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Date Title Comments Rating
2007-05-31 Chocolate good for the memory! 0 4.5
2007-05-31 Back surgery or grin and bear it? 0 None
2007-05-31 Parkinson's disease linked to pesticide exposure 0 None
2007-05-30 Employees in the US are bullied up to 50% more often than workers in Scandinavia 0 None
2007-05-30 Virtual autopsy helps determine drownings 0 None
2007-05-30 Proper use of aprotinin to reduce bleeding during heart surgery does not increase the risk of heart attack or stroke 0 None
2007-05-30 Pesticide exposure and head trauma increases risk for Parkinson's disease 0 None
2007-05-30 Predictors of quality of life for older adults 0 None
2007-05-30 Personality test could help doctors detect dementia with Lewy bodies 0 None
2007-05-30 Study suggests potential for a broadly-protective HIV vaccine 0 None
2007-05-30 Interventions for Pediatricians only partially successful 0 None
2007-05-30 Magnetic resonance-guided, focused ultrasound surgery relieves fibroid symptoms in women 0 None
2007-05-30 Regular exercise increases "good" cholesterol 0 None
2007-05-30 Dentists need more training in oral cancer detection 0 None
2007-05-30 Key role played by Cytomegalovirus infection in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis 0 None
2007-05-30 Common antipsychotic drug for methamphetamine overdose may damage brain cells 0 None
2007-05-30 Inflammation linked to Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2007-05-28 Post traumatic stress disorder and brain injury affecting more soldiers 0 None
2007-05-28 Pro-relationship behaviors matter 0 None
2007-05-28 Dentists can play a significant role in decreasing tobacco-related illness and death 0 None
2007-05-28 Depression among type 2 diabetes rural Appalachian clinic attendees 0 None
2007-05-28 Restrictive medical studies exclude blacks and women 0 None
2007-05-28 Physicians urged to take measured approach in response to potential Avandia risks 0 None
2007-05-28 People may need more dietary choline than previously thought 0 None
2007-05-28 Study examines binge drinking and heavy alcohol use among college students 0 None
2007-05-28 Most pediatric chemotherapy mistakes reach patients 0 None
2007-05-28 African-Americans more likely to be excluded from treatment studies than men or non-African-American patients 0 None
2007-05-28 Largest ever Affymetrix GeneChip Microarray study 0 None
2007-05-28 Hospitals that have better working conditions for nurses are safer for elderly intensive care unit patients 0 None
2007-05-28 Extracorporeal photopheresis may be effective in treating Crohn's disease 0 None
2007-05-28 Endogenous cannabinoids linked to fetal brain damage imposed by maternal cannabis use 0 None
2007-05-28 Dynamic sonography useful in the diagnosis of muscle tears and hematomas 0 None
2007-05-28 College attendance and its effect on drinking behaviors in a longitudinal study of adolescents 0 None
2007-05-28 Both drinking patterns and neighborhood characteristics affect intimate partner violence 0 None
2007-05-28 Binge drinking can lead to poor decision making among college students 0 None
2007-05-28 Maternal alcohol use during pregnancy contributes to substantial increase in risk for extreme preterm delivery 0 None
2007-05-28 Watch your language! babies know the difference between French and English 0 None
2007-05-28 Flu vaccine patch a disappointment 0 None
2007-05-27 Scientists 'home in' on new breast cancer genes 0 None
2007-05-27 New method predicts hip joint decay from chemotherapy 0 None
2007-05-27 Study challenges conventional wisdom about cancer cells 0 None
2007-05-27 Coffee appears to lower the risk of gout 0 None
2007-05-24 Most teens' mental health unaffected by nonmarital sex 0 None
2007-05-24 Very-low-birth-weight newborns face higher risk of death at community hospitals 0 None
2007-05-24 Regular aspirin intake only reduces incidence of colorectal tumors that overexpress COX-2 0 None
