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RSSArchived Medical Science News Stories - November 2010

Date Title Comments Rating
2010-11-30 ACT files IND application to initiate Phase I/II study for Dry AMD 0 None
2010-11-30 Researchers reveal ultra-fast processes of DNA photostability 0 None
2010-11-30 New findings offer insights into novel treatment avenue for Crohn's Disease, sarcoidosis 0 None
2010-11-30 Celulas Genetica licenses new organ regeneration treatment from Chinese BBFITCL 0 5
2010-11-30 Scientists identify signaling pathway and receptor for thymosin beta 4 0 None
2010-11-30 Evidence of evolutionary protection against inbreeding in women? 0 None
2010-11-30 miRagen and t2cure enter licensing agreement for microRNA 92 technology 0 None
2010-11-30 Research: Mechanical stress plays a vital role in brain function 0 None
2010-11-30 First-ever selective irreversible inhibition of viral protease using targeted covalent drug 0 None
2010-11-30 Genetic screening for Lynch syndrome as cost-effective as other cancer screening procedures 0 None
2010-11-30 New review from JASN highlights hazards of fructose 0 None
2010-11-30 Neuroplasticity helps children with learning disabilities improve cognitive functioning capacities 0 4.2
2010-11-30 Majority of Americans and Canadians are getting enough vitamin D and calcium, says report 1 None
2010-11-30 CAMH neuroscientists develop novel protein peptide for targeted treatment of depression 0 None
2010-11-30 Molecular switch plays crucial role in addictive behavior and memory processes 0 None
2010-11-30 GeoVax supports Bionor's Phase 2b trial of therapeutic HIV/AIDS vaccine 0 None
2010-11-30 New findings could drive medical advances in genetic disorders that cause infertility 0 None
2010-11-30 New study may lead to non-medicinal methods of eradicating Hamburger disease 0 None
2010-11-30 IOM report updates DRIs levels of Vitamin D, calcium 0 None
2010-11-30 Scientists discover a new method to produce gold nanoparticles 0 None
2010-11-30 Children with autism improve creative skills by playing with building blocks 0 None
2010-11-30 Scientists uncover new regulatory mechanism in body's response to eliminate pathogens 0 None
2010-11-30 Research finds alteration in KBTBD13 protein causes nemaline myopathy 0 None
2010-11-30 Drugs that target DNA in later-stage cancers could be effective in treating breast tumors 0 None
2010-11-30 New tool to trace metabolism of carotenoids in human body 0 None
2010-11-30 Study confirms difference in coronary artery disease pathways among Caucasians, African Americans 0 None
2010-11-30 Study: Mature blood cells communicate with parent stem cells 0 None
2010-11-30 Overexpression of microRNA 125b can cause leukemia: Research 0 None
2010-11-30 Scientists discover M3-protein can help maintain blood sugar levels 0 None
2010-11-29 Transgenomic signs definitive agreement to acquire diagnostic business of Clinical Data 0 None
2010-11-29 Life Technologies launches Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer for molecular biology research 0 None
2010-11-29 Depressed and suicidal individuals linked to low levels of stress hormone cortisol 0 None
2010-11-29 BioTime, CIRM enter agreement for GMP-grade hES cell lines 0 None
2010-11-29 Marcus evans Summit highlights potential growth, innovation in drug discovery 0 None
2010-11-29 Study finds association between DGKK gene and hypospadias 0 None
2010-11-29 Researchers identify effects of endurance running 0 None
2010-11-29 Overexposure to triclosan may negatively influence immune system: Study 0 None
2010-11-29 Walking may slow cognitive decline in adults with MCI, Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-11-29 Superantigens can disrupt immune system, can cause more illnesses 0 None
2010-11-28 New strategy to prevent memory deficits in mouse model with AD 0 None
2010-11-28 Stem cell treatment may help treat low back pain 0 3.7
2010-11-28 ESF report: Reduced male fertility may contribute to low birth rates 0 None
2010-11-26 Serono Symposium to review options available for optimizing Assisted Reproductive Technologies 0 None
2010-11-26 NIH awards $6.7M to establish Membrane Protein Structural Biology Consortium 0 None
2010-11-26 EHNA treatment blocks spontaneous differentiation of stem cells 0 None
2010-11-26 Temporal gating can form basis for selecting alternative options in brain 0 None
2010-11-25 New findings provide insight into brain development 0 None
2010-11-25 Use of aspirin and statins can reduce depression: Study 0 4
2010-11-25 Subconscious change of heart could happen in response to failure in a competitive situation 0 None
2010-11-25 Immunity-enhancing probiotics may be the best line of defense for good health 0 5
2010-11-25 Researchers explain molecular mechanism that induces HER2+ tumours to ignore cell signals 0 None
2010-11-25 Collective efforts in transplantation reduces risk of treatment-related complications in blood cancer 0 None
2010-11-25 Research finds ways to tackle drug resistance in melanoma 0 None
2010-11-25 Dendritic cell vaccine induces immune responses in patients 0 3
2010-11-25 How HIV kills CD4 T cells 0 4.3
2010-11-25 Chronic jet lag alters brain's intricate role in memory processing 0 None
2010-11-25 Mercury from dental fillings exceeds Reference Exposure Level: Report 0 None
2010-11-25 Cannabis compounds trigger immune cells that promote cancer growth 0 5
2010-11-25 Embryonic stem cell research has not made good on taxpayer investment 0 1
2010-11-25 Tension-dependent stabilization helps chromosome separation machinery 0 None
2010-11-25 Brain sees same face as male or female depending on field of view 0 None
2010-11-25 Response to PLX4032 drug short lived in BRAF-mutated metastatic melanoma patients 0 None
2010-11-25 Scientists reveal long-standing mystery about HIV infection 0 3
2010-11-25 Researchers discover cells’ response to sour tastes 0 None
2010-11-24 Chronic high fat cholesterol diet may lead to Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-11-24 Discovery may lead to new generation of drugs to minimize heart attack risk 0 5
2010-11-24 Diabetes drug may counteract against Alzheimer's disease: Research 0 None
2010-11-24 Elsevier to host 9th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium 0 None
2010-11-24 Cord Blood America shares web site post on Thanksgiving Day 0 None
