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2012-04-30 Antibiotic effective for plague gets FDA nod 0 None
2012-04-30 Some public health advocates disagree with Indian government's decision to roll out pentavalent vaccines, IPS reports 0 None
2012-04-30 Financial Times examines Cuban company selling larvicides for malaria control in Africa 0 None
2012-04-30 Dutch government grants export license allowing publication of controversial H5N1 study 0 None
2012-04-30 Capitol Hill event highlights U.S. advancements in malaria science, technology 0 None
2012-04-30 Vitamin D strengthens innate immunity against viral infections 0 4
2012-04-30 FDA approves Levaquin for plague 0 None
2012-04-30 Without sustained investment in malaria fight, world faces resurgence of disease 0 None
2012-04-30 Airborne drones could provide innovative method of delivering food, medicines 0 None
2012-04-30 Bacteria in belly buttons, armpits, and chronic wounds 0 5
2012-04-30 MDGHA, CHAI and Mylan partner to fight childhood deaths caused by diarrhea 0 None
2012-04-30 Milner-Fenwick releases four new ‘Hospital Quality of Care’ videos 0 None
2012-04-30 Electronic survey facilitates testing for STIs in pediatric emergency department 0 None
2012-04-30 UCLA develops compact and cost-effective RDT-reading device 0 None
2012-04-30 CityBusters battle illness on public transit 0 None
2012-04-30 Five U.S. federal agencies provide significant contributions each year to global health R&D 0 None
2012-04-29 CDC dispels fears of air passenger carrying monkeypox 0 None
2012-04-27 IOM releases summary of workshop on drug-resistant TB in India 0 None
2012-04-27 Opinion pieces examine malaria fight in recognition of World Malaria Day 0 None
2012-04-27 Senate committee questions federal officials about dual-use research of concern procedures 0 None
2012-04-27 Malaria researchers discuss achievements, threats to progress at Capitol Hill event 0 None
2012-04-27 Drug-resistant malaria might be spreading in Africa, study suggests 0 None
2012-04-27 Blog continues coverage of International Treatment as Prevention conference in Vancouver 0 None
2012-04-27 Nature outlook examines fight against malaria in Uganda 0 None
2012-04-27 Blogs examine malaria fight in recognition of World Malaria Day 0 None
2012-04-27 Researchers discover small molecules that kill HPV-infected cancer cells 0 None
2012-04-27 Smarter purchasing of bednets could save $630M over 5 years, report suggests 0 None
2012-04-27 U.S. government 'catalyzing' international community to end preventable child deaths 0 None
2012-04-27 USDA: Dairy cow in California tested positive for atypical BSE 0 None
2012-04-27 Kenyan AIDS activists protest over unspent PEPFAR funds 0 None
2012-04-27 Southern African countries could improve GDPs through fiscal policies on HIV treatment 0 None
2012-04-27 Blog posts report on International Treatment as Prevention conference in Vancouver 0 None
2012-04-27 Reviewing changes at the Global Fund 0 None
2012-04-27 Funders should follow lead of U.S. in creating policies for scientific research oversight 0 None
2012-04-27 Guardian, Malaria Consortium hold experts' roundtable discussion on World Malaria Day 0 None
2012-04-27 Ghana launching childhood immunization campaign for rotavirus, pneumococcal disease 0 None
2012-04-27 Handheld plasma-producing device can instantly kill bacteria 0 None
2012-04-27 Seabirds play an important role in dispersal and biodiversity of parasites 0 None
2012-04-27 Interests and advocates wait anxiously for Supreme Court's health law decision -- for very different reasons 0 None
2012-04-27 Poverty linked to HIV infection among heterosexuals living in inner-city neighborhoods 0 None
2012-04-26 Ghana rolls out vaccines against pneumonia and diarrhoea 0 None
2012-04-26 Mad cow disease raises concern but safety nets are in place says USDA 0 None
2012-04-26 International Microbicides Conference 2012 concludes 0 5
2012-04-26 PLoS launches new collection on control, elimination of human helminthiases 0 None
