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RSSArchived Healthcare News Stories - November 2011

Date Title Comments Rating
2011-11-30 World-renowned neurosurgeon to receive Franc D. Ingraham Distinguished Service Award 0 None
2011-11-30 PLoS, PEPFAR, UNAIDS publish collection of articles examining voluntary medical male circumcision for HIV prevention 0 1
2011-11-30 More female doctors than male - gender equality or feminization of the profession? 0 4
2011-11-30 Physician practices, pharmacies face barriers to e-prescribing despite benefits 0 None
2011-11-30 Dramatic nationwide rise in opioid use for chronic abdominal pain 0 None
2011-11-30 ACGME approves Cedars-Sinai's neurology residency training program 0 None
2011-11-30 Novel breast cancer surgical technique now available in New England 0 None
2011-11-30 Study focuses on staffing and quality at nation's largest for-profit nursing homes 0 None
2011-11-30 Strengthening family planning services through investment, integration 0 None
2011-11-30 Home visits, mobile clinics do not improve asthma outcomes in children 0 None
2011-11-30 Political will, strong leadership from U.S. needed to end AIDS epidemic 0 None
2011-11-30 Global leaders plan next steps at Harvard on World AIDS Day 0 None
2011-11-30 Transforming countries from recipients of development aid to donors 0 None
2011-11-30 Car seats sufficiently accommodate broad spectrum of children's body sizes 0 None
2011-11-30 Panel calls for giving N.Y. more authority over troubled hospitals 0 None
2011-11-30 Tavenner nomination finds support from health care stakeholders 0 None
2011-11-30 HHS rejects two MLR waiver requests 0 None
2011-11-30 Study: Medicaid costs still growing faster than state revenues 0 None
2011-11-30 Almac's Diagnostics business unit receives CAP lab accreditation 0 None
2011-11-30 Dems' ad about Romney 'flip flops' triggers analysis, campaign reaction 0 None
2011-11-30 Study: Abstinence-only education does not reduce teen pregnancy rates 0 None
2011-11-30 CSIS hosts public launch of USAID Global Health Strategy 0 None
2011-11-30 Four PhD graduates to showcase cutting-edge research in University of Leicester lectures 0 None
2011-11-30 Tricky issues surround Supreme Court's health law review 0 None
2011-11-30 MSF addresses Cameroon cholera epidemic 0 None
2011-11-30 Texas pharmacists assail Medicaid cuts; Ariz. could restore kids' coverage 0 None
2011-11-30 Mayo Clinic becomes FUS Foundation's new Research Award recipient 0 None
2011-11-30 State roundup: No Mass. insurance mandate referendum 0 None
2011-11-30 Mandatory cuts: Winners and losers in the post-super committee landscape 0 None
2011-11-30 AMGA to launch Phase II of Accountable Care Collaborative 0 None
2011-11-30 RSNA technology can control patient's access to medical images and reports 0 None
2011-11-30 Women over 40 would benefit from annual screening mammography 0 None
2011-11-30 Groups push for legislation to encourage Medicaid programs to use generic drugs 0 None
2011-11-30 AIDS 2012 conference to be held in Washington 0 None
2011-11-30 Overview of epidemiological situation with regard to MRSA in Germany 0 None
2011-11-30 Legalization of medical marijuana reduces traffic fatalities, alcohol consumption 0 None
2011-11-30 Study examines alternative immunization schedule occurrence rates in Washington State 0 None
2011-11-30 Collegium Ramazzini honors UC Riverside toxicologist with fellowship 0 None
2011-11-30 Academic institutions in Sweden among the quickest to adopt JoVE 0 None
2011-11-30 Global Fund postpones Round 11 grants, approves new strategy and organization plan 0 None
2011-11-30 Viewpoints: GOP leaders, Obama share link to mandate; expensive benefits for seniors 0 None
2011-11-30 Self-referred medical imaging contributes to medical cost escalation 0 None
2011-11-30 Al-Shabab bans U.N., other aid agencies from working in Somalia; U.N. SG condemns actions 0 None
2011-11-30 Experts available to discuss on HIV/AIDS prevention at Penn Nursing 0 None
2011-11-30 Thousands of government, private aid officials to meet in South Korea for development aid summit 0 None
2011-11-30 Medizone receives Canadian patent for AsepticSure hospital disinfection product 0 None
2011-11-30 KI, Mayo Clinic to collaborate on education, research and innovation 0 None
2011-11-29 Sleep and insomnia expert to give free public lecture in Birmingham 0 None
2011-11-29 Large disparities exist in obesity and other chronic diseases across racial/ethnic groups 0 None
2011-11-29 Herbicide atrazine linked to reproductive dysfunction 0 None
2011-11-29 FDA grants 510(k) clearance for SweetSpot Diabetes Data Management Service 0 None
2011-11-29 5M Pakistanis affected by flooding need humanitarian assistance, U.N. agencies say 0 1
2011-11-29 HHS approves Ariz. Medicaid cut; La. officials find common ground on Medicaid needs 0 None
2011-11-29 Energy Policy details human and environmental cost of cooking food using woody biomass 0 None
2011-11-29 First Edition: November 29, 2011 0 None
2011-11-29 IPS examines efforts to end violence against women, including U.N. Trust Fund and International Day 0 None
2011-11-29 N.J. nurses sue over abortion policy; St. Paul hospital discontinues abortions 0 None
2011-11-29 Ariz. insurer to offer ACOs for small biz; Md. plans rated by state; Calif. maternity rules 0 None
2011-11-29 Report highlights improvement in children's well-being, but health organizations call for stronger political commitment to maintain progress 0 None
2011-11-29 Quick impact interventions have not benefited health MDGs equally 0 None
2011-11-29 Harvest improves in North Korea but malnutrition concerns remain, U.N. food agencies say 0 None
2011-11-29 Washington must lead search for additional financing, more cost-effective strategies in fight against AIDS 0 None
2011-11-29 Most heart attack patients not transported quickly enough for angioplasty 0 None
2011-11-29 Pediatricians frequently asked to provide alternative childhood vaccine schedules 0 None
2011-11-29 Despite limitations of global fund programs, dangers of cutting funding are worse 0 None
2011-11-29 New research institute at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 0 None
2011-11-29 CMS chief announces resignation, Obama administration taps his deputy as successor 0 None
2011-11-29 URMC earns Gold Seal of Approval for Palliative Care Program 0 None
2011-11-29 African countries lose billions of dollars training doctors who then leave for developed nations, study says 0 None
2011-11-29 Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala make progress against river blindness 0 None
2011-11-29 Drawing attention to ending gender-based violence 0 None
2011-11-29 Partisanship a part of demands for certain justices to recuse themselves from health law case 0 None
2011-11-29 Caregivers have stress reactions that put them at greater risk for physical health problems 0 None
2011-11-29 Third Annual Transplant Symposium to be held on Dec. 2 in New York City 0 None
2011-11-29 Next on Capitol Hill's budget agenda: Skirmishes over tax breaks, spending bills and the 'doc fix' 0 None
2011-11-29 QUT to study why futile medical treatment is provided to dying patients 0 None
2011-11-29 Remote video auditing leads to better hospital hand hygiene compliance 0 None
2011-11-29 Resettlement programs in Oakland not yet successful 1 4
2011-11-28 CINJ experts available to discuss cancer-related fatigue 0 None
2011-11-28 States shifting funds away from tobacco control programs may be losing significant savings 0 None
2011-11-28 Some states take slower implementation pace as they wait for Supreme Court decision 0 None
2011-11-28 Federal funding, Medicare plan specifics draw campaign-trail reports 0 None
2011-11-28 Viewpoints: What now for deficit cutters; Berwick's replacement 0 None
2011-11-28 Three-way contest: Prize is $30 billion veterans drug contract 0 None
2011-11-28 URMC selects Acuo UCP3 as new vendor neutral archive solution 0 None
2011-11-28 Circadence to demonstrate MVO 4.8.1 WAN Optimization Suite at RSNA 2011 0 None
2011-11-28 Office Ally selected as approved EHR vendor for Arizona REC 0 None
2011-11-28 State roundup: Calif. hospital allegedly overbilling Medicare; Wash. hospitals ER 'boom'; Rehab scams in Florida? 0 None
2011-11-28 Medicare's doughnut hole shrinks 0 None
2011-11-28 Hospitals spend billions on new defibrillators 0 None
2011-11-28 An unfolding success story: Electronic medical records transition moves ahead 0 None
2011-11-28 Political cartoon: 'Drumming Up Support' 0 None
2011-11-28 A dramatic shift in US healthcare policy 0 None
2011-11-28 First Edition: November 28, 2011 0 None
2011-11-28 A very low calorie diet can effectively cure type 2 diabetes mellitus 0 None
2011-11-28 Candelis' ASTRA cloud-hosted services to augment Microsoft HealthVault's patient-centric services 0 None
2011-11-28 CHRISTUS Health selects Acuo UCP3 as new vendor neutral archive solution 0 None
2011-11-28 AP: Health law cuts seniors' doughnut hole expenses 40% 0 None
2011-11-28 AP: Parties pressuring Kagan, Thomas to recuse themselves from health reform lawsuits 0 None
2011-11-28 Drugs seniors use most often cause 60K hospitalizations annually 0 None
2011-11-25 Impact Health and Fitness enters collaborative partnership with Opportunity Services 0 None
2011-11-25 Dicom Systems announces beta, a new B2C service for radiological opinions online 0 None
2011-11-24 Peter and Melanie Munk Charitable Foundation donates $18M to UHN cardiac centre 0 None
2011-11-24 Sub-Saharan African countries lose billions of dollars due to migration of doctors 0 None
2011-11-24 Women with low risk pregnancies should be able to choose where they give birth 0 None
2011-11-24 Einstein, Montefiore experts available to discuss effects of radiation dose and exposure 0 None
2011-11-24 Lack of consumer motivation, attention affects impact of nutrition labels on food choices 0 None
2011-11-24 Apparent gap between levels of pediatric care in urban and rural areas 0 None
2011-11-24 Study finds use of retail clinics rising 0 None
2011-11-24 Study finds patient satisfaction with outpatient medical treatment in the U.S. 0 None
2011-11-24 IPS reports on child poverty in Lesotho 0 None
2011-11-24 Interview with AIDS economist Mead Over 0 None
2011-11-24 Merck agrees to pay $950 million in Vioxx settlement 0 None
2011-11-24 House panel seeks records about Kagan and health law 0 4
2011-11-24 Democrats ask Obama not to dilute contraceptive benefits 0 None
2011-11-24 Congress facing deadline on Medicare payments to doctors 0 None
2011-11-24 Study raises concerns about Bisphenol A in canned foods 0 None
2011-11-24 Community-based program battles gender-based violence 0 None
