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RSSArchived Medical Science News Stories - February 2011

Date Title Comments Rating
2011-02-28 EPO grants three core patents to caprotec's CCMS technology 0 None
2011-02-28 Apparently mindless survival strategies best for long-term success of genes 0 None
2011-02-28 p53 gene blocks EMT essential to cancer metastasis 0 None
2011-02-28 Janssen-Cilag, NovAlix enter research services agreement for chemistry to support drug discovery efforts 0 None
2011-02-28 New horse stem cell discovery aids in preclinical model development for human degenerative diseases 0 None
2011-02-28 Researchers discover new mechanism of beta cell destruction not previously known 0 None
2011-02-28 First study to show link between AVPR1A gene variants with listening to music 0 None
2011-02-28 Affymetrix introduces new GeneChip miRNA 2.0 Array 0 None
2011-02-28 New study: Free radicals play a key role in heart physiology 0 None
2011-02-28 Scientific Learning introduces new series of Virtual Brain Seminars for students 0 None
2011-02-28 Selcia completes drug discovery project with ExonHit Therapeutics using fragment screening technology 0 5
2011-02-28 QIAGEN, Epigenomics enter option agreement to commercialize colorectal cancer blood test 0 None
2011-02-28 New research may shed light on how HIV virus reactivates from latency 0 None
2011-02-28 Innovative miniscule gene transport system can cause breast cancer cells to self-destruct 0 None
2011-02-28 Scripps Health offers genetic testing to patients with Hepatitis C 0 None
2011-02-28 Acute viral infection does not appear to cause exacerbation of IPF 0 None
2011-02-28 Researchers identify gene behind self-healing skin cancer 0 None
2011-02-27 Scientists discover killer protein that protects against development of cancer 0 None
2011-02-27 New findings disclose mechanisms that control Rb2/p130 gene expression in lung cancer cells 0 None
2011-02-27 Study: HT may affect symptom load and quality of life unrelated to hypothyroidism 0 None
2011-02-27 New study: Immune molecules can regulate synaptic connections in brain 0 None
2011-02-25 NIH-funded study finds way to reduce transmission of malaria to humans 0 5
2011-02-25 U.S.-Chile collaborate to study new long-acting local anesthetic derived from algae 0 None
2011-02-25 New study discloses mechanism controlling Rb2/p130 gene expression in lung cancer cells 0 None
2011-02-25 Discovery highlights unexpected role for killer protein in 'autophagy' 0 None
2011-02-25 Stallergenes inaugurates new pollen-production factory 0 None
2011-02-25 Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance sponsors Convergence Summit for sixth consecutive year 0 None
2011-02-25 Researchers explain genetic differences that distinguish early-transmitting HIVs-viruses 0 None
2011-02-25 Journal of Clinical Virology publishes positive outcome from CMX001 treatment against AdV infection 0 None
2011-02-25 Meditation leads to stronger mind-body connection than dancing 0 None
2011-02-25 Evolutionary changes may have influenced metabolism and increased risk of diabetes 0 None
2011-02-25 Study demonstrates ability of cobas HPV Test to detect HPV-16, HPV-18 genotypes linked to cervical cancer 0 None
2011-02-25 Research sheds new light on problem of insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-02-25 Researchers capture complexities of breast cancer tumours to improve treatment, diagnostics 0 None
2011-02-25 Radioactive tracing agent can identify tumor-draining sentinel nodes in breast cancer, melanoma patients 0 None
2011-02-25 More than one way to silence gene activity 0 None
2011-02-25 Simpler method of making water-soluble short protein chains with spiral structures 0 None
2011-02-25 PACAP hormone levels linked to post-traumatic stress disorder 0 None
2011-02-25 Scientists find p27Kip1 protein expression in adult and aged human inner ear 0 None
2011-02-25 Maternal fructose intake during pregnancy leads to sex-specific changes in fetal, neonatal endocrinology 0 None
2011-02-25 Study: Heparin plays a key role in mast cell-driven allergic and inflammatory reactions 0 5
2011-02-25 Study: AEG-1 expression predicts erlotinib treatment response in patients with EGFR-mutant lung cancer 0 None
2011-02-25 Role of serotonin in autism spectrum disorders 0 None
2011-02-25 Swedish brain scientists create illusion of owning three arms 0 None
2011-02-25 Collision of fast and slow protein-trains cause major DNA derailment 0 None
2011-02-25 New rapid and inexpensive test can effectively identify never-smoking group with lung adenocarcinoma 0 None
2011-02-25 Stemline licenses clinically active oncology vaccine for dual targeting of tumor bulk and cancer stem cells 0 None
2011-02-25 Next-generation sequencing provides important clues to traceback foodborne illness outbreak 0 None
2011-02-25 Omega-3 fish oils: Natural health solution for the heart 0 None
2011-02-25 Harvard Medical School selects Agilent's NMR spectrometer for biomolecular research applications 0 None
2011-02-25 Study: Rare genetic mutations may provide clues to improve treatment for schizophrenia 0 None
2011-02-25 Variation in PSA levels does not predict prostate cancer, may lead to unnecessary biopsies 0 5
2011-02-25 FN-EDA protein can reduce damage after heart attack 0 None
2011-02-25 Researchers identify probiotic bacterial strain that may treat ulcers caused by H. pylori 0 4
2011-02-25 Research: Loss of CMAH's function may make humans more prone to obesity and diabetes 0 None
2011-02-25 Study: Low Vitamin D levels can cause allergies in children 0 None
2011-02-24 Transgenic fungal approach can fight against malaria and bug-borne diseases 0 None
2011-02-24 New study: Multiple full-term pregnancies may have higher risk of 'triple-negative' breast cancer 0 None
2011-02-24 Study: Individuals with fatty liver more likely to develop type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-02-24 Simple home urine test can measure insulin in patients with diabetes 0 None
2011-02-24 Multiplexed capillary isoelectric focusing increases efficiency in protein measurements 0 None
2011-02-24 Foreign-born scientists and artists receive sixth annual Vilcek Prize for Biomedical Science 0 None
2011-02-24 Isis Pharma announces ISIS-CRPRx Phase 1 trial results in diseases with elevated CRP 0 None
2011-02-24 Scientists suggest that lateral habenula can be a prime locus of human depression 0 None
2011-02-24 Research: Gene mutation linked to schizophrenia may aid in new drug development 0 4.5
2011-02-24 Researchers develop new inexpensive way of filtering water with silver nanoparticles 0 None
2011-02-24 Study findings support therapeutic approach for common form of MS 0 5
