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RSSArchived Medical Research News Stories - 2008

Date Title Comments Rating
2008-12-30 Risk takers do so because their brains are less able to process dopamine 0 None
2008-12-30 What are protective effects of anti-ricin A-chain aptamer? 0 None
2008-12-30 Researchers identify clockwork that drives a powerful virus nanomotor 0 None
2008-12-30 Researchers identify common gene variant linked to high blood pressure 0 None
2008-12-30 Discovery of molecule that targets brain tumors 0 None
2008-12-30 Need another reason to add "Quit Smoking" to your New Year's resolutions list? 0 None
2008-12-30 New technique for creating authentic embryonic stem cells from rats 0 None
2008-12-30 Moderate drinking lowers risk of Alzheimer's and cognitive decline 0 None
2008-12-30 May hepatic granulomas be part of the histological spectrum of chronic hepatitis C? 0 None
2008-12-30 Matrix fragments trigger fatal excitement 0 None
2008-12-30 Long-term gene therapy used to reverse heart damage in heart failure 0 None
2008-12-30 Contact with plants shown to directly benefit patient's health 0 None
2008-12-30 Family members of critically ill patients want to discuss loved ones' uncertain prognoses 0 None
2008-12-30 Diet high in inorganic phosphates increases risk of lung cancer 0 None
2008-12-30 Spontaneous facial expressions of emotion of congenitally and noncongenitally blind individuals 0 None
2008-12-30 Acute gastric injury due to high-dose analgesics? 0 None
2008-12-29 High-fat diet can disrupt our biological clock 0 None
2008-12-29 Benefits of fish oil supplements questioned 0 None
2008-12-29 Teens who skip breakfast lose their virginity earlier 0 None
2008-12-22 Avoid headbanging injury by switching to Celine Dion? 0 1
2008-12-22 Cardiovascular system proteins play a role in Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-12-22 Trends in sexual behaviors similar for teens who take few health risk and those who take many 0 None
2008-12-22 Perception of health and balance has direct impact on walking activity 0 None
2008-12-22 Patient-derived induced stem cells retain disease traits 0 None
2008-12-22 Scientists find gene that is a powerful predictor of colon cancer metastasis 0 None
2008-12-22 Hexokinase-1 gene variation associated with widely used marker of blood glucose concentration 0 None
2008-12-22 Adults with asthma at increased risk of serious pneumococcal disease 0 None
2008-12-21 How mirror neurons allow us to learn and socialize by going through the motions in the head 0 1
2008-12-21 Well balanced diet improves blood glucose tolerance and blood lipid levels 0 None
2008-12-21 Poeple who eat out often more likely to be obese 0 None
2008-12-21 Drinkers with the ADH1C gene at greater risk of colorectal cancer 0 None
2008-12-21 Botulinum toxin used to treat patients with masseteric muscle hypertrophy 0 None
2008-12-21 Researchers identify gene linked to inherited form of fatal lung disease 0 4
2008-12-18 Scientists develop method for generating novel stem cells 0 None
2008-12-18 Two common biomarkers help predict stroke risk 0 None
2008-12-18 Sulfurous ping-pong in the urinary tract 0 None
2008-12-18 Study looks at brain and movement planning 0 None
2008-12-18 Stem cells may 'ignite' bowel cancer development 0 None
2008-12-18 Stem cells and leukemia battle for marrow microenvironment 0 None
2008-12-18 Researchers look at processes asbestos fibers use to trigger cancer in human cells 0 None
2008-12-18 Ultrafine polishing with silica nanoparticles protects teeth 0 None
2008-12-18 New understanding of ion channels in the body 0 None
2008-12-18 Racial differences in self-rated health at similar levels of physical functioning 0 None
2008-12-18 MRI brain scans provide valuable diagnostic information about Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-12-18 System to recognize human gestures 0 None
2008-12-18 Human parechovirus may trigger type 1 diabetes 0 None
2008-12-18 Blocking mechanism found for antibiotic resistance in bacteria 0 None
2008-12-18 New method offers direct access to the brain through the nose to treat stroke 0 None
2008-12-18 Spending time in nature keeps supresses mental fatigue 0 None
2008-12-18 Compound from olive-skin pomace protects against colon-cancer 0 None
2008-12-18 Stem cell research will boom under Obama 0 None
2008-12-18 Why extra-virgin olive oil is so good for you 0 None
2008-12-17 Research highlights recognized disease risks associated with vitamin D deficiency 0 None
2008-12-17 80% public support for genetic research and testing 0 None
2008-12-17 How cancer cells ensure their survival 0 None
2008-12-17 Researchers discover reason why men outperform women on spatial tasks 0 None
2008-12-17 Probiotics found to be effective in stopping diarrhea resulting from antibiotics 0 None
2008-12-17 New molecular information on hundreds of inherited diseases 0 None
2008-12-17 Physical disability can boost marital happiness 0 None
2008-12-17 Phosphorus binders help dialysis patients 0 3
2008-12-17 Relationship of dialysis modality and mortality 0 None
2008-12-17 Breakthrough on type 1 diabetes development 0 None
2008-12-17 Research looks at link between normal and cancer stem cells 0 None
2008-12-17 Researchers create 'suped up' gene that forces cancer cells to self destruct 0 5
2008-12-17 Lower-dose fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy results in better hearing preservation 0 None
2008-12-17 Lean muscle mass may help obese patients battle cancer 0 None
2008-12-17 Restaurant workers and carpenters have highest risks for oesophagal cancer 0 None
2008-12-17 Key survival circuit discovered in Salmonella bacteria 0 None
2008-12-17 Fast food meals have fewer calories than restaurant meals 0 None
2008-12-17 Cardiac stent patients with diabetes may benefit from drug that counteracts the effects of leptin 0 None
2008-12-17 Attitudes towards assisted reproduction and preimplantation genetic diagnosis 0 None
2008-12-17 Tricyclic antidepressants best for depression in Parkinson's 0 None
2008-12-17 Exercise on doctors orders! 0 None
2008-12-17 Help for spine injury victims could be just a sniff away 0 None
2008-12-16 Smoking significantly linked to increased risk for colorectal cancer 0 None
2008-12-16 Researchers find brain's reward and stress signaling circuits are intertwined in complex ways 0 None
2008-12-16 New anti-tumor gene called SARI 0 None
2008-12-16 Researcher refines aptamers to prevent HIV resistance 0 None
2008-12-16 Real-time gene monitoring 0 None
2008-12-16 Pre-existing diabetes for persons diagnosed with cancer associated with increased risk of death 0 None
2008-12-16 People with blindness from cataract are poorer than those with normal sight 0 None
2008-12-16 Multi-faceted strategy improves nutritional support for ICU patients, but not outcomes 0 None
2008-12-16 MRI scans can predict effects of multiple sclerosis 'flare-ups' on optic nerve 0 None
2008-12-16 Low-glycemic foods better for glycemic control than high-fiber 0 None
2008-12-16 Just a little squeeze lets proteins assess DNA 0 None
2008-12-16 Evolutionary roots of ancient bacteria may open new line of attack on cystic fibrosis 0 None
2008-12-16 Both theories about human cellular aging supported by new research 0 None
2008-12-16 Bolder BioTechnology awarded NIH grant to continue development of growth hormone product 0 None
2008-12-16 Why seniors forget negative events 0 4
2008-12-16 Single letter in the human genome points to risk for high cholesterol 0 None
2008-12-16 Study of placenta unexpectedly leads to cancer gene 0 None
2008-12-16 Multiple sclerosis drug natalizumab may reduce immunity 0 None
2008-12-16 Archived blood from infant heel stick tests could lead to discoveries about diseases that have roots in perinatal period 0 None
2008-12-16 Pigs and dogs can bridge gap between mice and humans in developing new therapies 0 None
2008-12-16 Top public health award for Sydney researcher 0 None
2008-12-16 Exercising at work - who's it good for? 0 None
2008-12-15 UC Davis team refines cancer treatments to reduce potential nerve damage 0 None
2008-12-15 Tracking the molecular pathway to mixed-lineage leukemia 0 None
2008-12-15 New bone and tissue regeneration technique 0 5
2008-12-15 Study to identify best rehabilitation therapies for patients with traumatic brain injuries 0 None
2008-12-15 Researchers stop ovarian cancer cell cycle in its tracks 0 None
2008-12-15 Researchers simplify creation induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells 0 None
2008-12-15 Shared survival mechanism explains why 'good' nerve cells last and 'bad' cancer cells flourish 0 None
2008-12-15 Discovery of link between inflamed gums and heart disease 0 None
2008-12-15 Discovery of promising new target in the battle against colorectal cancer 0 None
2008-12-15 Researchers create new family of fluorescent probes called hydrocyanines to detect reactive oxygen species in vivo 0 None
2008-12-15 Receptor for prostaglandin-E2 plays key role in atherosclerosis development 0 None
2008-12-15 Newly discovered esophagus stem cells grow into transplantable tissue 0 None
2008-12-15 New imaging technique allows simultaneous tracking of gene expression and movement 0 None
2008-12-15 11 new genes linked to LDL, HDL cholesterols and triglycerides 0 None
2008-12-15 Narrow-band imaging comparable to white light colonoscopy in differentiating colorectal polyps 0 None
2008-12-15 Increased blood pressure in older adults affects cognitive functioning 0 None
2008-12-15 Gene subnetworks provide new prognostic markers for breast cancer 0 None
2008-12-15 How to build muscle mass with four and a half LIM domains 1 0 None
2008-12-15 Study looks at how parental age affects the mental functioning of offspring 0 None
2008-12-15 Psychological distress a growing heart health problem 0 None
2008-12-15 Breakthrough in Alzheimer's disease screening 0 None
2008-12-15 Sleep-related breathing disorders linked to calories burned at rest 0 None
2008-12-15 Breast cancer genome shows instability of cancer 0 None
2008-12-15 Blocking Myc proteins stops ovarian cancer cell cycle in its tracks 0 None
2008-12-15 Alzheimer's researcher explores the variety of animal models now being used in research 0 None
2008-12-15 Pre-drinking - a new culture of intoxication 0 None
2008-12-15 Mechanism behind cardiac scarring discovered 0 None
2008-12-15 Researchers solve failed vaccine mystery 0 None
2008-12-15 Mouse model shows blood stem cells in action 0 None
2008-12-15 Fatherhood gene determines if it's a boy or a girl 0 None
2008-12-15 Sarcasm - a diagnostic tool for dementia 0 None
2008-12-15 Carbon monoxide used to protect mouse nerve cells from damage 0 None
2008-12-15 Lung cancer screening feasibility study funded 0 None
2008-12-15 Later school start times may improve sleep in teens and decrease risk of auto accidents 0 5
2008-12-15 Continuous positive airway pressure improves sleeping glucose levels in type 2 diabetics with obstructive sleep apnea 0 None
2008-12-15 New form of cognitive behavioural therapy shows potential to treat majority of cases of eating disorders 0 None
2008-12-15 GUMC researchers find gene inactivated in two aggressive cancers 0 None
2008-12-14 New understanding of mechanism that regulates DNA methylation 0 None
2008-12-14 Tau protein expression predicts breast cancer survival in an unexpected way 0 None
2008-12-14 Study reveals clues to how we forget over short-term 0 None
2008-12-14 Research aims to reduce scarring from heart attacks 1 None
2008-12-14 Discovery of seven new sites in the human genome found to influence obesity 0 None
2008-12-14 Research suggests that immunity is stronger at night 0 None
2008-12-14 Exciting cancer discovery 0 None
2008-12-14 Overactive brain enzyme may play role in preventing weight gain and obesity 0 None
2008-12-14 Six new gene variations linked to increased BMI 0 None
2008-12-14 Possible new therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2008-12-12 Weights better than aerobic training for back pain 0 None
2008-12-12 Researchers identify how key mutations occur in human lymphomas 0 None
2008-12-12 Discovery of gene mutation that appears to help prevent heart disease 0 None
2008-12-12 Humble toothbrush helps stop ventilator-associated pneumonia 0 None
2008-12-12 Numbing drugs can have profound and long-term negative effects 0 None
2008-12-12 Teen smokers are more likely to experience obesity as adults 0 None
2008-12-12 Study shows major pain research funding decline at NIH 0 None
2008-12-12 Stressed-out mice reveal role of epigenetics in behavior 0 None
2008-12-12 Timothy syndrome provides clues about enzyme role in arrhythmias 0 None
2008-12-12 Researchers find tamoxifen's power comes from endoxifen 0 None
2008-12-12 Food you eat can immediately impact cognitive behavior 0 None
2008-12-12 New understanding on how the brain controls onset of puberty 0 None
2008-12-12 Heart regenerates after infarction 0 None
2008-12-12 Gene therapy used to treat periodontal disease 0 None
2008-12-12 Exercise suppresses appetite by affecting appetite hormones 0 None
2008-12-12 Enzyme that mutates antibodies also targets cancer-causing gene 0 None
2008-12-12 Researchers capture never before seen undulations of "dancing chromosomes" 0 None
2008-12-12 Men inherit tendency to have more sons or more daughters from their parents 0 None
2008-12-12 Enzyme that mutates antibodies also targets a cancer-causing oncogene 0 None
2008-12-12 Amputees can experience prosthetic hand as their own 0 None
2008-12-11 Mathematical models of adaptive immunity 0 None
2008-12-11 Decline in teen marijuana use stalls - trends in cigarette and alcohol use continues to fall 0 2
2008-12-11 An enzyme that mutates antibodies also targets a cancer-causing oncogene 0 None
2008-12-11 University at Buffalo driver simulation study targets high-risk teen drivers 0 None
2008-12-10 Genetic links found between type 1 diabetes and celiac disease 0 None
2008-12-10 Transplanted fat cells restore function after spinal cord injury 0 None
2008-12-10 Surge in older cancer survivors expected as baby boomers age 0 None
2008-12-10 Sugar is addictive 0 None
2008-12-10 RNA interference can facilitate vaccine development 0 None
2008-12-10 Studies on imaging and tracking transplanted cells 0 None
2008-12-10 Structured warm-ups prevent up to half of severe sports injuries 0 None
2008-12-10 Researchers find inherited genetic variation in nicotine addiction 0 None
2008-12-10 Many mouth cancers found too late 0 None
2008-12-10 13 million people in Britain will be obese by 2012 0 None
2008-12-10 New technique may provide quicker and easier way of developing protein-based drugs 0 None
2008-12-10 Protein FKBP12 provides new insights into understanding autism 0 None
2008-12-10 Hot drinks help fight cold and flu 0 None
2008-12-10 High phosphorus levels in blood linked to coronary calcification in chronic kidney disease 0 None
2008-12-10 Genetic markers identified for alcohol response 0 None
2008-12-10 New research points to possible treatment for Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2008-12-10 Scientists create first functional stem-cell niche model 0 None
2008-12-10 Researchers explore neural mechanisms behind responsibility and punishment 0 None
2008-12-10 Decreased levels of binding gene affect memory and behavior 0 None
2008-12-10 Researchers map changing epigenetic modifications that enable transposons to run amok 0 None
2008-12-10 Cellular 'brakes' may slow memory process in aging brains 0 None
2008-12-10 Brain deletion of FK506-binding protein enhances repetitive behaviors in mice 0 None
2008-12-10 Research looks at neighborhoods and obesity in later life 0 None
2008-12-10 Panic attacks linked to higher risk of heart attacks and heart disease, especially in younger people 0 None
2008-12-10 NSW's biggest ever trial to prevent type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-12-10 UK kidney cancer patients face toxic, out-dated treatments with little hope of change 0 None
2008-12-10 Study reveals effects of unconscious exposure to advertisements 0 None
2008-12-10 Siblings of mentally disabled face own lifelong challenges 0 None
2008-12-10 New clues to the roots of epilepsy, autism, schizophrenia 0 None
2008-12-10 Mould toxins in buildings more prevalent and hazardous than thought 0 None
2008-12-10 Intense chemo wards off recurrence in half of mantle cell lymphoma patients after seven years 0 1
2008-12-10 Antioxidants in honey adds health benefits to salad dressings 0 5
2008-12-10 Hep C treatment pegylated interferon reduces the virus but liver damage continues 0 None
2008-12-10 New discovery on cell division could improve chemotherapies for cancer 0 5
2008-12-10 Researchers visualize three-dimensional structure of protein, Mcm10 0 None
2008-12-10 Drug combo improves or stabilizes disease for relapsed multiple myeloma patients 0 None
2008-12-10 Computation and genomics data drive bacterial research into new golden age 0 None
2008-12-10 New systems to standardize studies of neuroblastomas 0 None
2008-12-10 Protein could prevent blocked arteries 0 None
2008-12-08 Gender disparity gap in heart attack care still present 0 None
2008-12-08 When less is more: Brief inhibition of cancer target is effective and less toxic 0 None
2008-12-08 Study identifies characteristics of hospitals with low rates of surgical site infections 0 None
2008-12-08 Statins do not interfere with Rituximab treatment for lymphomas 0 None
2008-12-08 Selenium may protect from high risk-bladder cancer 0 None
2008-12-08 Researchers study virus with unusual properties 0 None
2008-12-08 Researchers discover why Gleevec-type drugs control, but do not eradicate leukemia 0 None
2008-12-08 Levels of insulin-related proteins indicate risk of death in some colorectal cancer patients 0 None
2008-12-08 Program to deter youth alcohol use also reduces conduct problems, study finds 0 None
2008-12-08 Men have more red in their faces and women have more green 0 None
2008-12-08 Nuts and Mediterranean diet appear to help metabolic syndrome 0 None
2008-12-08 Changes in medical terminology confuses patients 1 None
2008-12-08 Lenalidomide safe for elderly patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 None
2008-12-08 Potential new therapy for hepatitis C treatment 0 None
2008-12-08 Best obesity treatment 0 None
2008-12-08 Light cigarettes may be more toxic than traditional cigarettes 0 None
2008-12-08 Half-dose vaccination in healthy young individuals may be effective in times of vaccine shortage 0 None
2008-12-08 Genetic signature may lead to better treatments for pediatric liver cancers 0 None
2008-12-08 Networks of interactive genes may predict Leukemia's development 0 None
2008-12-08 Discovery of protein that may cause breast cancer to spread 0 None
2008-12-08 Trial shows safety of pre-transplant expansion of umbilical cord blood stem cells 0 None
2008-12-08 An Achilles heel in cancer cells 0 None
2008-12-08 Alternative splicing proteins prompt heart development 0 None
2008-12-08 Scientists identify 'border patrol agents' in the gut 0 None
2008-12-08 Thiamine reverses early diabetic kidney disease 0 5
2008-12-08 Glowing imaging compound allows detection of viable cancer cells in mice 0 None
2008-12-08 New chemotherapy pill shows promise for stubborn lymphomas 0 None
2008-12-08 Ultrasound helps prevent stroke in children with sickle cell disease 0 None
2008-12-08 Discovery of six novel genetic variants associated with lipid levels 0 None
2008-12-08 Discovery of 11 new gene sites that influence cholesterol or triglyceride levels 0 None
2008-12-08 Researchers identify key step in maturation pathway of telomerase 0 None
2008-12-08 Hematopoietic stem cells found to reproduce more slowly than expected 0 None
2008-12-08 Effects of stem cell source and patient age on stem cell transplantation outcomes 0 None
2008-12-08 New approaches to prevent blood clots 0 None
2008-12-08 Study links cone death in retinitis pigmentosa to metabolic problem 0 None
2008-12-08 Novel therapeutic approaches for various forms of thrombocytopenia 0 4
2008-12-08 Hemichannels - new target to treat epileptic seizures following brain trauma or stroke 0 None
2008-12-08 New research reports on interventions that may alter the course of epilepsy diagnosis and management 0 None
2008-12-08 Scientists find 12 new genes with potential as drug targets 0 None
2008-12-08 Scientists create infectious prion disease in mouse model 0 None
2008-12-08 Brain's circuitry survives longer than previously thought in Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-12-08 Fractional dose of scarce meningitis vaccine may be effective in outbreak control 0 None
2008-12-08 Hormone Oxytocin calms arguing couples 0 None
2008-12-07 Genes for nine health indicators: Population study finds genetics clues 0 None
2008-12-07 Study finds six genetic variants associated with 'bad' cholesterol 0 None
2008-12-07 Body clock and sleep patterns linked to diabetes and high blood sugar 0 None
2008-12-07 Scientists pinpoint immune-system targets in complex pathogens 0 None
2008-12-05 Well-armed immune cells help long-term non-progressors contain HIV 0 None
2008-12-05 Vitamin E supplementation may reduce inflammation in the brain 0 None
2008-12-05 Treatment fails to improve common form of heart failure 0 None
2008-12-05 Study finds medication fails to improve common form of heart failure 0 None
2008-12-05 New insights into development of the human immune system 0 None
2008-12-05 Breakthrough in understanding the phenomenon of nucleolar dominance 0 None
2008-12-05 Discovery of groundbreaking technique for body to accept gene therapy 0 None
2008-12-05 New insights into cell division 0 None
2008-12-05 Breakthrough in sickle cell disease and thalassemia research 0 None
2008-12-05 Discovery of novel prion infectivity in white and brown fat tissues of mice 0 None
2008-12-05 Model unravels rules that govern how genes are switched on and off 0 None
2008-12-05 Intervention in infants with cystic fibrosis key to slowing progression 0 None
2008-12-05 Interferon as long-term treatment for hepatitis C not effective 0 None
2008-12-05 Happiness really does rub off 0 None
2008-12-05 Genetic ancestry of African-Americans reveals new insights about gene expression 0 None
2008-12-05 Chromatin packaging helps decipher how cancer develops 0 None
2008-12-05 Researchers focus on phosphoinositide 3-kinase pathway in cancer research 0 None
2008-12-05 Extraordinary immune cells may hold the key to managing HIV 0 None
2008-12-05 Analysis of intensive care units shows drug and alcohol abuse double risk of admission 0 None
2008-12-05 Dormant stem cells for emergencies 0 None
2008-12-05 Stem cells derived from bone marrow may offer novel therapeutic option for epidermolysis bullosa 0 2
2008-12-05 Depression common among medical students 0 None
2008-12-05 Fatty liver disease and body shape 0 2
2008-12-05 A new approach improves prioritization of disease-associated SNPs 0 None
2008-12-05 Moderate alcohol intake boosts amount of omega-3 fatty acids in our body 0 4
2008-12-04 Treatment with irbesartan fails to improve common form of heart failure 0 3
2008-12-04 Doing the math for membranes 0 None
2008-12-03 Better targeted, more cost-effective osteoporosis treatment could soon be a reality worldwide 0 None
2008-12-03 Cancer stem-cell model tested by University of Michigan researchers 0 None
2008-12-03 Scientists show that endothelial cells give rise to blood stem cells 0 1
2008-12-03 Light exposure therapy, dark sunglasses help night-shift workers 0 None
2008-12-03 Potential new target for drugs to prevent HIV-associated dementia 0 None
2008-12-03 Stress-related disorders affect brain's processing of memory 0 None
2008-12-03 Natural killer T cells play important role in Lyme disease 0 None
2008-12-03 Discovery of new enzyme in cancer growth 0 None
2008-12-03 Anti-oestrogen drugs may promote more harmful cancer cell behaviour 0 None
2008-12-03 New set of controls for stem cells discovered 0 None
2008-12-03 Motor neurons derived from human embryonic stem cells provide insight into ALS 0 None
2008-12-03 Best treatments found for long-term survival in low-grade gliomas 0 None
2008-12-03 Kidney disease patients with poor health literacy are less likely to receive kidney transplants 0 None
2008-12-03 Discovery of gene variants that impact the placebo effect 0 None
2008-12-03 Gene therapy used to alleviate sickle cell disease pathology 0 None
2008-12-03 New insights into cellular senescence 0 None
2008-12-03 Broccoli compound, indole-3-carbinol targets key enzyme in late-stage cancer 0 3
2008-12-03 More alkaline diet strengthens skeletal health 0 None
2008-12-03 Men who survive childhood leukemia have lower bone mineral density 0 None
2008-12-03 Researchers develop human embryonic stem cell-based system for modeling ALS 0 None
2008-12-03 Alpha-catenin protein provokes healthy cell bonding 0 None
2008-12-03 Interferon needed for cells to 'remember' how to defeat a virus 0 None
2008-12-03 New evidence shows that the heart beats to its own drummer 0 None
2008-12-03 Use of rapid response team in hospital not linked with reduction in cardio arrests or deaths 0 None
2008-12-03 Adropin protein produced by the liver sends signal that fat is on the way in response to high-fat foods 0 None
2008-12-03 Risk of death may be higher with aprotinin commonly used during cardiac surgery 0 None
2008-12-03 Young researcher identifies binocular vision gene 0 None
2008-12-03 New technique provides closer look at DNA and mRNA 0 None
2008-12-03 Cancer risk from cardiac computed tomography overstated 0 None
2008-12-03 MG53 protein found to be a key initiator of membrane repair in damaged tissue 0 None
2008-12-03 Patient photos help counteract anonymity common in radiologic exams 0 None
2008-12-03 Do laser printers release pathogenic toner dust into air? 0 None
2008-12-03 Many seniors feel younger than they actually are 0 None
2008-12-03 Link found between Alzheimer's disease biomarkers in healthy adults 0 None
2008-12-03 New drug tasimelteon may cure jet lag 0 5
2008-12-03 Fruit flies provide better understanding of human heart disease 0 None
2008-12-03 Are we finally winning the war on cancer? 0 None
2008-12-03 Yeast provides new insight into cholesterol-lowering drugs 0 None
2008-12-03 Escalating inequality in cardiovascular health status between rich and poor 0 None
2008-12-02 Discovery of gene that protects against lung cancer 0 None
2008-12-02 European research effort pushes towards cervical cancer cure 0 None
2008-12-02 More evidence on why the Mediterranean diet is good for heart 0 None