2010-11-24 Plant-derived bioscavenger protects against pesticide and nerve agent organophosphate poisoning 0 None
2010-11-24 Ziconotide could promote suicidal tendencies in vulnerable patients: Research 0 None
2010-11-24 Study finds solution for debate about mutation testing to prevent children with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2010-11-24 Blocking miR-375 microRNA in ERalha-positive breast cancer cells slows down cancer cell growth 0 None
2010-11-24 Bacterial study confirms TLR2 signaling vital for activating human airway epithelial cells 0 None
2010-11-24 NIH expands genetic and clinical research database to provide access to digital study images 0 None
2010-11-24 Software that simulates blood flow receives George Bell Prize for world's fastest supercomputing application 0 None
2010-11-24 DFG announces establishment of eleven new Collaborative Research Centres 0 None
2010-11-24 Centenary Institute launches new BD LSR-9 Flow Cytometer with nine lasers for studies of rare cells 0 None
2010-11-24 Hepcidin hormone may be potential therapeutic tool for anemic blood disorders 0 None
2010-11-24 Amorfix introduces high affinity antibodies against cancer primary cells 0 None
2010-11-24 Researchers find link between acrolein and multiple sclerosis 0 3
2010-11-24 New genomic approach to evaluate suspicious thyroid nodules 0 None
2010-11-23 Disrupting estrogen pathway can halt expansion of breast cancer stem cells: Research 0 None
2010-11-23 Combination of caffeine and glucose can improve cognitive performance: Study 0 None
2010-11-23 Ergothioneine international congress 2011 to be held at UCLA 0 None
2010-11-23 Children cannot accurately judge speed of vehicles travelling faster than 20 mph, reveals study 0 None
2010-11-23 Scientists and humanities scholars discuss perspectives on the self at New York Academy of Sciences 0 None
2010-11-23 Photoacoustic tomography and gold nanobeacons help researchers view blood vessel formation 0 None
2010-11-23 Stem Cell Assurance to focus on four business development initiatives 0 None
2010-11-23 Study finds biological basis of brain's ability for rapid adaptation 0 None
2010-11-23 Researchers highlight importance of motivating people to seek HIV testing 0 None
2010-11-23 New method to generate custom-made platelets from skin cells 0 None
2010-11-23 New findings shed light on people's response to daylight and biological clock 0 None
2010-11-23 Researchers unveil new method to target and destroy cancerous cells 0 None
2010-11-23 GFAP levels predict brain injury, death in critically ill children on ECMO 0 None
2010-11-23 Researchers identify trigger mechanism for quality control checkpoint in cell division process 0 None
2010-11-23 Researchers investigate ways to counteract unhealthy effects of fat 0 None
2010-11-23 Largest genomic study of human medulloblastomas 0 None
2010-11-23 Mother’s high-fat diet alters fetal genes that regulate circadian rhythm: Study 0 None
2010-11-23 Researcher develops new method that causes cancer cells to self-destruct 0 None
2010-11-23 Breakthrough with mutant gene that causes familial ALS 0 4
2010-11-23 New computer method measures mechanical stress in fat cells 0 None
2010-11-23 Compugen announces development of Protein Family Members Discovery Platform 0 None
2010-11-23 Rate, direction of axon growth in spinal cord can be controlled, study shows 0 None
2010-11-23 Different digestive tract bacteria helps infants digest milk more effectively than adults 0 None
2010-11-22 Transparent develops new medium for Cell-able array kit to maintain metabolite activity 0 None
2010-11-22 State roundup: Calif. stem cell research; Mass. prisons change HIV medicine procedure; Native Americans' high suicide rates 0 None
2010-11-22 FDA grants ACT clearance for Phase I/II clinical trial of hESC derived retinal cells in patients with SMD 0 None
2010-11-22 Variation at gene locus associated with greater reproductive success 0 None
2010-11-22 Researchers develop three-dimensional cancer cell from normal human tissue in culture dish 0 None
2010-11-22 Racial and socioeconomic disparities exist in kidney transplantation 0 None
2010-11-22 Study finds common gene variant in African Americans increases risk of kidney disease 0 None
2010-11-22 Research indicates possible danger of cancerous tissue development by using stem cells 0 None
2010-11-22 SHARP study shows cholesterol-lowering effective for patients with kidney disease 0 None
2010-11-22 Researchers discover common genetic variants influence early puberty, body fat 0 None
2010-11-22 Researchers reconstitute first step of break repair in cancerous cells 0 None
2010-11-21 Inexpensive intervention helps patients with hypertension-associated kidney disease 0 None
2010-11-21 Presence of albumin in urine predicts cognitive decline: Study 0 None
2010-11-20 German researchers use binocular rivalry to interpret mechanism of brain functions 0 None
2010-11-20 CSU invents artificial body parts that look, feel, behave, and bleed like real skin, muscles and vessels 0 None
2010-11-20 K.U.Leuven researchers receive ERC Advanced Grants 0 None
2010-11-20 Genetic differences impact winter vitamin D status 0 None
2010-11-20 Scientists discover Notch pathway may play a role in alcohol's protective effects 0 None
2010-11-20 Study sheds light on poorly understood aspect of interaction of HIV with natural killer cells 0 None
2010-11-20 Study refocuses on rare group of neutralizing antibodies against HIV 0 None
2010-11-20 New I-SPY 2 study to evaluate effectiveness of medical treatment for breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-20 Scientists identify gene variants associated with eating disorder 0 None
2010-11-20 Abnormal levels of circulating auto-antibodies found in blood of COPD patients 0 None
2010-11-20 Scientist suggests functional amino acids play a critical role in human health 0 None
2010-11-20 High CRP and low protein albumin levels associated with increased risk of death after PEG-operations 0 None
2010-11-20 UH physicists study workings of PGK enzyme that may cause Alzheimer's, cancer 0 None
2010-11-20 Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy reduces pain and improves function in knee osteoarthritis patients 0 2.5
2010-11-20 Discovery could provide new approaches to treat metabolic disorders 0 None
