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Date Title Comments Rating
2007-12-28 USPTO orders re-examination of two patents included in the patent litigation between Illumina and Affymetrix 0 None
2007-12-20 New patent law has consequences for the pharmaceutical industry 0 None
2007-12-18 Sensory Analytics receives new coating measurement patent 0 None
2007-12-17 Barr sues Watson and Sandoz for Seasonale patent infringement 0 None
2007-12-13 Odyssey Thera granted U.S. patent for animal imaging 0 None
2007-12-12 Start Licensing strengthens position in cloning industry with new patents 0 None
2007-12-12 Oncolytics Biotech issued 25th U.S. patent 0 None
2007-12-10 Novo Nordisk settles patent infringement lawsuit against Pfizer 0 None
2007-12-03 Vaccinex receives new European patent for antibody discovery technology 0 None
2007-12-03 Signalife awarded new U.S. electrocardiography related patent 0 None
2007-12-02 AstraZeneca receives six months pediatric exclusivity patent extension for ARIMIDEX (anastrozole) 0 None
2007-11-29 Vermillion issued U.S. patent for method to aid diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome 0 None
2007-11-29 Cambridge Research and Instrumentation receives US patent for spectral imaging of deep tissue 0 None
2007-11-27 Oncolytics Biotech issued new U.S. patent - reovirus for the treatment of neoplasia 0 None
2007-11-27 Isotechnika granted Norwegian patent for lead immunosuppressive drug 0 None
2007-11-21 Barr Pharmaceuticals confirms patent challenge of Focalin XR 0 None
2007-11-21 Affiris GmbH granted a Europe-wide patent for key elements of its Alzheimer's vaccine 0 None
2007-11-19 Nanogen reissued patent for diagnosis of chronic congestive heart failure 0 None
2007-11-19 Morphotek issued new U.S patent for method to enhance the affinity of monoclonal antibodies 0 None
2007-11-14 Avicena receives U.S. patent for compounds to treat Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2007-11-14 Foamix issued cosmetic and pharmaceutical foam patent approvals 0 None
2007-11-13 CellCyte Genetics receives patent on stem cell delivery method 0 None
2007-11-06 Microcarrier patent to be auctioned 0 None
2007-11-05 Barr confirms patent challenge of Ritalin LA 0 None
2007-11-01 Boston Scientific announces verdict in Cordis patent case 0 None
2007-10-29 Nventa Biopharmaceuticals receives new U.S. patent 0 None
2007-10-29 Gene screen patent brings 2007 Deal of Distinction Award to UChicagoTech 0 None
2007-10-25 Sigma-Aldrich and Oxford BioMedica win key ruling in Open Biosystems patent case 0 None
2007-10-25 Illumina named as defendant in patent infringement suits 0 None
2007-10-24 Affymetrix files more patent infringements against Illumina in U.S. and Europe 0 None
2007-10-24 Mylan settles Paroxetine Hydrochloride patent license with GlaxoSmithKline 0 None
2007-10-22 New method of oral insulin delivery patented 1 5
2007-10-22 Microbix Biosystems granted U.S. patent for its influenza vaccine 0 None
2007-10-22 Adenoscan patent lawsuits settled 0 None
2007-10-19 Accelr8 announces patent allowance for rapid bacterial diagnostic method 0 None
2007-10-18 Health Discovery receives notice of allowance of U.S. patent application covering kernel selection methods 0 None
2007-10-17 CryoCath files patent infringement lawsuit 0 None
2007-10-17 AngioGenex files patent on first small molecule Id-inhibitors 0 None
2007-10-15 Barr Labs and Par Pharmaceutical settle Diazepam patent case with Valeant 0 None
2007-10-15 Alma Lasers responds to Lumenis patent claim 0 None
2007-10-12 Aida granted new anti-cancer patent 0 None
2007-10-10 Brookhaven microgrid allows simultaneous study of multiple variables 0 None
2007-10-04 Mylan settles Levetiracetam patent case 0 None
2007-09-27 Biodel issued U.S. patent for VIAject and VIAtab 0 None
2007-09-26 Barr Pharmaceutical's Seasonale patent re-issued 0 None
2007-09-25 New bioengineered antimicrobials help cystic fibrosis patients breathe easier 0 None
2007-09-25 Barr confirms UROXATRAL patent challenge 0 None
2007-09-25 BioNanomatrix issued new nanofluidics patent 0 None
2007-09-24 FAU receives patent for invention that induces and restores cardiac muscle function 0 None
2007-09-21 New patented invention induces and restores cardiac muscle function 0 None
2007-09-18 Helix BioPharma awarded U.S. patent for adjunct chemotherapy applications 0 None
