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2005-05-31 Environment factors can interact with genetics to increase disease risk 0 None
2005-05-31 Long-haul flights, length of time under anesthesia increase risk of developing blood clots 0 None
2005-05-31 Is there a link between cell phones and brain tumors? 0 None
2005-05-31 New approach to inhibiting blood vessel growth or angiogenesis 0 None
2005-05-31 Those old crooners were right, love really can make you crazy 0 None
2005-05-30 Blood abnormality, sickle cell trait, gives added protection to children from malaria 1 None
2005-05-30 Exposure to pharmaceutical estrogen during fetal development can permanently "reprogram" tissue in a way that determines whether tumors will develop in adulthood 0 None
2005-05-30 New gene shows way for autoimmune disease 0 None
2005-05-30 Latest patterns of medication use in the U.S. 0 None
2005-05-30 Research will benefit inhaler-users 0 None
2005-05-30 New finding in studying dopamine transporter 0 None
2005-05-30 Chemicals in food packaging linked to breast cancer 0 None
2005-05-29 Fizzy drinks are the main source of calories in the U.S. 0 None
2005-05-29 Whole-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography scans may help physicians identify malignant cancerous tumors 0 None
2005-05-29 Adolescent depression can be as high as 20 percent 0 None
2005-05-29 Discovery may lead to therapies to treat the neurological disease 0 None
2005-05-29 A new technique might allow women diagnosed with cancer the opportunity to have children when chemotherapy and radiation treatments rob them of their fertility 0 None
2005-05-26 One in five patients hospitalized for heart attack experiences a major depression 0 None
2005-05-26 How the human brain can learn without thinking 0 None
2005-05-26 Long-lasting depression more common among blacks and Mexican American 0 None
2005-05-26 Is winter flu worse because of exercise-induced 'window of susceptibility'? 0 None
2005-05-26 U.S. House of Representatives approve two bills on stem-cell research 0 None
2005-05-26 'Bad' metabolism cloggs up arteries 0 None
2005-05-26 Researchers discover way to reduce plaque deposits on the brain that could slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-05-26 Direct link between inefficient metabolism and atherosclerosis 0 None
2005-05-26 Increase in heart surgery mortality from SSRIs or depression? 0 None
2005-05-26 Research provides roadmap for the development of human therapies for cytomegalovirus (CMV) 0 None
2005-05-26 Tobacco use persists after liver transplant for alcoholic liver disease 0 None
2005-05-26 HIPAA privacy rule makes it harder, costlier to do research that improves the quality of medical care 0 None
2005-05-26 Researchers pinpoint circuit in the brain responsible for encoding decision-making 0 None
2005-05-26 Most serious side effects in statins may be higher in one of the newest drugs, rosuvastatin (Crestor) 0 2.9
2005-05-26 'Brown fat cells' hold clues for possible obesity treatments 0 None
2005-05-26 Researchers have succeeded in mapping the unique patterns of neural activity produced by a wide range of odors 0 4
2005-05-26 Protein, called "eed," crucial to the regulation of genes in embryonic stem cells 0 None
2005-05-26 Breathing disorders during sleep are common among asthmatics 0 None
2005-05-26 Familiar songs act as strong memory cues 0 None
2005-05-26 Patients with metabolic syndrome and moderate calcium levels in the coronary arteries have greater chance of blocked arteries 0 None
2005-05-26 Comprehension of metaphors down to brain region called angular gyrus 0 5
2005-05-25 Statin drugs prescribed for heart disease also reduce the risk of colon cancer 0 None
2005-05-25 Protein TRPA1 essential for hearing also vital for pain perception 0 None
2005-05-25 Everything may shrink as you get older but your bladder says the same 0 None
2005-05-24 Team IDs mechanism for multiplying adult stem cells 0 None
2005-05-24 Scots confused about emergency services 0 None
2005-05-24 No link found between hair dyes and cancers 0 None
2005-05-24 Researchers discover genetic trigger that plays a key role in cancer of the oesophagus 0 None
2005-05-24 Medical Research Council funds research to look at cannabis based medicines in multiple sclerosis treatment 0 None