2008-12-01 New method improves immunotherapy 0 None
2008-12-01 Seniors with depression more likely to gain abdominal fat 0 None
2008-12-01 Patient harm more common with patient-controlled pain medication 0 None
2008-12-01 Poor quality HDL cholesterol bad for you 0 None
2008-12-01 Reprogrammable cell type depends on a single gene to keep its identity 0 None
2008-12-01 Prostate cancer tumors promote nerve growth 0 None
2008-12-01 Place of birth plays a role in the occurrence of asthma in U.S black population 0 None
2008-12-01 Chemical used in antifouling paints may promote obesity 0 None
2008-12-01 Analysis of tissue biomarkers expressed in ovarian cancer samples 0 None
2008-12-01 Breakthrough in strategy used to develop new pharmacological treatments for schizophrenia 0 None
2008-12-01 Magnetic imaging devices may damage cochlear implants 0 None
2008-12-01 People with lower IQs may have greater risk of mental disorders 0 None
2008-12-01 Cardiac CT effectively assesses coronary artery stenosis 0 None
2008-12-01 Vitamin D deficiency could lead to heart problems 0 None
2008-12-01 New insight into adhesion and migration of dendritic cells could lead to novel cancer treatments 0 None
2008-12-01 Protein indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase points to new pancreatic cancer therapies 0 None
2008-12-01 Fractional dose of scarce meningitis vaccine may be effective in outbreak control 0 None
2008-12-01 Study looks at rare injuries in high school athletes 0 None
2008-12-01 Alcohol-dependence study looks at impact of pharmacotherapy on quality-of-life 0 None
2008-12-01 Exercise helps blood flow in senior brains 0 None
2008-12-01 Researchers find that when cells shut down they also spew proteins into their surrounding environment 0 None
2008-12-01 EGFR inhibitors show promise for obesity 0 None
2008-12-01 Scientists show function of helical band in heart 0 5
2008-12-01 Brain waves show sound processing abnormalities in autistic children 0 None
2008-12-01 Antibiotics causing most drug-induced liver injury 0 None
2008-12-01 An ace for visually-impaired students in computer science 0 None
2008-12-01 Early alcohol use leads to tolerance to high doses of alcohol later in life 0 None
2008-12-01 Blame your genes: why some people get sicker for longer 0 None
2008-12-01 Acupuncture just as effective without needle penetration 0 5
2008-12-01 Scientists pinpoint two new risk factors for Wilms tumour 0 None
2008-12-01 Diet may regulate obesity health risks, but genes decide, says new research 0 None
2008-12-01 Scientists hope European grant can improve healthy ageing 0 None
2008-12-01 Genes influence how well you deal with an illness 0 None
2008-12-01 Fast food diet a suspect in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-11-30 Scientists find key to keeping killer T cells in prime shape for fighting infection, cancer 0 None
2008-11-30 New European food allergy research 0 None
2008-11-30 Mindfulness based cognitive therapy provides new hope for people with recurring depression 0 None
2008-11-30 New study indicates smallpox vaccination effective for decades 0 None
2008-11-30 New method could help reduce breast-lesion biopsies 0 None
2008-11-30 Genetic variation in metabolism identified 0 None
2008-11-30 Diet rich in fat, sugar and cholesterol a potential risk factor for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-11-30 Crossing scientific boundaries to understand the rejection of drugs 0 None
2008-11-30 Multitasking proteins driving cell behavior 0 None
2008-11-30 Advance in K-Ras-mutated cancer research 0 5
2008-11-30 Potential gene target for treatment of common hearing, vertigo and balance problems 0 None
2008-11-28 Study identifies genetic variants giving rise to differences in metabolism 0 None
2008-11-28 Researchers discover genomic causes of acute lymphoblastic leukemia relapse 0 None
2008-11-28 Research identifies cell receptor as target for anti-inflammatory immune response 0 None
2008-11-28 Breakthrough for dialysis patients 0 None
2008-11-28 Discovery of new way in which epigenetic information is inherited 0 None
2008-11-27 First study showing how protein fine-tunes the heart 0 None
2008-11-26 Yale researchers find molecule that may help regulate how much animals and people eat 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers provide new evidence that aging can be slowed 0 None
2008-11-26 Noninvasive test for urine protein detects kidney dysfunction in transplant patients 0 None
2008-11-26 Study compares strategies for BK virus nephropathy 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers uncover a critical link between taste and body weight 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers provide new insight into adaptive ability of cells 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers identify a potentially universal mechanism of aging 0 None
2008-11-26 Discovery of mechanism linking serotonin with regulation of food intake 0 None
2008-11-26 NSF grant puts talented undergraduates into research labs 0 None
2008-11-26 Nitric oxide can change computational ability of the brain 0 None
2008-11-26 New colorectal module from Simbionix advances laparoscopic cancer treatment 0 None
2008-11-26 Mouse model of prion disease mimics diverse symptoms of human disorder 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers identify molecule that tells your brain your stomach is full 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers discover that a lipid produced in the gut rises after eating fatty foods 0 None
2008-11-26 Fruit flies provide new insights into a brain-damaging disease mucolipidosis type IV 0 None
2008-11-26 Study looks at Tamiflu resistance in influenza viruses caused by environmental contamination 0 None
2008-11-26 Defective calcium metabolism in nerve cells contributes to neurological disorder 0 None
2008-11-26 Scribble protein found to be an important regulator of breast cancer 0 None
2008-11-26 Gut found to exert control over bone 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers discover how brain cells can survive a stroke 0 None
2008-11-26 Winning by a nose: promising news for spinal cord injury patients 0 None
2008-11-25 Understanding donor-recipient genetics could decrease early kidney transplant complications 0 None
2008-11-25 New understanding of processes that regulate genes 0 None
2008-11-25 Aging brain easily distracted 0 None
2008-11-25 Receipt of ventricular assist devices associated with poor outcomes, high costs 0 None
2008-11-25 Discovery may lead to new therapeutic approaches for pain reduction 0 None
2008-11-25 Trends in sexual risk behaviors, by nonsexual risk behavior involvement, U.S. high school students 0 None
2008-11-25 Researchers urge physicians to test for fragile X gene mutations in patients of all ages 0 None
2008-11-25 Call for greater caution in prescribing inhaled corticosteroids to COPD sufferers 0 None
2008-11-25 Unexpected finding: Caring for ailing spouse may prolong your life 0 None
2008-11-25 Immune cells reveal fancy footwork 0 None
2008-11-25 Genetic variation for persons with diabetes linked to greater risk of coronary artery disease 0 None
2008-11-25 Dieters could have a harder time fighting flu 0 None
2008-11-25 New advance in the treatment of sickle cell anaemia 0 None
2008-11-25 Disclosure of medication to dentist can save a patient's life 0 None
2008-11-25 Researchers repair injured heart muscle with novel stem cells 0 4
2008-11-25 Cancer declines for first time in United States 0 None
2008-11-25 Scientists develop peptide that converts Bcl-2 protein from a cancer cell's friend to a foe 0 None
2008-11-25 Adiponectin is a metabolic link between obesity and bone mineral density 0 None
2008-11-25 New study on pancreatic cancer survival 0 None
2008-11-25 Declines in cancer incidence and death rates across U.S. 0 None
2008-11-25 Presence of gum disease may help dentists and physicians identify risk of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-11-25 Understanding how oxidative stress impairs endothelial progenitor cell function may lead to antioxidant therapy to prevent cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-11-25 $2.7 million boosts effort to create the big view of cancer 0 None
2008-11-25 Researchers find clue to safer obesity drugs 0 None
2008-11-25 Potassium loss from blood pressure drugs increases diabetes risk by 50% 0 None
2008-11-25 Patients with severe traumatic brain injuries can relearn social communication skills 0 None
2008-11-25 Australian scientists discover a way to stop meningitis 0 None
2008-11-24 Researchers develop new strategy for broad spectrum anti-viral drugs 0 None
2008-11-24 Blood transfusions increase clot risk in hospitalized cancer patients 0 None
2008-11-24 Reliability of Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale - Cognitive (ADAS-Cog) tool varies widely 0 None
2008-11-24 Big sperm not necessarily fastest 0 None
2008-11-24 Scientists discover that blocking a neuropeptide receptor decreases nicotine addiction 0 None
2008-11-24 Foxm1 gene mutation may cause immature lungs in newborns 0 None
2008-11-24 Scientists present 'moving' theory behind bacterial decision-making 0 None
2008-11-24 Pancreatic duct cells identified as new source of insulin-producing cells 0 None
2008-11-24 Discovery of novel drug target for chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 None
2008-11-24 Prion switching in response to environmental stress 0 None
2008-11-24 Potassium loss caused by diuretics may explain higher risk of adult diabetes 0 None
2008-11-24 Peer-led sex education does not reduce abortions among teenagers 0 None
2008-11-24 New vaccine principle delivers stronger and faster immune response 0 None
2008-11-24 Researchers shed new light on genetics of Parkinson's 0 None
2008-11-24 Health study in northern Uganda calls for improved services for internally displaced persons 0 None
2008-11-24 New model predicts risk of recurrence in early stage colon cancer patients 0 None
2008-11-24 Understanding lipid storage 0 None
2008-11-24 Bioinformatics lecturers enlist undergrads to tackle DNA annotation challenge 0 None
2008-11-24 Neurons in adult brain can remodel their connections 0 None
2008-11-24 Major discovery in the control of bad cholesterol 0 None
2008-11-24 Hazardous drinking pervasive amongst college students 0 None
2008-11-24 The proof is in the pudding - high protein diet a fat buster! 0 None
2008-11-21 Scientists identify blood component that turns anthrax bacteria virulent 0 5
2008-11-21 Researchers discover how red wine may reduce Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-11-21 New report shows the financial and social value of investing in medical research 0 None
2008-11-21 Researchers discover mechanism vital to the development of the hippocampus 0 None
2008-11-21 Mechanisms of cardiovascular disease and cancer give clues to new therapies 0 None
2008-11-21 Long-term use of a macrolide antibiotic reduce COPD exacerbations, raise questions 0 None
2008-11-21 Does hormone treatment predispose patients to breast cancer? 0 None
2008-11-21 Bipolar disorder genes, pathways identified 0 None
2008-11-21 Researchers study effect of ADHD on smoking cessation 0 4
2008-11-20 Neurotic individuals more comfortable with clear negative information than uncertainty 0 None
2008-11-20 Non-pharmacologic interventions for the control of osteoporosis and obesity 0 None
2008-11-20 New approach to stopping germs 0 None
2008-11-20 DNA variations of serotonin transporter gene can influence drinking intensity 0 None
2008-11-20 Possible new target for anticancer therapeutics 0 None
2008-11-20 Researchers reveal a new aspect of tumor development 0 None
2008-11-20 Lactic acid found to be important energy source for tumor cells 0 None
2008-11-20 Study examines hazardous drinking among undergraduate students in New Zealand 0 None
2008-11-20 New insight into the response of human skin to radiation 0 None
2008-11-20 Exposure to Dioxin linked to increased heart problems 0 None
2008-11-20 Light drinking has certain health benefits, researchers look at why 0 None
2008-11-20 First study to look at health of centenarian offspring 0 None
2008-11-20 Brain reorganizes to compensate for loss of vision 0 None
2008-11-20 LDL cholesterol inhibits the breakdown of peripheral fat 0 None
2008-11-20 Targeted nanoparticles boost platinum-based anticancer therapy 0 None
2008-11-20 Nanoparticle targets melanoma with siRNA 0 None
2008-11-20 Patients at risk of self-harm after discharge from psychiatric care 0 None
2008-11-19 New compounds break up cancer-causing protein STAT3 and destroy breast cancer tumors. 0 None
2008-11-19 Survival of head and neck cancer patients is greatly affected by coexisting ailments 0 None
2008-11-19 Regular religious service attendance reduces risk of death by 20 percent 0 None
2008-11-19 Soviet-developed immune formula boosts immune activity 0 None
2008-11-19 Study identifies causes of bone loss in breast cancer survivors 0 4
2008-11-19 Marijuana may be good for the aging brain 0 None
2008-11-19 Researchers identify best time for stem cell collection for Parkinson's therapy 0 None
2008-11-19 Scientists gain new insights into regulation of calpains 0 None
2008-11-19 Cognitive training may benefit 'Baby Boomers' 0 None
2008-11-19 Anal sex being practiced by more teens 0 None
2008-11-19 Researchers define ideal time for stem cell collection for Parkinson's disease therapy 0 None
2008-11-19 Genetic screening no better than traditional risk factors for predicting type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-11-19 Enzyme discovery may lead to better heart and stroke treatments 0 None
2008-11-19 Deep brain mapping to pinpoint specific are of brain associated with Gulf War syndrome 0 None
2008-11-19 Scientists identify biomarkers for chronological and physiological age prediction 0 None
2008-11-19 Higher protein meals help keep the fat away 0 None
2008-11-19 Scientists report basic findings on critical enzyme's regulation may hold key to understanding how to better treat an array of disorders 0 None
2008-11-19 Scientists find DNA repair 'scissors' after 18 year hunt 0 None
2008-11-19 Study to examine early, inherited form of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-11-18 High levels of social support may protect brain during stroke 0 None
2008-11-18 Stress found to impair decision making in rats 0 None
2008-11-18 Researchers examine trends in prescription opioid use for non-cancer pain 0 None
2008-11-18 Patients with depressive disorders or schizophrenia more likely to re-attempt suicide 0 None
2008-11-18 Object-tracking exercises train athlete brains to react faster 0 None
2008-11-18 New rapid screening test to detect mild cognitive impairment 0 None
2008-11-18 Neuralstem enters stem cell collaboration for Huntington's disease in Germany 0 None
2008-11-18 Lower socioeconomic status decreases chances of early detection and survival of colorectal cancer 0 None
2008-11-18 Kinase inhibitors may offer new therapeutic approach for treatment of type 1 diabetes 0 None
2008-11-18 Discovery of new gene linked to epilepsy 0 None
2008-11-18 Risk of non-AIDS cancer higher for individuals infected with HIV 0 None
2008-11-18 Home-based program to improve exercise and diet improves senior cancer survivors' physical function 0 None
2008-11-18 Ginkgo biloba does nothing for dementia, Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-11-18 Doctors hesitant to discuss options to preserve fertility with cancer patients 0 None
2008-11-18 Discovery of 13 new tumor-suppressor genes in liver cancer 0 None
2008-11-18 Researchers examines working couple's retirement patterns 0 None
2008-11-18 Cancer survival rates impact type of Web communities used by patients 0 None
2008-11-18 Cruciferous vegetables may lower lung cancer risk in smokers 0 None
2008-11-18 Kynurenic acid in brain shows potential as schizophrenia target 0 None
2008-11-18 Protein transporter in the gut could speed drug 'take up' 0 None
2008-11-18 Antibiotics can cause pervasive, persistant changes to microbiota in human gut 0 None
2008-11-18 Two common cancer drugs prevent, reverse type 1 diabetes 0 None
2008-11-18 Vaccine-related chronic fatigue syndrome in an individual demonstrating aluminium overload 0 None
2008-11-18 First simulation of the the ageing process 0 None
2008-11-18 Alcohol sponsorship linked to hazardous drinking in sportspeople 0 None
2008-11-18 Nostalgia helps overcome loneliness 0 None
2008-11-18 A post-code lottery still exists for cancer patients with "exceptional circumstances" 0 None
2008-11-18 $99 million medical education and research facility opened 0 None
2008-11-18 Research looks at human gut when exposed to widely used antibiotic ciprofloxacin 0 None
2008-11-18 What are 'orphan' genes needed for? 0 None
2008-11-18 Discovery of gene associated with epilepsy 0 None
2008-11-18 Gut check reveals vast multicultural community of bugs in bowels 0 None
2008-11-18 Exercise increases brain growth factor and receptors, prevents stem cell drop in middle age 0 None
2008-11-17 Why HIV treatment makes people more susceptible to metabolic complications 0 None
2008-11-17 Why only some former smokers develop lung cancer 0 None
2008-11-17 Palladin may play important role in metastasis of breast cancer cells 0 None
2008-11-17 Time, surgery appear to reduce episodes of dizziness in patients with Ménière's 0 None
2008-11-17 Study helps identify beachgoers at increased risk of skin cancer 0 None
2008-11-17 Study helps clarify role of vitamin D in cancer therapy 0 None
2008-11-17 Sleep helps the mind learn complicated tasks 0 None
2008-11-17 Scientists discover new cause of fatal brain injury from acute viral meningitis 0 None
2008-11-17 Researchers find deadly protein that acts as a cancer master switch 0 None
2008-11-17 A link found between nicotine addiction and autism 0 None
2008-11-17 Smoking causes bladder cancer 0 None
2008-11-17 Pain and itch regulated by different molecular mechanisms 0 None
2008-11-17 Non-white med students reject therapies associated with their culture 0 None
2008-11-17 New evidence on how proteins help cells fix broken DNA 0 None
2008-11-17 Study suggests Siemens non-invasive blood test may have a role in monitoring breast cancer patients' response to Herceptin 1 5
2008-11-17 Microarray analysis improves prenatal diagnosis 0 None
2008-11-17 Scientists identify dangerous 'two-faced' protein crucial to breast cancer spread and growth 0 None
2008-11-17 Researchers reduce production of alpha-synuclein in the brain - offers hope for Parkinson's disease 0 None
2008-11-17 Breakthrough reveals first ever complete structure of a nuclear hormone receptor on human DNA 0 None
2008-11-17 Vitamin D deficiency may be a culprit in heart disease, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome 0 None
2008-11-17 Intervention program boosts survival in breast cancer patients 0 None
2008-11-17 Ointment made from indigo naturalis may help treat psoriasis 2 4
2008-11-17 How is our left brain is different from our right? 0 None
2008-11-17 Hazardous alternatives to alcohol beverages are still widely available in Russian cities 0 None
2008-11-17 One in four Gulf war veterans suffers from illness caused by toxic exposure 0 None
2008-11-17 Variations within three genes associated with lipid peroxidation could increase kidney cancer risk 0 None
2008-11-17 Four new colorectal cancer genes found 0 None
2008-11-17 Forgotten but not gone - how the brain takes care of things 0 None
2008-11-17 Performance-enhancing drug use by high school athletes 0 5
2008-11-17 Glucocorticoids may cause damage in the brain 0 None
2008-11-17 Drops in blood oxygen levels may be key to sudden death in some epilepsy patients 0 None
2008-11-17 Expert concerned genetic research could awaken racist attitudes 0 None
2008-11-17 Cooling brain prevents cell death in young mice exposed to anesthesia 0 None
2008-11-17 A cost-effectiveness analysis of Canada's supervised injection site 0 None
2008-11-17 High levels of individualism lead to more problem drinking 0 None
2008-11-17 Protein enzyme BubR1 provides new understanding of processes behind cancer-cell survival and drug-resistance 0 None
2008-11-17 Behavioral risk factors influence cancer risk among the elderly 0 None
2008-11-17 Smoking linked to two forms of esophageal cancer and stomach cancer 0 None
2008-11-17 Scientists find a trigger to aggressive bowel cancer 0 None
2008-11-17 'Intelligent' cancer drug development boosts success rates 0 None
2008-11-17 Scientists establish completely new route to cancer development 0 None
2008-11-17 Scientists gain insight into the cause and possible treatment of motor neurone disease 0 5
2008-11-17 Discovery of new mechanism that regulates formation of blood vessels 0 None
2008-11-17 Blood exosomes shown to contain tumor-specific genetic information for brain cancer 0 None
2008-11-16 Unhappy people watch more TV 0 None
2008-11-16 University of Illinois at Chicago joins international research effort on autism 0 None
2008-11-16 Scientists find intra cellular pathway driving a deadly sub-type of breast cancer 0 None
2008-11-16 Microvesicles released from glioblastoma cells carry information that may guide treatment 0 None
2008-11-16 Seniors with sharp brains reveal first secrets of sharp memory in old age 0 None
2008-11-16 Saturated fats a possible risk factor for cancer of the small intestine 0 5
2008-11-16 New research reveals key steps in HIV's assault on the brain 0 None
2008-11-16 Sports fans may engage in riskier health related behaviors than non-sports fans 0 None
2008-11-16 No evidence supporting the use of vitamin E and C in the prevention of cancer 0 None
2008-11-16 Microbial population of raw milk found to be more complex than previously thought 0 None
2008-11-16 Negative thinking may play a bigger role in heart failure than previously thought 0 None
2008-11-16 Nanoparticles may alter cell structure and pose health risks 0 None
2008-11-16 Discovery of key contributor to Alzheimer's disease process 0 None
2008-11-16 Higher levels of blood phosphate may be a previously unidentified and modifiable cardiovascular risk factor 0 None
2008-11-16 No clear evidence that depression screening improves cardiovascular patients' health 0 None
2008-11-16 Healthy life expectancy in Europe 0 None
2008-11-16 Potential new therapeutic targets for rejuvenating the aged immune system 0 None
2008-11-16 Gender found to be play important role as a prognostic factor in people diagnosed with lung cancer 0 None
2008-11-16 Drug-related preference in cocaine addiction extends to images 0 None
2008-11-16 Doctors' questions about end-of-life legalities may result in patient pain 0 None
2008-11-16 Difluoromethylornithine may affect Barrett's esophagus 0 None
2008-11-16 Cigarette smoke may reshape the left ventricle 0 None
2008-11-16 Traditional chemotherapy agents with targeted therapies improves survival in advance-stage lung cancer 0 None
2008-11-16 Breast and prostate cancer treatment may result in bone loss 0 None
2008-11-16 Calcium may only protect against colorectal cancer in presence of magnesium 0 None
2008-11-16 Alzheimer's gene apolipoprotein E4 slows export of amyloid-beta 0 5
2008-11-16 Advanced lung cancer patients see improved, progression-free survival 0 None
2008-11-13 $8.4 million research grant to improve patient safety in Australia 0 None
2008-11-13 Alzheimer's gene slows brain's ability to export toxic protein 0 None
2008-11-13 Hope for treating relapse to methamphetamine abuse 0 None
2008-11-13 Breakthrough in cell-type analysis offers new ways to study development and disease 0 None
2008-11-12 Widespread public support for large genetic study 0 None
2008-11-12 Discovery of stem cells with potential to regenerate injured liver tissue 0 None
2008-11-12 Sex differences narrow in death after heart attack 0 None
2008-11-12 Research shows why some heart failure treatments fail 0 None
2008-11-12 Blood levels of resistin a new biomarker for heart failure 0 None
2008-11-12 Messages of hope work better in motivating black patients to seek early screening for cancer 0 None
2008-11-12 Intraspinal implant of mesenchymal stem cells may not heal the demyelinated spinal cord 0 None
2008-11-12 Discovery of essential mechanism for maintenance of myelin's structure 0 None
2008-11-12 New insight into multisensory integration 0 None
2008-11-12 Adults with severe heart failure have more doctor visits, medications than others on Medicare 0 None
2008-11-12 Discovery of unique approach for delivering drugs to the brain - potential for Alzheimer's and stroke 0 None
2008-11-12 Regularly exercise good for heart failure patients 0 None
2008-11-12 Dual treatment for stroke leads to improved recovery rates, reduced mortality 0 None
2008-11-12 Isoflurane induces Alzheimer's-associated changes in mouse brains 0 None
2008-11-12 Lower energy dense breakfast improves overall diet quality 0 None
2008-11-12 African-Americans with depression and heart attack have greater risk of death 0 None
2008-11-12 New method of viewing cancer cells shows how breast cancer spreads 0 None
2008-11-12 A large waistline doubles your risk of premature death 0 None
2008-11-12 Strong relationship found between allergies and cancer in environmentally exposed tissues 0 None
2008-11-12 Hydrogen sulfide could be used to treat humans with heart failure 0 5
2008-11-12 Staying active may lower health risks for large, retired athletes 0 None
2008-11-12 Scientists map steps to block enzyme phosphodiesterase 5's action in heart failure 0 None
2008-11-12 Breakthrough in rheumatoid arthritis research 0 None
2008-11-12 Dental pulp stem cells show promise for use in cell therapy 0 4
2008-11-12 Researchers uncover beneficial mechanism of the helpful "Dr. Jekyll" side of the Cdk5 protein 0 None
2008-11-12 Discovery of possible link between chronic pancreatitis and liver cirrhosis of alcoholic etiology 0 None
2008-11-12 New study focuses on adolescents and young adults at risk for psychosis 0 4
2008-11-11 Newborn neurons in the adult brain can settle in the wrong neighborhood 0 None
2008-11-11 Do statins cause muscle problems? 0 None
2008-11-11 Comprehensive assessment of burden of HPV-associated cancers in the U.S. 1 None
2008-11-11 Ultrasound used to improve prediction of heart attacks 0 None
2008-11-11 Joyful music has a healthy effect on blood vessel function 0 None
2008-11-11 Researchers look at sildenafil use in cirrhosis patients 0 None
2008-11-11 Elevated nonfasting triglyceride levels linked with higher risk of stroke 0 None