2011-11-24 No variation in mortality by timing of operation 0 None
2011-11-24 Why foreign aid should matter to GOP presidential candidates 0 None
2011-11-24 Novel genetic sequencing methods identify various bacteria on public restrooms 0 None
2011-11-24 Obama should announce scale-up of AIDS treatment programs 0 None
2011-11-24 First systematic and in-depth analysis of cardiac arrest in hospital 0 None
2011-11-24 Insurance commissioners back brokers on health law standard 0 None
2011-11-24 OECD report finds U.S. pays more by far for health care 0 None
2011-11-24 Guardian International Development Journalism Competition results posted 0 None
2011-11-24 Body-conscious Shakespeare: Sensory disturbances in troubled characters 0 None
2011-11-24 UnitedHealth buying Medicare advantage plan with chronically ill specialty 0 None
2011-11-24 RCHT deploys Watch4net APG to consolidate visibility of IT data storage systems 0 None
2011-11-24 Examining the effects of trade rules on public health, access to medicines 0 None
2011-11-24 Physicians can do better if they learn from their failures 0 None
2011-11-24 Four-year project aims to boost kala-azar elimination efforts in India, Bangladesh 0 None
2011-11-24 Anesthesia drug shortages can have devastating impact on patient care 0 None
2011-11-24 Health industry raising alarms about cuts to Medicare after super committee failure 0 None
2011-11-24 New Techna Institute at UHN signs first agreement with INO 0 None
2011-11-24 UNICEF report says more than 30M children in East Asia, Pacific lack essential services 0 None
2011-11-24 Viewpoints: Blame for super committee mess, Supreme Court recusal is the judges' call 0 None
2011-11-24 Urban legend warns about dangers of snow shoveling 0 None
2011-11-24 Relief officials concerned over malnutrition among children in Ethiopian refugee camps despite food aid 0 None
2011-11-24 Video: GOP candidates promise bipartisan cooperation, hedge on solutions for entitlement spending 0 None
2011-11-24 State roundup: Another Medi-Cal lawsuit; medical homes in Tenn.; Pa. moving forward on exchanges 0 None
2011-11-24 Anesthesia & Analgesia introduces new electronic edition 0 None
2011-11-24 Obama touts health law before donors; Romney says health law costs nearly the same as defense cuts 0 None
2011-11-24 Deadly outbreak of acute watery diarrhea spreads through Horn of Africa; Djibouti hit especially hard 0 None
2011-11-24 'Fresh efforts' needed to understand, deliver family planning in order to curb birth rates in developing countries 0 None
2011-11-24 Bloomberg examines Trans-Pacific Partnership trade initiative and potential impact to U.S. global efforts to tackle HIV 0 None
2011-11-24 FDA takes legal action against dietary supplement manufacturer in Pennsylvania 0 None
2011-11-23 BUSM professor receives 2011 ACN Communication Media Award 0 None
2011-11-23 Former President questions whether legal regulation and control of drugs would better protect children 0 None
2011-11-23 First Edition: November 23, 2011 0 None
2011-11-23 Romney, Gingrich targeting Medicaid to pay for other programs 0 None
2011-11-23 Balanced approach needed to fight cholera outbreaks in Haiti 0 None
2011-11-23 BIOTRONIK announces first implantations of new Lumax 740 ICDs 0 None
2011-11-23 Tips for parents to safeguard their children 0 None
2011-11-23 Loyola expert shares symptoms, treatment of minor football injuries 0 None
2011-11-23 TJU expands Jefferson Medical College 0 None
2011-11-23 MU nutrition experts offer healthy Thanksgiving tips 0 None
2011-11-23 New report: Sharp rise in number of energy drink-related ED visits from 2005-2009 0 None
2011-11-23 Saving Lives at Birth partnership supports two bold ideas that address maternal, newborn deaths 0 None
2011-11-23 Safety tips to avoid burn injuries during holiday season 0 None
2011-11-23 Crackdown at social security disability program upsets doctors 0 None
2011-11-23 Commonwealth Fund president to step down at end of 2012 0 None
2011-11-23 WHO director-general Chan nominated for second term 0 None
2011-11-23 Prioritizing the family planning needs of young women 0 None
2011-11-23 Pediatricians warn about hazards of button batteries 0 None
2011-11-23 Flagging medical errors; Expediting malpractice settlements in N.Y. 0 None
2011-11-23 Health spending still in jeopardy despite end of super committee 0 None
2011-11-23 U.N. says AIDS deaths decline for third successive year 0 None
2011-11-23 Biofeedback optimal performance training can improve quality of life for athletes 0 None
2011-11-23 Recession cuts into health spending; High-deductible plans spread 0 None
2011-11-23 Men less willing to participate in cancer screening than women 0 None
2011-11-23 'Fistula hotline' in Sierra Leone helps identify women for treatment 0 None
2011-11-23 Obama administration calls on Pa. insurer to lower rate hike 0 None
2011-11-23 Panel discussion highlights USAID achievements on 50Th anniversary 0 None
2011-11-23 Super committee failure: Let the blame game begin 0 None
2011-11-23 No link between availability of primary care physician and retail clinic use 0 None
2011-11-23 Insurers fear consequences of individual mandate being struck down 0 None
2011-11-23 Medicare to cover infusion costs for prostate cancer vaccine, company says 0 None
2011-11-23 Families with chronically ill member less likely to benefit from employer-sponsored insurance 0 None
2011-11-23 Super committee ends work without a deal; Automatic cuts take effect in 2013 0 None
2011-11-23 Person based resource allocation can predict future costs of general practices 0 None
2011-11-23 In Colo. and Mass., worries about health care impact of super committee's failure 0 None
2011-11-23 George W. Bush to travel to Africa to raise awareness about cervical, breast cancer 0 None
2011-11-23 Partnerships, additional funding allow for expansion of PEPFAR to combat cervical cancer 0 None
2011-11-23 University of Liverpool introduces HEP i-chart for HCV patients 0 None
2011-11-23 IPS examines HIV in the Caribbean, highlights challenges in addressing at-risk populations 0 None
2011-11-23 California providers sue over Medicaid rates; Texas weighs steep cuts for Medicaid rehab 0 None
2011-11-23 New IOM report assesses breast cancer risk posed by environmental factors 0 None
2011-11-23 Holiday health tips for cancer survivors 0 None
2011-11-23 Defending Washington's basic health plan; Questioning Wisconsin's proposed health care cuts 0 None
2011-11-23 Nine Heidelberg researchers receive European Research Council grants 0 None
2011-11-23 State roundup: Calif. retirees to retain health benefits; Emory, MinuteClinic partner in Ga.; Free services in Md. 0 None
2011-11-22 FSU professors available to provide perspective on fight against HIV/AIDS 0 None
2011-11-22 Victorian hospitals appeal against nurses’ protest action 0 None
2011-11-22 Number of annual polio cases in Nigeria quadruples; WHO, government working to vaccinate millions of children 0 None
2011-11-22 Cognitive-behavioral therapy safe and effective for juvenile fibromyalgia 0 None
2011-11-22 Essence Healthcare, CompCare sign new multi-service agreement 0 None
2011-11-22 EC launches new project to improve health research and education in Africa 0 None
2011-11-22 Tips for people with addiction to help prevent relapse 0 None
2011-11-22 Diaverum signs joint venture agreement with Nazer Group 0 None
2011-11-22 New MU facility to help students practice injury prevention techniques 0 None
2011-11-22 Family-initiated adverse event reporting system can improve safety of health care provision 0 None
2011-11-22 Calif. high risk pool may overflow; seniors and long-term care costs 0 None
2011-11-22 WFP says more than 1M Zimbabweans will need food aid through March 2012 0 None
2011-11-22 Tips to reduce calorie intake during holiday season 0 None
2011-11-22 Potential cuts to global health spending threaten vision of 'AIDS-free generation' 0 None
2011-11-22 U-M ranks sixth among all medical schools in NIH funding 0 None
2011-11-22 Supreme Court names lawyers to participate in health law case 0 None
2011-11-22 Researchers report on inadequacy of nursing home quality scorecards 0 None
2011-11-22 Medicare will still cover Avastin for breast cancer, despite revocation of FDA approval 0 None
2011-11-22 Significant drops seen in AIDS-related deaths, new HIV infections, UNAIDS report shows 0 None
2011-11-22 U.N. makes statement, WaterAid releases report on sanitation to coincide with World Toilet Day 0 None
2011-11-22 Super committee ends talks without deal 0 None
2011-11-22 If there's no deficit reduction deal, what happens next? 0 None
2011-11-22 CUMC presents 2011 Naomi Berrie Award to UMDNJ researcher 0 None
2011-11-22 'WHPA Prague Call to Action' fights against falsified medicines 0 None
2011-11-22 CRF to sponsor Women's Heart Health Summit 0 None
2011-11-22 South Asian patients with CAD more likely to need repeat PCI procedures 0 None
2011-11-22 Racial disparities in emergency diverticulitis surgery 0 None
2011-11-22 Safety tips to avoid cooking accidents on Thanksgiving Day 0 None
2011-11-22 Older home health care patients are prescribed PIMs three times higher than others 0 None
2011-11-21 Review highlights promising interventions to improve reproductive health of women living with HIV in developing countries 0 None
2011-11-21 ACR denounces new breast cancer screening guidelines by CTFOPH 0 None
2011-11-21 Financial incentives effective at altering 'simple' behaviors in socially disadvantaged groups 0 None
2011-11-21 Hemoglobin A1c fails to identify children with diabetes 0 None
2011-11-21 Expert panel discusses Doha Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health 10 years after declaration's adoption 0 None
2011-11-21 Recommendations aim to enhance health and quality of life for frail and vulnerable patients in nursing home care 0 None
2011-11-21 Wall Street Journal CEO Council highlights global health as priority area 0 None
2011-11-21 Health policies, entitlements grab headlines in GOP campaign coverage 0 None
2011-11-21 Super committee failure looms 0 None
2011-11-21 U.N. appeals for $5.5M to fight cholera in DRC 0 None
2011-11-21 Political cartoon: 'Briefly Noted?' 0 None
2011-11-21 Innovations, new solutions needed to end 'global sanitation crisis' 0 None
2011-11-21 Viewpoints: Finding savings in Medicare; The Avastin saga; Changes in health care business 0 None
2011-11-21 State roundup: Provider groups merging - or not 0 None
2011-11-21 Medicare physician pay cut again in play 0 None
2011-11-21 Medical case report on a traumatic tiger attack on a child 0 None
2011-11-21 Kiewit-Turner intensifies construction activities at medical center project for Colorado's veterans 0 None
