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2012-05-31 New photoactive compound eradicates 'Iraqibacter' from wounds and skin infections 0 None
2012-05-31 Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday weekly theme is PMTCT 0 None
2012-05-31 Aeras, IDRI partner to develop novel TB vaccine 0 None
2012-05-31 Implications of eradicating polio, or failing to do so, go beyond public health 0 None
2012-05-31 Simple soft-drink cooler could help patients battle antibiotic-resistant TB 0 None
2012-05-31 CIA's use of health workers in intelligence operations could hurt 'innocent people' 0 None
2012-05-31 Clorox Healthcare to be showcased at APIC 2012 conference 0 None
2012-05-31 Wellmune minimizes risk of URTI among marathoners 0 None
2012-05-31 Trade officials at WIPO fail to make progress on proposals to improve access to generic medicines 0 None
2012-05-31 Top-line results from Alnylam’s ALN-RSV01 Phase IIb trial on RSV infection 0 None
2012-05-30 Researchers identify mechanism key in drug allergy 0 None
2012-05-30 GPUs simulate molecular processes during swine flu drug treatment 0 None
2012-05-30 Genetic analysis on Korean mummy reveals unique HBV genotype C2 sequence 0 None
2012-05-30 Nature Genetics publishes results from whole genome-wide study of recurrent HBV integration in HCC 0 None
2012-05-30 Scientists solve 50-year mystery behind cholera 0 None
2012-05-30 IU scientists focus on health issues and behaviors specific to bisexual men and women 0 None
2012-05-30 Officials at 65th World Health Assembly adopt resolutions on broad range of health issues 0 None
2012-05-30 New imaging device can better diagnose chronic ear infections 0 None
2012-05-30 ONPRC researchers discover new method to create safe and effective vaccines 0 None
2012-05-30 Al Jazeera business program examines fight against malaria 0 None
2012-05-30 Link between women's health issues and gum disease 0 None
2012-05-30 Widespread cholera vaccination needed in Haiti while improvements made to water, sanitation systems 0 None
2012-05-30 Researchers discover new HIV-suppressing protein 0 None
2012-05-30 Participants of 5th International Parliamentarian Conference on Population, Development reiterate commitment to 1994 program of action 0 None
2012-05-29 Pre-harvest vaccines for management of E. coli in Canadian beef receive favourable conclusion 0 None
2012-05-29 Neighborhood immunity has a role in determining risk of dengue infection 0 None
2012-05-29 Pre-exposure preventive treatment may be effective against suspected HIV 0 None
2012-05-29 Short hairpin RNAi gene silencing technology receives CSIRO's foundational patents 0 5
2012-05-29 Single test developed that detects all known strains of H5N1 0 None
2012-05-29 Controlling TB in geographic hotspots could reduce citywide transmission 0 None
2012-05-29 Bioengineers develop first structure to grow small human blood vessels 0 None
2012-05-28 National screening campaign for chlamydia in young people may not prove cost effective 0 None
2012-05-28 AHF's 'Condom-Nation' tour 0 None
2012-05-28 Giant cells protect fungus Cryptococcus neoformans during infection 0 None
2012-05-28 New insight into immune-cell movement patterns 0 None
2012-05-28 Rwanda accelerates fight against rotavirus 0 5
2012-05-28 Ultra-sensitive test can diagnose diseases in their earliest stages 0 None
2012-05-28 Overgrowth of bacteria in the gut linked to IBS 0 None
2012-05-28 ABL receives CE-IVD approval for DeepChek and ViroScore Suite clinical genotyping solutions 0 None
2012-05-28 World Health Assembly endorses Global Vaccine Action Plan 0 None
2012-05-25 Bone age necessary to correctly interpret growth status in pediatric Crohn's disease 0 None
2012-05-25 'Killer silk' can kill anthrax in minutes 0 None
2012-05-25 Capitol Hill briefing addresses research agenda to end AIDS epidemic 0 None
2012-05-25 Merck welcomes launch of ROTATEQ in Rwanda of Africa’s rotavirus vaccination program 0 None
