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2007-02-28 Scientists alter electrical properties of cells inducing regeneration 0 None
2007-02-28 New terms for describing gene products involved in microbial-host interactions 0 None
2007-02-27 Dissecting secret formula of nectar 0 None
2007-02-26 NASA undersea mission to test space medicine concepts 0 None
2007-02-26 DNA 'cages' to deliver drugs 0 None
2007-02-26 Quantum dots detect metastatic lesions 0 None
2007-02-26 siRNA delivery into human T cells and primary cells with carbon-nanotube transporters 0 None
2007-02-26 Quantum rods and dots image cancer cells 0 None
2007-02-26 Perfluorocarbon nanoparticles track living cells 0 None
2007-02-21 Entire genetic blueprints of more than 2,000 human and avian influenza viruses completed and made public 0 None
2007-02-20 siRNA delivery into human T cells and primary cells with carbon-nanotube transporters 0 None
2007-02-20 Cell-based bone tissue engineering 0 None
2007-02-20 Nanoparticles advance photodynamic therapy to kill tumor cells 0 None
2007-02-20 Nanoparticles rely on 'velcro effect' to target tumor cells 0 None
2007-02-20 Nano printing technique produces model membranes 0 None
2007-02-20 All types of carbon nanotubes penetrate wide variety of cell membranes 0 None
2007-02-20 Scientists label cells with magnetic nanoparticles 0 None
2007-02-19 Scientists discover vulnerable area on HIV that could lead to development of HIV/AIDS vaccine 0 None
2007-02-18 Researchers replace organ in mice using 'single-parent' stem cells 0 None
2007-02-12 Nanotechnology and the public: Effectively communicating nanoscale science and engineering concepts 0 None
2007-02-11 Scientists discover enzym that activates epigenetically silenced genes 0 None
2007-02-11 Scientists find connection between nerve cells and immune system 0 None
2007-02-08 Scientists discover master switches for adult blood stem cells 0 None
2007-02-07 Natural molecules to create pseudo-cell factories 0 None
2007-02-07 Loss of a universal tRNA feature 0 None
2007-02-07 Horse genome sequence assembled 0 None
2007-02-06 Human proteins evolving slowly thanks to multi-tasking genes 0 None
2007-02-05 Self-assembling nanostructures of DNA 0 None
2007-02-05 Nano-microscopy reveals collective transport of gold atoms in real-time 0 None
2007-02-05 New type of nanoparticle created by spray pyrolysis 0 None
2007-02-05 Heat and pH-sensitive nanoparticles target tumors 0 None
2007-02-05 Bright quantum dots help basic cancer biology studies 0 None
2007-02-05 Cryo-Save announces public storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells 0 None


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