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RSSArchived Medical Research News Stories - November 2008

Date Title Comments Rating
2008-11-30 Scientists find key to keeping killer T cells in prime shape for fighting infection, cancer 0 None
2008-11-30 New European food allergy research 0 None
2008-11-30 New study indicates smallpox vaccination effective for decades 0 None
2008-11-30 Mindfulness based cognitive therapy provides new hope for people with recurring depression 0 None
2008-11-30 New method could help reduce breast-lesion biopsies 0 None
2008-11-30 Genetic variation in metabolism identified 0 None
2008-11-30 Diet rich in fat, sugar and cholesterol a potential risk factor for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-11-30 Crossing scientific boundaries to understand the rejection of drugs 0 None
2008-11-30 Multitasking proteins driving cell behavior 0 None
2008-11-30 Advance in K-Ras-mutated cancer research 0 5
2008-11-30 Potential gene target for treatment of common hearing, vertigo and balance problems 0 None
2008-11-28 Study identifies genetic variants giving rise to differences in metabolism 0 None
2008-11-28 Researchers discover genomic causes of acute lymphoblastic leukemia relapse 0 None
2008-11-28 Research identifies cell receptor as target for anti-inflammatory immune response 0 None
2008-11-28 Breakthrough for dialysis patients 0 None
2008-11-28 Discovery of new way in which epigenetic information is inherited 0 None
2008-11-27 First study showing how protein fine-tunes the heart 0 None
2008-11-26 Yale researchers find molecule that may help regulate how much animals and people eat 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers provide new evidence that aging can be slowed 0 None
2008-11-26 Noninvasive test for urine protein detects kidney dysfunction in transplant patients 0 None
2008-11-26 Study compares strategies for BK virus nephropathy 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers uncover a critical link between taste and body weight 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers provide new insight into adaptive ability of cells 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers identify a potentially universal mechanism of aging 0 None
2008-11-26 Discovery of mechanism linking serotonin with regulation of food intake 0 None
2008-11-26 NSF grant puts talented undergraduates into research labs 0 None
2008-11-26 Nitric oxide can change computational ability of the brain 0 None
2008-11-26 New colorectal module from Simbionix advances laparoscopic cancer treatment 0 None
2008-11-26 Mouse model of prion disease mimics diverse symptoms of human disorder 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers identify molecule that tells your brain your stomach is full 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers discover that a lipid produced in the gut rises after eating fatty foods 0 None
2008-11-26 Fruit flies provide new insights into a brain-damaging disease mucolipidosis type IV 0 None
2008-11-26 Study looks at Tamiflu resistance in influenza viruses caused by environmental contamination 0 None
2008-11-26 Defective calcium metabolism in nerve cells contributes to neurological disorder 0 None
2008-11-26 Scribble protein found to be an important regulator of breast cancer 0 None
2008-11-26 Gut found to exert control over bone 0 None
2008-11-26 Researchers discover how brain cells can survive a stroke 0 None
2008-11-26 Winning by a nose: promising news for spinal cord injury patients 0 None
2008-11-25 Understanding donor-recipient genetics could decrease early kidney transplant complications 0 None
2008-11-25 New understanding of processes that regulate genes 0 None
2008-11-25 Aging brain easily distracted 0 None
2008-11-25 Receipt of ventricular assist devices associated with poor outcomes, high costs 0 None
2008-11-25 Discovery may lead to new therapeutic approaches for pain reduction 0 None
2008-11-25 Trends in sexual risk behaviors, by nonsexual risk behavior involvement, U.S. high school students 0 None
2008-11-25 Researchers urge physicians to test for fragile X gene mutations in patients of all ages 0 None
2008-11-25 Call for greater caution in prescribing inhaled corticosteroids to COPD sufferers 0 None
2008-11-25 Unexpected finding: Caring for ailing spouse may prolong your life 0 None
2008-11-25 Immune cells reveal fancy footwork 0 None
2008-11-25 Genetic variation for persons with diabetes linked to greater risk of coronary artery disease 0 None
2008-11-25 Dieters could have a harder time fighting flu 0 None
2008-11-25 New advance in the treatment of sickle cell anaemia 0 None
2008-11-25 Disclosure of medication to dentist can save a patient's life 0 None
2008-11-25 Researchers repair injured heart muscle with novel stem cells 0 4
2008-11-25 Cancer declines for first time in United States 0 None
2008-11-25 Scientists develop peptide that converts Bcl-2 protein from a cancer cell's friend to a foe 0 None
2008-11-25 Adiponectin is a metabolic link between obesity and bone mineral density 0 None