2008-11-11 Genetics for personalized coronary heart disease treatment 0 None
2008-11-11 High-fat diet during pregnancy makes new cells in fetal brain that cause early onset obesity 0 None
2008-11-11 Sex hormones may affect atherosclerosis 0 None
2008-11-11 Does HBV infection induce acute cellular DNA damage? 0 None
2008-11-11 Diuretic reduces risk for type of heart failure that affects women more often than 0 None
2008-11-11 Damage inflicted by cholesterol crystals during cardiac attacks more widespread 0 None
2008-11-11 Effects of depression on glycemic control in veterans with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-11-11 Fifteen minute walk can reduce food cravings 0 None
2008-11-11 Differences between benign and cancerous moles 0 None
2008-11-11 An ideal therapy for peptic ulcer disease 0 None
2008-11-11 New technology could revolutionse breast cancer screening 0 None
2008-11-11 New technique to study the genetics of breast cancer 0 None
2008-11-11 Folic acid does not offer any cardiovascular benefits 0 None
2008-11-11 Fatty diet during pregnancy produces new neurons in fetal brain 0 None
2008-11-11 New blood test identifies sickest heart failure patients in ER 0 None
2008-11-11 Tailored anti-clotting medications reduce adverse effects after percutaneous coronary intervention 0 None
2008-11-11 Timing is everything for some heart attack patients 0 None
2008-11-11 Exercise training safe in heart failure patients - offer clinical benefit 0 None
2008-11-11 Public smoking ban would reduce heart attack admissions 0 None
2008-11-11 New genetic kidney atlas will explain kidney disease 0 None
2008-11-11 Chronic pain makes many sufferers contemplate suicide 12 5
2008-11-11 Protein can nurture or devastate brain cells, depending on its 'friends,' UT Southwestern researchers find 0 None
2008-11-11 Vision screening law for older Floridians associated with lower fatality rates in car crashes 0 None
2008-11-11 Discovery of mechanism that regulates the development of stem cells into neurons 0 None
2008-11-11 Stem cells from umbilical cord blood may help build new heart valves 0 5
2008-11-11 Obesity raises levels of hormone leptin 0 None
2008-11-11 Study finds rise in rate of diagnostic imaging in managed care 0 None
2008-11-11 Increased heart attack deaths in NYC ambulance diversions confirmed in new research 0 None
2008-11-11 Signaling between protein, growth factor is critical for coordinated cell migration 0 None
2008-11-11 Secondary prevention program may reduce risks after heart attack 0 None
2008-11-11 Researchers describe how cells recycle protein waste 0 None
2008-11-11 Researchers aim to over-stress already taxed mantle cell lymphoma cells 0 None
2008-11-11 Latest research on diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases 0 None
2008-11-11 New advances in diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases 0 None
2008-11-11 Interferon beta treatment success for multiple sclerosis shown with MRI 0 None
2008-11-11 Epstein-Barr virus linked to inflammatory diseases of the mouth 0 None
2008-11-11 Simple blood test for high-sensitivity C-reactive protein is a useful marker for cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-11-11 Cells exhausted from fighting HIV infection can be rescued 0 None
2008-11-11 Lack of sleep tied to greater risk of heart disease 0 None
2008-11-11 Sleep disorders linked to eye disease 0 None
2008-11-11 Daily rhythms in endothelial cells may explain why heart attacks occur most often in early morning hours 0 None
2008-11-10 Cancer risk from cardiac CT overstated 0 None
2008-11-10 Researchers test whether cocktail of vitamins and magnesium help prevent hearing loss 0 None
2008-11-10 Blood pressure control inequality linked to deaths among blacks 0 None
2008-11-10 Black and south Asian people benefiting less from interventions to reduce blood pressure 0 None
2008-11-10 Antibacterial drug use increases at academic medical centers 0 None
2008-11-10 Racial convergence in cigarette use from adolescence to the mid-thirties 0 None
2008-11-10 Absence of ERK2 gene linked to birth defects 0 None
2008-11-10 Education lessens the effects of Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-11-10 Sleep disorder linked to eye disease 0 None
2008-11-10 Flu shots cut the risk of blood clots forming in veins 0 None
2008-11-10 Gene therapy for advanced heart failure shows promising results 0 None
2008-11-10 Can vitamins and minerals prevent hearing loss? 0 None
2008-11-10 NEI releases complete data from age-related eye disease study 0 None
2008-11-10 Study finds 25% of family caregivers of AD patients go to ER or are hospitalized 0 None
2008-11-10 New risk factor for heart disease suggests more should be on statins 0 None
2008-11-10 Grape seeds could ward off Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-11-10 Cancer study a world first 0 None
2008-11-10 Researchers unravel mysteries of brain aneurysms 0 4
2008-11-10 Chaotic vasculature hinders tumor growth 0 None
2008-11-10 T-cell-based strategy for HIV-1 vaccines still viable option 0 None
2008-11-10 Health complications for obese kidney donors 0 None
2008-11-10 Simple brain mechanisms explain arbitrary human visual decisions 0 None
2008-11-10 High levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein found to be new risk factor for cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-11-10 Five key proteins form new, early-warning blood test before heart attack strikes 0 None
2008-11-10 Low-dose aspirin does not appear to reduce risk of CV events in patients with diabetes 0 None
2008-11-10 Low levels of potassium in diet linked to high blood pressure 0 4
2008-11-10 Hispanics less likely to have repeat revascularizations 1 year after angioplasty 0 None
2008-11-10 Heart failure hospitalization rates rise among nation's seniors 0 None
2008-11-10 Latest glaucoma research 2 None
2008-11-10 Flu shots may reduce risk of blood clots forming in veins 0 None
2008-11-10 Scientists engineer T cells to recognize HIV-1 strains that have evaded the immune system 0 None
2008-11-10 Stents no help for patients with narrow kidney arteries 0 None
2008-11-10 New research on chronic corticosteroid use 0 None
2008-11-10 Further evidence that angiogenesis drugs can be much more effective when combined with chemotherapy 0 None
2008-11-10 Advances in ophthalmology 0 None
2008-11-09 Bullies love to bully 0 None
2008-11-09 Scientists on a quest to find the right prescription for exercise 0 None
2008-11-09 Sydney student solves piece of the diabetes puzzle 0 None
2008-11-08 Study assesses potential health complications for obese kidney donors 0 None
2008-11-08 New hypothesis on feeling sleepy 0 None
2008-11-08 We all know physical activity is good for you. But why exactly is it good for you? 0 None
2008-11-08 New equation provides more accurate estimates of the glomerular filtration rate 0 None
2008-11-08 Variations of MYH9 gene help explain high rate of kidney disease in African Americans 0 None
2008-11-08 Discovery of gene that regulates mold's resistance to drugs 0 None
2008-11-08 First study on war-related mental health disorders among Iraqis ten years after the Gulf War 0 None
2008-11-08 Calcitriol - active form of vitamin D - may protect us from radiation 0 None
2008-11-08 Brain scans show bullies may enjoy seeing others in pain 0 None
2008-11-08 Behavioral therapy helps overcome depression in kidney disease patients on dialysis 0 None
2008-11-07 Visualizing asthma-causing immune cells at work 0 None
2008-11-07 Research sheds light on possible role of DNA packaging in cancer development 0 None
2008-11-07 Researchers discover metabolic deficiency in pancreatic cancer 0 None
2008-11-07 Study compares survival following different heart disease treatments in patients with ESRD 0 None
2008-11-07 The interaction between genes and behavior 0 2
2008-11-07 Silencing growth inhibitors could help recovery from brain injury 0 None
2008-11-07 Researchers find new path to antibiotics in dirt 0 None
2008-11-07 10 years of stem cells science 0 None
2008-11-07 Discovery of new biochemical pathway which controls DNA repair 0 None
2008-11-07 Researchers screen 700 molecules by RNAi to identify host factors involved in malaria infection 0 None
2008-11-07 Alteration of a gene causes neuroblastoma 0 None
2008-11-07 Gene research sheds light on T-cell production 0 None
2008-11-07 Advances in use of stem cells for tissue regeneration 0 None
2008-11-07 Fat tissue found to produce melanin 0 None
2008-11-07 Impulse control area in brain affected in teens with genetic vulnerability for alcoholism 0 None
2008-11-07 How RNA polymerase kick starts gene activation revealed 0 5
2008-11-07 Anti-herpes drug acyclovir inhibits HIV replication, but with a price 0 None
2008-11-07 For African Americans with hypertensive nephrosclerosis, end stage renal disease risks exceed risk of death from heart disease 0 None
2008-11-07 ERSD, heart disease and African-Americans with hypertensive nephrosclerosis 0 None
2008-11-07 Efficacy, dosage concerns unresolved on sublingual immunotherapy 0 None
2008-11-07 Beta-alanine supplement shows strong effects in the elderly 0 None
2008-11-07 Australian-led global initiative to improve diagnosis of genetic disorders 0 None
2008-11-07 Age is not an independent factor in cancer survival rates, but clinical trials exclude older patients 0 None
2008-11-07 A virus-infecting virus 0 None
2008-11-07 Domestic violence - a growing problem for veterans 0 None
2008-11-06 Scientists confirm a molecular clipping mechanism behind stem cell development 0 None
2008-11-06 Racial disparities increasing for cancers unrelated to smoking 0 None
2008-11-06 Out on a limb: the ethics of amputation 0 None
2008-11-06 Therapy targeting cyclin D1 protein may block expansion of breast cancer cells 0 None
2008-11-06 Pine bark extract reduces jetlag 0 None
2008-11-06 New research sheds light on key trigger of embryonic stem cell differentiation 0 None
2008-11-06 Proteomics provides clues to how tuberculosis thwarts the immune system 0 None
2008-11-06 Discovery of new target in brain for treating schizophrenia 0 None
2008-11-06 New therapeutic target for inflammatory disorders 0 None
2008-11-06 MRI helps predict multiple sclerosis progression 0 None
2008-11-06 Variations in gene pathway alter risk of esophageal cancer 0 None
2008-11-06 Discovery explains how insulin prompts fat and muscle cells to absorb glucose 0 None
2008-11-06 Anti-brain tumor agent derived from herpes virus passes next hurdle 0 None
2008-11-05 Nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, reduces Alzheimer's symptoms 0 None
2008-11-05 Risk of sudden cardiac death greater in 30 days following heart attack 0 None
2008-11-05 Response rates to antidepressants differ among English and Spanish speaking Hispanics 0 None
2008-11-05 Research looks at differential rates of psychoses by ethnicity 0 None
2008-11-05 Canadian study to look at exercise and physical activity 0 None
2008-11-05 Scientists show how body regulates mature B-cells levels 0 None
2008-11-05 Risk of sudden cardiac death highest early after attack 0 None
2008-11-05 Maternal obesity can program fetal brain to induce adult-onset obesity 0 None
2008-11-05 Lung airway cells activate vitamin D and increase immune response 0 None
2008-11-05 Study look at use of insulin via insulin pump 0 None
2008-11-05 Folate, vitamin B6 and B12 do not appear to affect cancer risk 0 None
2008-11-05 Experts available to comment on risk of sudden cardiac death in 30 days following a heart attack 0 None
2008-11-05 Resveratrol type drug mimics low-cal diet to ward off weight gain 0 None
2008-11-05 Apelin hormone shows promise as target for managing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-11-05 Heart attack survivors at highest risk of dying in the month after leaving hospital 0 None
2008-11-04 New weapon in the fight against obesity and diabetes 0 None
2008-11-04 'Natural killer' immune cells reveal factors for reproductive success 0 None
2008-11-04 Extended suboxone treatment substantially improves outcomes for opioid-addicted young adults 0 4.5
2008-11-04 Brain development takes an unexpected bend 0 None
2008-11-04 Researchers look at direct-to-consumer genetic testing 0 None
2008-11-04 Urgent need for research into medication overuse headaches 0 None
2008-11-04 Review of research into how cells and proteins repair fractured bones 0 None
2008-11-04 Targeting epigenetic changes helps tackle MLL-AF4 leukemias 0 None
2008-11-04 Substance abuse and other psychiatric disorders are common among French prisoners 0 None
2008-11-04 Smokers lose ability to smell common odors, increased risk for laryngitis 0 None
2008-11-04 Sibling study could lead to better treatments for inherited form of colon cancer 0 None
2008-11-04 Adding protein sarcospan to muscle cells might help Duchenne muscular dystrophy 0 None
2008-11-04 Researchers look at benefits and applications of medical simulation 0 None
2008-11-04 Discovery of gene that helps control the secretion of acid in the stomach 0 None
2008-11-04 Research shows why parents are born and not made 0 None
2008-11-04 Rates of psychosis higher among minority groups in Britain 0 None
2008-11-04 Rain may be linked to autism 0 None
2008-11-04 Parasites that live inside cells use loophole to thwart immune system 0 None
2008-11-04 Discovery of biomarkers for esophageal cancer before it develops 0 None
2008-11-04 New model helps estimate radiation skin doses during CT-guided interventional procedures 0 None
2008-11-04 Just one mutated SMAD4 allele is enough to cause cancer 0 None
2008-11-04 Two new studies defend homeopathy 0 None
2008-11-04 MRI reveals relationship between depression and pain 0 None
2008-11-04 Potential therapeutic target for acute leukemia types 0 None
2008-11-04 Living with smokers may be associated with inadequate access to food 0 None
2008-11-04 Liver transplant recipients face increased risks of developing cancer 0 None
2008-11-04 Human papillomavirus helps cervical and head and neck cancers resist treatment and grow and spread 0 None
2008-11-04 Long-term benefits of morphine treatment in infants confirmed 0 None
2008-11-04 New study looks at relationship between alcohol-outlet density and intimate partner violence 0 None
2008-11-04 Diabetes and high blood pressure shorten lifespan in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-11-04 Cold Spring Harbor Protocols features organ and cell culture methods 0 None
2008-11-03 New clinical study will help doctors assess abnormal bleeding 0 None
2008-11-03 No need for RNA 0 None
2008-11-03 Parasites that live inside cells use loophole to thwart immune system 0 None
2008-11-03 Diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease predicts high risk and high rate of further infection in teenagers 0 None
2008-11-03 Scientist says research indicates need for effective HPV vaccine for women and men and a simple HPV screening test 0 None
2008-11-03 Researchers develop DNA vaccine for West Nile virus 0 None
2008-11-03 Magnet restores colour perception in partially-sighted patient 0 None
2008-11-03 Adult crime linked to childhood anxiety 0 None
2008-11-03 First gene for child brain tumour identified 0 None
2008-11-03 Persistent bacterial infection exploits killing machinery of immune cells 0 None
2008-11-03 Aboriginals in the Kimberley suffer higher dementia rates 0 5
2008-11-03 Insomnia linked to a neurochemical abnormality in the brain 0 None
2008-11-03 Two pronged approach to melanomas shows promise 0 None
2008-11-02 How the Nodal gene family keeps the heart in the right (asymmetric) place 0 None
2008-11-02 New method provides panoramic view of protein-RNA interactions in living cells 0 None
2008-11-02 Discovery of new pathway used by disease-causing bacteria to evade host immune system and survive 0 None
2008-11-02 Double-barreled immune cell approach for neuroblastoma 0 None
2008-11-02 Scientists develop genome-wide platform to study how specialized proteins regulate RNA in living, intact cells 0 None
2008-11-02 Alternative splicing in genes more prevalent than previously believed 0 None
2008-11-02 Substance tackles skin cancer with two-pronged attack 0 None
2008-11-02 Bacteria can directly cause human blood and plasma to clot 0 None
2008-10-31 Antioxidants reduce the toxic effects of lead 0 None
2008-10-31 24-hour drinking linked to shift in hospital attendance patterns 0 None
2008-10-30 Frequent urination protects against bladder cancer 0 None
2008-10-30 Adjusting the clocks to summer time affects risk of heart attack 0 None
2008-10-30 Discovery of mechanism and possible drug treatment for growth of nerve tumors in neurofibromatosis 0 None
2008-10-30 By imaging live cells, researchers show how hepatitis C replicates 0 None
2008-10-30 New research to examine relationship between anger and alcohol abuse 0 None
2008-10-30 Stem cell therapies for heart disease - one step closer 0 None
2008-10-30 Cancer requires support from immune system to develop, researchers report 0 None
2008-10-29 Melanin shows potential as new drug target for obesity 0 None
2008-10-29 New grant for blood substitutes 0 None
2008-10-29 Grapes may aid a bunch of heart risk factors 0 None
2008-10-29 Researchers find new chemical key that could unlock hundreds of new antibiotics 0 None
2008-10-29 Professor reveals the 'Jennifer Aniston neuron' 0 None
2008-10-29 Protein in urine could be a predictor of heart disease 0 None
2008-10-28 Researchers discover new way to attack some forms of leukemia 0 None
2008-10-28 Researchers discover how Sonic hedgehog gene controls brain development 0 5
2008-10-28 Malaria medication hydroxychloroquine prevents diabetes in arthritis patients 0 None
2008-10-28 Tiny hearts may have big problems with complementary medicine 0 None
2008-10-28 Blood stored for 29 days or more linked to infection 0 None
2008-10-28 High-fat diet could promote the development of Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-10-28 Brain's 'hate circuit' identified 0 None
2008-10-28 Systems biology and glycomics used to study human inflammatory diseases 0 5
2008-10-28 Gene against bacterial attack unravelled 0 None
2008-10-28 Review of health benefits of grape polyphenols 0 None
2008-10-28 'Meth' abuse and underage sex, smoking and drinking go hand in hand 0 None
2008-10-28 Novel cell division mechanism discovered 0 None
2008-10-28 Stress affects older adults more than young ones 0 None
2008-10-28 Physicians less likely to diagnose anxiety in elderly black patients than in whites, study finds 0 None
2008-10-28 Protect yourself from flu by wearing a mask and washing your hands 0 None
2008-10-28 Link found between brain receptors and schizophrenia 0 None
2008-10-28 Scientists discover a catalytic antibody that degrades a known appetite stimulant 0 None
2008-10-28 Cholesterol-lowering statins associated with lower risk of death from pneumonia 0 None
2008-10-28 Brain stimulation improves dexterity 0 None
2008-10-27 New research could be the 'holy grail' for predicting pre-eclampsia 0 None
2008-10-27 Griffith University and Pfizer in new partnership to unlock nature's cure for infections 0 None
2008-10-27 Discovery of new gene responsible for puberty disorders 0 None
2008-10-27 New strategy to treat human infections caused by the yeast Candida albicans 1 None
2008-10-27 Statins show promise for deep vein thrombosis 0 None
2008-10-27 Eating whole grains lowers heart failure risk 0 None
2008-10-27 How we see and understand the three-dimensional structure of objects 0 None
2008-10-27 In mice, anxiety is linked to immune system 0 None
2008-10-27 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to lead nationwide aging study 0 None
2008-10-27 Study reveals factors of exceptional health in old age 0 None
2008-10-27 Bisphosphonates for osteoporosis increase risk for heart problems 0 None
2008-10-27 Respiratory syncytial virus may hide in the lungs, lead to asthma 0 None
2008-10-27 Purple tomatoes the latest in the arsenal against cancer 0 None
2008-10-27 Transsexual genes identified 0 5
2008-10-27 Feeling itchy? it may be stress! 0 5
2008-10-26 Human rhinovirus found to manipulate genes 0 None
2008-10-26 Simple gene-based blood test, quicker, more accurate evaluation for cystic fibrosis 0 None
2008-10-26 Even minimally symptomatic obstructive sleep apnea increases cardiovascular risk 0 None
2008-10-26 High dose flu vaccine boosts immune response in elderly 0 None
2008-10-26 Life in Canada more deadly for immigrants? 0 1
2008-10-26 Advancing medical research 0 None
2008-10-26 Scientists discover how a well-known protein repairs broken DNA ends 0 None
2008-10-26 A new role for a critical DNA repair molecule in the immune system 0 None
2008-10-23 Exposure to low doses of mercury changes the way the arteries work 0 5
2008-10-23 Why some people have a better head for languages 0 None
2008-10-23 Grant funds research on environmental link to breast cancer 0 None
2008-10-23 Mouse genes guide search for human anxiety disorder genes 0 None
2008-10-23 Memory function varies after damage to key area of the brain 0 None
2008-10-23 Socioeconomic and treatment factors affect non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients' survival 0 None
2008-10-23 Cracking the code of adolecent drug use 0 None
2008-10-22 Could brain abnormality predict drug addiction? 0 None
2008-10-22 Skin creams can actually dry the skin 0 None
2008-10-22 Sudden cardiac death number one risk for patients on dialysis 0 None
2008-10-22 Gene study sheds new light on lung cancer 0 None
2008-10-22 UK teenage suicide rates on the decline 0 None
2008-10-22 Gene find sheds light on motor neuron diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 None
2008-10-22 Developing depression after a heart attack increases one’s risk of death or readmission 0 None
2008-10-22 Education and work help beat Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-10-22 Direct link found between college students' health and academic achievement 0 None
2008-10-21 Rate of suicide in U.S. increases for first time in a decade 0 None
2008-10-21 Researchers identify novel type of antibody that potently inhibits HIV infection 0 None
2008-10-21 A little exercise prolongs life expectancy for people with heart disease 0 None
2008-10-21 Cell phones and brain cancer - major research initiatives needed 0 None
2008-10-21 Discovery of genetic switch critical for cell survival in Hypoxia 0 None
2008-10-21 Laser treatment works well on sun-damaged skin 0 None
2008-10-21 Beta-blockers raise the risk of a heart attack after surgery 0 None
2008-10-21 Junk food responsible for 35% of the world's heart attacks 0 3
2008-10-21 Fatty acids may be the culprit in Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-10-21 Gene could 'knock the sox' off cancer! 0 None
2008-10-20 Contact lenses are home to pathogenic amoebae 0 None
2008-10-20 Getting to grips with the complexity of disease proteins 0 None
2008-10-20 Sun-damaged skin responds well to laser treatment 0 None
2008-10-20 Targeted cell delivery to the cervical spinal cord is a promising strategy to slow loss of motor neurons in ALS 0 None
2008-10-20 Chronic disease keeping older Australians out of the workforce 0 None
2008-10-19 Chance of dying from cancer before the age of 84 is falling 0 None
2008-10-19 Molecule stops DNA replication in its tracks 0 None
2008-10-19 Depression and suicidal thoughts among police officers differ based on gender and work shift 0 5
2008-10-19 Genes that control cell death may play role in age-related hearing loss 0 None
2008-10-19 Waste from gut bacteria helps host control weight 0 None
2008-10-16 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor may predict schizophrenia relapse 0 None
2008-10-16 White wine as healthy for the heart as red 0 5
2008-10-15 New therapy for heart failure 0 None
2008-10-15 Model against unnecessary use of antibiotics 0 None
2008-10-15 Prolonging the withdrawal of life support in the ICU affects family satisfaction with care 0 None
2008-10-15 Artificial brain-muscle connections used to restore movement to paralyzed limbs 0 None
2008-10-15 Alcohol linked to brain shrinkage 0 4.5
2008-10-14 Corticosteroids help recovery from pneumonia 0 None
2008-10-14 Study reveals too many people have faecal bacteria on their hands 0 None
2008-10-14 Shark antibodies show potential as lifesaver from cancer 0 4.5
2008-10-14 Combo of sunlight and low antioxidant levels leave seniors at risk of eye disease 0 None
2008-10-14 Resveratrol shows promise for treating human alcoholic fatty liver disease 0 None
2008-10-14 Altruistic behaviour can be sexually attractive to others 0 None
2008-10-14 Link between dementia and hypotension - Alzheimer's sufferers might have lower blood pressure 0 None
2008-10-14 High-dose vitamin B supplements do not slow cognitive decline in Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-10-14 Discovery of two novel gene locations that raise risk of type 1 diabetes 0 None
2008-10-14 The Internet stimulates and possibly improves brain function 0 None
2008-10-14 African-American seniors who have trouble falling asleep are at higher risk of having memory problems 0 None
2008-10-14 Design of a compound that stabilizes the main natural suppressor of tumours 0 None
2008-10-14 Black patients with chronic pain less likely to have obesity measured 0 None
2008-10-14 Steroids aid recovery from pneumonia, UT Southwestern researchers say 0 None
2008-10-14 Why sufferers from Alzheimer's disease might have lower blood pressure 0 None
2008-10-14 Easier to quit smoking after a heart attack if there is a hospital-based stop smoking program 0 None
2008-10-14 Low levels of vitamin D linked to Parkinson's 0 None
2008-10-13 Marked increase in the use of herbal medicines by Australians 0 None
2008-10-13 Probiotics unlikely to relieve eczema symptoms 0 None
2008-10-13 Prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in patients with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-10-13 People lacking vital antioxidants and exposed to sunlight more likely to develop eye disease later in life 0 None
2008-10-13 Study specifies chemical pathway for ions through the cell membrane 0 None
2008-10-13 5 things you should know about stem cell research 0 None
2008-10-13 New properties of skin stem cells 0 None
2008-10-13 Jam and jelly offers some protection form cancer, fruit and veg still best option 0 None
2008-10-13 Link found between bisphenol A and heart disease 0 None
2008-10-13 Methamphetamine enters brain quickly and lingers 1 5
2008-10-13 Pump up the volume - but risk permanent hearing damage 0 None
2008-10-12 Link found between mitochondria and tumor formation in stem cells 0 None