2005-05-24 Breastfeeding is as good for children's blood pressure as exercise and dietary salt restriction 0 None
2005-05-24 A diet rich in milk does not increase the risk of heart disease and stroke 0 None
2005-05-23 New research suggests college students who regularly get drunk have a higher risk of injuries 0 None
2005-05-23 The National Infertility Association joins infertility groups to Support Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act 0 None
2005-05-23 University of Pittsburgh psychiatrist urges more rigor in clinical research and careful wording when reporting results 0 None
2005-05-23 Activation of thermoreceptors mediates raw garlic's burning pungency 0 None
2005-05-23 International Committee of Medical Journal Editors updates requirements for clinical trials registry 0 None
2005-05-23 Metabolic syndrome prevalent in heart attack patients 0 None
2005-05-23 Anti-inflammatory protein annexin 1 may protect patients from the detrimental effects of severe inflammatory response syndrome 0 None
2005-05-23 Obesity appears to increase the risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2005-05-23 Sarcasm the lowest form of wit demands the highest functions of the brain 0 5
2005-05-23 Incretin hormones, a new wave of promising diabetes research 0 None
2005-05-23 Bone loss reduced by blocking body's cannabis-like substances 0 None
2005-05-23 Findings demonstrate that abnormal expression of the BCL6 gene causes lymphoma 0 None
2005-05-23 Mental health literacy in rural areas could reduce homophobia-linked suicides 0 None
2005-05-23 Major step forward in stem cell research 0 None
2005-05-23 Investigational device-based therapies will lead to entirely new treatment options for chronic depression sufferers 0 None
2005-05-23 Long-term outcomes studied for stem cell transplant recipients 0 None
2005-05-23 Israeli psychologists draw conclusions from how brain-damaged people comprehend sarcasm - or not 0 None
2005-05-22 Hydroxycitric acid delays intestinal glucose absorption - indirect insulin/sugar effect could point to therapeutic effect 0 3
2005-05-22 Commonly prescribed incontinence drug may help control symptoms of overactive bladder 0 None
2005-05-22 Researchers have isolated two biomarkers for interstitial cystitis (IC) 0 None
2005-05-22 New insight into the machinery cells use to internalize cell surface receptors 0 None
2005-05-22 Discovery may lead to new drugs to treat cancer, control fertility 0 None
2005-05-22 Sunshine makes you feel good and may also help fight cancers 0 None
2005-05-20 Novel way of administering an anti-cancer drug to bone-marrow transplant patients using continuous infusion 0 None
2005-05-20 Crucial to develop set of protections for women who donate eggs to stem cell research 0 None
2005-05-20 Researchers generate patient-specific stem cells 0 None
2005-05-20 Judges perceive child witnesses as being more honest than adults when testifying in court 0 None
2005-05-20 Nurture as important as nature in developing ability for flexible self-control 0 None
2005-05-20 So you thought that smell was cheese! 0 None
2005-05-20 Researchers find first gene for inherited testicular cancer in mice 0 None
2005-05-20 Extolling the safety of childhood vaccinations may only serve to strengthen the positions of those philosophically opposed to them 0 None
2005-05-20 New MRI techniques may help patients avoid knee surgery 0 None
2005-05-20 Cetuximab (Erbitux) can battle cancer and prolong life in many patients with advanced colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-05-20 Basic brain mechanism that causes drug-seeking behavior 0 None
2005-05-20 Disease progression model of pancreatic cancer developed 0 None
2005-05-20 Bacteria in plaque may increase risk for heart attacks 0 None
2005-05-20 Narcotic medications can safely and effectively ease severe, chronic pain in older people 0 None
2005-05-18 Impact of oral contraceptives not immediately reversible after discontinuation 0 None
2005-05-18 Nutritional composition of a mother’s breast milk may depend not just on her diet - but on her genes 0 None
2005-05-18 Australia to establish a national clinical trials register 0 None
2005-05-18 Researchers prevent post-traumatic brain damage using experimental drug 0 None
2005-05-18 Radioimmunotherapy streamlines non-Hodgkin's lymphoma treatment 0 None
2005-05-18 Nutrition gene key in regulating immune system 0 None