2008-11-25 New study on pancreatic cancer survival 0 None
2008-11-25 Declines in cancer incidence and death rates across U.S. 0 None
2008-11-25 Presence of gum disease may help dentists and physicians identify risk of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-11-25 Understanding how oxidative stress impairs endothelial progenitor cell function may lead to antioxidant therapy to prevent cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-11-25 $2.7 million boosts effort to create the big view of cancer 0 None
2008-11-25 Researchers find clue to safer obesity drugs 0 None
2008-11-25 Potassium loss from blood pressure drugs increases diabetes risk by 50% 0 None
2008-11-25 Patients with severe traumatic brain injuries can relearn social communication skills 0 None
2008-11-25 Australian scientists discover a way to stop meningitis 0 None
2008-11-24 Researchers develop new strategy for broad spectrum anti-viral drugs 0 None
2008-11-24 Blood transfusions increase clot risk in hospitalized cancer patients 0 None
2008-11-24 Reliability of Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale - Cognitive (ADAS-Cog) tool varies widely 0 None
2008-11-24 Big sperm not necessarily fastest 0 None
2008-11-24 Scientists discover that blocking a neuropeptide receptor decreases nicotine addiction 0 None
2008-11-24 Foxm1 gene mutation may cause immature lungs in newborns 0 None
2008-11-24 Scientists present 'moving' theory behind bacterial decision-making 0 None
2008-11-24 Pancreatic duct cells identified as new source of insulin-producing cells 0 None
2008-11-24 Discovery of novel drug target for chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 None
2008-11-24 Prion switching in response to environmental stress 0 None
2008-11-24 Potassium loss caused by diuretics may explain higher risk of adult diabetes 0 None
2008-11-24 Peer-led sex education does not reduce abortions among teenagers 0 None
2008-11-24 New vaccine principle delivers stronger and faster immune response 0 None
2008-11-24 Researchers shed new light on genetics of Parkinson's 0 None
2008-11-24 Health study in northern Uganda calls for improved services for internally displaced persons 0 None
2008-11-24 New model predicts risk of recurrence in early stage colon cancer patients 0 None
2008-11-24 Understanding lipid storage 0 None
2008-11-24 Bioinformatics lecturers enlist undergrads to tackle DNA annotation challenge 0 None
2008-11-24 Neurons in adult brain can remodel their connections 0 None
2008-11-24 Major discovery in the control of bad cholesterol 0 None
2008-11-24 Hazardous drinking pervasive amongst college students 0 None
2008-11-24 The proof is in the pudding - high protein diet a fat buster! 0 None
2008-11-21 Scientists identify blood component that turns anthrax bacteria virulent 0 5
2008-11-21 Researchers discover how red wine may reduce Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-11-21 New report shows the financial and social value of investing in medical research 0 None
2008-11-21 Researchers discover mechanism vital to the development of the hippocampus 0 None
2008-11-21 Mechanisms of cardiovascular disease and cancer give clues to new therapies 0 None
2008-11-21 Long-term use of a macrolide antibiotic reduce COPD exacerbations, raise questions 0 None
2008-11-21 Does hormone treatment predispose patients to breast cancer? 0 None
2008-11-21 Bipolar disorder genes, pathways identified 0 None
2008-11-21 Researchers study effect of ADHD on smoking cessation 0 4
2008-11-20 Neurotic individuals more comfortable with clear negative information than uncertainty 0 None
2008-11-20 Non-pharmacologic interventions for the control of osteoporosis and obesity 0 None
2008-11-20 New approach to stopping germs 0 None
2008-11-20 DNA variations of serotonin transporter gene can influence drinking intensity 0 None
2008-11-20 Possible new target for anticancer therapeutics 0 None
2008-11-20 Researchers reveal a new aspect of tumor development 0 None
2008-11-20 Lactic acid found to be important energy source for tumor cells 0 None
2008-11-20 Study examines hazardous drinking among undergraduate students in New Zealand 0 None
2008-11-20 New insight into the response of human skin to radiation 0 None
2008-11-20 Exposure to Dioxin linked to increased heart problems 0 None
2008-11-20 Light drinking has certain health benefits, researchers look at why 0 None
2008-11-20 First study to look at health of centenarian offspring 0 None
2008-11-20 Brain reorganizes to compensate for loss of vision 0 None
2008-11-20 LDL cholesterol inhibits the breakdown of peripheral fat 0 None
2008-11-20 Targeted nanoparticles boost platinum-based anticancer therapy 0 None
2008-11-20 Nanoparticle targets melanoma with siRNA 0 None
2008-11-20 Patients at risk of self-harm after discharge from psychiatric care 0 None
2008-11-19 New compounds break up cancer-causing protein STAT3 and destroy breast cancer tumors. 0 None
2008-11-19 Survival of head and neck cancer patients is greatly affected by coexisting ailments 0 None
