to fight other diseases, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-04 Chagas disease especially harmful for expectant mothers; New, better treatments needed 0 None
2012-05-04 UCLA creates crowd-sourced online gaming system to detect malaria 0 None
2012-05-04 GenVec receives NIAID’s Phase I SBIR grant to support RSV vaccine program 0 None
2012-05-03 E coli detection in contaminated meat to be ‘sped up’ says USDA 0 None
2012-05-03 Lyme can infect Texas public, alerts TXLDA 0 5
2012-05-03 AIDS, health groups submit comments to FDA prior to agency's review of PrEP 0 None
2012-05-03 Novel stem cell transplantation holds promise for HIV prevention 0 None
2012-05-03 Europe becoming 'hotspot' for emerging infections, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-03 Researchers to examine how climate change may affect humans, societies 0 None
2012-05-03 Treatment as Prevention conference late breaker session presentations 0 None
2012-05-03 U.S. to ask university officials how best to implement new DURC policy 0 None
2012-05-03 Global Fund completes reorganization of workforce, tightens focus to 20 'high-impact countries' 0 None
2012-05-03 African-Americans with HIV less likely to adhere to ART therapy 0 None
2012-05-03 Roundup: Mass. health cost control bill could save $8B to $34B; Md. weighs hospital rate freeze; Iowa Senate passes a fix for HIV insurance program 0 None
2012-05-02 Flu paper publication amidst threats of bioterrorism raises need for better rules of censorship 0 None
2012-05-02 Tips to help homeowners tick-proof their yards 0 5
2012-05-02 FDA approval of TDF/FTC as PrEP for HIV infection receives support 0 None
2012-05-02 Levetiracetam to be tested for seizure management in malaria endemic regions 0 None
2012-05-02 Medical Brands' cranberry-based oral capsule granted Class IIa medical device status 0 None
2012-05-02 ImmuVen awarded $1.68M NIH Phase II SBIR grant to develop IMV0123 0 None
2012-05-02 Nanocomposite dental cavity-filling kills harmful bacteria 0 None
2012-05-02 New global strategy to reduce measles deaths and congenital rubella syndrome 0 None
2012-05-02 Study assesses perceived impact of CMS payment policy on hospital infection prevention efforts 0 None
2012-05-02 Sanofi Pasteur announces new quadrivalent influenza vaccine Phase III pediatric data 0 None
2012-05-02 Synthetic stool transplant for C. difficile treatment 0 None
2012-05-02 'Mandatory oversight' of potentially dangerous biological research will be necessary 0 None
2012-05-02 Copenhagen Consensus report argues for addressing chronic, NCDs in developing countries 0 None
2012-05-02 World behind on pledge to reduce HIV/AIDS infections, improve treatment, U.N. report says 0 None
2012-05-02 Ciprofloxacin, TMP-SMX no longer safe for outpatient urinary tract infection 0 None
2012-05-02 High-dose glucocorticoids double risk of bacterial infections in children with JIA 0 None
2012-05-02 Efforts to fight cholera in DRC need to include sanitation, waste facility improvements, behavior change, UNICEF official says 0 None
2012-05-02 Interferon linked with increased risk of depression in HCV patients 0 None
2012-05-02 FDA clears Great Basin’s first C. diff molecular diagnostic test 0 None
2012-04-30 Antibiotic effective for plague gets FDA nod 0 None
2012-04-30 Some public health advocates disagree with Indian government's decision to roll out pentavalent vaccines, IPS reports 0 None
2012-04-30 Financial Times examines Cuban company selling larvicides for malaria control in Africa 0 None
2012-04-30 Dutch government grants export license allowing publication of controversial H5N1 study 0 None
2012-04-30 Capitol Hill event highlights U.S. advancements in malaria science, technology 0 None
2012-04-30 Vitamin D strengthens innate immunity against viral infections 0 4
2012-04-30 FDA approves Levaquin for plague 0 None
2012-04-30 Without sustained investment in malaria fight, world faces resurgence of disease 0 None
2012-04-30 Airborne drones could provide innovative method of delivering food, medicines 0 None
2012-04-30 Bacteria in belly buttons, armpits, and chronic wounds 0 5
2012-04-30 MDGHA, CHAI and Mylan partner to fight childhood deaths caused by diarrhea 0 None
2012-04-30 Milner-Fenwick releases four new ‘Hospital Quality of Care’ videos 0 None
2012-04-30 Electronic survey facilitates testing for STIs in pediatric emergency department 0 None
2012-04-30 UCLA develops compact and cost-effective RDT-reading device 0 None
2012-04-30 CityBusters battle illness on public transit 0 None
2012-04-30 Five U.S. federal agencies provide significant contributions each year to global health R&D 0 None
2012-04-29 CDC dispels fears of air passenger carrying monkeypox 0 None
2012-04-27 IOM releases summary of workshop on drug-resistant TB in India 0 None
2012-04-27 Opinion pieces examine malaria fight in recognition of World Malaria Day 0 None
2012-04-27 Senate committee questions federal officials about dual-use research of concern procedures 0 None
2012-04-27 Malaria researchers discuss achievements, threats to progress at Capitol Hill event 0 None
2012-04-27 Drug-resistant malaria might be spreading in Africa, study suggests 0 None
2012-04-27 Blog continues coverage of International Treatment as Prevention conference in Vancouver 0 None
2012-04-27 Nature outlook examines fight against malaria in Uganda 0 None
2012-04-27 Blogs examine malaria fight in recognition of World Malaria Day 0 None
2012-04-27 Researchers discover small molecules that kill HPV-infected cancer cells 0 None
2012-04-27 Smarter purchasing of bednets could save $630M over 5 years, report suggests 0 None
2012-04-27 U.S. government 'catalyzing' international community to end preventable child deaths 0 None
2012-04-27 USDA: Dairy cow in California tested positive for atypical BSE 0 None
2012-04-27 Kenyan AIDS activists protest over unspent PEPFAR funds 0 None
2012-04-27 Southern African countries could improve GDPs through fiscal policies on HIV treatment 0 None
2012-04-27 Blog posts report on International Treatment as Prevention conference in Vancouver 0 None
2012-04-27 Reviewing changes at the Global Fund 0 None
2012-04-27 Funders should follow lead of U.S. in creating policies for scientific research oversight 0 None
2012-04-27 Guardian, Malaria Consortium hold experts' roundtable discussion on World Malaria Day 0 None
2012-04-27 Ghana launching childhood immunization campaign for rotavirus, pneumococcal disease 0 None
2012-04-27 Handheld plasma-producing device can instantly kill bacteria 0 None
2012-04-27 Seabirds play an important role in dispersal and biodiversity of parasites 0 None
2012-04-27 Interests and advocates wait anxiously for Supreme Court's health law decision -- for very different reasons 0 None
2012-04-27 Poverty linked to HIV infection among heterosexuals living in inner-city neighborhoods 0 None
2012-04-26 Ghana rolls out vaccines against pneumonia and diarrhoea 0 None
2012-04-26 Mad cow disease raises concern but safety nets are in place says USDA 0 None
2012-04-26 International Microbicides Conference 2012 concludes 0 5
2012-04-26 PLoS launches new collection on control, elimination of human helminthiases 0 None
2012-04-26 MSF says number of annual malaria cases treated in DRC has tripled since 2009 0 None
2012-04-26 Funding for HIV programs among MSM populations lacking, largely due to stigma 0 None
2012-04-26 Opinion pieces recognize World Malaria Day 0 None
2012-04-26 Dutch government rule export permit required to publish controversial bird flu study 0 None
2012-04-26 Study identifies prime target for better anti-dandruff medicines 0 None
2012-04-26 'Global Pulse' summarizes event launching USAID child survival social media campaign 0 None
2012-04-26 Report identifies strategies necessary to improve marketplace for LLINs 0 None
2012-04-26 Allowing countries to use PEPFAR funding for voluntary contraception for women aligns with GHI's 'women-centered' approach 0 None
2012-04-26 Text-message intervention may help boost flu vaccination rates in children 0 None
2012-04-26 Study sheds new light on common food poisoning bug 0 None
2012-04-26 Gladstone researcher wins 2012 Alumni Achievement Award from WUSTL 0 None
2012-04-26 Pig mucus effective at blocking viruses associated with cervical and oral cancer 0 None
2012-04-25 World Malaria Day observed 0 5
2012-04-25 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine launches Centre for Global Non-Communicable Diseases 0 None
2012-04-25 Individuals with positive family history of liver cancer more likely to develop HCC 0 None
2012-04-25 Blog posts comment on launch of USAID's 'Every Child Deserves a Fifth Birthday' campaign 0 None
2012-04-25 Opinion pieces marking World Malaria Day urge sustainability in prevention, treatment programs 0 None
2012-04-25 U.N. SG Ban speaks about need for reproductive health care for young people, releases UNFPA report 0 None
2012-04-25 U.N. Calls for increased collaboration, funding to fight malaria ahead of World Malaria Day on Wednesday 0 None
2012-04-25 Globe and Mail profiles former President Jimmy Carter, Carter Center's efforts to eradiacate guinea worm 0 None
2012-04-25 Non-coding RNA gives off biological signals during viral infection 0 None
2012-04-25 USAID Administrator Shah launches social media campaign to garner support to improve child health, survival 0 None
2012-04-25 Study linking malaria resurgence, reduction in malaria control programs highlights need for sustained funding 0 None
2012-04-25 Vitamin D deficiency associated with increase in lung transplant rejection, infections 0 None
2012-04-25 Rep. Sensenbrenner sends second letter inquiring about U.S. government's review of controversial H5N1 studies 0 None
2012-04-25 Weakened malaria control programs linked to majority of global resurgences 0 None
2012-04-25 Severe fibrosis increases early atherosclerosis risk in patients with chronic HCV-1 infection 0 None
2012-04-25 Bats may be a common source of many viral diseases 0 None
2012-04-25 Crucell, ARTES enter research collaboration to develop two vaccines 0 None
2012-04-25 Despite progress in reducing measles deaths, international community falls short of 90% reduction target, study says 0 None
2012-04-24 Nigeria's first-ever national Vaccine Summit addresses child mortality burden 0 None
2012-04-24 CDC Director calls for 'final push' to eradicate polio 0 None
2012-04-24 USAID's Shah urges cooperation to improve child health, survival 0 None
2012-04-24 Researchers describe novel mechanism of HIV-1 spread by dendritic cells 0 None
2012-04-24 Text messaging increases flu vaccination coverage in low-income children 0 None
2012-04-24 U.S. gives go-ahead on publication of H5N1 research; Dutch regulators continue to debate 0 None
2012-04-24 Women & Infants named lead center in 14-site study of cytomegalovirus 0 None
2012-04-24 Strategic innovations will help prevent HIV transmission from mothers to children, high-level meeting attendees state 0 None
2012-04-24 Measles deaths down by 74% worldwide over last decade: Study 0 None
2012-04-24 ICDs may increase risk of complications in patients with infective endocarditis 0 None
2012-04-24 Bartonella bacterium may also play a role in human arthritis 2 5
2012-04-23 Vietnam asks for international help to tackle mystery skin disease 0 None
2012-04-23 Medgenics seeks FDA Orphan Drug Designation for INFRADURE to treat hepatitis D 0 None
2012-04-23 Kenyan government must review law on counterfeit drugs, High Court rules 0 None
2012-04-23 Herpes zoster vaccine safe and well tolerated: Study 0 None
2012-04-23 MicuRx completes MRX-I Phase 1 trial on MRSA and VRE infection 0 None
2012-04-23 BAMC/SAMMC researcher develops microemulsion vaccine carrier 0 None
2012-04-23 Preliminary data hint at how neem extracts may stop replication of HIV virus 0 None
2012-04-23 Praziquantel drug can safely cure snail fever in infants 0 5
2012-04-23 Study shows how MRSA epidemics may emerge and spread at molecular level 0 None
2012-04-22 Measles report card for 2011 shows too many cases 1 None
2012-04-21 Scientists identify link between different strains of malaria parasites 0 None
2012-04-21 Single biennial HIV prevention conference planned 0 None
2012-04-21 AADR acknowledges review that examines link between ASVD and periodontal disease 0 None
2012-04-21 Kala-azar disease 'still raging' in remote areas of South Sudan, VOA reports 0 None
2012-04-21 UNAIDS welcomes new WHO guidelines for HIV testing, counseling, ART for couples 0 None
2012-04-21 To achieve AIDS-free generation, needs of youth living with HIV must be addressed in transition services 0 None
2012-04-21 Need to invest in new HIV prevention methods remains 'urgent,' International Microbicides Conference hears 0 None
