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2007-02-28 Physical fitness and activity levels decline substantially as we reach middle age 0 5
2007-02-28 Stress-related adult disease may originate in fetal development birth weight, gestation period may be linked to depression 0 None
2007-02-28 Antioxidant supplements beta carotene, vitamin A and E may increase risk of death 0 None
2007-02-28 Differences in outcomes of obese women and men undergoing primary total hip arthroplasty 0 None
2007-02-28 Relationship between appearance and psychological distress in rheumatic diseases 0 None
2007-02-28 Industry funded studies on breast cancer treatments more likely to have positive results 0 None
2007-02-28 Heart attacks can give couples a new lease of life 0 None
2007-02-28 Garlic - a tasty addition to food but useless for lowering cholesterol 0 None
2007-02-27 Meta-analysis on antioxidants provides muddled conclusions 0 None
2007-02-27 Cutting tax on alcohol dramatically increases sudden deaths involving alcohol 0 None
2007-02-27 Mobile-phone addiction in teenagers may cause severe psychological disorders 5 3.5
2007-02-27 MatTek's EpiVaginal successfully used in microbicide/HIV study 0 None
2007-02-27 Drug industry influences breast cancer research 0 None
2007-02-27 Metabolic response to colitis varies depending upon whether inflammation is chronic or acute 0 None
2007-02-27 Garlic does not lower LDL cholesterol 0 None
2007-02-27 Smoking increases risk of tuberculosis infection 0 None
2007-02-27 New method for rapid diagnosis of intestinal illnesses 0 2
2007-02-27 Psychological depression contributes to worse medical outcomes for patients with heart failure 0 None
2007-02-27 Depression linked with a specific autoantibody and central nervous system dysfunction in lupus 0 None
2007-02-27 Influence of inflammatory polyarthritis on cancer incidence and survival 0 None
2007-02-27 Delaying sex can have positive effects for adolescents 1 None
2007-02-27 Single-slice magnetic resonance imaging reveals 'hidden' fat that puts adolescents at risk for disease 0 None
2007-02-27 Use of growth hormone to boost athletic performance can lead to diabetes 0 None
2007-02-27 More frequent participation in needle-exchange programs does not increase risk of HIV infection 0 None
2007-02-26 Stimuvax investigational lung cancer vaccine phase III study starts 0 None
2007-02-26 Financial interest of drug industry influences research results 0 None
2007-02-26 High exposure to secondhand smoke from cigarettes detected in Baltimore bars 0 None
2007-02-26 Trial of Aspirin to aid conception 0 None
2007-02-26 Living in green neighborhoods or close to grocery stores associated with reduced risk of being overweight 0 None
2007-02-26 Use of growth hormone to boost athletic performance can lead to diabetes 0 2
2007-02-26 Association between pharmaceutical involvement and outcomes in breast cancer clinical trials 0 None
2007-02-25 Chantix versus Zyban 0 4
2007-02-25 Herpes treatment could slow HIV progression in people living with both viruses 0 None
2007-02-25 Study on waking and dreaming during surgery 0 None
2007-02-22 Strong associations between built environment and BMI 0 None
2007-02-22 Scientists identify specific enzymes that make meningitis hard to fight 0 None
2007-02-22 Project Ubuzima to continue trials of microbicide Dapirivine 0 None
2007-02-21 Merck conducts trial of experimental HIV vaccine among sex workers in the Dominican Republic 0 None
2007-02-21 Experimental vector vaccine reduces stillbirths from cytomegalovirus 0 None
2007-02-21 Reduced brain growth in alcoholics with family drinking history 0 None
2007-02-21 Imaging of disease dynamics during meningococcal sepsis 0 None
2007-02-21 Low-cost Parkinson's disease diagnostic test a world first 0 None
2007-02-21 Yearning and not depression the most common response after a loved one dies 0 None
2007-02-20 Survivors of childhood cancers have a ninefold increased risk of developing a secondary sarcoma 0 None
2007-02-20 Tamoxifen offers long-term benefits for breast cancer prevention among women at high risk 0 None
2007-02-20 Study looks at mental and physical health of caregivers 0 None
2007-02-20 Family history of alcoholism and the stability of personality in young adulthood 0 5
2007-02-20 Racial/ethnic disparities in symptom severity among children hospitalized with asthma 0 None
2007-02-20 Beta-blockers should not be a doctor's first choice for treating high blood pressure 0 None
2007-02-20 Why is heart shaped like it is? 0 None
2007-02-20 Genetic tendency toward suicide linked to genome on chromosome 2 0 None
2007-02-20 Women are more likely than men to show elevated diabetes risk factors 0 None
2007-02-20 Avastin slows growth of gliomas 1 5
2007-02-19 Teens spending more time in front of the computer and less time being physically active 0 None
2007-02-19 Plant-based omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids may have a protective effect on bone health 0 None
2007-02-19 Four genes identified that increase risk of developing type 2 diabetes 0 None
2007-02-19 Results of largest ever genome study of autism released 0 None