2012-04-26 MSF says number of annual malaria cases treated in DRC has tripled since 2009 0 None
2012-04-26 Funding for HIV programs among MSM populations lacking, largely due to stigma 0 None
2012-04-26 Opinion pieces recognize World Malaria Day 0 None
2012-04-26 Dutch government rule export permit required to publish controversial bird flu study 0 None
2012-04-26 Study identifies prime target for better anti-dandruff medicines 0 None
2012-04-26 'Global Pulse' summarizes event launching USAID child survival social media campaign 0 None
2012-04-26 Report identifies strategies necessary to improve marketplace for LLINs 0 None
2012-04-26 Allowing countries to use PEPFAR funding for voluntary contraception for women aligns with GHI's 'women-centered' approach 0 None
2012-04-26 Text-message intervention may help boost flu vaccination rates in children 0 None
2012-04-26 Study sheds new light on common food poisoning bug 0 None
2012-04-26 Gladstone researcher wins 2012 Alumni Achievement Award from WUSTL 0 None
2012-04-26 Pig mucus effective at blocking viruses associated with cervical and oral cancer 0 None
2012-04-25 World Malaria Day observed 0 5
2012-04-25 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine launches Centre for Global Non-Communicable Diseases 0 None
2012-04-25 Individuals with positive family history of liver cancer more likely to develop HCC 0 None
2012-04-25 Blog posts comment on launch of USAID's 'Every Child Deserves a Fifth Birthday' campaign 0 None
2012-04-25 Opinion pieces marking World Malaria Day urge sustainability in prevention, treatment programs 0 None
2012-04-25 U.N. SG Ban speaks about need for reproductive health care for young people, releases UNFPA report 0 None
2012-04-25 U.N. Calls for increased collaboration, funding to fight malaria ahead of World Malaria Day on Wednesday 0 None
2012-04-25 Globe and Mail profiles former President Jimmy Carter, Carter Center's efforts to eradiacate guinea worm 0 None
2012-04-25 Non-coding RNA gives off biological signals during viral infection 0 None
2012-04-25 USAID Administrator Shah launches social media campaign to garner support to improve child health, survival 0 None
2012-04-25 Study linking malaria resurgence, reduction in malaria control programs highlights need for sustained funding 0 None
2012-04-25 Vitamin D deficiency associated with increase in lung transplant rejection, infections 0 None
2012-04-25 Rep. Sensenbrenner sends second letter inquiring about U.S. government's review of controversial H5N1 studies 0 None
2012-04-25 Weakened malaria control programs linked to majority of global resurgences 0 None
2012-04-25 Severe fibrosis increases early atherosclerosis risk in patients with chronic HCV-1 infection 0 None
2012-04-25 Bats may be a common source of many viral diseases 0 None
2012-04-25 Crucell, ARTES enter research collaboration to develop two vaccines 0 None
2012-04-25 Despite progress in reducing measles deaths, international community falls short of 90% reduction target, study says 0 None
2012-04-24 Nigeria's first-ever national Vaccine Summit addresses child mortality burden 0 None
2012-04-24 CDC Director calls for 'final push' to eradicate polio 0 None
2012-04-24 USAID's Shah urges cooperation to improve child health, survival 0 None
2012-04-24 Researchers describe novel mechanism of HIV-1 spread by dendritic cells 0 None
2012-04-24 Text messaging increases flu vaccination coverage in low-income children 0 None
2012-04-24 U.S. gives go-ahead on publication of H5N1 research; Dutch regulators continue to debate 0 None
2012-04-24 Women & Infants named lead center in 14-site study of cytomegalovirus 0 None
2012-04-24 Strategic innovations will help prevent HIV transmission from mothers to children, high-level meeting attendees state 0 None
2012-04-24 Measles deaths down by 74% worldwide over last decade: Study 0 None
2012-04-24 ICDs may increase risk of complications in patients with infective endocarditis 0 None
2012-04-24 Bartonella bacterium may also play a role in human arthritis 2 5