2008-10-12 New discovery on how fruits and vegetables protect from cancer 0 None
2008-10-12 Funding boost for Alzheimer's research in Bristol 0 None
2008-10-12 Landmark study unlocks stem cell, DNA secrets to speed therapies 0 None
2008-10-12 Bisphenol A linked to diabetes and heart disease in adults 0 None
2008-10-12 Study reveals that signs of heart disease are attributed to stress more frequently in women than men 0 None
2008-10-12 Body's built-in weapon against HIV explained 0 None
2008-10-12 Inherited disorders and copy number changes in human alpha-globin genes 0 None
2008-10-12 Research explores potential link between surname and Y chromosome type 0 None
2008-10-12 Reason for body's response to borrelia discovered 0 None
2008-10-12 On the trail of a targeted therapy for blood cancer 0 None
2008-10-12 Ginkgo biloba may prevent brain cell damage after a stroke 0 None
2008-10-12 Disparities in head and neck cancer patients 0 None
2008-10-12 The healing power of honey for wounds 0 None
2008-10-12 Little use of biological alternatives to chemical pesticides 0 None
2008-10-07 Red wine cuts smokers risk for lung cancer 0 None
2008-10-07 Too much volunteering bad for the health 0 None
2008-10-06 Battling cancer at the single cell level 0 None
2008-10-06 Microwave ovens need more safety features to protect youngsters 0 None
2008-10-06 Researchers explore issues related to multiple myeloma treatment 0 None
2008-10-06 Use of oral vitamin D supplements may help prevent eczema 3 4.5
2008-10-06 Helicobacter pylori may help prevent adenocarcinoma, esophageal cancers 0 None
2008-10-06 Considerable disparities in survival found among patients with head and neck cancer 0 None
2008-10-06 Disinfectants can make bacteria resistant to treatment 0 None
2008-10-06 Many young people believe their parents "did drugs" 0 5
2008-10-06 Too many 'sickies' could mean a shorter life 0 None
2008-10-06 People 'touch wood' to impose order 0 None
2008-10-06 How much do you need to exercise? 0 None
2008-10-05 Interracial Asian-White couples have distinct risks for gestational diabetes, Caesareans, study finds 0 None
2008-10-05 Many receptor models used in drug design may not be useful after all 0 None
2008-10-05 Discovery of 100 new antiangiogenesis peptides 0 None
2008-10-05 Discovery of important fat precursor cell 0 None
2008-10-05 Researchers discover genes linked to increased gout risk 0 None
2008-10-02 Will patients stick to physical therapy? Questionnaire can help doctors predict 0 None
2008-10-02 Research reveals strong link between music and cardiovascular exercise performance 0 None
2008-10-02 Research shows how cornea uses stem cells to repair itself 0 None
2008-10-02 DNA of good bacteria drives intestinal response to infection 0 None
2008-10-02 Statin-induced muscle disorders are focus of $2.5 million in grants from NIH 0 None
2008-10-02 Cholesterol research, begun in the 'Little Skate,' Garners Award 0 None
2008-10-01 Vitamin C supplements appear to undercut the effectiveness of cancer drugs 0 None
2008-10-01 Long-term psychotherapy superior in treating chronic mental disorders 0 None
2008-10-01 Nanoparticles, so small, seep right through the skin 0 None
2008-09-30 First genetic research model of retina receptors 0 None
2008-09-30 Discovery of genetic link between obesity and colon cancer risk 0 None
2008-09-30 Molecule provides new understanding of cause of colon cancer 0 None
2008-09-30 New gout gene discovery 0 None
2008-09-30 Experts say heart patients should be screened for depression 0 None
2008-09-30 Danish study provides new information on hormone replacement therapy and the risk of heart attacks 0 None
2008-09-30 Cancer Research UK and Astex Therapeutics join forces to develop new anti-cancer treatment 0 None
2008-09-30 A DNA-based vaccine shows promise against avian flu 0 None
2008-09-29 Tuberculosis bacterium uses its sugar coat to sweeten its chances of living in lungs 0 None
2008-09-29 Immune system hurts as well as fights cancer - discovery could lead to new cancer treatments with fewer side effects 0 None
2008-09-29 Multiple sclerosis patients have higher spinal fluid levels of suspicious immune molecule 0 None
2008-09-29 Statins shown not to increase the risk of Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2008-09-29 Existing anti-obesity drugs may be effective against flu, hepatitis and HIV 0 None
2008-09-29 Gap in black, white new cancer diagnoses narrowing in Missouri; mortality rate gap falling more slowly, study finds 0 None
2008-09-28 Infants who focus on mouths rather eyes could be autistic 0 None
2008-09-28 New way to control protein activity could lead to cancer therapies 0 None
2008-09-25 Discovery offers new understanding of diabetes drug target 0 None
2008-09-25 Social class dictates cancer risk 0 None
2008-09-25 New pig model of cystic fibrosis provides better understanding of human disease 0 None
2008-09-25 Researchers investigate impact of stress on police officers' physical and mental health 0 None
2008-09-25 Gene variant boosts risk of fatty liver disease 0 None
2008-09-25 Chocoholics jump for joy - chocolate protects from heart attacks 0 None
2008-09-25 Science backs old fashioned belief in the healing powers of honey 1 1
2008-09-24 Discovery provides model for Alzheimer's breakthrough 0 None
2008-09-24 Major study aims for new approaches to cardiovascular disease management 0 None
2008-09-24 Research continues to support arguments against alcoholic energy drinks 0 None
2008-09-24 Improving mental health from Bristol to Santiago 0 None
2008-09-24 Out of Iraq emerges hope for those with the severest of head injuries 0 None
2008-09-23 Study of 'Big Eaters' could lead to better asthma treatments 0 None
2008-09-23 Stopping smoking reduces postoperative complications 0 None
2008-09-23 Research evaluates acupressure for chemo induced nausea 0 None
2008-09-23 Isoflavone dietary supplement improves the functioning of the arteries in stroke patients 0 None
2008-09-23 New research blames pollution and everyday allergens for laryngitis 0 None
2008-09-23 Binge drinkers influenced by the culture they live in 0 None
2008-09-23 Family history of brain tumours increases the risk 0 None
2008-09-22 Sweet smells mean sweet dreams 0 None
2008-09-22 Sun exposure may have an anti-melanoma effect 0 None
2008-09-21 New type of gene manipulation therapy offers hope for Duchenne muscular dystrophy sufferers 0 5
2008-09-21 Research provides new insights into how cells accessorize their proteins 0 None
2008-09-18 Researchers to look at relationship between tinnitus and defects in the inner ear 0 None
2008-09-18 No such thing as a 'safe' suntan 0 None
2008-09-18 Experts say guidelines for ATV's are not safe 0 None
2008-09-17 Discovery of promising new chemotherapy target for a deadly form of leukemia 0 None
2008-09-17 Muscle stem cell identity confirmed 0 None
2008-09-17 New tool for early diagnosis of breast cancer 0 None
2008-09-17 Triple cocktail of medicines to tackle stroke risk 0 None
2008-09-17 A blood marker may indicate Alzheimer's risk 0 None
2008-09-17 Cardiologists find old-fashioned physical exams just as good for assessing heart failure as new technology 0 None
2008-09-17 Genetic screening effective for initial HIV treatment 0 None
2008-09-17 New research puts FDA under pressure over BPA 0 None
2008-09-17 Who you fancy depends on your testosterone level 0 None
2008-09-17 Flies reveal immune cell response to tumour and tissue damage 0 None
2008-09-17 Australian researchers have new model to predict long-term survival of critically ill patients 0 None
2008-09-16 Prostate cancer genes behave like those in embryo 0 None
2008-09-16 Breast cancer vaccine could protect against aggressive HER2-positive breast tumours 0 None
2008-09-16 Study identifies immune response that enables TB bacteria to multiply, provides new target for TB drugs 0 None
2008-09-15 Variations in cyclin D1 gene increase susceptibility to malignant melanoma 0 None
2008-09-15 Parents of dying newborns need clearer explanation of options 0 None
2008-09-15 Sun-damaged skin does not improve with estrogen treatments 0 None
2008-09-15 Scientists identify ependymoma genes 0 5
2008-09-15 An 'HIV-test' equivalent for early detection of lung cancer 0 None
2008-09-15 Lung cancer in non-smokers is sixth biggest cancer killer 0 None
2008-09-15 Vaccine against HER2-positive breast cancer offers complete protection in lab 0 None
2008-09-15 Inherited one-hit gene mutation provides new opportunity for colon cancer prevention 0 None
2008-09-15 Scientists identify kidney failure susceptibility gene 0 None
2008-09-14 Speaking on a phone while driving puts drivers at significantly greater risk of collision 0 None
2008-09-14 Study shows high gum disease rates in rural Appalachia 0 None
2008-09-14 Scientists discover common variants in the human genome conferring risk of bladder cancer 0 None
2008-09-14 Neuroscientists discover a critical early step of memory formation 0 None
2008-09-14 Anti-inflammatory drugs may mask prostate cancer marker 0 4
2008-09-14 Depressed dialysis patients more likely to be hospitalized or die, researcher finds 0 None
2008-09-11 New research could hold the key to keeping older people fit for longer 0 None
2008-09-11 Scientists discover how to isolate cancer stem cells in tumors 0 None
2008-09-11 Newly discovered molecule promises better treatments for heart attacks, heart surgery 0 None
2008-09-11 Study finds if your self esteem is low, a 'faux relationship' can give you a boost 0 None
2008-09-11 Bad teeth, bleeding gums and poor dental hygiene can lead to heart disease 0 3
2008-09-11 Clean teeth could save your life! 0 None
2008-09-10 World's largest-ever study of 'near-death' experiences 0 None
2008-09-10 New marker for raised intracranial pressure 0 None
2008-09-10 Infectious heart disease death rates rising again say scientists 0 None
2008-09-10 Protein opens hope of treatment for cystic fibrosis patients 0 None
2008-09-10 Herpes virus changes anti-herpes drug acyclovir to form that hinders AIDS virus 0 None
2008-09-10 Bleeding gums increase risk of heart disease 0 3
2008-09-10 Killing bacteria isn't enough to restore immune function after infection, researchers find 0 None
2008-09-10 Eastern Virginia Medical School receives $100 million grant from USAID for microbicide research 0 None
2008-09-10 Cryopreservation techniques bring hopes for women cancer victims and endangered species 0 None
2008-09-10 Tsunami survivors experienced complex trauma and grieving process according to research 0 None
2008-09-10 Many colorectal cancer survivors do not receive recommended follow-up screening 0 None
2008-09-10 Toll of war seen in increased suicide rates among young male veterans 0 None
2008-09-09 New technique in blood analysis may speed diagnosis of heart attacks 0 None
2008-09-09 Researchers find cause of severe metabolic disorders 0 None
2008-09-09 Food soil stuck to surfaces can hold bacteria in food processing factories 0 None
2008-09-09 Women just as likely to be unfaithful as men 0 3
2008-09-09 Discovery of gene that could help develop HIV/AIDS vaccine 0 None
2008-09-09 Physical activity can blunt the effect of obesity genes 0 None
2008-09-09 Vitamin may protect the ageing brain from memory loss 0 None
2008-09-08 Antibiotics still being over-prescribed by GPs 0 None
2008-09-08 Pharmacists reduce hospital visits for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 0 None
2008-09-08 The Cancer Genome Atlas reports first results 0 None
2008-09-08 Catching the blood cell bus gives fatal yeast infection a clean getaway 0 None
2008-09-08 Discovery of new link between gum disease and heart disease 0 None
2008-09-08 'Black sheep protein' key to cancer cell death 0 None
2008-09-08 Healthy individuals may be at risk for heart disease 0 None
2008-09-08 How fat, less important than where that fat is! 0 None
2008-09-08 Sweating and crying may help athletes prevent exercise-induced asthma 0 None
2008-09-08 Universal flu vaccine the 'Holy Grail' of flu shots 0 None
2008-09-07 Vietnamese-Americans have high risk for mental health problems, study finds 0 None
2008-09-07 Injections of N-acetyl cysteine may help 'chemobrain' 0 None
2008-09-07 Basil protects against harmful effects of ageing 0 None
2008-09-07 Patients at risk from unnecessary tubes 0 None
2008-09-07 Effectiveness of Mediterranean diet confirmed for chronic disease prevention 0 None
2008-09-04 Link found between Apobec3 gene and neutralizing antibody response to retrovirus 0 None
2008-09-04 Heavy snorers at increased risk of stroke 0 None
2008-09-04 New research settles measles vaccine/autism controversy 0 5
2008-09-04 The power of cigarettes not just down to nicotine 0 None
2008-09-04 Stress and depression compromising the safety of Australia's truck drivers 0 None
2008-09-04 Hallucinations in the flash of an eye 0 None
2008-09-03 Exercise reduces damage after therapeutic irradiation to the brain 0 None
2008-09-03 Older people can improve their memory and postpone dementia with exercise 0 None
2008-09-03 Monitoring immune responses in disease 0 None
2008-09-03 Hurricane Katrina increased mental and physical health problems in New Orleans by up to three times 0 None
2008-09-03 Oxidative stress: mechanism of cell death clarified 0 None
2008-09-03 New hope for treating common form of inherited neuromuscular disease 0 None
2008-09-02 Just a little exercise each day helps prevent memory deterioration 0 None
2008-09-02 Researchers find genetic proof on how osteoarthritis destroys cartilage 0 None
2008-09-02 Advances in cell therapy bring cure for diabetes step closer 0 None
2008-09-02 Vitamin B deficiency may cause vascular cognitive impairment 0 None
2008-09-02 New guidelines for dealing with earwax 0 None
2008-09-02 New discovery on growth factor - breakthrough for cancer research 0 None
2008-09-02 Millions face undiagnosed heart risk in the UK say researchers after mass screening 0 None
2008-09-02 The role played by drug-eluting stents in reducing acute myocardial infarction 0 None
2008-09-02 Older fathers more likely to have children with bipolar disorder 0 None
2008-09-02 A new knee or hip has a life of three years 0 None
2008-09-02 Researchers say heart bypass a better option than drug-eluting stents 0 None
2008-09-01 Atomic bomb's effect results in adult-onset thyroid cancer 0 None
2008-09-01 Playing and watching sports improves language skills 0 None
2008-09-01 Neuroimaging links chronic insomnia to reversible cognitive deficits without changes in behavior 0 None
2008-09-01 American Indian/Alaska natives have significantly higher alcohol-related death percentage than general population, CDC reports 0 None
2008-09-01 New biomarkers in acute cardiac care 0 None
2008-09-01 Intima media thickness of the carotid artery 0 None
2008-09-01 Reality television programmes fuelling demand for cosmetic surgery 0 None
2008-09-01 Save your life by taking the stairs instead of the lift 0 None
2008-09-01 Issues on cholesterol: diet, statins and genetics 0 None
2008-09-01 New genetic link to inflammatory bowel diseases discovered 0 None
2008-09-01 Genetic link discovered to common form of leukaemia 0 None
2008-09-01 Discovery of tumour growth enzyme could lead to new cancer drugs 0 None
2008-09-01 Faster heart rate linked to increased heart attack risk 0 None
2008-08-31 Best use of drug-eluting stents: When should they be avoided? 0 None
2008-08-31 DES in diabetic patients 0 None
2008-08-31 Genetic testing for sudden cardiac death 0 None
2008-08-31 Positive exercise testing in athletes: What does that mean? 0 None
2008-08-31 Should we use echocardiography to screen young athletes? 0 None
2008-08-31 TIME-CHF Trial: Elderly HF patients do not benefit from intensive medical therapy 1 None
2008-08-31 Sports-related sudden cardiac death is reduced by pre-participation cardiovascular screening 0 None
2008-08-31 Study points to one cause of higher rates of transplanted kidney rejection in blacks 0 None
2008-08-31 Blood vessel cells are instructed to form tube-like structures 0 None
2008-08-28 Researchers devise means to create blood by discovering earliest form of human blood stem cells 0 None
2008-08-28 Low levels of 'brain derived neurotrophic factor' may lead to obesity 0 None
2008-08-28 Antidepressants need new nerve cells to be effective 0 None
2008-08-28 Why transplanted insulin cells die 0 None
2008-08-28 New role for Natural Killer cells 0 None
2008-08-28 Depression drug Cymbalta eases chronic back pain 0 None
2008-08-28 Transformation of ordinary cells into insulin-makers improves symptoms of diabetes 0 None
2008-08-28 Older Aussies busy in bed 0 None
2008-08-27 Diazepam effects nerve cells in the brain reward system 0 2.5
2008-08-27 Berries show to have a genome-wide effect on the expression of genes involved in cancer development 0 None
2008-08-27 Over 10 million Americans are taking opioids 0 None
2008-08-27 Patients discontinuing statin medication following an acute myocardial infarction risk death 0 None
2008-08-27 Discovery of genes that may predispose to anxiety disorders 0 None
2008-08-27 UT Southwestern discovery may lead to new drug-abuse treatments 0 None
2008-08-27 High levels of toxic metals found in Ayurvedic medicines 0 None
2008-08-27 Chronic stress alters our genetic immune response 0 None
2008-08-27 Potential new targets for antidepressants 0 None
2008-08-27 Many people mistaken about the causes of cancer 0 None
2008-08-26 Global survey highlights need for cancer prevention campaigns to correct misbeliefs 0 None
2008-08-26 Early trigger for type-1 diabetes found in mice 0 None
2008-08-26 Role of vitamin D in kidney disease examined 0 5
2008-08-26 California's tobacco control program saved $86 billion in medical costs 0 None
2008-08-26 Burning incense ups the risk of respiratory tract cancers 0 None
2008-08-26 Premature births may be the result of undiagnosed infection 0 None
2008-08-26 Childhood pets may make adults snorers 0 None
2008-08-26 Asian-American/Pacific Islanders have higher survival rates than others for gastric cancers 0 None
2008-08-25 Normalizing tumor vessels to improve chemotherapy drug delivery 0 None
2008-08-25 Infections of amniotic fluid may be a significant cause of premature birth 0 5
2008-08-25 Could a substance from the jasmine flower hold the key to an effective new therapy to treat cancer? 0 None
2008-08-25 Breakthrough discovery may lead to new drugs to fight bird flu, other epidemics 0 None
2008-08-25 How memory deals with a change in plans 0 None
2008-08-25 Long term use of incense increases the risk of developing cancers of the respiratory tract 0 None
2008-08-25 Alcohol consumption can cause too much cell death, fetal abnormalities 0 None
2008-08-25 Century old rule of chemistry overturned - major implications for drug delivery 0 None
2008-08-25 Study reveals how blood flow force protects against atherosclerosis 0 None
2008-08-25 UT Southwestern scientists discover leptin can also aid type 1 diabetics 0 None
2008-08-25 Daily aspirin recommended for all middle-aged 0 None
2008-08-25 Sniffing out skin cancer by smell 0 None
2008-08-25 Gene responsible for rare and inherited, deadly childhood cancer discovered 0 None
2008-08-24 Researchers discover key allergy gene 0 None
2008-08-24 Brain study could lead to new understanding of depression 0 None
2008-08-24 Researchers discover key details of how rheumatoid arthritis destroys bone 0 None
2008-08-21 Obesity in elderly creating a ticking time bomb for health services in developed countries 0 None
2008-08-21 Australian scientist finds the key to overeating as we age 0 None
2008-08-21 Bath researchers study how cancer cells come unstuck 0 None
2008-08-21 A fitness test for DNA 0 None
2008-08-21 ICMT enzyme shows potential as target in treating blood cancer 0 None
2008-08-21 New sleep lab to benefit shift-workers 0 None
2008-08-21 Scientists uncover molecule that keeps pathogens like salmonella in check 0 None
2008-08-20 Brown fat points to new ways to fight obesity 0 None
2008-08-20 Skin odors used to detect basal cell carcinoma 0 None
2008-08-20 Bone marrow stem cells used to protect gastrointestinal tissue from autoimmune attack 0 None
2008-08-20 New research suggests inherited diabetes may play a role in rising rates 0 None
2008-08-20 New therapeutic approaches to protect neurons from inflammation and toxicity-induced neurodegeneration 0 None
2008-08-20 New discovery on how rheumatoid arthritis destroys bone 0 None
2008-08-20 Scientists engineer first drug-delivery particles capable of passing through human mucus 0 None
2008-08-20 Lycopene molecules in tomatoes could help fight cancer 0 None
2008-08-20 Teen cancer survival on the rise, but more work needed 0 None
2008-08-20 Type 2 diabetes linked to arsenic in drinking water 0 None
2008-08-20 Drugs and fruit juices - a combination to avoid 0 None
2008-08-20 Research indicates no justification for denying obese patients knee replacements 0 None
2008-08-20 Newly uncovered cells may be critical in psoriasis 0 None
2008-08-20 Simple bowel cancer test spots deadliest tumours 0 None
2008-08-19 Obesity raises risks of serious gastrointestinal diseases 0 None
2008-08-19 Clinical-scale generation of functional red blood cells from human embryonic stem cells 0 None
2008-08-19 Are your eyes a window to diabetes-related health issues? 0 None
2008-08-19 Rifamycin antibiotics attack tuberculosis bacteria with walls, not signals 0 None
2008-08-19 New discovery may lead to new drugs to regulate sleep 0 None
2008-08-18 Stanford develop method to overcome multiple drug resistant diseases 0 None
2008-08-18 Mosquitoes smell DEET and stay away 0 None
2008-08-18 Symmetry the key to sexual appeal 0 None
2008-08-18 What makes the human body attractive? 0 None
2008-08-17 Researchers warn of heart risks from energy drinks 0 2.5
2008-08-17 Hyaluronic hydrogels provide scaffolding for growth of bone cells 0 None
2008-08-17 Cancer signatures uncovered 0 None
2008-08-17 By amplifying cell death signals, scientists make precancerous cells self-destruct 0 None
2008-08-14 Sngle-walled carbon nanotubes used as cancer drug delivery vehicles 0 3
2008-08-14 Discovery of major genetic cause of colorectal cancer 0 None
2008-08-14 Blood pressure response to daily stress provides clues for better hypertension treatment 0 None
2008-08-14 Researchers find Leishmaniasis parasites evade death by exploiting the immune response to sand fly bites 0 None
2008-08-14 Universal gene signaling mechanism identified by UB molecular researchers 0 None
2008-08-14 URMC & NIH partner to expand, accelerate clinical research in neurological diseases 0 None
2008-08-13 Researchers show how DNA repairs may reshape the genome 0 None
2008-08-13 New understanding of how white blood cell eosiniphils fights infection 0 None
2008-08-13 A snooze button for the circadian clock 0 None
2008-08-13 Robot controlled by biological brain provides insights into how the brain works 0 None
2008-08-13 Fame matters more than beauty in consumer behaviour 0 None
2008-08-13 Cheap drug combo stops breast cancer in its tracks 0 None
2008-08-12 Precisely targeted radiation therapy can control limited cancer spread 0 None
2008-08-12 Ruthenium used to sucker punch cancer 0 3
2008-08-12 In-depth review of current research on the health effects of vitamin D 0 None
2008-08-12 MicroRNAs help control blood-vessel development 0 None
2008-08-12 Yes it's possible to be fit and fat as well! 0 None
2008-08-11 Australian researchers reveal how cancers become more aggressive 0 None
2008-08-11 Researchers identify molecular mechanism underlying a genetic brain malformation called holoprosencephaly 0 None
2008-08-11 Scientists identify microRNA that controls blood vessel development - therapeutic target for a number of diseases 0 None
2008-08-11 Newly discovered molecular switch creates new path to study birth defects and cancer 0 None
2008-08-11 Finding cancer's original cell key to treatments 0 None
2008-08-11 Cancer survival secrets discovered by Australian researchers 0 None
2008-08-11 Medulloblastoma originates in normal brain "stem" cells that turn malignant 0 None
2008-08-11 Prions can survive in the ground for several years 0 None
2008-08-11 Researchers solve structure of enzyme vital for DNA repair 0 None
2008-08-11 Bristol University receives new funds for research into stress and the brain 0 None
2008-08-11 New research finds way to switch off breast cancer and leukaemia 0 None
2008-08-11 Therapies which boost the clearance of faulty proteins in cells may slow down ageing 0 None
2008-08-10 New treatment in the pipeline for leukaemia and rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2008-08-10 Dopamine and Parkinson's 0 3.7
2008-08-10 Gab2 signalling protein switches off breast cancer and leukaemia 0 None
2008-08-10 RNAi used to dramatically suppress HIV infection in an organism 0 None
2008-08-10 Research finds a role for the GABA neurotransmitter in maintaining energy balance 0 None
2008-08-10 COMT gene variation affects fear processing, anxiety 0 5
2008-08-10 First cigarette "buzz", addiction linked to gene 0 None
2008-08-10 Discovery of obesity genes 0 None
2008-08-08 Molecular bridge serves as a tether for a cell's nucleus 0 None
2008-08-08 Small changes can make big health solutions 0 None
2008-08-06 New understanding on how Chilli peppers increase metabolism and body temperature 0 None
2008-08-06 Researchers show how new chemotherapy drugs kill cancerous tumors 0 None
2008-08-06 Discovery of vital key to cancer 0 None
2008-08-06 Genetic biomarker linked to subcutaneous growth hormone dose-response 0 None
2008-08-06 Recipe for cell reprogramming adds protein 0 None
2008-08-06 How short RNAs influence many proteins 0 None
2008-08-05 Findings may aid in bone marrow transplants, blood diseases 0 None
2008-08-05 Happiness makes you live longer 0 None
2008-08-05 Scientists identify possible cause of endometriosis 0 None
2008-08-05 Revolutionary technique that could reduce lifelong drugs for transplant patients shows promising findings 0 None
2008-08-04 High dose shot of vitamin C halts the spread of cancer 0 5
2008-08-04 Testosterone and body fat are controlled by the same genes 0 None
2008-08-04 Human brains pay a price for being big 0 None
2008-08-04 Genetic discovery may lead to new blood test for people at high risk for cancer 0 None
2008-08-04 Scientists discover link between DNA copy number changes and cancer risk 0 None
2008-08-04 Vitamin C injections slow tumor growth in mice 0 None
2008-08-04 Anti-reflux surgery - research may lead to changes in treatment recommendations 0 None