2005-05-18 Unrestrained retina too much of a good thing 0 None
2005-05-17 Chronic stress can be harmful - to your health and also to your brain 0 None
2005-05-17 Jefferson researcher’s results show promise for metastatic eye melanoma 0 None
2005-05-17 Smoking may have a devastating effect on gastrointestinal health 0 None
2005-05-17 Scientists have uncovered a new method the immune system uses to label foreign invaders as targets to be attacked 0 None
2005-05-17 Pills made from the plant kudzu may help binge drinkers lose the urge 0 None
2005-05-17 Lower doses of chemo just as effective in childhood cancers 0 None
2005-05-17 More research needed into access to emergency contraception 0 None
2005-05-17 No serious health risk for commuters on London's Underground 0 None
2005-05-17 Rifaximin is effective in preventing attacks of diarrhea 0 None
2005-05-17 Routinely reformatting computed tomography (CT) scans to view organs from several different directions may help radiologists improve diagnosis 0 None
2005-05-17 Chronic exposure to noise and carbon monoxide in the workplace induces hearing loss 0 None
2005-05-17 Researchers create the first mouse model that develops a lymphoma the same way that humans do 0 None
2005-05-17 Engineers have found a way to modify a plastic to anchor molecules that promote nerve regeneration, blood vessel growth or other biological processes 0 None
2005-05-17 SU11248 drug show promise against neuroendocrine tumors-stubborn cancers that respond poorly to chemotherapy 0 3
2005-05-17 Patients with suspicious axillary lymph nodes in their breasts should first undergo ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration to avoid unnecessary surgery 0 None
2005-05-17 MDCT overtakes ventilation-perfusion lung scan for diagnosing pulmonary embolism 0 None
2005-05-16 Antibody combined with cancer drug shows promise against breast tumors 0 None
2005-05-16 Drugs that block the enzyme Odc prevent the onset of cancers 0 None
2005-05-16 Statin chemoprevention with minimal surveillance could prevent 96 percent of colon cancers 0 None
2005-05-16 Scientists discover how excess body fat can lead to the onset of diabetes 0 None
2005-05-16 St. John's Wort only minimally effective in relieving major depression 0 None
2005-05-16 Bevacizumab (Avastin) combined with low-dose chemotherapy slows ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-05-16 More health benefits from green tea 0 None
2005-05-16 Exaggerated blood pressure reaction to mental stress predicts cardiovascular risk 0 None
2005-05-16 Physical fitness and regular exercise reduces a major predictor of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2005-05-16 Hour of day and time of year has significant impact on blood pressure levels 0 None
2005-05-16 Significant non-coronary findings found during heart CT scans point to importance of trained radiologists 0 None
2005-05-16 Use of CT angiograms (CTAs) may be too high 0 None
2005-05-16 Accuracy of CT colonography is excellent in comparison with conventional colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening 0 None
2005-05-16 Colon cancer patients who took aspirin regularly fared better after surgery 0 None
2005-05-16 Botox injections decrease drooling in children with neurologic impairments 0 None
2005-05-15 Molecule found in liver cells could explain a lot about the relationship between diet, lipid levels in blood, and atherosclerosis 0 None
2005-05-15 75,000 children end up in hospital emergency rooms due to trampoline injuries 0 None
2005-05-15 Walking can cut craving for a cigarette 0 None
2005-05-15 Anti-nicotine vaccine to help smokers is promising 0 None
2005-05-15 Unsuspected protein CD147, regulates the production of plaque-forming peptides that are the defining feature of Alzheimer's 0 None
2005-05-15 Rearing sea sponges that contain substances of interest to the pharmaceutical industry 0 None
2005-05-15 Gum disease patients ignore dentist advice 0 None
2005-05-15 High nighttime blood pressure linked to increased blood sugar levels 0 None
2005-05-15 Discovery of new genes involved in the development of cancer 0 None
2005-05-15 Older people appear better able than younger people to pick their battles 0 None
2005-05-15 Researchers to explore genome of disease-fighting fungus 0 None
