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2005-04-27 Moderate hypothermia is a safe treatment following traumatic brain injury in children 0 None
2005-04-26 Bypass surgery does not carry long term neurological effects 0 None
2005-04-25 Increased risk associated with combining carotid artery, coronary artery surgeries 0 None
2005-04-25 Evidence suggests bypass surgery free of long-term brain effects 0 None
2005-04-23 Patient with rare liver condition second ever to survive liver transplant after pregnancy 0 None
2005-04-23 Ensuring patient safety at fertility clinics 0 None
2005-04-23 A beautiful exterior bolsters your self-esteem and thereby helps keep you healthy 0 None
2005-04-22 Rare surgery performed to remove pancreas, prevent diabetes and ease pain of chronic pancreatitis 0 None
2005-04-21 “Virtual Colonoscopy” effective in finding most polyps but may miss small ones 0 None
2005-04-19 Number and quality of kidney transplants much greater if national matching program adopted 0 None
2005-04-19 World's first recipient of insulin-producing cells from a living donor 0 None
2005-04-19 Surgery for children with sleep apnea improves quality of life 0 None
2005-04-19 Long term outcomes for children who undergo ear tube placement surgery 0 None
2005-04-19 Gastric bypass patients fare better as surgical procedures increase 0 None
2005-04-19 Laser refractive surgery is a safe, effective way to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism 0 None
2005-04-19 Plastic surgeons caution against unknown dangers of mesotherapy 0 5
2005-04-12 Getting coronary bypass patients back on their feet sooner 0 None
2005-04-10 No link between silicone implants and systemic disease 0 None
2005-04-07 New technology and treatments for heart and lung patients drive revisions 0 None
2005-04-06 Kidney transplant can reverse systolic heart failure 0 None
2005-04-05 Weight loss surgery is the most effective treatment available for obesity say experts 0 None
2005-04-04 Operation yields best results for severe obesity 0 None


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