2012-04-23 Vietnam asks for international help to tackle mystery skin disease 0 None
2012-04-23 Medgenics seeks FDA Orphan Drug Designation for INFRADURE to treat hepatitis D 0 None
2012-04-23 Kenyan government must review law on counterfeit drugs, High Court rules 0 None
2012-04-23 Herpes zoster vaccine safe and well tolerated: Study 0 None
2012-04-23 MicuRx completes MRX-I Phase 1 trial on MRSA and VRE infection 0 None
2012-04-23 BAMC/SAMMC researcher develops microemulsion vaccine carrier 0 None
2012-04-23 Preliminary data hint at how neem extracts may stop replication of HIV virus 0 None
2012-04-23 Praziquantel drug can safely cure snail fever in infants 0 5
2012-04-23 Study shows how MRSA epidemics may emerge and spread at molecular level 0 None
2012-04-22 Measles report card for 2011 shows too many cases 1 None
2012-04-21 Scientists identify link between different strains of malaria parasites 0 None
2012-04-21 Single biennial HIV prevention conference planned 0 None
2012-04-21 AADR acknowledges review that examines link between ASVD and periodontal disease 0 None
2012-04-21 Kala-azar disease 'still raging' in remote areas of South Sudan, VOA reports 0 None
2012-04-21 UNAIDS welcomes new WHO guidelines for HIV testing, counseling, ART for couples 0 None
2012-04-21 To achieve AIDS-free generation, needs of youth living with HIV must be addressed in transition services 0 None
2012-04-21 Need to invest in new HIV prevention methods remains 'urgent,' International Microbicides Conference hears 0 None
2012-04-20 New data from descriptive sub-analysis of patients with compensated liver cirrhosis 0 None
2012-04-20 Honduras becomes first LAC country to launch national plan to combat NTDs 0 None
2012-04-20 Researchers examine impact of user experience with topical vaginal gels against HIV 0 None
2012-04-20 Study determines importance of bacterial infections in cirrhosis 0 None
2012-04-20 New data provides hope for HCV non-responders 0 None
2012-04-20 New data shows consolidation of interferon-free revolution in HCV treatment 0 None
2012-04-20 Blog examines potential effects of AIDS funding cuts, shortfalls 0 None
2012-04-20 Access to family planning services important for adolescent women 0 None
2012-04-20 Guardian blog examines potential impact of Global Fund reform on organization's future 0 None
2012-04-20 Bristol-Myers Squibb announces results from daclatasvir plus asunaprevir Phase II HCV study 0 None
2012-04-20 WHO releases guidance on couples testing, counseling, including ART for discordant couples 0 None
2012-04-20 NSABB calls for global guidelines for conducting, communicating research involving dangerous pathogens 0 None
2012-04-20 U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator tells GlobalPost State Department reviewing nearly $1.5B in unused PEPFAR funding 0 None
2012-04-20 Entire HCV lifecycle can be recapitulated in murine cells 0 None
2012-04-20 Final results from MSD’s VICTRELIS plus PEGINTRON Phase III trial on HCV treatment-related anemia 0 None
2012-04-20 Babies rarely became ill from MRSA infections: Study 0 None
2012-04-19 BuruliVac project getting closer to a vaccine 0 None
2012-04-19 EASL publishes new clinical practice guideline on ALD 0 None
2012-04-19 Two studies show true impact of liver disease across Europe 0 None
2012-04-19 Final data from Santaris’ miravirsen Phase 2a trial on HCV to be presented at ILC 2012 0 None
2012-04-19 CSIS report examines future of global health agenda 0 None
2012-04-19 Bristol-Myers Squibb, Janssen expand TMC435, BMS-986094 clinical collaboration agreement 0 4
2012-04-19 U.S. delegation expresses support for two vaccination campaigns while in Haiti 0 None
2012-04-19 Trust, invest in African ministries of health to create sustainable health care solutions 0 None
2012-04-19 Poor ART adherence, understanding threatening to undermine gains against HIV/AIDS in Nepal 0 None
2012-04-19 Researchers, advocates meet in Sydney to discuss state of microbicide, HIV prevention research 0 None
2012-04-19 White House science adviser responds to inquiry regarding handling of H5N1 research controversy 0 None
