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2004-09-30 Parents play an important role in their children’s underage drinking 0 None
2004-09-30 First epidemiological study to assess the impact of the civil war in Darfur 0 None
2004-09-30 Lycopene may be able to inhibit the growth of prostate tumours 0 None
2004-09-30 Acne-like rash linked to effectiveness of new targeted cancer treatment – cetuximab 0 None
2004-09-30 Vitamin supplements not effective in protecting against gastro-intestinal cancer 0 None
2004-09-30 Shorter courses of chemotherapy for children with Wilms’ tumour most beneficial 0 None
2004-09-30 Large-scale screening programme of tonsil tissue is the only way of identifying the true incidence of vCJD infection 0 None
2004-09-30 Study reveals 'hidden' curriculum of humiliation in medical school 0 None
2004-09-30 A new study of Northwest women has found toxic flame retardants in the breastmilk of every woman tested 0 None
2004-09-30 Even health conscious Americans report low rates of endoscopic screening for colorectal cancer 0 None
2004-09-30 History of smoking affects survival in patients with cancer of the head and neck 0 None
2004-09-30 Some New York City stores are selling antibiotics illegally over the counter 0 None
2004-09-30 Male smokers needed for study to investigate new method of improving selenium intake 0 None
2004-09-29 Scientists embark on a five-year study of the effects of soy isoflavones found in dietary supplements on various body tissues 0 None
2004-09-29 As little as one standard cup of coffee a day can produce caffeine addiction 0 None
2004-09-29 Dust collected from the homes of children with persistent allergic symptoms had higher levels of common chemical additives 0 None
2004-09-29 Mouse study suggests that survivors of severe heart attacks may have problems learning certain tasks 0 None
2004-09-29 Studies confirm that chronic kidney disease independently increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease 0 None
2004-09-29 Parents' injury fears stop kids playing sports 0 None
2004-09-29 Secure web sites can improve communications about critically ill patients for hometown physicians and loved ones 0 None
2004-09-29 Academy of Ophthalmology reacts to recent study on eye exams for children 0 None
2004-09-28 Phase II trials of the first second-generation antisense cancer drug to be used in patients soon to be underway 0 None
2004-09-27 Study to test the effectiveness of anti-depressants in treating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease 0 None
2004-09-27 Guidant announces plans to initiate vulnerable plaque study 0 None
2004-09-27 Findings have implications for understanding psychiatric and neurological disease that affect the hippocampus 0 None
2004-09-27 Group therapy does not improve survival in early-stage breast cancer patients 0 None
2004-09-27 Opiate abuse may alter brain neurons making brain more sensitive to stress 0 None
2004-09-27 Identification of heavy drinkers at emergency departments could reduce further alcohol consumption 0 None
2004-09-27 Study of mental health of assisted living residents has found a higher rates of mental health problems than expected 0 None
2004-09-26 50,000 women whose sisters had breast cancer needed for nationwide study 0 None
2004-09-26 Black college students more satisfied with their bodies than white students 0 None
2004-09-26 Study is the first to show that lowering the levels of lipid in nerve terminals affects the efficiency of neurotransmission 0 None
2004-09-26 Arsenic could be toxic at much lower levels than previously thought 0 None
2004-09-26 Study presents multiple lines of evidence against the proposed link between SV40 and human mesotheliomas 0 None
2004-09-26 Seroquel is significantly more effective than placebo in treating patients with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder 0 None
2004-09-26 Low paid civil servants were more likely to develop type 2 diabetes 0 None
2004-09-26 Vietnam veterans had higher death rates in the first five years after discharge 1 None
2004-09-26 Discovery of how protein in teeth controls bone-like crystals to form steely enamel 0 None
2004-09-23 Histamine is key to narcolepsy 0 4
