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Date Title Comments Rating
2007-12-28 Fish oil benefits 0 None
2007-12-28 New fast-acting antidote to cyanide poisoning 0 4
2007-12-28 Subliminal messages can influence us in surprising ways 0 None
2007-12-28 Overeating and obesity triggered by lack of brain-derived neurotrophic factor 0 None
2007-12-28 Discovery of potential oral treatment for diabetes 0 None
2007-12-28 NIEHS awards $6.8 million DISCOVER grants 0 None
2007-12-28 New drug targets may fight tuberculosis and other bacterial infections in novel way 0 None
2007-12-28 Mutations in a protein called dynein may cause inherited neuropathy 0 None
2007-12-28 Model developed that predicts molecular response of living cells to genetic or environmental change 0 None
2007-12-28 Light powered platinum more targeted and powerful than similar cancer treatments 0 None
2007-12-28 High triglycerides, other cholesterol raise risk of stroke 0 None
2007-12-28 New information about how normal cells and cancer cells survive under stress 0 None
2007-12-28 New immune system discovery will help fight hay fever and other allergies 0 None
2007-12-28 Fibrosis in the liver stopped and reversed by researchers 0 None
2007-12-28 Copy number variation may stem from replication misstep 0 None
2007-12-28 Variant of COMT gene linked to impulsive decisions 0 None
2007-12-28 Cell-death receptor links cancer susceptibility and inflammation 0 None
2007-12-28 Cardiac stem cell therapy research 0 None
2007-12-27 Cancer stem cells may be at the root of brain tumors 0 None
2007-12-27 Medical myths laid to rest 0 None
2007-12-27 Chocoholics beware! 0 None
2007-12-20 Australian researchers tackle antibiotic resistance 0 None
2007-12-20 Key enzyme keeps synapse on track 0 None
2007-12-20 Researchers prevent muscle weakness caused by myasthenia gravis 0 None
2007-12-20 Widespread support for nonembryonic stem cell research 0 None
2007-12-20 Genetic link to spina bifida discovered 0 None
2007-12-20 UT Southwestern secures $5 million grant for lupus research 0 None
2007-12-20 Advanced melanoma - new treatment 0 None
2007-12-20 The blood-brain barrier: A misunderstood key to finding life-saving cures to brain disease 0 None
2007-12-20 Research may bring new generation of cochlear implants 0 None
2007-12-20 Researchers train the immune system to deliver virus that destroys cancer in lab models 0 None
2007-12-20 Rehabilitation training for patients with spinal cord injuries may help repair brain, spinal cord 0 None
2007-12-20 No need for reduced alcohol consumption in later life 0 None
2007-12-20 Link between chronic kidney disease and hypoxia 0 None
2007-12-20 Depletion of antioxidant glutathione linked to Parkinson's in mice 0 None
2007-12-20 Built-in exercise monitor predicts fitness 0 None
2007-12-20 Brains respond differently to thirst depending upon age 0 None
2007-12-20 Discovery of molecular signal that helps muscle regenerate and protects it from atrophy 0 None
2007-12-19 A genetic influence on alcohol addiction found - lack of endorphin 4 4.2
2007-12-19 20,000 deaths each day from cancer 0 None
2007-12-18 Surprising findings related to myotonic muscular dystrophy and heart protein 0 None
2007-12-18 Researchers initiate gene therapy trial in patients with advanced skin cancer 0 None
2007-12-18 Discovery of new ALS gene 2 None
2007-12-18 Overexcited neurons not good for cell health 0 None
2007-12-18 What makes us shiver? 0 None
2007-12-18 Research provides new information about the body's immune system 0 None
2007-12-18 New understanding on alcohol's role in developing alcoholic chronic pancreatitis 0 None
2007-12-18 New mechanical insights into wound healing and scar tissue formation 0 None
2007-12-18 Discovery reveals how fat is stored in cells 0 None
2007-12-18 Agent orange chemical, dioxin, attacks the mitochondria to cause cancer 0 None