2011-02-24 Special issue of Neuron journal provides new insight into recent advances in addiction research 0 None
2011-02-24 Opsens completes pre-clinical EasyWire device study for measurement of FFR in coronary arteries 0 None
2011-02-24 Quanterix expands its Single Molecule Array technology to measure proteins precisely 0 None
2011-02-24 G-CSF treatment improves inadequate endometrium during IVF cycles 1 4
2011-02-24 Covaris, Caliper enter co-marketing agreement to leverage next generation sequencing 0 None
2011-02-24 Refrigerated whole blood may have shelf life beyond current standard of 24 to 48 hours 0 None
2011-02-24 FDA allows marketing of Ridascreen Norovirus 3rd Generation EIA assay in the US 0 None
2011-02-24 First patient enrolled in TXA127 Phase 2 clinical study to stimulate engraftment following transplant 0 None
2011-02-24 ProtoKinetix demonstrates ability of AAGP molecules against inflammatory diseases 0 None
2011-02-24 Progeria-derived iPS cells may treat aging-related disease in children 0 None
2011-02-24 New study: PCBs linked to embryo implantation failure during IVF 0 None
2011-02-24 Biomatrica announces strategic partnership agreement with In-Q-Tel 0 None
2011-02-24 Scientists suggest new vitamin D-fortified bread can solve insufficiency problem 0 None
2011-02-24 Scientists complete protein 3D structural sequence essential for cellular function 0 None
2011-02-24 Accelrys releases Pipeline Pilot NGS Collection at Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 0 None
2011-02-24 Aminothiazoles as therapeutic leads for prion diseases 0 None
2011-02-24 Nonsurgical methods to identify critical lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer 0 None
2011-02-24 New study suggests variation in PCLO gene can contribute to risk of bipolar disorder 0 None
2011-02-24 Covance Genomics Lab, Ingenuity enter research collaboration for NGS data analysis 0 None
2011-02-24 CST, Astellas Pharma enter commercialization partnership for cancer diagnostic, therapeutic products 0 3
2011-02-24 New research: Spinal fluid proteins can differentiate nPTLS from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1 4
2011-02-23 ACT receives patent for its single-blastomere technology 0 5
2011-02-23 New research: Alzheimer's disease may be easily misdiagnosed in elder people 0 None
2011-02-23 Researchers identify low-dose, two-drug cocktail that reduces noise-induced hearing loss in mice 0 None
2011-02-23 FDA clears Agendia's breast cancer recurrence assay 0 None
2011-02-23 Ibio acquires Orphan Drug Designation and Fabry disease therapeutic program from Kentucky 0 None
2011-02-23 Pretreatment with FDA-approved drug allows successful pregnancies in radiation-exposed rhesus monkeys 0 None
2011-02-23 Brain reward center responds to good and bad experiences 0 None
2011-02-23 Signaling mechanism in bacterial ribosome linked to antibiotic resistance 0 None
2011-02-23 New method integrates supercomputer simulation and experimental results 0 None
2011-02-23 PPD, Elan establish strategic collaboration to execute clinical programs 0 None
2011-02-23 New study: Portion of brain responsible for reading doesn't require vision at all 0 None
2011-02-23 ETH scientists warn about impact of cell phone radiation in brain of healthy adults 0 1.5
2011-02-23 Stripe of Gennari in the blind may play greater role in processing tactile stimuli 0 None
2011-02-23 Knocking out genes completely and exclusively in Natural Killer cells 0 None
2011-02-23 USPTO issues patent to Silence Therapeutics' siRNA technology 0 None
2011-02-23 Cerasome filled molecular-sized bubbles to target liver cancer cells 0 None
2011-02-23 Biochemist receives STAC grant to find treatment for C. albicans infection in premature infants 0 None
2011-02-23 Nanoparticle therapy may improve survival after life-threatening blood loss 0 None
2011-02-23 New DNA technology to study cystic fibrosis 'superbug' during infection 0 None
2011-02-23 Mechanism of cancer treatment related to infertility in women 0 None
2011-02-23 New nanoparticle can help develop vaccines against HIV, malaria 0 None
2011-02-23 Researchers discover biological pathway that alters normal cells into aggressive tumors 0 4
2011-02-23 Researchers to explore genomes of childhood cancers 0 None
2011-02-23 New DNA microarray detects genetic changes differentiating cancer patients from healthy individuals 0 None
2011-02-23 Cancer-causing retrovirus prolongs survival of host cells 0 None
2011-02-23 Caliper Life Sciences, IntegenX enter license agreement for microfluidics patent portfolio 0 None
2011-02-23 Human umbilical cord blood-derived EPCs accelerate wound healing in diabetics 0 None
2011-02-23 Breakthrough in Huntington's disease may give patients hope for cure 0 None
2011-02-23 Higher intake of vitamin D may reduce breast cancer risk 0 None
2011-02-23 Research: Drug developed for controlling cholesterol synthesis can kill human breast cancer cells 0 None
2011-02-23 Speaking more languages may lower risk of developing memory problems 0 None
2011-02-22 NanoString launches fixed-panel assay product for human molecular karyotyping 0 None
2011-02-22 Researchers find endothelial dysfunction can predict risk of coronary heart disease 0 None
2011-02-22 Macrogen announces formation of Axeq Technologies in the US, Europe and Asia 0 None
2011-02-22 China Cord Blood announces formation of Zhejiang Lukou Biotechnology 0 None
2011-02-22 Vical extends relationship with U.S. NMRC for emerging disease vaccine platform 0 None
2011-02-22 Mutated cancer pathway studies identify therapeutic targets for congenital heart disease 0 None
2011-02-22 MedTrust, Avantra collaborate to develop molecular diagnostic assay for cancer care 0 None
2011-02-22 New technique allows early identification of metastasis in women with breast cancer 0 None
2011-02-22 NYBC urges African American, Hispanic descent to donate blood for special patients 0 None
2011-02-22 Experimental vaccine appears to protect against pneumonia 0 None
2011-02-22 New research: Fluid retention may explain drugs' risk of strokes and heart attacks 0 None
2011-02-21 New study: Rapamycin reverses cardiac muscle damage in LEOPARD syndrome mouse model 0 None
2011-02-21 Studies identify protein that drives inflammation in pancreatic, breast tumors 0 None
2011-02-21 Scientists identify new cellular mechanism underlying hydronephrosis 0 None
2011-02-21 Scientists show bacteria in polluted rivers become resistant to range of antibiotics 0 None
2011-02-21 Mouse model could help develop new classes of antidepressant drugs 0 None
2011-02-21 Role of hybrid Brain Computer Interface in people with paraplegia 0 None
2011-02-21 International study shows reprogramming cells lead to genomic aberrations 0 None
