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2009-09-30 Research study on teens who underwent laparoscopic bypass surgery 0 None
2009-09-30 Study shows that exposure to radon gas leads to lung cancer 0 None
2009-09-30 Manic-depression not a lifelong disorder 0 None
2009-09-30 Study reveals that Americans have limited knowledge about long-term care 0 None
2009-09-30 Study links physical fitness levels of Spanish teenagers to cardiovascular health 0 None
2009-09-30 Environmental factors play a major role in early pregnancy losses 0 None
2009-09-30 Women making poor shoe choices suffer with hindfoot pain 0 4
2009-09-29 NINDS: $50 billion spent each year for low back pain 0 None
2009-09-29 Women feeling more positive about their genitals find it easier to orgasm 1 5
2009-09-29 Radiation treatment after prostate cancer surgery eradicates recurrent cancer 0 3.8
2009-09-29 Leptin can determine osteoarthritis in obese patients 0 5
2009-09-29 Estrogen withdrawal may play a significant role in joint pain during breast cancer treatment 0 None
2009-09-29 High-heels may lead to heel and ankle pain 0 None
2009-09-29 Obesity due to leptin deficiency plays major role in knee osteoarthritis 0 None
2009-09-29 Hookworms can prevent asthma 0 4
2009-09-28 Blood vessels in the retina may help predict risk of heart attack or stroke 0 None
2009-09-28 NIH funds Brown University's Samoan genotyping project 1 None
2009-09-28 Study on how epigenetic changes contribute to congnitive decline 0 None
2009-09-28 Increasing insulin levels can aid muscle building in the elderly 0 2.5
2009-09-28 Improving the accuracy of violent behaviour prediction may alleviate negative effects of violence 0 None
2009-09-27 Researchers measure the brain activity in infants 0 None
2009-09-25 URMC study provides a new focus on health care in young adulthood 0 1
2009-09-25 Careful follow-up after eradication therapy for peptic ulcer needed 0 None
2009-09-25 The Australian Institute of Policy and Science awards Dr Jake Baum for malaria research 0 None
2009-09-25 Dental plaque increases neutrophil activity in black males 0 3
2009-09-25 Link between flicking colours and epileptic fits discovered 0 None
2009-09-25 Severe plagiocephaly in babies can lead to ear infections 0 5
2009-09-24 Fear of back pain from care work is predictive of actually developing it 0 None
2009-09-24 Research study links cancer to excess body weight 0 1
2009-09-24 Women usually tightlipped about bladder problems 0 None
2009-09-24 Study on leisure experiences of women with intellectual disabilities in group homes 0 None
2009-09-24 Research study links high-fructose diet to increased blood pressure in men 0 None
2009-09-23 Study on adults living with autism spectrum disorders in England 0 None
2009-09-23 Depression, obesity and alcoholism interrelated in young women 0 None
2009-09-22 Macrophages play a crucial role in muscle regeneration 0 None
2009-09-22 Study reveals effectiveness of targeted heat therapy in addition to chemotherapy 0 None
2009-09-22 Hormone therapy for treating prostate cancer is linked to heart problems 0 None
2009-09-22 Poor money management: A sign of developing Alzheimer's disease 0 5
2009-09-22 Matching parent-child pairs not dependent on race or culture 0 None
2009-09-22 Importance of residual thymopoiesis in aged adults 0 None
2009-09-22 Patients with higher levels of vitamin D are less likely to die from skin cancer 0 None
2009-09-22 Gene variant shows a strong gender bias for cancer predisposition 0 None
2009-09-22 Research reveals that thin people influence the way others around them eat 0 None
2009-09-22 Older adults with vitamin D deficiency at a greater risk of heart disease and death 0 None
2009-09-21 New study reveals that large abdominal fat cells contribute to type 2 diabetes in women 1 5
2009-09-21 Researchers find new technique for long-term treatment of DVT 0 None
2009-09-21 Postmenopausal women benefit as much from exercise as younger women 0 5
2009-09-21 Study reveals that allergies are a major health issue in Sweden 0 None
2009-09-21 Study: Suicides dependent on number of alcohol outlets 0 None
2009-09-21 ECG gating reduces patient radiation dose during CT angiography 0 None