2007-12-17 Bowel cancer genes that triple risk discovered 0 None
2007-12-17 Four-fold increase in UK soldiers testing positive for cocaine 0 None
2007-12-17 Brain malfunction explains dehydration in elderly 0 5
2007-12-17 Psychosocial treatments reduce tics and Tourette syndrome 0 None
2007-12-17 Direct link between obesity and colorectal cancer 0 None
2007-12-17 12 million cancer deaths worldwide in 2007 0 None
2007-12-17 Controlling lupus - new drug targets found 0 None
2007-12-17 Dynamic connectivity rewires neuronal circuits on the fly to sharpen senses 0 None
2007-12-17 Genetic cause of Kawasaki disease 0 None
2007-12-17 Highly promising Alzheimer's and Parkinson's research 0 None
2007-12-17 Targeted therapy and chemotherapy shrinks breast cancer metastases in brain 0 None
2007-12-17 Cholesterol affects your hearing 0 None
2007-12-17 Breakthrough technology provides new understanding of cellular processes endocytosis and exocytosis 0 None
2007-12-14 Researchers zero in on the tiniest members in the war on cancer 0 None
2007-12-14 Treatment with secretoneurin reduces injury to the brain following stroke 0 None
2007-12-14 Sperm's immune-protection properties could provide link to how cancers spread 0 None
2007-12-14 Scientists overcome obstacles to stem cell heart repair 1 None
2007-12-14 Researchers report protein interactions of MAP kinase signaling pathway 0 None
2007-12-14 Profound immune system discovery opens door to halting destruction of lupus 0 None
2007-12-14 Researchers shine the light of venus to learn how the herpes virus invades cells 0 None
2007-12-14 New technique reveals insights into lung disease 0 None
2007-12-14 Molecular 'trip switch' shuts down inflammatory response 0 None
2007-12-14 MicroRNA regulates cancer stem cells 0 None
2007-12-14 Immune system may target some brain synapses 0 None
2007-12-14 First view of synapse in real time 0 None
2007-12-14 Early treatment stops epilepsy in its tracks 0 None
2007-12-14 Cancer research giants to present the CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 0 None
2007-12-14 Blind humans lacking rods and cones retain normal responses to non-visual effects of light 0 None
2007-12-14 Biocapture surfaces produced for study of brain chemistry 0 None
2007-12-13 Why the switch stays on 0 None
2007-12-13 Fructose overload 0 None
2007-12-13 Great-grandparent of all the cells of the blood identified 0 None
2007-12-13 Setting a course for the future of tissue engineering 0 None
2007-12-13 $1.7 million grant to advance understanding of genetic influences on diabetes 0 None
2007-12-13 Reprogrammed human adult stem cells rescue diseased muscle in mice 0 None
2007-12-13 Protein fingerprinting made easy 0 None
2007-12-13 A taste for alcohol may come from the womb 0 None
2007-12-13 Novel way to diagnose mantle cell lymphomas 0 2
2007-12-13 Discovery of key mechanism underlying idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 0 None
2007-12-13 Milk and egg allergies persist well into the school years and beyond 0 None
2007-12-13 Researchers advance stem cell gene therapy 0 None
2007-12-13 Immune compound blocks virus' ability to hijack antibodies 0 None
2007-12-13 'Informed cohort' provides personal stake in genetics research 0 None
2007-12-13 Researchers find genetic switch for internal body clock 0 None
2007-12-13 Australian researchers plan for a pandemic 0 None
2007-12-13 Nematodes provide clues to dopamine's role in human aging diseases 0 None
2007-12-13 Secret lives of enzymes revealed 0 None
2007-12-13 Cancer stem cells may be cause of brain tumors 0 None
2007-12-12 Cell trafficking finding may aid drug development 0 None
2007-12-12 Scientists develop new drug to outflank cancer resistance 0 None
2007-12-12 Protein-dependent "switch" regulates intracellular trafficking in epithelial cells 0 None