2008-11-19 Regular religious service attendance reduces risk of death by 20 percent 0 None
2008-11-19 Soviet-developed immune formula boosts immune activity 0 None
2008-11-19 Study identifies causes of bone loss in breast cancer survivors 0 4
2008-11-19 Marijuana may be good for the aging brain 0 None
2008-11-19 Researchers identify best time for stem cell collection for Parkinson's therapy 0 None
2008-11-19 Scientists gain new insights into regulation of calpains 0 None
2008-11-19 Cognitive training may benefit 'Baby Boomers' 0 None
2008-11-19 Anal sex being practiced by more teens 0 None
2008-11-19 Researchers define ideal time for stem cell collection for Parkinson's disease therapy 0 None
2008-11-19 Genetic screening no better than traditional risk factors for predicting type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-11-19 Enzyme discovery may lead to better heart and stroke treatments 0 None
2008-11-19 Deep brain mapping to pinpoint specific are of brain associated with Gulf War syndrome 0 None
2008-11-19 Scientists identify biomarkers for chronological and physiological age prediction 0 None
2008-11-19 Higher protein meals help keep the fat away 0 None
2008-11-19 Scientists report basic findings on critical enzyme's regulation may hold key to understanding how to better treat an array of disorders 0 None
2008-11-19 Scientists find DNA repair 'scissors' after 18 year hunt 0 None
2008-11-19 Study to examine early, inherited form of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-11-18 High levels of social support may protect brain during stroke 0 None
2008-11-18 Stress found to impair decision making in rats 0 None
2008-11-18 Researchers examine trends in prescription opioid use for non-cancer pain 0 None
2008-11-18 Patients with depressive disorders or schizophrenia more likely to re-attempt suicide 0 None
2008-11-18 Object-tracking exercises train athlete brains to react faster 0 None
2008-11-18 New rapid screening test to detect mild cognitive impairment 0 None
2008-11-18 Neuralstem enters stem cell collaboration for Huntington's disease in Germany 0 None
2008-11-18 Lower socioeconomic status decreases chances of early detection and survival of colorectal cancer 0 None
2008-11-18 Kinase inhibitors may offer new therapeutic approach for treatment of type 1 diabetes 0 None
2008-11-18 Discovery of new gene linked to epilepsy 0 None
2008-11-18 Risk of non-AIDS cancer higher for individuals infected with HIV 0 None
2008-11-18 Home-based program to improve exercise and diet improves senior cancer survivors' physical function 0 None
2008-11-18 Ginkgo biloba does nothing for dementia, Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-11-18 Doctors hesitant to discuss options to preserve fertility with cancer patients 0 None
2008-11-18 Discovery of 13 new tumor-suppressor genes in liver cancer 0 None
2008-11-18 Researchers examines working couple's retirement patterns 0 None
2008-11-18 Cancer survival rates impact type of Web communities used by patients 0 None
2008-11-18 Cruciferous vegetables may lower lung cancer risk in smokers 0 None
2008-11-18 Kynurenic acid in brain shows potential as schizophrenia target 0 None
2008-11-18 Protein transporter in the gut could speed drug 'take up' 0 None
2008-11-18 Antibiotics can cause pervasive, persistant changes to microbiota in human gut 0 None
2008-11-18 Two common cancer drugs prevent, reverse type 1 diabetes 0 None
2008-11-18 Vaccine-related chronic fatigue syndrome in an individual demonstrating aluminium overload 0 None
2008-11-18 First simulation of the the ageing process 0 None
2008-11-18 Alcohol sponsorship linked to hazardous drinking in sportspeople 0 None
2008-11-18 Nostalgia helps overcome loneliness 0 None
2008-11-18 A post-code lottery still exists for cancer patients with "exceptional circumstances" 0 None
2008-11-18 $99 million medical education and research facility opened 0 None
2008-11-18 Research looks at human gut when exposed to widely used antibiotic ciprofloxacin 0 None
2008-11-18 What are 'orphan' genes needed for? 0 None
2008-11-18 Discovery of gene associated with epilepsy 0 None
2008-11-18 Gut check reveals vast multicultural community of bugs in bowels 0 None
2008-11-18 Exercise increases brain growth factor and receptors, prevents stem cell drop in middle age 0 None
2008-11-17 Why HIV treatment makes people more susceptible to metabolic complications 0 None
2008-11-17 Why only some former smokers develop lung cancer 0 None
2008-11-17 Palladin may play important role in metastasis of breast cancer cells 0 None
2008-11-17 Time, surgery appear to reduce episodes of dizziness in patients with Ménière's 0 None
2008-11-17 Study helps identify beachgoers at increased risk of skin cancer 0 None
2008-11-17 Study helps clarify role of vitamin D in cancer therapy 0 None
2008-11-17 Sleep helps the mind learn complicated tasks 0 None
2008-11-17 Scientists discover new cause of fatal brain injury from acute viral meningitis 0 None