2012-04-20 New data from descriptive sub-analysis of patients with compensated liver cirrhosis 0 None
2012-04-20 Honduras becomes first LAC country to launch national plan to combat NTDs 0 None
2012-04-20 Researchers examine impact of user experience with topical vaginal gels against HIV 0 None
2012-04-20 Study determines importance of bacterial infections in cirrhosis 0 None
2012-04-20 New data provides hope for HCV non-responders 0 None
2012-04-20 New data shows consolidation of interferon-free revolution in HCV treatment 0 None
2012-04-20 Blog examines potential effects of AIDS funding cuts, shortfalls 0 None
2012-04-20 Access to family planning services important for adolescent women 0 None
2012-04-20 Guardian blog examines potential impact of Global Fund reform on organization's future 0 None
2012-04-20 Bristol-Myers Squibb announces results from daclatasvir plus asunaprevir Phase II HCV study 0 None
2012-04-20 WHO releases guidance on couples testing, counseling, including ART for discordant couples 0 None
2012-04-20 NSABB calls for global guidelines for conducting, communicating research involving dangerous pathogens 0 None
2012-04-20 U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator tells GlobalPost State Department reviewing nearly $1.5B in unused PEPFAR funding 0 None
2012-04-20 Entire HCV lifecycle can be recapitulated in murine cells 0 None
2012-04-20 Final results from MSD’s VICTRELIS plus PEGINTRON Phase III trial on HCV treatment-related anemia 0 None
2012-04-20 Babies rarely became ill from MRSA infections: Study 0 None
2012-04-19 BuruliVac project getting closer to a vaccine 0 None
2012-04-19 EASL publishes new clinical practice guideline on ALD 0 None
2012-04-19 Two studies show true impact of liver disease across Europe 0 None
2012-04-19 Final data from Santaris’ miravirsen Phase 2a trial on HCV to be presented at ILC 2012 0 None
2012-04-19 CSIS report examines future of global health agenda 0 None
2012-04-19 Bristol-Myers Squibb, Janssen expand TMC435, BMS-986094 clinical collaboration agreement 0 4
2012-04-19 U.S. delegation expresses support for two vaccination campaigns while in Haiti 0 None
2012-04-19 Trust, invest in African ministries of health to create sustainable health care solutions 0 None
2012-04-19 Poor ART adherence, understanding threatening to undermine gains against HIV/AIDS in Nepal 0 None
2012-04-19 Researchers, advocates meet in Sydney to discuss state of microbicide, HIV prevention research 0 None
2012-04-19 White House science adviser responds to inquiry regarding handling of H5N1 research controversy 0 None
2012-04-19 Researchers present findings of retrospective analysis of microbicide study at international conference 0 None
2012-04-19 Secondary Speckle Sensing Microscopy may rapidly and accurately diagnose malaria 0 None
2012-04-19 Results from Presidio’s PPI-668 Phase 1a-1b trial on chronic HCV 0 None
2012-04-19 Scientists identify hypervirulent Salmonella bacteria 0 4
2012-04-19 Oral bacteria may cause problems in arthritis patients 0 None
2012-04-18 Anti-HIV pill could prevent thousands of new infections: Study finds 0 None
2012-04-18 Comparing publicly available hospital readmission rates can lead to misinformation 0 None
2012-04-18 Strengthening collective voice, influence of biomedical researchers in global health field 0 None
2012-04-18 New PBC tool for prioritizing laboratory-based CD-4 cell count testing 0 None
2012-04-18 Genetically modified mouse mimics key features of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease 0 None
2012-04-18 Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus senses and reacts to host cell's impending death 0 None
2012-04-18 Voluntary testing, counseling for HIV decreases unprotected sex acts among cocaine, heroin users 0 None
2012-04-18 Study sheds light on why ageing makes us more susceptible to gum disease 0 None
2012-04-18 No added HIV risk with hormonal contraceptives 0 None
2012-04-17 Flu outbreak at veterans home 0 None
2012-04-17 Responses to U.S. nomination of Jim Kim for World Bank presidency 0 None
2012-04-17 ACS, CDC partner to improve surgical patient safety 0 None
2012-04-17 Genetically modified mosquitoes offer hope of malaria eradication amid growing drug resistance 0 None
2012-04-17 Use of sewage-contaminated water to irrigate crops poses disease risk in Zimbabwe, IRIN reports 0 None
2012-04-17 International Microbicides Conference to discuss state of HIV prevention research 0 None
2012-04-17 FDA grants 510(k) clearance for QIAGEN’s molecular detection PCR technology 0 None
2012-04-16 Canadian docs recommend HPV vaccine for boys 0 None
2012-04-16 Salmonella link with yellowfin tuna: mass recall follows 0 None
2012-04-16 Rotavirus infects certain blood types 0 None
2012-04-16 DEP exposure suppresses function of phagocytic immune cells 0 None
2012-04-16 NTD experts push forward on plan to eradicate yaws 0 None
2012-04-16 Scientists identify which T. gondii strains are linked with severe illness in U.S. infants 0 None
2012-04-16 Daily Monitor analysis examines history of male circumcision debate 1 1
2012-04-16 UAB receives NIDCR grant to create national dental practice-based research network 0 None
2012-04-16 Cholera vaccination pilot project begins in Haiti 0 None
2012-04-16 Next five years important for S. Africa to show it can effectively respond to HIV, TB 0 None
2012-04-16 As world's first polio vaccine turns 57, scientists working to develop better alternatives 0 None
2012-04-16 Politico Pro examines reaction to Melinda Gates's TEDxChange speech on family planning 0 None
2012-04-16 UTMDACC to offer free head and neck cancer screening exams on April 27 0 None
2012-04-16 Study finds feasible and impactful solutions for Nigeria's immunization program 0 None
2012-04-15 HPA urges routine vaccination after surge of whooping cough cases 0 None
2012-04-15 Bat on a plane gives rise to rabies exposure risk: CDC report 0 None
2012-04-12 Flu shots offered to populations at risk at the beginning of season 0 None
2012-04-12 Sri Lankan health officials report increase in number of dengue cases in first quarter compared to 2011 0 None
2012-04-12 IPS examines how HIV/AIDS affects women in western Nepal 0 None
2012-04-12 Guardian examines Swaziland's HIV epidemic 3 None
2012-04-12 Dubai Cares makes $1M donation for deworming program in Angola 0 None
2012-04-12 DNDi, AstraZeneca enter collaboration on drug-compound screening for NTDs 0 None
2012-04-12 VOA health report examines health needs in Burma amid recent political changes 0 None
2012-04-12 Discontinuing antibiotic used to prevent opportunistic infections among HIV patients could increase risk of malaria, diarrhea 0 None
2012-04-12 New preoperative prepping kit to address surgical site infection risk 0 None
2012-04-12 Financial Times analysis examines efforts to address dual risk research 0 None
2012-04-12 Genocea to highlight progress in malaria vaccine development at World Vaccine Congress 0 None
2012-04-12 MSF expresses concern over proposed FY13 spending reduction for PEPFAR 0 None
2012-04-12 Scientists create reference guide for harmful germs in sand 0 None
2012-04-12 Communications engineers join fight against AIDS in Africa through wireless printer program 0 None
2012-04-12 PATH Blog examines organization's work in malaria through affiliate drug development program 0 None
2012-04-12 Support for Global Fund helps work of PEPFAR 0 None
2012-04-12 Quest Diagnostics receives FDA clearance for Simplexa C. difficile Universal Direct test 0 None
2012-04-12 FDA takes three steps to protect public health and promote judicious antimicrobial use 0 None
2012-04-12 GAVI Alliance secures deal to purchase rotavirus vaccines from GlaxoSmithKline, Merck 0 None
2012-04-12 PURE Bioscience launches new disinfectant/sanitizer product 0 None
2012-04-12 FDA clears Cerecor’s FP01 IND for treatment of cough 0 None
2012-04-12 Participation of big pharma companies critical to success of drug patent pools 0 None
2012-04-11 Influenza vaccine recommended but select the appropriate vaccine 0 None
2012-04-11 Inexpensive female genital schistosomiasis prevention could help reduce women's risk of HIV infection 0 None
2012-04-11 Study shows how biofilms form on implanted devices 0 None
2012-04-10 Akorn launches generic Vancocin for treatment of CDAD 0 None
2012-04-10 New initiative focusing on GBV and HIV/AIDS will help prevent both 0 None
2012-04-10 Prepositioning of supplies, knowledge to handle disease outbreaks 'future of disaster management' 0 None
2012-04-10 U.S. must embrace competitive election process for World Bank presidency to support Kim's nomination 0 None
2012-04-10 Researchers determine that bacteria are present in the bladders of healthy women 0 None
2012-04-10 Study: Body and head lice are the same species 0 None
2012-04-09 Black fly's blood-sucking tactics may be used for medical advancement 0 None
2012-04-09 New WHO endorsed diagnostic tool for TB 0 None
2012-04-09 GYT campaign kicks off National STD Awareness Month 0 None
2012-04-07 Innovative tool for tracking movement of infectious diseases 0 None
2012-04-07 Food safety lawyer warns of fast-growing tuna sushi Salmonella outbreak 0 None
2012-04-07 Recognizing U.S. contributions to Zambia's fight against malaria 0 None
2012-04-07 Study shows artemisinin-resistant malaria parasite spreading along Thai-Myanmar border 0 None
2012-04-06 Comprehensive approach needed to combat typhoid in Africa, worldwide 0 None
2012-04-06 GAVI announces HPV, rubella vaccines will be available to developing countries 0 None
2012-04-06 Ohio AIDS advocates, patients protest against rationing of lifesaving HIV medicines 0 None
2012-04-06 Global Fund updates global health community advocates on recent changes to organization 0 None
2012-04-06 Key data from Boehringer Ingelheim's hepatitis C virus clinical trial programme 0 None
2012-04-06 2-day meeting examining issues of censorship of scientific studies leaves questions unanswered 0 None
2012-04-06 Scientists identify how Clec9A protein recognises foreign invaders 0 None
2012-04-06 TAM protein complex - a potential antibacterial target 0 None
2012-04-05 Drug resistance woes hamper anti-malaria fight 0 None
2012-04-05 Plasma torch kills surface bacteria in seconds 1 4.5
2012-04-05 Vaccination most promising against asthma 0 None
2012-04-05 U.N. reports increase in cholera cases in Haiti as rains begin 0 None
2012-04-05 TB survivors speak at USAID World TB Day event 0 None
2012-04-05 Drug dispensing robots can harbor dangerous bacteria 0 None
2012-04-05 Results from Abbott’s multiple interferon-free Phase 2 HCV studies to be presented at ILC 2012 0 None
2012-04-05 Government of Sweden announces sub-Saharan Africa strategy for HIV/AIDS, reproductive health 0 None
2012-04-05 Low glycemic index food may help prevent high blood sugar 0 None
2012-04-05 Sexually abused young males more likely to cause teen pregnancy 0 None
2012-04-05 Patients with community-onset CDI have increased risk of colectomy 0 None
2012-04-05 Scripps Florida scientists to create new screening tests for HCV treatment discovery 0 None
2012-04-05 Ventria completes VEN100 phase 2 trial on antibiotic-associated diarrhea 0 None
2012-04-04 Trends in diagnostic coding may explain the cause of decline in pneumonia hospitalizations 0 None
2012-04-04 Haitian cholera epidemic no place for 'good-guy/bad-guy distinctions' 0 None
2012-04-04 Advocates for Youth report examines youth policies within PEPFAR 0 None
2012-04-04 Nuvilex realizes important role for Cell-in-a-Box technology 0 None
2012-04-04 New initiative aims to strengthen regulatory capacity, systems for delivery of medicines in Africa 0 None
2012-04-04 MedImmune's quadrivalent flu vaccine may protect children 0 None
2012-04-04 Discussion of NSABB recommendation to publish controversial bird flu studies to continue in London meeting 0 None
2012-04-04 Scientists discover new anti-HCV antibodies 0 None
2012-04-04 SFU receives NIH grant to develop effective HIV/AIDS vaccine 0 None
2012-04-04 Infections in older adults may increase risk of hospitalization for dangerous blood clots 0 None
2012-04-04 Young girls face increased risk of side effects after Gardasil vaccination 0 None
2012-04-04 Hepatitis B-infected patients with longer telomeres more likely to develop HCC 0 None
2012-04-03 InstantLabs receives PTM certification for Salmonella Species Food Safety Kit 0 None
2012-04-03 South Sudan hoping to mark three years without recording polio case 0 None
2012-04-03 NSABB recommends full publication of controversial bird flu studies 0 None
2012-04-03 PRI's 'The World' examines role of churches in fight against HIV in Swaziland 0 None
2012-04-03 April issue of WHO Bulletin available online 0 None
2012-04-03 Funding shortfalls could hinder implementation of treatment as prevention strategies, Al Jazeera reports 0 None