2005-05-15 Research findings help predict risk of blood clots in women receiving tamoxifen therapy for breast cancer 0 None
2005-05-15 Black cohosh does not reduce hot flashes in women 0 None
2005-05-15 Drug trio increases survival rate in head and neck cancers 0 None
2005-05-15 Counting number of endothelial cells in blood may predict cancer treatment's effectiveness 0 None
2005-05-15 Herceptin could be used safely for bladder cancer 0 None
2005-05-12 Miserable mumps makes a comeback 0 None
2005-05-12 No link between MMR jab and Crohn's disease 0 None
2005-05-11 Commonly used drugs raise the risk of cardiac problems 0 None
2005-05-11 Researchers identify mechanism which increases lung inflammation, making Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) more severe 0 None
2005-05-11 Research reveals atomic structure of angiopoietin-2, a key protein involved in the neo-vascularization of solid tumors 0 4
2005-05-11 Insulin - possible vaccine against type 1 diabetes 0 None
2005-05-11 New predictor for blood transplant success 0 None
2005-05-11 Increased risk of sudden cardiac death from some non-cardiac drugs 0 None
2005-05-11 Discovery may pave way for immunotherapies for prostate cancer 0 None
2005-05-11 Aspirin aids recovery following heart bypass surgery 0 None
2005-05-10 Sleeping pills and soda don't mix 0 None
2005-05-10 Discovery reveals how stem cells can be used to help repair acute spinal cord damage 0 None
2005-05-10 Vaccine against Alzheimer's disease may still be on the cards 0 None
2005-05-10 Call for action on static Australian breastfeeding rates 0 None
2005-05-10 Discovery of a fundamental new route into cells may lead to new methods of drug delivery 0 None
2005-05-10 Research offers new molecular approaches to therapies for the most deadly cancers 0 None
2005-05-10 Polypill improves survival rates for heart disease sufferers 1 3
2005-05-10 A new approach to prevent cancer 0 None
2005-05-10 Obesity appears to worsen and possibly cause asthma 0 None
2005-05-10 Cataract treatment in the blink of an eye 0 None
2005-05-10 Research proves the dangers of salt 0 None
2005-05-10 Help needed for chronic care 0 None
2005-05-10 Creative thinking: try lying down 0 None
2005-05-09 Green laser pointers can cause visible harm to the eye's retina 0 5
2005-05-09 Scientists inhibit tumor formation 0 None
2005-05-09 Cocaine use increases the risk of coronary aneurysms 0 None
2005-05-09 Many lives may be saved by new blood test for ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-05-09 Gesturing while you talk linked to better speaking 0 None
2005-05-09 New fat is needed to clear old fat from the system 1 None
2005-05-09 'Wee dram' is good for you! 0 None
2005-05-09 "Among middle-aged African-Americans, there's this huge fear of falling" 0 None
2005-05-09 Metabolic syndrome costing four times that for all other patients 0 None
2005-05-09 "Anxiety Gene" linked to depression, makes the body out of tune 0 None
2005-05-08 Persistent use of ecstasy leads to a loss of everyday memory 0 None
2005-05-08 Researchers identify new areas of gene regulation 0 None
2005-05-08 Simple and efficient method for creation of novel protein functions in an existing protein scaffold 0 None
2005-05-08 Researchers develop promising new gene network analysis method 0 None
2005-05-08 Promising new molecular targets and treatment approaches for some of the most malignant brain tumors 0 None
2005-05-08 Nutritious cranberries good for the heart as well 0 None
2005-05-05 Chronic kidney disease linked to a single gene mutation 0 None
2005-05-05 Stem-cell breakthrough gives new hope for IVF treatments 1 None
2005-05-05 Scientists take aim at virulent bacteria by decoding machinery of key control enzyme 0 None
2005-05-05 Research is first to test effectiveness of a new patch for treating ADHD 0 None
2005-05-05 Tollbooth ventilation system effective in protecting workers from traffic air pollution 0 None
2005-05-05 Drug safety in the doctor’s office - nearly half of patients have lapses in monitoring 0 None
2005-05-05 Cranberries good for the heart 0 None
2005-05-05 Serious concerns about the use of morphine in heart patients 2 5
2005-05-05 Does clinical depression bring about chronic pain? Or does pain lead to depression? 0 None
2005-05-04 RADAR may have already saved hundreds of thousands of lives 0 None