2004-09-23 Having an infant in poor health decreases the chances a couple living together 12 to 18 months later 0 None
2004-09-23 Terror fears raise women's level of protein linked to heart disease 0 None
2004-09-23 Twice daily Imatinib could improve outcome for people with specific form of gastro-intestinal cancer 0 None
2004-09-23 Low birthweight and being born to a teenage mother associated with increased risk of suicide in later life 0 None
2004-09-23 Pneumonia could be treatable by the oral antibiotic amoxicillin rather than injectable penicillin 0 None
2004-09-23 Physiotherapy no better than advice for back pain 0 None
2004-09-23 Folic acid can dramatically reduce the incidence of spina bifida and other birth defects 0 None
2004-09-23 Soy-rich foods could reduce the spread of breast cancer 0 None
2004-09-23 Chronic kidney disease increases a person's risk of heart disease, stroke, or death 0 4
2004-09-23 Promising early results in a study of a medication to treat kleptomania 0 None
2004-09-23 Majority of parents concerned about the amount of sex and violence children are exposed to on TV 0 None
2004-09-23 Significance of central corneal thickness on the management of glaucoma 0 None
2004-09-23 Study on the long-term health effects associated with silicone breast implants 0 None
2004-09-23 Girls twice as likely to smoke as boys 0 None
2004-09-22 Study into asbestos-related disease shows need for community involvement 0 None
2004-09-21 Mediterranean diet lowers risk of all-causes of death 0 None
2004-09-21 Walking helps elderly men stave off dementia and Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2004-09-20 Half of patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma fail to receive the recommended dose and schedule of chemotherapy 0 None
2004-09-20 Link between elevated blood sugar levels in diabetics and increased risk of life-threatening forms of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2004-09-20 Link between mother’s stress levels during pregnancy and the effect on the brain of her unborn baby 0 None
2004-09-20 Discovery of dopamine terminal injury in brains of people with HIV dementia 0 None
2004-09-20 Tarceva plus Gemcitabine improves survival compared to Gemcitabine alone 0 None
2004-09-20 Less radiation in a more tailored manner best for uterine cancer 0 None
2004-09-20 Protein points to anticancer drug targets 0 None
2004-09-20 Fathers' occupational exposures may play an important role in the development of birth defects 0 None
2004-09-20 Immunoglobulins may help patients with Alzheimer’s 0 None
2004-09-18 Possibility of developing drug therapies that target eosinophils, white blood cells long known to be associated with the asthma 0 4
2004-09-18 Broadband users tend to be more social than dial-up users 0 None
2004-09-18 A misconception that eating wasabi decongests the nose 0 5
2004-09-18 Botox injections may ease the irritation of tinnitus 0 None
2004-09-18 Further study is needed before link between gastroesophageal reflux disorder and otitis media can be firmly established 0 None
2004-09-18 Patients with asthma have a higher incidence of nasal polyposis, nasal congestion, and olfactory disturbances 0 None
2004-09-18 Cochlear implantation leads to a higher quality of life in elderly patients 0 None
2004-09-18 Study hints at antioxidants being able to prevent and restore hearing loss 0 None
2004-09-18 Reading performance is not affected once otitis media has been cured 0 None
2004-09-17 MRI is becoming more recognized as useful in the etiological investigation of sudden deafness 0 None
2004-09-17 Mitomycin C offers limited benefit in reducing unsightly scars 0 None
2004-09-17 Strep A is showing up in increased numbers of head and neck abscesses 0 None
2004-09-17 Study compares cheap take-home sleep test to expensive polysomnography test 1 5
2004-09-17 Study highlights relationship between schizophrenia and suicide in China 0 None
2004-09-17 Poverty not linked to winter deaths in elderly 0 None
2004-09-17 Israeli clinicians keen on using placebos in treating patients 0 None
2004-09-16 Slimming agents could pose major health risk 0 None
2004-09-16 Health insurance plans extend efforts to end tobacco use 0 None