2012-04-03 Computer model can predict malaria epidemics in India 0 None
2012-04-03 Researchers discover regulation and functional significance of acute phase response during pneumonia 0 None
2012-04-03 Positive outcome from AiCuris’ Letermovir phase 2b trial on HCMV infections 0 None
2012-04-03 Merck announces data from ZOSTAVAX Phase III study on shingles 0 None
2012-04-03 Clemson researcher to continue African sleeping sickness study 0 None
2012-04-02 Controversial study on lethal bird flu virus strain to be published 0 None
2012-04-02 Special fatty molecules pave novel way to treat infections, autoimmune diseases, allergies and cancer 0 None
2012-04-02 IPT has an ongoing protective effect against malaria in infants 0 None
2012-04-02 Rare T follicular helper cells essential for developing antibody responses to infectious agents 0 5
2012-04-02 New York Times examines global response to Haiti's cholera epidemic 0 None
2012-04-02 Novel tetracyclines with improved potency, efficacy against contemporary P. aeruginosa isolates 0 None
2012-04-02 Study sheds light on cellular mechanisms involved in flu resistance 0 None
2012-04-02 NanoViricides reports positive pre-IND meeting with USFDA for FluCide 0 None
2012-04-02 Phage therapy can combat Pseudomonas infections in CF patients 8 3.4
2012-04-02 ViiV, Shionogi announce initial results from dolutegravir Phase III study on HIV-1 0 None
2012-04-02 Bruker announces new protocols and reference libraries for mycobacteria, multicellular fungi 0 None
2012-04-02 Vaccines for measles may not increase risk of febrile seizures in 4-6 year olds 0 None
2012-04-02 ERS, ECDC publish European Union Standards for Tuberculosis Care 0 None
2012-04-02 Bruker announces collaboration with UMCG within new ENRIA 0 None
2012-03-31 Report examines political history of international AIDS conferences 0 None
2012-03-31 India's success against polio is promising step in defeating disease worldwide 0 None
2012-03-31 Study examines TB services in prisons in countries receiving Global Fund grants 0 None
2012-03-31 U.S. releases policy requiring dual-use biological research reviews amid bird flu debate 0 None
2012-03-31 'Large-scale action' needed in Myanmar to prevent spread of artemisinin-resistant malaria parasites 0 None
2012-03-31 Dengue infection makes mosquito's blood feeding more efficient 0 None
2012-03-31 Data from Cempra's CEM-101 Phase 2 trial on N. gonorrhoeae infections to be presented at ECCMID 0 None
2012-03-31 Data from Cempra's CEM-101 Phase 2 trial on CABP to be presented at ECCMID 0 None
2012-03-31 Abbott receives CE Marking for PLEX-ID instrument and assays 0 None
2012-03-31 FDA approves Roche's cobas p 630 pre-analytical instrument 0 None
2012-03-31 Cancer patients with CDI may benefit from DIFICLIR drug 0 None
2012-03-31 IPS reports on research study examining knowledge, beliefs of cervical cancer among Argentinian women 0 None
2012-03-30 Risk of botulism at California fish processing company 0 None
2012-03-30 Stop TB Partnership, TAG release report on tuberculosis research funding 0 None
2012-03-30 Infection with dengue virus turns on feeding-related genes in mosquitoes 0 None
2012-03-30 Basidiobolomycosis appears to be emerging in the Southwestern U.S. 0 None
2012-03-30 Researchers, experts debate publication of H5N1 research amid updated studies 0 None
2012-03-30 Small electrical sensors can quickly detect MRSA infection 0 None
2012-03-30 Scientific research is crucial to preventing, controlling, eradicating infectious diseases 0 None
2012-03-30 Health workers feeling effects of staff, supply shortages at clinics in southwestern Uganda 0 None
2012-03-30 Treatment areas of ambulances fared well when tested for dangerous bacteria 0 None
2012-03-30 Women with HIV superinfection have more potent antibody responses 0 None
2012-03-30 NABJ convenes first day of annual Media Institute on Health conference 0 None
2012-03-30 HPV-related head and neck cancer on the rise among middle-aged white men 0 None
2012-03-29 Avian and swine flu viruses hijack genetic regulators during human infection 0 None
2012-03-29 Nomir announces data from Noveon Laser pivotal trial on onychomycosis 0 None
2012-03-29 Ethiopia's workplace HIV/AIDS policy aims to help employers, employees nationwide 0 None
2012-03-29 Vaccination for HPV reduces risk of renewed disease 0 None
2012-03-29 Global Fund's general manager discusses future direction, achievement of fund in interview 0 None
2012-03-29 Broad-ranging CVBD prevention key element of animal health planning 0 None
2012-03-29 Lack of aid money in Haiti threatening health, human rights of displaced people, U.N. official warns 0 None
2012-03-29 Philippines health department reports 72% increase in number of HIV cases recorded in February 2012 versus 2011 0 None
2012-03-29 Mere presence in a room can add 37 million bacteria 0 None
2012-03-29 P. falciparum colonizes America via two separate introduction routes: Study 0 None
2012-03-29 CDC Director provides update on AIDS epidemic in anticipation of AIDS 2012 conference 0 None
2012-03-29 Single-port laparoscopic appendectomy performed at Valley Presbyterian Hospital 0 None
2012-03-29 Interleukin, U-M School of Dentistry complete enrollment in PST Genetic Test study 0 None
2012-03-29 Malaria funding has helped prevent nearly 1M child deaths over past decade, study finds 0 None
2012-03-29 FDA approves Avioq HTLV-I/II Microelisa System 0 None
2012-03-28 Researcher joins nationwide effort to monitor resistance to antibiotics 0 None
2012-03-28 Cholera vaccination campaign still stalled in Haiti, NPR reports 0 None
2012-03-28 India's public, private sectors must do more to control TB 0 None
2012-03-28 UofL researcher receives patent for novel biochemical discovery 0 None
2012-03-28 Insecurity threatening success of West, Central African mass polio vaccination campaign 0 None
2012-03-28 HAART does not completely suppress HIV in sexually active MSM 0 1
2012-03-28 Pakistan's draft bill that would punish parents for not vaccinating children 'misses the mark' 0 None
2012-03-28 First clinical trial to evaluate intravenous antibiotics for CF lung infection 0 None
2012-03-28 World Bank presidential nominee Kim begins 7-country 'listening tour' to promote candidacy 0 None
2012-03-28 Opinion pieces, blog posts, editorial respond to nomination of Jim Yong Kim to lead World Bank 0 None
2012-03-28 South African mines must have HIV, TB, workplace safety policies to receive license, Minister says 0 None
2012-03-28 Inadequate government TB program, lax drug sale regulations contributing to MDR-TB cases in India, health groups say 0 None
2012-03-28 Study: 20.1M individuals infected with HEV across 9 world regions 0 None
2012-03-28 United Nations Foundation launches Nothing But Nets campaign 0 None
2012-03-28 New microfluidic chip more effective in detecting flu outbreaks 0 None
2012-03-27 Improvement in collaboration between TB and HIV services saves 910 000 lives 0 None
2012-03-27 National biosecurity panel to hold closed-door meeting on bird flu research 0 None
2012-03-27 MedImmune receives FDA approval for FluMist Quadrivalent vaccine 0 None
2012-03-27 BRICS countries increasing global health, development aid, report says 0 None
2012-03-27 U.N. SG Ban calls for global effort to fight TB on World TB Day 0 None
2012-03-27 White House nominates global health expert Jim Yong Kim to head World Bank 0 None
2012-03-27 Promotion and education of female condom prevent HIV and save medical care costs 0 None
2012-03-27 Chevron recognized as first 'Global Fund Corporate Champion,' VOA News reports 0 None
2012-03-27 Pharmaplan, Moberg Derma to distribute Nalox/Emtrix in South Africa 0 None
2012-03-27 South African government plan aims to eliminate new HIV, TB infections within 20 years 0 None
2012-03-27 Opinion pieces, editorials, blog posts recognize World TB Day 0 None
2012-03-27 IU biologist to genetically modify variants of chlamydia 0 None
2012-03-27 Tips to prevent tick-borne diseases 0 None
2012-03-27 Study reveals how HSV-1 virus overcomes intrinsic host defenses 0 None
2012-03-27 Researchers launch major aspirin trial to eradicate H. pylori 0 None
2012-03-27 Vaccine to prevent Campylobacter in chickens can help reduce food-borne illness 0 None
2012-03-27 Ripeness of fruit determines how food-poisoning bacteria grow on them 0 None
2012-03-26 Time for no-fault vaccination compensation 0 None
2012-03-26 India’s TB treatment inadequate raising risk of drug resistance 0 None
2012-03-26 USPTO issues patent to Inovio's SynCon H1N1 influenza vaccine 0 None
2012-03-26 Periodontal treatment may decrease medical care costs for people with diabetes 0 None
2012-03-26 Researchers perform first scientific evaluation of high-fluoride toothpaste 1 None
2012-03-26 Bacteriophages can tackle drug-resistant bacterial infections 0 None
2012-03-26 S. gordonii may trigger infective endocarditis 0 None
2012-03-26 GenVec announces data from respiratory syncytial virus vaccine program 0 None
2012-03-26 Researchers identify gene that influences how we respond to flu infection 0 None
2012-03-26 Researchers pinpoint new mechanism that potently activates T-cells in leprosy 0 None
2012-03-23 New method to easily identify cause of rare diseases 0 4
2012-03-23 Polio eradication must be achieved or world risks rise in number of cases 0 None
2012-03-23 Swazi, South African activists march to U.S. consulate in Johannesburg to call for emergency Global Fund meeting 0 None
2012-03-23 U.N. SG calls for 'global solidarity' in fight against TB 0 None
2012-03-23 Bringing together NTD and WASH sectors of public health 0 None
2012-03-23 Blog posts comment on World TB Day 0 None
2012-03-23 Lancet editorial calls for TB control, elimination efforts to be on G20 agenda 0 None
2012-03-23 NGOs release joint statement calling for governments to increase payments to Global Fund to fill gap in TB funding 0 None
2012-03-23 MSF warns MDR-TB is more widespread than previously thought 0 None
2012-03-23 Investigators identify proteins that may indicate fetus at risk for UTI-induced prematurity 0 1
2012-03-23 UC Riverside to study molecular basis of hormonal regulation of mosquito reproduction 0 None
2012-03-23 Human Immunity to Tuberculosis conference to take place from April 13-14 0 None
2012-03-23 U.N.-backed campaign aims to vaccinate 111M children in 20 countries against polio over 4 days 0 None
2012-03-23 UI receives three grants to hasten discovery of new TB therapeutics 0 None
2012-03-23 Emergent receives NIAID grant to advance development of MVA85A TB vaccine 0 None
2012-03-22 Working together to fight TB 0 None
2012-03-22 VOA News examines polio eradication efforts in Pakistan 0 None
2012-03-22 Extreme norovirus flexibility may allow for broad antibody recognition 0 None
2012-03-22 U of S professor receives Canada Gairdner Wightman Award 0 None
2012-03-22 Experts discuss significant findings from CROI in video interview 0 None
2012-03-22 Researchers unveil 'blueprint' to guide next steps in TB vaccine development 0 None
2012-03-22 LSHTM professor receives Canada Gairdner Global Health Award 0 None
2012-03-22 Global Fund spotlights contributions of public-private partnerships in event on Capitol Hill 0 None
2012-03-22 New genotype may be responsible for sharp rise in whooping cough 1 None
2012-03-22 TGA clears Bioline's illumigene Group B Streptococcus test 0 1
2012-03-21 Whooping cough outbreak despite vaccination 0 5
2012-03-21 Cannabinoid drugs can directly inhibit HIV in late-stage AIDS 2 1
2012-03-21 USAID World TB Day website 0 None
2012-03-21 China's Ministry of Health reports about 900,000 cases of active TB in 2011 0 None
2012-03-21 Center for Global Health Policy interviews TB expert in advance of World TB Day 0 None
2012-03-21 Top scientific experts publish new TB vaccine Blueprint 0 None
2012-03-21 TB Alliance launches Phase II clinical trial to test new drug regimen among people with TB, MDR-TB 0 None
2012-03-21 Transforming biomedical research to develop TB vaccines 0 None
2012-03-21 BPA alters uterus structure leading to potentially fatal infection 0 None
2012-03-21 Reuters examines global rise in drug-resistant tuberculosis cases 0 None
2012-03-21 Closer to effective screening for TB 0 None
2012-03-21 IDSA releases new rhinosinusitis guidelines 0 None
2012-03-20 New vaccine strategy to advance solutions for tuberculosis 0 None
2012-03-20 Sharp rise recorded in cases of new strain of whooping cough: New genotype may be evading vaccine’s protective effects 0 None
2012-03-20 Chemists produce first high resolution structure of HCV viral RNA-inhibitor complex 0 None
2012-03-20 World Bank report calls for increased HIV prevention efforts in Africa 0 None
2012-03-20 FDA, Agilent partner to develop new tools for detection of salmonella subtypes 0 None
