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2008-07-31 Cancer patients not given enough information about survival benefits of palliative chemotherapy 0 None
2008-07-31 Watching too much TV is causing some university students to pack on the pounds 0 None
2008-07-31 Research team creates human ALS motor neurons 0 None
2008-07-31 New studies examine use of the nucleoside polymerase inhibitor, R1626, to the standard therapy for hepatitis C 0 None
2008-07-31 study shows compounds from soy affect brain and reproductive development 0 None
2008-07-31 Study reveals cost of stabbings to British health service 0 None
2008-07-31 What do doctors tell patients about the survival benefits of palliative chemotherapy? 0 None
2008-07-31 Drug use by Europe's youth leads to risky sexual behaviour 0 None
2008-07-31 Study sheds light on why addiction is a chronic disease 0 5
2008-07-31 Warfarin may prevent liver failure in hepatitis C 0 None
2008-07-31 Living with someone reduces risk of developing Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-31 Metabolic syndrome and alcohol comsumption 0 None
2008-07-31 Excess fat around the heart may be worse than high BMI for heart attacks 0 2.7
2008-07-30 Survey reveals most drinkers exceed current safe alcohol guidelines 0 None
2008-07-30 Genetic clues to schizophrenia uncovered 0 None
2008-07-30 Stanford Medicine explores the complex world of clinical trials 0 None
2008-07-30 Promising new therapy for Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-30 Rember, new Alzheimer's drug offers hope to sufferers 0 3.7
2008-07-30 Retirement could be hazardous for the health 0 None
2008-07-29 Twenty percent of British adult survivors of childhood cancer smoke despite hazards 0 None
2008-07-29 Cholesterol lowering drugs may protect against dementia 0 None
2008-07-29 Bladder problems may leave mark on brain contributing to sleep and attention problems 0 None
2008-07-29 Australian Alzheimer's trial published in the Lancet 0 None
2008-07-29 Markers in blood and spinal fluid, and a new imaging agent, show promise for early detection of Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-29 Alzheimer's disease patients show improvement in trial of new drug 0 None
2008-07-29 Laboratory and mouse studies show targeted drug blocks the growth of breast cancer cells that spread to the brain 0 None
2008-07-29 Laser therapy more effective than corticosteroids in long term treatment of diabetic macular edema 0 None
2008-07-29 How mixing medications can be fatal 0 None
2008-07-29 A daily 45 minute walk limits the impact of diabetes 0 None
2008-07-28 Statins reduce the risk of dementia by half 0 None
2008-07-28 Most adults in U.S. will be overweight or obese by 2030 0 None
2008-07-28 Accelerated bone turnover remains after weight loss 0 None
2008-07-28 Viagra and Levitra ED drugs shown to allow more chemo to reach brain tumors 0 None
2008-07-28 Hormone deprivation therapy - used for prostate cancer - may cause recall and concentration problems 0 None
2008-07-28 Medical errors costing $1.5 billion annually 0 None
2008-07-28 New Alzheimer's studies show advances against different treatment targets 0 None
2008-07-28 Oxytocin hormone plays role in social bonding and maternal behaviors 0 None
2008-07-27 Physical fitness levels influence brain atrophy in Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-27 Amyloid plaques seen with conventional MRI in animal model for first time 0 None
2008-07-27 Clinical trials to examine mushrooms' cancer-fighting properties 0 None
2008-07-27 Lung inflammation from influenza and other infections could be turned off following new discovery 0 None
2008-07-27 Amgen announces positive results for Denosumab postmenopausal osteoporosis trial 0 None
2008-07-24 Chemo and radiation after surgery prolongs life for pancreatic cancer patients 0 None
2008-07-24 Xylitol 'gummy bears' may prevent dental problems 0 None
2008-07-24 Study shows emergency physicians have good first instincts in diagnosing heart attacks 0 None
2008-07-24 Energy drinks associated with risk-taking behaviors among college students 0 5
2008-07-24 Raltegravir drug combo works against highly resistant strain of HIV 0 None
2008-07-23 Statins appear to improve survival in kidney transplant recipients 0 None
2008-07-23 Endurance exercise makes heart younger 0 None