2012-05-25 Fever during pregnancy associated with autism or developmental delay 0 None
2012-05-25 New diagnostic approach for Lyme disease 0 5
2012-05-25 Global Polio Eradication initiative launches 'emergency action plan' 0 None
2012-05-25 Scientists identify new reason why some curry dishes might be good for you 0 None
2012-05-25 Study reveals why people develop life-threatening drug allergies 0 None
2012-05-25 ITM in Antwerp receives Gates Foundation grant for malaria research 0 None
2012-05-25 Ministers meet to discuss Global Plan to eliminate new HIV infections among children 0 None
2012-05-25 Peritonitis commonly arises in the weeks before many dialysis patients die 0 None
2012-05-25 New method can screen for bacterial genes that are expressed during meningitis 0 None
2012-05-24 ICS may prevent parapneumonic effusion in patients with CAP 0 None
2012-05-24 Cepheid’s Xpert CT/NG system receives European CE marking 0 None
2012-05-24 Experts, advocates urge continued funding for research into HIV, TB vaccines 0 None
2012-05-24 COPD patients with P. aeruginosa infection more likely to have poor clinical outcomes 0 None
2012-05-24 Scientific American examines global progress toward clean drinking water, sanitation goals 0 None
2012-05-24 IRIN examines WHO process of translating research results into policy recommendations 0 None
2012-05-24 Senate Appropriations Subcommittee approves FY13 State and Foreign Operations appropriations bill 0 None
2012-05-24 Chronic diseases, bloodstream infections on the rise among HIV+ ICU patients 0 None
2012-05-24 PTH boosts AMPs to fend off infection-causing microbes 0 None
2012-05-24 No link between viral infections during infancy and wheezing in childhood 0 None
2012-05-24 Study shows prevalence of drug-resistant HIV strains in Uganda rising, among highest in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2012-05-24 Many women not screened for gonorrhea and chlamydia infection during pregnancy 0 None
2012-05-24 Acne pills can cause eye infections 0 None
2012-05-23 USPTO issues patent to MicuRx’s MRX-I antibacterial agent 0 None
2012-05-23 Severe hypersensitivity reactions to anti-HIV drug occur through autoimmune mechanism 0 None
2012-05-23 Few new chemicals are in development for malaria vector control 0 None
2012-05-23 Proper care of diabetic foot infections can save limbs, lives 0 None
2012-05-23 Scientists determine genetic sequences of all 12 vancomycin-resistant staph strains 0 None
2012-05-23 Mimotopes can help develop new diagnostic tests for sleeping sickness 0 None
2012-05-23 Scientists trace origin and development of vancomycin-resistant S. aureus 0 None
2012-05-23 HVTN opens enrollment in GeoVax’s GM-CSF adjuvanted vaccine Phase 1 trial for HIV 0 None
2012-05-23 Fake, substandard malaria drugs threatening gains made in fight against disease, NIH study warns 0 None
2012-05-23 Researcher restructures innovative virus-tracking software 0 None
2012-05-23 B cells in breast milk can produce HIV-neutralizing antibodies 0 None
2012-05-23 Sarcoidosis accounts for 25% of all deaths in African-American women 0 None
2012-05-23 H1N1 flu vaccination during pregnancy provides unanticipated benefits to the baby 0 None
2012-05-23 Researchers identify new mechanism for drug-related autoimmune reactions 0 None
2012-05-23 Microfluidic chip can diagnose latent TB 0 None
2012-05-22 C. difficile infection on the rise 0 None
2012-05-22 Globe and Mail examines resurgence of malaria in Congo 0 None
2012-05-22 Bill introduced in U.S. Senate is latest push to award prizes for new drug development 0 None
2012-05-22 Government-supported 'Prize Funds' would help important drugs have greater social impact 0 None
2012-05-22 New research reveals effective treatments for gastrointestinal conditions 0 None
2012-05-22 New knowledge related to host-parasite interaction in severe malaria 0 None
2012-05-22 Some patients appear to be more predisposed for recurrent infection from C. diff 0 None