2010-11-20 Researchers develop medical model for regenerating bladders using stem cells 1 None
2010-11-20 Reprogrammed amniotic fluid cells can generate iPS cells 0 None
2010-11-20 FDA-approved anti-parasite drug blocks Wnt signaling pathway in colon cancer 0 None
2010-11-19 FibroGen to present FG-4592 phase 2a study of patients with stage 3-4 Chronic Kidney Disease and anemia 0 None
2010-11-19 Cold Spring releases new series of laboratory manuals 0 None
2010-11-19 Glenn Foundation awards $60,000 grant to Scripps' scientist for biomedical research 0 None
2010-11-19 Stromedix obtains license from UCSF for integrin αvβ5 antibody 0 None
2010-11-19 Fifth gene defect, 47 DNA regions linked to thoracic aortic disease: Researchers 0 None
2010-11-19 ZIOPHARM announces data on darinaparsin efficacy for solid tumors at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-19 Research suggests new therapeutic approach to prevent transplant rejection 0 None
2010-11-19 Researchers document novel form of splicing in nerve cell cytoplasm 0 None
2010-11-19 New direct labeling system for oocytes, embryos 0 None
2010-11-19 CNS-ASU book explores relationship between nanotechnology and equity 0 None
2010-11-19 Study suggests pomegranate juice can ward-off complications in kidney disease patients 0 5
2010-11-19 Toxic darts may yiled new strategies to control disease-causing pathogens 0 None
2010-11-19 Mouse study finds blocking GnT-V enzyme delays breast cancer growth 0 None
2010-11-19 Genetic alterations may lead to thoracic aortic disease 0 4
2010-11-19 Improving immune system to defend against HIV infection 0 None
2010-11-19 Transplantation of gene-modified hematopoietic stem cells eliminates cancer: Research 0 None
2010-11-19 Multinational team identifies novel retinal disease gene 0 5
2010-11-19 Glutaminase inhibitor: New potential target for brain tumors 0 None
2010-11-19 Scientists solve receptor structure that responds to neurotransmitter dopamine 0 None
2010-11-19 Scientists discover bone matrix plays a vital role in tissue hardening 0 None
2010-11-19 Alnylam presents data on RNAi technologies at MIT Center Summit 0 None
2010-11-19 New findings show promising treatment for MS 0 3
2010-11-18 Negative stereotype about women leads to gender differences in financial decision making 0 None
2010-11-18 Neural differences may help explain prevalence of mental disorders in boys 0 None
2010-11-18 Nanoparticles in everyday products can affect lungs: Study 0 None
2010-11-18 Spleen cells may do more harm than good at site of spinal cord injury 0 None
2010-11-18 Pericyte cells become key players in shaping blood flow in the brain 0 None
2010-11-18 Study finds sfrp2 protein may play a role in accelerating heart muscle repair 0 None
2010-11-18 Study finds association between personality, cognitive ability and neuroendocrinal dysfunction in exhaustion syndrome 0 1
2010-11-18 Researchers use brain images to identify neural signature of achieving 'positive emotional attractor' 0 None
2010-11-18 Gene transfer reduces and stabilizes plaque and decreases inflammation 0 None
2010-11-18 New findings identify Sortilin as a potential therapeutic site to alter PGRN pathology in dementia 0 None
2010-11-18 Dim light at night linked to depression 0 None
2010-11-18 Anti-cancer drug smuggled using a nanocarrier past protective blood-brain barrier into brain tumours 0 None
2010-11-18 Alnylam comments on Roche's corporate restructuring for RNAi therapeutics 0 None
2010-11-18 Naurex's antidepressant shares efficacy mechanisms with NMDA receptor antagonist ketamine 0 5
2010-11-18 Study reveals introspection anchored in specific part of brain 0 None
2010-11-18 State-of-the-art imaging system helps locate and count myriad connections between brain nerve cells 0 None
2010-11-18 Beams of light advance prosthetic limbs 0 None
2010-11-18 Cardiac stem cells from sick patients could generate new heart muscle: Research 0 None
2010-11-18 New findings reveal complexities in close chemical combat waged among bacteria 0 None
2010-11-18 Researchers find clue behind dementia development 0 None
2010-11-18 New technique to identify cancer biomarkers 0 None
2010-11-18 MK-4827 drug candidate shows promising anti-tumour activity in first human trial 0 None
2010-11-18 Cigarette smoke, automobile exhaust and french fries increase risk of developing Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-11-18 Scientists solve structure of key protein from Lassa virus 0 None
2010-11-18 Scientists develop new method for detecting functional sites on proteins 0 None
2010-11-18 Researchers discover NG2+ cells may impact ALS disease progression 0 None
2010-11-18 Researchers reveal mechanism of early-stage anthrax infection 0 1.5
2010-11-18 Researchers unveil novel oncogene associated with uveal melanoma 0 None
2010-11-18 5-lipoxygenase protein modulates amyloid beta formation linked to Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-11-18 miR765 RNA may play a role in development of heart failure: Research 0 None
2010-11-18 European study on fat stem cells could help treat heart attack 0 None
2010-11-18 Statins activate bacterial-killing properties of white blood cells 0 None
2010-11-18 New theoretical model could develop novel clinical decision making in cancer research 0 None
2010-11-18 Idera presents data on TLR7, TLR9 antagonist candidate for hyperlipidemia at American Heart Association 0 None
2010-11-18 Researchers are revolutionizing treatment of cardiovascular disease through regenerative stem cell therapy 0 None
2010-11-18 VX-770 drug candidate improves lung function in people with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2010-11-18 Viruses lead to discovery of security system in host cells 0 None
2010-11-17 New findings suggest novel approach to targeted treatment of cancer 0 None
2010-11-17 New pharmacogenetic test enables a personalized medicine approach 0 None
2010-11-17 New investigational drug improves lung function in CF patients 0 None
2010-11-17 Study on intention-behaviour gap in relation to healthy eating 0 None
2010-11-17 Both appearance and genes needed to identify species 0 None
2010-11-17 Scientists investigate new class of drugs for treating kidney failure 0 None
2010-11-17 Cholesterol-lowering statin therapy benefits patients with calcium buildup in arteries 0 None
2010-11-17 Studies explore lifestyle's influence on wellness and brain health 0 None