2008-07-23 First-of-its-kind study examines whether fat tissues from different areas of the body vary in stem cell concentration 0 None
2008-07-23 Sorafenib extends life of advanced liver cancer patients 0 None
2008-07-23 Making patients move requires the right exercise advice 0 None
2008-07-23 Fish oil supplements could slow wound healing 0 None
2008-07-23 Medical blogs can pose threat to patient privacy 0 None
2008-07-22 No doubt: sun causes melanomas 0 None
2008-07-22 PET-CT scanners detect secondary head and neck cancers 0 None
2008-07-22 New study finds working age adults with major chronic conditions grew 25 percent over 10 years 0 None
2008-07-22 Coronary heart disease linked to problems with reasoning, vocabulary and verbal fluency 0 None
2008-07-22 Gilead initiates phase III trial of Elvitegravir 0 None
2008-07-22 End of life physician-patient communication 0 None
2008-07-22 Tattoos - who gets rid of them and why 0 None
2008-07-22 Epilepsy drug may raise the risk of birth defects 0 None
2008-07-22 Trial of treatment of inflammatory bowel disease begins at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center 0 None
2008-07-22 Defining healthcare needs for chronic illness 0 None
2008-07-21 Taking the epilepsy drug topiramate may increase risk of birth defects 0 None
2008-07-21 Study shows promising results in deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression 0 None
2008-07-21 CUPID cannabinoid MS study reaches milestone 0 None
2008-07-21 Dimebon, old hay fever drug shows promise in treating Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-21 Trial of new AIDS vaccine bites the dust 0 None
2008-07-20 Reduced dose anthracycline post-breast cancer surgery has no effect on outcome 0 None
2008-07-19 Study looks at UK's controversial choice of HPV vaccine 0 None
2008-07-19 Coffee and smoking notorious at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings 0 4
2008-07-19 Loud music leads to more drinking in less time 0 5
2008-07-19 Common stereotypes about obese workers dismissed in new study 0 None
2008-07-17 NIAID will not conduct the PAVE 100 HIV vaccine study 0 None
2008-07-17 Using genetics to improve traditional psychiatric diagnoses 0 None
2008-07-17 Shared gene expression alterations in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 0 None
2008-07-16 D-cycloserine may improve behavioral therapy treatment for anxiety 0 None
2008-07-16 Culturally tailored education can improve blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-07-16 Metrifonate and praziquantel for urinary schistosomiasis 0 None
2008-07-16 Regularly use of salmeterol for asthma: more evidence of long-term problems 0 None
2008-07-16 AFFiRiS GmbH alzheimer's vaccine progress 0 None
2008-07-15 Men and women react differently to temptation 1 5
2008-07-15 Possible link found between X-rays and prostate cancer 0 None
2008-07-15 New understanding of fetal hemoglobin regulation in patients with sickle cell disease 0 None
2008-07-15 "Smothered" genes combine with mutations to yield poor out come in cancer patients 0 None
2008-07-15 Chemo pill shows promise for advanced lymphoma 0 None
2008-07-14 Variations in the serotonin transporter gene may determine who responds best to antidepressant 0 None
2008-07-14 Certain communication skills can help physicians increase the efficiency of their time with patients during office visits 0 None
2008-07-14 Prehypertension in adults aged 18 to 30 common and associated with coronary atherosclerosis 0 None
2008-07-14 Study examines heparin use following cardioembolic stroke 0 None
2008-07-14 Plant sterols to lower cholesterol have risks 3 4
2008-07-14 Link between DNA palindromes and disease discovered 0 None
2008-07-14 Chantix for smoking cessation performs better than placebos 0 None
2008-07-14 Physical exercise may prevent brain shrinkage in early Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-14 Older patients more satisfied with care when accompanied to medical visits 0 None
2008-07-14 Optimism is good for heart health, at least among men, a new study shows 0 None
2008-07-13 Heavy alcohol use tied to conditions in the college environment 0 None
2008-07-13 Common genetic variations increase risk of life-long nicotine addiction for young smokers 0 None
2008-07-13 Treating rare breast cancer with radiation therapy may lower recurrence rate 0 None
2008-07-13 Does this make me look fat? 0 None
2008-07-13 Insulin suppresses receptors that cause cascade of inflammation 0 None