2007-05-24 Study of Aripiprazole in adolescents with schizophrenia 0 4
2007-05-24 Double-standard exists in the way that men and women donors are valued by the fertility industry 0 None
2007-05-24 Sheep offer model for undernourishment in pregnant teen girls 0 None
2007-05-24 First major investigation into naprapathy 0 None
2007-05-24 Could the food we eat be contributing to the continuing rise of antibiotic-resistant infections? 0 None
2007-05-24 Study shows that a cause and effect relationship does not exist between job satisfaction and performanc 0 None
2007-05-24 Clinical study results on bifeprunox for schizophrenia 0 None
2007-05-24 Long-term ulcerative colitis study shows Remicade responders maintained improvement 0 None
2007-05-24 Link found between gastric bypass and several serious neurological conditions 1 None
2007-05-24 In utero exposure to smoking associated with ADHD problems in genetically susceptible children 0 None
2007-05-24 Disadvantaged TB patients urgently need social support to make medical treatment more effective 0 None
2007-05-24 Daytrana provides significant effectiveness in both boys and girls with ADHD 1 None
2007-05-24 African-Americans perceive people with extreme health problems as less productive and valuable 0 None
2007-05-24 Pure oxygen harms the brain 0 None
2007-05-24 Veterans with extreme mixed handedness and high combat exposure five times more likely to have PTSD 0 None
2007-05-24 Passengers contribute to road accidents 0 None
2007-05-24 Ramelteon does not impair balance, mobility or memory performance in older adults with insomnia 0 None
2007-05-24 New data on the probiotic strain Bifantis 0 None
2007-05-24 Obese people more likely to have persistent or severe persistent asthma 0 None
2007-05-24 Unhealthy outdoor zones for secondhand smoke 0 None
2007-05-24 Iloperidone shows promise for Akathisia 0 None
2007-05-24 Novel preclinical gene therapy approach for treating Niemann-Pick disease 0 None
2007-05-24 Exercise rejuvenates muscle tissue in healthy senior citizens 0 None
2007-05-24 Efficacy and safety of Aripiprazole as adjunctive therapy in major depressive disorder 0 None
2007-05-24 SYMBICORT trial shows improved quality of life with asthma 0 None
2007-05-24 COX inhibitors may weaken protective qualities of estrogen therapy 0 None
2007-05-24 Evaluation of leading combination regimens for treating malaria 0 None
2007-05-23 Yoga shows promise in improving symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and epilepsy 0 None
2007-05-23 What are the values and inconsistencies in patients who are depressed? 0 None
2007-05-23 Study of VentrAssist heart support device as a bridge to transplantation 0 None
2007-05-23 Vitamin A Retinol lotion helps reduce wrinkles associated with aging 0 5
2007-05-22 Combination of medicines best for blood pressure control 0 None
2007-05-22 Study identifies patients' reasons for quitting jobs after treatment for head and neck cancer 0 None
2007-05-22 Vitamin C, E and folate supplements don't protect against lung cancer 0 None
2007-05-22 Obstructive sleep apnea increases a person's risk of having a heart attack 0 None
2007-05-22 Smoking and depression 0 None
2007-05-22 Pulsed radiofrequency treatment for chronic back pain 1 None
2007-05-22 Lubiprostone may improve symptom relief rates in adults with irritable bowel syndrome with constipation 0 None
2007-05-22 New data on natural probiotic bacterial strain of Bifantis shows anti-inflammatory properties 0 None
2007-05-22 Muscle stem cells treat urinary incontinence 0 None
2007-05-22 Marijuana worsens breathing problems in current smokers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 0 None
2007-05-22 Lubiprostone may improve symptom relief rates in adults with irritable bowel syndrome 0 None
2007-05-22 Improving communication with families of dying patients reduces post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression 0 None