2011-02-21 New research: Reovirus infected melanoma cells secrete proteins that can kill cancer 0 2
2011-02-21 Researchers receive $2 million NIH grant to identify biomarkers in children with hemangiomas 0 None
2011-02-21 Study: High triglyceride levels linked with increased risk of ischemic stroke 0 None
2011-02-21 Scientist to present neuroimaging evidence on impact of cognitive functions in bilingual processing at AAAS 0 None
2011-02-21 Swedish neuroscientist demonstrates how brain produces sense of ownership of the body 0 None
2011-02-20 Scientists decode DNA of parasitic worm that causes trichinosis 0 None
2011-02-20 Slime of starfish may hold a clue for treating inflammatory diseases 0 None
2011-02-20 Artificial blood vessel could be available ‘off the shelf’ soon 0 None
2011-02-19 CompanDX, CRL enter multi-year agreement to develop biomarker panels 0 None
2011-02-19 Experts caution against dangers of inflated expectations of genomic medicine 0 None
2011-02-19 Life Technologies announces winners of European Ion Torrent PGM Sequencer Grants Program 0 None
2011-02-19 Predictive to present results on development of real-time multiplexed PCR FGFR3 assay at ASCO 2011 0 None
2011-02-19 Biologist investigates CAPV-EAE population for hereditary breast and ovary cancer 0 None
2011-02-19 Scientists demonstrate that environmental lithium uptake promotes longevity 0 None
2011-02-19 How Huntington's disease proteins move from cell to cell 0 None
2011-02-19 Grifols to start construction of new plant in Spain for plasma fractionation 0 None
2011-02-19 Crustacean inspired technology leads to better calcium supplements 0 None
2011-02-19 Scientist uses rat whisker system to understand neural mechanics that generate sense of touch 0 None
2011-02-19 New tuberculosis vaccine provides better protection 0 None
2011-02-19 Texas Children's scientist receives CAREER Award for congenital heart research 0 None
2011-02-19 Doctor explores link between lack of oxygen and inflammation in patients undergoing surgery 0 None
2011-02-18 Depression doesn't decline with age in addiction-prone women 0 None
2011-02-18 Scientists discover evidence linking brain function variations to birth size, weight of placenta 0 None
2011-02-18 Biocare, HJF sign license agreement to distribute antibody against prostate cancer 0 None
2011-02-18 Boys get greater rush and more energy from caffeine than girls 0 None
2011-02-18 USPTO issues two patents to VIRxSYS SMaRT RNA platform technology 0 None
2011-02-18 Researchers discover new 'driver gene' in oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer 0 None
2011-02-18 Bilingualism enhances multi-tasking skills 0 None
2011-02-18 Researchers identify CD19-L protein that facilitates recognition, destruction of leukemia cells 0 2
2011-02-18 Platelet-rich fibrin matrix doesn't improve healing after rotator cuff repair 0 None
2011-02-18 Study: Low levels of Klotho protein may serve as early warning sign of CKD 0 3
2011-02-18 Scientists find working memory highly dependent on fast inhibitory cells 0 None
2011-02-18 New method to help unravel structural mysteries of nature 0 None
2011-02-18 Scientists establish biomarker strategy to diagnose variety of cancer types 0 None
2011-02-18 Emotional response to challenging situations predict body's response to stress 0 None
2011-02-18 Scientists investigate natural chemical compound in sea sponges to create novel anti-cancer drugs 0 5
2011-02-18 Cyclacel's CYC065 CDK inhibitor demonstrates potential against breast cancer resistant to trastuzumab 0 4
2011-02-18 TI Pharma launches new research project on stem cell transplant 1 3
2011-02-18 New approaches for controlling sleeping sickness caused by trypanosomes 0 3
2011-02-18 Scientists discover axons can send signals to cell body 0 3
2011-02-18 Researchers identify normal movement mechanisms of PrPC in brain 0 None
2011-02-18 Smoking, exercise influence Vitamin E's effect on pneumonia risk 0 None
2011-02-18 Avenir team discovers how Neisseria meningitidis disseminates into bloodstream 0 None
2011-02-18 Sleeping Trojan horse technique resolves some difficulties in transporting metal ions into cells 0 None
2011-02-18 World's first cancer stem cell-targeting chemical missile 0 None
2011-02-18 Two studies investigate frontiers of islet cell transplantation for treating diabetes 0 None
2011-02-18 Loyola offers stem cell transplants to older patients with leukemia and lymphoma 0 None
2011-02-17 Statin drug may help prevent blindness in diabetics 0 None
2011-02-17 Skeleton regulates fertility in males, but not females 0 None
2011-02-17 Study: Preterm mothers’ milk contains low concentrations of coenzyme Q10 0 None
2011-02-17 New study: Fast food meal consumption can affect inflammatory responses in blood vessels 0 None
2011-02-17 Iris Pharma announces validation of new EIU model of ocular inflammation 0 5
2011-02-17 Study: Cigarette smoking linked to mucus overproduction in patients with chronic bronchitis 0 None
2011-02-17 Positive preliminary data from ongoing PSMA ADC phase 1 study against prostate cancer 0 None
2011-02-17 Two researchers receive Brupbacher Prize for Cancer Research 2011 0 None
2011-02-17 CLC bio releases several desktop software packages for analyzing biological sequence data 0 None
2011-02-17 Researchers discover substance that reinforces brain's self-healing functions after stroke 0 None
2011-02-17 Researchers find blue-green algae may be responsible for producing estrogen-like compound in water 0 None
2011-02-17 Unrecognized substances released by algae blooms may act as endocrine disruptors 0 3
2011-02-17 Third trimester amniotic fluid a reliable source of stem cells 0 None
2011-02-17 Genomic Health to present prostate cancer studies at ASCO Genitourinary Cancer Symposium 0 None
2011-02-17 Metallic copper surfaces kill bacteria on contact 0 None
2011-02-17 Researchers develop new pneumococcal vaccine through novel discovery approach 0 None
2011-02-17 FAK enzyme plays a key role in preparing lung tissue for metastatic development 0 None
2011-02-17 Brain enzyme blocks accumulation of tau proteins, slows down progression of neural degeneration 0 None
2011-02-17 First evidence of neurotrophic factors improving status of degenerating dopamine neurons in Parkinson's brains 0 None
2011-02-17 Regional brain structural alterations associated with bipolar disorder 0 None
2011-02-17 Deactivation of CRTC1 protein increases lifespan 0 None
2011-02-17 Loss of 'twenty-four' gene makes it harder to wake up 0 4
2011-02-17 New computer application automatically detects subtle epileptic brain lesions in MRI scans 0 None
2011-02-17 Muscle, aptly enough, is born of cellular bullying, and not mutual consent 0 None