2008-08-04 Exercise enhancing pill in the pipeline 0 None
2008-08-04 Garlic supplements may help control high blood pressure 1 3
2008-08-03 Cannabinoid cell surface receptor plays a tumor-suppressing role in human colorectal cancer 1 None
2008-08-03 Chronic exposure to estrogen impairs some cognitive functions 0 None
2008-08-03 Survival of the fittest: even cancer cells follow the laws of evolution 0 None
2008-08-03 Variation in TNFAIP3 gene - cutting the brakes on the immune system 0 None
2008-08-03 Researchers examine link between prenatal vitamin D levels and schizophrenia 0 None
2008-08-03 Researchers discover novel kind of learning gene 0 None
2008-07-31 Inherited form of hearing loss stems from gene mutation 0 3
2008-07-31 Rresearchers explain how previously ignored parts of HIV genome play key role in drug resistance 0 None
2008-07-31 Some bacteria steal iron from their human hosts - discovery could lead to new ways to fight tuberculosis 0 3.5
2008-07-31 Mechanism for postpartum depression found in the brains of mice 0 1
2008-07-31 Unusual chromosomal changes increase the risk of schizophrenia 0 None
2008-07-31 Newly identified risk factor for cardiovascular disease may lead to new treatments 0 None
2008-07-30 Eroded telomeres are behind dyskeratosis congentia aging syndrome 0 5
2008-07-30 microRNA may influence development of alcohol tolerance 0 5
2008-07-29 Corn protein, zein being researched for drug delivery 0 None
2008-07-29 ISU researchers find possible alternative adjuvant for alum to boost the effectiveness of vaccines 0 None
2008-07-29 New understanding of exaggerated mucous production and secretion in cystic fibrosis 0 None
2008-07-29 Sleep gene - search is on! 0 None
2008-07-29 Obesity predisposition linked to brain's reward system 0 None
2008-07-29 Cell mechanism discovery may lead to new treatments for cystic fibrosis, other inherited diseases 0 None
2008-07-29 Aging impairs the consolidation of memories during sleep 0 None
2008-07-29 Frankincense reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis 0 None
2008-07-29 New biomarker for early cancer detection? Research reveals that 'microRNA' may fit the bill 0 None
2008-07-29 New therapy freezes out esophagus cancer 0 None
2008-07-29 Limiting fructose may boost weight loss 0 None
2008-07-28 Direct link between air pollution and high blood pressure 0 4
2008-07-28 How anti-depressants and cocaine interact with brain 0 None
2008-07-28 Structure and composition of hepatitis B virus now mapped 0 None
2008-07-28 Hypnosis slows impacts of dementia and improves quality of life 0 None
2008-07-28 Obesity gene makes it harder to tell if you feel full 0 None
2008-07-27 Research on pre-eclampsia in mice may have important implications for humans 0 None
2008-07-24 Hey fever! The surprise benefit of allergies 0 None
2008-07-24 Hyperactive immune resistance brings blindness in old age 0 None
2008-07-24 Suprising finding on aging 0 None
2008-07-24 Researchers find key mechanism of cell damage in aging and disease 0 None
2008-07-23 Tethered bilayer membrane may unlock secrets of early-stage Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-23 Researchers identify compound in human saliva that greatly speeds wound healing 0 None
2008-07-23 Controlling plaque without toothpaste 0 None
2008-07-23 The brain under pressure: Bristol Neuroscience attracts BBSRC grant 0 None
2008-07-22 Can knowledge of objects be used to identify color? 0 None
2008-07-22 Notch protein helps human embryonic stem cells 'decide' their own fate 0 None
2008-07-22 Science of magic - understanding human cognition and perception 0 None
2008-07-22 Discovery of cells for spinal-cord repair 0 None
2008-07-21 Discovery of new anatomical path through which the brain and spleen communicate 0 4.5
2008-07-21 Suspect protein HMGB1 found to promote DNA repair, prevent cancer 0 5
2008-07-21 Cranberry juice shows promise for urinary tract infections 0 None
2008-07-21 Genetic mechanisms at play in blood cells important in Parkinson’s disease 0 None
2008-07-21 Gene expression test could help determine who needs more aggressive treatment 0 None
2008-07-21 Evolutionary back-and-forth for humans and viruses 0 None
2008-07-21 Regular meals important for the health 0 None
2008-07-20 Oxytocin may inhibit social phobia 0 None
2008-07-20 Fluoroquinolones can enhance gene-silencing tool 0 None
2008-07-19 Obsessive compulsive disorder linked to activity in lateral orbitofrontal cortex 0 None
2008-07-19 Potentially new biomarkers for Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-18 Regular walking protects the Masai against cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-07-17 Could arthritis wonder drugs provide clues for all disease? 0 None
2008-07-17 Heart attack not a death sentence 0 None
2008-07-17 Standards in stem cell research 0 None
2008-07-17 Gene variation increases risk of elevated triglycerides in Asians 0 None
2008-07-17 Fred Hutchinson awarded $7.6 million to research how genetic variations influence risk of common diseases 0 None
2008-07-17 Awareness of the role of physical activity in colon cancer prevention 0 None
2008-07-17 Researchers find better way to distinguish melanoma from some benign moles 0 None
2008-07-17 Scare factor may lead to mistaken identification 0 None
2008-07-17 New therapies revealed for diabetes-induced microvascular disease 0 None
2008-07-16 Worldwide analysis of cancer survival finds wide variation between countries 0 None
2008-07-16 Turning on hormone tap could aid osteoporosis fight 0 None
2008-07-15 Researchers finds further evidence for genetic contribution to autism 0 None
2008-07-15 Risky drinking in over 55s becomes the focus of new research 0 None
2008-07-15 Low-sodium advice for asthmatics should be taken with a pinch of salt 0 None
2008-07-15 Improving understanding of cell behaviour in breast cancer 0 None
2008-07-15 New ways of exploiting medicinal uses of cannabis 0 None
2008-07-15 Virus injection could offer long term relief for Parkinson's 0 5
2008-07-15 An inflamed response 0 None
2008-07-15 Quick formula could forecast which cancers chemo could kill 0 None
2008-07-14 Huntington's disease brain damage linked to overactive immune response in the bloodstream 0 5
2008-07-14 More kidney stone disease projected due to global warming, predicts UT Southwestern researchers 0 None
2008-07-14 Researchers step closer to delivering cancer-killing drugs to pediatric brain tumors 0 None
2008-07-14 Researchers reveal passive learning imprints on the brain just like active learning 0 None
2008-07-14 Young farmers may be more susceptible to degenerative skeletal disorders later in life 0 None
2008-07-14 Nuclear stress test detects problems in left ventricle 0 3
2008-07-14 Incorrectly cleaved protein leads to schizophrenia 0 None
2008-07-14 Susceptibility to pain is affected by premature birth and also genetics 0 None
2008-07-14 Nicotine clues for dementia treatment 1 None
2008-07-14 Does sleep help us change or clarify our mind? 0 None
2008-07-14 Brain switch provides clues to drug addiction 0 None
2008-07-13 Discover of key patterns in gene packaging 0 None
2008-07-13 Many people fail to recognise they are overweight 0 None
2008-07-13 Compound honokiol, from Magnolias blocks, elusive pathway for cancer growth 0 None
2008-07-13 Researches identify herpesvirus proteins that target key cellular processes 0 None
2008-07-13 Scientists mimic molecules to protect against plague 0 None
2008-07-13 Stem cells help keep the brain healthy and active 0 None
2008-07-13 URMC, FDA to collaborate on national data repository for heart research 0 None
2008-07-10 Researchers find six genes that, when mutated, contribute to autism 0 None
2008-07-10 Proof-of-concept that purified muscle stem cells can be used in therapy 0 None
2008-07-10 Researchers discover that learning suffers if brain transcript isn't transported far out to end of neurons 0 5
2008-07-10 Researchers identify brain cells related to fear - paves way for more effective PTSD treatments 0 None
2008-07-10 Scientists identify 22 genes that control embryonic stem cell fate 0 None
2008-07-10 Australian naturopaths in favour of regulation 0 None
2008-07-10 Advances in RNA research 0 5
2008-07-10 Researchers measure movements smaller than one-billionth of a meter in ion channels 0 None
2008-07-10 UGA discovery could lead to new ways to attack cancers by blocking their ability to grow 0 None
2008-07-10 Novel approach shows potential to become an emergency treatment for heart attack patients 0 None
2008-07-10 More research needed into effects of flavonoids and flavonoid-rich food sources on heart disease 0 None
2008-07-10 Heat waves when in hospital 0 None
2008-07-10 Researchers crack final part of the immune system code 0 None
2008-07-10 Researcher develops method for early detection of leukemia relapse 0 None
2008-07-10 Neuron to publish Prana's PBT2 preclinical research on Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-07-10 New system pinpoints potential "biomarkers" of early forms of the disease 0 None
2008-07-10 Enzyme may explain how hepatitis C infection causes fatty liver 0 5
2008-07-10 Scientists reveal potential new target for anti-malarial drugs 0 None
2008-07-09 Circulating tumor cells can reveal genetic signature of dangerous lung cancers 0 None
2008-07-09 Genetic change in dopamine transporter supports a role for dopamine signaling in ADHD 0 None
2008-07-09 New tool identifies genes affecting health 0 None
2008-07-09 Smaller mouthfulls and eating slowly reduces calorie intake 2 None
2008-07-08 Protein found in immune cells may be a reliable marker for schizophrenia risk 0 None
2008-07-08 Normal-looking sperm may have serious damage; scientists urge more care in selection 0 None
2008-07-08 Transgenic tomatoes as edible vaccine carriers for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-07-08 UAB joins elite brain cancer research group 0 None
2008-07-08 Farm-raised tilapia fish contains potentially dangerous fatty acid combination 0 5
2008-07-08 UV light therapy is as beneficial for darker skin as lighter skin 1 None
2008-07-08 Lowering blood pressure reduces the risk of dementia 0 None
2008-07-08 Researchers detail types of genes necessary for brain 0 None
2008-07-08 A paradigm shift for targeted cancer therapy 0 None
2008-07-08 Novel ways to boost vaccination or natural defenses 0 None
2008-07-08 A suspect found for SIDS 0 None
2008-07-08 Compound in red wine may prevent breast cancer 0 None
2008-07-07 Prevalence of antimicrobial resistance among bacterial pathogens isolated from cattle in different European countries 0 None
2008-07-07 Discovery of molecule that kills kidney cancer cells 0 None
2008-07-07 Radioactive "tag" added to formaldehyde helps monitor body chemistry, disease 0 None
2008-07-07 New antibiotic beats superbugs at their own game 0 None
2008-07-07 Protein thought to promote cancer instead functions as a tumor suppressor 0 None
2008-07-07 Mothers and fathers of twins report more mental health symptoms than parents of singletons 0 None
2008-07-07 Resveratrol shown to reduce age related health problems 0 None
2008-07-06 RNAs emerge as major players in gene regulation 0 None
2008-07-06 Modified chemotherapy regimen promising for lymphoma patients in the developing world 0 None
2008-07-04 Researchers reveal types of genes necessary for brain development 0 None
2008-07-04 Researchers solve structure of proteins known as sodium glucose co-transporters 0 None
2008-07-04 A noisy brain is a healthy brain 1 None
2008-07-04 Breast cancer: How tumor cells break free and form metastases 0 None
2008-07-03 Resveratrol mimics the beneficial effects of eating fewer calories 0 4
2008-07-03 Nanostructures improve bone response to titanium implants 0 None
2008-07-03 Scientists shed new light into early mechanisms governing cardiovascular specification 0 1
2008-07-03 Research sheds light on the molecular basis of SIDS 0 None
2008-07-03 Funding boost in fight against leukaemia 0 None
2008-07-03 Statins have unexpected effect on pool of powerful brain cells 0 None
2008-07-03 New computational tool to study complex clusters of genes 0 None
2008-07-03 New understanding of how herpes simplex virus 1 hides during inactive phase 0 None
2008-07-03 Computational research hones cancer-fighting strategies 0 None
2008-07-03 New insight into role of statins in dementia 0 None
2008-07-02 Genetic link between Crohn's and asthma discovered 0 4
2008-07-02 Mouse embryonic stem cells used to build heart parts 0 None
2008-07-02 Brain food - what we eat affects our intelligence 0 2.7
2008-07-02 Body's own 'marijuana' is good for the skin 0 None
2008-07-02 ETH Zurich and IBM improve diagnosis of osteoporosis 0 None
2008-07-02 Bacteriophages treat deadly bacterial infections in mice 0 None
2008-07-02 Brain trick offers treatment hope for Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-02 Artichoke leaf extract shown to lower cholesterol 0 None
2008-07-02 Effects of magic mushrooms long-lasting 0 5
2008-07-01 GILZ protein may have big role in making more bone and less fat 0 None
2008-07-01 Discovery of gene mechanism could lead to new therapeutic strategies to fight metastatic disease 0 None
2008-07-01 UVB does more damage to DNA than UVA 0 None
2008-07-01 New discovery a step towards better diabetes treatment 0 None
2008-07-01 Yeast-based vaccine induces immune responses and reduces tumor size in mice 0 None
2008-07-01 New technique produces genetically identical stem cells 0 None
2008-07-01 Spiritual effects of 'sacred mushrooms' appear to last more than a year 0 None
2008-07-01 Cancer cells revert to normal at specific signal threshold 0 None
2008-07-01 Stem cell research from an ethical point of view 0 None
2008-07-01 You are not what you are what your mother ate! 0 None
2008-07-01 Australian scientists discover reason for extreme allergic reactions 0 None
2008-06-30 New comprehensive map of brain connections 0 None
2008-06-30 Neural stem cell development may be linked to Autism 0 None
2008-06-30 Hypertension, insulin resistance and immune suppression links 0 None
2008-06-30 Denmark the happiest nation in the world, Zimbabwe the unhappiest 0 5
2008-06-30 Zinc finger technology brings personalized HIV therapy a step closer 0 None
2008-06-30 Autophagy promotes pancreatitis 0 None
2008-06-30 Watermelon provides Viagra-like effects 0 5
2008-06-30 NIAID announces grants to stimulate food allergy research 0 None
2008-06-30 Dividing cells find their middle by following a protein contour map 0 None
2008-06-30 Novel approach for treating mitochondrial disorders wins Kaye prize 0 None
2008-06-30 New approach to HIV vaccine research taps Rochester expertise 0 None
2008-06-30 Growth hormone FGF21's link to starvation may be clue to increasing life span, researchers find 0 None
2008-06-27 Growth-stimulating molecule called p110beta a promising cancer drug target in prostate tumors 0 None
2008-06-27 Protein Ronin shown to be an alternate control for embryonic stem cells 0 None
2008-06-26 Neuroscientists pinpoint how neural activity boosts blood flow to the brain 0 None
2008-06-26 Faulty DNA repair could be a risk factor for lung cancer in nonsmokers 0 None
2008-06-26 Dogs successfully detect ovarian cancer through scent 0 None
2008-06-26 Unique pheromone detection system uncovered by researchers 0 None
2008-06-26 Discovery of toxic key to Alzheimer’s disease memory loss 0 None
2008-06-26 Recalling mixed emotions 0 None
2008-06-26 A safe and efficient gene delivery method that doesn't involve viruses 0 None
2008-06-26 Pregnancy may protect against bladder cancer 0 None
2008-06-25 Technique for analyzing the function of microRNAs wins Barenholz Prize for Hebrew University student 0 None
2008-06-25 Oregano helps against Inflammations 0 None
2008-06-25 Scholarships for stem-cell research 0 None
2008-06-24 Nerve cells derived from stem cells may one day provide improved brain treatments 0 None
2008-06-24 tRNA import occurs in humans - could lead to targeted therapies 0 None
2008-06-24 Jefferson scientists discover way to immunize mice against metastatic disease 0 None
2008-06-24 Epigenetic changes occur over a person's lifetime 0 None
2008-06-24 Pitt awarded $2.5 million to model how the brain and immune system function in response to illness, infection 0 None
2008-06-24 New discovery could lead to new treatments for Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-06-24 Blue curing light for tumors 0 None
2008-06-24 Binge drinking in the UK: A social network phenomenon 0 None
2008-06-24 UT Southwestern plastic surgeons identify hidden facial cheek fat compartments that are key to youthful appearance 0 None
2008-06-24 Alzheimer's and Parkinson's under the microscope 0 None
2008-06-24 Quantum dots stop RNA interference in living cells 0 None
2008-06-24 Discovery of an important factor in the development of B-cell lymphomas 0 None
2008-06-24 Guidelines for reporting health research have little funding 0 None
2008-06-24 New details on how low blood flow promotes vascular disease 0 None
2008-06-24 Hunger hormone ghrelin increases during stress, may have antidepressant effect 0 None
2008-06-24 Researchers create molecule that nudges nerve stem cells to mature 0 None
2008-06-23 Hedgehog signaling is critical for maintenance of the adult coronary vasculature 0 None
2008-06-23 New, previously unrecognized source of heart stem cells discovered 0 None
2008-06-23 Could Gleevec help stroke victims? 0 None
2008-06-23 New white wine as good for you as red! 0 None
2008-06-23 Hormone could hold the key to staying slim 0 None
2008-06-23 Discovery of possible new way to block inflammation in autoimmune disease 0 None
2008-06-19 Improving understanding of cell behaviour in breast cancer 0 None
2008-06-19 Patient's own infection-fighting T cells put late-stage melanoma into long-term remission 0 None
2008-06-19 Early detection of Alzheimer's in the pipeline 0 None
2008-06-19 Scientists cure advanced skin cancer with body's own cells 0 None
2008-06-17 New research finds 'grumpy oldies' are having fun! 0 None
2008-06-17 High fructose syrup unlikely to be more harmful than other sweeteners, says AMA 0 None
2008-06-17 Five common genetic variations linked to metabolic syndrome and HDL cholesterol levels 0 None
2008-06-17 MIT finds alternative to common colorectal cancer drug oxaliplatin 0 None
2008-06-17 High blood pressure: only systolic blood pressure matters for patients over fifty 0 3
2008-06-17 Hydroxyurea treatment for sickle cell underused by doctors 0 None
2008-06-17 Magnetic resonance studies find clear differences between the structures of infectious and non-infectious prions 0 None
2008-06-17 Life expectancy in U.S. reached record high of 78.1 years in 2006 0 None
2008-06-16 Adult stem cells improve healing of broken bones 0 None
2008-06-16 Combined PET and CT could be valuable noninvasive tool for determining stages of ovarian cancer 0 None
2008-06-16 Novel agents found to inhibit growth of estrogen-dependent breast cancer cells 0 None
2008-06-16 Gene radiotherapy system shows promise for fighting treatment-resistant cancer cells 0 None
2008-06-16 Medicines derived from cannabis: A review of adverse events 0 None
2008-06-16 Breakthrough toxin delivery system could pave way for new antibiotic drugs 0 None
2008-06-16 Discovery of mechanisms that direct cholinergic synapse assembly between neurons in vivo 0 None
2008-06-16 Alcohol and drug misuse fuels Scottish suicide and homicide rates 0 None
2008-06-16 HIPAA Privacy Rule is having a negative impact on the advance of biomedical research 0 None
2008-06-16 Unique brain maps to assist surgery and research 0 None
2008-06-16 New research scotches link between heroin drought and increased amphetamine use 0 None
2008-06-15 Pomegranate extract may provide humans with relief of chronic inflammatory conditions 0 None
2008-06-15 How to reduce obesity and cardiovascular disease risk 0 None
2008-06-15 Transfer of learning traced to areas of the brain 0 None
2008-06-15 Nanoparticles trigger built-in cell-death signal to overcome drug resistance 0 4
2008-06-15 High-content screening as a universal tool for fingerprinting of vytotoxicity of nanoparticles 0 None
2008-06-15 Nanoparticle delivers antisense agent to tumors 0 None
2008-06-15 Human tumor nanoparticles induce apoptosis of pancreatic cancer cells 0 None
2008-06-15 Discovery of mechanism that prevents cells from transforming into cancer cells 0 None
2008-06-15 New technique provides greater understanding of how drugs get in and out of cells in our bodies 0 None
2008-06-15 Scientists identify molecular trick that may explain part of Salmonella's fierceness 0 None
2008-06-15 UT Southwestern investigators test groundbreaking depression research in real-world setting 0 None
2008-06-15 Industry supports international melanoma research 0 None
2008-06-11 Researchers find gamma-secretase modulators being tested for Alzheimer’s work in unexpected and beneficial ways 0 None
2008-06-11 Smad proteins regulate microRNA processing 0 None
2008-06-11 Discovery of gene linked to adult-onset obesity 0 None
2008-06-11 Vitamin D, "the heart tranquilizer" 0 None
2008-06-11 Did you ever wonder why it is so difficult to part with your stuff? 0 None
2008-06-11 Specific immune therapy works for many people with allergies 0 None
2008-06-11 BHF Help a Heart Campaign aims to raise £1.5 million pounds in June to achieve pioneering heart research solutions 0 None
2008-06-11 Australian researchers find important piece of Alzheimer's puzzle 0 None
2008-06-11 News on complementary and alternative medicine in Australia often inaccurate 0 None
2008-06-10 Addicted cells provide early cancer diagnosis 0 None
2008-06-10 European research project to explore Alzheimer's diagnosis 0 None
2008-06-10 Researchers identify biomarkers of early-stage pancreatic cancer in mice and man 0 None
2008-06-10 Penn researcher finds high recidivism rate is due to few transitional services for ex-offenders 0 None
2008-06-10 Cancer prevention: the natural way 0 5
2008-06-10 Researchers block the transmission of malaria in animal tests 0 None
2008-06-10 Specialist nurses can play a key role in supporting patients having radiotherapy, but more investment is needed 0 None
2008-06-09 Researchers show brain can protect against cancer 0 None
2008-06-09 MicroRNA play a significant role in some human cancers 0 None
2008-06-09 Genetic variation linked to earlier onset of Alzheimer's symptoms 0 None
2008-06-09 Scientists identify a key regulator of DNA mutations 0 None
2008-06-09 Scientists closer to solving epilepsy mystery 0 None
2008-06-09 Australia to enter the race to clone human embryo cells for stem-cell research 0 None
2008-06-08 Complex synapses drove brain evolution 0 None
2008-06-08 Luxembourg invests in biomedical research 0 None
2008-06-08 Measuring the footprint of cells 0 None
2008-06-08 Should research volunteers be told results? 0 None
2008-06-08 Decisions best made on a full stomach 0 None
2008-06-05 New perspective on coronary disease thanks to ultrasound 0 None
2008-06-05 Public funding impacts progress of human embryonic stem cell research 0 None
2008-06-05 Alcohol halves the risk of rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2008-06-04 Discovery of new signal pathway important to diabetes research 0 None
2008-06-04 Prostate Cancer Foundation 'beefs up' cancer research 0 None
2008-06-04 New grant to enable University of Rochester to increase HIV research by 25 percent 0 None
2008-06-04 Human stem cells show promise against fatal children's diseases 0 None
2008-06-04 Compound in red wine could protect the heart from ageing 0 None
2008-06-04 New molecular mechanism for colorectal cancer 0 None
2008-06-04 Kidney cell suicide in diabetes patients 0 3
2008-06-04 Nearly one in five teenagers admit eating problems, but anxiety is a bigger problem than appearance 0 None
2008-06-04 UK cancer research 'punching above its weight' 0 None
2008-06-03 More evidence red wine keep hearts young 0 None
2008-06-03 Discovery of genes that regulate glucose levels 0 None
2008-06-03 Bacterial communities inside us can provide better understanding of health and disease 0 None
2008-06-03 Optimising use of ventilators to treat patients while minimising risk of injury 0 2
2008-06-03 Writing techniques improve results of post-traumatic therapy 0 None
2008-06-03 Flow of potassium ions in brain cells is key to sexual arousal 0 None
2008-06-03 Long term dope use shrinks the brain 0 2
2008-06-02 NGAL protein levels in simple urine test speed diagnosis of failing kidneys 0 None
2008-06-02 Probiotics provide hay fever hope 0 None
2008-06-02 Chronic inflammation of the intestine or stomach damages DNA 0 None
2008-06-02 New approach to treating autoimmune disease offered by Weizmann scientists 0 None
2008-06-02 New genetic mutations involved in inflammatory intestinal disorders discovered 0 None
2008-06-02 Long-term, heavy cannabis use may shrink brain's hippocampus and amygdala 0 None
2008-06-02 People who are obese may be more likely to become depressed 0 None
2008-06-02 Distinct clusters of genetic markers linked to treatment responses for smoking cessation 0 None
2008-06-02 New model predicts whether patients will be free of renal cancer 12 years after initial treatment 0 None
2008-06-02 How advanced prostate cancer becomes resistant to androgen-deprivation therapy 0 None
2008-06-02 Survivors of childhood Hodgkin's lymphoma at higher risk of future health problems 0 None
2008-06-02 Researchers find gene signature profile for metastasis 0 None
2008-06-02 UT Southwestern mouse model mimics hyperglycemia, aids in diabetes research 0 None
2008-06-01 Potential hypophosphatasia therapy discovered 0 None
2008-06-01 Novel chemo drug helps treat prostate cancer 0 None
2008-06-01 Yale researchers block transforming growth factor to clear up amyloid plaques in mice 0 None
2008-06-01 Researchers pinpoint gene mutations responsible for 10 percent of non-familial cases of schizophrenia 0 None
2008-06-01 Tumor suppressor genes speed up and slow down aging in engineered mouse 0 None
2008-05-30 X chromosome exposed 0 None
2008-05-30 University of Bristol to test effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy 0 None
2008-05-29 Rett syndrome gene found to be full of surprises 0 None
2008-05-29 Body's baking soda used to catch cancer early 0 None
2008-05-28 New cancer stem cell identified behind metastatic tumors 0 None
2008-05-28 Cancer Research UK creates 'crack teams' to solve cancer's greatest mysteries 0 None
2008-05-28 Scientists identify a brain mechanism underlying persistent cocaine craving 0 None
