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2007-11-27 Endocrine Society urges Congress to protect patient access to dual X-ray absorptiometry 0 None
2007-11-27 What's needed to protect the heart during such operations? 0 None
2007-11-27 Gastric bypass complications 0 None
2007-11-20 Rushing to remove a child's tonsils not such a great idea 0 2
2007-11-20 X-stop procedure helps relieve pain as a result of spinal stenosis 0 3
2007-11-20 Tonsillectomy may increase costs without benefits in some children 0 None
2007-11-20 Treating facial fractures in war zones 0 None
2007-11-19 Collaboration between medical specialties benefits patients 0 None
2007-11-19 NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell opens new section of general surgery called Gastrointestinal Metabolic Surgery 0 None
2007-11-19 British surgeons condemn cheap 'holiday cosmetic surgery' 0 None
2007-11-15 Risks of cosmetic surgery under the spotlight again 3 2.7
2007-11-13 Improved surgery technique for endothelial disease of the cornea 0 None
2007-11-06 CPR guidelines double hospital discharge rates 0 None
2007-11-06 New comorbidity index helps predict post-transplant survival 0 None
2007-11-06 Revolutionary surgical procedure for a type of decapitation 0 None
2007-11-05 First systemic therapy for fatal childhood disease - recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa 0 None
2007-11-02 Token resuscitation attempts on hopelessly ill patients prolong suffering 0 None
2007-11-01 Threshold for colectomy may be too high, warn experts 0 None
2007-11-01 Consultation on the protection of patients and volunteers undergoing MRI examinations 0 None


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