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RSSArchived Medical Research News Stories - August 2009

Date Title Comments Rating
2009-08-31 MRRI research study to investigate how zolpidem might restore consciousness for patients in the vegetative state 0 5
2009-08-31 Clinical trial results of Dabigatran proves its effectiveness for treating atrial fibrillation 0 None
2009-08-31 DYSlipidemia International Study results presented at the ESC congress 0 None
2009-08-31 Research reveals the reason why some patients with Ewing's sarcoma do not respond to chemotherapy 0 None
2009-08-31 Study reveals that downregulation of IRF-8 gene causes gum diseases, arthritis and osteoporosis 0 5
2009-08-30 Intermediate dosages of otamixaban reduce acute coronary complications 0 None
2009-08-30 Caltech neuroscientists emphasize on the neural mechanisms involved in social behaviour 0 None
2009-08-29 Ecological restoration in areas of environmental degradation can help reverse global biodiversity losses 0 None
2009-08-29 High dosage of ursodeoxycholic acid does not help PSC patients 0 4
2009-08-29 New research shows how brain function reflects the process of learning new words 0 None
2009-08-28 Genetic variants on chromosome 9q may influence asthma development in Mexican children 0 None
2009-08-28 HIV subtype D infected patients more likely to develop dementia 0 None
2009-08-28 Researchers discover that some wild plants possess a high nutritional value 0 None
2009-08-28 Researches report new results that may help in better treament for patients with Parkinson's disease 0 None
2009-08-28 Research study associates KIAA0319 gene on Chromosome 6 with variability in language abilities 0 None
2009-08-28 NYP/Weill Cornell research reveals that prolonged QRS duration indicates abnormal pumping of the heart 0 None
2009-08-28 Study on basic mechanisms that control fertility in worms may help to know how some woman regain their fertility after cancer treatment 0 5
2009-08-28 Researchers find link between asymptomatic PAD and cardiovascular events among stroke and TIA patients 1 None
2009-08-28 Enzymes could be targeted to kill dangerous pathogens 0 None
2009-08-28 The Research Partnership study reveals that diabetes can have a major effect on people's lives 0 None
2009-08-28 NIH awards $3.5-million grant to Tay-Sachs Gene Therapy Consortium for research on fatal genetic disorders 0 None
2009-08-28 Caucasians have a higher rate of HBV recurrence compared to Asian Americans and African Americans 0 None
2009-08-28 Study shows younger adults with high cholesterol not adhering to prescribed medications 0 None
2009-08-28 Novel methodology developed to extract microRNAs from cancer tissues 0 None
2009-08-28 New risk index for COPD developed to estimate the risk of death 0 None
2009-08-28 Also in global health news: NTD study; false cholera cases in Zimbabwe; contaminated water in Kenya; doctor's strike ends 0 None
2009-08-28 Study reveals that heavy drinkers and teetotalers have higher levels of depression than moderate drinkers 0 1
2009-08-28 New study reveals that persistent job insecurity could pose a major threat to worker health 0 None
2009-08-27 80 million American men and women suffer from male or female pattern hair loss according to a study 0 None
2009-08-27 Thickening of neck arteries in healthy middle-aged women with feelings of hopelessness 0 None
2009-08-27 HLA-Cw*0602 gene variation detected as a high risk for psoriasis 1 None
2009-08-27 Blood thinner warfarin may have opposite effects in kidney disease patients on dialysis 0 None
2009-08-27 Research finds that people with psoriasis are less likely to react to looks of disgust by others 0 None
2009-08-27 FDA approves clinical study of ATS 3f(R) Aortic Bioprosthesis with the younger aortic valve replacement population 0 None
2009-08-27 Study reveals that asthma patients fare better by taking oral controllers than inhaled corticosteroids 0 None
2009-08-27 UT Southwestern regrets VA's unilateral decision to not renew the Gulf War research contract 0 None
2009-08-27 Study suspects involvement of PPAR-γ in gastric carcinogenesis 0 None
2009-08-27 Study confirms inappropriate use of pain medication among the chronic pain population 0 None
2009-08-27 Kudzu vine root extracts may be developed as a dietary supplement for people with metabolic syndrome 0 5
2009-08-27 GI Dynamics to present additional results of mechanisms of actions clinical study 0 None
2009-08-27 Amateur boxing leads to increased levels of brain damage markers in spinal fluid 0 None
2009-08-27 Studies suggest that venous ischemia causes greater injury than arterial ischemia 0 None
2009-08-27 Study reveals effectiveness of BioElectronics' ActiPatch therapy device for treating heel and foot pain 0 5
2009-08-27 Study finds that some people eliminate more than 90 percent of the arsenic consumed in the diet 0 None
2009-08-27 Research study indicates that liver regeneration could affect the metabolism of tacrolimus in LDLT 0 None
2009-08-27 Link between collagen deficiency and osteoarthritis found in mice 0 None
2009-08-27 Relationship between the CD14 variation and the formation of portal lymphoid aggregates discovered 0 None