2012-04-19 Researchers present findings of retrospective analysis of microbicide study at international conference 0 None
2012-04-19 Secondary Speckle Sensing Microscopy may rapidly and accurately diagnose malaria 0 None
2012-04-19 Results from Presidio’s PPI-668 Phase 1a-1b trial on chronic HCV 0 None
2012-04-19 Scientists identify hypervirulent Salmonella bacteria 0 4
2012-04-19 Oral bacteria may cause problems in arthritis patients 0 None
2012-04-18 Anti-HIV pill could prevent thousands of new infections: Study finds 0 None
2012-04-18 Comparing publicly available hospital readmission rates can lead to misinformation 0 None
2012-04-18 Strengthening collective voice, influence of biomedical researchers in global health field 0 None
2012-04-18 New PBC tool for prioritizing laboratory-based CD-4 cell count testing 0 None
2012-04-18 Genetically modified mouse mimics key features of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease 0 None
2012-04-18 Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus senses and reacts to host cell's impending death 0 None
2012-04-18 Voluntary testing, counseling for HIV decreases unprotected sex acts among cocaine, heroin users 0 None
2012-04-18 Study sheds light on why ageing makes us more susceptible to gum disease 0 None
2012-04-18 No added HIV risk with hormonal contraceptives 0 None
2012-04-17 Flu outbreak at veterans home 0 None
2012-04-17 Responses to U.S. nomination of Jim Kim for World Bank presidency 0 None
2012-04-17 ACS, CDC partner to improve surgical patient safety 0 None
2012-04-17 Genetically modified mosquitoes offer hope of malaria eradication amid growing drug resistance 0 None
2012-04-17 Use of sewage-contaminated water to irrigate crops poses disease risk in Zimbabwe, IRIN reports 0 None
2012-04-17 International Microbicides Conference to discuss state of HIV prevention research 0 None
2012-04-17 FDA grants 510(k) clearance for QIAGEN’s molecular detection PCR technology 0 None
2012-04-16 Canadian docs recommend HPV vaccine for boys 0 None
2012-04-16 Salmonella link with yellowfin tuna: mass recall follows 0 None
2012-04-16 Rotavirus infects certain blood types 0 None
2012-04-16 DEP exposure suppresses function of phagocytic immune cells 0 None
2012-04-16 NTD experts push forward on plan to eradicate yaws 0 None
2012-04-16 Scientists identify which T. gondii strains are linked with severe illness in U.S. infants 0 None
2012-04-16 Daily Monitor analysis examines history of male circumcision debate 1 1
2012-04-16 UAB receives NIDCR grant to create national dental practice-based research network 0 None
2012-04-16 Cholera vaccination pilot project begins in Haiti 0 None
2012-04-16 Next five years important for S. Africa to show it can effectively respond to HIV, TB 0 None
2012-04-16 As world's first polio vaccine turns 57, scientists working to develop better alternatives 0 None
2012-04-16 Politico Pro examines reaction to Melinda Gates's TEDxChange speech on family planning 0 None
2012-04-16 UTMDACC to offer free head and neck cancer screening exams on April 27 0 None
2012-04-16 Study finds feasible and impactful solutions for Nigeria's immunization program 0 None
2012-04-15 HPA urges routine vaccination after surge of whooping cough cases 0 None
2012-04-15 Bat on a plane gives rise to rabies exposure risk: CDC report 0 None
2012-04-12 Flu shots offered to populations at risk at the beginning of season 0 None
2012-04-12 Sri Lankan health officials report increase in number of dengue cases in first quarter compared to 2011 0 None
2012-04-12 IPS examines how HIV/AIDS affects women in western Nepal 0 None
2012-04-12 Guardian examines Swaziland's HIV epidemic 3 None
2012-04-12 Dubai Cares makes $1M donation for deworming program in Angola 0 None
2012-04-12 DNDi, AstraZeneca enter collaboration on drug-compound screening for NTDs 0 None
2012-04-12 VOA health report examines health needs in Burma amid recent political changes 0 None
