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2008-01-30 Heart transplant standards set too low 0 None
2008-01-25 Arthritic knees remain painful after arthroscopic surgery 0 None
2008-01-23 Researcher transplants stem cells to try to save patients' legs 0 None
2008-01-22 Infections at incision site more common than expected following breast procedures 0 None
2008-01-22 Pennsylvania Hospital bariatric surgery program receives Center of Excellence designation 0 None
2008-01-22 Dividing lip zones to be injected for augmentation may help increase patient satisfaction 0 None
2008-01-21 Surgeons remove 11-pound desmoid tumor, transplant bowel back into patient 0 5
2008-01-21 Circumcision across the U.S. 0 None
2008-01-16 Reducing barriers for implementation of bystander-initiated cardiopulmonary resuscitation 0 None
2008-01-15 Bystander CPR - new efforts to improve quality 0 None
2008-01-14 British Prime Minister in favour of presumed consent for organ transplants 0 None
2008-01-10 Radical and partial nephrectomy for kidney cancers 0 None
2008-01-10 Intensity modulated radiation therapy 0 None
2008-01-10 Immunotherapy - How does immunotherapy work? When is immunotherapy helpful? 0 1
2008-01-08 Colonoscopy fears overcome when patients support patients 0 None
2008-01-07 UK cosmetic surgery clinics cannot be trusted say experts 0 None
2008-01-02 Tonsillectomies to treat chronic and recurrent tonsillitis 0 None
2008-01-02 BIDMC surgeons to be tested on laparoscopic motor skills 0 None


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