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Date Title Comments Rating
2007-03-31 Radiofrequency (RF) ablation effective for treating inoperable lung cancer 0 None
2007-03-31 RF ablation used to treat early-stage, inoperable cancer 0 None
2007-03-31 Exercise reduces risk of RSI 0 None
2007-03-31 Hearing-protection tablet helps soldiers defend against hearing loss 0 None
2007-03-31 Novel anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent reduces coronary events 0 None
2007-03-31 Drug-eluting stent use in heart patients determined more by insurance type 0 None
2007-03-31 Annual computed tomography screening identifies a high proportion of patients with early-stage lung cancer 0 None
2007-03-30 Polyphenols versus vitamins as antioxidants 0 5
2007-03-30 Crateagus extract postpones cardiac events in patients with congestive heart failure 0 None
2007-03-30 Angioplasty doesn't outweigh medicine in study 0 None
2007-03-30 Bronchial thermoplasty study 0 None
2007-03-30 Parents often the source of whooping cough 0 None
2007-03-30 Education and support programs improve long-term outcomes for high-risk cardiac patients 0 None
2007-03-30 Study shows how antibiotic gentamicin affects cystic fibrosis patients with a stop mutation 0 5
2007-03-30 Blood pressure control with Clevidipine 0 None
2007-03-30 Molecular mechanism involved in development of schizophrenia 0 None
2007-03-30 Decoy receptor 3 expressed in rheumatic synovial fibroblasts protects the cells against Fas-induced apoptosis 0 None
2007-03-29 Study reveals impact of the MMR controversy on parents of children with autism 0 None
2007-03-29 CT screening regimen finds early-stage lung cancer 0 None
2007-03-29 Autistic children can interpret the mental state of others by looking at their eyes 0 None
2007-03-29 Study on arthritis-attributable work limitation 0 None
2007-03-28 MRI evaluation of the contralateral breast in women recently diagnosed with breast cancer 0 None
2007-03-28 Study provides strongest link to date between trans fat and heart disease 0 None
2007-03-28 Mother's high beef consumption while pregnant associated with lower sperm counts in her son 0 None
2007-03-28 Plavix appears to be safe during and after heart bypass 0 None
2007-03-27 Immune response to cancer stem cells may dictate cancer's course 0 None
2007-03-27 Medications plus lifestyle changes work as well as angioplasty to reduce deaths in stable heart-disease patients 0 None
2007-03-27 Counseling by student-dentists helps patients quit smoking 0 None
2007-03-27 Why people eat the foods they do 0 2.5
2007-03-25 Happy schools lead to lower levels of substance abuse and teen pregnancy 0 None
2007-03-25 Study describes how estradiol helps to maintain bone density 0 4
2007-03-25 Drugs should be classified by the amount of harm that they do 0 5
2007-03-25 25 per cent of new cases of schizophrenia in the UK may be due to cannabis 0 None
2007-03-25 Researchers look at whether creatine slows progression of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2007-03-25 Circadian genes may be involved in bipolar disorder 0 None
2007-03-22 Stanford brain tumor vaccine to be tested nationally 0 None
2007-03-22 Creatine may help Parkinson's patients by giving an energy boost to dying cells 0 None
2007-03-22 Atorvastatin shows potential as a new treatment for spinal cord injuries 0 None
2007-03-22 Emergency responses greatly increase risk to firefighters for heart disease 0 None
2007-03-21 Screening key to early detection of colorectal cancers 0 None
2007-03-15 Trial of new therapy for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2007-03-15 Large-scale Japanese study finds soy protective against localized prostate cancer, but not advanced 0 None
2007-03-14 Exposure to phthalates linked to abdominal obesity and insulin resistance in adult males 0 None
2007-03-14 Chronic headache study 0 None
2007-03-14 Clinical trial of a medication to treat kleptomania 0 None
2007-03-14 Talk therapy works for panic disorder 0 None
2007-03-14 Two novel therapies for multiple myeloma 0 None
2007-03-13 Aging boosts chances that a family line will be long-lived 0 None
2007-03-13 Clinical and imaging evidence of Zolpidem effect in hypoxic encephalopathy 0 None
2007-03-13 Obese patients have a significantly higher risk of complications following surgery 0 5
2007-03-12 Addiction to sunbathing 1 None
2007-03-12 New screening tool for anxiety disorders 0 None
2007-03-12 Laughter increases altruism - unselfish concern for the welfare of others 0 None
2007-03-12 HIV in late childhood and adolescence a growing problem 0 None
2007-03-12 Groundbreaking study of anorexia 0 3
2007-03-11 Drug resistant headache pain eased by brain stimulation 0 None
2007-03-08 Women much more likely than men to make deep and lasting friendships 1 None
2007-03-08 Depressed elderly risk early death 0 None
2007-03-08 Vaccines again linked to form of autism 0 None
2007-03-08 It's a fact stress makes teens spotty! 0 5
2007-03-07 Atkins comes up trumps in low carb diets 1 None
2007-03-06 Inhaled Celecoxib shows new promise for lung cancer treatment 0 None
2007-03-06 Whether torture is physical or mental the trauma is the same 0 None
2007-03-05 When it comes to easing the pain, Ibuprofen best for children 0 None
2007-03-05 Mayo Clinic tests engineered measles virus against multiple myeloma 0 None
2007-03-05 Lactulose improves quality of life in patients with cirrhosis who have minimal hepatic encephalopathy 0 5
2007-03-05 The model for end-stage liver disease 0 None
2007-03-05 Exercise moderates risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in smokers 0 None
2007-03-05 Effect of depression in mothers with breast cancer on their children's concerns 0 None
2007-03-05 Stress increases acne in teens 0 None
2007-03-05 Copper good for your heart 0 5
2007-03-05 Life-saving cancer genetic testing vastly underutilized 0 None
2007-03-05 Study compares Lipitor with Simvastatin 0 2.6
2007-03-04 Health status of Gypsies and Travellers in England 0 None
2007-03-04 Risks of being a second twin 0 None
2007-03-04 Babies born to South Asian women are at a higher risk of perinatal mortality 0 None
2007-03-04 Insulation improves health 0 None
2007-03-04 Treatment for gum disease could also help the heart 0 None
2007-03-01 Steroid use fails to boost pregnancy rates in infertility treatments 0 None
2007-03-01 Drug-enriched salt could prevent elephantiasis 0 3
2007-03-01 Sunitinib halts progress of metastatic kidney cancer 0 None


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