2011-02-17 New method may eliminate colonoscopies 0 None
2011-02-17 Avesthagen completes development of microalgae based vegetarian DHA omega 3 essential fatty acid 0 None
2011-02-17 Study sheds light on novel functions of certain PCSK enzymes 0 None
2011-02-17 Silver nanoparticle coated 'killer paper' for food packaging 0 None
2011-02-17 Potential biomarkers for early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy 0 None
2011-02-17 Impaired brain insulin action may worsen type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-02-16 New fully human monoclonal antibodies to battle Chikungunya 0 None
2011-02-16 Mutations in gene linked to structure of the heart seen in Ebstein's anomaly patients 0 None
2011-02-16 Break-induced Replication more likely to cause genetic mutation than normal cell repair 0 None
2011-02-16 Bone remodeling inflammatory protein linked to metastatic lung cancer development in mice with breast cancer 0 None
2011-02-16 Assessment of child's learning strategies can reveal signs of vision problems 1 None
2011-02-16 IMGM Labs purchases Fluidigm Access Array system to use in re-sequencing applications 0 None
2011-02-16 Study explores role of proline containing peptides in inhibiting anti-apoptotic function of XIAP 0 None
2011-02-16 WINCS detects and measures serotonin levels in brain through deep brain stimulation 0 4
2011-02-16 WaferGen offers SNP Genotyping screening with new SmartChip PCR System 0 None
2011-02-16 Deactivation of tau gene may help reverse memory loss in Alzheimer disease 0 None
2011-02-16 Patient on artificial heart receives heart and kidney transplant 0 None
2011-02-16 Novel molecular approach using biomarker can predict colorectal cancer staging, recurrence 0 None
2011-02-16 Research: Whole genome sequencing on tumors can treat pancreatic cancer 0 None
2011-02-16 Viral Genetics' lead researcher, Advisor to receive Lauren F. Brooks Hope Award 0 None
2011-02-16 Genetic proof for anti-cancer properties of antioxidants and autophagy inhibitors 0 None
2011-02-16 Research: Way heart responds to early beat is predictive of cardiac death 0 None
2011-02-16 Diet high in Omega 3 oils benefits at risk Alzheimer's disease patients 0 None
2011-02-16 Partners, Luminex team up to discover novel biomarkers, develop clinical assays 0 None
2011-02-16 AML patient raises awareness in community about national stem cell registry 0 None
2011-02-16 Researchers identify cell of origin for sarcoma 0 5
2011-02-16 Study: Overexpression of EZH2 protein promotes breast cancer progression 0 None
2011-02-15 Study: High bilirubin levels within normal range linked with reduced risk of respiratory diseases 0 None
2011-02-15 Study: Heart rate turbulence is linked with increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-02-15 ITM research provides deep insight into interactions between HIV virus and human cells 0 None
2011-02-15 Raptor reopens enrollment in DR Cysteamine Phase 3 trial to treat patients with nephropathic cystinosis 0 None
2011-02-15 EMBL scientists reveal new insights into bacterial enzymes that causes tuberculosis 0 None
2011-02-15 Research: MEF2D protein in mitochondria appears to contribute early steps in Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-02-15 Idera: IMO-3100 in lupus preclinical model suppressed several key disease progression parameters 0 None
2011-02-15 Eurofins MWG Operon's LPE libraries offer most efficient way to sequence and scaffold genomes 0 None
2011-02-15 Scientists suggest combinational therapy can improve treatment of solid tumors 0 1
2011-02-15 New research finds differences in cell fate commitment during embryonic development in mammals 0 None
2011-02-15 Scientists find molecular pathway that offers novel targets for diabetes therapies 0 None
2011-02-15 Researchers use computers to capture chemical signal structure that triggers metastatic cancer 0 None
2011-02-15 Study: Active wound healing can lead to increased risk of basal cell carcinoma in skin 0 None
2011-02-15 New technique reveals spatial structure of microbial community 0 None
2011-02-15 USDA nutrient dosage recommendations not sufficient, says USANA 0 3.7
2011-02-15 Virginia Tech's director receives Don Hake Translational Research Award 0 None
2011-02-15 Hunk protein inhibition might provide new approach to treat HER2-positive breast cancer 0 None
2011-02-15 Scholars urge scientific community to act against negative effects of patenting in stem cell field 0 None
2011-02-15 Evotec partners with ChemBridge to expand high throughput screening collection 0 None
2011-02-15 Researcher discovers mechanism how p53 human genome gets inactivated in cancerous cells 0 5
2011-02-15 PsychoGenics establishes alliance with KineMed to provide specialized neurogenesis services 0 None
2011-02-15 How human brain wires itself into complex networks 0 None
2011-02-15 Molecular helper Spy aids designer bacteria to produce large quantities of stable, functional proteins 0 None
2011-02-15 New England Biolabs adds OneTaq and OneTaq Hot Start DNA Polymerases to line of PCR reagents 0 None
2011-02-15 Study confirms anti-inflammatory properties of Oligonol in humans 0 None
2011-02-15 Viewing knee as an organ could lead to better therapies for treatment of osteoarthritis 0 4
2011-02-15 Studies reveal markers for measuring ability of children with ADHD to control impulsive movements 0 None
2011-02-15 Scientists improve methods for flavanol antioxidant determination in cocoa, chocolate 0 None
2011-02-14 RPCs transplant appears to improve kidney structure and function in rat models 0 None
2011-02-14 Researchers find placentas of preeclampsic women have abundance of genes linked with immune system regulation 0 None
2011-02-14 Story of the heart: Literally as well as metaphorically 0 None
2011-02-14 Affymetrix introduces NG Class Detergents to advance study of integral membrane proteins 0 None
2011-02-14 PROLOR reports positive DSMB review of long-acting human growth hormone clinical trial 0 None
2011-02-14 NHGRI's new strategic plan to identify genetic bases of most single-gene disorders 0 None
2011-02-14 Positive clinical data of AVEO's tivozanib featured at 2011 ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium 0 None
2011-02-14 First chromogenic culture medium to simultaneously detect Salmonella and Shigella 0 3
2011-02-14 Vitamin D levels not linked to prostate cancer development 0 None
2011-02-14 Sequencing of whole prostate cancer genomes - an historic development 0 None
2011-02-14 Oestrogen reduces risk of breast cancer: Study 0 None
2011-02-14 World's earliest functional prosthetic body parts on Egyptian mummy 0 None
2011-02-14 Study shows beneficial anti-fibrotic effects of Pentraxin-2 in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 0 None