2009-08-27 Collagen deficiency in mice causes premature development of osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease 0 None
2009-08-27 Muscular thighs protect women from developing symptomatic knee osteoarthritis 0 None
2009-08-27 Scientists discover a new way for preventing liver metastases 0 None
2009-08-27 Researchers find the method involved in setting up communications network of connections in the brain 0 None
2009-08-27 Barrier-focused intervention program to increase colonoscopy attendance 0 None
2009-08-27 New technique for diabetes treatment may be in the offing 0 None
2009-08-26 New website launched for comparing mortality risks by gender, age, cause of death and geographic region 0 5
2009-08-26 Recurrence rate of patients with node-negative gastric cancer can be reduced 0 None
2009-08-26 Endocyte receives payment for the advancement of epothilone-folate anti-cancer agent 0 None
2009-08-26 Mutations associated with prion diseases are sufficient to cause transmissible neurodegenerative disease 0 None
2009-08-26 Study reveals poor body satisfaction and increased risk of disordered weight control behaviors among 10 to 11 year old children 0 None
2009-08-26 Teenagers who work longer hours in adult environment are associated with riskier sexual behavior 0 None
2009-08-26 Important development in the treatment of multiple sclerosis 2 4
2009-08-26 Lack of imagination and aversion to commercial risk are the biggest threats to Australia’s medical innovation 0 None
2009-08-26 Herbalscience research throws light on causes of allergic rhinitis 0 1
2009-08-26 Report suggests that exposure to cellphone radiation causes brain tumors 0 5
2009-08-26 Initial abstract for the clinical study of PLC's RenalGuard System published 0 None
2009-08-26 Study reveals benefits of balloon dilation to heart patients with moderately impaired renal function 0 None
2009-08-26 HealthCore study reports that oral controllers provide better clinical outcomes for asthma patients 0 None
2009-08-26 Clinical study results of USANA Health Sciences products published in the Obesity and Weight Management journal 4 3
2009-08-26 Studies suggest that serrated polyps can be precursors of colon cancers 0 None
2009-08-26 Virginia Tech researchers to help pre-diabetic adults begin resistance training for preventing diabetes 0 None
2009-08-26 Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder face increased risk of suicide 0 None
2009-08-26 Findings suggest that brain predicts the consequences of eye movements 0 None
2009-08-26 Kinase inhibitors can arrest growth of cancer cells at early stages 0 None
2009-08-26 Adolescents engaged in dangerous activities are associated with increased brain maturity 0 5
2009-08-26 The Society of Chest Pain Centers announces a new grant program to encourage clinical research 0 None
2009-08-26 Program to help runaway girls proves effective 0 None
2009-08-26 Symptomless blood disorder MGUS not a precursor of serious diseases 1 None
2009-08-26 Women face higher risk of mortality rate following acute coronary syndromes 0 None
2009-08-26 Increased risk of death for men with heart conditions undergoing RT with hormone therapy for prostate cancer 0 None
2009-08-26 The University of Nottingham scientists conduct research on swine flu virus 0 None
2009-08-26 Survey reveals that majority of middle-class Americans are worried about about health care costs in retirement 0 None
2009-08-26 Research indicates that acute hepatocellular injury in cholelithiasis and cholecystitis without choledocholithiasis is mild and transient 0 None
2009-08-25 Studies reveal that obese people are at greater risk for developing Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-08-25 Study suggests that connective tissue growth factor plays a vital role in liver fibrosis progression 0 None
2009-08-25 Fairfield Research conducts a survey on parents of vision corrected children 0 None
2009-08-25 Americans' hand-washing habits has not changed despite H1N1 virus reveals a national survey 0 None
2009-08-25 Study finds presence of diethylene glycol and nitrosamines in e-cigarettes 0 5
2009-08-25 Study reveals that Americans lack confidence in healthcare reforms 0 None
2009-08-25 Combined therapy for acute leukemia shows promising results 0 None
2009-08-25 Study reveals safety of ConvaTec's advanced antimicrobial dressing 0 None
2009-08-25 New study reveals that mild glucose intolerance in pregnancy may relate to risk of heart disease 0 None
2009-08-25 Study links positive work experiences with happier home life 0 None
2009-08-25 Research reveals the life-long detrimental impact of maternal smoking during pregnancy 0 None
2009-08-25 New minimally invasive procedure to treat ruptured brain aneurysm developed 0 None
2009-08-25 Study suggests that artificially sweetened beverages may help to control weight 0 None
2009-08-25 Low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet increases the risk for atherosclerosis and impaired blood vessels 0 4
2009-08-25 Study reveals factors associated with higher mortality rate in haematological malignancy 0 None
2009-08-25 Elevated levels of GLI1 protein linked to unfavorable prognosis and progressive stages in human breast cancer 0 None