2009-09-21 Alcoholism in Hispanics dependent on gene/environment interaction 0 None
2009-09-21 HIV mutates itself to escape antibodies 0 None
2009-09-21 Early drinkers more susceptible to alcoholism 0 None
2009-09-21 Young drinkers to be more susceptible to alcohol dependence 0 None
2009-09-18 Findings may yield new treatments for visual disorders 0 None
2009-09-18 Diabetic nerve pain: Most bothersome complication of diabetes 0 None
2009-09-18 Study reveals that caregivers are unable to diagnose the pain levels affecting nursing home residents 0 None
2009-09-18 Quebec research on contagious period of H1N1 patients to be presented 0 None
2009-09-17 Interim data from GORE PROPATEN Vascular Graft studies presented at the 2009 vascular meeting 0 None
2009-09-17 CCPHA research reveals the serious health risks of drinking soda 0 None
2009-09-17 Study to determine the outcomes and complications of ERCP in a community practice to appear in GIE journal 0 None
2009-09-17 Study: HBV genotype is not linked to hepatocellular carcinoma 0 None
2009-09-17 Mechanism of action of the anti-cancer drug GMX1778 identified 0 None
2009-09-17 Learning curve method checks the proficiency level in laparoscopic splenectomy procedures 0 None
2009-09-17 Link between a key molecular player and human chromosomal birth defects established 0 None
2009-09-17 Bitemark identification not reliable as DNA identification, according to UB study 0 None
2009-09-17 Multi-detector row computed tomography predicts malignancy of IPMNs 0 None
2009-09-17 Researchers investigate individual's ability to get rid of Hepatitis C 0 None
2009-09-17 Youngsters with continuous pain to look as old as those two decades older 0 None
2009-09-17 Standard liver volume formula for Chinese adults published 0 None
2009-09-17 Molecular link between intelligence and curiosity discovered 0 5
2009-09-17 Avaxia Biologics receives NIH grant to develop an antibody therapeutic for oral mucositis 0 None
2009-09-16 New technique found that may prevent vision loss 0 None
2009-09-16 The relationship between pain and age related disability 0 None
2009-09-16 SSO2 administration reduces heart muscle damage 0 None
2009-09-16 Patients with celiac disease face increased risk of mortality 0 None
2009-09-16 Transcendental Meditation aids students diagnosed with ADHD 2 5
2009-09-16 Study shows 29 percent patients experienced angina chest pain once a week 0 None
2009-09-16 Research study indicates presence of two stable bacterial ecosystems in the gut 0 None
2009-09-16 Study reveals effectiveness of cognitive testing by telephone in elderly individuals 0 None
2009-09-15 The Miriam Hospital researchers study brain activity patterns 0 None
2009-09-15 Study investigates links between acne, diet and mental health issues 0 None
2009-09-15 Researchers study the degree of verbal impairment in AD patients 0 None
2009-09-15 Disruption of the spectrin-actin network leads to lens cell in the eye to lose their shape: Study 0 None
2009-09-15 Risk for patients contracting pneumonia increases threefold when treated with pantoprazole: Study 0 None
2009-09-15 Calcium stones and cell death is linked to prolonged stressful conditions 0 None
2009-09-15 Stimulating effect of bioactive collagen peptides in cell experiments demonstrated 0 4.5
2009-09-15 Children's sexuality linked to genetic influences: Study 1 None
2009-09-15 Genetic switch that causes excessive mucus in the lungs identified 0 5
2009-09-15 People with smaller anterior cruciate ligaments are more prone to injury 0 None
2009-09-15 NIMH awards Center for AIDS Intervention Research $11.16 million grant 0 None
2009-09-15 New protein substance could be used to diagnose Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-09-14 Carotid and cardiac procedures result in higher incidence of post-operative strokes 0 None
2009-09-14 Centre of consciousness may lead to new coma treatments 1 5
2009-09-14 New findings could yield effective therapies for multiple sclerosis 0 None
2009-09-14 Body mass in younger and older adulthood linked to prostate cancer risks 0 None
2009-09-14 Master gene could lead to new ways of cancer treatments 0 5
2009-09-14 Research data reveals why women discontinue treatment with current osteoporosis therapies 0 None