2011-02-14 Interaction of two genes helps growing nerve cells realise reaching of target 0 None
2011-02-14 CX3CL1 signaling chemical can offer better understanding of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-02-14 Some fat is essential for body function 0 None
2011-02-14 New study establishes link between coronary artery disease and genetic susceptibility 0 None
2011-02-14 New study on mosquito genome sequences to identify 'transposable elements' 0 None
2011-02-14 Biologists unlock chemical clues to courtship in swordtail urine 0 None
2011-02-14 Cocktail of different hormones influence love and lust 0 None
2011-02-14 First evidence of human DNA fragment in bacterial genome 0 None
2011-02-14 People from northern and southern Sweden differ from each other genetically 0 None
2011-02-14 Spinal cord sugar residues regulate growth and survival of nerve cells: Study 0 None
2011-02-14 Positive data from second study of predictive preterm birth biomarkers presented at SMFM meeting 0 None
2011-02-14 Gene-transfer system may control mosquito-borne diseases without pesticides 0 None
2011-02-14 Tiny gold particles can help doctors detect CTCs in blood of patients with head, neck cancer 0 None
2011-02-14 Researchers discover mechanism for normalizing blood sugar without insulin need 0 None
2011-02-14 Scientist finds potential positive influence of fish oil omega-3 fatty acids on cardiovascular health 1 None
2011-02-13 Study: Leptin resistance may help prevent ARDS, ALI development in patients with type II diabetes 0 None
2011-02-13 Men and women who eat berries may have lower risk of developing Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-02-13 Study finds LC damage and reduction in noradrenaline levels in brain are linked with MS 0 None
2011-02-13 Scientists produce SR-3306 compound to protect brain cells from Parkinson's disease 0 4
2011-02-13 Study sheds new light on riboswitch that turns genes on or off in response to cell's energy needs 0 None
2011-02-11 Gene GFPT1 crucial in causing variation of Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome 0 2.5
2011-02-11 Guide star and time-reversal mirror in biomedical imaging 0 None
2011-02-11 More research needed to determine link between folic acid and breast cancer 0 None
2011-02-11 Dyadic issued seventh U.S. patent 0 None
2011-02-11 Harvard Bioscience's novel bioreactor technology featured on National Geographic Channel 0 None
2011-02-11 NIH awards Geospiza phase II SBIR grant to develop new DNA variant application for GeneSifter platform 0 None
2011-02-11 Fructose does not increase food intake or impact body weight: Study 0 None
2011-02-11 The Endocrine Society calls for nominations for Award for Excellence in Science and Medical Journalism 0 None
2011-02-11 Study discovers similarities between child soldier trauma in Uganda and children in Northern Ireland 0 None
2011-02-11 Protective immunity against HIV can be achieved without presence of virus neutralizing antibodies in the blood 0 None
2011-02-11 Vaccinating through salivary glands may provide protection against wide range of diseases 0 None
2011-02-11 Genetic testing for inherited blood-clotting abnormalities not routinely recommended for VTE patients 0 None
2011-02-11 Blocking interleukin 15 may help restore oral tolerance to gluten 0 None
2011-02-11 Looking at your body reduces pain 0 None
2011-02-11 Study reveals beneficial anti-fibrotic effects of Pentraxin-2 in TGFβ1-induced lung disease 0 None
2011-02-11 The .brain format may be the best compression algorithm, for now 0 None
2011-02-11 First 7 stem cell lines grown at UMMS Human Stem Cell Bank ready for global distribution 0 None
2011-02-11 Researchers find 2 neural pathways that play role in developing phobias 0 None
2011-02-11 Cancer cells 'addicted' to self-preservation process 0 None
2011-02-11 Athersys' MultiStem cell therapy provides multiple benefits in preclinical models of ischemic stroke 0 None
2011-02-11 Viral infection of Leishmania leads to increased pathogenicity 0 3.5
2011-02-11 Scientists develop novel treatment strategy for multiple myeloma 0 4
2011-02-11 Patients with high blood pressure have benign endocrine tumours in adrenal gland: Research 0 None
2011-02-10 DOPAL plays key role in killing dopamine neurons which trigger Parkinson's disease: Study 0 None
2011-02-10 Presence of jumping genes, amplified oncogenes may be key to tumor progression: Researchers 0 None
2011-02-10 Full genetic blueprint of multiple prostate tumors laid bare 0 None
2011-02-10 Women with high folic acid levels may impact child's risk of developing asthma 0 None
2011-02-10 Phospholipid membranes demonstrate ability to absorb lanthanum cations 0 None
2011-02-10 Key advance in development of fast, simple test for detection of cholera 0 None
2011-02-10 Brain reacts differently to fructose compared with another common sweetener, glucose 0 None
2011-02-10 DNA sequencing of maternal blood plasma can accurately detect trisomy 21 0 None
2011-02-10 Scientists develop novel approach to detect long-distance chromosomal interactions for CAD 0 None
2011-02-10 Three proteins responsible for success of progesterone treatments in prevention of preterm labor 0 None
2011-02-10 Study finds high prevalence of HS-AGING in individuals older than 95 0 None
2011-02-10 Breakthrough in cancer research can help reduce heart failure, increase survival rates 0 None
2011-02-10 Luciferase enzyme offers promise for improved monitoring of heparin therapy: New study 0 None
2011-02-10 First patient treated in cytomegalovirus~ACE/ASPECT Phase II randomised clinical trial 0 None
2011-02-10 Patients with sensorineural hearing loss can benefit from mucosa-derived stem cell transplant 1 None
2011-02-10 Photodynamic therapy could be useful in eradicating tumor-associated lymphatic vessels 0 5
2011-02-10 Human-worm connection research provides insight into brain development, diseases 0 None
2011-02-10 Physicist creates technology that may enhance pharma industry's early drug discovery capabilities 0 None
2011-02-10 Study unveils surprising mechanism that controls brain formation 2 None
2011-02-10 EHSI applauds promising new stem cell treatment for Parkinson's 0 None
2011-02-10 Scientists generate beating heart cells from skin cells of young patients with severe genetic heart defect 0 None
2011-02-10 Scientists discover KCNH2 gene mutation in patients with long QT syndrome 0 None
2011-02-10 L-methylfolate in combination with antidepressant drug helps major depressive disorder patients 0 None
2011-02-10 Mg significantly reduces neonatal brain injury linked with maternal inflammation, infection 0 None