2007-05-22 Healthy body weight throughout life prevents onset of physical disability later in life 0 None
2007-05-22 Drug treatment slows decline in lung function in COPD patients 0 None
2007-05-22 CoQ10 may not provide benefits to individuals with Parkinson's disease 0 None
2007-05-22 Clinical trial data for Perforomist Inhalation solution 0 None
2007-05-22 Link between periodontitis and tongue cancer 0 None
2007-05-22 Chemotherapy drug temozolomide shrinks brain tumors 0 None
2007-05-22 Capsule endoscopy effective in diagnosing gastrointestinal bleeding and small bowel Crohn's disease in children 0 4
2007-05-22 Asthmatx completes enrollment in study of bronchial thermoplasty 0 None
2007-05-22 One tipple a day may keep dementia at bay! 0 5
2007-05-18 Study of youth's gender attitudes 0 None
2007-05-18 Young people's attitudes toward gender 0 None
2007-05-18 Large trial to identify the long-term health effects of West Nile virus infection 0 None
2007-05-18 Thornton Adjustable Positioner stops snoring, reduces sleep apnea 1 None
2007-05-18 Study looks at parents' use of mediation to resolve sibling conflicts 0 None
2007-05-18 Patients with myelodysplastic syndromes treated with Revlimid are living longer and remaining transfusion independent 0 None
2007-05-18 Self-confidence pays dividends 0 None
2007-05-18 Study breaks link between lycopene and prostate cancer prevention 0 None
2007-05-18 Peregrine Pharmaceuticals to initiate new Bavituximab HCV trial 0 None
2007-05-18 Study of normal brain development 0 4
2007-05-18 Natural immune-control system may aid treatment of autoimmune disease and tissue rejection 0 None
2007-05-18 Lowering a patient's temperature could aid standard stroke treatment 0 None
2007-05-18 Long-term treatment with anti-clotting drug clopidogrel improves stenting outcomes in diabetic patients 0 4
2007-05-18 Glucose plays a key role in enabling healthy beta cells 0 None
2007-05-18 Effects of Taser on human health 4 3.4
2007-05-18 Teaching decision-making skills 0 None
2007-05-18 Substantial number of American adults hold fatalistic beliefs about cancer 0 None
2007-05-18 Danube Pharmaceuticals starts trial of DNB-001 in patients with ocular hypertension 0 None
2007-05-18 Some NSAIDs may be better suited to treating cancer 0 None
2007-05-18 Circadian clock gene plays role in weight gain 0 None
2007-05-18 One kilogram higher birth weight associated with a 10-20% reduced risk of heart disease later in life 0 None
2007-05-18 High-risk sexual behavior in adolescents 1 2.1
2007-05-18 Structural brain development and behavior from birth to young adulthood 0 None
2007-05-17 Study of unexplained respiratory infections leads researchers to new virus 0 None
2007-05-17 Lack of association between Rh status, Rh immune globulin in pregnancy and autism 0 None
2007-05-17 Factors that have the most impact on gum health 0 5
2007-05-17 Simple clinical criteria can eliminate pulmonary embolism risk and expense 0 None
2007-05-17 Opt- out HIV testing in the Emergency Department 0 None
2007-05-17 Early identification and aggressive treatment of sepsis has the potential to improve outcomes 0 None
2007-05-17 Post-traumatic stress disorder 10 times higher in New Orleans 0 None
2007-05-17 Ottawa Aggressive Protocol for acute atrial fibrillation is successful 0 None
2007-05-17 Pycnogenol natural pine bark extract reduces heart failure 0 None
2007-05-17 Albuterol may help kids with bronchiolitis 0 None
2007-05-17 Chromium 6 in drinking water may cause cancer 0 None
2007-05-17 Culture techniques can significantly affect cell growth and function 0 None
2007-05-17 Increase in fatal car crashes involving young women 0 None
2007-05-17 Bovine protein called lactoferrin aids in treatment of gastrointestinal disorder 0 None
2007-05-17 Household smoking restrictions more strongly associated with better health status than workplace smoking restrictions 0 None
2007-05-17 ACE inhibitors help preserve kidney function in IgA nephropathy 0 None