2009-09-14 AAN's ability to mimic the human brain helps diagnose cardiac infections 0 None
2009-09-14 Monoamine oxidases responsible for personality and behaviour 0 5
2009-09-11 ERC funds DiaDrug project to study the link between insulin resistance and albuminuria 0 None
2009-09-11 Second-hand tobacco smoke exposure results in NAFLD 0 None
2009-09-11 Sleep improves memory 1 1
2009-09-11 Social identity has a positive impact on health and well-being 0 None
2009-09-10 Depression and substance dependency may be more common among people 0 None
2009-09-10 Swine flu more lethal than seasonal flu 0 None
2009-09-10 Swine flu more lethal than seasonal flu 0 None
2009-09-10 Virginia Tech wins National Science Foundation grant to study knee ligament sprains 0 None
2009-09-10 New type of stem cell in the prostate may be a source for prostate cancer, say researchers 0 None
2009-09-10 Brain's SCN is the master clock that synchronizes other biological clocks in the body 0 None
2009-09-10 Researchers find link between traffic noise and increased blood pressure 0 None
2009-09-10 Lead exposure may result in cardiovascular mortality 0 None
2009-09-10 Risk of NAFLD lowers with routine physical activities 0 None
2009-09-10 Clinical study investigates laboratory and clinical implications of proton pump inhibitor drugs 0 None
2009-09-10 Three genes linked to Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2009-09-10 High cognitive performance linked to high intake of fruits and vegetables 0 None
2009-09-09 Majority of surgical patients would consider an unsupervised trainee doctor to perform their operation: Survey 0 None
2009-09-09 Molecular mechanism responsible for transition of non-invasive breast cancer into invasive disease discovered 0 None
2009-09-09 New findings may help identify treatments for diabetes and hyperinsulinemia 0 None
2009-09-09 Nutrisystem D program helps overweight type 2 diabetic people lose weight 0 None
2009-09-09 Research study examines the depression rate in chronic kidney disease patients 0 None
2009-09-09 Research reveals new protective properties of vitamin C 0 5
2009-09-09 Doctors view on surrogate decision making process 0 None
2009-09-09 Genetic risk factor involved in cystic fibrosis discovered 0 None
2009-09-08 Exposure to air pollution can cause heart attack 0 None
2009-09-08 Working mothers suffer from vision impairment as they age 0 None
2009-09-08 Chronic periodontitis linked to head and neck cancer 1 None
2009-09-08 Small molecule inhibitors could create new combination therapies 0 None
2009-09-08 Prevalence of cortical gray matter atrophy may be overestimated in healthy aging brain 0 None
2009-09-08 Small molecule blocks aberrant pathway associated with myotonic dystrophy 0 None
2009-09-08 Large B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma now treatable 0 3
2009-09-07 Presence of virus linked with malignant human prostate cancer cells 0 None
2009-09-07 Early schizophrenia symptoms include unusually high CA1 subfield activity 0 None
2009-09-07 Nanotubes destroy kidney tumors 0 5
2009-09-07 Nanoparticle-delivered suicide gene therapy effectively reduces ovarian tumor burden in mice 0 None
2009-09-07 People with genetic risk of bowel cancer decline genetic testing 1 None
2009-09-07 CLU and PICALM genes associated with Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-09-07 IRS1 gene could lead to better treatment of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2009-09-07 Manuka honey inhibits MRSA infections by killing bacterial proteins 1 4.4
2009-09-07 Scientists identify new genetic variations that are associated with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2009-09-05 SoftScan clinical results from a breast cancer treatment monitoring study to be presented at IEEE International Conference 0 None
2009-09-05 Angiotensin II receptors not detectable in pregnant or preeclamptic women 0 None
2009-09-05 Insomnia increases blood pressure 0 None
2009-09-05 Study reveals elevated cTnT levels in post-CABG patients 0 None
2009-09-04 Defective chemical bond in biological tissue may be the reason for diseases, say researchers 0 None
2009-09-04 Researchers identify new molecular switch that produces cancer cells 0 None