2012-03-20 New antibiotic shows promise against bovine mastitis 0 None
2012-03-20 CSIS report examines HIV prevention, care among people who inject drugs in Ukraine 0 None
2012-03-20 WHO hopes for release of bird flu studies, prepares for second meeting on controversy 0 None
2012-03-20 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement honors two experts on air pollution 0 None
2012-03-20 U-M teams up with India's top academic medical programs for trauma care research 0 None
2012-03-20 Study identifies new hypervariable regions in human gut viruses 0 None
2012-03-20 Infection preventionists, healthcare epidemiologists play key roles in promoting antimicrobial stewardship 0 None
2012-03-20 AIDS survey preliminary data show stagnation in Uganda's HIV prevalence, need for improved prevention strategies, experts say 0 None
2012-03-19 TB Alliance launches new combination drug trial 0 None
2012-03-19 Common infections could become deadly with increase in antibiotic resistance, WHO's Chan says 0 4
2012-03-19 First international podoconiosis initiative launched 0 None
2012-03-19 PaxVax announces FDA acceptance of IND for PXVX-0200 cholera vaccine 0 5
2012-03-17 Tiny Tim may have suffered from rickets and TB 0 None
2012-03-17 New EU project to assess risk of contaminated food brought in from other countries 0 None
2012-03-17 Greater Than AIDS, SiriusXM OutQ to launch SpeakOUT 0 None
2012-03-17 U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator discusses AIDS 2012 conference 0 None
2012-03-17 Partnerships critical to stopping HIV/AIDS, GBV among women 0 None
2012-03-17 People of faith can work together to make water safe worldwide 0 None
2012-03-17 Cuts to health budget lead to increases in HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB incidence in Greece 0 None
2012-03-17 Zimbabwe's plan to conduct household HIV testing raises concerns among some advocates 0 None
2012-03-17 World Bank report urges African governments, development aid donors to increase HIV prevention efforts 0 None
2012-03-17 The northeastern U.S. should prepare for a surge in Lyme disease this spring 0 None
2012-03-17 Researchers describe preparation of chitosan nanoparticles 0 None
2012-03-17 Only 21 states require public reporting of hospital data on surgical site infections 0 None
2012-03-17 Deletion of Hms1 protein inhibits Candida albicans infection 0 None
2012-03-17 Gates Foundation grants biotech firm Aeras $220 million over 5 years to develop TB vaccines 0 None
2012-03-17 Extremely contagious RSV virus can lead to serious illness in young children 0 5
2012-03-16 Collaborative research discovers genetic marker that identifies pigs with reduced susceptibility to PRRS 0 None
2012-03-16 Study reveals why development of HIV treatments has been difficult 0 None
2012-03-16 Joint initiative to support GBV programs with PEPFAR funding 0 None
2012-03-16 CCN1 protein orchestrates cellular antiviral response in the extracellular matrix 0 None
2012-03-16 U.S. must recommit itself to ending AIDS, scientifically and financially 0 None
2012-03-16 Rapid increase in number of HPV-related oral cancers in the UK 0 None
2012-03-16 Japan makes largest-ever contribution to Global Fund 0 None
2012-03-16 ARV given to HIV-positive children boosts preventive power of key malaria drug, study shows 0 None
2012-03-16 Progress in AIDS fight must be an impetus for increasing investment, sustaining advancements in Africa 0 None
2012-03-16 Kyolic AGE may reduce duration of cold and flu symptoms by 61% 0 None
2012-03-16 High rate of trauma among women with HIV plays a role in the epidemic 0 None
2012-03-16 FDA clears Alma Lasers' novel approach for treatment of nail fungus 0 None
2012-03-15 Food borne ailments from imported products on the rise: CDC report 0 1.5
2012-03-15 More women need regular checks for Chlamydia infection: CDC 0 None
2012-03-15 Imported food leading to more foodborne disease outbreaks 0 None
2012-03-15 Linking HCV infected people with care is key to reducing related mortality and morbidity 0 None
2012-03-15 Scientists discover direct biomarker of Chikungunya fever 0 None
2012-03-15 State legislatures consider bevy of Medicaid, health cost and health program legislation 0 None
2012-03-15 Cote d'Ivoire working to rebuild health care system under new presidential administration 0 None
2012-03-15 Study identifies 190 proteins crucial to the functions of key immune sensors 0 None
2012-03-15 First-ever compulsory license issuance in India could have implications for HIV medication 0 None
2012-03-15 Six reasons why Obama's proposal to cut PEPFAR funding should be rejected by Congress 0 None
2012-03-15 Suspected case of polio under investigation in India, threatens country's eradication efforts 0 None
2012-03-15 UMDNJ to receive TB biomarkers grant from Gates Foundation 0 None
2012-03-15 New study suggests another benefit to antimicrobial stewardship 0 None
2012-03-15 Mobile phones could play a valuable role in helping HIV patients to take medication every day 0 None
2012-03-15 New position paper outlines national approach to antimicrobial stewardship 0 None
2012-03-15 Fecal transplantation effective treatment for recurrent C. difficile infection 0 None
2012-03-15 One in four HIV patients have been sexually abused as a child 0 None
2012-03-15 Largest-ever study of community-wide TB drug prevention did not improve TB control in South African mines 0 None
2012-03-15 Researchers discover how Salmonella thrives in the digestive tract 0 None
2012-03-14 Antibody-based therapies successfully protect monkeys from deadly Ebola and Marburg viruses 0 None
2012-03-14 Azithromycin associated with lower duration of bacterial carriage in E. coli outbreak 0 None
2012-03-13 Bend Research announces licensing agreement with Affinium 0 None
2012-03-13 Inovio achieves strong T cell immune responses in PENNVAX-B Phase I HIV study 0 None
2012-03-13 EBV can infect and may also contribute to lymphomas in man's best friend 0 None
2012-03-13 Medivir initiates two new HPC3001 and HPC3011 phase III trials in HCV 0 None
2012-03-13 Trudeau Institute creates TICRO to expand the scope of biomedical research 0 None
2012-03-13 Global Fund donors 'earmark' funds for capacity-building, Fund's general manager says 0 None
2012-03-13 Scientists at Seattle conference discuss progress, obstacles in fight against HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-03-13 Study addresses how human body controls gamma-herpesviruses 0 None
2012-03-12 Partner reduction strategies essential to reversing spread of HIV 0 None
2012-03-12 Simple device for disinfecting stethoscopes 1 4.5
2012-03-12 U-M to research into treatment for hepatitis C 0 None
2012-03-12 Top-line results from Inviragen's INV21 Phase 1 trial on HFMD 0 None
2012-03-12 Chlamydia has evolved more actively than previously thought 0 5
2012-03-12 New insight into causes of childhood pneumonia 0 None
2012-03-12 ICAP releases results from HPTN 064 Women's HIV Seroincidence Study 0 None
2012-03-12 Hospitals with infection control certification may have lower MRSA BSI rates 0 None
2012-03-12 Epidemic bacteria can damage mucins to enter and infect a body part 0 4
2012-03-12 CDC launches new campaign to combat HIV among African-American women 0 None
2012-03-11 Common sexually transmitted bacterial infection more than doubles risk of HIV 0 1
2012-03-10 South Africa's evolving HIV/AIDS policy 0 None
2012-03-10 Report calls for compensation for people infected by HIV through illegal blood sales in China 0 5
2012-03-09 Two-part blog series details Haiti cholera outbreak, response 0 None
2012-03-09 Integration of HIV, family planning services will 'save women's lives' 0 None
2012-03-09 IDRI receives $1 million RHSC grant to eliminate leprosy 0 None
2012-03-09 Challenges to achieving an AIDS-free generation 0 None
2012-03-09 Studies presented at CROI examine voluntary medical male circumcision 0 None
2012-03-09 New vaccination strategy may effectively eradicate HIV-1 infection 0 None
2012-03-09 PMI successfully generating 'value for money,' according to external evaluation 0 None
2012-03-09 Longer looks: Santorum's pro-government record; Electronic health records and lawsuits 0 None
2012-03-09 Enhanced linkage-to-care strategy helps HIV patients receive, remain in care, study shows 0 None
2012-03-09 Odds of adult mortality lower in PEPFAR focus countries compared with non-focus countries, study shows 0 None
2012-03-09 HDAC inhibitors flush latent HIV infection from hiding 0 None
2012-03-09 Infection with M. genitalium may double African women's HIV risk 0 None
2012-03-09 Enzo Biochem to unveil data on AmpiProbe HCV assay at ESCMID meeting 0 None
2012-03-08 Ugandan government draws up response plan to combat 'nodding disease' 0 None
2012-03-08 Preliminary results of Partners PrEP Study show promise, investigators report at CROI 0 None
2012-03-08 International Women's Day provides opportunity to renew commitment to world's girls 0 None
2012-03-08 Study highlights challenges of adherence in successful deployment of PrEP interventions 0 None
2012-03-08 Study suggests onchocerciasis can be eliminated with sustained distribution of treatment 0 None
2012-03-08 Global health community marks passing of U.S. Rep. Donald Payne 0 None
2012-03-08 Reducing consumption of antimicrobial agents reduces resistance: DANMAP 0 None
2012-03-08 Nature examines how funding shortfalls are hindering efforts to use drugs to curb HIV spread 0 None
2012-03-08 Foreign Affairs examines how push for financial austerity is threatening global health advances 0 None
2012-03-08 UNICEF asks West African governments to prepare for cholera season to prevent widespread outbreak 0 None
2012-03-08 Metformin drug appears to prevent growth of atherosclerosis in patients with HIV 0 5
2012-03-08 Queen's receives NICH&S grant to create vaccine against Pseudomonas 0 None
2012-03-08 New inexpensive medical sensor may simplify diagnosis of diseases 0 None
2012-03-08 Sosei initiates SO-1105 Phase I trial in oropharyngeal candidiasis 0 None
2012-03-07 Fera introduces Sulfacetamide Ointment for conjunctivitis 0 None
2012-03-07 South Africa announces initiative to test thousands of miners for TB 0 None
2012-03-07 Yemen to launch measles vaccination campaign after increase in number of cases, deaths 0 None
2012-03-07 Many Ethiopians coming to camp in search of traditional cure for HIV turn to ARVs, WSJ reports 1 None
2012-03-07 Only about 75% of U.S. HIV/AIDS patients remain in care consistently 0 None
2012-03-06 MTPC, Medicago partner to develop and commercialize three new vaccines 0 None
2012-03-06 Leading AIDS experts issue new HIV guidelines 0 None
2012-03-06 Male circumcision initiative in Kenya fails to meet target for first time, PlusNews reports 1 1
2012-03-06 Rep. Sensenbrenner sends 'fact-finding letter' to White House science adviser about bird flu studies 0 None
2012-03-06 Russia should abandon 'zero-tolerance' approach to drug use and implement proven prevention strategies 0 None
2012-03-06 Zimbabwe parliamentarians lauded for undergoing voluntary HIV counseling, testing and male circumcision 0 None
2012-03-06 Microneedle vaccine patches may effectively protect against flu 0 None
2012-03-06 Mount Sinai researchers argue different views of how to safely handle H5N1 flu viruses 0 None
2012-03-06 WHO reports more than 900,000 lives saved because of HIV/TB care and prevention guidelines, releases updated version 0 None
2012-03-06 AIDS advocacy groups ask Obama to reconsider FY13 budget request for PEPFAR 0 None
2012-03-05 Ukraine Security Secretary says HIV, TB remain threat to nation's security, encourages cooperation with Global Fund 0 None
2012-03-05 Sun-dried tomatoes may be contaminated with hepatitis A virus: Officials warn 0 None
2012-03-05 High blood pressure due to stress maybe due to the immune system 0 None
2012-03-05 Bill Gates meets MTBVAC TB vaccine researchers in Spain 0 None
2012-03-05 Abbott, GenLab collaborate to develop new assay for PLEX-ID automated microbial identification system 0 None
2012-03-05 FDA confirms FluCide pre-IND meeting date with NanoViricides 0 None
2012-03-05 Special computer algorithms can help doctors to make rapid diagnoses of known diseases 0 None
2012-03-05 GVDI develops PERCUGUARD needlestick prevention device 0 None
2012-03-05 Study: Bioavailability similar among four subcutaneous IgG preparations 0 None
2012-03-03 Water treated with ozone eradicates prions 5 5
2012-03-03 Chinese government pledges greater support for organizations fighting HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-03-03 Study examines relationship between conflict, rise in NTDs in Middle East, North Africa 0 None
2012-03-03 VOA examines constitutional debate in Nigeria over government's right to require polio vaccination 0 None
