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2012-01-31 Leatt sues Atlas for infringement on two neck brace patents 0 None
2012-01-31 Proteus receives U.S. patent entitled, 'Body Associated Receiver and Method' 0 None
2012-01-30 Alnylam receives U.S. patent allowance for LNP platform 0 None
2012-01-30 USPTO allows Precision's claims relating to methods of cleaving DNA 0 None
2012-01-25 Oramed receives Australian patent for core technology in oral delivery of peptides 0 None
2012-01-25 Sofie to receive U.S. patent for novel PET probes 0 None
2012-01-24 CAFC to rehear en banc HemCon's patent infringement appeal 0 None
2012-01-24 U.S. District Court rules in favor of Boston Scientific in PROMUS patent infringement case 0 None
2012-01-24 Perrigo files ANDA and confirms Astepro Nasal Spray patent challenge 0 None
2012-01-20 ARCA biopharma receives method patent for treatment with bucindolol based on genetic targeting 0 None
2012-01-19 USPTO issues new patent to PBL's RNAi technology 0 None
2012-01-18 Ampio announces two new European patents for Zertane combination therapy 0 None
2012-01-18 USPTO issues patent to SANUWAVE's new method that produces acoustic shock waves 0 None
2012-01-18 Alnylam sues Tekmira over LNP-formulated siRNA molecules 0 None
2012-01-13 ISU receives U.S. patent for phytol-derived adjuvant 0 None
2012-01-12 Amarantus receives U.S. patent titled, 'Dopaminergic Neuronal Survival-Promoting Factors and Uses Thereof' 0 None
2012-01-11 USPTO issues patent to Unigene's peptide-based therapeutics for obesity 0 None
2012-01-11 Saladax increases claims in immunoassay space to 15 patents 0 None
2012-01-11 Oramed files provisional patent application with USPTO for combination diabetes therapy 0 None
2012-01-11 Third-party to prepare FDA submittals for NanoLogix 0 None
2012-01-09 USPTO issues patent to Lixte's lead compounds for treatment of neurological diseases 0 None
2012-01-09 Mylan confirms Actoplus Met XR patent challenge 0 None
2012-01-07 New U.S. patent covers key element of Xencor's Xtend half-life prolongation technology 0 None
2012-01-07 USPTO issues patent to Tris Pharma's OralXR+ platform 0 None
2012-01-07 Mazor Robotics receives European patent titled, 'Miniature Bone-mounted Surgical Robot' 0 None
2012-01-07 SANUWAVE receives U.S. patent titled, 'Device for the Application of Acoustic Shock Waves' 0 None
2012-01-06 UCSF appeals USPTO panel judgment in favor of InSite Vision 0 None
2012-01-05 Arcion receives U.S. patent allowance for ARC-2022 to treat PHN 0 None
2012-01-04 NovaSterilis awarded soft tissue processing patent 0 None
2012-01-04 J&J will not join Medicines Patent Pool; Company's pharma head says mechanism could 'cause disaster' 0 None
2012-01-04 USPTO issues patent to NJIT's unique device for treatment of brain injury 0 None
2012-01-03 Regeneron, Genentech enter non-exclusive license and partial settlement agreement for EYLEA 0 None


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