2007-05-17 Possible neuroprotective effect of testosterone treatment in men 0 None
2007-05-17 Subtle signs can help doctors predict that a person will develop Huntington's disease 0 None
2007-05-17 Study revises dynamin's role in nerve cell function 0 None
2007-05-17 Minimally invasive treatment of chronic mesenteric ischemia 0 None
2007-05-16 Mild asthma can be controlled with once-a-day treatment 0 4
2007-05-16 Single dose of vitamin D may be enough to boost the immune system to fight against tuberculosis 0 None
2007-05-16 Vertical work-stations could help obese lose weight 0 None
2007-05-16 Unfair treatment in life boosts a person's chances of having a heart attack 0 None
2007-05-16 Cigarette smoking is more strongly associated with head and neck cancers than drinking alcohol 0 None
2007-05-16 Testosterone gel helps men multiple sclerosis 0 None
2007-05-16 Women are significantly less likely than men to have their LDL cholesterol controlled 0 None
2007-05-16 Reducing cardiovascular disease risk factors when discontinuing HRT 0 None
2007-05-16 Multiple myeloma dexamethasone / lenalidomide trial closes 0 None
2007-05-16 Mediterranean diet halves risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 0 None
2007-05-16 Low-glycemic load diet may be more effective for dieters who secrete insulin at a higher level 0 None
2007-05-16 Low tar cigarettes as damaging as regular tar 0 None
2007-05-16 Researchers identify genetic markers associated with breast cancer tumor grade and lymph node metastases 0 None
2007-05-16 Gene p53 thought to assist chemotherapy may help cancer thrive 0 None
2007-05-16 Exercise shows beneficial effects in patients with Parkinson's disease 0 None
2007-05-16 Atypical pathogen treatment vital in hospitalized community-acquired pneumonia patients 0 None
2007-05-16 Gender disparities in heart disease and diabetes managed care 0 None
2007-05-16 Single-tablet combination of atorvastatin and amlodipine for high blood pressure effective 0 None
2007-05-16 Study reveals need for engaging primary care practices as partners in developing mental health services for older patients 0 None
2007-05-16 New insight into the lives of children and young people who live with, and help care for, their mentally ill parents 0 None
2007-05-16 Middle-aged men and women with a history of migraine and other headaches are more likely to have retinopathy 0 None
2007-05-15 Web-based intervention programs change behavior of sedentary adults 0 None
2007-05-15 Eating lots of fish plus vitamin D reduces risk of age-related macular degeneration 0 None
2007-05-15 High-dose clopidogrel before stenting cuts heart attack risk in half 0 None
2007-05-15 Heart-failure patients take their medicine more reliably when under the care of a pharmacist 0 None
2007-05-15 Higher dietary intake of fiber and magnesium may be associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2007-05-15 Mediterranean diet found to halve the risk for lung disease 0 None
2007-05-15 Longterm anxiety 'ups' the risk for heart attacks 0 None
2007-05-15 Peanut allergies overstated 0 None
2007-05-15 Being overweight or obese increases risk of traumatic workplace injury 0 None
2007-05-15 Go green to avoid the blues! 0 None
2007-05-15 Coenzyme Q10 does not improve Parkinson's disease symptoms 0 None
2007-05-15 Bare metal stents provide a safer choice 0 None
2007-05-14 Britain second rate when it comes to treating cancer sufferers 0 None
2007-05-14 Angioplasty better than drugs for preventing second heart attack 0 None
2007-05-11 Swedish 'snus' linked to a doubled risk of pancreatic cancer 0 None
2007-05-11 When it comes to disclosing medical errors to patients, there is a gap between physicians' attitudes and their real-world experiences 0 None
2007-05-11 Ritalin abuse is on the rise among teens 1 None
2007-05-11 Percutaneous aortic valve replacement safe 0 None
2007-05-11 Patients with 'bleeding' strokes less likely to receive medications and counseling to prevent recurrent strokes 0 None