2009-09-04 No performance enhancing effect of quercetin seen, according to a study 0 4
2009-09-04 Eating at irregular times influences weight gain 0 1
2009-09-04 Brain screening tests may do more harm than good 0 None
2009-09-04 Type 2 diabetic people not consuming healthy diets 0 None
2009-09-03 Y chromosome may be responsible for a range of sex disorders 0 None
2009-09-03 Nicotine replacement therapy before surgery can prevent common complications 0 None
2009-09-03 New study shows striking similarity in the evolution of cities and human brains 0 None
2009-09-03 Optimized turmeric extracts may prevent memory loss 1 4
2009-09-03 Uroplasty highlights the result of OrBIT trial of its Urgent PC System 0 None
2009-09-03 ODAC calls for randomized study of Vion's Onrigin injection for treatment of the elderly AML patients 0 None
2009-09-03 Study reveals that obstacle avoidance depends on ancient visual pathways in the brain 0 None
2009-09-03 Yale University awarded $36 million ARRA funds for over 100 research projects 0 None
2009-09-03 Vitamin C deficiency may impair mental development in newborn babies 0 None
2009-09-03 Players’ fencing response yields visual clues on brain injury 0 None
2009-09-03 Patients with advanced NSCLC predict their overall survival rates 0 None
2009-09-02 The Kyoto Heart study shows positive effect of valsartan on cardiovascular outcome 0 None
2009-09-02 Corticosteroid and antiviral agent combination proves to be beneficial for treating Bell Palsy 0 None
2009-09-02 LUNA surgical procedure did not alleviate chronic pelvic pain in women 0 5
2009-09-02 MADIT-CRT trial reveals reduced risk of heart failure from CRT-D therapy 0 None
2009-09-02 Defibrillator-cardiac resynchronization therapy combination reduces heat failure risk 0 None
2009-09-02 TRAF6 protein plays a role in cell growth and carcinogenesis, says researchers 0 None
2009-09-02 Education and cardiac defibrillators can boost survival rates 0 None
2009-09-02 Current European practice and routines associated with the implantation of a CRT device described 0 None
2009-09-02 Primary angioplasty procedures vary in European countries 0 None
2009-09-02 LINGO1 variant responsible for essential tremors and Parkinson's disease 0 1
2009-09-02 Mistrust of healthcare system could harm patients' health and raise overall health care costs 0 None
2009-09-02 Rapid progression of multiple sclerosis linked to smoking 0 1
2009-09-02 New therapy delays the progression of heart failure 0 None
2009-09-02 New study on behaviour of telomeres during cell division in cancerous human cells 0 None
2009-09-02 Clinical criteria for mild cognitive impairment proves better for identifying Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-09-02 Study reveals that valsartan prevents cardiovascular events in high-risk hypertensive Japanese patients 0 None
2009-09-02 Research to reverse aging and extend human longevity 0 3
2009-09-02 Study reveals that antibiotics used to treat a variety of bacterial infections could cause double vision 0 None
2009-09-02 New method found for the diagnosis of cartilage disease 0 None
2009-09-02 Waist-hip ratio is a better of measure of obesity in older patients 0 5
2009-09-02 Research reveals that dramatic maternal weight loss prevents obesity in their children 2 None
2009-09-02 New research reveals that swearing can increase pain tolerance 0 5
2009-09-02 Weight gain in men linked with risk of prostate cancer 0 5
2009-09-02 Irbesartan drug minimizes heart failure complications in patients with atrial fibrillation 0 None
2009-09-02 White matter hyperintensities could lead to permanent thinking problems 0 None
2009-09-02 Heidelberg neuropathologists detect astrocytomas that can deactivate the "death receptor" 0 None
2009-09-02 Scientists shed light on the relationship between hypertension and obesity 0 None
2009-09-02 Daytime surgeries reduce minor complication rates 0 None
2009-09-02 Young children need to be supervised while in showers and bathtubs: American Academy of Pediatrics 0 None
2009-09-02 Patients with PFO may have increased odds of postoperative strokes 0 5
2009-09-02 Study reveals that baking soda benefits patients with advanced chronic kidney disease 0 None