2011-11-21 ADA Seal of Acceptance helps consumers make informed decisions about dental products 0 None
2011-11-21 The untold stories of children of sperm donors 0 None
2011-11-21 Health experts identify gap in medical trainee programs 0 None
2011-11-21 Southern Louisiana hospital places $1.8M order for OSI Systems' patient monitoring solution 0 None
2011-11-21 Princeton acquires Tru-D SmartUVC Room Decontamination System to improve patient care 0 None
2011-11-21 Aetna, Banner Health Network enter accountable care collaboration 0 None
2011-11-21 Almac collaborates with Alexion for packaging and distribution of Soliris during German E. coli outbreak 0 None
2011-11-21 American high school students earn top honors for liver disease and brain injury research 0 None
2011-11-21 GOP, Democrats seeking SCOTUS recusals on health law 0 None
2011-11-21 Link between sex and happiness among older married individuals 0 None
2011-11-21 Super committee stuck: Dems spurn latest GOP deficit deal 0 None
2011-11-20 Super committee members trade barbs as deadline approaches 0 None
2011-11-19 Three 'critical issues' for Global Fund to consider to ensure 'further success' 0 None
2011-11-19 Cuts to U.S. global health spending would mean 'stark future' for millions 0 None
2011-11-19 Roger C. Lipitz Center to offer free Guided Care training and tools for ACOs 0 None
2011-11-19 Insurers charging companies more if workers have unhealthy lifestyles 0 None
2011-11-19 AMP announces Council's unanimous approval of strategic plan for personalized medicine 0 None
2011-11-19 Super committee still at loggerheads on deficit, agreement still elusive 0 None
2011-11-19 Colo. Gov. dismisses GOP call for Medicaid waivers; Fla. sanctions Medicaid docs 0 None
2011-11-19 Millions of Afghans face hunger, disease after drought destroys crops 0 None
2011-11-19 Recent scientific progress in developing new HIV/AIDS interventions 0 None
2011-11-19 HHS, CCSC to recognize healthcare professionals with excellence in preventing HAIs 0 None
2011-11-19 States weigh health law's expected positive and negative impacts 0 None
2011-11-19 Experts to discuss new research at IOF Regionals - 1st Latin America Osteoporosis Meeting 0 None
2011-11-19 Roundup: Fla. Medicare HMO closed; Tufts and BCBS resume talks 0 None
2011-11-19 U.S., U.N. food agencies downgrade three Somalia famine zones to emergency status 0 None
2011-11-19 Columbia University P&S reports unprecedented growth during 2011 0 None
2011-11-19 AHRQ: Primary care experiencing 'diminishing economic margins' 0 None
2011-11-19 New website helps small business owners to review health insurance plans 0 None
2011-11-19 Lancet examines WHO Euro Health 2020 initiative 0 None
2011-11-19 Outreach program director at CINJ to take part in unique cancer control program 0 None
2011-11-19 Sony Corporation, Global Fund enter into partnership to implement behavior change projects 0 None
2011-11-19 Panel discussion on ethics behind sports concussion treatment 0 None
2011-11-19 Aid targeting high mortality diseases 'lays the groundwork' for improving primary health care services 0 None
2011-11-19 GAVI Alliance to fund roll-out of vaccines against cervical cancer, rubella in developing countries 1 None
2011-11-19 PEPFAR announces Nursing Education Partnership Initiative for health in Africa 0 None
2011-11-19 Victory for seniors: Calif. Adult Day Health Care center lawsuit resolved 0 None
2011-11-19 Oxford closes $5M revolving line of credit with Mason Health 0 None
2011-11-19 Republican senators press to repeal health law's insurance fee 0 None
2011-11-19 OhioHealth selects athenaCommunicator to manage patient interactions 0 None
2011-11-19 New regulatory and product development tool on Qmed site 0 None
2011-11-19 Model NYC program aims to address growing disparities in colon cancer mortality rates 0 None
2011-11-19 CDA, Elsevier partner to publish Canadian Journal of Diabetes 0 None
2011-11-19 Celebrate World Toilet Day and help flush out poverty 0 None
2011-11-19 Wake Forest Baptist, VA partner to advance treatment of PTSD and TBI 0 None
2011-11-19 MedSolutions introduces ICD Surgery Management Program 0 None
2011-11-19 Understanding causes of TMJ dysfunction critical to a wellness and drugless approach to care 0 None
2011-11-19 Puritan Medical Products establishes new diagnostic division 0 None
2011-11-19 HDL joins Executive Committee of PCPCC 0 None
2011-11-19 Top Connected Healthcare Facilities utilize Nuance's radiology solutions 0 None
2011-11-19 UofL Pediatric Emergency Department fellow wins Willis Wingert Award 0 None
2011-11-19 Gingrich think tank's health industry clients draw scrutiny 0 None
2011-11-19 CHCWM, Priority Health partner to explore oncology patient-centered medical home 0 None
2011-11-19 Viewpoints: Waiting for the super committee; TV coverage of Supreme Court's health law session 0 None
2011-11-19 Pfizer receives 2011 Business Civic Leadership Center's Corporate Citizenship Award 0 None
2011-11-19 Smile Brands announces opening of Bright Now! Dental office in Stockton, CA 0 None
2011-11-19 Senator Klein opens new Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory at Albert Einstein College of Medicine 0 None
2011-11-19 VA implements spouse telephone support program 0 None
2011-11-18 Diabetes dashboard saves time, improves accuracy and enhances patient care 0 None
2011-11-18 VA to join National Family Caregivers Association 0 None
2011-11-18 NCQA to release standards and guidelines that compose new ACO Accreditation program 0 None
2011-11-18 Political cartoon: 'Second Opinion?' 0 None
2011-11-18 Political cartoon: 'Go Away?' 0 None
2011-11-18 ACF selects HCI, AAP to establish center of excellence for Head Start 0 None
2011-11-18 Research roundup: The effect of heart drug costs; Doctors' financial incentives when ordering stress tests 0 None
2011-11-18 First Edition: November 18, 2011 0 None
2011-11-18 Pollution threatens health of Chinese population, UNEP report says 0 None
2011-11-18 Efforts to end AIDS could also reduce TB burden with proper funding 0 None
2011-11-18 Bridging the gap between global health NGOs and local governments 0 None
2011-11-18 Sheffield research finds people willing to pay extra for greener spaces with greater tree coverage 0 None
2011-11-18 Insurers seek health law exemption for plans sold to Americans overseas 0 None
2011-11-18 New Jersey HITEC reaches 5,000 primary care providers member milestone 0 None
2011-11-18 Press Ganey recognizes The Methodist Hospital with patient satisfaction award 0 None
2011-11-18 First-ever World Prematurity Day honors 13M infants born too soon worldwide 0 None
2011-11-18 Benefits of transparency in the workplace for transsexual individuals 1 None
2011-11-18 The AJMS launches new series on 'Pathophysiology in Medicine' 0 None
2011-11-18 Workplace perceptions about EMS safety may be reality 0 None
2011-11-18 Survey finds health care costs a key issue in presidential campaign 0 None
2011-11-18 ACAAI president available to comment on School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act 0 None
2011-11-18 Case challenging vets' mental health care goes back to appeals court 0 None
2011-11-18 Important clues to prevention and management of delirium are being ignored 0 None
2011-11-18 Study: Health insurance premiums soar in all 50 states 0 None
2011-11-18 Greening of vacant urban land may affect health and safety of nearby residents 0 None
2011-11-18 Schwartz presses super committee to advance her 'doc fix' proposal 0 None
2011-11-18 Smoking can negatively impact surgical outcomes 0 None
2011-11-18 Medicaid expansion will be key part of Supreme Court's health law consideration 0 None
2011-11-18 UK to offer master's degree in music therapy 0 None
2011-11-18 Medicaid officials struggle with surge in long-term care needs 0 None
2011-11-18 CMS delays Florida MLR decision; Conn. exchange board under fire 0 None
2011-11-18 NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia opens Center for Acute Respiratory Failure 0 None
2011-11-18 Multi-drug resistant bacteria widespread in Europe, report says 0 None
2011-11-18 Flying Start NHS increases clinical skills development, confidence in newly qualified practitioners 0 None
2011-11-18 Doctors, aid workers warn of disease threats to displaced persons in Somalia 0 None
2011-11-18 Kenya readies to step up fight against trachoma 0 None
2011-11-18 University of Haifa leads new computerized medical information systems research project 0 None
2011-11-18 Future research critical to ending AIDS epidemic 0 5
2011-11-18 Report by aid watchdog group finds many international donors lack transparency 0 None
2011-11-18 Outside groups launch TV ads warning about Medicare cuts 0 None
2011-11-18 RNF to offer new grant funding opportunity for Evidence-Based Practice research 0 None
2011-11-18 Debt panel deliberations involve gloom, doom and blame 0 None
2011-11-18 NYU Langone cardiovascular experts present new research findings at AHA 2011 0 None
2011-11-18 Examining funding in light of new evidence on HIV prevention, treatment strategies 0 None
2011-11-18 NSU faculty and students provide schoolchildren with hearing aids in BVI 0 None
2011-11-18 Longer looks: The Supreme Court and health law politics; Obama and drug shortages 0 None
2011-11-18 North Georgia to get mental health pilot program; Kansas City providers decry Blue Cross rate cut 0 None
2011-11-18 CINJ experts available to comment on blood donations 0 None
2011-11-18 Fatigue, poor sleep may jeopardize patient and provider safety in EMS setting 0 None
2011-11-18 IRCI to design and fund clinical trials for rare cancers 0 None
2011-11-18 Emory-Georgia Tech symposium to focus on health and human microbiome 0 None
2011-11-18 IDSA supports 'Get Smart About Antibiotics Week' 0 None
2011-11-18 New framework to improve care for patients with delirium 0 None
2011-11-18 South African public health experts urge countries to use TRIPS to produce generic drugs, IPS reports 0 None
2011-11-18 Norway to focus on unnecessary use of antibiotics for asymptomatic UTI 0 None
2011-11-18 The Company of Biologists announces mobile-optimized web interface for journals 0 None
2011-11-18 State roundup: Calif. cuts make public health outlook bleak 0 None
2011-11-18 Swaziland government failed to pay more than $10M to children orphaned by AIDS, IMF official says 0 None
2011-11-18 New white paper on potential role of EBTs in treating obesity 0 None
2011-11-18 HuffPost Green examines relationship between environment, malaria 0 None
2011-11-17 House gives nod to correcting Medicaid 'glitch' 0 None
2011-11-17 Viewpoints: Paul Starr on Obama, Romney and health reform; Glenn close on the need for mental health services 0 None
