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Date Title Comments Rating
2009-04-30 Period proteins PER:PER homodimer crucial for circadian clock function in flies 0 None
2009-04-30 Nanoneedle introduces minimal intrusiveness in penetrating cell membranes 0 None
2009-04-30 A new technique for modifying plant genes 0 None
2009-04-30 Small differences in our genes shed light on human history 0 None
2009-04-29 Dendrimers as synthetic gene vectors 0 5
2009-04-29 Mites on hissing coackroach may benefit humans with allergies 0 None
2009-04-29 Research advances understanding of Darwinian evolution 0 None
2009-04-27 Nanotechnology: Its Promise and Challenges - talk by Vicki Colvin 0 None
2009-04-27 Green nanotechnology from tea 0 None
2009-04-27 Nanoscopic 'pearl necklaces' track and attack cancer cells 0 None
2009-04-27 Hybrid metal and organic nanoparticles for targeting, imaging, and treating cancer 0 None
2009-04-23 Nanostrings bring 'artificial noses' closer to reality 0 None
2009-04-22 Using combinatorial libraries to engineer genetic circuits advances synthetic biology 0 None
2009-04-22 DNA of uncultured organisms sequenced using novel single cell genome sequencing approach 0 None
2009-04-22 Louse infestation calibrates immune system regulation 0 None
2009-04-22 Scientists challenge current views on how genes are controlled in mammals 0 None
2009-04-22 The DNA proteome 0 None
2009-04-20 New information on molecular biology of KRas protein 0 None
2009-04-20 Mammalian alpha-fetoprotein affects the development of rat colons 0 None
2009-04-16 DNA biosynthesis discovery could lead to better antibiotics 0 None
2009-04-16 Singapore scientists synthesize gold to shed light on cells' inner workings 0 None
2009-04-16 Secret to night vision in nocturnal animals revealed 0 None
2009-04-15 Scientists use eye tracking to detect mild dementia in humans 0 None
2009-04-15 Separating the good from the bad 0 None
2009-04-15 African sleeping sickness parasite breaks its own DNA to avoid detection 0 3.5
2009-04-15 Conserved gene expression reveals our 'inner fish' 0 None
2009-04-15 Chemists synthesize natural alkaloid that could have anti-cancer properties 0 None
2009-04-15 Novel procedure for sequencing the human genome 0 None
2009-04-13 Scientists uncover mimicry at the molecular level that protects genome integrity 0 None
2009-04-13 Chinese scientists use mouse stem cells to grow new eggs 0 None
2009-04-12 Research defines neurons that control sociability in worms 0 None
2009-04-09 Novel method for comprehensive proteome analysis 0 None
2009-04-09 DNA origami rectangle made with 'bottom-up' construction approach 0 None
2009-04-06 Cooperative behaviors and evolutionary theory 0 None
2009-04-06 Frogs reveal clues about the effects of alcohol during development 0 None
2009-04-06 Scientists show how a neuron gets its shape 0 None
2009-04-06 Scientists first evidence of cell-to-cell communication by amino acids 0 None
2009-04-04 NIH Nanotechnology Task Force and the NIH Nanomedicine Roadmap initiative host NanoWeek 2009 0 None
2009-04-02 Inactivity of proteins behind longer shelf life when freezing 0 None
2009-04-01 Magnetic nanoparticles used to manipulate human cells 0 None


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