2011-02-10 Liquidia to explore PRINT particle technology with PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative 0 None
2011-02-10 Protein cross-linking enzymes in foods can affect physiological characteristics 0 None
2011-02-10 FDA grants Neuralstem orphan drug designation for treatment of ALS with spinal cord stem cells 0 None
2011-02-09 Seaweed microsponges may help diagnose many diseases quickly, at far lower cost 0 None
2011-02-09 New study: Testosterone administration leads to significant reduction in mind reading 0 4
2011-02-09 Single molecule imaging movies of living cell membranes clarify enigma surrounding receptor molecule behaviors 0 5
2011-02-09 Rapid detection of transiently folded single-molecule structures from 'intrinsically disordered proteins' 0 None
2011-02-09 Research findings highlight potential for noninvasive MSC delivery to treat Parkinson disease 0 None
2011-02-09 Topical cream used to treat skin diseases activates two distinct neuronal signaling pathways 0 4
2011-02-09 Circassia acquires global rights to novel topical therapeutic for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis 0 None
2011-02-09 Men with high levels of CCP genes more likely to have fatal form of prostate cancer 0 None
2011-02-09 Two new studies report GOT may improve health outcomes of stroke patients 0 None
2011-02-09 New research provides evidence that cerebellum can also store memories for mental skills 0 None
2011-02-09 Drugs against protective action of bacteria's antitoxin molecules 0 None
2011-02-09 Specific gene variation linked to late-onset Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-02-09 UW research receives Keck Foundation grant to restore lost brain function using neurochips 0 None
2011-02-09 Cardiac enzyme elevations following CABG surgery is associated with worse prognosis 0 None
2011-02-09 Researchers link brain's neural networks to specific cognitive functions 0 None
2011-02-09 Specific gene variation may play a role in late-onset Alzheimer's disease: New study 0 None
2011-02-09 Scientists monitor frequencies of brain activity to unleash new insights into how it works 0 None
2011-02-09 Novel technique could speed up the development of peptide-based drugs against cancer 0 None
2011-02-09 Urocortin system plays central role in regulating stress responses 0 None
2011-02-09 Scientists develop novel technique to detect disordered protein folding 0 None
2011-02-09 SwitchGear Genomics, BioCat enter distribution agreement for LightSwitch Luciferase Assay System in Europe 0 None
2011-02-09 bcl3 gene limits lung injury during acute stress from illness, trauma, transplant 0 None
2011-02-09 Gentium completes Defibrotide clinical studies, plans to file for regulatory approval 0 None
2011-02-08 Researchers report promising new approach to treat diabetic wounds, bed sores 0 None
2011-02-08 USPTO issues patent for Metabolon's UHPLC/MSn-based analytical platform 0 None
2011-02-08 Researchers develop reality-based video game therapies to help stroke patients 0 None
2011-02-08 CLC bio, Omixon release SOLiD Alignment plug-in for high-throughput sequencing data analysis 0 None
2011-02-08 RemedyMD announces new ComprehensiveBMT to solve key HSCT research challenges 0 None
2011-02-08 International research team receives AACR award for innovative, meritorious science 0 None
2011-02-08 Mysteries of the hibernating heart 0 None
2011-02-08 Scientists develop low cost, nanometer-sized drug to treat chronic wounds 0 None
2011-02-08 Cancer can give important clues about nature and history of life 0 None
2011-02-08 Abbott's Ibis, PLEX-ID technologies identify causative organism of plague in Afghanistan 0 1
2011-02-08 Study shows dogs can be trained to detect PCa by smelling urine 0 None
2011-02-08 Single molecule FRET techniques combined with wavelet transforms give new view of AMPA receptor 0 None
2011-02-08 Lifestyle, rather than hereditary factors, plays major role in life expectancy 0 None
2011-02-08 Researchers identify immune cell population that acts as body's border patrol with the outside world 0 None
2011-02-08 Hematopoietic stem cells are less fixed, more flexible than previously thought: Study 0 None
2011-02-08 NKT, DSM sign contract to develop therapeutics based on natural killer T cells 0 None
2011-02-08 Higher vitamin D levels and sun exposure linked to lower risk of multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-02-08 TREK1 activity offers a key target for fluoxetine and other antidepressant drugs 0 None
2011-02-08 Study identifies genetic variation linked with increased risk of major depression 0 None
2011-02-08 Breakthrough in Thermal Gradient's fast PCR technology for molecular diagnostics 0 None
2011-02-08 Women more attracted to men when not sure about his feelings 0 None
2011-02-08 Researchers develop new method for drug discovery using math to combat HIV, other diseases 0 None
2011-02-08 Munich research team provides promising alternative to DNA-based procedures 0 None
2011-02-08 Researchers identify enzyme that protects against inflammation, joint destruction 0 None
2011-02-08 Immune system genes linked to personality traits, mental illness and suicidal behaviour 0 5
2011-02-07 Two new sources of soybean may replace fish meal in weanling pig diets 0 None
2011-02-07 Researchers identify CHK1 protein may serve as treatment target for neuroblastoma 0 None
2011-02-07 Ornim receives FDA 510(k) clearance for non-invasive monitoring of blood flow in tissue 0 None
2011-02-07 XDx and LabCorp enter non-hospital provider agreement for AlloMap molecular expression tests 0 None
2011-02-07 CMD co-founder receives Prize4Life award for discovery of new ALS biomarker 3 None
2011-02-07 Scientists develop low cost, nanometer-sized drug to treat chronic wounds 0 5
2011-02-07 Psychiatric symptoms of bed breath 0 None
2011-02-07 Human Vaccines journal publishes paper on Inovio's new DNA vaccine delivery technology 0 None
2011-02-06 Genomic study identifies link between Native American ancestry, relapse in young leukemia patients 0 None
2011-02-06 Researchers discover molecular mechanism implicated in geographic atrophy 0 5
2011-02-06 Wood smoke may create adverse health effects in humans 0 5
2011-02-06 Study: Fluorescent probe may serve as useful tool in future surgeries to repair injured nerves 0 None
2011-02-06 Blood vessels for heart bypass could be available ‘off-the-shelf’ soon: Study 0 None
2011-02-05 Radical regulatory reform for life science industries needs to be a priority: Researchers 0 None
2011-02-05 New understanding of how host and foreign structures are distinguished by front-line defence mechanism 0 None
2011-02-05 WINCS device can detect and measure serotonin levels in brain: Mayo Clinic 0 None