2011-11-17 How much does trauma cost? 0 None
2011-11-17 MammaCare technology sets standards for clinical breast exams 0 None
2011-11-17 Study finds uninsured discharged faster from hospitals 0 None
2011-11-17 LGBT seniors face higher rates of disability, physical and mental distress 0 None
2011-11-17 Study highlights gaps in policy and research on LGBT older adults 0 None
2011-11-17 American College of Physicians support framework to repeal the SGR formula 0 None
2011-11-17 Life Beyond Cancer's 12th annual retreat from November 18 to 20 0 None
2011-11-17 First Edition: November 17, 2011 0 None
2011-11-17 Novel program aims to improve nutrition, physical activity among young children and prevent obesity 0 None
2011-11-17 FrontlineSMS technology useful communication tool in HIV care 0 None
2011-11-17 ACR special issue focuses on assessing adult pain 0 None
2011-11-17 PlusNews examines shortages of HIV treatment supplies in Swaziland 0 None
2011-11-17 Complications from preventable surgical-site infections leading to hospital readmissions after colon surgery 0 None
2011-11-17 PCBs affect growth and bone density in turtles, an 'indicator species' 0 None
2011-11-17 Optimal approach to treat patients without known coronary disease much less clear 0 None
2011-11-17 IRIN examines efforts to train midwives, improve maternal health in Laos 0 None
2011-11-17 KU researchers help develop PAHO/WHO Guide for Documenting Health Promotion Initiatives 0 None
2011-11-17 Improper payments reduced by $17.6 billion, White House says 0 None
2011-11-17 One billion non-Medicare billings are processed yearly, says expert 0 None
2011-11-17 American Academy of Pediatrics expands sleep safety guidelines 0 None
2011-11-17 Loyola surgeon first in the Chicago to implant Esteem hearing device 0 5
2011-11-17 UTHealth study: Heart attack patients who call 911 are sicker 0 None
2011-11-17 Facing pressure from all sides, deficit panel keeps hands off health law 0 None
2011-11-17 House subcommittee approves GOP-backed measure to repeal CLASS Act 0 None
2011-11-17 CNN profiles Global Soap Project's work in sanitation 0 None
2011-11-17 Discovery of what triggers smoking could make interventions more effective 0 None
2011-11-17 Oregon Insurance Commissioner tapped to advise HHS on health exchanges 0 None
2011-11-17 Group launches effort to improve dental health 0 None
2011-11-17 Regardless of outcome, high court health law decision will be landmark ruling 0 None
2011-11-17 Autism Speaks receives $100,000 Royal Arch Masons RARA grant 0 None
2011-11-17 Health officials report more than 200 cases of typhoid in Zimbabwe's capital 0 None
2011-11-17 NYU Langone recognized as leading cardiovascular hospital in the U.S. 0 None
2011-11-17 Physicians want more palliative care despite barriers 0 None
2011-11-17 IAC executive director wins ECBT Immunization Leadership Award 0 None
2011-11-17 Mass. and Calif. insurers, health systems facing off 0 None
2011-11-17 Nursing home stocks fall 0 None
2011-11-17 Premiums for employer-sponsored family health insurance increase by 50% from 2003 to 2010 0 None
2011-11-17 Cholera outbreak hits Kenya's largest refugee camp 0 None
2011-11-17 CIHR honors University of Calgary scientist with prestigious award for medical research 0 None
2011-11-17 Viewpoints: The Supreme Court and the health law; Romney's plan for care for vets 0 None
2011-11-17 Malawi government addressing drug, medical supply shortages in wake of aid withdrawals 0 None
2011-11-17 UT Dallas students and faculty win three ASHA competitive awards 0 None
2011-11-17 Austerity measures in Europe may cause rise in drug-related HIV infections, report says 0 None
2011-11-17 New AAOS guideline on 'The Treatment of Supracondylar Humerus Fractures' 0 5
2011-11-17 New collaboration enables information sharing to aid in development of TB drug candidates 0 None
2011-11-17 GOP hopefuls tied in Iowa poll 0 None
2011-11-17 Study finds Medicare changes would impose additional costs on majority of 'healthy' beneficiaries 0 None
2011-11-17 State-financed healthcare causes unnecessary suffering for transsexual persons 0 None
2011-11-16 Equipping more state police cruisers with AEDs can save lives 0 None
2011-11-16 State roundup: Colorado uninsured/underinsured rate skyrockets; Georgia personhood resolution brewing 0 None
2011-11-16 Non-therapeutic antibiotic usage in food animals creates resistance genes, promotes antibiotic resistance 0 None
2011-11-16 Leading alcohol researchers to discuss latest genetic findings at Loyola meeting 0 None
2011-11-16 Grants up to $30 million for those with innovative ideas for healthcare 0 None
2011-11-16 White House continues to push health care policies, sidestepping Congress 0 None
2011-11-16 Streamlining clinical trials review process to speed up delivery of drugs to those in need 0 None
2011-11-16 Supreme Court justices will not be considering the health law in a vacuum 0 None
2011-11-16 NHS Choices launches new penis health gallery for men 0 1
2011-11-16 Many Canadian research universities now subscribe to JoVE 0 None
2011-11-16 Press Ganey recognizes UT Southwestern with two major patient satisfaction awards 0 None
2011-11-16 Gallaudet University, UC Davis to co-sponsor Visual Learning Summit 0 None
2011-11-16 Frequent counseling, physician support and interactive website help obese patients lose weight 0 None
2011-11-16 High school health classes fail to endorse safe sex habits 1 None
2011-11-16 States seeking waivers, moving ahead on health reform implementation 0 None
2011-11-16 GOP presidential candidates assail possible tax changes in deficit deal 0 None
2011-11-16 U.N.-backed polio vaccination campaign moves forward in South Sudan 0 None
2011-11-16 What will be at stake when the Supreme Court offers a decision? 0 None
2011-11-16 Community-based cancer screening may increase awareness of smoking, reduce at-risk behaviors 0 None
2011-11-16 High court to hear health care challenge as presidential campaign heats up 0 None
2011-11-16 Poor communities, not just poor countries, affected by NTDs 0 None
2011-11-16 International Diabetes Federation report estimates 1 in 10 adults will have diabetes by 2030 0 None
2011-11-16 PEPFAR's commitment to eliminating gender-based violence 0 None
2011-11-16 Health of millions of children in East Asia, Pacific at risk due to climate change, UNICEF report says 0 None
2011-11-16 Romney assailed for Mass. effort to stop care for sick girl 0 None
2011-11-16 Study examines changes in siblings after death of a brother or sister from cancer 0 None
2011-11-16 Mayo Clinic receives $1.25M CDC grant for HIV eCurriculum project 0 None
2011-11-16 UI bioengineering professor to take part in OSA's congressional briefing 0 None
2011-11-16 Some public health experts raise concerns over plans to immunize Haitians against cholera, AP reports 0 None
2011-11-16 Self-directed rehabilitation improves outcomes for stroke patients 0 None
2011-11-16 Viewpoints: Questions of partisanship and timing could complicate Supreme Court's decision on health law 0 None
2011-11-16 New health institute to combat chronic diseases across Maryland 0 None
2011-11-16 Implementation news: ACO ancillary service industry booms; New poll finds spike in support for mandate 0 None
2011-11-16 State roundup: Calif. high deductibles spark lawsuit; New Ark. Medicaid Chief; Adult day care resolution soon? 0 None
2011-11-16 Public health officials should address needs of people with blood disorders 0 None
2011-11-16 Changing priorities for major generic drug producers could lead to rising drug prices in developing countries 0 None
2011-11-15 Multifaceted quality initiative can reduce adverse obstetric outcomes 0 None
2011-11-15 Clinton's speech prioritizing creation of 'Aids-free generation' may shape future of U.S. global health strategy, analysts say 0 None
2011-11-15 King Faisal Specialty Hospital implements LUMEDX CVIS in its Heart Centre 0 None
2011-11-15 Alcohol-based hand sanitizer helps reduce influenza A in children 0 None
2011-11-15 Eliminating drug co-pays improves medication adherence in heart attack patients 0 None
2011-11-15 Supreme Court could announce today its plans for the health law 0 None
2011-11-15 Obama adminisration unveils plan to expand health care work force 0 None
2011-11-15 Survey of health opinion leaders finds 'unflagging' health overhaul support 0 None
2011-11-15 Fact-checking Romney's debate performance 0 None
2011-11-15 GE Capitol healthcare flexes muscle, reaps benefits 0 None
2011-11-15 Study identifies five areas of global health on which Canada can focus 0 None
2011-11-15 Study compares safety of procedures at hospitals with and without cardiac surgery backup 0 None
2011-11-15 VOA News examines Foundation's efforts to treat MDR-TB patients in North Korea 0 None
2011-11-15 NPR: VA is creating medical data 'gold mine' 0 None
2011-11-15 Problems in India's public health care system lead to growth of private medicine 0 None
2011-11-15 New Handbook offers overview of social work practice in health care 0 None
2011-11-15 Malpractice lawsuits linked to surgeon depression and career burnout 0 5
2011-11-15 Experts discuss treatment as prevention at USAID-, World Bank-sponsored debate 1 None
2011-11-15 State roundup: Md.'s medical home; N.Y. malpractice action; Texas nursing homes 0 None
2011-11-15 Risk of heart failure appears to be higher among low-income seniors 0 None
2011-11-15 Report highlights difficulties in uncovering Medicare fraud 0 None
2011-11-15 Study examines abortion services for women living with HIV in Brazil, Namibia, S. Africa 0 None
2011-11-15 Pregnant women, new mothers benefit from text4baby mobile service 0 None
2011-11-15 N.J. plans to use managed care system for Medicaid enrollees with mental health problems 0 None
2011-11-14 Mary Ann Liebert to launch Disruptive Science and Technology 0 None
2011-11-14 Smoke-free workplace laws help reduce heart attacks and save lives 0 None
2011-11-14 Viewpoints: Conservative legal path on health law; Romney's plans for Medicare and vets; States moving on reform 0 None
2011-11-14 Cambodia set to distribute more than 2.5M mosquito nets by end of year 0 None
2011-11-14 Ethiopia reduced child mortality rate by more than half over past 20 years 0 None
2011-11-14 Gates Foundation infographic on reinventing toilets 0 None
2011-11-14 Super committee may delay tax details 0 None
2011-11-14 Decision Simulation licenses virtual patient platform from University of Pittsburgh 0 None
2011-11-14 The downfall of a database that offered patient safety insights 0 None
2011-11-14 CLASS Act repeal vote will test Dems' unity 0 None
2011-11-14 Allscripts approves Apixio Community Search product 0 None