2010-11-17 Researchers discover new cardioprotective protein during heart attack 0 None
2010-11-17 New EDC neural probe enables recording, stimulation of single neuron in brain 0 None
2010-11-17 Artificial retinas, thought-controlled devices and brain stimulation therapy show promise 0 None
2010-11-17 New technique to purify propolis 0 None
2010-11-17 New findings could help bypass unnecessary use of oxytocin in normal deliveries 0 None
2010-11-17 Study finds gender differences linked to gaming and health risks associated with problematic gaming 0 None
2010-11-17 Teen brain responds differently to drugs than adult 0 None
2010-11-17 Study finds phenotypic plasticity among melanoma cells 0 None
2010-11-17 Video game-based technologies allow new insight into memory, perception and motor control 0 None
2010-11-17 Fat-derived stem cells can boost heart function following acute attack 0 None
2010-11-17 New findings suggest brain sensory regions overlap to help people interpret environment 0 None
2010-11-17 University of Oslo opens new Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway 0 None
2010-11-17 Targeted therapies could treat a broad range of cancers: Research 0 None
2010-11-17 New cellular pathway could help develop therapeutic treatments for obesity-related disorders 0 None
2010-11-17 Adult children of mothers with Alzheimer's at increased risk 0 None
2010-11-17 Scientists uncover minute mechanism of nuclear pore complexes at molecular level 0 None
2010-11-17 New insights into communication problems like stuttering 0 None
2010-11-17 Garvan Institute professor receives 2010 Prime Minister's Prize for Science 0 None
2010-11-17 Wave patterns formed from complex biochemical reactions can help identify diseased organs 0 None
2010-11-17 Perivascular adipose tissue may lead to cardiovascular disease: Research 0 None
2010-11-17 Scientists determine ways to stop damage, promote neuronal growth in spinal cord injury 0 None
2010-11-17 Research on CBS protein may lead to new drug design for homocystinuria disorder 0 None
2010-11-17 Mirna to present data on miRNA Replacement Therapies for cancer at CPRIT Conference 0 None
2010-11-17 U-M researcher awarded $600,000 grant for study of progesterone in treatment of children with TBI 0 None
2010-11-17 Researchers suggest that genetic screening may predict heart attack risk 0 None
2010-11-17 USPTO issues patent to Neogenix’s 16C3 monoclonal antibody for colorectal, pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-11-17 New animal research identifies factors that may play key roles in depression 0 None
2010-11-17 Predictive Biosciences, Epigenomics extend GSTP1 licensing agreement for prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-17 New layer of kidney cells can purify blood 0 5
2010-11-17 Study reveals true effects of malaria on African generations 0 None
2010-11-17 Specific brain changes suggest new therapeutic targets for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-11-17 PrecisionMed enrolls first subject in Multiple Sclerosis Registry 0 None
2010-11-17 New OncoMap technique can detect point mutation in ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-11-17 MRL announces acquisition of world's largest cryo-preserved human cancer tissue bank 0 None
2010-11-17 Study: EGFR inhibtion may help treat triple negative breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-17 Swissmedic approves use of plasma components treated with Cerus' INTERCEPT Blood System 0 None
2010-11-17 ALLOZYNE's AZ17 antagonist shows positive data for treatment of autoimmune diseases 0 None
2010-11-16 Stem cells for stroke: Clinical trial commences 0 5
2010-11-16 Two-dimensional crystals from DNA origami tiles 0 None
2010-11-16 Study finds IgE antibody levels double with increasing age 0 5
2010-11-16 Study finds infants' sleep associated with cognitive functions 0 None
2010-11-16 New findings help identify impact of prenatal environment on early parental care on brain 0 None
2010-11-16 PubDNA Finder search engine links biomedical articles to nucleic acid sequences 0 None
2010-11-16 Study shows asthma drugs can treat aortic aneurysm 0 5
2010-11-16 Size of hippocampus may be linked to early dementia 0 None
2010-11-16 UC San Diego researchers receive NIH grant to develop scaffolds 0 None
2010-11-16 Epizyme announces publication of EZH2 enzyme for lymphoma in PNAS 0 None
2010-11-16 Researchers identify pattern of brain activity that may develop ASD 0 None
2010-11-16 Researchers discover circadian rhythms regulate fat metabolism 0 None
2010-11-16 Dutch government awards Innovation Credit of EUR 1.3 million to InteRNA 0 None
2010-11-16 Elsevier announces winners of 2010 Semantic Web Challenge 0 None
2010-11-16 New stem cell-infused patch improves heart function after myocardial infarction 0 None
2010-11-16 Researchers develop human cell-based model of Rett syndrome 0 4
2010-11-16 Iron in plaque may predict risk of myocardial infarction 0 None
2010-11-16 OtoSCOPE method offers single-run genetic testing for hearing loss 0 None
2010-11-16 New assay kits can screen epigenetic factors for drug discovery 0 None
2010-11-16 New inhalable dry powder treatment for lung cancer shows significant increase in survival rates: Research 0 None
2010-11-16 Research suggests targeting spleen may promote healing of spinal cord injury 0 None
2010-11-16 PolyMedix presents data on PMX-60056 Phase 1B/2 studies for blood clotting at American Heart Association 0 5
2010-11-16 Scientists discover new genetic variants linked to bowel cancer 0 None
2010-11-16 Food, drugs of abuse engage same brain systems, show studies 0 None
2010-11-16 RBC boosting drugs may undermine breast cancer treatment with Herceptin 0 None
2010-11-16 Teenage binge drinking could cause mental health problems in adulthood: Study 0 None
2010-11-16 cTnT blood biomarker may predict risk of cardiovascular problems: Study 0 None
2010-11-15 RNA-based drugs may prevent premature birth: Research 0 None
2010-11-15 Researchers find additional work of oxytocin hormone 0 None
2010-11-15 High-dose prescription omega-3 does not reduce recurrence of atrial fibrillation 0 None
2010-11-15 PGxHealth presents results from studies using FAMILION genetic testing at 2010 AHA 0 None
2010-11-15 StemCells seeks Swiss authorization to conduct human neural stem cells clinical trial in chronic spinal cord injury 0 5