2012-04-12 Discontinuing antibiotic used to prevent opportunistic infections among HIV patients could increase risk of malaria, diarrhea 0 None
2012-04-12 New preoperative prepping kit to address surgical site infection risk 0 None
2012-04-12 Financial Times analysis examines efforts to address dual risk research 0 None
2012-04-12 Genocea to highlight progress in malaria vaccine development at World Vaccine Congress 0 None
2012-04-12 MSF expresses concern over proposed FY13 spending reduction for PEPFAR 0 None
2012-04-12 Scientists create reference guide for harmful germs in sand 0 None
2012-04-12 Communications engineers join fight against AIDS in Africa through wireless printer program 0 None
2012-04-12 PATH Blog examines organization's work in malaria through affiliate drug development program 0 None
2012-04-12 Support for Global Fund helps work of PEPFAR 0 None
2012-04-12 Quest Diagnostics receives FDA clearance for Simplexa C. difficile Universal Direct test 0 None
2012-04-12 FDA takes three steps to protect public health and promote judicious antimicrobial use 0 None
2012-04-12 GAVI Alliance secures deal to purchase rotavirus vaccines from GlaxoSmithKline, Merck 0 None
2012-04-12 PURE Bioscience launches new disinfectant/sanitizer product 0 None
2012-04-12 FDA clears Cerecor’s FP01 IND for treatment of cough 0 None
2012-04-12 Participation of big pharma companies critical to success of drug patent pools 0 None
2012-04-11 Influenza vaccine recommended but select the appropriate vaccine 0 None
2012-04-11 Inexpensive female genital schistosomiasis prevention could help reduce women's risk of HIV infection 0 None
2012-04-11 Study shows how biofilms form on implanted devices 0 None
2012-04-10 Akorn launches generic Vancocin for treatment of CDAD 0 None
2012-04-10 New initiative focusing on GBV and HIV/AIDS will help prevent both 0 None
2012-04-10 Prepositioning of supplies, knowledge to handle disease outbreaks 'future of disaster management' 0 None
2012-04-10 U.S. must embrace competitive election process for World Bank presidency to support Kim's nomination 0 None
2012-04-10 Researchers determine that bacteria are present in the bladders of healthy women 0 None
2012-04-10 Study: Body and head lice are the same species 0 None
2012-04-09 Black fly's blood-sucking tactics may be used for medical advancement 0 None
2012-04-09 New WHO endorsed diagnostic tool for TB 0 None
2012-04-09 GYT campaign kicks off National STD Awareness Month 0 None
2012-04-07 Innovative tool for tracking movement of infectious diseases 0 None
2012-04-07 Food safety lawyer warns of fast-growing tuna sushi Salmonella outbreak 0 None
2012-04-07 Recognizing U.S. contributions to Zambia's fight against malaria 0 None
2012-04-07 Study shows artemisinin-resistant malaria parasite spreading along Thai-Myanmar border 0 None
2012-04-06 Comprehensive approach needed to combat typhoid in Africa, worldwide 0 None
2012-04-06 GAVI announces HPV, rubella vaccines will be available to developing countries 0 None
2012-04-06 Ohio AIDS advocates, patients protest against rationing of lifesaving HIV medicines 0 None
2012-04-06 Global Fund updates global health community advocates on recent changes to organization 0 None
2012-04-06 Key data from Boehringer Ingelheim's hepatitis C virus clinical trial programme 0 None
2012-04-06 2-day meeting examining issues of censorship of scientific studies leaves questions unanswered 0 None
2012-04-06 Scientists identify how Clec9A protein recognises foreign invaders 0 None
2012-04-06 TAM protein complex - a potential antibacterial target 0 None
2012-04-05 Drug resistance woes hamper anti-malaria fight 0 None
2012-04-05 Plasma torch kills surface bacteria in seconds 1 4.5
2012-04-05 Vaccination most promising against asthma 0 None
2012-04-05 U.N. reports increase in cholera cases in Haiti as rains begin 0 None
2012-04-05 TB survivors speak at USAID World TB Day event 0 None
2012-04-05 Drug dispensing robots can harbor dangerous bacteria 0 None
2012-04-05 Results from Abbott’s multiple interferon-free Phase 2 HCV studies to be presented at ILC 2012 0 None