2007-05-11 Novel catheter technique for patching holes in the heart 0 None
2007-05-11 MR spectroscopy of choline levels shows promise as a marker of fetal lung maturity 0 None
2007-05-11 Study finds large number of new proteins implicated in Huntington's disease 0 None
2007-05-11 Insulin therapy shown to treat early experimental diabetic retinopathy 0 None
2007-05-11 Key findings on new-generation stent 0 None
2007-05-11 Pros and cons of drinking farm milk 0 4
2007-05-11 Worksite health programs improve blood pressure and diabetes control 0 None
2007-05-11 Reducing calories is an effective way to keep weight off 0 None
2007-05-11 Oncolytic viruses deliver a knockout punch to cancers 0 None
2007-05-11 Amount of pocket money directly liked to risky drinking in teenagers 0 None
2007-05-11 CT and MRI are highly accurate at determining which patients would be optimal candidates for liver transplantation 0 None
2007-05-11 Counseling helps arthritis sufferers 0 None
2007-05-11 Cognitive behaviour therapy, treatment of choice for post-traumatic stress disorder 0 None
2007-05-11 Preoperative chemotherapy reduces chemo-related infections 0 None
2007-05-10 New treatment for warts 0 None
2007-05-10 Cell-derived scaffold reproduction of cartilage tissue 0 None
2007-05-10 Theophylline offers relief for unexplained chest pain 0 1
2007-05-10 Omega-3 fatty acids may lower risk of Alzheimer's 0 None
2007-05-10 Many herb users don't follow scientific guidelines 0 None
2007-05-10 The financial impact of a brain tumor diagnosis on patients and families 0 1
2007-05-10 FluForecast trial predicted high human H5N1 mortality in Indonesia 0 None
2007-05-10 Fine motor skills, social acceptance lower in children with 'lazy eye' 0 None
2007-05-10 FDG-PET imaging predicts lung cancer patients' response to chemotherapy 0 None
2007-05-10 Review of six large-scale clinical trials of aliskiren 0 None
2007-05-10 Coarse particulate matter in outdoor air raises bad cholesterol 0 None
2007-05-09 Assessment of state immunization requirements for healthcare workers and patients 0 None
2007-05-09 Movies significantly influence teens to smoke 0 5
2007-05-09 Study implicates protein as a trigger of advanced prostate cancer recurrence 0 None
2007-05-09 Stress of deployment increases risk of child abuse, neglect in military families 0 None
2007-05-09 Rosuvastatin well tolerated by a broad range of patients with dyslipidemia 0 None
2007-05-09 The influence of diluent warming on dantrolene sodium mixing time 0 None
2007-05-09 Off-label and untested use of drug-coated stents is common in U.S. practice 0 None
2007-05-09 Adverse outcomes associated with unapproved uses of drug-coated stents 0 None
2007-05-09 Attention training is worth examining for disorders with attentional components, like ADHD 0 None
2007-05-09 Hepatitis C infection is associated with an increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma 0 None
2007-05-09 Low-dose MDCT of the abdomen and pelvis reduces hospital stay in patients with acute nonspecific abdominal pain 0 None
2007-05-09 FluMist may help reduce the burden of seasonal influenza 0 None
2007-05-09 Combined molecular-targeted and hormonal therapies offer promise in treating ovarian cancer 0 None
2007-05-09 Baby aspirin better for your health 0 None
2007-05-09 Ischemic-targeted approach to angioplasty among asymptomatic survivors of heart attack 0 None
2007-05-09 Promising new target for brain tumor therapy 0 None
2007-05-09 The best diet 0 None
2007-05-08 Contrast-enhanced ultrasound after liver transplant is highly accurate in showing vascular as well as biliary complications 0 4
2007-05-08 MRI and MRS can provide a 'road map' of the prostate 0 None
2007-05-08 Study provides clues about inability to imitate and empathize in autistic children 0 None
2007-05-08 Ultra-high-field MRI can detect multiple sclerosis lesions better than MRI 0 None
2007-05-08 Healthy immigrant effect and pregnancy 0 None
2007-05-08 Novel therapies to prevent metastasis 0 None