2009-08-25 Researchers shed light on critical neurological process and mental retardation 0 None
2009-08-25 Fatty liver associated with metabolic problems 1 None
2009-08-25 IGC scientist receives a total grant of 1.6 million euro to conduct research on neurological mechanisms 0 None
2009-08-25 UCLA finds link between high cholesterol and osteoporosis 2 5
2009-08-24 Concussions could result in permanent brain impairment 0 None
2009-08-24 People with high diastolic blood pressure more likely to have cognitive impairment 0 None
2009-08-24 Study reveals that people over 60 and people with chronic diseases are most vulnerable to heat waves 0 None
2009-08-24 Thick blood to cause or prevent strokes and heart attacks proved by scientists 0 None
2009-08-24 New research results reveal that two Parkinson genes can maintain the mitochondrial functions 0 None
2009-08-24 Bioelectronics to sponsor clinical study comparing the effects of ActiPatch to Tylenol for the treatment of muscle pain and soreness 0 None
2009-08-24 Study reveals that treating Alzheimer's disease with DHA and EPA slows down its progression 0 None
2009-08-24 Survey reveals that majority of adult Americans fear the dentist 0 None
2009-08-24 Two key circuits for controlling the cell's ability identified by UCSF researchers 0 None
2009-08-24 University of Michigan discovers new gene target for treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 0 None
2009-08-24 Increased expenditure on tobacco products leads to poorer nutrition for children 0 5
2009-08-24 Primary cilia can suppress or promote skin cancer 0 None
2009-08-24 Research study reveals that mortality remains high in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension 0 None
2009-08-24 New study identifies smoking as a risk factor for active TB 0 None
2009-08-24 Research reveals that diarrheal bacteria can cause colon cancers 0 None
2009-08-24 Japanese research reveals that neural circuits in the mouse brain actively rearrange after stroke 0 None
2009-08-24 New technique may help clinicians in diagnosing pleural effusion 0 None
2009-08-24 Tiny filaments extending from cells may play a role in common malignant brain tumors 0 None
2009-08-24 Diabetics can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by increasing vitamin D levels 2 5
2009-08-24 Recently diagnosed young adults with blood-related cancers have better long-term survival rates 0 None
2009-08-24 High serum insulin levels linked with increased risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2009-08-24 Cancer patients who get separated at the time of diagnosis face low survival rates 0 None
2009-08-24 Researchers discover elusive nanoscale movements of ribosomes at work 0 None
2009-08-24 Research study links partial epilepsy to the disruption of brain development during early childhood 0 None
2009-08-24 New noninvasive technique to detect colorectal and gastric cancers found 0 None
2009-08-24 Scientific advancement in treating blood-related cancers leads to better survival rates 1 5
2009-08-24 Study reveals high cholestrol as a cause of cardiac arrhythmias 0 None
2009-08-24 Research study conducted to analyze long-term patterns in weight-related activities 0 None
2009-08-24 Nervous system integrity could play a central role in preventing prion diseases 0 None
2009-08-24 Chemist+Druggist survey reveals deteriorated conditions of patients due to medicine shortages 0 None
2009-08-24 Increased BAT function could prevent obesity 0 None
2009-08-24 Gene discovery unveils a new protein that protects against hearing loss 0 None
2009-08-24 Discovery of mutation in AIP gene associated with acromegaly 0 None
2009-08-22 American Council on Exercise reveals fitness and nutrition tips for students 0 None
2009-08-21 PTSD could be treated with Craniosacral therapy according to a research study 2 4.5
2009-08-21 Clinical grade stem cells to be manufactured by Stemedica as it awaits FDA approval of an IND to commence clinical trials 0 None
2009-08-21 Cannabis chemicals stop prostate cancer growth 0 5
2009-08-21 Night home hemodialysis offers similar benefits as kidney transplants 0 None
2009-08-21 Max-Planck scientists show that people really walk in circles when lost 0 None
2009-08-21 Ends of protein templates useful for arresting growth of cancerous cells 0 None
2009-08-21 Results of PCF funded study could impact the standard of care for prostate cancer patients 0 None
2009-08-21 MN Community Measurement's quality measure promises improved depression care 0 None
2009-08-21 Research suggests that nitrates and nitrites in plants may be beneficial to health 0 None
2009-08-21 Study finds that vaccinations to schoolchildren and to their parents helps to control the spread of the seasonal flu and H1N1 0 None
2009-08-21 Research study discovers lethal effects of tetracycline and chloramphenicol against certain bacterial strains 0 None
2009-08-21 Chinese scientists present study on oxycholesterol's cholesterol-boosting effects at 238th ACS meeting 0 4.5
2009-08-21 New findings to prevent urinary tract infections 0 None
2009-08-21 Researchers develop new ways for splitting dangerous pair of cancer proteins 0 None
2009-08-21 Wheat-free diet reduces the incidence of diabetes 0 None