2008-05-28 Why some treatments rescue aging skin 0 None
2008-05-28 Allergy - it's in the genes 0 None
2008-05-27 Global drug research programme comes to Diamond in Oxfordshire 0 None
2008-05-27 Patients to benefit from multi-million pound research funding 0 None
2008-05-27 Molecular fingerprint of cocaine addiction revealed 0 None
2008-05-27 RNA toxicity contributes to neurodegenerative disease 0 None
2008-05-27 Increased screening may better predict those at higher risk for heart disease 0 None
2008-05-26 New cheaper method for mapping disease genes 0 None
2008-05-26 New treatments for viral and other diseases by blocking genes 0 None
2008-05-26 Bone repair using patient's stem cells comes closer 0 None
2008-05-26 Discovery on how an Helicobacter pylori toxin gets into cells 0 None
2008-05-26 Increased screening may better predict those at higher risk for heart disease 0 None
2008-05-26 Researchers find multiple cancer genes cooperate to cause malignant cell transformation 0 None
2008-05-26 Discovery of potential target for elevated triglycerides 0 None
2008-05-26 Intracellular antibody mops up mutant protein in Huntington's disease model 0 None
2008-05-25 Cancer vaccine could be in the pipeline 0 None
2008-05-25 New cancer vaccine protein target found 0 None
2008-05-25 Embryonic pathway delivers stem cell traits 0 None
2008-05-25 How cells size up their growth opportunities 0 None
2008-05-22 Discovery provides hope for patients with pancreatic cancer 0 None
2008-05-22 An alternative strategy for HIV vaccine research 0 None
2008-05-22 Research shows protecting p53 from degradation also defends metastasis-promoter 0 None
2008-05-22 Yerkes researchers develop first transgenic nonhuman primate model of Huntington's disease 0 None
2008-05-22 Real-time observation of the DNA-repair mechanism 0 None
2008-05-22 NCI scientists visualize gene regulation in living cells 0 None
2008-05-21 RNA toxicity contributes to neurodegenerative disease 0 None
2008-05-21 Scientists reveal the genetic determinants of fat storage in cells 0 None
2008-05-21 New insights into the neural circuitry of trust 0 None
2008-05-21 Boost for cancer research in Leicestershire 0 None
2008-05-21 Discovery of a molecular scaffold that guides connections between brain cells 0 None
2008-05-21 Researchers map iron transport protein - may help people suffering from blood iron disorders 0 None
2008-05-20 New blood test reveals risk for metabolic syndrome 0 None
2008-05-20 Discovery of protein key to neuro-regeneration 0 None
2008-05-20 Tuberculosis not the only risk from new immunological drugs 0 None
2008-05-20 Plant flavonoid luteolin reduces inflammatory response in the brain 0 5
2008-05-20 New treatment option for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 0 None
2008-05-20 VCU research team awarded NIH grant to study asthma, allergic disease 0 None
2008-05-20 NIAID to advance B-cell approach to HIV vaccines 0 None
2008-05-20 Nanoparticle-induced heating boosts antitumor radiation therapy 0 None
2008-05-20 Government funds Rochester heart rhythm disorder research into third decade 0 None
2008-05-20 Gene mutations in mice mimic human-like sleep disorder 0 None
2008-05-20 Counting immune cells on a 'protein printboard' 0 None
2008-05-20 Primate model for autism 0 None
2008-05-20 Monitoring whether patients take medicines can help anticipate HIV treatment failure in Africa 0 None
2008-05-19 Structure of receptor for hot chili pepper and pain revealed 0 None
2008-05-19 Chemically modified protein may help people with hard-to-treat hemophilia 0 None
2008-05-19 Minocycline may find new life as a stroke treatment 0 None
2008-05-19 An improved gene therapy agent from University of Florida 0 None
2008-05-19 Investigational smallpox drug may treat adenovirus infections in humans 0 None
2008-05-19 Reliable genetic tests could predict lung cancer recurrence 0 None
2008-05-19 Blood test for lung cancer 0 None
2008-05-19 A transgenic monkey model of Huntington's disease developed 0 None
2008-05-19 Personalized therapy for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease could soon be here 0 None
2008-05-19 Ashwell receptor plays key role in reducing coagulation abnormalities during infection and sepsis 0 None
2008-05-19 deCODE discovers novel genetic links between pigmentation traits and risk of skin cancer 0 None
2008-05-18 Pfizer and Peter MacCallum support the future of cancer research in Australia 0 None
2008-05-18 New dimension discovered in body clock rhythm 0 None
2008-05-18 DNA vaccines boosted by dendritic cells 0 None
2008-05-15 New report details cancer prevention efforts 0 None
2008-05-15 Discovery of 250 new genes potentially involved in leukemia 0 None
2008-05-15 Research targets diabetes-related eye conditions 0 None
2008-05-15 Scientists unravel how smoking causes cancer 0 None
2008-05-15 First evidence of native dendritic cells in brain 0 None
2008-05-15 Molecular clock could predict risk for developing breast cancer 0 None
2008-05-14 Regenerative medicine offers hope in spinal cord injury 0 None
2008-05-13 Researchers who helped millions with arthritis receive Janssen Award 0 None
2008-05-13 Treating safety research like other clinical studies slows progress 0 None
2008-05-13 Just what is a binge drinker and how to get through to them 0 3
2008-05-13 Vitamin D protects cells from stress that can lead to cancer 0 None
2008-05-13 Supplemental breast ultrasound boosts cancer detection, radiologist reports in national study 0 None
2008-05-13 Traffic pollution can be deadly as it increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis 0 None
2008-05-12 Researchers find link between altered dopamine activity and social anxiety disorder 0 5
2008-05-12 Scientists identify heat sensing regulator - better understanding pain sensitivity 0 None
2008-05-12 How embryonic stem cells develop into tissue-specific cells demonstrated by researchers 0 None
2008-05-12 Think before you drink, says University research 0 None
2008-05-12 Model shows how mutation tips biochemistry to cause Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-05-11 How your heart sounds could tell your heart attack risk 0 None
2008-05-11 Australian scientists warn, to avoid cancer keep alcohol to a minimum 0 None
2008-05-11 Discovery of mechanism of action of antibiotic able to reduce neuronal cell death in brain 0 None
2008-05-11 microRNAs provide more clues to genetics of schizophrenia 0 None
2008-05-10 New theory suggests how hepatitis C may cause rare immune disease 0 None
2008-05-09 Radioactive carbon-14 determines the number of fat cells remains constant in all body types 0 None
2008-05-09 Researchers step closer to finding ways to treat type 1 diabetes 0 None
2008-05-08 Previously unseen switch regulates breast cancer response to estrogen 0 None
2008-05-08 Discovery of new gene that causes cancer 0 None
2008-05-08 Scientists identify key roadblock to gene expression 0 None
2008-05-08 Big differences in depressed brains 0 None
2008-05-08 Hopkins researchers discover new link to schizophrenia 0 None
2008-05-08 Research reveals workings of anti-HIV drugs 0 None
2008-05-07 Platypus venom linked to pain relief 1 None
2008-05-07 Scientists discover how reverse transcriptase molecules interact with the HIV genome 0 None
2008-05-07 Genetic tag team orchestrates the cell cycle 0 None
2008-05-07 Enkephalin pathway shows potential as new target for Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-05-07 Discovery of DNA variations in chromosome 6 that gives rise to neuroblastoma 0 None
2008-05-07 Nitrates in vegetables protect against gastric ulcers 0 None
2008-05-07 Medical research is essential to improving the economy and bettering lives 0 None
2008-05-07 Researchers highlight distinct subtypes of myalgic encephalomyelitis 0 4.7
2008-05-07 Antidepressants do work in depression while evidence for cognitive behavioural yherapy is poorer say experts 0 None
2008-05-07 Having a big bum may protect you from diabetes! 0 None
2008-05-06 Blocked brain enzyme shows potential as target for appetite control, weight loss and blood sugar management 0 None
2008-05-06 New understanding of how a mole develops into melanoma 0 3
2008-05-06 Joslin researchers find certain body fat reduces insulin resistance 0 None
2008-05-06 Superbug genome sequenced 0 None
2008-05-06 Killer competition: neurons duke it out for survival! 0 None
2008-05-06 Researchers find way to make tumor cells more sensitive to hyperthermia-enhanced radiation therapy 0 None
2008-05-06 Test of maturity for stem cells 0 None
2008-05-06 New discovery on role of vital protein that fights meningitus 0 None
2008-05-06 Biosimilar protein cooperation 0 None
2008-05-06 Geron Corporation awarded UK grant funding for human embryonic stem cell research 0 None
2008-05-06 Autism linked to schizophrenia 0 None
2008-05-06 Discovery of tenovins could lead to cancer cure 0 5
2008-05-06 Newly identified protein called BILBO1 fatal to Trypanosoma brucei 0 None
2008-05-06 FGFR2 gene increases susceptibility to breast cancer 0 None
2008-05-05 New understanding of colon tumor development 0 None
2008-05-05 New weapon against respiratory syncytial virus 0 None
2008-05-05 Epidermal growth factor receptor protects cancer cells from starving 0 None
2008-05-05 Secret to long life in lifestyle not genes 0 None
2008-05-05 Fat cell numbers in your teens set you up for life 0 None
2008-05-05 It's official - there's a rogue fat gene! 0 None
2008-05-02 Stun guns may stimulate the heart 0 None
2008-05-02 Researchers report the cloning of a key group of human genes, the protein kinases 0 None
2008-05-02 New funding to deliver targeted research 0 None
2008-05-01 The "pain gap" in American society 0 None
2008-05-01 Stanford researchers synthesize new agents to flush HIV out of hiding 0 None
2008-05-01 Small molecule nutlin-3a activates an important cancer suppressor gene 0 4
2008-05-01 Early treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection may prevent cancer 0 None
2008-04-30 New drug added to chemo kills off residual breast cancer stem cells 0 None
2008-04-30 Alzheimer's disease risk differs between the sexes 0 None
2008-04-30 Turning on cell-cell communication wipes out staph biofilms 0 None
2008-04-30 New understanding of how some bacteria survive antibiotic treatment 0 None
2008-04-30 Researchers create heart and blood cells from reprogrammed skin cells 0 None
2008-04-30 Scientists discover the double life of proteins 0 None
2008-04-30 Researchers discover molecular basis of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 0 5
2008-04-30 Mothers and offspring can share cells throughout life - with positive and negative effects 0 4
2008-04-30 Discovery of quick method for making human monoclonal antibodies against flu 0 None
2008-04-29 Yale scientists explain metastasis 0 None
2008-04-29 Review of cervical cancer screening program shows effectiveness and room for improvement 0 None
2008-04-29 Hydrogen sulphide may be involved in regulating blood pressure 0 None
2008-04-29 Aspirin-like compounds (salicylates) increase insulin secretion in otherwise healthy obese people 0 None
2008-04-28 Biomarkers identified for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 0 None
2008-04-28 African Americans have five times higher rate of lower limb amputations 0 None
2008-04-28 Abmormal behaviour of osteoglycin gene linked to heart and kidney problems 0 None
2008-04-28 New drug discovery tool for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-04-28 Tissue-specific blood stem cell line established from embryonic stem cells 0 None
2008-04-28 Scientists discover way to increase metabolism for weight loss 0 None
2008-04-28 Scientists explore brain's reaction to potent hallucinogen 0 None
2008-04-28 Smokers more prone to depression 0 None
2008-04-27 Research links low-frequency hearing to shape of the cochlea 0 None
2008-04-27 Scientists discover 4th major set of common genetic variants linked to risk of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-27 Gene therapy restores vision in patients with rare congenital blindness 0 None
2008-04-27 3D view of neurons provided by new technique 0 None
2008-04-27 Different processes govern sight, light detection 0 None
2008-04-27 Epigenetic research uncovers new targets for modification enzymes 0 None
2008-04-26 Maitake mushrooms lead to breakthrough in protein research 0 None
2008-04-26 Discovery of important markers of high risk of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-04-26 Cancer immunotherapy shows long-term promise in lung cancer 0 None
2008-04-26 Viruses may play a role in lung cancer development 0 None
2008-04-26 Newly refined antibody therapy may be potent treatment for autoimmune diseases 0 None
2008-04-24 Regulatory T cells orchestrate reaction to a virus invasion 0 None
2008-04-24 New insight into how the nervous system processes sensory information 0 None
2008-04-24 Researchers identify Heme detoxification protein - potential target for developing new malaria drugs 0 None
2008-04-24 Clearer understanding of how neurons give rise to motor behaviors 0 None
2008-04-24 Beta arrestins found to generate new proteins 0 None
2008-04-24 Research reveals the signature of 70 genes controlled by two microRNAs 0 None
2008-04-24 Discovery of gene behind new form of intellectual disability 0 None
2008-04-23 Protein HtpG signals healthier teeth and gums 0 None
2008-04-23 Researchers unravel heparin death mystery 0 None
2008-04-23 New discovery on how memory is stored 0 None
2008-04-23 New insights into how the brain processes social, economic reward 0 None
2008-04-23 Scientists determine molecular structures of bacterial AlkB protein and its corresponding human protein, ABH2 0 None
2008-04-23 Breakthrough in stem cell research 0 None
2008-04-23 Discovery of new cell targets for preventing growth of breast and other tumors 0 None
2008-04-23 Infant carrying ruled out as reason why humans walk upright 0 None
2008-04-23 Different processes govern sight, light detection - findings could point toward help for SAD, insomnia patients 0 None
2008-04-23 Functional magnetic resonance imaging reveals brain circuitry associated with social status 0 None
2008-04-23 UKCMRI partners dismiss claims about research project 0 None
2008-04-23 Major step forward in understanding how memory works 0 None
2008-04-23 Menstrual blood - an abundant sources of stem cells 0 None
2008-04-22 Pin1 is beneficial in Alzheimer's disease, detrimental to some forms of dementia 0 None
2008-04-22 Discovery of primary driver of tumor development in the stomach 0 None
2008-04-22 Discovery of molecular link between Alzheimer's disease and amyloid plaques 0 None
2008-04-22 Estimating mortality risk reduction and economic benefits from controlling ozone air pollution 0 None
2008-04-22 Environmental factors weigh heavily in modulating gene expression in humans 0 None
2008-04-22 Scientists solve mystery about critical mechanism of gene expression 0 None
2008-04-22 Mechanism discovered that can send cells on the road to cancer 0 None
2008-04-22 New advance in use of oncolytic viruses as novel cancer treatments 0 None
2008-04-22 Discovery of new way to prevent cardiac fibrosis 0 5
2008-04-22 An atomic view of protein behind hereditary cerebral amyloid angiopathy 0 None
2008-04-22 Discovery of gene that may influence metastasis risk in breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-22 A stem cell type supposed to be crucial for angiogenesis and cancer growth does not exist? 0 None
2008-04-22 New cancer report - facts and figures 2008 0 None
2008-04-21 Cancer could return unless stored ovarian tissue undergoes adequate testing before re-implantation 0 None
2008-04-21 Scalp or neck melanomas most dangerous 0 None
2008-04-21 Brain may be hard-wired to treat fairness as a reward 0 None
2008-04-21 Researchers describe key molecule responsible for the immature state of the tumor vasculature 0 None
2008-04-21 Discovery of fundamental mechanism of how tumour cells communicate 0 None
2008-04-21 British volunteers needed to help bring cure for cancer closer 0 None
2008-04-21 Peripheral arterial disease linked to too little vitamin D 0 None
2008-04-20 Chronic inflammation triggers cell fusions that could protect neurons 0 None
2008-04-20 GRK5 polymorphism that inhibits beta-adrenergic receptor signaling is protective in heart failure 0 None
2008-04-20 A genetic variation mimics effect of heart failure medications - may explain why beta-blockers do not work for all patients 0 None
2008-04-20 Hypertension all about what you eat and drink 0 None
2008-04-20 U.S. military to take the lead in tissue regeneration research 0 5
2008-04-20 Drinking and smoking brings dementia on earlier 0 None
2008-04-18 Report examines how social, economic factors contribute to health disparities in Alameda County 0 None
2008-04-18 New technique for improving medical diagnosis for cancer patients 0 None
2008-04-18 Discovery of method for clamping down on a cancer-promoting enzyme 0 None
2008-04-18 Mature B cells reprogrammed to stem-cell-like state 0 None
2008-04-17 Constraint induced therapy causes increase in gray matter 0 None
2008-04-17 Life Sciences Discovery Fund awards $2.2 million to support new solid-tumor research program 0 None
2008-04-17 Yale researchers identify, characterize and clone ovarian cancer stem cells 0 None
2008-04-17 Inherited cancer gene mutation more common than formerly believed 0 None
2008-04-17 New clues to cataract formation 0 5
2008-04-17 The mechanism of phosphorus as a cardiovascular risk factor in chronic kidney disease 0 None
2008-04-17 Yeast cells used to screen for potential Lou Gehrig's disease drugs 0 None
2008-04-17 Immunotherapy could prevent allergic reactions to food 0 5
2008-04-17 TOR signaling and dietary restriction 0 None
2008-04-17 Mistletoe therapy in oncology 1 None
2008-04-17 New molecule could be key to anti-heart attack drug 0 None
2008-04-17 Discovery of critical detail of cellular defense against genetic mistakes 0 None
2008-04-17 Australian team spots gene linked to blood vessel growth in tumours 0 None
2008-04-16 Exposure to organic solvents linked to disturbances in brain circuitry 0 None
2008-04-16 Computer game helps chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients breathe better 0 None
2008-04-16 New vector carries big genes linked to inherited blindness 0 None
2008-04-16 Restricted calorie diets prevent pancreatic inflammation and cancer 0 None
2008-04-16 Mushroom extract used in Chinese medicine stops growth of invasive breast cancer cells 0 None
2008-04-15 What happens in the human brain just before a decision is made? 0 None
2008-04-15 Research improves understanding of acute lymphoblastic leukemia 0 None
2008-04-15 Sleeping sickness metabolic 'fingerprint' could lead to earlier diagnosis 0 None
2008-04-15 Potential blood test for chronic sinusitis identified 0 None
2008-04-15 Drug-treated blood stem cells used to repair heart damage in animal model 0 None
2008-04-15 Increase in cannabis use among Ontario adults, CAMH reports 0 None
2008-04-15 Why cigarette are smokers at higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer? 0 None
2008-04-15 Stem cell marker controls two key cancer pathways 0 None
2008-04-15 Profoundly important discovery of differences in heart's precursor cells 0 None
2008-04-15 Decrease in mortality after severe injuries in accidents 0 None
2008-04-15 Cancer prevention 0 None
2008-04-15 Blood pressure drugs halt pancreatic cancer cell growth 0 None
2008-04-15 Too much lead in rain water tanks prompts scientists to discourage drinking from them 0 None
2008-04-13 Stopping unwanted cell death: novel avenue for drug development 0 None
2008-04-13 Bone stem cells offer cartilage repair hope for arthritis sufferers 0 None
2008-04-13 Stem cells and their role in malignant brain tumours 0 None
2008-04-13 Targeted therapies overcome treatment resistance in liver cancer cell lines 0 None
2008-04-13 Discovery of link between protein, prognosis in breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-13 Cells lining the mouth tell the tale of lung damage caused by smoking 0 None
2008-04-13 MRI best for looking at breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-13 Macadamia nuts decrease risk of heart disease 0 None
2008-04-13 Discovery of small molecule that disrupts Ewing's sarcoma oncogene 0 None
2008-04-13 Tissues derived from embryonic stem could help to overcome immune rejection problems 0 None
2008-04-13 Inserting tiny scaffolding into the brain could dramatically reduce damage caused by strokes 0 None
2008-04-13 Biomarkers allow doctors to match therapy to patient 0 None
2008-04-13 Iron deficiency cause 0 None
2008-04-11 Constituents in wine may protect against dementia 0 None
2008-04-11 The good and bad side of anti-cancer compounds 0 None
2008-04-11 Stem cells and cancer: cancer pathways that also control the adult stem cell population 0 None
2008-04-11 New strategy rapidly describes outbreak strains with next-generation DNA sequencing 0 None
2008-04-11 Protein sulfatase 2 a possible treatment target for liver cancer recurrence and survival 0 None
2008-04-11 Researchers discover protein leiomodin promotes the assembly of an important heart muscle protein actin 0 None
2008-04-11 T-cell multiplication unexpectedly delayed after infection 0 None
2008-04-11 Hospitalization linked to increased mortality in heart failure patients 0 None
2008-04-11 Phytochemical-rich foods effective at reversing age-related deficits in memory 0 None
2008-04-11 Gene linked to inherited blood biomarker associated with asthma risk 0 None
2008-04-11 Blood vessels: The pied piper for growing nerve cells 0 None
2008-04-10 Discovery of gene involved in blood stem cell replication, movement 0 None
2008-04-10 New understanding of cancer stem cells 0 None
2008-04-10 Researchers close in on origins of main ingredient of Alzheimer's plaques 0 None
2008-04-10 Repeated methamphetamine use causes long-term adaptations in brains of mice 0 None
2008-04-10 Power of molecular imaging reveals secrets of the heart 0 None
2008-04-10 Potential drug target identified for diabetes by studying novel gut-brain-liver circuit 0 None
2008-04-10 Discovery of process behind heart muscle contraction 0 None
2008-04-10 Molecule delivery method improves stem cell differentiation 0 None
2008-04-10 Module map links embryonic stem cells and cancer stem cells 0 None
2008-04-10 Method to deliver molecules within embryonic stem cells improves differentiation 0 None
2008-04-10 Methamphetamine addiction mechanism discovered 0 None
2008-04-10 Manipulating the immune system like a parasite 0 None
2008-04-10 Looping genes may hold a key to understanding breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-10 Researchers identify gene involved in blood stem cell replication, movement 0 None
2008-04-10 How protein sludge accumulates in Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-04-10 Speed of aging is strongly influenced by genetics 0 None
2008-04-10 Variation in CHI3L1 gene increases risk of asthma 0 None
2008-04-10 Soy appears to protect against development of breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-10 Better understanding of how T-cell leukemias and other disorders arise 0 None
2008-04-10 Cancer widows are often emotionally isolated 0 None
2008-04-10 Scientists turn normal skin cells into cancer stem cells 0 None
2008-04-10 Attacks against medical researchers 0 None
2008-04-10 Tiny scaffolding inserted into brain could reduce damage caused by strokes 0 None
2008-04-10 Surgery and drugs not enough to combat obesity 0 None
2008-04-09 Too many gene copies stimulate tumor cell growth 0 None
2008-04-09 Solving the Z ring's mysteries may lead to new antibiotics 0 None
2008-04-09 Pistachios good for the heart 0 4
2008-04-09 Hepatitis B virus triggers cell 'suicide' in patients with chronic infection 0 None
2008-04-09 Gene oppositely controlled by dietary protein, sugar 0 None
2008-04-09 Researchers battle against dangerous corn toxin 0 None
2008-04-09 Double binding sites on tumor target may provide future combination therapy 0 None
2008-04-09 Discovery of a critical early player in the path that turns cells to fat 0 None
2008-04-09 Scientists block early step in metastasis of prostate cancer cells 0 None
2008-04-09 A diaphanous control during embryo formation 0 None
2008-04-09 Smoking bans and taxes, do they work? 0 None
2008-04-09 Depressives at an increase risk for Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-04-09 Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure 0 None
2008-04-09 Thin people may still have a high body fat ratio 0 None
2008-04-08 Biological link between pain and fatigue discovered 0 None
2008-04-08 Genetic factors associated with common fears 0 None
2008-04-08 Potential new therapy for myeloproliferative disorders 0 None
2008-04-08 Irregular sleep patterns and shift work linked to organ disease 0 5
2008-04-08 New regulatory circuit identified for aggressive, malignant brain tumor 0 None
2008-04-08 Identification of dopamine 'mother cells' could lead to future Parkinson's treatments 0 None
2008-04-08 Genetic variants of USF1 are associated with the increased risk for cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-04-08 New decontamination agent 0 None
2008-04-08 Neglect or abuse in childhood linked to adult inflammation, depression 0 None
2008-04-08 Caffeine prevents multiple sclerosis-like disease in mice 0 None
2008-04-08 Blood pressure enzyme can have tumor-sensing role 0 None
2008-04-08 Asthma and smoker's lung: dry airways play a key role 0 None
2008-04-08 New mouse model grants insight into the genetic and molecular mechanisms underpinning acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2008-04-07 Leaky blood vessels open up nerve cells to toxic assault In Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2008-04-07 Tart cherries cut heart/diabetes risk factors 0 None
2008-04-07 Rare genetic variants have big impact on blood pressure 0 None
2008-04-07 T-cadherin affects blood vessel growth in breast cancer, hormone from fat cells may play a role 0 None
2008-04-07 Synthetic molecules may be less expensive alternative to therapeutic antibodies 0 None
2008-04-07 Salivary diagnostics 0 None
2008-04-07 Roswell Park Cancer Institute awarded three-years funding for ovarian cancer vaccine 0 5
2008-04-07 New research in monkeys may lead to new strategy for treating cocaine addiction 0 None
2008-04-07 Rare mutations in salt handling genes protect against hypertension 0 None
2008-04-07 NYU dental professor discovers biological clock linking tooth growth to other metabolic processes 0 None