2007-05-08 Motivational interviewing - exciting new approach to personal counseling in the pediatrician's office 0 None
2007-05-08 MRI used to determine features of knee osteoarthrosis 0 None
2007-05-08 Study looks at interest level of healthy, young adults in receiving genetic testing for common conditions 0 None
2007-05-08 Study provides new understanding of excessive gambling 0 None
2007-05-08 Study evaluates why blacks do not successfully donate kidneys 0 None
2007-05-08 CT angiography can replace digital subtraction angiography 0 None
2007-05-08 Study compares three natural surfactants used to treat babies with respiratory distress syndrome 0 None
2007-05-08 Potential use of spiritual resources for quitting in adult smokers 0 None
2007-05-08 Surfactant replacement therapies improve neonatal survival in premature infants with neonatal respiratory distress syndrome 0 3.5
2007-05-08 PET-CT is better for early detection of muscular lymphoma than CT alone 0 None
2007-05-08 Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of liver tumors safe and effective 0 None
2007-05-08 Heart-assist devices may help some end-stage heart failure patients avoid transplant 0 None
2007-05-08 Functional anesthetic discography allows diagnosis of lower back pain cause 0 None
2007-05-08 New option for soft-tissue imaging in interventional radiology procedures 0 None
2007-05-08 Study shows inevitability of men's infidelity across cultures 0 None
2007-05-08 MR spectroscopy of choline levels shows promise as a marker of fetal lung maturity 0 None
2007-05-08 MR imaging helps predict recurrence in prostate cancer patients 0 None
2007-05-08 10.3 percent of U.S. adults appear to have problems with drug use or abuse 0 None
2007-05-08 MDCT eliminates need for catheter angiography for aortic injury diagnosis 0 None
2007-05-08 One-third of older Americans not treated for glaucoma 0 None
2007-05-08 Australian study of Indigenous people and health 0 None
2007-05-08 High intracoronary attenuation significantly improves diagnostic accuracy in 64-slice CT-CA of the coronary arteries 0 None
2007-05-08 Extremely low-dose MDCT useful for reducing hospital stay for patients with acute abdominal pain 0 None
2007-05-08 Electroconvulsive therapy helps patients with severe depression who don't respond to other treatments 0 None
2007-05-08 Daily steroid treatments help boys with muscular dystrophy walk longer 0 None
2007-05-08 CT angiography has a nearly 100% detection rate in acute ruptured, cerebral aneurysms 0 None
2007-05-08 CT colonoscopy has 90 percent agreement rate with optical colonoscopy 0 4
2007-05-08 CT imaging can play important role in car crash testing 0 None
2007-05-08 CT better than plain radiographs in diagnosing lumbar spine fractures 0 None
2007-05-08 Computer-aided detection with computed radiography is effective in the detection of breast cancer 0 None
2007-05-08 Brain scans of people with mild cognitive impairment show signs of early Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2007-05-08 Simple blood test for BNP levels predictive of higher in-hospital mortality rates for heart failure patients 0 None
2007-05-08 BEMA Fentanyl demonstrates substantial transmucosal delivery 0 None
2007-05-08 Scientists delete enzyme in mice so they can eat any type of fat and not get heart disease 0 None
2007-05-08 Hepatitis C increases risk for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 0 None
2007-05-08 Season of conception a factor in how a child does in school 0 None
2007-05-08 Statins may reduce the risk of lung cancer even for smokers 0 None
2007-05-08 Chubby teens turn into obese adults 0 None
2007-05-08 Drug abuse in the U.S. not confined to minority groups 0 None
2007-05-07 Premature births may be linked to seasonal levels of pesticides and nitrates in surface water 0 None
2007-05-07 Popular epilepsy drug damages the unborn 0 None
2007-05-07 "Cup of joe" found to have more health benefits 0 5
