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Date Title Comments Rating
2006-10-30 Detecting rare microRNAs with gold nanoparticles 0 None
2006-10-30 Multifunctional composite nanoparticles: magnetic, luminescent, and mesoporous 0 None
2006-10-30 Self-assembling nanoparticle releases drug into cell cytoplasm 0 5
2006-10-26 Twisted molecule, large and folded like a protein - but completely synthetic 0 None
2006-10-24 Researchers identify peptide that spurs cargo transport in nerve cells 0 None
2006-10-24 Scientists explain how transport proteins can move in cells without bumping into or sticking to anything 0 None
2006-10-23 1,500 animal species practice homosexuality 246 4.7
2006-10-23 Evolutionary connection between food supply and brain size 0 None
2006-10-23 Quantum dots help cancer imaging studies 0 None
2006-10-23 Multivalent effects of RGD peptides obtained by nanoparticle display 0 None
2006-10-23 Squalenoyl nanomedicines as potential therapeutics 0 None
2006-10-23 Functionalization of individual ultra-short single-walled carbon nanotubes 0 None
2006-10-20 Scientists discover why some bacteria are naturally magnetic 0 None
2006-10-16 Co-delivery of drugs and DNA from cationic core-shell nanoparticles self-assembled from a biodegradable copolymer 0 None
2006-10-16 A nanoplasmonic molecular ruler for measuring nuclease activity and DNA footprinting 0 None
2006-10-16 Membrane targeted chemotherapy with hybrid liposomes for colon tumor cells leading to apoptosis 0 None
2006-10-09 Phase separation of lipid membranes analyzed with high-resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry 0 None
2006-10-09 Photochemistry creates drug-trapping nanoparticles 0 None
2006-10-09 Novel attachment method provides boost to biosensor development 0 None
2006-10-02 Built-in blocker - drug and antidote in the same molecule 0 None
2006-10-02 Simultaneous synthesis and screening in a microfluidics device 0 None
2006-10-02 Key parameters for encapsulating drugs in nanoparticles 0 None
2006-10-02 Temperature-sensitive nanoparticle boosts drug antitumor activity 0 None
2006-10-02 Smart nanoscale bioreactors for drug delivery 0 None


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