2004-09-16 Certain people are born with an increased risk of developing alcohol problems 0 None
2004-09-16 Most people’s diets get healthier from childhood to young adulthood 0 None
2004-09-16 Celacade shown to reduce risk of death and hospitalization in patients with advanced chronic heart failure 0 None
2004-09-16 Marital history is something that's every bit as important in choosing a mate as age, education, religion, and race 0 None
2004-09-16 Patient autonomy is an essential factor in motivating effective change in health behavior 0 None
2004-09-16 Drug combo may have a greater impact on cancer development 0 None
2004-09-16 Sexually explicit television makes teens more sexually active 0 None
2004-09-16 Helping seniors in times of trauma 0 None
2004-09-15 Red Bull energy drink does not improve a person’s physical performance 1 None
2004-09-14 Early use of combination-drug treatments could improve HIV survival rates 0 None
2004-09-14 Estimates may overstate toll of sudden cardiac death 0 None
2004-09-14 Findings that may help explain links between the stress of traumatic events and increased risk of cardiac death 0 None
2004-09-14 Boys generally at greater risk of developing attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder 0 None
2004-09-14 Liver cancer genes cluster into two subsets that correlate to survival 0 None
2004-09-14 Molecule that may be a primary cause of high blood pressure and link to diabetes 0 None
2004-09-14 Missing link between inflammatory markers in the bloodstream and the increased risk of heart attack 0 None
2004-09-14 People with mild Alzheimer’s were more likely to make driving errors 0 None
2004-09-13 Study tests inflammatory response of Down Syndrome patients 0 None
2004-09-13 Positive emotions may delay onset of frailty and negative stereotypes can influence older adults’ memory 0 None
2004-09-13 CA125 blood test may be superior to standard imaging techniques like CT scans 0 None
2004-09-12 Patients who experience medical or neurological complications following stroke are at a greater risk of dying in the hospital 0 None
2004-09-12 A third of chronically ill adults don't tell their clinicians that they underuse medications due to cost 0 None
2004-09-12 Women starting mammography on time, but failing to follow up 0 None
2004-09-12 Cancer survivors' other medical problems poorly managed 0 None
2004-09-10 Number of fast food outlets in poor and black neighborhoods may play a role in the obesity epidemic 0 3
2004-09-10 New study will examine why people live exceptionally long lives 0 None
2004-09-10 Chiropractic correction may help reverse multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease 6 4
2004-09-10 Interim report on blood dioxin study made public 0 None
2004-09-10 Area of brain crucial for the generation of dreams 0 None
2004-09-10 Study found a number of concerns about the British Government's 2002 Mental Health Bill 0 None
2004-09-10 Findings about diabetic eye disease may lead to improved screenings and treatment for people with diabetes 0 4
2004-09-10 Normal teenagers are not ticking time bombs 0 None
2004-09-10 Full-term infants born to nonsmoking women living within two miles of the WTC weighed significantly less 0 None
2004-09-10 Beta-blockers associated with decreased risk for fractures 0 None
2004-09-10 MRI most effective for detecting breast cancer for women with breast cancer gene mutations 0 None
2004-09-10 Too much TV leads to higher risk of obesity for young black girls 0 None
2004-09-10 Teens who engage in high-risk behaviors involving sex and drugs have significantly higher odds of depression 1 None
2004-09-10 Recreational gambling good for the elderly 0 None
2004-09-09 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder costs the U.S. $77 billion each year 0 None
2004-09-09 Severe hepatitis C recurrence is more common in transplants from living donors 0 None
2004-09-09 Babies born to cocaine users fared better when cared for by people who were not their parents 0 5
2004-09-09 Most older Canadians are active, happy contributors to society 0 None
2004-09-09 Evidence that measles-mumps-rubella immunisation is not associated with autism 0 None
2004-09-09 Study provides insight on how DNA code is turned into instructions for protein construction 0 None