2007-05-04 Honey for diabetic ulcers 0 None
2007-05-04 Fecal microbes high in New Orleans sediments following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita 0 None
2007-05-04 Exposure to alcohol advertising during early adolescence promotes drinking 0 None
2007-05-04 Master regulator for epithelial tissue regeneration found 0 None
2007-05-04 Migraines may be sign of post-traumatic stress for Iraq veterans 0 None
2007-05-04 Migraines take a toll on employers as well! 0 None
2007-05-04 Study looks at effect of methylphenidate on young ADHD drivers 0 None
2007-05-04 Should hyperthyroidism patients consider combining Chinese and Western medicine? 0 None
2007-05-04 Study of fatigue in cancer patients 0 None
2007-05-04 Steroidal hormones for contraception in women with sickle cell disease 0 None
2007-05-04 Study examines visual scanning patterns and recognition of faces and abstract patterns in toddlers with autism 0 None
2007-05-04 Losing money may be intrinsically linked with fear and pain in the brain 0 None
2007-05-04 Tight diabetes control does not impact cognitive ability in type 1 diabetes 0 None
2007-05-04 Botox decreases pain and intensity of spasticity following a stroke 0 4
2007-05-04 Study of damaged gene gives insight into causes of mental illness 0 None
2007-05-04 Tens of thousands of Americans die each year from secondhand tobacco smoke 0 None
2007-05-04 People with a sibling who have had a stroke are almost twice as likely to suffer a stroke themselves 0 None
2007-05-04 Study shows effectiveness of Peramivir in mouse model of H5N1 virus infection 0 None
2007-05-04 Smoking and Crohn's disease 0 None
2007-05-04 Simple spit test designed to detect pre-eclampsia in the early stages 0 None
2007-05-04 Phase III data on Safinamide in Parkinson's disease 0 None
2007-05-04 Negative pressure wound therapy for pediatric patients 0 None
2007-05-04 LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals presents data showing that immunization with their influenza H1N1-VLP formulation resulted in 100% protection from H1N1 and H3N2 0 None
2007-05-04 HCV patients survival after liver transplantation is not improving 0 None
2007-05-04 Mesoblast receives FDA clearance for heart attack stem cell trial 0 None
2007-05-04 Nutritional benefits of egg consumption 0 5
2007-05-04 Binge drinking decreases brain volume 0 None
2007-05-04 Amateur boxing and brain damage 0 None
2007-05-04 Statins reduce risk of stroke and heart attack 0 None
2007-05-04 Novel respiratory antibiotic Cethromycin, shown to be effective against Anthrax 0 None
2007-05-04 Cause of gender differences in high blood pressure and related kidney disease 0 5
2007-05-04 BioMarin starts phase 2a study of 6R-BH4 in sickle cell disease 0 None
2007-05-03 Reclast found to cause abnormal heart rhythms 5 4.2
2007-05-02 Use of antithrombotics means more intracerebral haemorrhagic stroke deaths in over 75s 0 None
2007-05-02 Strong link between domestic violence and asthma 0 None
2007-05-02 Serious illness among children with sickle cell disease reduced with pneumococcal conjugate vaccine 0 None
2007-05-02 Recommended doses of ginseng, ginko biloba do not interfere with drug absorption 0 None
2007-05-02 Racial disparities in treatment of patients with cirrhosis and complications of portal hypertension 0 None
2007-05-02 Hurricanes, infectious disease and public health 0 None
2007-05-02 Infliximab fails to improve chronic obstructive pulmonary disease symptoms 0 None
2007-05-02 11 percent of American women smoke during pregnancy 0 None
2007-05-02 Peramivir shows promise for H5N1 protection 0 None
2007-05-02 OCT1 required for therapeutic effects of diabetes drug Metformin 0 None
2007-05-02 New treatments have major impact on heart failure rates 0 None
2007-05-02 Americans are filling their glasses with too many sugary drinks 0 None
2007-05-02 New study on judicial sleepiness 0 None
2007-05-02 Phenoxodiol, an investigational drug shows promise for ovarian cancer 0 5