2005-05-04 Penn researchers demonstrate that a metabolic enzyme works through the tumor-suppressor protein p53 to control cellular replication 0 None
2005-05-04 Different consultants mean different lengths of stay in hospitals 0 None
2005-05-04 New GP contract may not improve treatment for heart failure patients 0 None
2005-05-04 Pharmacogenomics used to treat inherited kidney disorder of children 0 None
2005-05-04 Specific variants of genes predict bleeding after heart surgery 0 None
2005-05-04 Scalpel-free surgery could reduce risk of HIV and Hepatitis exposure for health care workers in city hospitals 0 None
2005-05-04 Impact of acupuncture goes beyond the acknowledged placebo effect 0 None
2005-05-04 Researchers unravel how nature releases the torque built up in DNA at the molecular level 0 None
2005-05-04 Newly identified fly genes provide clue to tumour growth 0 None
2005-05-04 Researchers develop new method for facile identification of proteins in bacterial cells 0 None
2005-05-04 Glucose byproduct prevents brain damage after diabetic coma 0 None
2005-05-04 Vaccine developed at Rockefeller University boosts natural killer T cells in patients with cancer 0 None
2005-05-04 Research suggests potential new strategies for fighting age-related vascular disease 0 None
2005-05-03 Mutated gene causes serious heart disease in newborns 0 None
2005-05-03 Diabetes researchers look at pizza to find slow and steady insulin delivery wins the race 0 None
2005-05-03 Young teens are far busier sexually than we might like to think 0 None
2005-05-03 Monitoring program has successfully identified a large number of previously unknown, serious and often-fatal drug reactions 0 None
2005-05-03 Researchers make new advances in determining the structure of all possible DNA sequences 0 5
2005-05-03 Researchers have successfully induced adult heart-muscle cells to divide and multiply 0 None
2005-05-03 Critical lock and key mechanism found for the assembly of tumor blood vessels 0 None
2005-05-03 Scientists dramatically slow organ transplant rejection 0 None
2005-05-02 College freshies show weaker immune responses 0 None
2005-05-02 When it comes to low fat diets - all are not equal! 0 None
2005-05-02 Vitamin C may help unborn of mothers who smoke 0 None
2005-05-02 Food fried in vegetable oil contains a highly toxic compound - HNE (4-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal) 0 5
2005-05-02 New drug may help treat certain forms of leukemia 0 None
2005-05-02 Transcendental meditation promotes a healthier, longer life 0 None
2005-05-02 Research provides new insight into how individual genes control regeneration 0 None
2005-05-02 Cell phone base stations change brain currents and cause unwellness 0 None
2005-05-02 HIV treatment not affected by hormonal birth control 0 None
2005-05-02 Discovery could ease the pain of sensitive teeth 0 None
2005-05-02 Defects in gene called RyR2 cause malfunctions in the heart's electrical system 0 None
2005-05-02 Blocking the COX-1 enzyme might be the answer in ovarian cancer treatment 0 None
2005-05-02 Little known enzyme ACAT2 appears to be a factor in cardiovascular disease 0 None
2005-05-01 Specific behaviors seen in infants can predict autism, new research shows 0 None
2005-05-01 Use of agricultural insecticides linked to lasting neurological problems for farmers 0 None
2005-05-01 Asthma and diabetes sufferers could benefit nano-particle research 0 None
2005-05-01 Prenatal exposure to cocaine effects problem-solving later in life 0 None
2005-05-01 Age-related macular degeneration is triggered, possibly by an infection 0 None
2005-05-01 Computerized tools for diagnosing heart attack could be inaccurate in some people 0 None
2005-05-01 Vitamin C may have potential to counteract negative impacts of smoking in unborn babies 0 None
2005-05-01 Blocking the COX-1 enzyme might prevent and treat the most common and fatal form of ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-05-01 Researchers determine mechanism of action of chemotherapy drug motexafin gadolinium 0 None
2005-05-01 Antibiotic minocycline might help alleviate HIV's negative effects on the brain and central nervous system 0 None
2005-05-01 Obese people - add yet another worry to the list 0 None
2005-05-01 Pollutants appear to have an affect on sex chromosome 0 None


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