2007-09-17 University patents and scientific discoveries 0 None
2007-09-13 Spectranetics to appeal decision in patent litigation 0 None
2007-09-13 Angiotech receives favourable patent decision from New Zealand 0 None
2007-09-05 Oncolytics Biotech issued new U.S. patent 0 None
2007-08-21 IBA agrees to pay $1.25 million to settle lawsuit alleging it infringed Optivus' patents 0 None
2007-08-17 New TLR9 agonists patent for Dynavax Technologies 0 None
2007-08-08 Oncolytics Biotech issued new U.S. patent 0 None
2007-08-07 India rejects Novartis' drug patent claim 0 None
2007-08-03 Cohera Medical awarded patent for innovative surgical adhesive 0 None
2007-08-03 Strategic alliances between firms yield more patents, innovation 0 None
2007-08-02 ARIUS announces allowance of US patent for lead anti-cancer antibody 0 None
2007-08-01 BioMedical Enterprises announces patent for implant controller technology 0 None
2007-08-01 Xenomics issued European patent for Transrenal Nucleic Acid Technology for Prenatal Diagnostics 0 None
2007-07-27 Ranbaxy and GSK agree to settle Valacyclovir U.S. patent case 0 None
2007-07-27 BioMedical Enterprises announces patent infringement lawsuit stay ordered 0 None
2007-07-27 Bavarian Nordic and Acambis settle disputes on modified vaccinia Ankara virus 0 None
2007-07-26 Court rules in favor of Sandoz on Toprol Xl patent 0 None
2007-07-26 Claim construction decision issued in Digene's patent case 0 None
2007-07-25 Barr confirms patent challenge of TEMODAR 0 None
2007-07-23 Koronis Pharmaceuticals issued U.S. patent for KP-1461 therapeutic in development for treatment of HIV 0 None
2007-07-23 Court dismisses Gen-Probe court action against Digene 0 None
2007-07-20 Ortho-McNeil settles patent cases against Par/Kali 0 None
2007-07-19 Jefferson scientist shares patent for DNA analysis 0 None
2007-07-18 Nastech Pharmaceutical Co. issued patents for parathyroid hormone nasal spray for treatment of osteoporosis 0 None
2007-07-18 Kemin files patent infringement against OmniActive 0 None
2007-07-17 Barr confirms Xopenex patent challenge 0 None
2007-07-13 Barr confirms patent challenge of Aggrenox 0 None
2007-07-12 Senomyx issued new U.S. patent for "T1R taste receptors and genes encoding same" 0 None
2007-07-12 Microchip Biotechnologies secures patent rights from Pathwork Diagnostics 0 None
2007-07-12 Global Med Technologies awarded new patent for transfusion software 0 None
2007-07-12 Bavarian Nordic granted new European patent on modified vaccinia virus Ankara 0 None
2007-07-11 Confronting myths and myopia on the road from Doha 0 None
2007-07-11 Signalife awarded new U.S. patent 0 None
2007-07-09 University Jaume I patents fluorescent sensor 0 None
2007-06-27 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejects Vitrolife patent claims 0 None
2007-06-27 Patent office ruling in favor of Neuralstem leads to stay of Stemcells Inc. lawsuit 0 None
2007-06-23 PhytoLabs granted U.S. patent for immuno-stimulatory dietary supplement 0 None
2007-06-23 Thermage sues Alma Lasers for patent infringement 0 None
2007-06-19 BSD Medical files patent for 'smart bomb' delivery of chemotherapy in breast tumors 0 None
2007-06-17 CryoLife awarded patent for BioFoam 0 5
2007-06-17 Biomoda files patent protection for lung cancer detection technology 0 None
2007-06-16 U.S. DOJ investigation of Bristol-Myers Squibb in Plavix patent settlement resolved 0 None
2007-06-03 BioGenex settles patent case with Ventana 0 None
2007-06-01 Senomyx issued new U.S. patent 0 None
2007-06-01 Ranbaxy successfully challenges Atorvastatin patents in Norway 0 None
2007-06-01 Oncolytics Biotech issued U.S. patent for viral purification 0 None
2007-06-01 Biomoda files additional patent protection for lung cancer detection technology 0 None
2007-06-01 Mylan wins Omeprazole patent litigation 0 1
2007-05-24 New patented method for transporting medicine across the blood-brain barrier 0 None
2007-05-18 Biomoda files for patent protection for porphyrin molecule 0 None
2007-05-18 AMDL receives Israeli patent for animal model for the evaluation of vaccines 0 None
2007-05-04 Important watershed in patent law 0 None
2007-05-02 U.S. Supreme Court decision boosts stem cell patent challenge 0 None
2007-05-01 VivoMetrics receives US patent for cough identification system 0 None
2007-05-01 Avicena files composition of matter patent application for treatment of Huntington's disease 0 None