2011-11-14 First Edition: November 14, 2011 0 None
2011-11-14 Former soldier develops app to save lives of burns victims 0 None
2011-11-14 Racial disparities in long-term survival among pediatric heart transplant patients 0 5
2011-11-14 New-onset AF, severe sepsis may increase risk of stroke and mortality in hospital settings 0 None
2011-11-14 Senior UK Parliamentarians visit Bangladesh to see full impact of pneumonia on children 0 None
2011-11-14 UCLA School of Nursing faculty members to present at AHA 2011 0 None
2011-11-14 Studies examine cardiac arrest-information exchange on social media site 0 None
2011-11-14 Professional tooth scaling associated with fewer heart attacks, strokes 0 None
2011-11-14 Intensive therapy can preserve kidney function in patients with type 1 diabetes 0 None
2011-11-14 Renowned cardiologist wins TCT 2011 Geoffrey O. Hartzler Master Clinical Operator Award 0 None
2011-11-14 Cedars Sinai researcher to receive American Heart Association-Philips Resuscitation Fellowship Award 0 None
2011-11-14 New information on kidney-related policies in the U.S. 0 None
2011-11-14 Super committee may push some tax decisions to next year 0 None
2011-11-14 NIDDK-funded study to develop approaches for chronic kidney disease management 0 None
2011-11-14 HealthONE to lease and operate Memorial Health System 0 None
2011-11-14 Special supplement examines effects of articular cartilage injury, degeneration in soccer players 0 None
2011-11-14 Latest advances in cardiovascular medicine, science and education to be presented at AHA 2011 0 None
2011-11-14 Federal health officials recommend cholesterol testing for children 0 None
2011-11-14 Teeth whitening tips 0 None
2011-11-13 UM to host Summit on Childhood Obesity at Hilton Baltimore 0 None
2011-11-13 Older patients less likely to receive pain medication in hospital EDs 0 None
2011-11-13 NovaUCD to showcase 15 new high-tech ventures at annual start-up awards 0 None
2011-11-11 Smoke-reducing chimneys prevent pneumonia among young children 0 None
2011-11-11 Including evangelical Christians in U.S. foreign aid discussion 0 None
2011-11-11 Rapid expansion of global vaccine campaign against pneumonia 'unprecedented' 0 None
2011-11-11 Super committee stalled as Nov. 23 deadline approaches 0 None
2011-11-11 PEPFAR AIDSRelief shows success of country partnerships 0 None
2011-11-11 UNICEF distributing hygiene, sanitation items in flood-affected Thailand to help prevent disease spread 0 None
2011-11-11 Medicaid update: Wis. approves big cuts; Wash. state lawsuit on ER visits; Kansas electronic medical records initiative 0 None
2011-11-11 Political cartoon: 'Making sense' 0 None
2011-11-11 End to AIDS epidemic in sight, but political support needed for success 0 None
2011-11-11 Annual European CDC report says infectious diseases, drug resistance are concerns 0 None
2011-11-11 Senate Finance Committee investigates companies' use of discounts to funnel medical tests their way 0 None
2011-11-11 Greek health system suffers amid growing economic crisis 0 None
2011-11-11 State highlights: Mass. facing cost decisions; Ore. boosting coordinated care; Lawyers tackling Calif. disparities 0 None
2011-11-11 Third annual World Pneumonia Day to be observed on Saturday 0 None
2011-11-11 Research roundup: Cutting speciality care by raising co-payments; Asthma diagnosis and insurance coverage; GAO on early retirees 0 None
2011-11-11 Kenya launches 5-year strategic plan to fight NTDs 0 None
2011-11-11 Senate Republicans question role of $10 billion innovation center 0 None
2011-11-11 Former U.N. SG Annan criticizes G20 for not taking more action on climate change that affects food security 0 None
2011-11-11 Viewpoints: Conservatives still reeling from DC Circuit ruling on health law; Minn. lawmaker upsets plans for federal grants 0 None
2011-11-11 Supreme Court quiet about health law appeals, announcement could come as soon as Monday 0 None
2011-11-11 Advocacy groups run full-page ad on end of AIDS 0 None
2011-11-11 More high deductible plans, new individual policies helping to reshape insurance market 0 None
2011-11-11 Health law alphabet soup: ACOs, MLR and other implementation news 0 None
2011-11-11 Medicaid directors ask Feds for more flexibility 0 None
2011-11-11 Ga., Texas expand mental health services but advocates say more is needed 0 None
2011-11-11 Conn. Gov.'s orders on home and child care workers raise concerns; Calif. lawmakers explore long-term care costs 0 None
2011-11-11 AARP poll: Iowa, Florida Republicans disagree with candidates on Medicare cuts 0 None
2011-11-11 Guardian interactive timeline highlights milestones in modern philanthropy 0 None
2011-11-11 First Edition: Nov. 11, 2011 0 None
2011-11-11 U-M receives NIH grant for Risk Evaluation and Education for Alzheimer's Disease study 0 None
2011-11-11 NYU Langone professor offers guidance on risk factors, interventions for SUDEP 0 None
2011-11-11 Delirium may increase risk of death in elderly hospital patients 0 None
2011-11-11 Dramatic rise in obesity, fatty liver disease increases need for transplants 0 None
2011-11-11 Consumer advocates push for insurance oversight promised by health law 0 None
2011-11-11 Olfactory sensory neurons in older people show unexpected response to odor 0 None
2011-11-11 NAMI report: States cut mental health budgets just as demand goes up 0 None
2011-11-11 AHAF: Requests for ADR research grants increase by 33% this year 0 None
2011-11-11 China considers ban on infant formula ads to encourage breastfeeding 0 None
2011-11-11 Next chapter in health law legal challenges could be decided Thursday 0 None
2011-11-11 Conference highlights advances in evidence-based integrative therapies for cancer 0 None
2011-11-11 Global Press Institute examines HIV/AIDS among women in Zambia 0 None
2011-11-11 Report examines donor funding for health in low- and middle-income countries 0 None
2011-11-11 Romney has strong debate showing; Obama takes on congressional Republicans 0 None
2011-11-11 Johns Hopkins to establish new global center for childhood obesity 0 None
2011-11-11 Longer looks: Do extra brain cells offer a clue to autism?; doctors leaving medicine 0 None
2011-11-11 TF-CBTWeb training program for mental health professionals 0 None
2011-11-11 Pharmaceutical industry should invest more in NTDs 0 4
2011-11-11 SAMHSA: Drug-related intentional poisonings result in 14,720 ED visits during 2009 0 None
2011-11-11 PSI official discusses organization's innovations strategies in Washington Post feature 0 None
2011-11-11 Franken takes hard look at health data thefts 0 None
2011-11-11 U of I to help researchers learn about physical activity in preschool-aged children 0 None
2011-11-11 What about Walmart's plans to add health clinics? 0 None
2011-11-11 State dual eligible proposals don't focus on managed care for Medicare beneficiaries 0 None
2011-11-11 Loss of 'personhood' amendment in Miss. raises questions about anti-abortion strategy 0 None
2011-11-11 An end to AIDS is possible in our generation 0 None
2011-11-11 Parties fight over the impact of Ohio election results 0 None
2011-11-11 Prosocial behaviors reduce substance use among rural adolescents 0 None
2011-11-11 FDA draft guidance aims to foster early-stage development of medical devices 0 None
2011-11-11 Action on climate change required to prevent harm to health, development, reports say 0 None
2011-11-11 President of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids applauds FDA's aggressive action 0 None
2011-11-11 Translating science into service delivery to achieve Clinton's vision of an AIDS-free generation 0 None
2011-11-11 Wood stoves with chimneys linked to reduced childhood pneumonia 0 None
2011-11-11 Global Health Service Corps essential to improve African health systems, achieve 'AIDS-free generation' 0 None
2011-11-11 School lunches improve health outcomes of children 0 None
2011-11-11 Pediatric racial minorities less likely to get kidney transplants 0 None
2011-11-11 Deficit panel at impasse despite offers 0 None
2011-11-11 Psychotherapy technique can help reduce dementia caregivers' stress 0 None
2011-11-11 Viewpoints: The role of IT in transforming health care; the GOP raises super committee stakes 0 None
2011-11-10 State roundup: Storms' huge impact on health care; Brooklyn's hospital quest; Calif. election results 0 None
2011-11-10 Hand washing in hospitals may keep super bugs away: Report 0 None
2011-11-10 APMA encourages 'Knock Your Socks Off' foot care campaign for people with diabetes 0 None
2011-11-10 High-powered magnets continue to be a safety risk to children 0 None
2011-11-10 AOK selects SAP HANA platform to increase focus on preventive care 0 None
2011-11-10 Small mistakes in the kitchen can lead to food-borne illness 0 None
2011-11-10 Jonas Center establishes nursing scholars program for veterans health 0 None
2011-11-10 FDA claims withdrawal process for animal antibiotics as too hard 0 None
2011-11-10 MA State Legislature, Governor's Administration authorize Train Vets to Treat Vets program into law 0 5
2011-11-10 ZOLL to display resuscitation technology, temperature management solutions at AHA 2011 0 None
2011-11-10 Brushing, flossing and antiseptic rinsing recommended for a healthy mouth 0 None
2011-11-10 Effective management of childhood asthma should extend beyond doctor's office: Study 0 None
2011-11-10 U.S. News names three Women & Infants physicians among Top Doctors list 0 None
2011-11-10 U.N. official urges donors to provide more relief for flooding in Central America 0 None
2011-11-10 Cooley Dickinson Hospital RNs call for safe staffing directly to the community 0 None
2011-11-10 Patchwork of progress in California's battle against childhood obesity 0 None
2011-11-10 PlusNews examines difficulties in diagnosing, treating MDR-TB in children 0 None
2011-11-10 Super committee: GOP offers tax deal, Democrats dismiss it 0 None
2011-11-10 Massachusetts seniors and workers rally against cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid 0 None
2011-11-10 FDA testing of imported seafood inadequate 0 None
2011-11-10 Home nursing visits safe and effective for initial post-delivery well-baby check-ups 0 None
2011-11-10 States cope with health law's MLR, insurance exchange requirements 0 None
2011-11-10 FAMU, FAU partner to create Medical Honors Program between two institutions 0 None
2011-11-10 FDA creates new Internet resource to protect consumers from health fraud scams 0 None
2011-11-10 SEIU-UHW and CHW call for protecting Medi-Cal and Medicare funding programs 0 None
2011-11-10 Too much at stake to scale back U.S. global engagement 0 None
2011-11-10 D.C. Court of Appeals upholds health law's individual mandate 0 None