2010-11-15 NanoViricides' optimized FluCide drug candidates reduce viral load in H1N1 influenza virus study 0 None
2010-11-15 Lophius receives U.S. patent for UREA technology platform 0 None
2010-11-15 Gadonanotubes effective for tracking stem cells: Study 0 None
2010-11-15 Research on P450 compound I may help eliminate toxins 0 None
2010-11-15 Science and precedent do not support biosimilar approach for plasma protein therapies 0 None
2010-11-15 Talecris announces publication of A1PI studies for AAT deficiency in Respiratory Research journal 0 None
2010-11-15 Aging changes how people view themselves and others through 'mind wandering' 0 None
2010-11-15 Study finds extensive natural recovery after spinal cord injury 0 None
2010-11-15 NIMH intramural researcher to receive National Medal of Science 0 5
2010-11-15 Tufts University professor receives NIH Director's New Innovator Award 0 None
2010-11-15 Spontaneous mutations can cause mental retardation 0 5
2010-11-15 Selexis announces strategic agreement with Zyngenia 0 None
2010-11-15 Combination of Chinese herbal formula and conventional treatments may help treat food allergies 0 None
2010-11-15 Domainex, Sigma-Aldrich enter collaboration to study epigenetic proteins 0 None
2010-11-15 CEVEC establishes North American subsidiary in Maryland, USA 0 None
2010-11-15 Vit D deficiency does not raise stroke risk in African-Americans 0 None
2010-11-15 Researchers find structural deficits in gray matter may be associated with daytime sleepiness 0 None
2010-11-15 Scientists find sleep helps consolidate memories 0 None
2010-11-15 Research may lead to new treatment options for spinal cord injuries 0 None
2010-11-15 Scientists uncover DNA sequence variations associated with cardiac electrical activity 0 None
2010-11-15 Researchers find link between genetic defect and sticky mucus in cystic fibrosis 0 None
2010-11-15 Researchers improvise fruit fly as a model system to study brain development, disorders 0 None
2010-11-15 Journal of Alzheimer's Disease highlights latest scientific studies of AD 0 None
2010-11-15 Acute sleep deprivation increases inflammation: Research 0 None
2010-11-15 New mathematical model may help predict anemia risk 0 None
2010-11-14 TCA Cellular Therapy receives QTDP grant for adult stem cell therapies 0 4
2010-11-14 Exiqon publishes clinical study data on colon cancer 0 None
2010-11-14 Astrimmune, London Genetics enter collaboration to plan biomarker identification program 0 None
2010-11-12 IBEC researchers discover new group of interacting partners for myelin-associated receptors 0 None
2010-11-12 Consent registry facilitates organ and tissue donation 0 None
2010-11-12 New MoDEL database to study biology of proteins 0 None
2010-11-12 New findings shed light on biology of neuropsychiatric diseases 0 None
2010-11-12 Equation to calculate energetic cost of walking 0 None
2010-11-12 Scientists to present new findings from NIAID-funded research at ACAAI Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-11-12 Researchers study Rett neurons in a Petri dish 0 None
2010-11-12 Scientists unveil mechanism of liver regeneration 0 None
2010-11-12 Scientists create functional neurons to study ASD development 0 None
2010-11-12 SLIT immunotherapy effective for long-term remission of bothersome allergy symptoms 0 None
2010-11-12 Neuroscience of magic 0 None
2010-11-12 Neural pathways in amygdala regulates fear response 0 None
2010-11-12 GPR124 protein controls growth of blood vessels into brains 0 None
2010-11-12 Research on fruit flies reveal novel human pain gene 0 None
2010-11-12 Study on flavors of laughter 0 None
2010-11-12 Research unveils epigenetic function of MECP2 gene tht cause neuropsychiatric disorders 0 None
2010-11-12 Discovery on immune system paves way to new vaccine against pneumococcal disease 0 None
2010-11-12 PenCLAHRC provides funding to support C. difficile research 0 None
2010-11-12 GPI launches new advocacy coalition to advance embryonic stem cell research in U.S. 0 None
2010-11-12 Study finds arsenic improves survival rate in APL patients 0 None
2010-11-12 Stanford University scientist receives HFSP Nakasone Award for neuronal network study 0 None
2010-11-11 StemCyte receives two cash grants under QTDP program for biomedical research 0 None
2010-11-11 Think treatments for cancer, diabetes don't grow on trees? Think again 0 None
2010-11-11 70% of Quebecers gamble 0 None
2010-11-11 Students perceive beer cans packaged and displayed in university colors as less dangerous 0 None
2010-11-11 Terahertz waves can manipulate network of molecules 0 None
2010-11-11 Performance in a coalition depends on genes 0 None
2010-11-11 BioWorld Today features ImmunGene's pipeline of next generation armed antibodies for cancer 0 None
2010-11-11 World's largest data base on protein motions 0 None
2010-11-11 Neural learning appears to be independent of conscious visual processing 0 None
2010-11-11 Neuron subtypes control level of fear output from amygdala 0 None
2010-11-11 Novel mechanism regulating circadian rhythm identified 0 5
2010-11-11 Neurons recycle protein components for neurotransmitter release 0 None
2010-11-11 German Genetic Diagnostics Act in need of amendment 0 None
2010-11-11 Researcher finds new way to analyze biopsies from heart transplant patients 0 None
2010-11-11 New findings suggest serotonin may have anti-diabetic property 0 None
2010-11-11 Researchers suspect amyloid beta causes neural damage in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-11-11 New approach to sneak nerve-protective drug erythropoietin into blood-brain barrier 0 None
2010-11-11 Recommendations for safe and effective testing of artificial pancreas systems in real-life settings 0 None
2010-11-11 Discovery of anti-parasitic drug mechanism could lead to new treatments for filarial diseases 0 None
2010-11-11 Pleasurable activity also reduces stress by inhibiting anxiety responses 0 None
2010-11-11 Neuronal circuits involved in acquisition and control of behavioural fear responses identified 0 None
2010-11-11 MqsA and MqsR protein complex can disrupt drug-resistant biofilm formation 0 None
2010-11-11 Marker for aggressive form of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis discovered 0 None
2010-11-11 Cyclacel announces publication of sapacitabine in British Journal of Cancer 0 None
