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Date Title Comments Rating
2009-09-30 U.S. patent for Idaho Technology’s high resolution nucleic acid melting techniques 0 None
2009-09-30 Nutraceutix receives Chinese patent for probiotic and nutraceutical delivery technology 0 None
2009-09-30 Cordis Corporation, Boston Scientific enter agreement to resolve Palmaz infringement suit 0 None
2009-09-29 IP Advocate founder to speak on commercialization barriers faced by university faculty inventors 0 None
2009-09-29 U.S. PTO to reexamine the patents in Cellectis-Precision BioSciences litigation 0 None
2009-09-28 PolyMedix receives patent protection for computational methods in the design of amphiphilic polymers 0 None
2009-09-28 Illumina to defend Genome Analyzer System patent infringement suit 0 None
2009-09-26 Teva to market generic version of AstraZeneca's antipsychotic agent Seroquel tablets 0 None
2009-09-25 Alcon's patent infringement suit against Synergetics USA stayed 0 None
2009-09-24 Oxygen Biotherapeutics submits a patent application for its heart attack treatment device 0 1.5
2009-09-24 Patents listed in FDA's Orange Book for Eli Lilly’s Evista invalidated 0 None
2009-09-24 Aerocrine announces the positive outcome of its complaint against Medisoft in Germany 0 None
2009-09-24 Federal Court decides in favour of Cook and W. L. Gore & Associates in patent infringement case 0 None
2009-09-24 Court rules in favor of Eli Lilly for Evista's method-of-use patents 0 None
2009-09-24 E-18 Corp. enters dental syringe market, completes US patent filing for the Protectus Safety Dental Syringe 0 None
2009-09-23 NeuroTherm receives US patent for RF generator 0 5
2009-09-23 Niti Surgical Solutions receives patent certificates for Hand CAC 30 and CAR 31 in Japan and China 0 None
2009-09-22 Advaxis' patent approval enables the development of new vaccines with additional properties 0 None
2009-09-22 FDA approves Cordis Corporation's 2.25 mm CYPHER Stent 0 None
2009-09-21 VeriChip granted exclusive license to virus triage detection system patents 0 None
2009-09-21 Perrigo purchases KV Pharmaceutical's ANDA for clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel 0 None
2009-09-21 Impax Laboratories challenges Galderma Laboratories' patents 0 None
2009-09-21 Cardinal Health patents disposable Nitrile gloves 0 5
2009-09-19 Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals receives U.S. patent for RX-10045 0 None
2009-09-18 JPO to grant patent from the Tuschl III patent series 0 None
2009-09-18 Notice of Allowance issued by PTO for OSI's EGFR drug 0 None
2009-09-18 New patent grant for oligonucleotide modulators of blood coagulation factor aptamers 0 2.5
2009-09-18 Karo Bio receives US patent for its thyroid hormone receptor platform 0 None
2009-09-17 USPTO issues a Notice of Allowance for Milestone's drug delivery system patent application 0 None
2009-09-17 Medtronic settles patent lawsuit against W.L. Gore & Associates 0 None
2009-09-17 Urovalve files patent for new universal catheter-inserter 0 None
2009-09-17 Seegene awarded patent in the U.S. and Europe for Annealing Control Primer 0 None
2009-09-17 Educational events for physicians who diagnose and treat prostate cancer 0 None
2009-09-16 GENova in advanced negotiations to acquire patents from TheraGlass 0 None
2009-09-16 Roche's peg-EPO product Mircera infringes Amgen patents 0 None
2009-09-16 AMRI files two new patent infringement lawsuits 0 None
2009-09-16 USPTO grants a provisional patent to INVENT Pharmaceuticals' Alzheimer’s drug 0 None
2009-09-15 Genova gains access to Big Pharma's distribution channels 0 None
2009-09-15 American Scientific Resources acquires Safeguard Medical's home needle destruction device patent 1 5
2009-09-14 Four additional patents increase SPO Medical's intellectual property portfolio to eight patents 0 None
2009-09-14 ALR Technologies receives patent application approval for its Health-E-Connect communications system 0 5
2009-09-14 Sunlight Research's report analyzes Amgen EPO US patent portfolio 0 None
2009-09-14 GENova to file for Prostaganin patents in the US and in Europe 0 None
2009-09-11 USPTO allows Isis an additional patent for single-stranded RNAi technology 0 None
2009-09-11 USPTO recognizes RZN Nutraceuticals' HerbaZorb as a patentable delivery system 0 None
2009-09-11 Martek Biosciences resolves patent dispute with Capsugel France 0 None
2009-09-11 GENova Biotherapeutics to obtain three new drug target patents 0 None
2009-09-10 CytRx granted patent for molecular chaperone amplifier drug candidate 0 None
2009-09-10 GENova Biotherapeutics files patent to combat breast cancer 1 3
2009-09-10 EPO issues grant for a patent in Kreutzer-Limmer III patent series 0 None
2009-09-10 KFx Medical receives patent for its surgical knotless tissue fixation techniques 0 None
2009-09-10 U.S patent for Tryton Side Branch Stent System 0 None
2009-09-10 Hanson Technologies receives patent for its UltraRapid technology 0 None
2009-09-09 aTyr Pharma expands intellectual property portfolio, receives its fifteenth patent 0 1
2009-09-09 Neuralstem's patent on neural stem cell transplantation approved 0 1
2009-09-09 Patent infringement lawsuit regarding DHA in functional foods ruled in favor of Martek 0 1
2009-09-09 GENova Biotherapeutics files patent for Prostaganin anti-cancer drug 0 3
2009-09-08 Stemedica files patent application for diabetic retinopathy treatment 0 2.5
2009-09-03 Validity of Unigene’s patent on Fortical confirmed by the court 0 1
2009-09-02 Arrayit receives patent certification from China 0 1
2009-09-02 Patents for treatment for obesity acquired by Madrona Ventures, to start clinical trials soon 0 4.2
2009-09-02 LifeVantage granted third patent for Protandim 0 3.1
2009-09-02 New patented cactus-based cigarettes launched by China Kangtai Cactus Biotech 0 3.8
2009-09-01 Oncolytics Biotech obtains 32nd U.S. Patent grant 0 1


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