2008-07-10 Hormone replacement therapy and gallbladder disease 0 None
2008-07-10 Talking about sex to teenagers 0 None
2008-07-10 Common mechanisms may underlie autism's diverse mutations 0 None
2008-07-10 Potential new way to prevent graft-versus-host disease 0 None
2008-07-10 How alcohol impacts heart and stroke risk may differ for men and women 0 None
2008-07-10 Scientists predict new uses for existing drugs from their side effects 0 None
2008-07-10 UT Southwestern launches study of surgical option for treating diabetic and other neuropathies 0 None
2008-07-10 Novel drug ionophore shows potential for Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-09 An analysis of food's affect on the brain 0 5
2008-07-09 Researchers to compare common ARV as a pill and vaginal gel in unique HIV prevention study 0 None
2008-07-09 Combining medical knowledge to save lives 0 None
2008-07-09 Swedish study finds many men not told wife's cancer incurable or told too late 0 None
2008-07-09 The good and bad side of dopamine 0 None
2008-07-09 Good sex at 70 0 None
2008-07-09 Liver protein fetuin-A linked to type 2 diabetes in seniors 0 None
2008-07-08 Increased potassium/sodium in diet may decrease risk of hypertension, coronary heart disease and stroke 0 None
2008-07-08 Stopping drinking may lead to health problems including depression 0 None
2008-07-08 Cigarette smoking leads to bladder cancer - need for more awareness 0 None
2008-07-08 Will our future brains be smaller? 0 None
2008-07-08 Sumatriptan/naproxen sodium drug combo taken early relieves migraine symptoms 0 None
2008-07-08 Post-traumatic stress disorder causes early death from heart disease 0 None
2008-07-08 Keeping a food diary doubles diet weight loss 0 None
2008-07-07 U-M study to look at effects of chemotherapy on brain function of breast cancer survivors 0 None
2008-07-07 The secrets to a long and healthy life 0 None
2008-07-07 Disruption of blood sugar levels after heart surgery is common 0 None
2008-07-07 Link between childhood eczema and asthma calls for more aggressive therapies 0 None
2008-07-06 6 in every 100 patients die in hospital due to adverse drug reaction 0 None
2008-07-06 Families where children are born without a genetic or gestational link to their parents are functioning well 0 None
2008-07-04 Screening athletes for heart disorders would save lives 0 None
2008-07-04 Gene technique that alters CCR5-producing gene increases resistance to HIV in mice 0 None
2008-07-03 Resveratrol improves health, but not longevity in aging mice 0 None
2008-07-03 Weight loss program or exercise, which is best? 0 None
2008-07-03 Controlling bone disease improves survival of hemodialysis patients 0 None
2008-07-02 Quantum dot nanoparticles can penetrate skin through minor abrasions 0 None
2008-07-02 Coronary arterial calcium scans help detect overall death risk in the elderly 0 None
2008-07-02 New research shows that adrenal nodules not being adequately evaluated 0 None
2008-07-02 Mediterranean diet cuts cancer risk 0 None
2008-07-02 Shortcuts in using bar coding technology at hospitals undermines systems' safeguards, study finds 0 None
2008-07-02 Caffeine could help prevent multiple sclerosis 0 None
2008-07-02 Avoid cancer by eating a Mediterranean diet 0 5
2008-07-01 Worksite-based programs for weight loss are helpful 0 None
2008-07-01 Weekends can sabotage weight-control efforts 0 None
2008-07-01 Healing touch therapy 0 None
2008-07-01 The benefits of green tea in reducing an important risk factor for heart disease 0 None
2008-07-01 Study says cut to junior doctors' hours does not compromise patients' safety 0 None
2008-07-01 Significant gender differences in heart disease 0 None
2008-07-01 Brain-injured patients need better and earlier nutrition 0 None
2008-07-01 Hydrogen sulfide significantly improves survival after extreme blood loss 0 None
2008-07-01 Broad differences in alcohol, tobacco and illegal drug use across countries 0 None
2008-07-01 U.S. has highest levels of illegal cocaine and cannabis use 0 None
2008-07-01 100 percent oxygen resuscitation after brain injury may do more harm than good to children 0 None
2008-07-01 Carbohydrate and caffeine following exhaustive exercise helps muscles refuel 0 None
2008-07-01 Low levels of good cholesterol could signal dementia 0 None


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