2009-08-21 New portable dialysis machine that provides continuous dialysis is under development 5 3.8
2009-08-21 Study finds that retreatment of patients who had undergone endovascular coiling procedure has low risks 0 5
2009-08-21 Research reveals brain activity networks of Alzheimer's disease affected patients become more random and unstructured 0 None
2009-08-21 The Gerontologist discusses perceptions of different groups about cognitive health 0 None
2009-08-21 Research attributes accumulation of belly fat to change in hormone balance during menopause transition 0 5
2009-08-21 Hospitals treating more black cancer patients experience worse survival rates 0 None
2009-08-21 More evidence that genes increase a smokers' risk of lung cancer 0 2
2009-08-21 Cognitive behavioural therapy effective when delivered in online by a therapist 0 None
2009-08-21 Duke University Medical Center highlights importance of the appendix in human body 1 None
2009-08-21 Role of HPRT genes detected in Lesch Nyan X-linked inherited disorders 0 None
2009-08-21 Researchers find link between chronic kidney disease and impaired mitochondrial respiratory system 0 None
2009-08-21 Study reveals that brain damage in amateur boxers can be detected by a blood test 0 None
2009-08-21 New study reveals that influenza vaccination may prevent inappropriate antibiotic use 0 None
2009-08-21 Research reveals smokeless tobacco users at higher risk of a heart attack or stroke 0 None
2009-08-20 Adverse cardiovascular events during treatment with pioglitazone and rosiglitazone: Population-based cohort study 0 2
2009-08-20 IBISS research group's project aims to examine Ribavirin role in promoting the survival of transplanted stem cells 0 None
2009-08-20 Shape-changing in proteins opens new avenue for drug discovery 0 None
2009-08-20 Mesenchymal stem cells repair human brain 1 5
2009-08-20 Social networking for social wellbeing 0 None
2009-08-20 Consumer-friendly "finger stick" blood test to detect cardiovascular disease is broadly available now 0 None
2009-08-20 Novel microRNA plays a major role in invasive breast cancer development 0 None
2009-08-20 Scientists find another mechanism that destroys tumor cells 0 4
2009-08-20 UT Southwestern Medical Center: Human gut bacteria ward off Toxoplasma gondii 0 None
2009-08-20 National Institute on Drug Abuse funds study on development of prenatally cocaine-exposed children 0 None
2009-08-20 Medication safety program on safe prescribing procedures for narcotic drugs launched 0 None
2009-08-20 Study finds long-term exposure to progesterone may lead to growth of tumors 0 None
2009-08-20 New report by NSF & Trucost studies GHG emissions and carbon footprints of chemical sector companies and others. 0 None
2009-08-20 Research reveals effectiveness of carvedilol in preventing variceal hemorrhage 0 5
2009-08-20 Study reveals long term benefits of swimming for children with asthma 0 None
2009-08-20 Study unveils detrimental effects of high-dose ursodeoxycholic acid on patients with PSC 0 5
2009-08-20 Low income women less likely to be screened for cancer in Ontario 0 None
2009-08-19 Steroid hormones found to affect gene activity 0 None
2009-08-19 Nano-bio material kills cancer cells, leaves healthy cells in unharmed 0 None
2009-08-19 New tool for scientists - light used to manipulate cell movement 0 None
2009-08-19 Newly discovered anti-aging gene linked to high blood pressure 0 4.5
2009-08-19 Researchers find connection between eye disease and arginase 0 5
2009-08-19 The Parkinson's Disease Foundation and the Davis Phinney Foundation jointly fund new study 0 None
2009-08-19 Depression causes reduced function in the reward center of brain 0 None
2009-08-19 Genetic mutation that helps regulate high blood pressure is a cause of inherited kidney disease 0 None
2009-08-19 Discovery of mechanism that allows hepatitis C virus to remain in the body for decades 0 None
2009-08-19 Novavax reports positive preclinical results for H1N1 influenza VLP vaccine 0 None
2009-08-19 Research study highlights the biological importance of Vitamin D in humans and other primates 0 None
2009-08-19 Brain's motor and perception regions disconnected in tone-deaf people 0 None
2009-08-19 Researchers reveal new ways to detect the hidden biases of medical research 0 None
2009-08-19 New understanding on meningitis cause 0 None
2009-08-19 Fatigue during radiotherapy for breast or prostate cancer may be caused by inflammation 0 None
2009-08-19 Discovery of key factor that stimulates brain cancer cells to spread 0 None
2009-08-19 e-infrastructure to tackle diseases 0 None
2009-08-19 Custom-tailored anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2009-08-19 Nonsurgical, quick and accurate test for diagnosing endometriosis discovered 0 4
2009-08-19 Clinically depressed individuals show reduced brain function 0 None
2009-08-19 Study shows lower short-term mortality rates in patients hospitalized for AMI 0 None
2009-08-18 Neurofeedback 'brain training' helps surgeons improve skills 0 None
2009-08-18 Texas Heart Institute receives $4.1 million to determine the effect of pulseless blood flow on bodily functions 0 None