2012-03-03 Zimbabwe's Mugabe urges lawmakers to be tested for HIV, publicly reveal status as part of new initiative 0 None
2012-03-03 HIV rate drops among needle-drug users 0 None
2012-03-03 Sachs says he is 'eager for challenge' of World Bank presidency 0 None
2012-03-03 WHO criticized for not efficiently communicating recommendations on HIV, contraception to African women, PlusNews reports 0 None
2012-03-03 Critical new details about structure of enterovirus 71 0 None
2012-03-02 EC grants marketing authorization for Baxter's VEPACEL to treat influenza A 0 5
2012-03-02 Safe sex apps anyone? 0 None
2012-03-02 Quadrivalent flu vaccine that fights against four strains of Influenza approved 0 None
2012-03-02 HIV among injection drug users declines 0 None
2012-03-02 A longer spring allergy season due to winter's warmer-than-average temperatures 0 None
2012-03-02 WHO, PAHO release new guidelines on mosquito-borne chikungunya virus 0 None
2012-03-02 Scientists determine chemical features of DHPS enzyme's active site 0 None
2012-03-02 Researchers confirm how food poisoning bacteria hijack cell's sense of direction 0 None
2012-03-02 Europe conference to discuss on new HIV indicator diseases 0 None
2012-03-02 CDC official speaks about HIV, TB work in Africa, Haiti 0 None
2012-03-02 Longer looks: Romney's evolution on abortion; The birth of the HIV epidemic 0 None
2012-03-02 Robotic surgery effective in treating oropharyngeal cancer in patients with HPV 0 None
2012-03-02 March issue of WHO Bulletin available online 0 None
2012-03-02 Inexpensive test, treatment for syphilis could save nearly 1M infants annually 0 None
2012-03-02 Kenya's ability to diagnose, treat MDR-TB questioned after mismanagement of patient's case 0 None
2012-03-02 Campaign to elicit donations for health projects from airline travelers winds down amid funding woes 0 None
2012-03-01 U.S. panel may re-evaluate bird flu research after scientists present new data about risks to humans 0 None
2012-03-01 Research into disease fighting foods at UL receives funding boost 0 None
2012-03-01 CD4 T cells can directly kill HIV-infected cells 0 None
2012-03-01 New portable device can quickly diagnose infectious disease 0 None
2012-03-01 Drawing lessons from emerging economies on increasing access to medicines for NTDs 0 None
2012-03-01 China's AIDS Action Plan calls for education, condom distribution to stem spread of HIV 0 None
2012-03-01 Ugandan official expresses concern over rise in TB, emergence of drug-resistant strains 0 None
2012-03-01 Typhoid outbreak spreading in Zimbabwe; Officials working to improve sanitation, drug supply 0 None
2012-03-01 Republican presidential candidate Santorum could be beneficial to global health programs if elected president 0 None
2012-03-01 NKT cells may reduce monocytes accumulation, prevent lung injury in severe flu 1 None
2012-03-01 HPV and smear tests offer more effective approach for cervical screening 0 None
2012-03-01 Researchers observe how cholera decimates competing bacteria and human cells 0 None
2012-03-01 Ultrasound-based TE more accurate in detecting hepatic fibrosis 0 None
2012-03-01 Group requests more research, better communication from WHO on use of hormonal contraceptives, HIV risk 0 None
2012-03-01 First clinical assessment of how interferon fights infections in people 0 None
2012-02-29 FDA approves MedImmune's FluMist Quadrivalent vaccine 0 None
2012-02-29 iBio receives U.S. patent for fusion-protein vaccine technology 0 None
2012-02-29 HIV treatment to be extended to asylum seekers in UK 1 None
2012-02-29 Simple and accurate device to study malaria 0 None
2012-02-29 Women use condoms less frequently during first year of college 0 None
2012-02-29 HPV vaccine recommended for boys 0 None
2012-02-29 Coloplast's InterDry textile receives Most Innovative New Product award from NAFC 0 None
2012-02-29 IRIN examines potential strategies to fight sleeping sickness in Tanzania's rural communities 0 None
2012-02-29 Breakthrough discovery about Rhizobium radiobacter 0 None
2012-02-29 CSIS report recounts adversities faced by Global Fund in 2011, suggests strategies for moving forward 0 None
2012-02-29 Examining link between 'power structures,' disease spread through study of incarceration, HIV treatment 0 None
2012-02-29 Health indicator reports show more HIV-positive South Africans receiving care but costs increasing 0 1
2012-02-29 TMED7 protein can shut down immune system after infection has been cleared 0 None
2012-02-29 WUSM to study children with weakened immune systems 0 None
2012-02-29 Genome sequencing helps characterize S. aureus ST398-NM strain 0 None
2012-02-29 IDWeek 2012 to take place October 17-21 in San Diego 0 None
2012-02-28 Scientists find evidence of a ‘different’ flu virus in bats 0 None
2012-02-28 Scientists discover new pathway necessary for infection to occur with N. gonorrhoeae 0 5
2012-02-28 Blog examines sale of fake malaria drugs in Tanzania 0 None
2012-02-28 Aid group warns of cholera surge as Haiti enters rainy season 0 None
2012-02-28 Ghana Health Service launches initiative to prevent, eliminate NTDs 0 None
2012-02-28 World Bank needs better leadership to achieve goals of reducing poverty 0 None
2012-02-28 Low and high ID50 bacteria act through stealth and frontal attack 0 None
2012-02-28 Swaziland looking to shore up funding for AIDS treatment, testing supplies 0 None
2012-02-28 Study shows incorrect condom use common worldwide 0 None
2012-02-28 Examining HIV/AIDS in Zambian prisons 0 None
2012-02-28 Rapid influenza diagnostic tests highly accurate in children than in adults 0 None
2012-02-28 Study finds traces of bacteria listeria in ready-to-eat fish products in Vancouver 0 None
2012-02-28 New protocol decreases sternum infections in kids by 61% 0 None
2012-02-28 FDA clears Meridian Bioscience's TRU Legionella test 0 None
2012-02-27 Chemically altered osteoporosis drug may fight malaria 0 3
2012-02-27 USPTO issues two patents on 'Novel Shigella protein antigens and methods' to IVI 0 None
2012-02-27 Typhoid on Christmas Island 0 None
2012-02-27 WHO removes India from list of countries with endemic Polio 0 None
2012-02-27 Flu season starts late but may be just as virulent: CDC 0 None
2012-02-27 Cross-protective vaccines will make a bout with influenza less severe 0 None
2012-02-27 BioConnections, Yissum to commercialize kits that detect MDR and XDR infections 0 None
2012-02-27 Scripps Florida receives NIH grant to create novel HIV inhibitors 0 None
2012-02-26 New technique effective in jumpstarting defective immune systems against many diseases 0 None
2012-02-26 Bird flu may be more common and less deadly: Study finds 0 None
2012-02-24 Five things that can aggravate suffering of people with spring allergies 0 None
2012-02-24 South Sudan's army calls for concerted efforts to fight HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-02-24 Two new analyses raise questions about mortality rate of bird flu 0 None
2012-02-24 HIV to be covered under insurance in India beginning in October 0 None
2012-02-24 Despite economic downturn, Global Fund 'needs and deserves' international support 0 None
2012-02-24 Eradication of river blindness in Africa is feasible 0 None
2012-02-24 Additional discussion needed before final decision made on publication of bird flu studies 0 None
2012-02-24 NSF project aims to develop online HIV prevention tools for African-American women 0 5
2012-02-24 Forest Laboratories' Colobreathe dry powder inhaler receives EMA approval 0 5
2012-02-24 India lags in efforts to meet Millennium Development Goals 0 None
2012-02-24 Researchers begin clinical trial of first visceral leishmaniasis vaccine 0 None
2012-02-24 CHAI official discusses Affordable Medicines Facility for Malaria 0 None
2012-02-24 Article in journal Science proposes new look on killer diseases 0 None
2012-02-24 Blog examines gap between mental health disease burden, attention given to problem 0 None
2012-02-24 South Sudan hoping NTD initiative will bring relief from high levels of disease, IRIN reports 0 None
2012-02-24 WHO urging Afghans to vaccinate children for measles following outbreak in western region 0 None
2012-02-24 Unfolded end of Colicin N protein can kill antibiotic-resistant microbes 0 None
2012-02-24 Scientists identify promising strategy for HIV vaccine design 0 None
2012-02-24 Global Fund releases more than $7M to South Africa following request from AIDS organizations 0 None
2012-02-23 MRSA strain in food animals concerns experts 0 3
2012-02-23 Burma needs AIDS funds 0 None
2012-02-23 Sustainable funding needed to reduce Burma's HIV, TB treatment gap 0 None
2012-02-23 Scientific American examines Gates Foundation toilet-design initiative 0 None
2012-02-23 USAID releases external evaluation of President's Malaria Initiative 0 None
2012-02-23 Maintaining differential diagnosis inclusive of infectious etiology may help save children's life 0 3
2012-02-23 South Korea stepping up fight against TB, CBS News reports 0 None
2012-02-23 Studies provide global perspective on condom use problems and errors 0 None
2012-02-23 Scientists employ metagenomics to identify new possible antibiotics against MRSA 0 None
2012-02-23 Cholera epidemic spreads in DRC; Efforts to combat disease remain underfunded, U.N. reports 0 None
2012-02-23 Burma unable to expand HIV, TB treatment programs without more donor support, MSF report says 0 None
2012-02-23 Novartis delivers 100 million child-friendly antimalarial treatments to 39 countries 0 None
2012-02-23 Candida albicans can sense immune status of host cells and evade them 0 None
2012-02-23 International Microbicides Conference to take place from April 15-18 0 None
2012-02-23 First-ever comparative analysis of antimalarial medicines at every step of the parasite's life cycle 0 None
2012-02-23 IDRI launches LEISH-F3 + GLA-SE Phase 1 trial for kala-azar 0 None
2012-02-22 Routine hepatitis C testing of the middle aged could save thousands of lives: CDC report 0 None
2012-02-22 India still faces challenges in efforts to eradicate polio 0 None
2012-02-22 March issue of BMJ's 'Sexually Transmitted Infections' focuses on HIV, health systems 0 None
2012-02-22 PBS NewsHour blog discusses curable, preventable neglected tropical diseases with CDC experts 0 None
2012-02-22 IRIN examines whether poverty reduction schemes can help lower TB rate in developing countries 0 None
2012-02-22 Russian government's censorship of websites with harm reduction methods for drug users helps fuel HIV epidemic, IPS reports 0 None
2012-02-22 WHO meeting decides to extend moratorium on bird flu research, delay full publication of two studies detailing lab-modified strains 0 None
2012-02-22 Study: MRSA jumps from food animals to humans 0 None
2012-02-22 Researchers study specially bred mice to understand annual flu epidemics 0 None
2012-02-22 Promising antibiotic alternative to fight bacteria that causes strep throat 0 None
2012-02-22 EMA grants positive scientific opinion for Pyramax to treat malaria 0 None
2012-02-22 PNAS selects six papers to receive 2011 Cozzarelli Prize 0 None
2012-02-22 Immunization against flu during pregnancy can influence fetal growth 0 None
2012-02-21 CDRD, NGDI-UBC collaborate to combine existing approved drugs to better treat TB 0 None
2012-02-21 New triple-therapies found cost-effective for chronic hepatitis C patients with advanced liver disease 0 None
2012-02-20 Deadly flu virus research may be published for the advancement of science but more risk assessment needed says WHO 0 None
2012-02-20 Natural compound of Chilean avocado plant can combat resistant yellow staphylococci 0 None
2012-02-19 Study reveals potential strength of different anti-HIV combination drugs 0 None
2012-02-19 Bristol-Myers Squibb awards 3 new grants to enhance HBV and HCV prevention, diagnosis and care 0 None
2012-02-18 Norovirus outbreak at the George Washington University campus 0 None
2012-02-18 Shah says 'difficult choices' made in FY13 International Affairs budget request 0 None
2012-02-18 WHO confirms recommendations regarding HIV, female hormonal contraceptives after review of studies 0 None
2012-02-18 Vaccines are for people of all ages, not just children and seniors 0 None
2012-02-18 New, under-recognized, much more potent variant of common bacterium 0 5
2012-02-18 Two-day WHO meeting on bird flu to release statement as soon as possible, WHO official says 0 None
2012-02-18 AHF criticizes Obama administration for global AIDS budget 0 None
2012-02-18 UB researchers express concern about a new variant of Klebsiella pneumoniae 0 None
2012-02-18 Study reveals immune mechanism for surveillance over EBV infection 0 None
2012-02-17 Good surveillance system for FMD can minimize economic losses to Mexican cattle industry 0 None
2012-02-17 Reuters examines security measures taken at labs working with deadly pathogens 0 None
