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2007-03-30 Outraged health workers consider strike 0 None
2007-03-22 New retail health clinic industry group meets to discuss quality, safety standards 0 None
2007-03-22 New York Governor outlines possible agreement with Healthcare Association of New York State on health care budget cuts 0 None
2007-03-22 90% of veterans' hospital facility problems are routine 'wear and tear' 0 None
2007-03-14 Call for health coverage for women of childbearing age and children 0 None
2007-03-13 Scottish nurses get full pay rise 0 None
2007-03-13 New international Task Force to tackle the global shortage of health workers 0 None
2007-03-11 Louisiana hospital system to focus on neighborhood clinics 0 None
2007-03-11 Army appoints Deputy General of Walter Reed Army Medical Center 0 None
2007-03-11 Leavitt promotes 'four cornerstones' initiative in Wisconsin 0 None
2007-03-11 House subcommittees hold hearing on stopping Medicare fraud 0 None
2007-03-11 New Jersey hospital launches program encouraging expectant couples to bank adult stem cells 0 None
2007-03-11 More synergy in public health between Methodist-Houston and Weill Cornell 0 None
2007-03-11 Junior doctors call for immediate inquiry into training chaos 0 None
2007-03-08 PAHO, Canada sign agreement to advance health programs 0 None
2007-03-08 High-deductible health plans could lead to less preventive care 0 None
2007-03-08 Congressional hearings begin for Walter Reed Army Medical Center 0 None
2007-03-08 HCA posts cost of services for uninsured online 0 None
2007-03-08 Baucus to draft new legislation that would allow small business health insurance pools 0 None
2007-03-08 Spitzer says $575 million budget surplus might go toward health care, reserves 0 None
2007-03-08 Blagojevich proposes health coverage expansion 0 None
2007-03-08 President Bush appoints Dole, Shalala to lead panel examining veterans' care 0 None
2007-03-06 BMA says review of flawed recruitment process welcome but does not go far enough 0 None
2007-03-06 For healthier patients, create happier doctors 0 None
2007-03-05 Patients need doctors to advise them on health care decisions 0 None
2007-03-05 Call for decent, sanitary housing for recuperating soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center 0 None
2007-03-04 NYT examines 'gray market' for in-home long-term care aides 0 None
2007-03-04 Bush's health care proposal would increase tax revenues by $526 billion through 2017 0 None
2007-03-04 HHS Secretary proposes creating local health care collaborative to provide cost, quality reports of health care providers 0 None
2007-03-04 New York Gov. Spitzer defends proposed health care cuts in TV ad 0 None
2007-03-04 Texas Rep. proposes legislation to increase SCHIP enrollment 0 None
2007-03-04 Indiana House rejects cigarette tax increase to fund health care coverage 0 None
2007-03-04 UNISON condemns NHS pay rise 0 None
2007-03-01 British Medical Association slams new settlement as a pay cut for all doctors 0 None
2007-03-01 NHS crisis in cabinet's back yard 0 None
2007-03-01 Proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage plans would lead to higher costs, reduced coverage for beneficiaries 0 None
2007-03-01 California Senator Sheila Kuehl reintroduces single-payer health system legislation 0 None
2007-03-01 Democrats awaiting MedPAC report to begin discussing Medicare physician payment reform 0 None


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