2010-11-11 Researchers identify molecular cascade that drives sprouting in brain after stroke 0 4
2010-11-11 New study sheds light on Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome 0 None
2010-11-11 Scientists identify new way to drive dendritic cells from blood monocytes 0 3
2010-11-11 Genetic constitution can influence changes in tumor growth: Study 0 None
2010-11-11 Media has misrepresented facts about Omega-3 DHA Alzheimer's study, says Ocean Nutrition Canada 0 None
2010-11-11 Exhausted neurons die prematurely and trigger disease symptoms 0 None
2010-11-11 Childhood asthma risk linked with prenatal paracetamol exposure depends on antioxidant genes in mother 0 None
2010-11-11 Kylin receives $250,000 IRS award to advance pRNAi nanoparticle cancer treatment research 0 None
2010-11-11 New discovery can develop diagnostic test to identify gene mutation in AML 0 None
2010-11-11 Nplate reduces treatment failure and splenectomies in adults with chronic immune thrombocytopenia 0 None
2010-11-11 Depression associated with molecular-level disturbance in body's 24-hour clock 0 None
2010-11-11 Study on zebrafish showcases neural basis of essential survival skill 0 None
2010-11-11 SRU Biosystems announces launch of annual Label-free Technology Award 0 None
2010-11-11 Nutech Mediworld founder presents clinical study results of hESC therapy in patients with spinal cord injury 1 None
2010-11-10 Chocolates inhibit enzyme known to raise blood pressure 0 None
2010-11-10 PolyMedix announces publication of defensin-mimetic compounds in Molecular Oral Microbiology 0 None
2010-11-10 New stem cell gene, enzyme replacement treatment for Tay-Sachs disease 0 2.8
2010-11-10 Epimutation in BRCA1 gene may cause early-onset of breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-10 Gentium to present three abstracts on Defibrotide at American Society of Hematology 0 None
2010-11-10 Researchers identify molecular cascade that drives process of reconnection in adult brain after stroke 0 None
2010-11-10 Study finds different DNA alterations in tumor genomes of smokers and never-smokers 0 None
2010-11-10 Receptive music therapy associated with reduced depressive symptoms 0 5
2010-11-10 EuroNanoMed funds 8 projects with €8 Million for transnational research projects in nanomedicine 0 None
2010-11-10 Researchers study drug's ability to restore retinal health in eyes of diabetic patients 0 None
2010-11-10 Medicinal mushroom formula fights breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-10 Researcher awarded Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation Fellowship 0 None
2010-11-10 18 partner consortium to develop lab-on-a-chip to detect brain diseases 0 None
2010-11-10 Cognitive differences exist between modern humans, Neanderthals: Researchers 0 None
2010-11-10 Study sheds light on difficulty of controlling blood pressure in patients with high aldosterone levels 0 5
2010-11-10 UC Davis researchers identify new pathway to repair oxidative-damaged DNA 0 None
2010-11-10 MicroRNAs linked to failure of duct development in mammary glands 0 None
2010-11-10 Contraceptive, antiviral gel using bee venom wins 2010 Gates Foundation grant 0 None
2010-11-10 NCI awards $4 million for UNM's cancer nanotechnology partnership with Sandia Labs 0 None
2010-11-10 Neogenix awarded $488,958.50 grant under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-10 Parents' talk about numbers improves young children's math skills 0 None
2010-11-10 Silence Therapeutics' Atu027 RNAi drug prevents pulmonary metastasis formation 0 None
2010-11-10 CRi adds TRIO to Nuance multispectral imaging product family 0 None
2010-11-09 Human blood from adult human skin 0 None
2010-11-09 Study finds cancer cells subject to several major chromosomal changes at the same time 0 None
2010-11-09 New study highlights benefits of 100% juice 0 None
2010-11-09 Study finds high heritability of common foot disorders 0 None
2010-11-09 Researchers use near-infrared spectroscopy to study facial expressions in infants 0 None
2010-11-09 Innovative method for in-cell gene manipulation 0 None
2010-11-09 Johns Hopkins scientists identify protein mechanism that regulates cell division 0 None
2010-11-09 DHA protects brain tissue and promotes recovery in acute ischemic stroke 0 4
2010-11-09 Blood 'metabolomics' study uncovers liver, heart, and kidney toxicity in healthy smokers 0 None
2010-11-09 S.A.N.E. Vax calls for federal approval of reliable HPV genotyping test in cervical cancer prevention programs 0 5
2010-11-09 Research reveals body’s defence mechanism against snail fever 0 None
2010-11-09 Gefitinib exhibits potential as chemoprevention agent for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-11-09 Researchers examine impact of gene mutation on Salmonella bacterium growth rate 0 3
2010-11-09 Study explains link between morbid obesity and metabolic syndrome 0 None
2010-11-09 Fearless behavior in children related to neurological and genetic predisposition 0 None
2010-11-09 New approach to treat castration resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-09 Genetic region linked to survival in patients with advanced bowel cancer 0 None
2010-11-09 EVP-6124 receptor acts as co-agonist with ACh to enhance cognition 0 None
2010-11-09 Study discovers role of Vav1 oncogene in several cancers 0 None
2010-11-09 Scientists develop nanobioconjugate drug to target brain tumor 0 None
2010-11-09 Study confirms defect in sweat gland function as disease biomarker for XLHED 0 None
2010-11-09 Fabrus, Ambrx commence joint research program for antibody drug conjugates 0 None
2010-11-09 Family history of HG increases risk of extreme morning sickness during pregnancy 0 None
2010-11-09 Research on immune system may help in healing chronic inflammatory diseases 0 None
2010-11-09 Study finds canola-type rapeseed oil decreases fibrinogen level 0 1.5
2010-11-09 Research reveals EBV virus infected cell manipulates cancer-producing cells 0 5
2010-11-08 New COLD-PCR technology to detect EGFR gene mutation 0 None
2010-11-08 Excess levels of TNF immune signaling protein key factor in AD 0 None
2010-11-08 Study finds anti-gout medication may reduce risk of colorectal cancer 0 None
2010-11-08 Soy-based drug could prevent prostate cancer metastasis 0 None
2010-11-08 FDA authorizes Athersys' MultiStem Phase II clinical trial for ulcerative colitis 0 None