2012-05-22 Human cytomegalovirus associated with neovascular AMD 0 None
2012-05-22 FDA clears Teleflex’s ARROW PICC with Chloragard technology 0 5
2012-05-22 T cell imbalance may put certain people at increased risk of C. difficile infection 0 None
2012-05-21 Tuberculosis independently predicts death from lung cancer in the elderly 0 None
2012-05-21 Scientists decipher structure of bacterial injection needles at atomic resolution 0 None
2012-05-21 MRSA nasal colonization associated with increase in SSI in patients undergoing GI surgery 0 None
2012-05-21 Vaccination studies from Mercer University to be unveiled at AAPS’ NBC 0 None
2012-05-21 RA drug effective against Entamoeba histolytica 0 None
2012-05-21 Auranofin effective against amoebas in lab and animal studies 0 None
2012-05-19 Afghanistan breaks ground on $30M hospital for treatment of TB, AIDS, malaria 0 None
2012-05-19 Modeling data shows vaccine can build on HIV/AIDS prevention tools 0 None
2012-05-19 International community must organize, commit financial resources to win war on polio 0 None
2012-05-19 Viewpoints: VA failing to provide timely care; Roll up your sleeves to help fight AIDS; Primary care doctors' uncertain future 0 None
2012-05-19 IAS’ XIX International AIDS Conference to take place in Washington D.C. 0 None
2012-05-18 Ugandan AIDS activists concerned over proposed cuts in nation's health budget 0 None
2012-05-18 Food safety tips while barbecuing 0 None
2012-05-18 Effectiveness of 'quorum sensing' directly depends on density of bacterial populations 0 None
2012-05-18 Potential public-private partnership aims to bring TB vaccine trials to mines of Southern Africa 0 None
2012-05-18 House Appropriations Committee releases draft report on FY13 State, Foreign Operations spending bill 0 None
2012-05-18 More research needed into how transgender persons in Asia, Pacific affected by HIV, stigma, report says 0 None
2012-05-18 Tiny filter could fight against tuberculosis 2 None
2012-05-18 icddr,b, AmeriCares launch new cholera-fighting program in the Horn of Africa 0 None
2012-05-18 FDA approves Emergent’s BioThrax sBLA to treat anthrax disease 0 None
2012-05-17 Inovio SynCon avian influenza vaccine demonstrates broad coverage 0 None
2012-05-17 Insecticide resistance threatens malaria control efforts, WHO warns 0 None
2012-05-17 U.S. support for Global Fund may be 'America's greatest global health legacy' 0 None
2012-05-17 Treating prenatal maternal infections could improve birth outcomes, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-17 Immediate response required to curb spread of artemisinin-resistant malaria in Burma 0 None
2012-05-17 Haitian government, health workers show commitment to nationwide vaccination campaign 0 None
2012-05-17 U.S. HIV assistance through PEPFAR prevented 740,000 deaths between 2004-2008, study shows 0 None
2012-05-17 Specific organometallic substances offer new hope for treatment against tapeworm infection 0 None
2012-05-17 IMC to support government of Chad in polio eradication activities 0 None
2012-05-17 TRCARC, IBM partner to strengthen HIV prevention effort 0 None
2012-05-17 Reformulated anti-HIV gel may be safe for use in both vagina, rectum 0 None
2012-05-17 Biologists engineer algae to produce potential candidates for malarial vaccine 0 None
2012-05-16 New directions and challenges in viral hepatitis care and research 0 None
2012-05-16 Social networks influence beliefs regarding safety of influenza vaccines 0 5
2012-05-16 Dual prevalence of STIs/RTIs and malaria in pregnancy found among women in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2012-05-16 National Psoriasis Foundation awards more than $2 million for research 0 None
2012-05-16 Codexis receives U.S. patent for enzymes utilized in HCV therapeutics 0 None
2012-05-16 Reuters examines use of statistics in public health ahead of WHO report 0 None
2012-05-16 Newspapers examine concerns surrounding possible FDA approval of Truvada for PrEP 0 None