2012-04-05 Government of Sweden announces sub-Saharan Africa strategy for HIV/AIDS, reproductive health 0 None
2012-04-05 Low glycemic index food may help prevent high blood sugar 0 None
2012-04-05 Sexually abused young males more likely to cause teen pregnancy 0 None
2012-04-05 Patients with community-onset CDI have increased risk of colectomy 0 None
2012-04-05 Scripps Florida scientists to create new screening tests for HCV treatment discovery 0 None
2012-04-05 Ventria completes VEN100 phase 2 trial on antibiotic-associated diarrhea 0 None
2012-04-04 Trends in diagnostic coding may explain the cause of decline in pneumonia hospitalizations 0 None
2012-04-04 Haitian cholera epidemic no place for 'good-guy/bad-guy distinctions' 0 None
2012-04-04 Advocates for Youth report examines youth policies within PEPFAR 0 None
2012-04-04 Nuvilex realizes important role for Cell-in-a-Box technology 0 None
2012-04-04 New initiative aims to strengthen regulatory capacity, systems for delivery of medicines in Africa 0 None
2012-04-04 MedImmune's quadrivalent flu vaccine may protect children 0 None
2012-04-04 Discussion of NSABB recommendation to publish controversial bird flu studies to continue in London meeting 0 None
2012-04-04 Scientists discover new anti-HCV antibodies 0 None
2012-04-04 SFU receives NIH grant to develop effective HIV/AIDS vaccine 0 None
2012-04-04 Infections in older adults may increase risk of hospitalization for dangerous blood clots 0 None
2012-04-04 Young girls face increased risk of side effects after Gardasil vaccination 0 None
2012-04-04 Hepatitis B-infected patients with longer telomeres more likely to develop HCC 0 None
2012-04-03 InstantLabs receives PTM certification for Salmonella Species Food Safety Kit 0 None
2012-04-03 South Sudan hoping to mark three years without recording polio case 0 None
2012-04-03 NSABB recommends full publication of controversial bird flu studies 0 None
2012-04-03 PRI's 'The World' examines role of churches in fight against HIV in Swaziland 0 None
2012-04-03 April issue of WHO Bulletin available online 0 None
2012-04-03 Funding shortfalls could hinder implementation of treatment as prevention strategies, Al Jazeera reports 0 None
2012-04-03 Computer model can predict malaria epidemics in India 0 None
2012-04-03 Researchers discover regulation and functional significance of acute phase response during pneumonia 0 None
2012-04-03 Positive outcome from AiCuris’ Letermovir phase 2b trial on HCMV infections 0 None
2012-04-03 Merck announces data from ZOSTAVAX Phase III study on shingles 0 None
2012-04-03 Clemson researcher to continue African sleeping sickness study 0 None
2012-04-02 Controversial study on lethal bird flu virus strain to be published 0 None
2012-04-02 Special fatty molecules pave novel way to treat infections, autoimmune diseases, allergies and cancer 0 None
2012-04-02 IPT has an ongoing protective effect against malaria in infants 0 None
2012-04-02 Rare T follicular helper cells essential for developing antibody responses to infectious agents 0 5
2012-04-02 New York Times examines global response to Haiti's cholera epidemic 0 None
2012-04-02 Novel tetracyclines with improved potency, efficacy against contemporary P. aeruginosa isolates 0 None
2012-04-02 Study sheds light on cellular mechanisms involved in flu resistance 0 None
2012-04-02 NanoViricides reports positive pre-IND meeting with USFDA for FluCide 0 None
2012-04-02 Phage therapy can combat Pseudomonas infections in CF patients 8 3.4
2012-04-02 ViiV, Shionogi announce initial results from dolutegravir Phase III study on HIV-1 0 None
2012-04-02 Bruker announces new protocols and reference libraries for mycobacteria, multicellular fungi 0 None
2012-04-02 Vaccines for measles may not increase risk of febrile seizures in 4-6 year olds 0 None
2012-04-02 ERS, ECDC publish European Union Standards for Tuberculosis Care 0 None
2012-04-02 Bruker announces collaboration with UMCG within new ENRIA 0 None


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