2008-11-17 Researchers find deadly protein that acts as a cancer master switch 0 None
2008-11-17 A link found between nicotine addiction and autism 0 None
2008-11-17 Smoking causes bladder cancer 0 None
2008-11-17 Pain and itch regulated by different molecular mechanisms 0 None
2008-11-17 Non-white med students reject therapies associated with their culture 0 None
2008-11-17 New evidence on how proteins help cells fix broken DNA 0 None
2008-11-17 Study suggests Siemens non-invasive blood test may have a role in monitoring breast cancer patients' response to Herceptin 1 5
2008-11-17 Microarray analysis improves prenatal diagnosis 0 None
2008-11-17 Scientists identify dangerous 'two-faced' protein crucial to breast cancer spread and growth 0 None
2008-11-17 Researchers reduce production of alpha-synuclein in the brain - offers hope for Parkinson's disease 0 None
2008-11-17 Breakthrough reveals first ever complete structure of a nuclear hormone receptor on human DNA 0 None
2008-11-17 Vitamin D deficiency may be a culprit in heart disease, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome 0 None
2008-11-17 Intervention program boosts survival in breast cancer patients 0 None
2008-11-17 Ointment made from indigo naturalis may help treat psoriasis 2 4
2008-11-17 How is our left brain is different from our right? 0 None
2008-11-17 Hazardous alternatives to alcohol beverages are still widely available in Russian cities 0 None
2008-11-17 One in four Gulf war veterans suffers from illness caused by toxic exposure 0 None
2008-11-17 Variations within three genes associated with lipid peroxidation could increase kidney cancer risk 0 None
2008-11-17 Four new colorectal cancer genes found 0 None
2008-11-17 Forgotten but not gone - how the brain takes care of things 0 None
2008-11-17 Performance-enhancing drug use by high school athletes 0 5
2008-11-17 Glucocorticoids may cause damage in the brain 0 None
2008-11-17 Drops in blood oxygen levels may be key to sudden death in some epilepsy patients 0 None
2008-11-17 Expert concerned genetic research could awaken racist attitudes 0 None
2008-11-17 Cooling brain prevents cell death in young mice exposed to anesthesia 0 None
2008-11-17 A cost-effectiveness analysis of Canada's supervised injection site 0 None
2008-11-17 High levels of individualism lead to more problem drinking 0 None
2008-11-17 Protein enzyme BubR1 provides new understanding of processes behind cancer-cell survival and drug-resistance 0 None
2008-11-17 Behavioral risk factors influence cancer risk among the elderly 0 None
2008-11-17 Smoking linked to two forms of esophageal cancer and stomach cancer 0 None
2008-11-17 Scientists find a trigger to aggressive bowel cancer 0 None
2008-11-17 'Intelligent' cancer drug development boosts success rates 0 None
2008-11-17 Scientists establish completely new route to cancer development 0 None
2008-11-17 Scientists gain insight into the cause and possible treatment of motor neurone disease 0 5
2008-11-17 Discovery of new mechanism that regulates formation of blood vessels 0 None
2008-11-17 Blood exosomes shown to contain tumor-specific genetic information for brain cancer 0 None
2008-11-16 Unhappy people watch more TV 0 None
2008-11-16 University of Illinois at Chicago joins international research effort on autism 0 None
2008-11-16 Scientists find intra cellular pathway driving a deadly sub-type of breast cancer 0 None
2008-11-16 Microvesicles released from glioblastoma cells carry information that may guide treatment 0 None
2008-11-16 Seniors with sharp brains reveal first secrets of sharp memory in old age 0 None
2008-11-16 Saturated fats a possible risk factor for cancer of the small intestine 0 5
2008-11-16 New research reveals key steps in HIV's assault on the brain 0 None
2008-11-16 Sports fans may engage in riskier health related behaviors than non-sports fans 0 None
2008-11-16 No evidence supporting the use of vitamin E and C in the prevention of cancer 0 None
2008-11-16 Microbial population of raw milk found to be more complex than previously thought 0 None
2008-11-16 Negative thinking may play a bigger role in heart failure than previously thought 0 None
2008-11-16 Nanoparticles may alter cell structure and pose health risks 0 None
2008-11-16 Discovery of key contributor to Alzheimer's disease process 0 None
2008-11-16 Higher levels of blood phosphate may be a previously unidentified and modifiable cardiovascular risk factor 0 None
2008-11-16 No clear evidence that depression screening improves cardiovascular patients' health 0 None
2008-11-16 Healthy life expectancy in Europe 0 None
2008-11-16 Potential new therapeutic targets for rejuvenating the aged immune system 0 None
2008-11-16 Gender found to be play important role as a prognostic factor in people diagnosed with lung cancer 0 None
2008-11-16 Drug-related preference in cocaine addiction extends to images 0 None
2008-11-16 Doctors' questions about end-of-life legalities may result in patient pain 0 None
2008-11-16 Difluoromethylornithine may affect Barrett's esophagus 0 None