2012-05-16 Achaogen’s plazomicin and levofloxacin safe and effective in treating cUTI, acute pyelonephritis 0 None
2012-05-16 NPR's 'All Things Considered' examines HIV among India's gay community 0 None
2012-05-16 Increase in fall death rates in older Americans is likely the effect of improved reporting quality 0 None
2012-05-16 Researchers eager to teach Swedes about best brushing technique 0 None
2012-05-16 Positive data from Theraclone Sciences’ TCN-032 Phase 1 trial on influenza A infection 0 None
2012-05-15 Lab21’s HCV drug resistance genotyping receives new patents in the U.S., Europe 2 None
2012-05-15 Significant breakthrough in understanding the cause of bile duct cancer 0 1
2012-05-15 Third of world carrying TB; Disease could become incurable without action, WHO warns 0 None
2012-05-15 State roundup: Health jobs brightening local economies but workers paying more for care 0 None
2012-05-15 Microbiome of young men depends upon circumcision status, patterns of sexual activity 1 None
2012-05-15 U.N., international community should pledge to improve water, sanitation in Haiti to mitigate cholera epidemic 0 None
2012-05-15 Crothall releases new white paper on infection prevention 0 None
2012-05-14 As MDGs set to expire in 2015, U.N. panel to advise on approaches to development; African Progress Panel calls for 'big push' on continent 0 None
2012-05-14 HIV prevention treatment must include medical, behavorial approaches: APA 0 None
2012-05-14 Excess protein in urine test predicts renal failure in patients with severe sepsis 0 None
2012-05-14 Energy-efficient LED devices use UV light to kill pathogens 0 None
2012-05-14 Groundbreaking biohybrid device to control acute inflammation to prevent sepsis 0 5
2012-05-14 New Jefferson Hepatitis C Center 0 None
2012-05-14 Study reveals variability in physician intentions and recommendations on HPV vaccination 0 None
2012-05-14 JHSPH wins GCE grant for global health and development research project 0 None
2012-05-14 FDA ADAC recommends approval of Quad for HIV-1 infection 0 None
2012-05-11 HIV community supports rapid OTC testing 0 None
2012-05-11 Study looking at impact of HIV funding on Rwanda's health system has 'serious limitations' 0 None
2012-05-11 FDA panel recommends approval of Truvada as preventive treatment for HIV 0 None
2012-05-11 Bacteria in digestive tracts compete against invading bacteria 0 None
2012-05-11 HIV prevention drug receives FDA panel's backing 0 None
2012-05-11 Safer indoor sex work spaces promote health and safety of street-involved women 0 None
2012-05-11 This Mother's Day, ensure babies everywhere are born free of HIV 0 None
2012-05-11 MSF says additional resources needed to improve ART access in Burma 0 None
2012-05-11 Nepalese government launches 'ambitious' plan to end malaria, IRIN reports 0 None
2012-05-11 RNP granules exit the nucleus via new budding mechanism akin to herpes-type viruses 0 None
2012-05-11 Efforts to stem childhood mortality in Ghana will not be enough to reach MDG, UNICEF official says 0 None
2012-05-11 FDA ADAC recommends approval of Gilead’s Truvada for HIV 0 None
2012-05-11 Trovagene receives European patent titled, ‘Methods for Detection of Nucleic Acid Sequences in Urine’ 0 None
2012-05-10 USAID launches five-year initiative in Nigeria to strengthen HIV, TB services 0 None
2012-05-10 Hospital midwife inadvertently spreads whooping cough to up to 170 people 1 None
2012-05-10 Leishmaniasis vaccine trial begins in U.S., India 0 None
2012-05-10 Report identifies challenges, solutions to increasing routine vaccination in Nigeria 0 None
2012-05-10 UNAIDS launches campaign aimed at ending new HIV infections among children by 2015 0 None
2012-05-10 Treatable infections responsible for nearly 2M cases of cancer globally each year, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-10 Arthritis rates set to soar 0 None
2012-05-10 Examining the need for WHO today 0 None
2012-05-10 NCATS initiative to use abandoned experimental drugs for other uses 'a step in the right direction' 0 None