2012-02-17 University of Georgia researcher to develop first Chagas vaccine for pets 0 None
2012-02-17 President Obama's FY13 budget request increases multilateral global health funding 0 None
2012-02-17 Burkina Faso government urged to increase health budget as country faces ARV stock outs 0 None
2012-02-17 Russian NGOs fear fate of HIV harm-reduction programs as planned exit of Global Fund occurs 0 None
2012-02-17 WHO should regulate alcohol consumption with legally binding convention, global health expert says 0 None
2012-02-17 Sandia's decontamination foam now used for meth lab cleanup 0 None
2012-02-17 U of A researcher discovers new vaccine against HCV 0 None
2012-02-17 First accurate predictive model to differentiate between dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever 0 None
2012-02-17 Brandeis professor investigates wallpaper-like liner technology for tackling malaria 0 None
2012-02-17 New way to improve vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases 0 None
2012-02-16 Examining CDC's role in Global HIV, TB research and development 0 None
2012-02-16 AHF dismayed at FDA decision to expedite review for expanded use of Gilead's AIDS drug, Truvada 0 None
2012-02-16 Study aims to eradicate the most common cause of food poisoning 0 None
2012-02-16 Reuters examines upcoming WHO meeting to discuss debate over bird flu research 0 None
2012-02-16 Small cash transfers to young women may help them avoid HIV infection, study suggests 0 None
2012-02-16 Researchers share libraries of chemical compounds to spur development of drug candidates 0 None
2012-02-16 Zimbabwean officials call for improvements to water, sanitation systems to prevent further typhoid outbreaks 0 None
2012-02-16 Oxford Gene Technology develops optimised rare disease sequencing and analysis service 0 None
2012-02-16 Virginia Tech professor to receive Costa Rica's 2011 National Technology Prize 0 None
2012-02-16 Smoking kills healthy bacteria and leads to infection 0 None
2012-02-15 Researchers develop new way to culture TB bacteria 0 None
2012-02-15 Patient feedback on how NHS hospitals are doing important 0 None
2012-02-15 Chemists create new molecule that can tangle inside the DNA for up to 16 days 0 None
2012-02-15 Updated tool to track NTD funding, identify gaps 0 None
2012-02-15 Bird flu controversy an opportunity to set a higher tone for public debate 0 None
2012-02-15 President Obama releases FY13 budget proposal with overall decrease for GHI 0 None
2012-02-15 Tissues in SIV-infected monkeys can ramp up production of Tregs 0 None
2012-02-15 Legislation in Chinese autonomous region would eliminate anonymous HIV testing, require names 0 None
2012-02-15 Water-associated disease outbreaks more likely to occur in high population density areas 0 None
2012-02-15 First study to look at suicide ideation and self-harm in LGBT youths 0 None
2012-02-15 New vaccine can prevent bacterial infection of orthopaedic implants 0 None
2012-02-15 Antibiotic prescriptions do not reduce sinus symptoms 0 None
2012-02-14 Study shows how malaria parasite changes into banana form before sexual reproduction 0 None
2012-02-14 Ugandan government announces $3M plan to fight nodding disease 0 None
2012-02-14 WHO warns battle against leprosy not over in Western Pacific region 0 None
2012-02-14 Scientists create fungi with additional foreign genes to produce chemicals for drugs 0 None
2012-02-14 Pakistan, Afghanistan form joint action plan against polio 0 None
2012-02-14 Stress protein effectively activates replication of HBV in liver cells 0 5
2012-02-14 GAO finds big disparities in prices of some medical devices 0 None
2012-02-14 Promising compound may counteract HIV's ability to hijack CD59 protein 0 None
2012-02-14 Large NTD public-private partnership has greater potential than smaller efforts 0 None
2012-02-14 FDA requests a budget of $4.5 billion to protect and promote public health 0 None
2012-02-14 CSIS report examines polio eradication efforts in Nigeria 0 None
2012-02-14 Fair trade agreement between E.U., India could impede access to medicine for world's poor 0 None
2012-02-14 FDA accepts Gilead's Truvada sNDA and grants Priority Review 0 None
2012-02-14 Compound makes imipenem 16 times more effective against antibiotic-resistant K. pneumoniae 0 None
2012-02-13 Obama's budget demonstrates his strong commitment to end HIV 0 None
2012-02-13 Scientists test new 'therapeutic vaccine' against HIV on volunteers 0 None
2012-02-13 Help combat antibiotic resistance with better patient communication 0 None
2012-02-13 Starving HIV virus could be the basis for future therapy: Study 0 None
2012-02-13 Tenofovir associated with significant risk of kidney damage and chronic kidney disease 0 None
2012-02-13 DARPA awards fourth milestone payment of $3.56M to Medicago 0 None
2012-02-13 Elton John AIDS Foundation awards over $3.2 million in new grants 0 None
2012-02-13 'The Elders' promote 'Girls Not Brides' initiative in India 0 None
2012-02-13 SAMHD1 protein cuts off raw material that HIV needs to create DNA and replicate 0 None
2012-02-13 Sexuality changes throughout life but US policy and research fail to keep up 0 None
2012-02-13 Examining malaria data methodologies 0 None
2012-02-13 Censorship of public health websites by Russian drug agency an 'assault' on HIV prevention 0 None
2012-02-13 BIO President issues statement on FDA guidance for biosimilars 0 None
2012-02-13 Recognizing Global Fund's integration of reproductive health into focus on AIDS, TB, malaria 0 None
2012-02-13 WHO convening meeting in one week to explore opinions surrounding H5N1 bird flu research 1 None
2012-02-13 Benin's government fighting malaria with free treatment, cadre of community health workers 0 None
2012-02-13 Grand Challenges Canada, Gates Foundation announce grants for innovative Global Health projects 0 None
2012-02-13 Proposed intellectual property agreement between E.U., India could affect generic drug exports, advocacy groups say 0 None
2012-02-13 Donor fatigue, funding cutbacks could mean another 50 years of AIDS epidemic, UNAIDS deputy executive director says 0 None
2012-02-12 Study reveals how SAMHD1 works to protect dendritic cells from HIV virus 0 None
2012-02-10 Study investigates how cytokine IFN-λ release is regulated 0 None
2012-02-10 Scientists discover ferocity of immune system after viral infection 0 None
2012-02-10 Researchers call for collective effort to halt increases in drug-resistant gonorrhea 0 None
2012-02-10 Water and sanitation sector must speak up to be included in NTD eradication efforts 0 None
2012-02-10 Malawi faces cholera outbreak after floods lead to declining sanitary conditions 0 None
2012-02-10 UofL to receive Grand Challenges tuberculosis biomarkers grant 0 None
2012-02-10 Administration officials announce new initiatives to promote innovations in global development 0 None
2012-02-10 Forsyth Institute to receive TB biomarkers grant from Gates Foundation 0 None
2012-02-10 Health status of indigenous populations across Asia unknown, putting them at risk, experts say 0 None
2012-02-10 Study investigates concept of 'additionality' in domestic health spending amid foreign donations 0 None
2012-02-10 Grand Challenges Canada announces 15 grants to support rising stars in global health 0 None
2012-02-10 SomaLogic to receive TB biomarkers grant from Gates Foundation 0 None
2012-02-10 State roundup: Iowa ponders HPV awareness program; Md. workers will see pharmacy plan change; Mass. changes saving money for cities 0 None
2012-02-09 Parkinson’s disease gene - parkin explored: Study 0 5
2012-02-09 Important to include men in HIV prevention, treatment programs 0 None
2012-02-09 India's ownership over polio eradication program contributed to success 0 None
2012-02-09 More collaborative, flexible approach needed to combat NTDs 0 None
2012-02-09 USAID-supported programs fighting TB, HIV in Brazil 0 None
2012-02-09 NewsOne examines HIV in Caribbean 0 None
2012-02-09 Examining debate over bird flu research 0 None
2012-02-09 South Asian nations explore ways to strengthen collaboration at forum for health research 0 None
2012-02-09 Conventional method has minimal role in determination of PJI 0 None
2012-02-09 Study implicates 'arms race' between genes and germs 0 4
2012-02-08 Four options for resolving bird flu research debate 0 None
2012-02-08 Guardian blog interviews researcher regarding artemisinin synthesis discovery 0 None
2012-02-08 Action needed to reach ambitious targets set forth in President's World AIDS Day speech 0 None
2012-02-08 USAID provides testing equipment to Vietnam to help speed diagnoses of drug-resistant TB 0 None
2012-02-08 Low-energy handguns can contribute to infection and compartment syndrome 0 None
2012-02-08 U.N. says Asia Pacific region making strides against HIV/AIDS, must address social and legal barriers to treatment, prevention 0 None
2012-02-08 GSK launches Medivir's Xerclear for OTC use in Europe 0 None
2012-02-08 Routine 4CMenB immunizations effective against meningococcal strains in infants 0 None
2012-02-08 Cefpodoxime not effective in treating uncomplicated cystitis in women 0 None
2012-02-08 New smartphone can help people with mental health problems 0 None
2012-02-08 World-renowned researcher to address NTDs at UH, Feb. 10 0 None
2012-02-08 Tailoring TB treatment based on a patient's genetic sequence 0 None
2012-02-07 LE strips can have a role in rapid diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection 0 None
2012-02-07 NQF endorses two surgical outcomes-based measures from ACS NSQIP 0 None
2012-02-07 Forum for Collaborative HIV Research suggests new approach for conducting Phase 3 HIV clinical trials 0 None
2012-02-07 FDA approves ivermectin lotion for treatment of head lice 0 None
2012-02-07 National Black HIV/AIDS Day brings new statistics 0 None
2012-02-07 Antiretroviral therapy does not increase severity of psychiatric disorders 0 None
2012-02-07 Proactive test-and-treat case-detection strategy can combat malaria 0 None
2012-02-07 U.N. supporting yellow fever vaccination campaigns in Cameroon, Ghana 0 None
2012-02-07 LE strips can rapidly diagnose periprosthetic joint infection 0 None
2012-02-07 Closing the 'cancer divide' between developing and developed countries 0 None
2012-02-07 WHO disputes study's claims that global malaria deaths are double current estimates 0 None
2012-02-07 Supporting scientific evidence under PEPFAR to end AIDS 0 None
2012-02-07 Dispute over malaria figures highlights lack of certainty in data in age of 'information overload' 0 None
2012-02-07 Economic transformation in Latin America an opportunity to improve NTD strategies, DNDi regional director says 0 None
2012-02-07 Closing elementary and secondary schools can help slow pH1N1 transmission 0 None
2012-02-07 Whole-genome sequencing helps trace the path of European E. coli outbreak 0 None
2012-02-06 Positive data from Chimerix CMX001 Phase 2 study on CMV disease 0 None
2012-02-06 Asian bird flu update for Ferbruary 2012 0 None
2012-02-06 Panel discussion shows heated controversy over H5N1 research 0 None
2012-02-06 GSK voluntarily pauses enrollment in GSK2251052 clinical trials for cUTI 0 None
2012-02-06 BioLineRx, Genoscience and RFS Pharma enter agreement for BL-8030 Hepatitis C treatment 0 None
2012-02-06 Business Group urges flu shot requirements for hospital workers 0 None
2012-02-06 CD74 molecule plays a guiding role in immune responses against diseases 0 None
2012-02-04 Analysis looks at cost effectiveness of simultaneously confronting several diseases 0 None
2012-02-04 Global malaria deaths twice as high as previously estimated, IHME study suggests 0 None
2012-02-04 WHO finds very high levels of drug-resistant TB in Russia, Moldova 0 None
2012-02-04 African scientists' search for female-controlled microbicide gel to prevent HIV continues 0 None
2012-02-04 DRC facing decline in donor funding, HIV treatment shortage 0 None
2012-02-04 Republican win in 2012 election could spell end of international family planning programs 0 None
2012-02-04 Al Jazeera speaks with experts about new NTD initiative 0 None
2012-02-04 Kenyan AIDS official says country has sufficient funding to support programs through 2016 0 None
2012-02-04 Link between health and schooling among fleeing children 0 None
2012-02-04 New editorial offers clarity on confusing drug and alcohol addiction terminology 0 None
2012-02-04 'Humanosphere' blog examines roles of former President Carter, researcher Foege in fighting NTDs 0 None
2012-02-03 Newly divorced middle aged women more vulnerable to contract HIV and other STDs 0 None
2012-02-03 Worldwide malaria death figures - a gross underestimate, finds latest research 0 None
2012-02-03 New MRSA ‘superbug’ worries experts 0 5
2012-02-03 Doctors, NPs often issue orders to HIV patients to maintain adherence- Problem solving rare 0 None