2011-11-10 New poverty figures show large increase in number of poor older Americans nationwide 0 None
2011-11-10 Younger anxious adults tend to immediately avoid anti-smoking videos 0 None
2011-11-10 HFHP now able to offer two stand-alone prescription drug plans statewide 0 None
2011-11-10 State roundup: Alaska's dental problem; some Minn. health funding blocked 0 None
2011-11-10 Clinical diagnoses of autism may vary widely across centers 0 None
2011-11-10 WebMD Magazine names UCSD professor as 2011 Health Hero 0 None
2011-11-10 LCA calls on VA to screen veterans at high risk for lung cancer 0 None
2011-11-10 APS supports CDC's call for multifaceted approach to address prescription drug misuse 0 None
2011-11-10 A range of studies highlight health care shortcomings 0 None
2011-11-10 Miss. voters reject abortion measure; Ohio restores pubic employees' rights 0 None
2011-11-10 Cigna to launch Go the Distance for Veterans program 0 None
2011-11-10 World-renowned cardiologist receives 2011 TCT Career Achievement Award 0 None
2011-11-10 Kansas Gov. announces revamping of Medicaid 0 None
2011-11-10 U.N., aid groups appeal for additional funding, supplies for Pakistan flood victims 0 None
2011-11-10 GHSU expert to again coordinate two national diabetes initiatives 0 None
2011-11-10 U of T, UHN launch Techna Institute to develop new healthcare technologies 0 None
2011-11-10 Senators launch billion-dollar health scam investigation 0 None
2011-11-10 Detailing Romney's Medicare plans 0 5
2011-11-10 Rights group files claim with U.N. seeking reparations for Haitians affected by cholera 0 None
2011-11-10 OWH to participate in major kala-azar elimination project 0 None
2011-11-10 New initiative to integrate and increase use of palliative care in ED 0 None
2011-11-10 IASO selects Inmedius Generation21 Learning Suite to improve care for obese patients 0 None
2011-11-10 HIRC recognizes UBM Medica's Psychiatric Times for digital health resource 0 None
2011-11-10 Pennsylvania Game Commission reminds hunters to avoid hypothermia 0 None
2011-11-10 Clinton expresses U.S. commitment to creating 'AIDS-free generation,' calls on world to help 0 None
2011-11-10 Viewpoints: Romney's critical missing information on Medicare; anti-smoking messages too graphic 0 None
2011-11-10 JMC launches comprehensive lung cancer program 0 None
2011-11-09 Study: Children are most physically active on long summer days 0 None
2011-11-09 Global Fund committed to transparency in shift from emergency response to sustainable funding mechanism 0 None
2011-11-09 First Edition: November 9, 2011 0 None
2011-11-09 CU Denver researchers awarded Grand Challenges Explorations grant 0 None
2011-11-09 Medical malpractice efforts stall; Analysis in Texas reveals rural doctor gap 0 None
2011-11-09 CHCs and primary care providers will become America's obesity 'first responders' 0 None
2011-11-09 AIDS remains a public health concern among African immigrants: Survey 0 4
2011-11-09 Safe disposal of needles, syringes and other sharps 0 None
2011-11-09 VCU pediatric surgeons successfully separate Dominican twin toddlers 0 None
2011-11-09 Judge blocks FDA rule on new cigarette pack warning images 0 None
2011-11-09 Strong clean indoor air laws associated with voluntary smokefree home rules 0 None
2011-11-09 Appeals court rules health law's individual mandate constitutional 0 None
2011-11-09 Seriously ill adults skip needed care due to costs and medical debt 0 None
2011-11-09 Psychology graduate students face gap in training opportunities 0 None
2011-11-09 New York Times reports on Cuba's role in Haiti's fight against cholera 0 None
2011-11-09 Capsules: Study finds potential, challenges for bundled payments 0 None
2011-11-09 PCPs fail to report substantial number of child maltreatment cases 0 None
2011-11-09 Innovation needed to improve water delivery systems 0 None
2011-11-09 Two U-M physicians caution about implications of cardiac imaging study 0 None
2011-11-09 Despite gap, super committee Republicans warm to new revenue, but not taxes 0 None
2011-11-09 Survey finds nursing homes plan layoffs because of Medicare cuts 0 None
2011-11-09 Reuters examines reproductive health issues in Russia 0 None
2011-11-09 Semtech to donate $25,000 for new UCLA cancer treatment center 0 None
2011-11-09 Health insurance exchanges generating controversy, even within GOP 0 None
2011-11-09 U.N. Foundation honors Exxon Mobil chairman with Global Leadership Award 0 None
2011-11-09 Viewpoints: Today's 'personhood' vote in Miss.; reactions to Romney's health care plan 0 None
2011-11-09 On Election Day, watching key ballot issues in Ohio, Mississippi 0 None
2011-11-09 First clinical trial that integrates LifeOnKey EHR, PHR with Target eCRF EDC software 0 5
2011-11-09 Brazil leading fight against hunger, WFP head says 0 None
2011-11-09 New poverty calculations show how health costs hurt seniors 0 None
2011-11-09 Cutting U.S. global health funding would slow progress, hurt development in other countries 0 None
2011-11-09 Cancer specialists struggling to find better screening tests 0 None
2011-11-09 Romney takes health care message to Iowa 0 None
2011-11-09 'Bundling' pay to doctors and hospitals is challenging 0 None
2011-11-09 South Korea authorizes WHO to distribute medical aid for malnourished North Korean children 0 None
2011-11-09 Fewer businesses take advantage of health tax credits 0 None
2011-11-09 RWJF announces recipients of 2011 Community Health Leaders Award 0 None
2011-11-09 Parents of children on Medicaid, CHIP give programs good grades 0 None
2011-11-09 American Anesthesiology acquires Austin Anesthesiology Group 0 None
2011-11-09 GHTC interviews prominent Americans, leading U.S. health officials on why Americans should care about global health 0 None
2011-11-09 Kleinert Kutz selects ChartLogic EHR Suite 0 None
2011-11-09 Heeding Gates's suggestions to fill global development finance hole without spending more money 0 None
2011-11-09 Political cartoon: 'Super Trapped?' 0 None
2011-11-09 Global Fund delays closing date for round 11 applications, says disbursements may not be available until 2013 0 None
2011-11-09 Clinton expected to urge U.S., other countries to intensify HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in speech on Tuesday 0 None
2011-11-09 Powerful monitoring tool to track spread of seasonal flu 0 None
2011-11-09 Hospitals face penalties if they don't please patients 0 None
2011-11-09 State roundup: Kansas Medicaid announcement; pilot projects for nursing homes, C-sections; Calif. marijuana clinics 0 None
2011-11-08 Premier, RF Surgical sign three year agreement for detection technology 0 None
2011-11-08 Pennsylvania General Assembly passes bill banning texting for all drivers 0 None
2011-11-08 Health Net expands Improving the Patient Experience toolkit 0 None
2011-11-08 First Edition: November 8, 2011 0 None
2011-11-08 Victorian nurses protest over ‘lockout dossier’ 0 None
2011-11-08 Study to explore how people with disabilities can better access personal health records 0 None
2011-11-08 HUOH pays $3,500,000 in dividends to Ohio doctor owners/insureds in the last 40 months 0 None
2011-11-08 AMERIMED Hospitals now part of Global Health Voyager network 0 None
2011-11-08 Study to investigate health and wellbeing of adults, children in York 0 None
2011-11-08 Computer-tailored intervention may have positive effects on eating behaviors in adolescents 0 None
2011-11-08 Racial/ethnic disparities among adolescents with substance-related disorders 0 None
2011-11-08 New book: Aging Our Way 0 None
2011-11-08 UM launches campaign on medication adherence in Baltimore 0 None
2011-11-08 Medics fail to give patients crucial information about link between obesity and cancer 0 None
2011-11-08 The Kresge Foundation to support two HIAs to inform housing sector decisions 0 None
2011-11-08 CWRU to establish umbrella program for integrative oncology 0 None
2011-11-08 ACR honors NYU Langone professor with Distinguished Basic Investigator Award 0 None
2011-11-08 Suggestions for making a difference in fighting hunger, food shortages 0 None
2011-11-08 ACS's initiative can help smokers to kick their habit 0 None
2011-11-08 Forbes cover story profiles Bill Gates, Foundation's work in global health 0 None
2011-11-08 Teaching hospitals might provide better radical prostatectomy results 0 None
2011-11-08 South Korea considering food assistance for North Korea, official says 0 None
2011-11-08 Congress examines options to improve availability of prescription drugs 0 None
2011-11-08 GAPPS research into causes of preterm births and development of solutions 0 None
2011-11-08 Private sector companies should contribute to GAVI Matching Fund 0 None
2011-11-08 Commitment of USAID promises future R&D breakthroughs in global health 0 None
2011-11-08 Federal officials say new program can improve health services 0 None
2011-11-08 Reform necessary to overcome challenges to polio eradication efforts in Pakistan 0 None
2011-11-08 Socioeconomic status may affect people's physical functioning 0 None
2011-11-08 GlobalPost reports on second round GHI country selections 0 None
2011-11-08 Perry's health benefits noted; Romney and Perry spar on immigrants and health care 0 None
2011-11-08 Referral to stroke prevention clinic reduces mortality by 26% 0 None
2011-11-08 States trying to wrangle Medicaid costs; rural hospitals struggling; health hiring steady 0 None
2011-11-08 FIGMD CEO presents 'Healthcare in India' at ACC Professional and Corporate Consortium meeting 0 None
2011-11-08 Viewpoints: Weighing the ballot measures in Miss. and Ohio; the super committee's task 0 None
2011-11-08 First city-wide study of impact of widespread HIE data access in EDs 0 None
2011-11-08 Study examines how men's crime, tobacco and alcohol use change over time 0 None
2011-11-08 First public health study to examine a state-level approach to fire safety 0 None
2011-11-08 CGD releases report on improving clinical trials, regulatory pathways for fighting neglected diseases 0 None
2011-11-08 Economic burden of chronic hepatitis C-related liver disease 0 None
2011-11-08 Health coverage issues for young and old: Broadening access to CHIP; closing the door on CLASS Act 0 None
2011-11-08 Patient and nurse safety may be related by common causes 0 None
2011-11-08 South Africa draws inspiration from Brazil's health care system despite skepticism by some Brazilians, IPS reports 1 None
2011-11-08 First-ever Mantle Cell Lymphoma Symposium to be held on Nov. 12 0 None
2011-11-07 Sen. Grassley seeks more public information on doctors; some experts say physicians could take tough stance with 'assertive' patients 0 None
2011-11-07 Medicare touts progress on closing doughnut hole 0 None