2010-11-08 Chronic fatigue syndrome associated with maladaptive personality features and personality disorders 1 1
2010-11-08 Apples lower risk for developing heart disease 0 None
2010-11-08 Study suggests bacterial products contribute to autoimmune diseases 0 None
2010-11-08 Angioblast Systems receives $1.2 million in grants under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-08 Anti-TNF therapies may reduce Alzheimer's risk among people with rheumatoid arthritis 0 4.5
2010-11-08 Blocking beta glucuronidase enzyme could eliminate side effects of CPT-11 in colon cancer treatment 0 None
2010-11-08 Research on immune system may help develop improved vaccines for cancer 0 None
2010-11-08 Research findings on RGL2 protein can lead to new therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-11-08 Brain training improves real-world activities of older adults 0 None
2010-11-08 UC researchers receive four-year grant to study mechanism of malarial parasite replication in RBCs 0 None
2010-11-08 New findings could help scientists devise optimal therapies for Friedreich's ataxia 0 None
2010-11-08 TRPM7 protein plays a key role in maintenance of magnesium homeostasis 0 None
2010-11-08 Scientists identify genes that enable some immune systems to halt HIV; finding could spur drug, vaccine development 0 None
2010-11-08 Researchers identify key step in metabolic pathways linked to diabetes and cancer 0 None
2010-11-08 Chronic lower back pain may be linked to axial spondyloarthritis: Research 0 5
2010-11-08 Prolonged separation from mother increases risk of breast cancer in young mice 0 5
2010-11-08 Gout and hyperuricemia continue to rise in the U.S. 0 None
2010-11-08 Agios receives two grants under QTDP program to develop novel cancer metabolism therapies 0 None
2010-11-08 Researchers take first step towards understanding of rare skin cancer 0 None
2010-11-08 Eleven Biotherapeutics receives QTDP grants for lead protein-based discovery programs 0 None
2010-11-08 Genentech announces Phase II RG7204 clinical study results for metastatic melanoma tumors 0 None
2010-11-08 InNexus receives $116,760 cash grant under QTDP program to develop DXL anti-cancer antibodies 0 None
2010-11-08 Deletion of 17q12 chromosomal region increases risk factor for ASD, schizophrenia 0 None
2010-11-08 Researchers identify gene linked to melanoma metastasis 0 None
2010-11-08 Illinois life sciences receives $14.5 million in grants under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-08 New benchtop robotic workstation simplifies next-generation sequencing workflows 0 None
2010-11-08 Research uncovers mechanism that may help develop new strategies for osteoporosis treatment 0 None
2010-11-08 Resveratrol in grapes may help fight severe malaria: Study 0 None
2010-11-08 Study finds vitamin D supplement does not reduce knee osteoarthritis progression 0 None
2010-11-07 Scientists discover new way to create human blood from adult skin 0 None
2010-11-04 Undamaged portions of brain 'take over' and support recovery of function: Study 0 None
2010-11-04 NWBT receives $490,000 in two grants under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-04 Testosterone treatment for frailty in older men lacks long term benefits 0 None
2010-11-04 Agilent announces solution for exon analysis based on SurePrint G3 Exon Microarrays 0 None
2010-11-04 'Phantom' images brain keeps for visual comparisons stored in brain's neural network 0 None
2010-11-04 Pfizer's two new compounds may be effective in treating alcohol, nicotine dependence 0 None
2010-11-04 New findings on mitochondrial haplogroups associated with successful aging to be presented at ASHG Meeting 0 5
2010-11-04 Early interference in entorhinal cortex may halt progression of Alzheimer's disease 0 1.5
2010-11-04 Scientists identify events that causes AD progression 0 None
2010-11-04 New radiotracer application may advance understanding of estrogen-related diseases 0 None
2010-11-04 Gene fusion prostate cancers susceptible to secondary mutations 0 None
2010-11-04 New noninvasive technique to detect methemoglobin level 0 None
2010-11-04 New findings show combinational therapy effective for patients with DLBCL lymphoma 0 None
2010-11-04 Low vitamin D levels linked to cancer progression and death in CLL patients 0 None
2010-11-04 Study identifies promising therapy to overcome limitation in brain's ability to recover function after stroke 0 None
2010-11-04 HRSA awards grants to develop new approaches for organ donation 0 None
2010-11-04 Scientists develop built-in timer for paper-based diagnostic tests 0 None
2010-11-04 Affymetrix to contribute genotyping data to 1000 Genomes Project 0 None
2010-11-04 New antibody with SGN-35 drug produces remission in Hodgkin lymphoma 0 3.5
2010-11-04 Study links positive well-being to higher telomerase activity 0 None
2010-11-04 Aduro receives $442,000 grant under QTDP program to support Listeria-based immunotherapy platform 0 None
2010-11-04 Single injection of morphine to fight persistent pain reduces testosterone level: Research 0 None
2010-11-04 Scientists discover gene variant that rewires brain's circuitry in neurological disorders 0 None
2010-11-04 Regulus receives $488,989 grant under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-04 New simple blood test may help diagnose Niemann-Pick type C disease 0 None
2010-11-03 Eye implant restores some vision in retinitis pigmentosa 0 5
2010-11-03 Ingenuity Systems and Geospiza partner to enable seamless next-generation sequencing analysis workflow 0 None
2010-11-03 Illumina launches TruSeq sample preparation, Exome Enrichment kits for sequencing studies 0 None
2010-11-03 APS summit focuses on Antiphospholipid Syndrome research 1 None
2010-11-03 Effort exerted on cognitive task influenced by masked action or inaction cues 0 None
2010-11-03 Allen Institute releases new data and tools for exploring genes at work in human brain 0 None
2010-11-03 New Ovation systems improve nucleic acid extraction from FFPE tissue samples 0 None
2010-11-03 New mathematical modeling shows cellular basis of neural transmission 0 None
2010-11-03 Arthritis Foundation urges FDA to expeditiously create regulatory pathway for biosimilars 0 None
2010-11-03 Amgen outlines key recommendations for implementing approval pathway for biosimilars 0 None
2010-11-03 Study reveals a potential target for treating brain trauma 0 None