2008-04-07 Cancer treatment from a common avian virus under study 0 None
2008-04-07 Australian research tackles brain cancer, stroke 0 None
2008-04-07 Common molecule tRNA involved in building protein can trigger cancer 0 None
2008-04-07 Periodontitis and human papillomavirus combined increase risk for tongue cancer 0 None
2008-04-07 New blood test gives early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases 0 None
2008-04-07 Fetal cells transplanted into the brain to treat Parkinson's may not function long term 0 None
2008-04-07 New potential approach to treat spinal muscular atrophy 0 None
2008-04-07 Apples confirmed as 'super fruits' for health 0 None
2008-04-07 Animal research shows potential of amphetamine-like drug for treating cocaine addiction 0 None
2008-04-07 Alligator blood may provide a source of powerful new antibiotics 0 None
2008-04-07 Discovery of more genes involved in height 0 None
2008-04-07 Alligator blood extract promises to help fight superbugs 0 None
2008-04-07 Newly identified height genes may lead to treatments for arthritis and cancer 0 None
2008-04-04 Stem cell breakthrough offers diabetes hope 0 None
2008-04-04 Researchers learn how signaling molecule orchestrates breast cancer's spread 0 None
2008-04-04 Mitosis gets harder thanks to new gene discovery 0 None
2008-04-04 Human breast tumors' 'microenvironment' primes them for metastasis 0 None
2008-04-04 Enzyme complex could be key to new cancer treatments 0 None
2008-04-04 Answer to troublesome question of why some genetic assoc. studies have failed replication attempts 0 None
2008-04-04 Alcohol alters prefrontal cortex activity through ion channel disruption 0 None
2008-04-03 New nano-engineered gel inhibits for spinal cord injury 0 None
2008-04-03 Discovery of gene variant linked to nicotine addiction and lung cancer 0 None
2008-04-03 Not all trans fats are bad for you 0 None
2008-04-03 Genetic variations raise lung cancer risk for smokers and ex-smokers 0 None
2008-04-03 Feta cheese helps combat food poisoning 0 None
2008-04-03 Health effects of drinking lots of water questioned 0 2.6
2008-04-03 Health effects of drinking tea 0 5
2008-04-03 Link between variant in the sequence of the human genome and susceptibility to nicotine dependence 0 None
2008-04-03 Botox scare as scientists say the toxin may spread in the body 0 None
2008-04-02 New clues to risk of Hodgkin lymphoma discovered 0 None
2008-04-02 Body mass often down to our genes 0 None
2008-04-02 Scientists discover how polyketides form their ringlike shape 0 None
2008-04-02 Satoris enters collaboration to validate early Alzheimer's test 0 None
2008-04-02 A new way to test for lung cancer 0 None
2008-04-02 Oligosaccharides may help fight Salmonella and other food poisoning bacteria 0 None
2008-04-02 Newly identified gene may prompt pancreas cells to form 0 None
2008-04-02 11 "snips" associated with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-04-02 Immune system needs food to function properly 0 None
2008-04-02 Families of children with cancer support human tissue research, study finds 0 None
2008-04-01 Racial differences in response to bowel cancer genetic risk factor 0 None
2008-04-01 Exercise delays onset of Huntington’s in mouse model 0 None
2008-04-01 New research shows benefits of ultrasound contrast agents outweigh potential risk to heart patients 0 None
2008-04-01 New genetic clues to diabetes 0 None
2008-04-01 Grhelin hormone that controls hunger and appetite also linked to reduced fertility 0 None
2008-04-01 Chloroform provides clue to 150 year old medical puzzle 0 None
2008-04-01 Discovery of novel gene responsible for Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2008-04-01 Replacing absent microRNAs could make tumors less invasive, more treatable 0 None
2008-04-01 MicroRNAs, EMT and cancer progression 0 None
2008-04-01 Researchers publish MRI images of genes in action in the living brain 0 None
2008-04-01 Normal sex duration 28 3.1
2008-03-31 Green tea can help beat superbugs 0 None
2008-03-31 Genetic test improves artificial fertilization 0 None
2008-03-31 Expansion of monocyte subset could serve as a biomarker for HIV progressions 0 2
2008-03-31 Discovery of role of rare gene mutations in schizophrenia 0 None
2008-03-31 Teenage brains are different 0 None
2008-03-31 Americans living longer, enjoying greater health and prosperity, but important disparities remain 0 None
2008-03-31 Stem cells from hair follicles may help 'grow' new blood vessels 0 None
2008-03-31 Discovery of new type of retinal cell 0 None
2008-03-31 New method for cancer screening 0 None
2008-03-31 Potential new target for multiple sclerosis therapy 0 None
2008-03-31 Type 2 diabetes genes linked with prostate cancer 0 None
2008-03-31 Neurons hard wired to tell left from right 0 None
2008-03-31 Top neurosurgeon warns of brain cancer risk with mobile phones 0 None
2008-03-31 It takes a nose to know danger! 0 None
2008-03-28 University of Kentucky physician revolutionizes gene research 0 None
2008-03-28 Researchers urge ethics guidelines for human-genome research 0 None
2008-03-28 New brain cells implicated in machinery of cannabinoid signaling 0 None
2008-03-28 Key factor in brain development revealed, offers insight into lissencephaly 1 None
2008-03-28 Insulin-like growth factor found to have new role in development of brain's smell center 0 None
2008-03-28 Environmental factors linked to development of autoimmune diseases 0 None
2008-03-28 The brain can sense the calories in food, independent of taste 0 None
2008-03-28 Brain scientist shedding light on learning, memory 0 None
2008-03-28 Pectin-rich apple products shown to have anticarcinogenic effects on colon 0 None
2008-03-28 Scientists isolate, characterize the organism that causes Buruli ulcer 0 None
2008-03-27 Next-generation nanomedicine 0 None
2008-03-26 Targeting aggressive breast cancers by putting them to sleep 0 None
2008-03-26 Spit in a cup to replace needle pricks 0 None
2008-03-26 New understanding of how color vision is processed 0 None
2008-03-26 New method for rapid screening large numbers of antigens 0 None
2008-03-26 A new form of inherited risk of cancer found 0 None
2008-03-26 Red wine antioxidant resveratrol kills cancer 0 4
2008-03-26 Microbes in the guts of carpenter ants could lead to better drugs 0 None
2008-03-25 Yerkes researchers shed light on how human language evolved 0 None
2008-03-25 Toward the ethical treatment of whole genome research participants 0 None
2008-03-25 Therapeutic cloning treats Parkinson's disease in mice 0 None
2008-03-25 Research to lead to brain tumor therapies 0 None
2008-03-25 REST protein protects embryonic stem cells' versatility and self-renewal 0 None
2008-03-25 New drug targets for Huntington's disease 0 None
2008-03-25 Mutant proteins could lead to new treatment for heart disease 0 None
2008-03-25 MRI opens up promising new avenues for non-invasive diagnoses and classification of cancer 0 None
2008-03-25 New mathematical model provides new understanding of cell signaling 0 None
2008-03-25 Researchers make colorectal screening a little easier 0 None
2008-03-25 Researchers reveal hidden properties of an on-off switch that governs cell growth 0 None
2008-03-24 Cloned stem cells successful in treating Parkinson's disease 0 None
2008-03-24 microRNA shown to reduce lung cancer growth 0 None
2008-03-24 Stanford researchers unmask proteins in telomerase 0 None
2008-03-24 Research finds genes and processes that may underlie what makes some people more susceptible to Parkinson's disease 0 None
2008-03-24 Novel approach may lead to safer delivery of genetic therapies 0 None
2008-03-24 New genetic clue to Parkinson's disease 0 None
2008-03-24 New insight into radiation damage to DNA 0 None
2008-03-24 Jumping gene may contribute to Cockayne syndrome 0 None
2008-03-24 Discovery of new effect for insulin 0 None
2008-03-24 How humans make up for an 'inborn' vitamin C deficiency 0 None
2008-03-24 Brains are hardwired to act according to the Golden Rule 0 None
2008-03-24 Are dual cord blood banks the answer to increasing stem cell demand? 0 None
2008-03-20 Tug of war in the cells 0 None
2008-03-20 When it comes to what we eat, men and women really are different 0 None
2008-03-20 Near-infrared light used to detect signs of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-03-20 Neuronal regulators offer potential targets for cancer 0 None
2008-03-20 More efficient gene targeting improves prospects for gene therapy 0 None
2008-03-20 First detailed look at the molecular pathways underlying sleep apnea 0 None
2008-03-20 Disruption of the Contactin 4 gene on chromosome 3 may be linked to autism spectrum disorder 0 None
2008-03-20 Russell Berrie Foundation donates $28 million for diabetes research 0 None
2008-03-20 Designer enzymes 0 None
2008-03-20 Cell therapies for diabetes, cancer 0 None
2008-03-19 Cocaine can cause symptoms of a heart attack 1 5
2008-03-19 Having faith can make you happy! 0 None
2008-03-19 Botulinum toxin, Quo Vadis? 0 None
2008-03-19 New understanding of the differential effects of emotion regulation strategies on the human brain 0 None
2008-03-19 Survival mechanism of T lymphocytes uncovered 0 None
2008-03-19 New hope for victims of macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa 0 5
2008-03-19 Scans spot hidden tumors in Li-Fraumeni syndrome 0 None
2008-03-19 Possible cause of chemobrain found 0 None
2008-03-19 1 in 6 women and 1 in 10 men at risk for Alzheimer's disease in their lifetime 0 None
2008-03-19 Research leads to innovative therapies against cystic fibrosis 0 None
2008-03-19 Poison prevention starts with respecting, inspecting medicines 0 None
2008-03-19 First 3-D view of anti-cancer agent 0 None
2008-03-19 Compound present naturally in grape skin fights the complications of diabetes 0 None
2008-03-19 Family communication impacts attitude about genetic counseling/testing for breast cancer 0 None
2008-03-19 Discovery alters long standing concept of fixed protein structure 0 None
2008-03-18 Zebrafish enables cell regeneration studies to help understand, treat human disease 0 None
2008-03-18 Surprising discovery from first large-scale analysis of biodiversity and biogeography of viruses 0 None
2008-03-18 Researchers discover how stealthy HIV protein gets into cells 0 None
2008-03-18 Researchers develop method to rapidly ID optimal drug cocktails 0 None
2008-03-18 On the trail of rogue genetically modified pathogens 0 None
2008-03-18 National Institutes of Health launches center to study genomics and health disparities 0 None
2008-03-18 Potential new neuronal tumor suppressor 0 None
2008-03-18 New discovery alters longstanding concept of fixed protein structure 0 None
2008-03-18 Genetic counselors turn to unconventional counseling to meet demand for genetic testing 0 None
2008-03-18 Discovery of new rare type of haemoglobin 0 None
2008-03-17 New diagnostic test for cancer promises less trauma for patients 0 None
2008-03-17 Wine harder on the brain than beer 0 5
2008-03-17 Gene network disrupted by obesity 0 None
2008-03-17 Researchers discover signaling system that halts the growth of a childhood brain cancer 0 None
2008-03-17 Discovery of new mechanism involved in inflammatory diseases 0 None
2008-03-17 Discovery of chemical compounds that hold promise as potential therapies for schistosomiasis 0 4
2008-03-17 Role for microRNAs in limb regeneration 0 None
2008-03-17 Near-infrared light used to detect signs of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-03-17 Researchers study new drug and indications for heated chemotherapy treatment 0 None
2008-03-17 Researchers discover second depth-perception method in brain 0 None
2008-03-17 Better regulation is urgently needed for genetic tests 0 None
2008-03-17 Penn researchers identify first sex chromosome gene involved in meiosis and male infertility 0 None
2008-03-17 New chemical can kill latent tuberculosis bacteria 0 None
2008-03-17 Modified virus vaccine shows promise in mouse model of breast cancer 0 None
2008-03-17 Researchers at Mayo Clinic say ECG standards should be revised for elderly 0 None
2008-03-17 Workers exposed to low levels of an asbestos-like mineral from Montana vermiculite may up lung disease risk 0 None
2008-03-17 Genes that protect against atherosclerosis identified 0 None
2008-03-14 Town planning a factor in rising obesity rates 0 None
2008-03-14 Finding in mice could help prevent common complications of kidney damage 0 None
2008-03-14 Researchers make case for standardized analysis of cardiac imaging 0 None
2008-03-14 Cancer drug allergies 0 None
2008-03-14 Pain receptor in brain may be linked to learning and memory 0 None
2008-03-14 New research provides dynamic visualization of simplest circadian clock 0 None
2008-03-14 Memory on trial - implications for legal proceedings 0 None
2008-03-13 Call for all cigarettes to be sold in plain cardboard packs 0 None
2008-03-13 Just a 10% reduction in bad cholesterol could save 3,000 Australian lives each year 0 None
2008-03-13 The yin and yang of genes for mood disorders 0 None
2008-03-13 Researchers find way to increase cells' energy consumption 0 None
2008-03-13 Researchers find cause of severe allergic reaction to cetuximab 0 None
2008-03-13 Genomic tool helps select best eggs for IVF 0 None
2008-03-13 Obesity bottlenecks cellular power plant 0 None
2008-03-13 Discovery could lead to much-needed kidney failure treatment 0 None
2008-03-13 Increased level of magnetic iron oxides found in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-03-13 Genomics researchers fine-tune marker for common obesity gene 0 None
2008-03-13 Caring for a family member with a serious heart ailment may increase your risk of cardiac disease 0 None
2008-03-13 Researchers model emotional impact of cocaine in rats 0 None
2008-03-13 DNA detectives find genetic markers for lung cancers most likely to recur 0 None
2008-03-13 Different use of brain areas may explain memory problems in schizophrenics 0 None
2008-03-13 Caspase-12: MUHC researcher finds new defense mechanism against intestinal inflammation 0 None
2008-03-13 Nuclear protein SATB1 triggers aggressive breast cancer 0 None
2008-03-13 New mouse model of bipolar disorder 0 None
2008-03-12 Weight loss more effective than intensive insulin therapy for type 2 diabetics 0 None
2008-03-12 Researchers may have found test for depression 0 None
2008-03-12 Specialized natural killer cells in human tonsils help protect against Epstein Barr virus 0 None
2008-03-12 Short-term stress impairs brain-cell communication 0 None
2008-03-12 New discovery could change future diagnosis and therapy of depression 0 5
2008-03-12 Red-light cameras significantly increase crashes 0 None
2008-03-12 Post brain injury: New nerve cells originate from neural stem cells 0 None
2008-03-12 Turning off rogue macrophages 0 None
2008-03-12 A road map to safer pain control, cost savings during colonoscopies 0 None
2008-03-12 Switch for programmed cell death promotes spread of glioblastoma 0 None
2008-03-12 Blood test for Parkinson's shows promise 0 5
2008-03-12 Scientists discover epigenetic changes in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 0 3
2008-03-12 COX-2 expression is marker for cancer development in some benign breast biopsies 0 None
2008-03-12 Scientists identify key protein in cell's 'self-eating' function 0 None
2008-03-11 Simple blood test could show whether an antidepressant is working 0 5
2008-03-11 Weight-loss more effective than intensive insulin therapy for type 2 diabetics, according to expert 0 None
2008-03-11 Structure reveals how cells 'sugar-coat' proteins - process essential to many proteins' functions can lead to disease when gone awry 0 None
2008-03-11 Scientists characterizes novel regulator of chromosome function 0 None
2008-03-11 Virtual reality therapy for stroke patients 0 None
2008-03-11 Discovery of new protein family that may play an important role in preventing inflammatory diseases 0 None
2008-03-11 Potential new gene therapy strategy for muscle-wasting diseases 0 None
2008-03-11 Mouse model for human malignant mesothelioma 0 None
2008-03-11 Cell therapy for rejuvenating aged brain by injection of human umbilical cord blood 0 None
2008-03-11 How do infections and toxins launch a cell's self-destruct and alarm system? 0 None
2008-03-11 Alzheimer's sufferers may benefit from cannabis compound 0 None
2008-03-10 Pain in fibromyalgia is linked to changes in brain molecule 0 None
2008-03-10 Peptoids as new class of antibiotic drugs 0 None
2008-03-10 Discovery of new way to control growth rate of replacement tissue and formation of new blood vessels 0 None
2008-03-10 Paradoxical Alzheimer's finding may provide better understanding of memory loss 0 None
2008-03-10 Improved method for genetically manipulating human embryonic stem cells 0 None
2008-03-10 Discovery of new species of bacteria that can live in hairspray 0 None
2008-03-10 The brain's melanocortin system points to new treatments for obesity and anorexia 0 None
2008-03-10 Genetic research unveils common origins for distinct clinical diagnoses 0 None
2008-03-10 The potential for cannabinoids as medicines 0 None
2008-03-10 Comeback to a pre-injury level disappointing for professional baseball players 0 None
2008-03-10 Colorectal cancer gene found 0 None
2008-03-10 Brain network linked to contemplation in adults is less complex in children 0 None
2008-03-10 Cannabis-derived medicines may help Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-03-10 Clearer understanding on how allergy symptoms are triggered 0 None
2008-03-06 Integrin beta3 protein yields clues to autism 0 None
2008-03-06 Curing cancer with natural products - a case for shamans and herb women? 0 None
2008-03-06 Predictors for sickle-cell-anemia complications 0 None
2008-03-06 Researchers discover molecular pathway in blood vessels that controls blood pressure and vascular function 0 None
2008-03-06 New potential drug target for atherosclerosis 0 1
2008-03-06 Discovery of gene abnormality that causes the fatal paralysis, motor neuron disease 0 None
2008-03-06 Neural progenitor cells as reservoirs for HIV in the brain 0 None
2008-03-06 Molecular alliance that sustains embryonic stem cell state 0 None
2008-03-06 Happiness in life and your genes 0 None
2008-03-06 Genetic mutations involved in IGF-I signaling pathway influence life span 0 None
2008-03-06 Protein within neurons in the amygdala controls development of alcohol withdrawal symptoms and drinking behaviors 0 5
2008-03-05 Research in diabetes surgery suggests origins of disease 0 None
2008-03-05 UK researchers look to improve treatment for lung cancer patients 0 None
2008-03-05 Best sex lasts for seven to thirteen minutes 0 3.4
2008-03-05 Broccoli and Brussels sprouts protect against bladder cancer 1 None
2008-03-05 Drinking black tea might help combat type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-03-04 Cigarette smoke prevents stem cells from becoming cartilage 0 None
2008-03-04 Cell proteins could offer a future drug target against weight gain 0 None
2008-03-04 Stem cell funding for Parkinson’s disease 0 None
2008-03-04 Researchers working to curb impulsivity in children with ADHD 0 None
2008-03-04 Bardet-Biedl syndrome provides clues on obesity, blood pressure 0 None
2008-03-04 Researchers trace psychopathy back to its roots 0 None
2008-03-04 Protein in embryonic stem cells control malignant tumor cells 0 None
2008-03-04 Tiny RNA molecule found to help create skin's protective barrier 0 4
2008-03-04 Genetic variations increase risk of anxiety disorders 0 None
2008-03-04 Influencing factors and recommendations that enhance the autonomy of cancer patients in clinically terminal situations 0 None
2008-03-04 Discovery of key molecular mechanism associated with cystic fibrosis 0 5
2008-03-03 New genetic risk factor for coeliac disease 0 1
2008-03-03 Short RNA strand helps exposed skin cells protect body from bacteria, dehydration and even cancer 0 None
2008-03-03 New way to develop tumor vaccines 0 None
2008-03-03 Novel mechanism found that may boost impaired function of leukemia protein 0 None
2008-03-03 High prevalence of eating disorders in narcoleptics 0 None
2008-03-03 Arsenic used to label antibodies for the detection of tumors 0 None
2008-03-03 New research shows why winter is the season for flu 0 None
2008-03-01 Researchers investigate predictors for sickle-cell-anemia complications 0 None
2008-03-01 Ciliary neurotrophic factor protects nerve cells 0 None
2008-03-01 Killing cancer tumors with Salmonella bacteria 0 None
2008-03-01 Researchers measure field strength and density of ICF implosions 0 None
2008-03-01 New discovery on programmed cell death 0 None
2008-03-01 Nicotine's effects are receptor specific 0 None
2008-03-01 Real-time imaging device may improve surgery for congenital colon disease 0 None
2008-03-01 Genetic factors in smoking also increase risk of chronic bronchitis 0 None
2008-03-01 Discovery of key molecular mechanism that may account for the development of cystic fibrosis 0 None
2008-03-01 Virtual peers being used to help kids with autism 0 None
2008-02-28 Potential target to treat deadly bloodstream infections 0 None
2008-02-28 New genetic link to schizophrenia 0 None
2008-02-28 Gene expression differences between Europeans and Africans affect response to drugs, infections 0 None
2008-02-28 Age related macular degeneration doubles heart attack and stroke risk 0 None
2008-02-28 Blocking a signaling protein kills prostate cancer cells 0 None
2008-02-28 Atypical protein kinase C stabilizes SRC-3 levels in breast cancer cells 0 None
2008-02-28 Rresearch may lead to a better flu vaccine 0 None
2008-02-28 Urine protein microalbuminuria may be present before hypertension diagnosis in at-risk adolescents 0 None
2008-02-28 Discovery of potential drug targets for sepsis 0 5
2008-02-28 Scientists look at 'syringe' assembly in plague bacteria 0 None
2008-02-28 Discovery of family of genes linked to the development of liver cancer 0 None
2008-02-28 Research leading to tools for managing bovine respiratory disease complex 0 None
2008-02-28 New radiology center puts research scanners in hospital 0 None
2008-02-28 Diltiazem reduces cocaine cravings in a rat model 1 None
2008-02-28 Neurons use chemical 'chords' to shape signaling 0 None
2008-02-28 New view of human brainstem 0 None
2008-02-28 Does artificial intelligence help clinicians to recognize atrophic gastritis with thyroid disease? 0 None
2008-02-28 Possible brain basis for parental instinct 0 None
2008-02-27 Heart disease in Europe 0 None
2008-02-27 Hormones produced by the heart eliminate pancreatic cancer in mice 0 3
2008-02-27 New understanding of structure and behavior of collagen 0 None
2008-02-27 Researchers engineer first system of human nerve-cell tissue 0 None
2008-02-27 NIU seeks approval for new proton cancer treatment and research center 0 None
2008-02-27 New insight into the fundamentals of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2008-02-27 U of C research examines Botulinium type-A toxin 0 None
2008-02-27 Neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) may help those with autism 0 None
2008-02-27 Nanoemulsion vaccines show increasing promise 0 None
2008-02-27 Heart attack rates drop following national smoking bans in France 0 None
2008-02-27 Advances in understanding human taste perception 0 None
2008-02-27 Soil-dwelling bacteria provide potential new antibiotics 0 None
2008-02-27 You are what you eat and drink - and that is recorded in your hair 1 None
2008-02-27 Spinal cord injury may not increase risk of heart disease 0 None
2008-02-27 Scientists identify proteins that help bacteria put up a fight 0 None
2008-02-27 Discovery of new receptor complex in brain - better understanding of how hallucinations occur 0 None
2008-02-27 Enzyme Cdk1 may lead to new cancer therapies 0 None
2008-02-27 OHSU Cancer Institute research gives hope for chemo holidays for men with advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2008-02-26 Leptin which suppresses hunger could be the way to beat obesity 0 None
2008-02-26 Extract of broccoli sprouts may protect against bladder cancer 0 None
2008-02-26 Researchers isolate biomarkers in the blood that identify mood disorders 0 None
2008-02-26 High zinc status in lung cells slows growth and induces DNA 0 None
2008-02-26 GP's databases could identify tens of thousands with undiagnosed diabetes in UK 0 None
2008-02-26 New gene discovered that determines hair texture and density in humans 0 None
2008-02-26 SSRI anti-depressants found to offer little clinical benefit 0 None
2008-02-26 New clues to bacterial antibiotic resistance 0 None
2008-02-26 New large-scale method reveals drug targets 0 None
2008-02-26 Notch protein plays a critical role in bone formation 0 5
2008-02-26 New chemical tool kit manipulates mitochondria, reveals insights into drug toxicity 0 None
2008-02-26 Hope for low back pain sufferers 0 None
2008-02-26 Hair loss breakthrough 0 None
2008-02-26 Genetic mutation linked to peripheral artery disease 0 None
2008-02-26 New discovery on how gene-regulatory networks govern metabolism 0 None
2008-02-26 Brain tumour gene link found 0 None
2008-02-25 Novel hMSH2 gene mutation in colorectal cancer patients 0 None
2008-02-25 Newly discovered ERK pathway proteins related to CagA induced disease 0 None
2008-02-22 Researchers explore the antidepressant effects of ketamine 0 None
2008-02-22 Novel link between excessive nutrient levels and insulin resistance 0 None
2008-02-22 New understanding of how big molecules bind will lead to better drugs, synthetic organic materials 0 None
2008-02-22 Link between excessive food intake and insulin resistance 0 None
2008-02-22 Kidney donor age linked to aortic siffening 0 None
2008-02-21 Guidelines for evaluation of psychological side-effects of brain injury 0 None
2008-02-21 New proof-of-principle findings that thymic involution can be reversed in humans 0 None
2008-02-21 Genetic tags reveal secrets of memories' staying power in mice 0 None
2008-02-21 Despite advances, atherosclerosis solution is years away 0 None
2008-02-21 Deficiency in the protein MBL2 linked to increased cystic fibrosis severity 0 None
2008-02-21 Computers are able to diagnose Alzheimer's disease faster and more accurately than experts 0 None
2008-02-21 Advanced Cell Technology demonstrates highly efficient process for the generation of high-purity hepatocytes 0 None
2008-02-21 Downward trend in cancer deaths between 2004 and 2005 0 None
2008-02-21 Researchers determine structure of protein that mutates DNA of the AIDS virus HIV-1 0 None