2007-04-27 DuPont settles patent case with Bio-Rad Laboratories 0 None
2007-04-27 Avicena files composition of matter patent application for treatment of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2007-04-25 PDL BioPharma's European patent claims upheld 0 None
2007-04-25 Luminex Corporation licenses cystic fibrosis gene patent from John Hopkins 0 None
2007-04-24 Novadaq Technologies acquires fluorescence endoscopy patents from Xillix 0 None
2007-04-24 Avicena files composition of matter patent application for treatment of Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2007-04-17 Osprey Pharmaceuticals issued 3 U.S. patents 0 None
2007-04-12 Martek receives European patent 0 None
2007-04-11 Synergetics settles patent case 0 None
2007-04-10 Barr Pharmaceuticals receives Notice of Allowance for Seasonale patent 0 None
2007-04-09 Combination Lyme disease vaccine proteins patented 0 None
2007-04-04 Palomar Medical resolves patent issue with Alma Lasers 0 None
2007-03-28 Lifeblood Medical receives U.S. patent notice 0 None
2007-03-22 Microbix granted Canadian patent for vaccine technology 0 None
2007-03-15 Penwest confirms action on Oxymorphone patent application 0 None
2007-03-13 Court rules on remaining motions in IRIDEX patent case 0 None
2007-03-12 Synergetics USA updates shareholders on Iridex patent case 0 None
2007-03-11 European patent on stem cells may be a possibility 0 None
2007-03-08 Avicena issued U.S. creatine patent 0 None
2007-03-08 Archemix granted two European patents 0 None
2007-03-08 ARIUS Research granted two new U.S. patents for antibodies 0 None
2007-03-08 Novartis to continue Indian patent fight 0 None
2007-03-08 Bold proposal to restructure drug development patents 0 None
2007-03-05 QLT settles Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary patent lawsuit 0 None
2007-02-28 IntraLase settles patent litigation with Escalon Medical 0 None
2007-02-27 Court rules Synergetics product infringes IRIDEX patent 0 None
2007-02-27 Pfizer wins Norvasc patent challenge by Mylan 0 None
2007-02-27 SpectraScience granted European patent 0 None
2007-02-21 Spectranetics announces unfavorable jury verdict in a patent litigation dispute 0 None
2007-02-21 Clarient receives patent for "automated detection of objects in a biological sample" 0 None
2007-02-21 Provectus receives notice of allowance for acne product 0 None
2007-02-21 Synergetics provides update on Iridex patent case 0 None
2007-02-21 Genentech updates on Cabilly patent peexamination 0 None
2007-02-20 Expert questions validity of genetic testing patents 0 None
2007-02-13 New patented technology for next generation of DNA and RNA microarrays 0 None
2007-02-11 BrainLAB wins patent lawsuit 0 None
2007-02-11 QLT USA settles U.S. patent litigation 0 None
2007-02-08 End of an era for DNA patenting 0 None
2007-02-06 4SC granted U.S. patent for drug to treat rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2007-02-05 Odyssey Thera granted U.S. patents for protein-fragment complementation assays 0 None
2007-02-05 GlaxoSmithKline issues update on US patent litigation regarding Valtrex 0 3
2007-01-30 Novartis' day in court could leave millions without AIDS drugs 0 None
2007-01-30 Nventa Bio issued U.S patent for heat shock protein fusion to treat influenza 0 None
2007-01-30 Archus Orthopedics wins in patent opposition case 0 None
2007-01-30 Access Pharmaceuticals issued U.S. patent 0 None
2007-01-28 Thailand plans to break antiretroviral patents 0 None
2007-01-28 Favorable decision for Ranbaxy on Atorvastatin patent in Canada 0 None
2007-01-23 Nano Chemical Systems files patent for breakthrough new material 0 None
2007-01-22 Access Pharmaceuticals receives MuGard patent allowance 0 None
2007-01-22 Heska to sell allergy patents to Allergopharma 0 None
2007-01-22 Nanion continues opposition against Molecular Devices patent 0 None
2007-01-16 Acusphere issued US patent 0 None
2007-01-16 CogState issued US patent 0 None
2007-01-09 Ryogen licenses gene patent to Invitrogen 0 None
2007-01-09 MedImmune statement on MedImmune vs. Genentech Supreme Court decision 0 None
2007-01-08 VeriChip awarded U.S. patent for RFID asset tracking system 0 None
2007-01-03 NanoMed Pharmaceuticals issued new U.S. nanoparticle patent 0 4


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