2010-11-03 New technique could help scientists to predict how living prostate tissues respond to therapy 0 None
2010-11-03 Visual attention diminishes with age 0 None
2010-11-03 New global map shows distribution of sickle cell gene 0 1
2010-11-03 CR4354 antibody uses crosslinking mechanism to neutralize West Nile virus 0 None
2010-11-03 Study suggests heredity may play a role in determining infant's susceptibility to AOP 0 None
2010-11-03 OncoMed receives $1.2 million to support therapeutic programs under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-03 UIC awarded $12M to study acquired and familial causes of heart failure 0 None
2010-11-03 New mouse model confirms mutation of beta-synuclein protein promotes neurodegeneration 0 None
2010-11-03 Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery effective for morbid obesity 0 None
2010-11-03 Researchers discover FoxO1 protein interacts with macrophages to promote inflammatory response 0 None
2010-11-03 Quanterix granted $733,437 under QTDP program for Single Molecule Array platform 0 None
2010-11-03 ImmunoGen to present clinical data of lead compounds at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-03 Tests show Haitian cholera strains match ones from South Asia, CDC says 0 None
2010-11-03 Study demonstrates widespread internal exposure of humans to cosmetic UV filters 0 None
2010-11-03 Illumina, Expression Analysis support Cancer GWAS and Data Analysis Grant program 0 None
2010-11-03 Study finds DHA supplementation does not reduce risk of AD 0 None
2010-11-03 Mouse study indicates black raspberries can prevent colorectal cancer 0 None
2010-11-03 Study shows Lactobacillus reuteri bacteria promotes health 0 None
2010-11-03 Researchers reveal molecular structure of blood-clotting enzyme 0 None
2010-11-02 Jelly fish glow may help detect early stage cancer 0 None
2010-11-02 Type of contrast agent influences changes in stem cell proliferation 0 None
2010-11-02 IRS awards RXi Pharmaceuticals four Therapeutic Discovery Project grants 0 None
2010-11-02 NanoString’s nCounter CNV CodeSets help detect genetic copy number variations 0 None
2010-11-02 RegeneRx announces positive results from RGN-259 non-clinical study for Dry Eye Syndrome 0 None
2010-11-02 TriRima shows positive result in food-induced cardiovascular effects associated with MAO inhibitors 0 None
2010-11-02 Soligenix completes enrollment in RiVax Phase 1B ricin toxin clinical trial 0 None
2010-11-02 QuantaLife announces launch of Droplet Digital PCR system at 60th ASHG meeting 0 None
2010-11-02 Scientists investigate link between nature and reduction in stress levels 0 None
2010-11-02 Full-term babies are born with key collection of networks already formed in their brains: Study 0 None
2010-11-02 Isogenica enters collaborative agreement with University of Cambridge Professor 0 None
2010-11-02 Lactic acid levels in brain linked to aging process 0 None
2010-11-02 Molecular imaging technique pinpoints changes that take place in injured brain 0 None
2010-11-02 Study explains statistical link between low aerobic exercise capacity and common diseases 0 None
2010-11-02 New algebraic model of DNA hybridization to measure cellular behavior 0 None
2010-11-02 New wiring diagram shows how brain organizes information 0 4
2010-11-02 Researchers explain how adiponectin prevents stress-induced damage in heart 0 None
2010-11-02 New targeted therapy shows positive results in patients with lung cancer 0 None
2010-11-02 Eye transformer impacts JAK/STAT-signaling pathway response with microbial challenge 0 None
2010-11-02 Effective treatment for brain cancer in daffodils 0 None
2010-11-02 SRA receives five-year contract to support NTP, NIEHS programmatic initiatives 0 None
2010-11-02 NSAIDs drugs prevent colon cancer: Research 0 None
2010-11-02 PITs compounds induce cell death and limit tumor growth 0 None
2010-11-02 Einstein College's new website features latest information on aging research 0 None
2010-11-02 Research on AID enzyme could improve therapy for lymphoma, leukemia 0 None
2010-11-02 BioCancell's Phase I/IIa clinical trial of BC-819 shows positive result for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-11-02 Arrayit sells third advanced microarray manufacturing system to UT Southwestern 0 None
2010-11-02 Novel technology using quantum dots increases drug uptake in lung injury 0 4
2010-11-02 New microfluidic in vitro kinase radioassay improves efficiency to detect cancer growth 0 None
2010-11-02 Study finds increasing dosage of blood thinners can help cardiovascular disease patients with genetic defect 0 None
2010-11-02 Arthritis drugs also prevent post-operative cognitive decline: Study 1 None
2010-11-02 Researchers investigate Human-cl rhFVIII factor for severe hemophilia A treatment 0 None
2010-11-02 Rubicon's PicoPlex kits provide DNA methylation profiling using next-generation sequencing 0 None
2010-11-02 X-BODY receives research grant for therapeutic project against metastatic tumor stem cells 0 None
2010-11-02 Study finds invasive patterns of lung cancer in pediatric patients 0 None
2010-11-02 New findings pave way to improve early detection of ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-11-02 Non-dividing cells can also start cancer 0 None
2010-11-02 H. pylori infection reduces severity of Salmonella-induced colitis: Research 0 None
2010-11-01 454 Life Sciences and DNA Electronics partner to develop high-throughput DNA sequencing system 0 None
2010-11-01 Short courses of antibiotics have long-term impact on microbial flora of human gut 0 None
2010-11-01 Life Technologies announces launch of new sequencer to deliver genomic data 0 None
2010-11-01 Sugar in excess leads to complications 0 None
2010-11-01 Oncimmune to present benefits of EarlyCDT-Lung cancer test at ACCP annual meeting 1 5
2010-11-01 Mechanism of rogue cell killer discovered 0 1
2010-11-01 Study examines effects of social stimulation and personality on humans' sleep functions 0 None
2010-11-01 New laboratory-engineered livers could provide solution to donor shortage 0 None
2010-11-01 Scientists use electron microscopes to study mechanism of perforin protein to punch holes in rogue cells 0 None
2010-11-01 Researchers generate bioengineered human liver organoid using bioscaffold 0 None


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