2011-02-05 CVVS scientist receives top UK award for ground-breaking research on vascular stem cells, eye disease 0 None
2011-02-05 New data on CYTOMIMIC Technology's potential to stimulate tissue repair featured at 69th AAD 0 5
2011-02-05 Researchers describe the complete genome of Daphnia 0 None
2011-02-05 Researchers find RIPs remain active, continue to produce new insertions in human genome 0 None
2011-02-05 Researchers trace scent signals from nose to higher centers of mouse brain 0 None
2011-02-05 Novel study finds unexpected link between reproductive proteins in humans, invertebrates 0 None
2011-02-05 Research provides new clues to understand link between deficits of AGPO-3, depression 0 None
2011-02-05 Anti-cancer drug tied to golden missiles 0 None
2011-02-05 Partek signs distribution agreement with Life Technologies 0 None
2011-02-05 Lack of DOT1L enzyme could lead to some types of heart disease: Study 0 None
2011-02-04 Scientists discover how stressed cells boost thrombin production 0 None
2011-02-04 Salk Institute receives $2.3 million CIRM grant for translational research on Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-02-04 Study: 7% biodiesel blended in regular diesel does not cause greater health risks than pure fossil diesel 0 None
2011-02-04 Engineered cells take control of the cells and microenvironment following transplantation 0 None
2011-02-04 Lampreys may have dual immune defense system similar to that of humans 0 None
2011-02-04 Cord Blood America signs second Supply Agreement with premier cell and tissue bank 0 None
2011-02-04 Scientists discover how stressed cells boost production of key blood-clotting factor, thrombin 0 None
2011-02-04 Queen’s scientist awarded Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award 0 None
2011-02-04 Survey reveals negative impact of uncertain policy surrounding human embryonic stem cell research 0 None
2011-02-04 Method to comprehensively characterize human embryonic stem cell lines and iPS cell lines 0 None
2011-02-04 How body's first line of defence distinguishes between microbes and own structures 0 None
2011-02-04 New 'skin gun' treats burns with stem cells 0 5
2011-02-04 Research unmasks long sought stem cell origin of carcinoma 0 None
2011-02-04 Researchers identify regulatory defect that drives lupus 0 None
2011-02-04 Digna Biotech, CIMA receive EU grant for development of gene therapy product for Acute Intermittent Porphyria 0 5
2011-02-04 Cholesterol efflux capacity may protect against heart disease: Study 0 1
2011-02-04 New discovery: miR-429 regulatory RNA may be effective in fighting ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-02-04 Data generated on Ion Torrent PGM sequencer to be presented at AGBT 0 None
2011-02-04 New way to stabilize proteins 0 None
2011-02-04 Scientists reprogram marrow cells from patient with chronic myeloid leukemia 0 None
2011-02-04 UM researchers find genetic cause of retinitis pigmentosa 0 5
2011-02-04 Treg therapy ensures success of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, without triggering GVHD 0 3
2011-02-04 Study hopes to establish health benefits from cocoa and vitamin C 0 None
2011-02-04 Cell signaling hormone boosts immune response to clear HIV-like infection 0 None
2011-02-04 New study provides insight into mechanism behind breast cancer mutation 0 None
2011-02-04 Stem cells delivered intranasally improve motor function in Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-02-04 Tacere announces reacquisition of HCV compound development, commercialization rights in Asia 0 None
2011-02-04 JDRF, Eli Lilly sign agreement to fund type 1 diabetes research for re-generative medicine 0 None
2011-02-04 Scientists unravel mystery about how new tumors in individuals with breast cancer take root 1 None
2011-02-04 Study: Pistachios may help reduce risk of heart disease 0 None
2011-02-03 Immune protein exacerbates skin cancer due to sun exposure: Study 0 None
2011-02-03 Neurons activated by learning show extensive expansion of structure 0 None
2011-02-03 Blood clotting protein could be used as 'biomarker' for mucopolysaccharide diseases 0 None
2011-02-03 Inspiration presents IB1001 PK data for treatment of hemophilia B 0 None
2011-02-03 Coordinated behavior occurs whether or not neurons are actually connected via synapses 0 None
2011-02-03 NIST team demonstrates a method for controlling different-sized nanoparticle production 0 None
2011-02-03 First therapeutic vaccine designed from dendritic cells of patient achieves significant response 0 None
2011-02-03 Researchers develop hard X-ray laser to determine structure of biomolecules 0 None
2011-02-03 New England Biolabs expands line of reagents for sample preparation 0 None
2011-02-03 Losartan improves effectiveness of nanotherapeutics against cancer 0 None
2011-02-03 Study reveals how MMSET gene enables disease-causing mutations to occur 0 None
2011-02-03 Metamark announces Nature journal published landmark prostate cancer study results 0 None
2011-02-03 HMORN, iSAEC collaborate to enroll subjects in SAE research project using EMR database 0 None
2011-02-03 Food scientists pinpoint complex chemistry behind coffee's antioxidant benefits 0 1
2011-02-03 Researchers to develop new diagnostics platform for early detection of lung cancer 0 None
2011-02-03 Generation of iPSCs can be enhanced by modulating miRNA action 0 None
2011-02-03 Ritalin may help improve brain function in children with iron deficiency 0 None
2011-02-03 International scientist team identifies gene mutation strongly linked to schizophrenia 0 None
2011-02-03 New study indicates predisposition to lumbar disc disease could be inherited 0 5
2011-02-03 DNAnexus announces new cloud-based tools for analyzing large-scale genomic variation datasets 0 None
2011-02-03 Researchers design nanoparticles that make blood clots visible to CT scanner 0 None
2011-02-03 Cedars-Sinai receives California Institute grant to develop new technique for specific diseases 0 None
2011-02-03 Mothers who lose body fat before pregnancy improve health of children 0 None
2011-02-03 Automation protocols for TruSeq kits is now available in Sciclone NGS Workstation 0 None
2011-02-03 Vegetarians, vegans need to increase omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12 to reduce heart disease risk 0 None
2011-02-03 NIH awards CMU $1.2 million grant to analyze ethical, policy problems linked with DNA ID practices 0 None
2011-02-03 Largazole appears to be an ideal blueprint for developing new drugs against bone diseases 0 None
2011-02-03 SAGE Labs, Cofactor Genomics partner to sequence genomes for six widely used rat strains 0 None
2011-02-03 LSU biochemists develop 5-LOX 3-D model to design effective asthma medication 0 None
