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2008-12-30 Human hair waste may be a viable option as fertilizer for edible crops 0 5
2008-12-29 Scientists reverse brain birth defects using stem cell therapy 0 None
2008-12-29 Magnetic nanotags allow sensitive detection of cancer biomarkers 0 None
2008-12-29 Measuring nanoparticle behavior in the body using MRI 0 None
2008-12-29 Targeted nanoparticles deliver therapeutic DNA to cancer cells 0 None
2008-12-22 Carbon nanotubes show promise in emerging field of neuro-engineering and neuroprosthetics 0 None
2008-12-21 Ancient African exodus mostly involved men 0 None
2008-12-18 Cellular reprogramming, the 'Breakthrough of the Year' according to AAAS 0 None
2008-12-18 First nanomedicine textbook published 0 None
2008-12-18 New insight into the origin of face recognition in humans 0 None
2008-12-18 Scientists coax bright white light from zinc oxide 0 None
2008-12-18 Gold nanowires zap cancer 0 None
2008-12-18 New understanding of RNA and evolution 1 None
2008-12-17 Primary cilium's GPS-like cell structure crucial to wound repair 0 None
2008-12-16 Tiny magnetic crystals in bacteria are a compass 0 None
2008-12-16 Scientists fool bacteria into programming own death 0 None
2008-12-16 Researchers develop natural, nontoxic method for biodegrading carbon nanotubes 0 None
2008-12-16 Genes involved in antibiotic resistance vary within a species 0 None
2008-12-14 Single adult stem cell can self-renew in a mammal 0 None
2008-12-12 Biologist provides new theory on mechanisms that control molecular motors 0 None
2008-12-10 Scans show immune cells intercepting parasites 0 4
2008-12-10 Panel blasts Bush administration's nanotech risk strategy 0 None
2008-12-10 Controlling the building blocks of life 0 None
2008-12-10 Advances in tissue engineering 0 None
2008-12-10 Researchers visualize how cells coordinate their movements 0 None
2008-12-08 Stress relief: Lab mice that exercise control may be more normal 0 None
2008-12-08 Mathematical model shows how organelles function within cells 0 None
2008-12-08 C. elegans worms may hold key to new treatments for obesity in humans 0 None
2008-12-08 Biologists spy close-up view of poliovirus linked to host cell receptor 0 None
2008-12-08 Osmium as a cancer treatment 0 None
2008-12-05 Metabolic reactions: Less is more in single-celled organisms 0 None
2008-12-03 Scientists film immune cell becoming infected by a parasite 0 None
2008-12-03 Tobacco plants grown in novel mist bioreactor system provide new soure of interleukin-12 0 None
2008-12-03 Scientists produce illusion of body-swapping 0 None
2008-12-01 Scientists discover new properties of imidazolium salts 0 None
2008-12-01 Scientists discover possible mechanism for chirality in biological molecules 0 5


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