2012-02-03 Ensure future for Global Fund or 'forfeit' chance at 'AIDS-free generation' 0 None
2012-02-03 One part of HIV/AIDS series examines Germany's government policies surrounding epidemic 0 None
2012-02-03 Mexico sees spike in swine flu after two years of low transmission 0 None
2012-02-03 Plasma can be an effective method to kill pathogens on uncooked poultry 0 None
2012-02-03 Presentation highlights contributions of FBOs to global health 0 None
2012-02-03 Opinion pieces discuss bird flu research controversy 0 None
2012-02-03 Viewpoints: Censoring flu research; Assailing Komen's move to cut Planned Parenthood funding 0 None
2012-02-03 Media outlets examine Global Fund's future as it enters second decade 0 None
2012-02-03 Capitol Hill briefing examines PEPFAR work 0 None
2012-02-03 Researchers identify fexinidazole as potential new therapy for visceral leishmaniasis 0 None
2012-02-03 Version of 'Goldilocks' gene could determine future treatment for TB patients 0 None
2012-02-02 Australian bird flu scare spurs widespread poultry bans 0 None
2012-02-02 Pilot program in Tanzania to improve TB detection shows promise, IRIN reports 0 None
2012-02-02 ACIP recommends changes in 2012 Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule 0 None
2012-02-02 South African government officials recall defective condoms 0 None
2012-02-02 GSK CEO speaks about new NTD public-private partnership 0 None
2012-02-02 Scientists establish HCV infection in liver-like cells derived from iPSCs 0 None
2012-02-02 Collapse of Global Fund would stall global health efforts 0 None
2012-02-02 National Science Advisory Board explains decision to censor bird flu research 0 None
2012-02-02 Poor quality vaccination campaigns, lack of government commitment helping polio spread in Chad 0 None
2012-02-02 Tips to avoid infections during Valentine's Day 0 None
2012-02-02 WSU research project to promote HIV testing in African-Americans 0 None
2012-02-01 FDA clears Roche's new test for detection of CT and NG infections 0 None
2012-02-01 First large study to establish link between infection and stroke in children 0 None
2012-02-01 Affinium initiates AFN-1252 Phase 2 trial in acute bacterial skin & skin structure infections 0 None
2012-02-01 All players involved with Global Fund must take responsibility for 'past failures,' future support 0 None
2012-02-01 Natural resistance to flu could hold key to universal vaccine 0 None
2012-02-01 Millions of faulty condoms recalled but many remain in circulation in South Africa 0 None
2012-02-01 Bird flu virus research and need for censorship 0 None
2012-02-01 New light on how superbugs become resistant to antibiotics 0 None
2012-02-01 New general manager's banking background beneficial at Global Fund 0 None
2012-02-01 Peptides linked with internal flu viral structures can help develop universal vaccine 0 None
2012-02-01 U.N. provides $9.1M to WHO, UNICEF to help fight cholera in DRC 0 None
2012-02-01 Opinion pieces, blog react to new public-private NTD initiative 0 None
2012-02-01 Opinion pieces recognize Global Fund anniversary 0 None
2012-02-01 ASM to publish special commentaries on NSABB and H5N1 research 0 None
2012-02-01 Media outlets continue to publish expert opinion regarding H5N1 bird flu research 0 None
2012-02-01 Protesting Kenyans call for emergency donor conference to raise $2B for Global Fund 0 None
2012-02-01 Faster, less expensive methods of circumcision being tested, reviewed, New York Times reports 0 None
2012-02-01 Potential way to block second wave of death from pneumonia treatment 0 None
2012-02-01 NanoViricides files FluCide pre-IND briefing document with the FDA 0 None
2012-02-01 Certain strains of P. aeruginosa cause WBCs to produce high levels of histamine 0 None
2012-02-01 Hand hygiene, surgical masks can cut spread of flu-like illnesses upto 75% 0 None
2012-02-01 Study identifies norovirus as major cause of all infection outbreaks in U.S. hospitals 0 None
2012-02-01 NIAID, Aeras partner for Phase II clinical trial of TB vaccine 0 None
2012-02-01 Pneumonic plague bacteria transform lungs into a playground for microbes to flourish 0 None
2012-02-01 Researchers investigate Avian Pathogenic E. coli strains 0 None
2012-01-31 Anti-malarial treatment available to millions of poor Nigerians at a fraction of its normal cost 0 None
2012-01-31 Major effort to tackle neglected tropical diseases 0 None
2012-01-31 Large public-private partnership announced to speed progress against NTDs 0 None
2012-01-31 Clorox launches new H2O2 cleaner disinfectant wipes and spray 0 None
2012-01-31 New general manager discusses future of Global Fund with Wall Street Journal 0 None
2012-01-31 CDC models show scaling up ART for HIV treatment can save money over time 0 None
2012-01-31 HSP40/70 linked to hepatitis C infection 0 None
2012-01-31 Fears of cholera outbreak arise in Zimbabwe after more than 800 cases of typhoid reported 0 None
2012-01-31 New HIS guidelines to minimize surgical infections in day centers, primary care 0 None
2012-01-31 UNAIDS says Africa must rely less on foreign aid for HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention programs 0 None
2012-01-31 GRANITE program to aid in development of new TB fighting methods 0 None
2012-01-31 Experts to discuss controversial studies on avian flu virus at live event 0 None
2012-01-31 Abbott, DNDi partner to research on new treatments for NTDs 0 None
2012-01-31 Cook Medical, Cardinal Health partner to distribute CVC procedural kits in North America 0 None
2012-01-30 Idaho Technology submits FilmArray Respiratory Panel for FDA 510(k) clearance 0 None
2012-01-30 Bird flu detected in Victoria spurs action 0 None
2012-01-30 Reflecting on Africa's successes, challenges in fight against malaria 0 None
2012-01-30 New HIS guidelines to minimise surgical infection in day centres and primary care 0 None
2012-01-30 Previewing inaugural Malaria Policy Advisory Committee 0 None
2012-01-30 NSABB explanation of decision to recommend censoring of bird flu research expected soon 0 None
2012-01-30 Leprosy pathogen exploits micro-RNAs to weaken immune response 0 None
2012-01-30 Study investigates how bacteria change their disguise to evade vaccines 0 None
2012-01-30 Researchers describe malarial enzymes responsible for Vitamin B6 biosynthesis with atomic 3D structures 0 None
2012-01-30 Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California hosts 2012 Annual Conference 0 None
2012-01-30 International Roadmap for TB Research outlines priorities 0 None
2012-01-30 Global Health Frontline News examines clean cookstove efforts in Tanzania 0 None
2012-01-30 IGC researcher awarded ERC Advanced Grant for tissue damage study 0 None
2012-01-30 Ban calls on business leaders to increase investment in women's education, health at WEF 0 None
2012-01-30 Access to, use of sanitation systems cuts odds of worm infection in half, study review shows 0 None
2012-01-30 Nanotechnology firm to develop test for handheld biosensors to detect deadly pathogens 0 None
2012-01-30 Two initiatives launched at WEF with aim of ending new HIV infections among children by 2015 0 None
2012-01-30 Researchers study new strategies to treat patients with influenza 0 None
2012-01-30 Addressing TB prevention, treatment among migrant populations 0 None
2012-01-29 HPV transmission via oral sex practices suggests research 0 None
2012-01-29 DNA sequencing for difficult diagnoses of mitochondrial diseases may hit clinics soon 0 None
2012-01-27 Prevalence of oral HPV infection more common among men: Study 0 None
2012-01-27 Watching transformation of the Global Fund on its 10th anniversary 0 None
2012-01-27 Study explores links between antiretroviral prophylaxis, cleft lip and palate 0 None
2012-01-27 More than 40% of world's population at risk of dengue, WHO fact sheet states 0 None
2012-01-27 DWH signs collaboration agreement with CPDD 0 None
2012-01-27 Bird flu investigator says continuation of research remains 'urgent' despite moratorium 0 None
2012-01-27 Responding to emergence of drug-resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2012-01-27 Reflecting on Global Fund's decade of accomplishment, looking forward to challenges ahead 0 None
2012-01-27 Gates pledges $750 million to Global Fund 0 None
2012-01-27 Mass. Eye and Ear cornea specialist wins RPB Senior Scientific Investigator Award 0 None
2012-01-27 MSF warns about lack of access to antiretroviral treatment in DRC, urges government, donor action 0 None
2012-01-27 New technique to overcome genetic oddity of P. falciparum 0 None
2012-01-27 Gates urges governments, wealthy donors not to cut aid to poor countries; Annual letter sets foundation's priorities 0 None
2012-01-25 New study aims to prevent bacterial infections in sub-Saharan African kids 0 None
2012-01-25 U.S. military provides medical care, education services to women, children in Tanzania 0 None
2012-01-25 U.K. government to increase NTD spending fivefold between 2011 and 2015 0 None
2012-01-25 Universal access to HIV treatment can be achieved 0 3.5
2012-01-25 South Africa's population would be 4.4M more if not for AIDS, data show 0 None
2012-01-25 Celebrating polio eradication efforts in India with 'Guarded optimism' 0 None
2012-01-25 Only one in five young adults received a swine flu shot during 2009-2010 epidemic 0 None
2012-01-25 AIDS journal now available for the iPad 0 None
2012-01-25 OraQuick HIV1/2 test as accurate as traditional blood test 0 None
2012-01-24 Genoscience, BioLineRx to develop and commercialize BL-8020 for HCV 0 None
2012-01-24 Gilead commences GS-7340 Phase 2 trial in HIV 0 None
2012-01-24 Cholesterol receptor allows entry of HCV virus into human liver cells 0 None
2012-01-24 Mass. Gov. again seeks health insurance payment overhaul; Iowa lawmakers review denial of health coverage to residents with HIV 0 None
2012-01-24 No whooping cough deaths in California in one whole year 0 None
2012-01-24 Gal-pagos reptiles living near human settlements harbor antibiotic-resistant bacteria 0 None
2012-01-24 Voluntary action by two research teams to halt work on H5N1 lauded 0 None
2012-01-24 Address drug resistant pathogens as part of 'next stage of global health' 0 None
2012-01-24 Settling controversy surrounding bird flu research will not be easy 0 None
2012-01-24 UNL project to reduce Shiga-toxin producing E. coli threat 0 None
2012-01-24 Scientists halt bird flu research for 60 days amid safety concerns 0 None
2012-01-24 U.S. should assume leadership role in saving Global Fund 0 None
2012-01-24 Pakistan's polio eradication program facing challenges after increase in cases last year 0 None
2012-01-24 China releases updated statistics on HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-01-24 International HIV/AIDS Alliance releases report examining potential effects of Global Fund shortfall 1 None
2012-01-24 New maps, online portal reveal current global pattern of malaria 0 None
2012-01-24 Elderly patients more likely to develop respiratory or gastrointestinal infections after ED visits 0 None
2012-01-24 Pets help women manage HIV/AIDS: Study 0 None
2012-01-23 Study explains how bacterial biofilms expand to form slimy mats on teeth, surgical instruments 0 None
2012-01-23 Cooperation needed to fight TB 0 None
2012-01-23 FDA clears Alere Influenza A&B Test 0 None
2012-01-23 Duke team creates vaccine adjuvant of nanoparticles that target lymph nodes 0 None
2012-01-21 UNAIDS officials say progress being made against HIV/AIDS in Africa, Asia 0 None
2012-01-21 India's Ministry of Health dismisses claims of 'totally drug-resistant' TB 0 None
2012-01-21 Debate over publication of bird flu studies continues in journal opinion pieces 0 None
2012-01-21 Exploring how Peru is addressing drug-resistant TB 0 None
2012-01-21 Resources dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS among MSM 'grossly inefficient,' report says 0 None
2012-01-21 Cutting military medical research funding would jeopardize health of U.S. troops, world's poorest 0 None
2012-01-20 Retail pork products in the U.S. have higher prevalence of MRSA bacteria 0 None
2012-01-20 More than half of high-risk Americans do not receive HBV vaccination 0 None
2012-01-20 MSU focuses on cultural competency to help turn tide of new infections 0 None
2012-01-20 Blog interviews UCLA professor about highly drug-resistant TB 0 None
2012-01-20 Cote d'Ivoire continues to need humanitarian assistance, U.N. official says 0 None
2012-01-20 Shortages of anti-infective drugs can put patients at risk and alter clinical care 0 None
2012-01-20 New research could lead to cheaper, easier production of malaria drug artemisinin 0 None
2012-01-20 About half of eligible and due services are missed during PHEs 0 None
2012-01-20 Antimicrobial impregnated scrubs effective in reducing MRSA 0 None