2012-05-10 Researchers use clever screening methods to speed vaccine production 0 None
2012-05-10 ACOEM honors JNJ with 2012 Corporate Health Achievement Award 0 None
2012-05-10 IDRI, Aeras partner to develop new TB vaccine candidate 0 None
2012-05-10 G&D, IAVI and GMI partner to develop new HIV/AIDS vaccine 0 3
2012-05-10 MSU researcher wins Grand Challenges Explorations grant for work on TB 0 None
2012-05-09 ArcDia completes € 2.7 million funding round 0 None
2012-05-09 One in six cancer cases worldwide related to preventable or curable infections 0 None
2012-05-09 USAID committed to improving lives of children affected by HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-05-09 Phone credits offered to teenagers in exchange for sexual health checks 0 None
2012-05-09 New York Times examines Cuba's sanitarium network for people living with HIV 0 None
2012-05-09 Free whooping cough vaccine cut concerns experts 0 None
2012-05-09 Study offers new insight on known link between exposure to violence and sexual risk-taking 0 None
2012-05-09 Option for couples to test together, access ART for prevention can reduce HIV risk 2 None
2012-05-09 Public-private partnership pilot program could facilitate drug development for neglected diseases 0 None
2012-05-09 New insecticide-treated bodysuit can fight malaria 0 None
2012-05-09 Goosby calls for 'extraordinary resources' to be put into male circumcision to prevent HIV infection 0 1
2012-05-09 Probiotics may reduce risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhea 0 None
2012-05-09 Reusable grocery bag can play a role in spreading norovirus infection 0 None
2012-05-09 Bumped kinase inhibitors may control malaria 0 None
2012-05-09 Researchers discover location and effect of abnormal heart proteins 0 None
2012-05-09 iBio receives U.S. patent for iBioModulator platform 0 None
2012-05-08 Certain males at higher risk of infection after receiving experimental HIV vaccine 0 None
2012-05-08 Researchers discover potential way to develop universal flu vaccines 0 None
2012-05-08 Cholera strain in Haiti evolving, CDC reports 0 None
2012-05-08 Oral zinc treatments may shorten duration of common cold symptoms in adults 0 None
2012-05-08 PEPFAR releases 8th annual report to Congress 0 None
2012-05-08 FDA approves Clinigen’s Foscavir sNDA to treat HIV/AIDS-related CMV infections and herpes 0 None
2012-05-08 VOA News examines South Africa's rural public health sector 0 None
2012-05-08 Man-made waterways contribute to malaria breeding grounds, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-08 Blog examines fight against NTDs in Burundi 0 None
2012-05-08 Research reveals possible strategy to reverse fibrosis in liver and other organs 0 4.7
2012-05-08 Cascades Tissue Group applauds third annual ‘STOP! Clean Your Hands Day’ 0 None
2012-05-08 Meningitis B vaccine on the horizon 0 None
2012-05-07 NIH responds to criticism over handling of controversial bird flu studies 0 None
2012-05-07 Various combinations of biomarkers are required to unequivocally diagnose specific disease 0 None
2012-05-07 Satellite-guided plan to effectively control tsetse fly 0 None
2012-05-07 Scientific American examines worldwide spread of drug-resistant gonorrhea 0 None
2012-05-07 NovaDigm reports positive data from Phase 1 NDV-3 vaccine program 0 None
2012-05-07 Chesapeake Regional Medical Center rolls out automated disinfection robot 0 None
2012-05-07 Hot water pasteurisation reduces amount of E. coli on meat 0 None
2012-05-05 NFID to host 15th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research from May 7–9 0 None
2012-05-05 Dengue fever costs Puerto Rico nearly $38M a year, study shows 0 None
2012-05-05 Study reveals steepest decline in HPV vaccine completion among girls 0 None
2012-05-05 Guardian examines launch of GAVI-sponsored immunization campaign in Ghana 0 None
2012-05-05 Breckenridge finalizes agreement with Huahai to market Nevirapine Tablets 0 None