2008-11-16 Cigarette smoke may reshape the left ventricle 0 None
2008-11-16 Traditional chemotherapy agents with targeted therapies improves survival in advance-stage lung cancer 0 None
2008-11-16 Calcium may only protect against colorectal cancer in presence of magnesium 0 None
2008-11-16 Breast and prostate cancer treatment may result in bone loss 0 None
2008-11-16 Alzheimer's gene apolipoprotein E4 slows export of amyloid-beta 0 5
2008-11-16 Advanced lung cancer patients see improved, progression-free survival 0 None
2008-11-13 $8.4 million research grant to improve patient safety in Australia 0 None
2008-11-13 Alzheimer's gene slows brain's ability to export toxic protein 0 None
2008-11-13 Hope for treating relapse to methamphetamine abuse 0 None
2008-11-13 Breakthrough in cell-type analysis offers new ways to study development and disease 0 None
2008-11-12 Widespread public support for large genetic study 0 None
2008-11-12 Discovery of stem cells with potential to regenerate injured liver tissue 0 None
2008-11-12 Sex differences narrow in death after heart attack 0 None
2008-11-12 Research shows why some heart failure treatments fail 0 None
2008-11-12 Blood levels of resistin a new biomarker for heart failure 0 None
2008-11-12 Messages of hope work better in motivating black patients to seek early screening for cancer 0 None
2008-11-12 Intraspinal implant of mesenchymal stem cells may not heal the demyelinated spinal cord 0 None
2008-11-12 Discovery of essential mechanism for maintenance of myelin's structure 0 None
2008-11-12 New insight into multisensory integration 0 None
2008-11-12 Adults with severe heart failure have more doctor visits, medications than others on Medicare 0 None
2008-11-12 Discovery of unique approach for delivering drugs to the brain - potential for Alzheimer's and stroke 0 None
2008-11-12 Regularly exercise good for heart failure patients 0 None
2008-11-12 Dual treatment for stroke leads to improved recovery rates, reduced mortality 0 None
2008-11-12 Isoflurane induces Alzheimer's-associated changes in mouse brains 0 None
2008-11-12 Lower energy dense breakfast improves overall diet quality 0 None
2008-11-12 African-Americans with depression and heart attack have greater risk of death 0 None
2008-11-12 New method of viewing cancer cells shows how breast cancer spreads 0 None
2008-11-12 A large waistline doubles your risk of premature death 0 None
2008-11-12 Strong relationship found between allergies and cancer in environmentally exposed tissues 0 None
2008-11-12 Hydrogen sulfide could be used to treat humans with heart failure 0 5
2008-11-12 Staying active may lower health risks for large, retired athletes 0 None
2008-11-12 Breakthrough in rheumatoid arthritis research 0 None
2008-11-12 Scientists map steps to block enzyme phosphodiesterase 5's action in heart failure 0 None
2008-11-12 Dental pulp stem cells show promise for use in cell therapy 0 4
2008-11-12 Researchers uncover beneficial mechanism of the helpful "Dr. Jekyll" side of the Cdk5 protein 0 None
2008-11-12 Discovery of possible link between chronic pancreatitis and liver cirrhosis of alcoholic etiology 0 None
2008-11-12 New study focuses on adolescents and young adults at risk for psychosis 0 4
2008-11-11 Newborn neurons in the adult brain can settle in the wrong neighborhood 0 None
2008-11-11 Do statins cause muscle problems? 0 None
2008-11-11 Comprehensive assessment of burden of HPV-associated cancers in the U.S. 1 None
2008-11-11 Ultrasound used to improve prediction of heart attacks 0 None
2008-11-11 Joyful music has a healthy effect on blood vessel function 0 None
2008-11-11 Researchers look at sildenafil use in cirrhosis patients 0 None
2008-11-11 Elevated nonfasting triglyceride levels linked with higher risk of stroke 0 None
2008-11-11 Genetics for personalized coronary heart disease treatment 0 None
2008-11-11 High-fat diet during pregnancy makes new cells in fetal brain that cause early onset obesity 0 None
2008-11-11 Sex hormones may affect atherosclerosis 0 None
2008-11-11 Does HBV infection induce acute cellular DNA damage? 0 None
2008-11-11 Diuretic reduces risk for type of heart failure that affects women more often than 0 None
2008-11-11 Damage inflicted by cholesterol crystals during cardiac attacks more widespread 0 None
2008-11-11 Effects of depression on glycemic control in veterans with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-11-11 Fifteen minute walk can reduce food cravings 0 None
2008-11-11 Differences between benign and cancerous moles 0 None
2008-11-11 An ideal therapy for peptic ulcer disease 0 None
2008-11-11 New technology could revolutionse breast cancer screening 0 None
2008-11-11 New technique to study the genetics of breast cancer 0 None
2008-11-11 Folic acid does not offer any cardiovascular benefits 0 None
2008-11-11 Fatty diet during pregnancy produces new neurons in fetal brain 0 None
2008-11-11 New blood test identifies sickest heart failure patients in ER 0 None
