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2007-04-30 Florida Democrats ask CMS to explain overcharging of Medicare beneficiaries 0 None
2007-04-30 AARP launches campaign to encourage Presidential candidates to focus on health care, financial security 0 None
2007-04-30 House subcommittee debates rural veterans' access to care 0 None
2007-04-29 Antiquated plumbing causes six premmies to die 0 None
2007-04-27 Outdated policies are impediment for Americans with disabilities 0 None
2007-04-27 Better risk management could cut MRSA infection rates 0 None
2007-04-26 New mathematical modeling system for organ allocation 0 None
2007-04-26 How will digitisation of health information impact health care? 0 None
2007-04-25 NHS together now? 0 None
2007-04-25 1.2 million hospitalized patients experienced an adverse drug event 0 None
2007-04-25 Costs of treating heart disease and cancer have increased substantially 0 None
2007-04-24 UNISON vows to step up fight against privatisation 0 None
2007-04-24 Medicare reimbursements at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center to continue 0 None
2007-04-24 Cross-border electronic health services across Europe 0 None
2007-04-24 Leaked paper shows need for government action on training posts 0 None
2007-04-24 Unanimous rejection of 2.5% pay offer 0 None
2007-04-24 Community based digital eye screening programme set to expand 0 None
2007-04-24 New credential for co-occurring disorders will pressure addiction professionals 0 None
2007-04-24 Military to revamp hospitals 0 None
2007-04-24 AARP reaction to Medicare and Social Security Trustees reports 0 None
2007-04-20 Ambulance staff struggling to cope 0 None
2007-04-20 ADA promotes Indian health service funding options before Congress 0 None
2007-04-19 Utilization, organization and management of intensive care services in the United States not optimal 0 2
2007-04-18 New bill to train more preventive medicine doctors 0 2
2007-04-18 Wartime healthcare basics learned from past battles 0 None
2007-04-18 Confidentiality and privacy of personal health information is critical to acceptance of NHIN 0 None
2007-04-17 Lake Hospital System breaks ground for $150 million state-of-the-art health care facility 0 None
2007-04-17 Should primary care doctors be assessing the safety of older drivers? 0 None
2007-04-17 Resident work hour restrictions may be costly for teaching hospitals 0 None
2007-04-17 Komen and AACR address cancer disparities 0 None
2007-04-17 AHIP develops new initiatives to improve the quality and safety of health care 0 None
2007-04-16 Health disparities in access to healthcare 0 None
2007-04-16 Should primary care doctors assess safety of older drivers? 0 None
2007-04-16 British look at detaining dangerous mental patients 0 None
2007-04-15 Health insurers in California need to justify rates 0 None
2007-04-15 Hospital-based performance measures for quality of care for breast and colorectal cancer 0 None
2007-04-15 Increase in shift-work among junior doctors could have a detrimental effect on the NHS 0 None
2007-04-11 Health care reconsidered: Options for change 0 None
2007-04-11 Fostering the advancement of women and minority physicians in academic medicine 0 None
2007-04-11 Lack of control of work hours and schedule often leads to physician burnout 0 None
2007-04-11 Houston physicians engage in general acute-care hospital ownership 0 None
2007-04-11 More choice for patients does not mean better healthcare 0 None
2007-04-11 New rules ban sexual relationships between doctors and patients 0 5
2007-04-10 Physician shortage in North America 0 None
2007-04-05 Newmarket, Ontario to establish world-class cancer centre 0 None
2007-04-05 Hypnotism as a potential component of care 0 4
2007-04-05 Call to keep NHS in Wales public 0 None
2007-04-05 Safeguarding patient services, maintaining cost-effectivenes 0 None
2007-04-03 HHS Assistant Secretary for children, families to step down 0 None
2007-04-03 New Rhode Island rules require hospitals to provide no-cost care to low-income residents 0 None
2007-04-03 British Medical Association pledges help to junior doctors as 4500 jobs go missing 0 None
2007-04-03 Delivering race equality in UK health service - some way to go! 0 None
2007-04-03 BMJ reviews EU patient information laws 0 None
2007-04-02 Monthly premiums for low-cost health plans in Massachusetts fell by 8% in second round of bidding 0 None
2007-04-02 Bush apologizes for Walter Reed Army Medical Center issues 0 None
2007-04-02 Lawmakers should not reduce funds for Medicare Advantage program 0 None
2007-04-02 Stark introduces universal health insurance bill 0 None
2007-04-02 BMA comment on Conservative Party election manifesto 0 None
2007-04-02 Patient safety incidents at the nation's hospitals rose three percent 0 None


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