2011-02-03 Study finds contradictory role of RIP1 protein in the liver during sepsis 0 None
2011-02-03 Malarial drugs may help treat specific form of frontotemporal dementia 0 5
2011-02-03 Agilent introduces first commercial RNA target enrichment system 0 None
2011-02-03 Four-gene/protein signature more accurately predicts metastatic prostate cancer 0 5
2011-02-03 Positive results from Factor IX-CTP comparative study in hemophilic mice 0 None
2011-02-03 Scientists challenged to sequence genome and RNA content derived from single cancer cell 0 None
2011-02-02 USPTO issues notice of allowance to Vermillion's breast cancer biomarkers 0 5
2011-02-02 Researchers discover potential vaccine capable of reducing H. pylori colonization 0 None
2011-02-02 Five young scientists receive Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award for cancer research 0 None
2011-02-02 Damaged heart rebuilt with heart stem cells from children with congenital heart disease 0 None
2011-02-02 2010 Dietary Guidelines urge Americans to keep calorie intake from saturated fat to less than 10% 0 None
2011-02-02 Study suggests human amniotic cells 'cross talk' with melatonin receptor MT1 0 5
2011-02-02 Targeted delivery combination crosses brain protecting barrier and homes in on tumors 0 None
2011-02-02 Harbor BioSciences announces publication of newly discovered anti-inflammatory steroids 0 3
2011-02-02 Nitrate boosts efficiency of mitochondria 0 5
2011-02-02 Aphios enters subcontract with SAIC-Frederick to develop phospholipid nanoencapsulated camptothecin 0 None
2011-02-02 Multi-national group of researchers announce launch of International Genomics of Alzheimer's Project 0 None
2011-02-02 Nanotechnology and nanotoxicology 0 None
2011-02-02 Higher intake of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce risk of mild cognitive impairment 0 1.5
2011-02-02 Zebrafish research findings may provide potential to improve kidney function in humans 0 None
2011-02-02 First commercially available full length human MTOR protein with superior biological activity released 0 None
2011-02-02 Defective nucleoli linked to Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-02-02 Drugs affecting brain noradrenaline levels could improve breathing in sleep apnea patients 0 None
2011-02-02 Researchers find better way to create iPS cells from blood samples 0 None
2011-02-02 Microbubble contrast- enhanced ultrasound improves identification of sentinel lymph node in breast biopsies 0 None
2011-02-02 Study finds treatment-related mortality with bevacizumab in cancer patients 0 None
2011-02-02 Bioengineers and physician-scientists zap tumors with light-activated nanoparticles 0 None
2011-02-02 Scientists discover breast cancer cells that dodge immune system, promote tumor growth 0 None
2011-02-02 Scientists test new dry powder measles vaccine that can be inhaled 0 None
2011-02-02 Research discovers new role of TRPV1 receptors in regulation of locomotor activity 0 None
2011-02-02 EA sponsors research grant to investigate specific cancers and kinase mutations 0 None
2011-02-01 New compound appears to prevent pain crises in sickle cell disease: GHSU 0 None
2011-02-01 PET imaging may play a role in early evaluation of vandetanib response in thyroid cancer 0 None
2011-02-01 Fluidigm launches new BioMark HD Real-time PCR System for genomic analysis 0 None
2011-02-01 Vanderbilt researchers announce multi-national collaboration on Alzheimer's disease genetics 0 None
2011-02-01 DRC processors running Smith-Waterman algorithm set new world record 0 None
2011-02-01 Scientists successfully crystallise key norovirus enzyme 0 None
2011-02-01 Study establishes direct link between morphine abstinence and depressive-like symptoms 0 None
2011-02-01 Gut bacteria may influence mammalian brain development and adult behavior 0 4.5
2011-02-01 Octreotide inhibits HepG2 proliferation, study confirms 0 None
2011-02-01 Researchers grow arteries with elasticity of natural blood vessels outside the body 0 None
2011-02-01 Specific brain network acts as event monitoring system 0 None
2011-02-01 Agilent Technologies launches AssayMAP Bravo for protein purification 0 None
2011-02-01 New method to identify communication pathways connecting distant regions within proteins 0 None
2011-02-01 Nanosilver used in medications as early as 1889 0 None
2011-02-01 Red wine polyphenols prevent ageing-induced endothelial dysfunction 0 None
2011-02-01 ISCO, Springer to collaborate to publish Cellular Oncology journal 0 None
2011-02-01 Researchers discover 'common set of dysregulated miRNAs in murine lupus models' 0 None
2011-02-01 FDA approves 'Cornell Dots' for first clinical trial in humans to diagnose cancer 0 None
2011-02-01 Novel personalized therapy could treat metastatic melanoma and metastatic synovial cell sarcoma 0 5
2011-02-01 Global consortium aims to discover and map all Alzheimer's genes 0 None
2011-02-01 Avantra Biosciences selects TGen Drug Development for new biomarker quantitation platform 0 None
2011-02-01 PerkinElmer announces release of 200th umbilical cord blood stem cell unit 0 None
2011-02-01 Yale University scientists synthesize lomaiviticin that appears to destroy cancer stem cells 0 None
2011-02-01 Free radicals may damage eyes of patients with Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy 0 5
2011-02-01 Scientists devise safer way to create iPS cells 0 None
2011-02-01 Research on triple negative disease can benefit patients with breat cancer 0 None
2011-02-01 DNA Direct implements four new health plan clients for molecular diagnostic and genetic tests 0 None
2011-02-01 Simple hTERT analysis may provide useful prognostic tool in advanced non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2011-02-01 Silicon dioxide coated rust nanoparticles to fight cervical cancer 0 5
2011-02-01 Study finds E2F5 transcription factor commonly overexpressed in primary human HCC 0 None
2011-02-01 IASLC publishes new international multidisciplinary classification for lung adenocarcinoma 0 5
2011-02-01 Scientists create 'reporter mouse' to close gap between kidney injury and diagnosis 0 None
2011-02-01 Eurogentec, ImaginAb announce collaboration to produce engineered antibody fragments 0 None
2011-02-01 Scientist identifies natural signaling molecule that can prevent Hemophilia A 0 None
2011-02-01 New research finding shows strong relationship between gut bacteria and fatty liver 0 None
2011-02-01 Researchers study peripheral blood Tregs as disease marker of gastric cancer 0 None
2011-02-01 Histamine can be an important molecule to develop new treatments for MS 1 5
2011-02-01 Lifestyle more closely linked with childhood obesity, than genetics 0 None


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