2009-08-18 Video-game playing and health risks 0 None
2009-08-18 Mediterranean-type diet and exercise lowers Alzheimer's risk 0 4
2009-08-18 Disrupting the DNA-repair process 0 None
2009-08-18 Novel genome-analysis strategy to speed search for gene-disease links 0 None
2009-08-18 DNA evidence found at crime scenes can easily be falsified 1 5
2009-08-18 New colon cancer target 0 None
2009-08-18 Prion found to be a biomarker for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2009-08-18 New findings on how hepatitis C survives for so long in the body 0 None
2009-08-18 Aspirin improves survival after colorectal cancer diagnosis 0 None
2009-08-18 Smoking increases risk for brain shrinkage in multiple sclerosis 0 None
2009-08-17 Protein Huwe1 may be an important factor in the development of brain cancer 1 None
2009-08-17 Sugar "feeds" tumors 1 None
2009-08-17 Nematode worm provides model of invasive cancer 0 None
2009-08-17 Running and addiction 0 5
2009-08-17 Mother's immune system may block fetal treatments for blood diseases 0 None
2009-08-16 Cognitive behavioral therapy improves sleep and pain in osteoarthritis 0 5
2009-08-16 Discovery of inherited gene variants that account for 37 percent of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia 0 5
2009-08-16 Abuse, self-neglect places seniors at increased risk for premature death 0 None
2009-08-16 New target for Alzheimer's disease 0 2
2009-08-16 New biomarker predicts response to hepatitis C treatment 0 None
2009-08-16 Novel treatment reduces swollen livers 0 None
2009-08-16 New strategy for inhibiting virus replication 0 None
2009-08-14 New study suggests possible genetic link between environmental toxins and myeloma 1 1.5
2009-08-14 Researchers study sleep paralysis 0 None
2009-08-14 Scientists create new method to detect genetic causes of complex diseases 0 None
2009-08-14 Gay people more likely to have mental health or substance use disorders 1 None
2009-08-13 Tissue scarring key to link between obesity and diabetes 0 None
2009-08-13 When cell death goes wrong - scientists gain new insights 0 None
2009-08-13 New tumour theory could change cancer treatment 0 2.7
2009-08-13 Discovery of possible genetic link between environmental toxins and bone disease in multiple myeloma 0 5
2009-08-13 Human brain distinctly separates living and non-living objects for processing 0 5
2009-08-13 Sigma-Aldrich offers customizable synthetic extracellular matrix (ECM) for stem cell research 0 None
2009-08-13 Wine may offer radioprotective effect for breast cancer patients 0 None
2009-08-13 Marijuana/Cannabis may protect against osteoporosis 2 3.7
2009-08-13 Why GPs won’t take part in research 0 None
2009-08-13 Discovery of compounds that selectively kills cancer stem cells 0 None
2009-08-13 Endocannabinoids found to spread and prolong pain 0 5
2009-08-13 A healthy diet helps prevent kidney stones 0 None
2009-08-13 Protein plays unexpected role protecting chromosome tips 0 None
2009-08-13 Discovery of first gene involved in regulating the optimal length of human sleep 0 None
2009-08-13 Possible neurological complications of heart surgery detailed in new report 0 None
2009-08-13 Researchers tackle aggressive cancer cells head on 0 None
2009-08-13 Scientists grow new blood vessels to combat heart disease 0 None
2009-08-13 Cancer mortality rates declined steadily in the last three decades 0 None
2009-08-13 High caffeine consumption, more headaches? 0 4.7
2009-08-13 MRI increases chances of more extensive surgery over conservative approaches in breast cancer diagnosis 1 None
2009-08-13 Sleep patterns can identify adolescents at greatest risk for depression 0 None
2009-08-13 Cancer deaths declined steadily in last three decades 0 None
2009-08-13 Stanford researchers want FDA to require drug makers to state how new medications compare with similar, existing treatments 0 None
2009-08-13 Remarkable vision improvements after gene therapy for inherited blindness 0 None
2009-08-13 Similarities found in the way neural circuits linked to vision process information in both sighted and blind since birth 0 None
2009-08-13 Neurological complications of heart surgery detailed in research 0 None
2009-08-12 Promising new treatment target for Kennedy's disease 3 4.5
2009-08-12 $3.2M grant to explore how chemicals affect human health 0 4
2009-08-12 Tiotropium - corticosteroid combination improves lung disease survival 0 None
2009-08-12 Assisted ventilation in cardiac arrest rescue may lower chances of survival 0 None
2009-08-12 High-fat diets just as unhealthy in short term as long term 0 None
2009-08-12 Children with newly diagnosed epilepsy at risk for cognitive problems 0 None
2009-08-12 Decreased cravings for pleasure may be at root of a core symptom of major depressive disorder 0 None
2009-08-12 Meal replacements in a medically supervised weight loss program aid weight loss 0 3
2009-08-12 MRI used as early warning system for Alzheimer's disease and dementia 0 None
2009-08-12 Giant pituitary adenoma can be safely removed through nasal route 0 5
2009-08-12 An "off switch" for cancer 0 None
2009-08-12 New understanding of role hyaluronic acid in skeletal growth 0 None
2009-08-12 Factors associated with use of gastric cancer screening services in Korea 0 None