2008-11-11 Tailored anti-clotting medications reduce adverse effects after percutaneous coronary intervention 0 None
2008-11-11 Timing is everything for some heart attack patients 0 None
2008-11-11 Exercise training safe in heart failure patients - offer clinical benefit 0 None
2008-11-11 Public smoking ban would reduce heart attack admissions 0 None
2008-11-11 New genetic kidney atlas will explain kidney disease 0 None
2008-11-11 Chronic pain makes many sufferers contemplate suicide 12 5
2008-11-11 Protein can nurture or devastate brain cells, depending on its 'friends,' UT Southwestern researchers find 0 None
2008-11-11 Vision screening law for older Floridians associated with lower fatality rates in car crashes 0 None
2008-11-11 Discovery of mechanism that regulates the development of stem cells into neurons 0 None
2008-11-11 Stem cells from umbilical cord blood may help build new heart valves 0 5
2008-11-11 Obesity raises levels of hormone leptin 0 None
2008-11-11 Study finds rise in rate of diagnostic imaging in managed care 0 None
2008-11-11 Increased heart attack deaths in NYC ambulance diversions confirmed in new research 0 None
2008-11-11 Signaling between protein, growth factor is critical for coordinated cell migration 0 None
2008-11-11 Secondary prevention program may reduce risks after heart attack 0 None
2008-11-11 Researchers describe how cells recycle protein waste 0 None
2008-11-11 Researchers aim to over-stress already taxed mantle cell lymphoma cells 0 None
2008-11-11 Latest research on diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases 0 None
2008-11-11 New advances in diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases 0 None
2008-11-11 Interferon beta treatment success for multiple sclerosis shown with MRI 0 None
2008-11-11 Epstein-Barr virus linked to inflammatory diseases of the mouth 0 None
2008-11-11 Simple blood test for high-sensitivity C-reactive protein is a useful marker for cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-11-11 Cells exhausted from fighting HIV infection can be rescued 0 None
2008-11-11 Lack of sleep tied to greater risk of heart disease 0 None
2008-11-11 Sleep disorders linked to eye disease 0 None
2008-11-11 Daily rhythms in endothelial cells may explain why heart attacks occur most often in early morning hours 0 None
2008-11-10 Cancer risk from cardiac CT overstated 0 None
2008-11-10 Researchers test whether cocktail of vitamins and magnesium help prevent hearing loss 0 None
2008-11-10 Blood pressure control inequality linked to deaths among blacks 0 None
2008-11-10 Black and south Asian people benefiting less from interventions to reduce blood pressure 0 None
2008-11-10 Antibacterial drug use increases at academic medical centers 0 None
2008-11-10 Racial convergence in cigarette use from adolescence to the mid-thirties 0 None
2008-11-10 Absence of ERK2 gene linked to birth defects 0 None
2008-11-10 Education lessens the effects of Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-11-10 Sleep disorder linked to eye disease 0 None
2008-11-10 Flu shots cut the risk of blood clots forming in veins 0 None
2008-11-10 Gene therapy for advanced heart failure shows promising results 0 None
2008-11-10 Can vitamins and minerals prevent hearing loss? 0 None
2008-11-10 NEI releases complete data from age-related eye disease study 0 None
2008-11-10 Study finds 25% of family caregivers of AD patients go to ER or are hospitalized 0 None
2008-11-10 New risk factor for heart disease suggests more should be on statins 0 None
2008-11-10 Grape seeds could ward off Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-11-10 Cancer study a world first 0 None
2008-11-10 Researchers unravel mysteries of brain aneurysms 0 4
2008-11-10 Chaotic vasculature hinders tumor growth 0 None
2008-11-10 T-cell-based strategy for HIV-1 vaccines still viable option 0 None
2008-11-10 Health complications for obese kidney donors 0 None
2008-11-10 Simple brain mechanisms explain arbitrary human visual decisions 0 None
2008-11-10 High levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein found to be new risk factor for cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-11-10 Five key proteins form new, early-warning blood test before heart attack strikes 0 None
2008-11-10 Low-dose aspirin does not appear to reduce risk of CV events in patients with diabetes 0 None
2008-11-10 Low levels of potassium in diet linked to high blood pressure 0 4
2008-11-10 Hispanics less likely to have repeat revascularizations 1 year after angioplasty 0 None
2008-11-10 Heart failure hospitalization rates rise among nation's seniors 0 None
2008-11-10 Latest glaucoma research 2 None
2008-11-10 Flu shots may reduce risk of blood clots forming in veins 0 None
2008-11-10 Scientists engineer T cells to recognize HIV-1 strains that have evaded the immune system 0 None
2008-11-10 Stents no help for patients with narrow kidney arteries 0 None
2008-11-10 New research on chronic corticosteroid use 0 None
2008-11-10 Further evidence that angiogenesis drugs can be much more effective when combined with chemotherapy 0 None
