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2012-06-28 Humanetics receives U.S. patent for NIC5-15 to treat Alzheimer's 1 1
2012-06-28 Nevro receives two key U.S. patents for Senza High-Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation System 0 None
2012-06-26 Pfizer, Wyeth and PF Prism file suit against Watson over generic Pristiq 0 None
2012-06-25 Thomson Reuters unveils new regulatory intelligence solution at DIA 2012 0 None
2012-06-23 U.S. District Court rules in favor of Teva in COPAXONE patent infringement case 1 None
2012-06-19 DSM XD high cell density process technology granted patents in several countries 0 None
2012-06-19 New patent filed for VAC-3S, an immunotherapy for treating HIV infections 0 None
2012-06-19 iBio expands iBioModulator portfolio with allowance of patent for anthrax vaccines 0 None
2012-06-19 US Court of Appeals confirms District Court decision in Watson's Sanctura XR patent suit 0 None
2012-06-18 Illumina's new patent infringement suit targets Complete Genomics' cPal read technology 0 None
2012-06-16 iPS Academia Japan, Life Technologies partner for induced pluripotent stem cell patent portfolio 0 None
2012-06-15 CardioFocus, CryoLife resolve outstanding patent dispute 0 None
2012-06-15 Sanovas receives U.S. patent allowance for microsurgical lung cancer technology 0 None
2012-06-14 USPTO issues patent to Aeris’ cross-linked polymers for treatment of emphysema 0 None
2012-06-13 Patient Safety files lawsuit against ClearCount over SmartSponge systems 0 None
2012-06-13 Compounds related to curcumin receive U.S. patent 0 None
2012-06-13 USPTO issues patent to Ivera Medical’s Curos disinfecting port protector technology 0 None
2012-06-12 MVP receives European patent for PEG conjugates of interferon-beta-1b to treat MS 0 None
2012-06-11 Fate Therapeutics, BD Biosciences introduce first collaborative iPSC-related product 0 None
2012-06-11 Acacia subsidiary announces acquisition of 7 medtech patent portfolios 0 None
2012-06-08 Mylan, Teva resolve generic Provigil litigation 0 None
2012-06-08 Ivera Medical denies all patent infringement claims made by Catheter Connections 0 None
2012-06-06 BioLineRx receives two U.S. patent allowances for BL-1021 to treat neuropathic pain 0 None
2012-06-02 Pisgah receives USPTO Notice of Allowance for drug abuse solution 0 None
2012-06-01 KYTHERA receives U.S. patent allowance for ATX-101 0 4


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