2009-08-12 Anti-psychotic drugs could help treat some major cancers 0 None
2009-08-12 New understanding on basic cellular mechanisms responsible speech processing 0 None
2009-08-12 Scientists take the first step to targeted treatment for stomach cancer 0 None
2009-08-12 Alarming rise in oral cancer rates among forty-somethings 0 None
2009-08-12 Living cells controlled with light; potential for stem cell research 0 5
2009-08-12 New biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-08-12 Research on blood transfusions points to a potential risk of transfusing donated platelets 0 None
2009-08-12 Many senior drivers unaware of potential impact on driving performance associated with taking medications 0 None
2009-08-12 Research looks at drop in delivery-related rate of death for infants born at term 0 None
2009-08-12 Research shows how long-lasting memories form in the brain 0 None
2009-08-12 Oxygen treatment may speed memory loss associated with Alzheimer's 0 None
2009-08-12 An examination of the social impact of armed conflict and militarization 0 None
2009-08-12 Potential new treatment for drug resistant brain tumors 0 None
2009-08-12 Alcoholics display abnormal brain activity when processing facial expressions 0 None
2009-08-12 Education impacts cognitive function in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-08-12 New treatment for oxygen-starved newborns 0 None
2009-08-12 Retrovirox receives another NIH grant for novel inhibitors of HIV entry 0 None
2009-08-12 New tool for virtual surgery simulates blood flow - helps plan child's delicate heart surgery 0 5
2009-08-11 Aspirin improves survival after colorectal cancer diagnosis 0 None
2009-08-11 New findings on anti-cancer activity of thiazole antibiotics 0 5
2009-08-11 Vertebroplasty expert cites concerns about new study 0 4.5
2009-08-11 New insights into identifying children at risk for autoimmune brain disorders 0 None
2009-08-11 Discovery of genetic mutations that increase risk of schizophrenia 0 None
2009-08-11 Mediterranean diet associated with reduced Alzheimer’s risk 0 None
2009-08-11 Experimental treatment for multiple sclerosis reverses disorder in mice 0 5
2009-08-11 Aldose reductase inhibition shows promise for asthma 1 None
2009-08-11 Toxic levels of Alzheimer's clusters in brain determined 0 None
2009-08-11 Regular use of aspirin after colorectal cancer diagnosis may reduce the risk of cancer death 0 None
2009-08-11 High-fat diet affects physical and memory abilities of rats after 9 days 0 None
2009-08-11 Discovery of a genetic mutation underlying late-onset Leigh syndrome 1 None
2009-08-11 Discovery of link between over-indebtedness and obesity 0 None
2009-08-11 New approach to remove toxic agent that causes myotonic dystrophy 0 5
2009-08-11 New method for neonatal icus reduces infection and lung distress in preemies 0 None
2009-08-11 Researchers launch study into search-and-destroy antigen for deadly skin cancer 0 None
2009-08-11 Holography helps tackle ovarian cancer 0 None
2009-08-11 Predictors of disease behavior change in patients with Crohn's disease 0 None
2009-08-11 Characteristic pathological findings and effects of ecabet sodium in rat reflux esophagitis 0 None
2009-08-11 STAT3 is required for proliferation and maintenance of multipotency in glioblastoma stem cells 0 4
2009-08-11 Don't smoke, exercise and eat sensibly to reduce risk of chronic disease 0 None
2009-08-11 Recruitment of new neurons slows when old brain cells kept from dying 0 None
2009-08-11 New class of molecules capable of blocking formation of tau protein fibrils 0 None
2009-08-11 Research shows how schizophrenia works in the brain 0 5
2009-08-11 Childhood cancer survivors treated with radiation may have an increased risk of diabetes 0 None
2009-08-11 New molecule blocks lymphangiogenesis 0 None
2009-08-11 Widespread general use of fluoroquinolones is creating drug-resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2009-08-10 Metabolic bone disease in cirrhosis patients 0 None
2009-08-10 French DEET research has little relevance and is irresponsible 0 None
2009-08-10 Amazonian tribe sheds light on causes of heart attacks and strokes in developed countries 1 None
2009-08-10 Estrogen-dependent switch tempers killing activity of immune cells 0 None
2009-08-10 Electrodiagnostic and neuromuscular medicine featured at AANEM annual meeting 0 3.5
2009-08-10 New hope for sufferers of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency 0 None
2009-08-10 Discovery of gene that may play a role in the development of type 1 diabetes 0 None
2009-08-10 Discovery of gene linked to maturity-onset diabetes of the young 0 None
2009-08-10 Fainting may point to more serious, underlying cardiovascular condition 0 None
2009-08-10 White tea shows most health benefits out of 21 plant and herb extracts 0 None
2009-08-10 Traditional Chinese acupuncture affects the brain's long-term ability to regulate pain 0 None
2009-08-10 Short sleep times linked to increased diabetes risk 0 None
2009-08-10 Burnham as a comprehensive center in a new National Cancer Institute (NCI) Chemical Biology Consortium 0 None
2009-08-10 Research explains why women report more sleep disruption than men 0 2