2007-12-12 Biodegradable polymers with neurotransmitters promote nerve regrowth 0 None
2007-12-12 Exercise testing to predict mitral regurgitation 0 None
2007-12-12 Epigenomic test that could improve treatment for specific gastric cancers 0 None
2007-12-12 Red meat and cancer 0 None
2007-12-12 Cancer cell line developed that is resistant to new cancer therapy 0 5
2007-12-11 Addition of antibiotics to MS therapy could slow down progression of the disease 0 5
2007-12-10 Waterborne carbon increases threat of environmental mercury 0 None
2007-12-10 New model for neurodegeneration 0 None
2007-12-10 Need for education for primary care physicians on rarely seen cancers 0 None
2007-12-10 Silencing small but mighty cancer inhibitors 0 None
2007-12-10 Researchers uncover delicate protein balance behind the immune system response 0 None
2007-12-10 Physicians seek strategies to improve the quality of sleep in ICU 0 None
2007-12-10 New test for targeted therapy in acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2007-12-10 New therapeutic options for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients 0 None
2007-12-10 New technique reveals insights into lung disease 0 None
2007-12-10 Most adults with conditions that increase cardiovascular disease risk have hypertension 0 None
2007-12-10 Missing protein provides clue to ovarian cancer drug success 0 None
2007-12-10 Lipids in the brain an important factor for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2007-12-10 Keeping at-risk cells from developing cancer 0 None
2007-12-10 International team gets new award to research the causes of bladder problems that affect one in six adults 0 None
2007-12-10 Is there a developmental component to the risk for depression? 0 None
2007-12-10 Growth factor receptor affects prostate cancer progression 0 None
2007-12-10 Role of genetics in multiple sclerosis 0 None
2007-12-10 Explanation on resistance to taxane class of drugs 0 None
2007-12-10 Polybrominated diphenyl ethers used as fire retardants could be harmful 0 None
2007-12-10 Some anti-drinking campaigns catastrophically misconceived 0 None
2007-12-10 Sugary drinks may increase Alzheimer's risk 0 None
2007-12-10 Nicotine has significant effects on brain GABA 0 None
2007-12-10 New role for miRNA in leukemia discovered 0 None
2007-12-10 Safe and effective therapy discovered for patients with protein-losing enteropathy 0 None
2007-12-10 New understanding of biological effects of alcohol on genes within cells 0 5
2007-12-10 Pathogens use previously undescribed mechanism to sabotage host immune system 0 None
2007-12-10 New understanding of chronic myeloid leukemia 0 None
2007-12-10 Research findings link weight gain and diabetes to a variety of cancers 0 None
2007-12-10 Mechanism for regulation of growth and differentiation of adult muscle stem cells is revealed 0 None
2007-12-10 Researchers photograph cystic fibrosis protein interaction 0 None
2007-12-10 Complete response with oblimersen combination improves survival of CLL patients 0 None
2007-12-10 Mobile phones increase the risk of tumours 0 None
2007-12-09 Reprogrammed stem cells cure sickle cell anaemia 0 5
2007-12-06 Older brains out of sync - memory and reasoning impaired 0 None
2007-12-05 Botox shows potential for bladder spasms and leakages 0 None
2007-12-05 Growing old can affect the higher-level brain systems that govern cognition 0 None
2007-12-05 Smell experience during critical period alters brain 0 None
2007-12-05 Missing brain protein may be one of the culprits behind autism and other brain disorders 0 None
2007-12-05 Implanting embryonic cardiac cells prevents arrhythmias 0 None
2007-12-05 Stress-induced analgesia - new understanding 0 None
2007-12-05 Cognitive 'fog' of normal aging linked to brain system disruption 0 None
2007-12-05 Close families raise more independent adults 0 4