2009-09-02 The more alcohol people drink, the more likely they might be to exercise, says study 0 5
2009-09-02 Playing Tetris may increase brain efficiency 0 None
2009-09-02 Higher education levels associated with an earlier need for symptomatic treatment of Parkinson's disease 0 3
2009-09-02 Lab results shows H1N1 virus does not change into virulent superbug 0 None
2009-09-02 New research on post-traumatic stress disorder to be presented at MHRF 0 None
2009-09-02 The biology of apoE and apoE receptors in Alzheimer's disease to be researched under new NIH program 0 None
2009-09-02 Brachytherapy regarded as superior treatment for prostate cancer 0 4
2009-09-02 Statistics reveals that blacks experience higher rates of pancreatic cancer deaths than whites 0 None
2009-09-02 Eye disease medication lowers death rate among Ethiopian children 0 None
2009-09-02 Pesticide beta-HCH in blood and Parkinson's disease are linked: UT Southwestern Medical Center 0 None
2009-09-02 Daylight saving impairs sleep and increases workplace risks 0 5
2009-09-01 Prohibiting home smoking is less common among African-Americans 0 None
2009-09-01 Increased risk of ovarian cancer witnessed in women taking hormone therapy 0 5
2009-09-01 Children suffering from chronic headache may outgrow the condition 0 None
2009-09-01 Immediate catheterization not always better for ACS patients 0 None
2009-09-01 Altered gene network interaction plays an important role in brain tumors 0 None
2009-09-01 Correlation between overweight, smoking and breast cancer discovered 0 None
2009-09-01 Circulating endothelial cells play a fundamental role in the development of cancer in children 0 None
2009-09-01 Brisk walking avoids obesity 0 None
2009-09-01 Heart health of kidney disease patients not affected by dialysis treatment 0 None
2009-09-01 Research reveals that practicing Tetris increases brain efficiency 0 3.5
2009-09-01 Weight-loss surgery prior to pregnancy results in lower prevalence of obesity in children 0 None
2009-09-01 Alcohol consumption disrupts circadian rhythm in humans 0 None
2009-09-01 New study reveals that moderate aerobic exercise improves insulin sensitivity in obese adolescents 0 None
2009-09-01 Brain research reveals that juggling practice increased gray matter in the motor areas of the brain 0 None
2009-09-01 Warfarin therapy provides substantial protection for elder patients with atrial fibrillation 0 None
2009-09-01 Cigarettes and not Swedish snuff increase the risk of developing multiple sclerosis 0 None
2009-09-01 Nighttime acid reflux symptoms impair sleep quality 0 None
2009-09-01 Rodents may serve as useful models to interpret parent-offspring relationships 0 None
2009-09-01 Race, gender and insurance status influence liver transplant decisions 0 None
2009-09-01 Study establishes link between workplace bullying and increased sleep disturbances 0 None
2009-09-01 Cardiac resynchronization therapy delays the progression of heart failure 0 None
2009-09-01 New clinical predictors required to determine future asthma attacks 0 None
2009-09-01 Sexual impairment common among men undergoing chronic hepatitis C treatment 0 None
2009-09-01 Black hypertension patients experience poor communication with doctors than white patients 1 None
2009-09-01 New study discovers link between work stress and rheumatoid arthritis development 0 None
2009-09-01 Natural food compounds may play a vital role in cancer treatment 0 None
2009-09-01 Research study to identify the appropriate amount of DHA required for promoting optimal heart health 1 None
2009-09-01 Chemotherapy affects sleep-wake activity rhythms of breast cancer patients 0 1
2009-09-01 Low level exposure to carbon dioxide leads to increased risk of hospitalization in older people 0 None
2009-09-01 Mitoxantrone is highly efficient in suppressing multiple sclerosis 0 None
2009-09-01 Patient race more important than blood pressure control status for determining the quality of patient-doctor communication 0 None
2009-09-01 Granulation tissue formed under gauze-based NPWT produces less scarring 0 5
2009-09-01 Study reveals that low carbohydrate diet delayed the need for antihyperglycemic drug therapy in type 2 diabetic patients 0 None


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