2009-08-10 Discovery of potential target for metastatic cancer 0 None
2009-08-10 Ministrokes predict memory problems, strokes predict non-memory problems 0 None
2009-08-10 Stress about school and life keeps 68 percent of students awake at night 1 4.5
2009-08-10 Sharing prescription advice among adolescents can have dangerous repercussions 0 None
2009-08-10 People in power demonstrate more abstract interpretation of crisis events 0 None
2009-08-09 Discovery of 'marker' molecule offers hope for liver cancer test 0 None
2009-08-09 Chemists rationally design inhibitors against an RNA molecule that causes myotonic muscular dystrophy 0 None
2009-08-09 Psychologists say longer lives can still lead to happier years 0 4
2009-08-09 Transcranial MR-guided focused ultrasound for brain disorders a step closer 0 None
2009-08-09 New journal integrates the science of medicine with the art of music 0 None
2009-08-09 Unlikely genetic suspect implicated in Dandy-Walker malformation 0 5
2009-08-09 Understanding emotional reactions for negative services 0 None
2009-08-09 Female supervisors more likely to be sexually harassed at work 0 None
2009-08-09 Scientists discover link between mutations in INPP5E gene and ciliopathies 0 None
2009-08-07 Socioeconomic status plays no role in brain's continued ability to function with age 0 None
2009-08-07 Novel approach for developing an AIDS vaccine 0 4
2009-08-07 Only two stem cell lines account for most human embryonic stem cell research 0 None
2009-08-07 Immune system protects cancer cells in first few days 0 None
2009-08-07 Two significant advances in treating lung cancer 0 None
2009-08-07 More insulin-producing cells from a single transcription factor switch 0 5
2009-08-07 Economic downturn will worsen obesity epidemic 0 None
2009-08-07 Changes in mtDNA can cause premature ageing 0 None
2009-08-06 Scientists find key to strengthening immune response to chronic infection 0 None
2009-08-06 Proteomics helps find key to keeping cells in shape 0 None
2009-08-06 Senators Harkin, Kennedy and Specter honored as champions of health research 0 5
2009-08-06 Discovery of possible mechanisms to protect against genetic alterations, diseases 0 None
2009-08-06 Discovery of a new Alzheimer's gene 0 None
2009-08-06 Discovery of common trigger in cancer and normal stem cell reproduction 0 None
2009-08-06 GE Global Research Biosciences technology celebrated fifth anniversary 0 None
2009-08-06 Genetic profiling of tumors could have 'immediate impact' on treating cancer 0 None
2009-08-06 Comparative effectiveness studies raise questions about vertebroplasty back pain treatment 2 None
2009-08-06 HIV genome decoded 0 None
2009-08-06 Discovery of cells responsible for bladder cancer spread 0 None
2009-08-06 Protein unfolding key to understanding blood clot mechanics 0 5
2009-08-06 Reversible cell-specific drug delivery with aptamer-functionalized liposomes 0 None
2009-08-06 Distinctive gene expression in brains of relapsing heroin-addicted rats 0 None
2009-08-06 Discovery of 'tell-tale' viral signature in blood that identifies underlying viral infection 0 None
2009-08-06 Pattern of gene expression in blood provides clues to etiology of respiratory infections 0 None
2009-08-06 Phase 1 clinical trial starts for new antibody aimed at hepatitis C virus 0 None
2009-08-06 Beetroot juice boosts stamina, may help endurance athletes 0 5
2009-08-06 Colon cancer may yield to cellular sugar starvation 0 None
2009-08-06 Research details role of galectin-3 in heart failure 0 None
2009-08-06 97 per cent unaware of the link between weight and cancer 0 None
2009-08-06 Stomach cancer cases almost halve over the last 30 years 0 None
2009-08-06 New approach targets gut hormone to lower blood sugar levels 0 None
2009-08-06 Unstable proteins can cause premature ageing 0 None
2009-08-06 Noninvasive MRI helps diabetes diagnosis and treatment 0 None
2009-08-06 Scientists isolate protein that affects both the expression of genes and the transport of proteins 0 5
2009-08-06 Smoking marijuana has toxic effects on cells 2 3.7
2009-08-06 Moving to U.S. increases cancer risk for Hispanics 0 5
2009-08-06 Therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest is cost-effective 0 None
2009-08-05 Biological mechanisms contribute to stress resilience 0 1
2009-08-05 Research looks at enzyme that causes genetic diseases 0 None
2009-08-05 Sensitizing tumor response to cancer treatment 0 None
2009-08-05 Food selection depends on whom you dine with 0 None
2009-08-05 New insights into peripheral artery disease 0 None
2009-08-05 Leptin influences baseline dopamine levels and motivation to eat 0 4
2009-08-05 Innovative diabetes drug discovery partnership 0 None
2009-08-05 Discovery of novel function of hormone found in gut that may lower glucose levels in diabetes 0 None
2009-08-05 Less is more when it comes to blood transfusions 0 None
2009-08-05 Research looks at cellular stress response to low oxygen 0 None
2009-08-05 Positivity speeds recovery from whiplash 0 None
2009-08-05 Epigenetic alterations may serve as markers for chronic leukemia 0 None
2009-08-05 Cutting-edge imaging research aims to map brain injuries 0 None
2009-08-05 Structure of an entire HIV genome decoded 0 4