2012-01-19 Harare maternity clinics reportedly conducting compulsory HIV/AIDS tests on pregnant women 0 None
2012-01-19 Georgetown professors explore balance of national security and scientific freedom 0 None
2012-01-19 New vaccine for deadly meningococcus B 0 1
2012-01-19 New AACN Practice Alert on catheter-associated urinary tract infections 0 None
2012-01-19 Study demonstrates possibility of curing hepatitis C without use of interferon 0 None
2012-01-19 Aspirin may benefit HIV-infected women at risk of cervical cancer 0 None
2012-01-19 The AJMS publishes updates on type 2 diabetes, STIs 0 None
2012-01-19 Community health workers vital to improving health care in Africa 0 None
2012-01-19 New York Times examines history of malaria drug artemisinin 1 None
2012-01-19 Assessing the cost of polio eradication efforts 0 None
2012-01-19 Risks of modifying flu strains to become highly transmissible in humans outweigh benefits 0 None
2012-01-19 NGOs in Balkan countries to establish regional body to fight HIV/AIDS stigma, discrimination 0 None
2012-01-19 USAID's worldwide polio eradication coordinator addresses India's polio progress, global efforts 0 None
2012-01-19 New combo drug helps suppress hepatitis C genotype 1 infection 0 None
2012-01-19 PfSET10 molecule plays a crucial role in malaria infection 0 None
2012-01-19 Soligenix reports results from long-term stability studies of SGX204 anthrax vaccine 0 None
2012-01-19 Gilead Sciences receives FDA approval for Viread to treat pediatric HIV infection 0 None
2012-01-19 Scientists crack genetic code for Schistosoma haematobium 0 None
2012-01-19 Bristol-Myers Squibb agrees purchase of Inhibitex for $2.5Bn 0 None
2012-01-19 TB associated with EGFR mutations in patients with lung adenocarcinoma 0 None
2012-01-19 Alpha-hemolysin may play an unexpected role in UTIs 0 None
2012-01-18 Counterfeit malaria drugs endanger millions of lives 0 None
2012-01-18 Indian, WHO officials to meet to discuss managing cases of highly drug-resistant TB 0 None
2012-01-18 Global Fund executive director urges Ukraine to step up efforts to fight HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-01-18 WHO to take lead role in addressing controversial bird flu research, official says 0 None
2012-01-18 Researchers to anticipate and track risk for infectious disease outbreak at London Olympics 0 None
2012-01-18 Paragon receives JVAP-CBMS contract from DoD 0 None
2012-01-18 Study examines effect of MELD score-based allocation on post-liver transplant kidney failure 0 None
2012-01-18 WHO's Chan urges new approach to preventing, fighting diseases at Executive Board meeting 0 None
2012-01-18 India applauded for marking one year without polio, but urged to also focus on other diseases 0 None
2012-01-18 Ivera receives new FDA clearance for Curos disinfecting port protector 0 None
2012-01-18 U.S. to provide nearly $1B over five years to Bangladesh for poverty, health, agriculture programs 0 None
2012-01-18 Counterfeit, substandard drugs threaten progress in controlling malaria in Africa, researchers report 0 None
2012-01-18 Afghan President Karzai urges Taliban to allow polio vaccination teams into insurgent-controlled areas 0 None
2012-01-18 Researchers develop simple process for synthesis of artemisinin 0 5
2012-01-17 Totally drug resistant Tuberculosis hits India 0 None
2012-01-17 Almac, MGB Biopharma partner to manufacture MGB-BP3 gram positive antibacterial compound 0 None
2012-01-17 Pevion announces further data from clinical study of PEV7 therapeutic Candida vaccine 0 None
2012-01-17 UI chemists debunk misconception about amphotericin 0 None
2012-01-17 New 20-minute procedure effective in treating perforations of the eardrum 0 None
2012-01-17 Study examines weather patterns around the time of flu pandemics 0 None
2012-01-17 Matted lymph nodes may predict throat cancer metastasis 0 None
2012-01-17 New way to block HCV infection in the liver 0 None
2012-01-15 One year and no recorded polio cases in India 0 None
2012-01-13 HHS Secretary Sebelius helps India mark one year since last recorded polio case 0 None
2012-01-13 Despite one year without polio cases, threat of disease still looms in India 0 None
2012-01-13 Al Jazeera examines candidate malaria vaccine, other ongoing efforts to thwart the disease 0 None
2012-01-13 Suing others for spread of disease ignores dynamics of infectious disease 0 None
2012-01-13 Many seniors with kidney disease are good candidates for transplants 0 None
2012-01-13 Wildlife products smuggled into U.S. pose potential human health risk, study suggests 0 None
2012-01-13 Study describes first known case of necrotizing fasciitis from bath salts 1 5
2012-01-13 WHO to convene meeting on yaws eradication efforts based on study of oral treatment 0 None
2012-01-13 Three Democratic Senators express concern over distribution of U.S. Haitian earthquake aid 0 None
2012-01-13 Non-toxin vaccine shows promise against lethal anthrax infection 0 None
2012-01-13 India marking health achievement in polio-free year but cautious optimism remains among some experts 0 None
2012-01-13 New lab test quickly identifies bacterium responsible for staph infections 0 None
2012-01-13 NIH official discusses reaction to bird flu studies, development of publishing mechanism in Nature interview 0 None
2012-01-13 African bats have antibodies that neutralize deadly Hendra virus 0 None
2012-01-13 International health groups ally to fight cholera in Haiti; Officials emphasize need for sanitation infrastructure 0 None
2012-01-12 Reaching WHO PMTCT goal in Zimbabwe 0 None
2012-01-12 National Biosecurity Board to review state of bird flu research 0 None
2012-01-12 New NIST clinical SRM can help in accurate CMV detection and treatment 0 5
2012-01-12 COPDF announces expansion of Bronchiectasis Research Registry 0 None
2012-01-12 HIV/AIDS awareness workshop held in Pakistan 0 None
2012-01-12 Office-based medical practice can promote vaccination in adults 0 None
2012-01-12 Study confirms condom use reduces risk of HIV infection by 78% 0 None
2012-01-12 Investing in Frontline Health Workers effective in saving lives of mothers, children 0 None
2012-01-12 Children with autism, gastrointestinal symptoms have high levels of Sutterella in their gut 0 None
2012-01-12 Frontline Health Workers Coalition launches initiative to add 1M health care workers in developing countries 0 None
2012-01-12 Low-voltage alternating current can effectively eradicate E. coli on beef 0 None
2012-01-11 HHS to spend nearly $1.8M to review research volunteer rules, fight STDs in Guatemala; DOJ asks related lawsuit to be dismissed 0 None
2012-01-11 Potential human health risk from illegal wildlife trade 0 None
2012-01-11 Restricting publication of H5N1 research 'more perilous' than threat of biological warfare 0 None
2012-01-11 Findings on cell working could lead to test and therapy for kidney failure caused by E. coli 0 None
2012-01-11 Social media faster than traditional sources in tracking cholera in Haiti, study says 0 None
2012-01-11 Prevalence of cirrhosis may climb among older Americans 0 None
2012-01-11 Rwanda working to meet 2013 goal to medically circumcise 50% of men for HIV prevention 3 1
2012-01-11 Intestinal worm infections may not be bad 0 None
2012-01-11 TB screening, treatment program working to decrease caseload in Kenya 0 None
2012-01-11 Human health depends on mosquito's immune response to pathogens 0 None
2012-01-11 Agilent, Integrated Diagnostics partner to improve protein-based LC/MS assays 0 None
2012-01-11 Precise diagnostic algorithm for fibrosis in HCV patients reduces need for liver biopsy 0 None
2012-01-11 New possibilities for effective treatment of psoriasis 0 4
2012-01-11 Third-party to prepare FDA submittals for NanoLogix 0 None
2012-01-11 Aid group tracks down likely first case in Haiti's cholera outbreak 0 None
2012-01-11 Infectious disease-fighting drugs could be designed to block pathogen's entry into cells 0 None
2012-01-11 Decorative fountain in hospital linked to 2010 Wisconsin outbreak of Legionnaires' disease 0 None
2012-01-11 Warwick researchers and Canadian scientists partner in new project on antibiotic resistance 0 None
2012-01-10 END7 campaign aims to combat seven major NTDs by 2020 0 None
2012-01-10 Report on the value of 'Google Flu Trends' for emergency departments 0 None
2012-01-10 Nigerian leaders sign onto Gates immunization challenge 1 None
2012-01-10 Concerns over using ARV therapy as prevention strategy 0 None
2012-01-10 Cases of totally drug-resistant TB reported in India 0 None
2012-01-10 Haiti faces 'largest' cholera epidemic in modern history, PAHO says 0 None
2012-01-10 CMS increases NLA for T-SPOT.TB test's CPT code 86481 0 None
2012-01-10 Congressional delegation visits Africa to assess impact of U.S.-sponsored projects 0 None
2012-01-10 Modified probiotics could one day decrease risk of Listeria infection 0 None
2012-01-10 CNBG, Aeras reach final agreement to develop new TB vaccines 0 None
2012-01-09 Positive interim data from Idenix IDX184 12-week phase IIb trial on HCV 0 None
2012-01-09 Idenix Pharmaceuticals makes progress with its HCV development pipeline 0 None
2012-01-09 Sangamo BioSciences starts Phase 2 clinical studies to develop functional cure for HIV/AIDS 0 5
2012-01-09 Presidio completes PPI-668 Phase 1a study on hepatitis C 0 None
2012-01-09 Colby's JVRS-100 enhances immunogenicity, cross-protective efficacy of H5N1 influenza vaccine 0 None
2012-01-09 MPIIB, QIAGEN partner to develop latent TB diagnostic test 0 None
2012-01-08 Anthrax defenses need to be strengthened say experts 0 None
2012-01-07 Kenyan government adopts new HIV testing guidelines following WHO recall 0 2
2012-01-07 Pennsylvania Department of Health to provide free influenza and Tdap vaccines 0 None
2012-01-07 Stimflora launches new dietary health product 0 None
2012-01-07 Governments must rethink policies surrounding biosecurity, not resort to censorship 0 None
2012-01-07 WHO confirms bird flu cases in Egypt, China 0 None
2012-01-07 Street News Service/IPS examine challenges of fighting HIV/AIDS in a Senegalese prison 0 None
2012-01-07 Researchers crack structure and function of malarial protein 0 None
2012-01-07 Research roundup: New ethics guidelines for doctors urge cost consideration; HIV testing in teens 0 None
2012-01-07 FDA approval of raltegravir offers new weapon to treat HIV infection in children 0 None
2012-01-06 UNC HIV researcher Cohen discusses his work, HPTN 052 0 None
2012-01-06 New HIV vaccine candidates show promise in monkeys 0 None
2012-01-06 IRIN examines risk of waterborne diseases in Zimbabwe 0 None
2012-01-06 Bringing health solutions to women, children 0 None
2012-01-06 CSIS's Morrison discusses 'end of aids' 0 None
2012-01-06 British Columbia's 'treatment-as-prevention strategy' helping to reduce HIV/AIDS cases, deaths 0 None
2012-01-06 Olympus adds dissolvable sinus spacing and hemostat products to ENT portfolio 0 None
2012-01-06 Tetragenetics reports results from G-SOME H5N1 vaccine preclinical study 0 None
2012-01-06 Researchers identify potential target for schistosomiasis vaccine 0 None
2012-01-05 Hepatitis C vaccine succeeds in an early phase clinical trial 0 None
2012-01-05 Regular moderate exercise reduces risk of catching cold-like infections 0 None
2012-01-05 Boulder Diagnostics, RUNMC enter agreement to market Lyme disease diagnostic test 2 None
2012-01-05 Novel vaccine combinations can protect against infection by SIV 0 None
2012-01-05 Doctors may need to adjust seizure drug doses for people with HIV/AIDS: New AAN guideline 0 None
2012-01-05 Sri Lankan Presidential Task Force against dengue seeing success 0 None
2012-01-05 Study assesses reasons for continued lack of success in prevention, control of Lyme disease 0 None
2012-01-05 BBC examines eastern DRC's battle with malaria 0 None
2012-01-05 Licorice root may play a role in treating and preventing gum disease, tooth decay 0 None
2012-01-05 Ethiopia's PMTCT plan needs men to participate in order to reach goal, experts say 0 None
2012-01-05 FDA issues order prohibiting certain uses of cephalosporins in food-producing animals 0 None
2012-01-05 Investigational HSV vaccine shows promise against two genital herpes diseases 1 None
2012-01-05 Study reveals factors associated with prevention, control of HIV infection 0 None
2012-01-04 Scientists determine structure of endomannosidase enzyme 1 None
2012-01-04 Working in Kazakhstan to end HIV stigma, discrimination 0 None
2012-01-04 PlusNews highlights 10 major HIV headlines of 2011 0 None
2012-01-04 Foreign aid to MICs needs 'more sophisticated approach' instead of cuts 0 None
2012-01-04 WHO issues warning about risks of research on human engineered bird flu 1 None
2012-01-04 India's successful polio vaccination campaign could bring first disease-free year 0<