2007-02-19 Chocolate can give a short-term boost to memory 0 4
2007-02-18 Where you live influences risk of heart attack or stroke 0 None
2007-02-18 Protein Hsp90 tangles with Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2007-02-18 Talented people more prone to failure than others 0 None
2007-02-18 Noscapine effective against prostate cancer 0 4.5
2007-02-18 Group exercise helps breast cancer sufferers 0 None
2007-02-18 Effect of hydrocortisone treatment modality on glycemic control in patients with septic shock 0 None
2007-02-18 Watercress shows anti-cancer potential 0 None
2007-02-18 Bugs galore on the office desk! 0 None
2007-02-18 Nasal spray vaccine gives kids more protection from flu than shots 0 None
2007-02-15 Drug montelukast reduces trips to doctor for childhood asthma attacks 0 None
2007-02-15 Study shows PanK2 enzyme within mitochondria is triggered by the first step in fatty acid breakdown 0 None
2007-02-15 Stroke in young Fabry patients study 0 None
2007-02-15 Twin study on the increased cardiometabolic risk in obesity 0 None
2007-02-14 Marijuana gives relief from chronic pain for AIDS sufferers 0 None
2007-02-13 New oral blood thinner 0 None
2007-02-13 Nagging spouse? nonconscious relationship reactance 0 None
2007-02-13 Benefits of two cochlear implants in deaf children 0 None
2007-02-13 Researchers discover why antipsychotic drugs cause weight gain 0 None
2007-02-13 Switching treatment to exemestane after 2-3 years on tamoxifen, improves survival 0 None
2007-02-13 Variation in gene caspase-8 may help protect against breast cancer 0 None
2007-02-13 Some doctors do not tell patients about treatments they oppose 0 None
2007-02-12 Indicators for risk of heart disease are higher in passive smokers 0 None
2007-02-12 Nanoparticle boost for antitumor vaccines 0 None
2007-02-12 Cancer breakthrough - first treatment to directly target tumor supply 0 None
2007-02-12 Expanded endonasal approach surgery removes tumors once deemed to be inoperable 0 None
2007-02-12 Combination drug treatment helps beat mesothelioma 0 None
2007-02-12 Mood changes in response to psychosocial stress in healthy young women: effects of pretreatment with Cortisol 0 None
2007-02-12 Switching to an aromatase inhibitor provides mortality benefit in early breast carcinoma 0 None
2007-02-11 Rate of stem cell transplants among African-Americans lower 0 None
2007-02-11 What's the best way to treat twin-twin transfusion syndrome? 0 None
2007-02-11 Prospective cardiac monitoring in fetuses at risk of congenital heart block 0 None
2007-02-11 South Africa starts major HIV/AIDS vaccine trial 0 None
2007-02-11 Folate and vitamin B12 preserve cognitive function among seniors 0 None
2007-02-11 New method of screening tumors for cancer-related gene abnormalities 0 None
2007-02-11 Therapy for restless legs may trigger compulsive gambling 0 None
2007-02-11 Prevalence of overactive bladder overestimated 0 None
2007-02-08 Sniff of male sweat kick starts female hormones 0 5
2007-02-08 AIDS activists call for gel trials to restart 0 None
2007-02-08 How honest is your doctor when it comes to controversial issues? 0 None
2007-02-07 High-dose Lipitor therapy cuts risk of hospitalizations for heart failure 0 None
2007-02-07 Statins show extra benefit in raising "good" HDL cholesterol levels 0 None
2007-02-07 Graphic warnings on cigarette packs DO help smokers quit 0 5
2007-02-07 Aprotinin use associated with an increased risk of death following CABG surgery 0 None
2007-02-07 Combined effects of aging and obesity epidemic results in bigger body size among the elderly 0 None
2007-02-07 Study highlights importance of students' beliefs for their academic progress 0 None
2007-02-06 Being lonely when you're older doubles the risk of Alzheimer's 1 None
2007-02-06 13 new AIDS vaccine clinical trials initiated in 2006 0 None
2007-02-06 Severely mentally ill have increased risk of death from coronary heart disease and stroke 0 None
2007-02-06 Stents benefit people at high risk of stroke due to blocked blood vessels in the brain 0 None
2007-02-06 Loneliness linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2007-02-06 Teen online behaviors associated with online interpersonal victimization 0 None
2007-02-06 Vitamin D 'tops' for cancer prevention 0 None
2007-02-05 Levetiracetam shows promise for epilepsy 0 None
2007-02-05 Spring births increase likelihood of preterm birth 0 None
2007-02-05 TV + teenagers = high blood pressure 0 3
2007-02-05 Most nursing students believe it's wrong to lie to patients 0 None
2007-02-05 Rapid transport of large polymeric nanoparticles in fresh undiluted human mucus 0 None
2007-02-05 Antipodean Pharma commences phase 2 trial in hepatitis C 0 None
2007-02-04 Effects of acute oral antioxidants on diving-induced alterations in cardiovascular function 0 None
2007-02-01 Study finds flaws in cancer trials 0 None
2007-02-01 Health effects of passive somking studied in first-of-a-kind clinical study 0 None
2007-02-01 Disappointing end to trials of new gel to protect women against AIDS 0 None


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