2012-05-05 New research about why people forego colorectal cancer screening 0 None
2012-05-05 Strong link between HAIs and patient readmission after initial hospital stay 0 None
2012-05-05 Johns Hopkins receives $15 million NIH grant to establish CFAR 0 2.3
2012-05-05 More than 15000 health-care facilities to participate in WHO Save Lives: Clean Your Hands Initiative 0 None
2012-05-04 Nature publishes first of two controversial studies on H5N1 avian flu 0 None
2012-05-04 An Achilles heel within cells that bacteria exploit to cause infection 0 None
2012-05-04 One of the controversial avian flu studies published in full finally 0 None
2012-05-04 HIV/AIDS funding does not undermine efforts to fight other diseases, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-04 Chagas disease especially harmful for expectant mothers; New, better treatments needed 0 None
2012-05-04 UCLA creates crowd-sourced online gaming system to detect malaria 0 None
2012-05-04 GenVec receives NIAID’s Phase I SBIR grant to support RSV vaccine program 0 None
2012-05-03 E coli detection in contaminated meat to be ‘sped up’ says USDA 0 None
2012-05-03 Lyme can infect Texas public, alerts TXLDA 0 5
2012-05-03 AIDS, health groups submit comments to FDA prior to agency's review of PrEP 0 None
2012-05-03 Novel stem cell transplantation holds promise for HIV prevention 0 None
2012-05-03 Europe becoming 'hotspot' for emerging infections, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-03 Researchers to examine how climate change may affect humans, societies 0 None
2012-05-03 Treatment as Prevention conference late breaker session presentations 0 None
2012-05-03 U.S. to ask university officials how best to implement new DURC policy 0 None
2012-05-03 Global Fund completes reorganization of workforce, tightens focus to 20 'high-impact countries' 0 None
2012-05-03 African-Americans with HIV less likely to adhere to ART therapy 0 None
2012-05-03 Roundup: Mass. health cost control bill could save $8B to $34B; Md. weighs hospital rate freeze; Iowa Senate passes a fix for HIV insurance program 0 None
2012-05-02 Flu paper publication amidst threats of bioterrorism raises need for better rules of censorship 0 None
2012-05-02 Tips to help homeowners tick-proof their yards 0 5
2012-05-02 FDA approval of TDF/FTC as PrEP for HIV infection receives support 0 None
2012-05-02 Levetiracetam to be tested for seizure management in malaria endemic regions 0 None
2012-05-02 Medical Brands' cranberry-based oral capsule granted Class IIa medical device status 0 None
2012-05-02 ImmuVen awarded $1.68M NIH Phase II SBIR grant to develop IMV0123 0 None
2012-05-02 Nanocomposite dental cavity-filling kills harmful bacteria 0 None
2012-05-02 New global strategy to reduce measles deaths and congenital rubella syndrome 0 None
2012-05-02 Study assesses perceived impact of CMS payment policy on hospital infection prevention efforts 0 None
2012-05-02 Sanofi Pasteur announces new quadrivalent influenza vaccine Phase III pediatric data 0 None
2012-05-02 Synthetic stool transplant for C. difficile treatment 0 None
2012-05-02 'Mandatory oversight' of potentially dangerous biological research will be necessary 0 None
2012-05-02 Copenhagen Consensus report argues for addressing chronic, NCDs in developing countries 0 None
2012-05-02 World behind on pledge to reduce HIV/AIDS infections, improve treatment, U.N. report says 0 None
2012-05-02 Ciprofloxacin, TMP-SMX no longer safe for outpatient urinary tract infection 0 None
2012-05-02 High-dose glucocorticoids double risk of bacterial infections in children with JIA 0 None
2012-05-02 Efforts to fight cholera in DRC need to include sanitation, waste facility improvements, behavior change, UNICEF official says 0 None
2012-05-02 Interferon linked with increased risk of depression in HCV patients 0 None
2012-05-02 FDA clears Great Basin’s first C. diff molecular diagnostic test 0 None


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