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2007-08-30 University of Portsmouth launches a UK first in healthcare education 0 None
2007-08-29 For some being uninsured is a matter of choice 0 None
2007-08-29 New nurses report significant job stress 1 None
2007-08-29 The travesty of uninsured Americans 0 None
2007-08-28 AIDS Healthcare Foundation names new chief of medicine: Homayoon Khanlou, M.D. 0 None
2007-08-28 Report shows PA hospitals national leaders in health IT adoption, investment 0 None
2007-08-22 Drop-off in procedural experience of UK junior doctors 0 None
2007-08-13 $25 million made available for health care partnership emergency care competitive grants 0 None
2007-08-13 Improving the quality of primary care could prevent 4 million hospitalizations each year 0 None
2007-08-13 Beryl Institute reveals high number of calls to hospitals mishandled or misdirected 0 None
2007-08-13 Hospital kitchens - a pretty dirty affair 0 None
2007-08-13 UK mental health services discriminate against the elderly 0 None
2007-08-11 More sophisticated model is needed to assess preventive treatment in the elderly 0 None
2007-08-09 Why young adults become uninsured and how new policies can help 0 None
2007-08-08 Health plan interventions control prescription drug expenditures 0 None
2007-08-07 Congress takes major step toward equitable payment for nurse-midwifery services 0 None
2007-08-07 Resurrection Health Care comes up short! 0 None
2007-08-06 Happier hospitals means healthier patients 0 None
2007-08-03 New pay offer for NHS health workers 0 None
2007-08-03 Integrated system, rapid transfer offers lifeline for heart attack victims 0 None
2007-08-01 Three million seniors could lose their Medicare Advantage coverage 0 None
2007-08-01 Obese patients get patchy weight-loss support from their local health surgery 0 None


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