2004-09-08 Protein sources, such as beef and beans beneficial in lowering childhood leukemia risk 0 None
2004-09-08 Gene linked to both alcoholism and depression 0 1
2004-09-08 Study aims for long term impact to help inner-city children with asthma 0 None
2004-09-08 Depressed patients may need treatment for both physical and emotional symptoms 0 None
2004-09-08 Study shows that naturopathic medicine helps women experiencing jaw pains 0 None
2004-09-08 Study shows lasers safely and effectively treat eye conditions in children 0 None
2004-09-08 Long-term outcomes for liver transplantation due to hepatitis C 0 None
2004-09-08 Pneumococcal vaccine reduces the incidence of middle ear infection and pneumonia 0 None
2004-09-08 Exubera shows sustained blood glucose control in patients with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2004-09-08 No discernible link between the three-in-one vaccine and child behavioural problems 0 None
2004-09-08 The drug galantamine has been shown to be ineffective in treating chronic fatigue syndrome 0 None
2004-09-08 NHS Direct Online web site too confusing for most 0 None
2004-09-07 Health needs of the Chinese population in the UK are being ignored 0 None
2004-09-07 Colonoscopy remains the most sensitive test available for detection of colorectal polyps and cancer 0 None
2004-09-07 Ramipril reduces rate of sudden cardiac death and nonfatal cardiac arrest by 21 percent 0 None
2004-09-07 Pediatricians do not always feel comfortable or sufficiently trained to tackle the increasing growth in ADHD patient numbers 0 None
2004-09-07 Chickenpox (Varicella) vaccine has saved the U.S. hundreds of millions of dollars since its introduction 0 None
2004-09-06 Telemedicine aims to reduce large birth weights which lead to obesity and diabetes 0 None
2004-09-06 Study looks at the patient-practitioner relationship in complementary and alternative therapies 0 None
2004-09-05 CT scans may be delivering as much radiation as a low-dose atomic bomb 0 None
2004-09-05 Air conditioning coil reduces over all sickness by 20% 0 None
2004-09-04 NHS hospital dependent on doctors who have trained abroad 0 None
2004-09-02 Britons are taller, straighter and larger than ever 0 None
2004-09-02 Benefit of using clot-busting drug tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) for ischemic stroke 0 None
2004-09-02 Evidence that MRSA control policies in hospitals are poor 0 None
2004-09-02 Drinking alcohol regularly in your 40's increases risk of mild cognitive impairment 0 None
2004-09-02 Study finds psychological distress varies between ethnic groups 0 None
2004-09-02 Rural doctors less likely to diagnose depression in men than in women 0 None
2004-09-02 Counseling for breast cancer patients means healthier diets, reduced smoking and stronger immune systems 0 None
2004-09-02 Study reveals what may be the earliest step in the development of prostate cancer 0 None
2004-09-02 Risk of thyroid cancer rises with increasing radiation dose 0 None
2004-09-02 Highly active antiretroviral therapies for AIDS are not initiated soon enough 0 None
2004-09-02 Women perceive color better than men 0 None
2004-09-01 Omega-3 supplement may help protect against Alzheimer's 0 None
2004-09-01 Ambitious decades-long investigation into the causes of breast cancer aims to recruit 100,000 women 0 None
2004-09-01 Implantable contact lenses more effective than LASIK for higher degrees of myopia 0 None
2004-09-01 Women over 70 are safe to not have radiation treatment after heaving a lumpectomy 0 None
2004-09-01 First study about the influence of physical deconditioning on ventricular tachyarrhythmias 0 None
2004-09-01 Blacks and whites have similar amounts of coronary calcium deposits, which are a sign of atherosclerotic plaques 0 None
2004-09-01 Mammography screening reduces risk of distant tumor recurrence 0 None
2004-09-01 Study is the first comprehensive risk analysis to examine both the risk of death from breast cancer and other causes following diagnosis 0 None
2004-09-01 Salmon fed with large amounts of omega-3 fatty acid better for cardiac patients than salmon fed with vegetable oil 0 None


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