2011-11-07 Malpractice charges work way slowly through legal system, if at all 0 None
2011-11-07 States trying to wrangle Medicaid costs, with some unintended consequences 0 None
2011-11-07 Insurance Commissioners delay vote on brokers' fees 0 None
2011-11-07 AMS pleased with CMS' increase in 2012 payment rate for proton therapy 0 None
2011-11-07 Blue Shield of Calif. turns to retail stores; Poll finds workers' share of health costs growing 0 None
2011-11-07 Proposals to raise Medicare age could raise costs too 0 None
2011-11-07 Conway to deploy PatientKeeper's physician healthcare information systems 0 None
2011-11-07 Groups sound off on exchanges as governors wrestle with HHS over control 0 None
2011-11-07 Abortion and 'personhood' on GOP campaign agenda 0 None
2011-11-07 Gifts established at Case Western Reserve to educate physicians in integrative oncology 0 None
2011-11-07 First Edition: November 7, 2011 0 None
2011-11-07 Toshiba to showcase new 56-inch LCD monitor for Infinix-i line at TCT 2011 0 None
2011-11-07 ISET 2012 to discuss latest advances in chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency 0 None
2011-11-07 SweetSpot announces initiative to monitor blood glucose levels in veterans with diabetes 0 5
2011-11-07 The SeniorCare Investor to look into future of Continuing Care Retirement Communities 0 None
2011-11-07 MRSA co-infection increases risk of flu-related mortality among children 0 None
2011-11-07 Respiratory problems in homes on the rise due to air freshners 0 None
2011-11-07 Experts share latest buzz on allergies to alcohol and tobacco 0 None
2011-11-07 Women may not receive adequate fertility preservation advice before breast cancer treatment 0 None
2011-11-07 Lupus patients with low socioeconomic status miss scheduled doctors' appointments 0 None
2011-11-07 Tips to reduce animal dander in home 0 None
2011-11-07 Early treatment with rheumatologist may decrease costly interventions in people with RA 0 None
2011-11-07 HHS scientists to share recent rheumatology findings at 75th ACR annual meeting 0 None
2011-11-05 Metier obtains $9 million verdict against Campbell County Memorial Hospital 0 None
2011-11-05 National survey reveals top barriers to better oral health among Hispanics 0 None
2011-11-05 Teleflex to showcase respiratory solutions, education programs at AARC Congress 0 None
2011-11-05 Medicare beneficiaries file class action suit over hospital 'observation status' 0 None
2011-11-05 ALFA hosts meeting for executives interested in advancing excellence in senior living 0 None
2011-11-05 CLASS Act provision of health care reform depicts a practical but disappointing reality 0 None
2011-11-05 Abbott wins 2011 Scrip Award for Corporate Social Responsibility 0 None
2011-11-05 MedPAC offers recommendations for changes to dual eligibles program 0 None
2011-11-05 Nurses union calls for a financial transaction tax 0 None
2011-11-05 VBF, BLI hold 14th annual Port Wine Stain and Vascular Birthmarks Conference 0 2
2011-11-05 New IOM report examines health IT to improve patient safety 0 None
2011-11-05 Allstate files fifth insurance fraud lawsuit of 2011 in NY 0 1
2011-11-05 Incorporating mental health into agenda to ensure access to services for all 0 None
2011-11-05 Pioneering neuroscientist receives Rockefeller's Pearl Meister Greengard Prize 0 None
2011-11-05 Single-parent status, household income linked to increased rate of hospital readmissions of asthmatic children 0 None
2011-11-05 Cabot's 5-Day Menu Planner seeks to refocus eating habits to balance nutrition 0 None
2011-11-05 APF launches new online educational module on safe use of CAM 0 None
2011-11-05 New study shows that worksite health promotion may improve health benefits 0 None
2011-11-05 Over 10 million beneficiaries use DRX's PlanCompare suite of tools to enroll in Medicare plans 0 None
2011-11-05 Sweet'N Low joins with Dominique Dawes to educate consumers about risk of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-11-05 State roundup: Puerto Rico settles disability battle with Feds 0 None
2011-11-05 Medtronic highlights scientific sessions of interest on program for TCT 2011 0 None
2011-11-05 Three Cigna disability case managers win Dorland Health People Award 0 None
2011-11-05 Boehner sends signals on deficit deal 0 None
2011-11-05 AHRQ awarded $34M in fiscal year 2011 to expand fight against HAIs 0 None
2011-11-05 Health insurers predict they will pass on health law's new tax to consumers 0 None
2011-11-05 SJH&MC the first in Southeast Michigan to offer Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy 0 None
2011-11-05 North Shore Medical Labs to donate Nortec EHR to medically underserved communities 0 None
2011-11-05 Majority of RN respondents report error disclosure in nursing home settings 0 None
2011-11-05 States lack policies to curb classroom burden of asthma and severe allergies 0 None
2011-11-05 Stakeholders anxiously await high court health law review 0 None
2011-11-05 Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, LUNGevity Foundation host first Nashville Breathe Hope event 0 None
2011-11-05 Health Net selected as double-winner in 18th annual National Health Information Awards 0 None
2011-11-05 More than 36,000 people join Cancer Research UK's Voice for Radiotherapy campaign 0 None
2011-11-05 Super committee progress appears to be at 'impasse' 0 None
2011-11-05 Hawaii Pacific Health joins Premier's Partnership for Care Transformation collaborative 0 None
2011-11-05 FindTheBest announces Smart Badges for three Health categories 0 None
2011-11-05 Eat'n Park unfolds Caring for Kids Campaign to raise funds for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh 0 None
2011-11-05 Romney calls for increase in Medicare eligibility age 0 None
2011-11-05 New CareFusion Ventilation System to address clinical, operational challenges in patient care 0 None
2011-11-05 AAPM announces new plans for Safe Opioid Prescribing program 0 None
2011-11-05 Vertex announces 16 grant recipients of Hep-C Circle of Care program 0 None
2011-11-05 Political cartoon: 'Bulk Discounts' 0 None
2011-11-05 NCQA recognizes three additional MetCare centers as PPC-PCMH 0 None
2011-11-05 Romney details his deficit-reduction plans 0 None
2011-11-05 Key Assets expands foster care provision in Western Australia 0 None
2011-11-05 IAFN to celebrate 'Forensic Nurses Week' on Nov. 7-11 0 None
2011-11-05 MED3OOO, Medicomp partner to embed Quippe into InteGreat EHR 0 None
2011-11-05 Governors raise concerns about insurance exchanges 0 None
2011-11-05 Women's groups in Somali town push for law banning female genital mutilation/cutting 0 None
2011-11-05 Obesity affecting wealthy, middle classes more than poor in developing countries, study says 0 None
2011-11-05 First U.S. transcatheter aortic heart valve implant performed at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia 0 None
2011-11-05 Rothman researchers to develop gold standard definition for periprosthetic joint infection 0 4
2011-11-05 Study finds increase in cervical cancer incidence among young British women 0 None
2011-11-05 VA announces 13 new awards in 2010 Industry Innovation Competition 0 None
2011-11-05 Education for women, girls a more effective strategy than family planning to solve global problems 0 None
2011-11-05 Smile Brands announces opening of Bright Now! Dental office in Tampa 0 None
2011-11-05 Viewpoints: Romney's plan to cut the debt; congressional squabbles on spending; spurning insurers' concerns about new labels 0 None
2011-11-04 Global Fund releases additional audits as part of internal investigation 0 None
2011-11-04 100 House lawmakers urge super committee to consider 'all options' 0 None
2011-11-04 First Edition: November 4, 2011 0 None
2011-11-04 Stimulus funds will help build health IT systems, but not sustain them 0 None
2011-11-04 Gottlieb to celebrate 50th anniversary in the hospital's newly renovated lobby 0 None
2011-11-04 KU research to strengthen special-needs families in the military 0 None
2011-11-04 Plans for insurance exchanges in Conn. and Kansas hit some roadblocks 0 None
2011-11-04 Health law's reproductive health provisions continue to draw criticism 0 None
2011-11-04 UofL intervention program for caregivers of people with IDD 0 None
2011-11-04 AHA/ASA honors UH Case Medical Center with Get With The Guidelines-Stroke award 0 None
2011-11-04 Parsing the health law's winners and losers, and its chances for survival 0 None
2011-11-04 LMG project to strengthen global health care delivery 0 None
2011-11-04 Nicaragua's abortion law becomes issue in presidential election 0 None
2011-11-04 Seclusion should always be the last resort for managing adolescent aggressive behaviour 0 None
2011-11-04 Roundup: Mental health hospital woes; N.Y. Medicare scam bust 0 None
2011-11-04 Calif. Hospital Association sues over Medi-Cal provider cuts 0 None
2011-11-04 Commercial disease management models do not reduce Medicare costs in America 0 None
2011-11-04 Investment in USAID has saved millions of lives, is critical for U.S. security 0 None
2011-11-04 Political cartoon: 'Bargain Hunter' 0 None
2011-11-04 Cain offers up his views on health policy 0 None
2011-11-04 Viewpoints: The campaign against birth control; paying for N.Y.'s autism mandate 0 None
2011-11-04 Senate GOP attempts to officially undo CLASS Act 0 None
2011-11-04 CRF summit to examine importance of gender in cardiovascular disease research 0 None
2011-11-04 Important to keep obstacles to malaria control in mind as research moves forward 0 None
2011-11-04 Global Fund, China agree to cut $95M from grants for health programs in the country 0 None
2011-11-04 Healthcare workers who wear gloves less likely to wash their hands 0 None
2011-11-04 Quintiles receives two awards for clinical research 0 None
2011-11-04 Cancer drug shortage relates to economics 0 None
2011-11-04 NEJM publishes 'The 2010 Dietary Guidelines -- The Best Recipe for Health?' 0 None
2011-11-04 Glaxo pays $3 billion to settle investigations involving alleged marketing missteps and Medicaid fraud 0 None
2011-11-04 Study: NPs can decrease unnecessary ED visits 0 None
2011-11-04 Family planning a cost-effective strategy to reduce poverty, conflict and environmental damage 0 None
2011-11-04 NewYork-Presbyterian ranked 23rd on 2011 InformationWeek 500 0 None
2011-11-04 The skinny on 'narrow networks' 0 None
2011-11-04 ACP tells 112th Congress to 'go big' by reforming Medicare payments 0 None
2011-11-04 Ten rules for good sleep 0 None
2011-11-04 Longer looks: A doctor's dilemma on C-sections; apology for a death sparked a hospital's change 0 None
2011-11-04 Mental health intervention can help prevent suicides among youth 0 None
2011-11-04 PlusNews reports on importance of cost-effectiveness of ZAMSTAR study for policymakers, donors amid economic downturn 0 None