2009-08-05 Aptamers offer unique therapeutic advantages 0 3
2009-08-05 Iowa funds swine vaccine research 0 None
2009-08-05 Questions raised about vertebroplasty for osteoporotic spinal compression fractures 0 None
2009-08-05 World shortage of molybdenum may hinder nuclear medicine services 2 4
2009-08-05 Social stress linked to visceral fat, atherosclerosis 0 None
2009-08-05 Protein DNA repair complex key to avoiding DNA repair mistakes 0 None
2009-08-04 Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC) retains status as NCI-designated cancer center 0 5
2009-08-04 New understanding on Gleevec's limitations 0 5
2009-08-04 Depression may make patients become 'couch potatoes' 0 None
2009-08-04 Compound from coral offers hope fpr neuropathic pain 0 5
2009-08-04 Cooling unconscious cardiac arrest survivors increases survival, cost effective 0 None
2009-08-04 New insight into human ciliopathy 0 5
2009-08-04 Biological explanation for psychopathy 0 4
2009-08-04 Clinical trial to test gene therapy for Alzheimer’s disease 0 None
2009-08-04 Deet is neurotoxic 0 None
2009-08-04 Set-shifting and the on-line processing of relative clauses in Parkinson's Disease 0 None
2009-08-04 Genetic risk, not anesthesia exposure, impacts cognitive performance 0 None
2009-08-04 Depression and inflammation linked to rheumatoid arthritis pain 0 None
2009-08-04 Prominent cardiologist to present keynote at American Academy of Periodontology 95th Annual Meeting 0 None
2009-08-04 Emergency physicians should trust their judgment on chest pain symptoms 0 None
2009-08-04 Hip and back fractures increase mortality rates in Seniors 0 None
2009-08-04 Flaw in bone's material leads to disease 0 5
2009-08-04 Universal intimate partner violence (IPV) screening may provide only modest benefits 0 None
2009-08-04 Viral RNA linked to human immune response 0 None
2009-08-04 Self-neglect and abuse in seniors linked to increased risk of death 0 None
2009-08-04 Regional nerve block anesthesia improve recovery, outcomes 1 None
2009-08-04 Workplace meditation and yoga lowers stress 0 None
2009-08-04 Dietary supplements with steroids pose health risks 0 None
2009-08-04 Silenced genes provide warning sign of blood cancer 0 None
2009-08-04 Exercise for the brain may slow dementia 0 5
2009-08-04 High levels of glutamate in brain linked to depression, low cognitive function 0 None
2009-08-04 Women and minorities under-represented in trials 0 None
2009-08-04 New method selectively kills metastatic melanoma 0 None
2009-08-04 Carbon nanosensor sniffs out kidney disease 0 None
2009-08-04 Heavy drinkers have much higher risk of developing cancer 0 None
2009-08-04 Links between major depression and coronary artery disease studied 0 None
2009-08-04 Discovery of novel tumor suppressor 0 None
2009-08-04 Stem cell technology innovation could reduce the number of animal experiments 0 None
2009-08-04 Elevated cholesterol levels in midlife raises risk of late-life dementia 0 5
2009-08-04 Vertebral and hip fractures are associated with an increased risk of death in people older than 50 0 None
2009-08-04 Eye movements of Parkinson’s disease patients during sentence comprehension support subcortical role in processing syntax 0 None
2009-08-04 The extremes of BMI a cause for concern in liver transplantation 0 None
2009-08-04 Divers who hold breath for several minutes elevate a marker for brain damage 1 4
2009-08-04 Mathematical modelling to tackle influenza 0 None
2009-08-04 New findings on role of diet on breast cancer risk 0 None
2009-08-03 MSU receives $1.5 million grant to help educate more Hispanics in neurosciences 0 None
2009-08-03 Scientists illuminate brain tumors with fluorescent nanoparticles 0 4.5
2009-08-03 Regular yoga practice associated with mindful eating 0 None
2009-08-03 New research helps explain why treated genital herpes sores boost risk of HIV infection 0 None
2009-08-03 Genetic link to ovarian cancer found 0 None
2009-08-03 New blood tests may detect pancreatic cancer more effectively 0 None
2009-08-03 Temptation more powerful than people think 0 None
2009-08-03 Discovery of mechanism that protects somatic cells against the behaviour of germ cells 0 None
2009-08-03 Discovery of unique 'DNA signature' in human sperm - unlocks egg's fertility 0 None
2009-08-03 Selective method kills metastatic melanoma cells 0 None
2009-08-03 Discovery of novel tumor suppressor 0 None
2009-08-03 Research points to new targets for melanoma 0 None
2009-08-03 Heavy consumption of beer and spirits to 6 different cancers 0 None
2009-08-03 Lasers and nanotubes offer potential future cancer treatments 0 None
2009-08-03 Neural correlates of impaired cognitive-behavioral flexibility in anorexia nervosa 0 None
2009-08-03 Success of GERD therapy hinges on medication type and physician bedside manner 0 1
2009-08-03 Sleep heart health study 0 None
2009-08-03 Anti-growth factor drugs raise hope and concern for treatment of children's eye diseases 0 None
2009-08-03 Research may bring powerful new test for inflammatory lung diseases 0 None
2009-08-02 Race/ethnicity, income and education associated with sugar consumption 0 None


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