2008-11-10 Advances in ophthalmology 0 None
2008-11-09 Bullies love to bully 0 None
2008-11-09 Scientists on a quest to find the right prescription for exercise 0 None
2008-11-09 Sydney student solves piece of the diabetes puzzle 0 None
2008-11-08 Study assesses potential health complications for obese kidney donors 0 None
2008-11-08 New hypothesis on feeling sleepy 0 None
2008-11-08 We all know physical activity is good for you. But why exactly is it good for you? 0 None
2008-11-08 New equation provides more accurate estimates of the glomerular filtration rate 0 None
2008-11-08 Variations of MYH9 gene help explain high rate of kidney disease in African Americans 0 None
2008-11-08 Discovery of gene that regulates mold's resistance to drugs 0 None
2008-11-08 First study on war-related mental health disorders among Iraqis ten years after the Gulf War 0 None
2008-11-08 Calcitriol - active form of vitamin D - may protect us from radiation 0 None
2008-11-08 Brain scans show bullies may enjoy seeing others in pain 0 None
2008-11-08 Behavioral therapy helps overcome depression in kidney disease patients on dialysis 0 None
2008-11-07 Visualizing asthma-causing immune cells at work 0 None
2008-11-07 Research sheds light on possible role of DNA packaging in cancer development 0 None
2008-11-07 Researchers discover metabolic deficiency in pancreatic cancer 0 None
2008-11-07 Study compares survival following different heart disease treatments in patients with ESRD 0 None
2008-11-07 The interaction between genes and behavior 0 2
2008-11-07 Silencing growth inhibitors could help recovery from brain injury 0 None
2008-11-07 Researchers find new path to antibiotics in dirt 0 None
2008-11-07 10 years of stem cells science 0 None
2008-11-07 Discovery of new biochemical pathway which controls DNA repair 0 None
2008-11-07 Researchers screen 700 molecules by RNAi to identify host factors involved in malaria infection 0 None
2008-11-07 Alteration of a gene causes neuroblastoma 0 None
2008-11-07 Gene research sheds light on T-cell production 0 None
2008-11-07 Advances in use of stem cells for tissue regeneration 0 None
2008-11-07 Fat tissue found to produce melanin 0 None
2008-11-07 Impulse control area in brain affected in teens with genetic vulnerability for alcoholism 0 None
2008-11-07 How RNA polymerase kick starts gene activation revealed 0 5
2008-11-07 Anti-herpes drug acyclovir inhibits HIV replication, but with a price 0 None
2008-11-07 For African Americans with hypertensive nephrosclerosis, end stage renal disease risks exceed risk of death from heart disease 0 None
2008-11-07 ERSD, heart disease and African-Americans with hypertensive nephrosclerosis 0 None
2008-11-07 Efficacy, dosage concerns unresolved on sublingual immunotherapy 0 None
2008-11-07 Beta-alanine supplement shows strong effects in the elderly 0 None
2008-11-07 Australian-led global initiative to improve diagnosis of genetic disorders 0 None
2008-11-07 Age is not an independent factor in cancer survival rates, but clinical trials exclude older patients 0 None
2008-11-07 A virus-infecting virus 0 None
2008-11-07 Domestic violence - a growing problem for veterans 0 None
2008-11-06 Scientists confirm a molecular clipping mechanism behind stem cell development 0 None
2008-11-06 Racial disparities increasing for cancers unrelated to smoking 0 None
2008-11-06 Out on a limb: the ethics of amputation 0 None
2008-11-06 Therapy targeting cyclin D1 protein may block expansion of breast cancer cells 0 None
2008-11-06 Pine bark extract reduces jetlag 0 None
2008-11-06 New research sheds light on key trigger of embryonic stem cell differentiation 0 None
2008-11-06 Proteomics provides clues to how tuberculosis thwarts the immune system 0 None
2008-11-06 Discovery of new target in brain for treating schizophrenia 0 None
2008-11-06 New therapeutic target for inflammatory disorders 0 None
2008-11-06 MRI helps predict multiple sclerosis progression 0 None
2008-11-06 Variations in gene pathway alter risk of esophageal cancer 0 None
2008-11-06 Discovery explains how insulin prompts fat and muscle cells to absorb glucose 0 None
2008-11-06 Anti-brain tumor agent derived from herpes virus passes next hurdle 0 None
2008-11-05 Nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, reduces Alzheimer's symptoms 0 None
2008-11-05 Risk of sudden cardiac death greater in 30 days following heart attack 0 None
2008-11-05 Response rates to antidepressants differ among English and Spanish speaking Hispanics 0 None
2008-11-05 Research looks at differential rates of psychoses by ethnicity 0 None
2008-11-05 Canadian study to look at exercise and physical activity 0 None
2008-11-05 Scientists show how body regulates mature B-cells levels 0 None
2008-11-05 Risk of sudden cardiac death highest early after attack 0 None
2008-11-05 Maternal obesity can program fetal brain to induce adult-onset obesity 0 None
2008-11-05 Lung airway cells activate vitamin D and increase immune response 0 None
