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Date Title Comments Rating
2010-09-30 BSD receives patent for heat therapy applicators 0 None
2010-09-29 NEUROKIN accentuates its leadership in the treatment of acute neurological diseases 0 None
2010-09-29 National Jewish Health's liposome-based vaccine receives US patent 0 None
2010-09-29 Generex Biotechnology receives new patent for buccal drug delivery system 0 None
2010-09-28 Oncolytics Biotech receives patent for modified reovirus variant 0 None
2010-09-28 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance for INSORB Skin Closure technology 0 None
2010-09-28 HealthWyse secures patent for Remote Personnel Tracking program to prevent Medicare fraud 0 None
2010-09-28 Japanese Patent Office issues patent for ZIOPHARM Oncology's darinaparsin 0 None
2010-09-24 Perrigo files NDA with FDA for generic Zegerid OTC 0 None
2010-09-22 Teva asserts infringement of 4 COPAXONE-related patents by Mylan, files complaint in U.S. District Court 0 None
2010-09-21 Five Prime Therapeutics receives patent for lead oncology product 0 None
2010-09-21 Celera receives patent on KIF6 gene variant 0 None
2010-09-21 ConfiDisc Syringe Injection System granted U.S. patent 0 None
2010-09-21 Talecris Biotherapeutics announces 2010 eALTA award recipients 0 None
2010-09-21 ABL receives new patent for TherapyEdge and ViroScore technology 0 None
2010-09-20 Harbor BioSciences granted US patent for Triolex metabolic disease and anti-inflammation drug candidate 0 None
2010-09-20 Stereotaxis receives 100th patent for interventional medicine 0 None
2010-09-18 HemCon to appeal permanent injunction on Marine Polymer patent 0 None
2010-09-17 Shrink Nanotechnologies files patent for CellAlign tissue engineering technology 0 None
2010-09-17 China-Biotics files two new patent applications 0 None
2010-09-16 Amedica Corporation receives patents for total disc replacement technology 0 None
2010-09-15 Quick-Med receives patent for MultiStat technology to treat Rosacea 0 None
2010-09-15 ACT receives patent for RPE cells to treat retinal degeneration 0 None
2010-09-15 AMS receives favorable ruling in Davenport infringement lawsuit 0 None
2010-09-14 Metabolon receives patent for metabolic age analysis 0 None
2010-09-14 COPAN awarded Japanese patent for invention of flocked swabs 0 None
2010-09-14 Momenta Pharmaceuticals receives patent for enoxaparin 0 None
2010-09-13 Genomas awarded method patent for PhyzioGenomics Technology 0 None
2010-09-13 Amorcyte receives patent for chemotactic hematopoietic stem cell product 0 None
2010-09-13 Preliminary injunction against CellzDirect, Invitrogen, and Life Technologies for Liverpool patent infringement 0 None
2010-09-10 Medizone International files patent application for AsepticSure system 1 None
2010-09-10 Meditrina licensor AstraZeneca granted US allowance of patent for endometriosis treatment 0 1
2010-09-10 USPTO issues patent for Advaxis’ live Listeria HER2/neu immunotherapy 0 5
2010-09-09 NovaSterilis issued US patent 0 None
2010-09-09 Federal appeals court declines to reconsider 'pay-for-delay' on generic drugs 0 5
2010-09-09 Advaxis receives USPTO patent for Listeria vaccine 0 None
2010-09-09 Helicos accuses PacBio of patent infringement, files lawsuit 0 None
2010-09-08 Quick-Med expands and strengthens NIMBUS technology intellectual property 0 5
2010-09-08 USPTO awards Medicis new patent for SOLODYN Extended Release Tablets 0 None
2010-09-08 Silence Therapeutics receives two patents for RNA interference therapeutics 0 None
2010-09-08 K-State University receives patent for procedures to source stem cells from umbilical cord 0 None
2010-09-08 DiaTech Oncology files patent for Drug Discovery to validate cancer treatment 0 4.5
2010-09-08 BioAlliance Pharma receives European patent for acyclovir Lauriad tablets for recurrent herpes labialis 0 None
2010-09-07 Estee Lauder subsidiary and OXIS resolve mitochondria patent dispute 0 None
2010-09-07 Precision receives stay for patent infringement litigation by Cellectis 0 None
2010-09-02 Lilly's Evista method patents upheld through March of 2014 0 None
2010-09-02 Amedica Corporation receives patent for knee implant prosthesis with monoblock ceramic tibial component 0 None


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