2007-05-02 Study provides better understanding of how to treat individuals affected by copper imbalances 0 None
2007-05-02 Expression pattern of microRNA may be useful in differentiating between chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer 0 None
2007-05-02 Magnesium loss In patients given monoclonal antibodies 0 None
2007-05-02 Liver stiffness indicates severe portal hypertension in patients with hepatitis C-related cirrhosis 0 None
2007-05-02 Laparoscopic gastric banding surgery improves insulin resistance 0 None
2007-05-02 Improving outcomes for patients with acute coronary syndrome 0 None
2007-05-02 Diesel exhaust fumes affect bone marrow blood flow 0 None
2007-05-02 Soy consumption and weight loss 0 None
2007-05-02 Higher calcium and vitamin D intake linked to brain lesions in seniors 0 None
2007-05-02 Efforts to standardize heart care are working 0 None
2007-05-02 Gender, ethnic differences may hamper eating disorder diagnosis 0 None
2007-05-02 Revolutionary treatment for blindness 0 None
2007-05-02 Spherix starts phase 3 clinical trial of treatment for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2007-05-02 Sleep deprivation can adversely affect a person's decision-making 0 None
2007-05-02 Consuming lower-calorie soup a way to reduce food intake 0 None
2007-05-02 Seniors are being stereotyped as grouchy 0 None
2007-05-02 Evidence of very early onset defective bone mineralization in the lumbar spine revealed in children with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2007-05-02 Adalimumab shows potential for Crohn's disease 0 None
2007-05-02 Rituximab reduces disease activity in multiple sclerosis 0 5
2007-05-02 Sirion Therapeutics starts phase III clinical trials of pipeline compounds 0 None
2007-05-02 Exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke increases the risk of developing dementia 0 None
2007-05-02 Wrapping version of Gleevec fights drug-resistant cancer 0 None
2007-05-02 Levosimendan compared to dobutamine for decompensated heart failure 0 None
2007-05-02 Unstable leukemia stem cells may predispose patients to drug resistance 0 None
2007-05-02 Web-based disease management program improves outcomes for low-income black students 0 None
2007-05-02 Why do some people get fat even when they eat relatively little? 0 5
2007-05-02 Childhood-onset bipolar disorder is more common than believed 0 None
2007-05-02 Losing money may be intrinsically linked with fear and pain in the brain 0 None
2007-05-02 Chronic fatigue syndrome impairs sleep and homeostatic response 0 None
2007-05-02 Gulf War veterans with health symptoms show differences in brain structures 0 None
2007-05-02 Traditional African medicines may hold potential for treating high blood pressure 0 None
2007-05-02 When hospitals follow the guidelines deaths from heart attack are halved 0 None
2007-05-01 St. Lawrence University in pilot project to improve depression screening 0 None
2007-05-01 Mechanisms of glucose homeostasis and early diabetes 0 None
2007-05-01 Teens who have chronic daily headaches are at greater risk for suicide 0 None
2007-05-01 New understanding of sleep 0 None
2007-05-01 Simvastatin may help sufferers with Alzheimer's 0 None
2007-05-01 More chronically ill children dying in intensive care 0 None
2007-05-01 Zorro-LNA stops genetic disorders in their tracks 0 None
2007-05-01 Pistachios for stress 0 None
2007-05-01 Electromagnetic fields do not pose a health hazard to energy workers 0 None
2007-05-01 Pharmaceuticals are being found in ground water 0 None
2007-05-01 More people falling from ladders! 0 None
2007-05-01 Nanoparticles found near plaque-filled arteries 0 None
2007-05-01 Drama can be an effective mechanism to educate and motivate 0 None
2007-05-01 RNA analysis can identify rejection in lung transplant patients 0 None
2007-05-01 Fixing running style helps lower risk for stress fractures, pain under kneecap 0 None


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