2008-11-05 Study look at use of insulin via insulin pump 0 None
2008-11-05 Folate, vitamin B6 and B12 do not appear to affect cancer risk 0 None
2008-11-05 Experts available to comment on risk of sudden cardiac death in 30 days following a heart attack 0 None
2008-11-05 Resveratrol type drug mimics low-cal diet to ward off weight gain 0 None
2008-11-05 Apelin hormone shows promise as target for managing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-11-05 Heart attack survivors at highest risk of dying in the month after leaving hospital 0 None
2008-11-04 New weapon in the fight against obesity and diabetes 0 None
2008-11-04 'Natural killer' immune cells reveal factors for reproductive success 0 None
2008-11-04 Extended suboxone treatment substantially improves outcomes for opioid-addicted young adults 0 4.5
2008-11-04 Brain development takes an unexpected bend 0 None
2008-11-04 Researchers look at direct-to-consumer genetic testing 0 None
2008-11-04 Urgent need for research into medication overuse headaches 0 None
2008-11-04 Review of research into how cells and proteins repair fractured bones 0 None
2008-11-04 Targeting epigenetic changes helps tackle MLL-AF4 leukemias 0 None
2008-11-04 Substance abuse and other psychiatric disorders are common among French prisoners 0 None
2008-11-04 Smokers lose ability to smell common odors, increased risk for laryngitis 0 None
2008-11-04 Sibling study could lead to better treatments for inherited form of colon cancer 0 None
2008-11-04 Adding protein sarcospan to muscle cells might help Duchenne muscular dystrophy 0 None
2008-11-04 Researchers look at benefits and applications of medical simulation 0 None
2008-11-04 Discovery of gene that helps control the secretion of acid in the stomach 0 None
2008-11-04 Research shows why parents are born and not made 0 None
2008-11-04 Rates of psychosis higher among minority groups in Britain 0 None
2008-11-04 Rain may be linked to autism 0 None
2008-11-04 Parasites that live inside cells use loophole to thwart immune system 0 None
2008-11-04 Discovery of biomarkers for esophageal cancer before it develops 0 None
2008-11-04 New model helps estimate radiation skin doses during CT-guided interventional procedures 0 None
2008-11-04 Just one mutated SMAD4 allele is enough to cause cancer 0 None
2008-11-04 Two new studies defend homeopathy 0 None
2008-11-04 MRI reveals relationship between depression and pain 0 None
2008-11-04 Potential therapeutic target for acute leukemia types 0 None
2008-11-04 Living with smokers may be associated with inadequate access to food 0 None
2008-11-04 Liver transplant recipients face increased risks of developing cancer 0 None
2008-11-04 Human papillomavirus helps cervical and head and neck cancers resist treatment and grow and spread 0 None
2008-11-04 Long-term benefits of morphine treatment in infants confirmed 0 None
2008-11-04 New study looks at relationship between alcohol-outlet density and intimate partner violence 0 None
2008-11-04 Diabetes and high blood pressure shorten lifespan in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-11-04 Cold Spring Harbor Protocols features organ and cell culture methods 0 None
2008-11-03 New clinical study will help doctors assess abnormal bleeding 0 None
2008-11-03 No need for RNA 0 None
2008-11-03 Parasites that live inside cells use loophole to thwart immune system 0 None
2008-11-03 Diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease predicts high risk and high rate of further infection in teenagers 0 None
2008-11-03 Scientist says research indicates need for effective HPV vaccine for women and men and a simple HPV screening test 0 None
2008-11-03 Researchers develop DNA vaccine for West Nile virus 0 None
2008-11-03 Magnet restores colour perception in partially-sighted patient 0 None
2008-11-03 Adult crime linked to childhood anxiety 0 None
2008-11-03 First gene for child brain tumour identified 0 None
2008-11-03 Persistent bacterial infection exploits killing machinery of immune cells 0 None
2008-11-03 Aboriginals in the Kimberley suffer higher dementia rates 0 5
2008-11-03 Insomnia linked to a neurochemical abnormality in the brain 0 None
2008-11-03 Two pronged approach to melanomas shows promise 0 None
2008-11-02 How the Nodal gene family keeps the heart in the right (asymmetric) place 0 None
2008-11-02 New method provides panoramic view of protein-RNA interactions in living cells 0 None
2008-11-02 Discovery of new pathway used by disease-causing bacteria to evade host immune system and survive 0 None
2008-11-02 Double-barreled immune cell approach for neuroblastoma 0 None
2008-11-02 Scientists develop genome-wide platform to study how specialized proteins regulate RNA in living, intact cells 0 None
2008-11-02 Alternative splicing in genes more prevalent than previously believed 0 None
2008-11-02 Substance tackles skin cancer with two-pronged attack 0 None
2008-11-02 Bacteria can directly cause human blood and plasma to clot 0 None


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