2011-11-04 Climate change, environmental destruction threaten improvements among world's poorest, UNDP report warns 0 None
2011-11-03 VOA News program examines international humanitarian aid in Horn of Africa 0 None
2011-11-03 First Edition: November 3, 2011 0 None
2011-11-03 WHO's Chan tells Executive Board reform is necessary under budget constraints 0 None
2011-11-03 Study assesses value of current scenario-based training programs for firefighters 0 None
2011-11-03 EAU, ESTRO and ESMO to host European conference on urological cancers 0 None
2011-11-03 Budget experts focus on health costs 0 None
2011-11-03 Elsevier's 2012 eBook Frontlist collections available on SciVerse ScienceDirect 0 None
2011-11-03 UNICEF asks donors to fully fund request to assist North Koreans facing malnutrition 0 None
2011-11-03 Role of cardiovascular magnetic resonance in clinical cardiology 0 None
2011-11-03 Medtronic launches MIDLF procedure at 26th North American Spine Society meeting 0 None
2011-11-03 Analysis: How the health law shakes out if High Court overturns individual mandate 0 None
2011-11-03 November issue of WHO Bulletin now available online 0 None
2011-11-03 Roundup: N.Y. autism coverage mandate; Miss. 'personhood' referendum; Wis. MLR controversy 0 None
2011-11-03 Doctors face deep Medicare pay reductions — but slightly less than original estimates suggest 0 None
2011-11-03 Nutrition expert: Each saturated fatty acid has specific functionalities 0 None
2011-11-03 Foreign aid from U.S., dozens of other countries makes the world 'better, more prosperous and safer' 0 None
2011-11-03 Cain to talk health policy on Capitol Hill 0 None
2011-11-03 Long-term care insurance gets boost from federal workers 0 None
2011-11-03 Medicare fee payments for outpatient care to go up 1.9 percent; payments for home health will drop 0 None
2011-11-03 State Medicaid Directors seek to sway feds on eligibility rules 0 None
2011-11-03 Replacing short auto trips with bicycle trips would yield major health benefits 0 None
2011-11-03 UCSD, Rady Children's to host Building Sustainable Surgical Systems conference 0 None
2011-11-03 OECD with Eurostat, WHO publishes manual on accounting practices for health service spending 0 None
2011-11-03 Nearly half of pregnant women in Southern China's poor areas do not get tested for syphilis, study shows 1 None
2011-11-03 Study highlights profound impact of maternal separation on infants 0 None
2011-11-03 Johns Hopkins Hospital receives NRC's Consumer Choice Award 0 None
2011-11-03 Viewpoints: GOP intransigence on super committee; taxing health benefits would backfire; the need for care in defining essential benefits 0 None
2011-11-03 UCC professor receives International Leadership Award from ACG 0 None
2011-11-03 CPM enters definitive merger agreement with HealthGrades 0 None
2011-11-03 Bloomberg News examines how Latin American countries' abortion policies may hold lessons for Republican presidential candidates supporting abortion bans in U.S. 0 None
2011-11-02 New, poison-free approach to malaria control 0 None
2011-11-02 StatLink announces upgrade for Med DataLink healthcare process management software system 0 None
2011-11-02 Advocates push for integration of HIV/TB funding, programming in Kenya 0 None
2011-11-02 Prescription drug shortages: Endocrine Society calls for mandatory reporting by manufacturers 0 4
2011-11-02 First Edition: November 2, 2011 0 None
2011-11-02 World population reaches 7 billion amid warnings about health, natural resources 0 None
2011-11-02 Bacteria rapidly exchange genetic information related to human disease and antibiotic resistance 0 None
2011-11-02 Study examines how perception of roles among ED staff can impact patient satisfaction 0 None
2011-11-02 Hospitalized diabetic patients with acute kidney injury more likely to develop CKD 0 None
2011-11-02 Congress questions IRS on oversight of nonprofit hospitals 0 None
2011-11-02 Articles explore clinical dilemma about children's behavioral problems 0 None
2011-11-02 Opinion pieces address world population of 7 billion 1 None
2011-11-02 Hospitals must improve tracking of serious errors, report finds 0 None
2011-11-02 Diagnostic test communication failure accounts for higher proportion of malpractice awards 0 None
2011-11-02 Hospital architecture, design and sensory stimulation make rehabilitation more effective 0 None
2011-11-02 Study identifies a group of middle school students at high risk for alcohol use 0 None
2011-11-02 Congress should grant PEPFAR future security because program is 'desperately needed' 0 1
2011-11-02 Alliances form among super committee members 0 None
2011-11-02 Zanzibar's Islamic leaders use Qur'an to shift attitudes about sex, contraception, HIV/AIDS 0 None
2011-11-02 State roundup: Ga., Minn. move slowly on exchanges 0 None
2011-11-02 Study finds multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in 48% of infected patient rooms 0 None
2011-11-02 Home health payments will fall 2.3% in 2012 0 None
2011-11-02 Obama takes action to address drug shortages 1 None
2011-11-02 Early retirees' health insurance fund running out 0 None
2011-11-02 Debating 'RomneyCare's' parenthood 0 None
2011-11-02 NYC settles Medicaid suit; Wis. officials face deadline for new plan for health care for poor 0 None
2011-11-02 Science Speaks reports results of Zambia-South Africa TB and AIDS Reduction program study 0 None
2011-11-02 E.U., UNICEF launch $430M fund in Zimbabwe to provide medical care to children, pregnant women 0 None
2011-11-02 Majority of body CT attending radiologists disagree on management of incidental findings 0 None
2011-11-02 China's 'one-child policy' delayed world's reaching population of 7 billion; China to maintain policy 0 None
2011-11-02 Penn surgeons perform first bilateral hand transplantation 0 None
2011-11-02 Exclusion of family planning, HIV prevention from Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon partnership is 'counter-intuitive' 0 None
2011-11-02 Nurse scientist recognized as AACN's 2012 Distinguished Research Lecturer 0 None
2011-11-02 Innovative mobile-technology strategy to prevent HIV/AIDS in Uganda 0 None
2011-11-02 Active partnership between patient and healthcare professionals can reduce hospital stay 0 None
2011-11-02 Tufts University introduces MyPlate for Older Adults 0 None
2011-11-02 SmartTots sets agenda for research on anesthetic safety in children 0 None
2011-11-02 Lack of resources, leadership hindering male circumcision campaign in Uganda, PlusNews reports 5 None
2011-11-02 Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital surgeons successfully separate conjoined twins 0 5
2011-11-02 Viewpoints: Super committee clock is ticking; replacing CLASS; 'personhood' amendment in Miss. 0 None
2011-11-02 Marathon recovery tips 0 3
2011-11-01 MEDNAX acquires Bexar Pediatric Surgery in San Antonio 0 None
2011-11-01 G20 can turn attention to maternal and child health at upcoming meeting 0 None
2011-11-01 Omnilytics announces final EPA registration for AgriPhage-CMM bacterial control product 0 None
2011-11-01 First Edition: November 1, 2011 0 None
2011-11-01 California Medicaid cuts spark anger; N.Y. Medicaid fraud detection 0 None
2011-11-01 A healthy eating plan after holiday feasts can avoid weight gain 0 None
2011-11-01 New Mayo Clinic social network connects global community of esophageal cancer patients 0 None
2011-11-01 Two transformative philanthropic gifts to fuel new discoveries at Seattle Children's 0 None
2011-11-01 National lupus organizations urge NICE to recommend Benlysta for coverage 0 None
2011-11-01 Countries need vigilance, informed media coverage to achieve polio eradication 0 None
2011-11-01 UL, IU and UMMS to implement Center for Excellence in Health and Life Sciences 0 None
2011-11-01 GlobalPost series examines consequences of child marriage in Nepal 0 None
2011-11-01 USAID has technical capacity to lead GHI if given authority 0 None
2011-11-01 Majority of college students could identify risk factors linked with eating disorders 0 None
2011-11-01 Pressure mounts as clock ticks toward super committee's Thanksgiving deadline 0 None
2011-11-01 Health care comments prominent on the trail to Iowa caucus 0 None
2011-11-01 BUSM professor delivers Van Meter Award Lecture at 81st ATA meeting 0 None
2011-11-01 PlusNews interviews Stop TB Director Mario Raviglione 0 None
2011-11-01 Companies focus on wellness programs to help bottom lines 0 5
2011-11-01 MSU to establish statewide Division of Geriatric Medicine 0 None
2011-11-01 Upcoming G20 Summit presents 'critical opportunity' to address food security crisis 0 None
2011-11-01 GPEI must 'take seriously' recommendations in Independent Monitoring Board report 0 None
2011-11-01 Commonwealth government leaders pledge millions of additional funds to fight polio 0 None
2011-11-01 Three centers to improve clinical preventive services and practices 0 None
2011-11-01 African health scientists need more support, funding to address shifting priorities, expert says 0 None
2011-11-01 First study to assess improvements in colorectal cancer detection through physician training 0 None
2011-11-01 Internet-based communication improves teenagers' use of topical acne therapy 0 None
2011-11-01 LA BioMed's lead investigator hopes to bring PAH awareness this November 0 None
2011-11-01 U.S. earns a 'C' on March of Dimes 2011 Premature Birth Report Card 0 None
2011-11-01 ACO rule revisions get nod from medical industry group 0 None
2011-11-01 AAN names 30 neurologists to attend Palatucci Advocacy Leadership Forum 0 None
2011-11-01 European Congress on Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis to be held March 21-24 0 None
2011-11-01 Study looks into how family doctors' own drinking habits affect their advice to patients 0 None
2011-11-01 Legislation introduced to offer some legal protection to providers who use electronic medical records 0 None
2011-11-01 Radiologists remain the primary users of POC ultrasound 0 None
2011-11-01 State roundup: Public employee benefit controversy; Calif. hospital woes; Mass. medical homes 0 None
2011-11-01 Loneliness breaks up a normal night's sleep 0 None
2011-11-01 Gates asks wealthy countries to continue foreign aid efforts in developing nations 0 None
2011-11-01 Potential transmission of HBV, HCV and HIV infections in nail salons and barbershops 0 None
2011-11-01 Even without depression, obesity raises health costs in Group Health study 0 None
2011-11-01 Viewpoints: Judd Gregg on revamping entitlements and taxes; John Breaux on slashing Medicare fraud; Medicaid limits on hospital stays 0 None


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