2007-12-05 Can fruit flies help treat stroke and transplant patients? 0 None
2007-12-05 New way to detect neuropathy 0 None
2007-12-05 Honey a cheaper and more effective treatment for children's coughs than cough medicine 0 3.3
2007-12-05 Popular diabetes drug Avandia linked to osteoporosis 0 None
2007-12-05 Anorexia begins in the womb 0 None
2007-12-04 Doctors in the U.S. slow to report an incompetent or unethical colleague 0 None
2007-12-04 University of Rhode Island, Pakistan researchers address growing tick problem 0 5
2007-12-04 Discovery of new marker to identify cancer stem cells 0 None
2007-12-04 Scientists characterize Alzheimer's neurotoxin structure - potential new treatment approaches 0 None
2007-12-04 Honey before bedtime provides greatest relief from cough 0 None
2007-12-04 Researchers gain new understanding of the causes of dyslexia 0 None
2007-12-04 Simple two-in-one test signals high risk after a heart attack 0 None
2007-12-04 Researchers present unique program aimed at HIV prevention in runaway youth 0 None
2007-12-04 New marker to identify cancer stem cells 0 None
2007-12-04 Genetic markers for mental illness 0 None
2007-12-04 Replacing dopamine cells in Parkinson's - new source of cells found 0 None
2007-12-04 Purified bacterial extract sprayed into lungs ramps up innate immune system 0 None
2007-12-04 Research may lead to more effective sunscreens 0 None
2007-12-04 Lymphatic vessel and lymph node function are restored with growth factor treatment 0 None
2007-12-04 Diet low in carbohydrates reduces inflammation and blood saturated fat in metabolic syndrome 1 None
2007-12-04 Lead exposure hinders brain's ability to recover from injury 0 None
2007-12-04 Humans not the major target of Shiga toxin 0 None
2007-12-04 Intestinal parasite Giardia uses an osmotic 'suction cup' to hang on 0 None
2007-12-04 Genes discovered that protect against heart damage from chemotherapy 0 None
2007-12-04 New genetic markers found that increase a person's risk for schizophrenia 0 None
2007-12-04 Perchlorate contamination of drinking water may pose a greater health risk than previously thought 0 None
2007-12-04 Body dysmorphic disorder due to visual brain glitch 0 None
2007-12-04 Molecular technology used to identify unexpected bacteria in cystic fibrosis patients 0 None
2007-12-04 Switzerland creates new centre for vaccine research 0 None
2007-12-04 Hydrogen sulfide provides clues to a longer life 0 None
2007-12-04 Cold Spring Harbor Protocols features innovative methods for embryology research 0 None
2007-12-04 Inhaled immune system stimulant launches immune response in lungs to wipe out lethal infections 0 None
2007-12-03 Tainted spinach reveals treatment possibilities 0 None
2007-12-03 Researchers capture key step in process that allows materials to move in and out of cells 0 None
2007-12-03 Boosting an exercise-related gene in the brain works as a powerful anti-depressant in mice 0 None
2007-12-03 Broccoli shows benefits for epidermolysis bullosa simplex 1 5
2007-12-03 Genomic disorders occur more frequently than previously thought 0 None
2007-12-03 Why do mental illness and drug addiction so often go together? 0 None
2007-12-03 Discovery of key lupus gene 0 None
2007-12-03 Levels of prion protein in brain may not be reliable marker for disease 0 None
2007-12-03 Human embryonic stem cell -- derived bone tissue closes massive skull injury 0 None
2007-12-02 First map of imprinted genes in human genome 0 5
2007-12-02 DNA methylation shown to promote development of colon tumors 0 None
2007-12-02 Brain patterns of former anorexics reveal clues to disorder's lasting impact 0 None
2007-12-02 Aging improves parent, child relationships, research shows 0 None
2007-12-02 Neuromuscular consequences of reflexive covert orienting 0 None


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