2008-02-21 Study identifies another strategy for normalizing tumor blood supply 0 None
2008-02-21 Discovery of gene expression pathway that influences process of oxidative stress 0 None
2008-02-21 Mutation in TDP-43 gene may play role in common dementia 0 None
2008-02-21 New way to grow blood vessels 0 None
2008-02-21 A new age-related macular degeneration discovery 0 None
2008-02-21 Common spinal problem eased with surgery 0 None
2008-02-21 Coral alga may hold key to malaria prevention 0 None
2008-02-20 New technique to identify, treat bacterial infections 0 None
2008-02-20 Single microRNA plays role in innate immune response 0 None
2008-02-20 Scientists shed light on long-distance signaling in developing neurons 0 None
2008-02-20 Researchers examine animal antibiotic resistance, possible human link 0 None
2008-02-20 Mix of endocrine disrupters a dangerous cocktail 0 None
2008-02-20 The debut of second generation memory care 0 None
2008-02-20 Listening to music in the early stages after a stroke can improve patients' recovery 0 3
2008-02-20 Bacteria dupe human immune system by using invisibility cloak 0 None
2008-02-20 Risk factors for Parkinson's disease focus of new research 0 None
2008-02-20 An assessment system demonstrates the learning capacity of children with Down's syndrome 0 None
2008-02-20 Discovery of a new anticoagulant 0 None
2008-02-20 CT scan can harm kidneys, but cheap drug can help 0 None
2008-02-18 As depression symptoms improve with antidepressants, hopelessness can linger 0 None
2008-02-18 Pre-eclampsia linked to herpes virus 0 None
2008-02-18 Using HEPA filters may improve cardiovascular health 0 None
2008-02-18 U-M scientists develop tool to probe role of oxidative stress in aging, disease 0 5
2008-02-18 Transplanted cells can cure hemophilia 0 4.7
2008-02-18 Stanford researchers make first direct observation of 3-D molecule folding in real time 0 None
2008-02-18 Researchers find protein targets for potential treatment of multiple sclerosis 0 5
2008-02-18 Discovery of antibody that neutralizes two viruses classified as henipaviruses 0 None
2008-02-18 Sanitation paper shortlisted for Lancet Paper of the Year 0 None
2008-02-18 Role gound for glaucoma gene and a signaling pathway 0 None
2008-02-17 Yale procedure creates new bone tissue 0 None
2008-02-17 Scorpion venom may hold key to controlling cystic fibrosis 0 None
2008-02-17 Oncoproteins double-team and destroy vital tumor-suppressor 0 None
2008-02-17 Cholesterol-lowering drug used to block staph infections in mince 0 None
2008-02-17 Discovery of new cataract gene 0 None
2008-02-17 Understanding how the brain works from computers, and vice versa 0 None
2008-02-17 Metabolic syndrome linked to climate 0 None
2008-02-17 Mesothelin appears to play important role in promoting pancreatic cancer growth - clues to new treatments 0 None
2008-02-17 Fighting the global obesity epidemic 0 None
2008-02-17 Infertility is a growing problem 0 None
2008-02-17 Identical twins are not genetically identical 0 None
2008-02-17 Major milestone in the culturing of human blood stem cells 0 None
2008-02-17 Insights into the physics of brain activity 0 None
2008-02-17 Looking after the health of older workers will keep them in the work force 0 None
2008-02-17 Potential new strategy for treating lupus 0 None
2008-02-14 Researchers explain why Avastin can cause potentially fatal brain inflammation 0 None
2008-02-14 Stomach flu vaccine possibility 0 4.7
2008-02-14 Brain's serotonin system differs between men and women 0 5
2008-02-14 Scientists solve structure of gene regulator that plays key role in cancer 0 None
2008-02-14 Drug delivery straight to the brain 0 None
2008-02-14 Research helps explain why some stroke patients recover language skills 0 None
2008-02-14 Additional similarities found between nicotine and opiate addiction 0 None
2008-02-14 Search for genes tied to social behavior 0 None
2008-02-14 Location location location, even for genes 0 None
2008-02-14 Researchers use embryonic stem cells to develop functioning immune system blood cells 0 None
2008-02-14 Bacterial toxin closes gate on immune response 0 None
2008-02-14 Maslinic acid from olives shows anti-cancer properties 0 None
2008-02-13 New understanding of hearing loss process 0 None
2008-02-13 New Centre to be at the heart of UK’s cardiovascular research 0 None
2008-02-13 Discovery of 'overdrive' protein could broaden drug design options 0 None
2008-02-13 Night-time noise from aircraft or traffic can increase a person's blood pressure 0 None
2008-02-13 Discovery that embryonic stem cells can be used to create functional immune system blood cells 0 None
2008-02-12 Some cases of autism may be traced to the immune system of mothers during pregnancy 0 None
2008-02-12 Potential method for repairing misspelling in DNA code that causes spinal muscular atrophy 0 None
2008-02-12 Discovery of previously unknown mechanism that leads to cleft palate 0 1
2008-02-12 How red blood cells nuke their nuclei 0 None
2008-02-12 Alpha-linolenic acid good for dry eye syndrome 0 None
2008-02-12 How family roles change during conflict 0 None
2008-02-12 Hostility plus depression elevates risk for heart disease 0 None
2008-02-12 Discovery of possible target for prevention and treatment of pneumonia 0 None
2008-02-11 Cancer cells adapt using Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' principle to resist treatment 0 None
2008-02-11 Researchers find new U.S. trend in antibiotic resistance 0 None
2008-02-11 Scientists find new cellular receptor for HIV 0 None
2008-02-11 Moss protein plays role in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-02-11 Oxytocin hormone promotes bonding 1 4.4
2008-02-11 New insight into how iron gets deposited in the brain to cause some forms of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-02-11 Discovery of cellular mechanisms that lead to in insulin resistance in diabetics 0 None
2008-02-11 Funding boost for research into epilepsy and hearing loss 0 None
2008-02-08 What gives us fingertip dexterity? 0 None
2008-02-08 VEGF-B helps nerve cells cheat death without unwanted side effects 0 None
2008-02-08 Setting up a roadblock for atherosclerosis 0 None
2008-02-08 Scientists reveal a new target to fight bad cholesterol 0 None
2008-02-08 Australians lacking basic knowledge to keep themselves healthy 0 None
2008-02-08 Scientists find how PARP-1 protein binds to genes and regulates human genome 0 None
2008-02-08 Improving statins 0 None
2008-02-08 Discovery of new cellular mechanisms that lead to in insulin resistance in people with diabetes 0 None
2008-02-08 Review of psychosocial quit-smoking interventions for patients with coronary heart disease 0 None
2008-02-08 Discovery of protein that stops the growth of melanomas 0 None
2008-02-08 Fats encapsulated with fiber may lead to tasty low-calorie foods 0 None
2008-02-07 Endurance training improves metabolism in mice 0 None
2008-02-07 Significantly higher success rates with artificial insemination 0 None
2008-02-07 RNA-associated introns guide nerve-cell channel production 0 None
2008-02-07 Beetroot juice reduces blood pressure 0 None
2008-02-07 New research allays some panic about suspected cancer-causing agents 0 None
2008-02-07 Predisposition for obesity might be wired into the brain 0 None
2008-02-07 Ischaemic heart disease in Europe 0 None
2008-02-07 Europe's most common genetic disease is a liver disorder 0 None
2008-02-07 Disrupted genetic regulation causes common disturbance in metabolism of fat 0 None
2008-02-07 New understanding of cancer initiation 0 None
2008-02-07 Chemical chaperone could open door to treatment of neurological disorder 0 None
2008-02-07 Scientists gain new understanding of gut bugs 0 None
2008-02-07 Brain circuitry that drives drug-seeking compulsion identified 0 None
2008-02-07 Release of blood stem cells from bone marrow is regulated by brain through human biological clock 0 None
2008-02-07 Vitamin D for cancer 0 None
2008-02-06 Button mushrooms have as much antioxidants as expensive rivals 0 None
2008-02-05 Getting under the skin of HIV, hep C 0 None
2008-02-05 Boost for unique heart disease research 0 None
2008-02-05 Inhibiting a protein protects against heat stroke 0 None
2008-02-05 Disrupted genetic regulation causes common disturbance in metabolism of fat 0 None
2008-02-05 Molecules developed at UB boost vaccine potency 0 None
2008-02-05 New cancer center at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell 0 None
2008-02-05 Clinical patient safety interventions reduce errors in obstetrical care 0 None
2008-02-05 Precise geometry and energy of protein structures holds key to cures 0 None
2008-02-05 Genetic mutations in the Toll-like receptor 4 gene increase risk of preterm birth 0 None
2008-02-05 Early detection of pediatric thyroid cancer critical 0 None
2008-02-05 Survey of rheumatic diseases in China 0 None
2008-02-05 Brain stimulation to improve cognitive function 0 None
2008-02-04 More brains needed to beat multiple sclerosis 0 None
2008-02-04 Structure of important neurotransmitter regulator solved 0 None
2008-02-04 Breaking down Huntington's disease one protein at a time 0 None
2008-02-04 Researchers identify cells that cause nervous system disease 0 None
2008-02-04 New discoveries on what does and doesn't affect immune system 0 None
2008-02-04 Massive brain imaging project awarded Keck Foundation grant 0 None
2008-02-04 Researchers uncover key interaction in cholesterol regulation 0 None
2008-02-04 Gene expression in meningiomas may vary by hormone receptor status 0 None
2008-02-04 New discovery, immune cells confront viruses just inside of the lymph node 0 None
2008-02-04 Less waste in the synthesis of anti-inflammatory drugs 0 None
2008-02-04 New Parkinson's disease research points to serotonin 0 5
2008-02-04 Scientists recreate rhinovirus infection in mice - hope of new asthma treatments 0 None
2008-02-04 Video games activate reward regions of brain in men more than women 0 None
2008-02-04 Isocitric acid from fermentation of sunflower oil - a new building block for pharma? 0 None
2008-02-04 New research shows that people with blue eyes have a single, common ancestor 0 4
2008-02-04 Protein, macrophage migration inhibitory factor predicts heart attack response and cardiac damage 0 None
2008-02-04 Neurogenesis plays an important role in the acquisition and storage of spatial memory 0 None
2008-02-04 Novel wound-healing peptide gel 0 None
2008-02-04 Enzyme released by mast cells in the lungs could be a new target for asthma 0 None
2008-02-04 Porous structures help boost integration of host tissue with implants 0 None
2008-02-04 New target for flu prevention 0 None
2008-02-04 Zinc may offer protection against cadmium exposure 0 None
2008-02-04 New understanding of ion channel regulation 0 None
2008-02-04 New research allays some panic about suspected cancer-causing agents 0 None
2008-01-31 Body fat protein adiponectin plays role in tumour growth 0 None
2008-01-31 Virtual human in HIV drug simulation 0 None
2008-01-31 Stem cell treatment for babies with brittle bones in the womb 0 5
2008-01-31 Researchers find no link between prostate cancer risk and blood levels of testosterone or estrogen 0 None
2008-01-31 Potential cause of age differences in stimulant response identified 0 None
2008-01-30 Breakdown of kidney's self-cleaning ability makes them more vulnerable to dysfunction and disease 0 None
2008-01-30 Link between microRNA expression patterns and poor outcomes for colon cancer 0 None
2008-01-30 New understanding of sound representations in the auditory cortex 0 None
2008-01-30 Researchers can now determine when a human was born by radiocarbon dating of the human eye lens 0 None
2008-01-30 Improved methods for decontamination of bioterrorism hazards 0 None
2008-01-29 Discovery of novel molecular pattern linked to colon cancer prognosis 0 None
2008-01-29 Collaboration to improve the UK's health 0 None
2008-01-28 Medical Research Council and GSK to identify new therapeutic targets from genetic association studies 0 None
2008-01-25 Weakness found in anthrax bacterium 0 None
2008-01-25 Novel method for assigning probabilities to human protein interactions 0 None
2008-01-25 Search for the 'on' switches may reveal genetic role in development and disease 0 None
2008-01-25 Researchers unravel mystery of cell division 0 None
2008-01-25 Protein that controls hair growth also keeps stem cells slumbering 0 None
2008-01-25 New approach to detect autism earlier 0 None
2008-01-25 Mental and physical stimulation delays dementia in Huntington's disease 0 None
2008-01-25 Improved diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis thanks to new techniques 0 None
2008-01-25 Researchers identify five genes with possible protective capabilities against a Parkinson's disease trait 0 None
2008-01-25 Evolutionary 'battle scars' identify enhanced antiviral activity 0 None
2008-01-25 Elusive pancreatic stem cells found in adult mice 0 None
2008-01-25 Could the pursuit of happiness go too far? 0 None
2008-01-25 Deficient regulators in the immune system responsible for type 1 diabetes 0 None
2008-01-25 Building stronger bones, one stem cell at a time 0 None
2008-01-24 New approach to gene therapy 0 None
2008-01-24 Researchers identify brain's 'eureka' circuitry 0 None
2008-01-24 No clear evidence that antidepressants assist in the management of chronic low back pain 0 None
2008-01-24 Nitrogen fixation process in plants to combat drought in various species of legumes 0 None
2008-01-24 New method enables design, production of extremely novel drugs 0 None
2008-01-24 Hawthorn extract helps the heart 0 None
2008-01-24 Handwashing can reduce diarrhea episodes by about one third 0 None
2008-01-24 Genetic difference predicts antidepressant response 0 None
2008-01-24 Evolutionary phenomenon in mice may explain human infertility 0 None
2008-01-24 Engineers use blood's hydrodynamics to manipulate stem, cancer cells 0 None
2008-01-24 DNA sensors found to be an effective artificial nose 0 None
2008-01-24 Cranberries might help prevent urinary infections in women 0 None
2008-01-24 Cigarettes leave deadly path by purging protective genes 0 None
2008-01-23 Skull survey could improve vehicle safety 0 None
2008-01-23 Gene therapy for pain 0 None
2008-01-23 New compounds for treating tuberculosis and malaria 0 None
2008-01-23 New way to boost the immune system 0 None
2008-01-23 New anticancer drugs may block HSP90-IP6K2 protein interaction involved in cell death 0 None
2008-01-23 Brain molecule from endothelial cells may be a new target for treatment of multiple sclerosis 0 None
2008-01-23 New method for measuring protein synthesis 0 None
2008-01-23 Genetic switches could lower cost of producing drugs, proteins 0 None
2008-01-23 Food peptides activate bitter taste receptors 0 None
2008-01-23 Do national dietary guidelines do more harm than good? 0 None
2008-01-23 Researchers look at link between inability to express emotions and sleep disturbances 0 None
2008-01-23 Red meat and diet sodas - a recipe for metabolic syndrome 0 None
2008-01-23 Computer model for osteoporosis diagnostics 0 None
2008-01-23 A good fight with your spouse may be good for your health! 0 None
2008-01-22 Why certain people cannot express emotions 1 None
2008-01-22 New research finds way for wounds to heal without scars 0 5
2008-01-22 New understanding of the link between heart disease and belly fat 0 None
2008-01-22 Gene therapy promises relief from chronic pain 0 None
2008-01-21 Stem cell therapy restores muscle function in mice with muscular dystrophy 0 None
2008-01-21 New diagnostic technique using bioimpedance spectroscopy to diagnose cervical and skin cancers 0 None
2008-01-21 Minute genetic differences have major consequences 0 None
2008-01-21 Stem-cell transplantation improves muscles in MD animal model 0 None
2008-01-21 Stem cell research aims to tackle Parkinson's disease 0 5
2008-01-21 Researchers identify a means of controlling a parasite that kills and eats human cells 0 None
2008-01-21 Something special about loneliness 0 None
2008-01-21 Discovery major step forward in treating leukemia 0 None
2008-01-21 Smoking wipes out protective genes 0 None
2008-01-21 New method to transfer DNA into a host cell 0 None
2008-01-21 Case researcher in RNA biology makes waves by challenging current thinking 0 None
2008-01-21 Sleep plays a critical role in the brain's ability to learn 0 None
2008-01-21 How anti-TNF compounds work 0 None
2008-01-18 Previously unknown Merkel cell polyomavirus linked to deadly skin cancer 3 None
2008-01-18 Scientists uncover role of cancer stem cell marker: controlling gene expression 0 None
2008-01-18 Discovery opens door to 'personalized' asthma therapy 0 None
2008-01-18 Diet and lifestyle critical to recovery 0 None
2008-01-18 Cancer stem cell marker also drives transcription in normal cells 0 None
2008-01-18 Alzheimer's molecule is a smart speed bump on the nerve-cell transport highway 0 None
2008-01-18 Smallest particles from vehicle emissions may promote hardening of the arteries 0 None
2008-01-18 Scientists focus on Epstein-Barr virus 0 None
2008-01-17 Rare lung disease cells indicate higher death risk 0 None
2008-01-17 Acanthus ilicifolius plant may combat liver cancer 0 None
2008-01-17 Gene markers located for hereditary prostate cancer 0 None
2008-01-17 Cell death suppression increases efficacy of M2 vaccines 0 None
2008-01-17 Extra-hepatic manifestation of hepatitis C virus infection 0 None
2008-01-17 An emerging candidate for protecting patients from liver injury after abdomen surgery 0 None
2008-01-17 New approach to cadmium induced hepatoxicity 0 None
2008-01-16 Viroporins, membrane-permeabilizing proteins of the poliomyelitis virus 0 None
2008-01-16 Type 1 diabetes triggered by lazy T-cells 0 None
2008-01-16 Molecules might identify high-risk acute-leukemia patients 0 None
2008-01-16 Gender differences in liver cancer 0 None
2008-01-16 Iowa State researchers aim to improve vaccine technology 0 None
2008-01-16 Genetic differences may explain response to multiple sclerosis treatment 0 None
2008-01-16 Unique role of apoptosis protein TRADD in viral signaling 0 None
2008-01-16 Researchers find cell protein that blocks HIV virus generation 0 None
2008-01-16 Probiotic drinks work - but who knows how or why? 0 None
2008-01-15 How exactly does aging affect judgment and decision-making abilities? 1 None
2008-01-15 Researchers find new way to block destructive rush of immune cells 0 None
2008-01-15 New auditory cortex research may bring better hearing aids and more effective speech recognition systems 0 None
2008-01-15 Genetic differences may help explain response to multiple sclerosis treatment 0 None
2008-01-15 6,000 genes help determine body weight 0 None
2008-01-15 Brain processes aggression as a reward 0 None
2008-01-15 Uncovering the Achilles' heel of the HIV-1 envelope 0 None
2008-01-15 University of Minnesota researchers have created a beating heart in the laboratory 0 None
2008-01-15 Stem cells make bone marrow cancer resistant to treatment 0 None
2008-01-15 Researchers associate six new genetic variants with heart disease risk factor 0 None
2008-01-15 Minor leg injuries may cause thrombosis 0 None
2008-01-14 Etanercept drug reverses early symptoms of Alzheimer's in 10 minutes 3 4.5
2008-01-14 How to mend a broken heart - Scientists make dead hearts beat again 0 4
2008-01-14 New method to identify genetic determinants of Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-01-14 MIT reports single gene can encode as many as four different functions 0 None
2008-01-14 Dissecting the genetic components of adaptation of E. coli to the mouse gut 0 None
2008-01-14 Two different neural pathways regulate loss and regain of consciousness during general anesthesia 0 None
2008-01-11 Researchers shed light on genetic factors behind UK's biggest killer 0 None
2008-01-11 Researchers move 2 steps closer to understanding genetic underpinnings of autism 0 None
2008-01-11 Protein found in human hair shows promise for regenerating nerves 0 None
2008-01-11 High blood pressure gene found 0 None
2008-01-11 Asf1, the protein that oversees DNA replication and packaging in the cell 0 None
2008-01-11 Scientists identify cells that promote formation of lethal lung metastases 0 None
2008-01-11 Body's immune system uses common molecule to recognize prostate tumors 0 None
2008-01-11 Discovery of gene variant that raises autism risk 0 None
2008-01-11 Auditory neurons in humans far more sensitive to fine sound frequencies than most mammals 0 None
2008-01-11 New way to boost red blood cell numbers 0 None
2008-01-11 A few more pieces for the puzzle that is Alzheimer’s disease 0 None
2008-01-10 Small pieces of ribonucleic acid prevent spread of breast cancer 0 None
2008-01-10 RNA silences cancer suppressor gene 0 None
2008-01-10 Discovery of chromosomal abnormality that appears to increase susceptibility to autism 0 None
2008-01-10 New York City mortality rate at all-time low in 2006 0 None
2008-01-10 microRNA molecules block breast cancer's ability to spread 0 None
2008-01-10 Life savers in the gut 0 None
2008-01-10 Huntington's disease problem starts early 0 None
2008-01-10 Help with getting off the couch 0 None
2008-01-10 Blocking parasites' communication reduces infection 0 None
2008-01-10 New research links autism to genetic disorder 0 5
2008-01-09 France, Japan and Australia top in dealing with preventable deaths...U.S. bottom! 0 None
2008-01-09 When shorter waits increase stress 0 None
2008-01-09 Stress causes whole body deterioration 4 5
2008-01-09 High number of entrepreneurs in the UK and US suffer from dyslexia 0 None
2008-01-09 Scientists use virus to wipe out cancer cells 0 None
2008-01-09 Discovery of a core mechanism underlying Fragile X syndrome 0 None
2008-01-09 New understanding on the mechanics of gene transcription 0 None
2008-01-09 Loss of a small portion of chromosome 16 linked to autism 0 None
2008-01-09 Researchers trigger insulin production in diabetic mice 0 5
2008-01-09 New insight into factors that drive muscle-building stem cells 0 None
2008-01-09 Insights into cell movement likely to aid immune study, cancer research 0 None
2008-01-09 Take care of your teeth and gums for a healthy heart 0 None
2008-01-08 Research may improve prognosis and treatment of lung cancer 0 None
2008-01-08 Trichloroethylene chemical - widely used in industry - is a risk factor for parkinsonism 0 None
2008-01-08 New magnetic method of delivering cells and genes to repair injured or diseased organs 0 None
2008-01-08 9/11 stress increases risk of heart problems 0 None
2008-01-08 Oncolytics Biotech announces new reovirus, cyclophosphamide research 0 None
2008-01-08 New gene identified for cerebral venous thrombosis 0 None
2008-01-08 Anxiety raises heart attack risk 0 None
2008-01-08 Differentiation blocked in tumor stem cells 0 None
2008-01-08 Emergency responders at high risk to miss work because of injuries 0 None
2008-01-07 Biochemist wins grant to develop cellular molecular probes capable of measuring cholesterol levels 0 None
2008-01-07 Better access to cool caps improves outcomes, lowers cost of treating asphyxia in newborns 0 None
2008-01-07 Low blood levels of vitamin D linked to heart attacks and strokes 0 None
2008-01-07 Researchers say health benefits of sunshine outweigh the skin cancer risk and might help you live longer 0 4.7
2008-01-07 Chlamydia trachomatis genome sheds light on an emerging infection 0 None
2008-01-07 New research shows that paralyzed mice walk again 0 5
2008-01-07 Hopkins researchers paint picture of cancer-promoting culprit 0 None
2008-01-07 Scientists restore walking after spinal cord injury 0 None
2008-01-07 Tracking down allergenic substances 0 None
2008-01-07 Breakthrough for organ transplants and cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2008-01-07 Researchers overcome oxygen deficiency 0 None
2008-01-07 Comprehensive gene atlas underlying drug addiction 0 None
2008-01-04 Scientists link depression to a biological mechanism that affects the olfactory glands 0 None
2008-01-04 New method to study extrasensory perception 0 2.2
2008-01-04 Novel mechanism for long-term learning identified 0 None
2008-01-04 Novel anti-tumor compound 0 None
2008-01-04 Down syndrome points to a new way of repressing cancer growth 0 None
2008-01-03 Energy efficient bulbs blamed for triggering migraines 0 None
2008-01-03 Down's syndrome gene protects against cancer 0 None
2008-01-03 The risk of osteoarthritis and index to ring finger length ratio 0 None
2008-01-03 Researchers seek to make cavity-causing bacteria self-destruct 0 None
2008-01-03 Effects of sleep deprivation reversed 0 None
2008-01-03 New hope for Batten disease sufferers 0 None
2008-01-03 New understanding of hydrogen peroxide's role in cell health 0 None
2008-01-03 Protein's new role discovered in autoimmune disease 0 3
2008-01-03 Protein clue could stop cancer 'creep' 0 None
2008-01-03 Protein a possible key to allergy and asthma control 0 None
2008-01-03 New polyphenol study could reduce the health risk of high-fat foods 0 None
2008-01-03 MRI techniques evolving towards better assessment of liver fibrosis 0 None
2008-01-03 Il-22 gene delivers the goods and decreases intestinal inflammation 0 None
2008-01-03 If you're going to experience a period of helplessness, it's best to be alone 0 None
2008-01-03 Epilepsy and brain pathology linked together by the protein ADK 0 None
2008-01-03 New clue found to the cause of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2008-01-03 Hereditary form of colon cancer traced to common ancester in U.S. 0 None
2008-01-03 Boost for Fragile X research 0 None
2008-01-03 Artificial viral shells for pinpoint drug delivery 0 None
2008-01-03 Highlights of pulmonary and critical care symposium 0 None
2008-01-02 Silence may lead to phantom noises misinterpreted as tinnitus 0 None
2008-01-02 New drug target for treatment-resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2008-01-02 Gene variation increases risk of liver tumor in patients with cirrhosis 0 None
2008-01-02 FASgen announces new discoveries in lung cancer 0 None
2008-01-02 Doctors may be giving the wrong dosage of adrenaline in an emergency because of labelling 0 None
2008-01-02 Breast cancer cells have to learn to walk before they can run 0 None
2008-01-02 Two genes are important key to regulating immune response 0 None
2008-01-02 Mouthwash test an easy way to screen for head and neck cancers 0 None
2008-01-02 Diabetes linked to poor sleep quality 0 None


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