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Date Title Comments Rating
2012-07-31 Specific autoantibodies associated with blood vessel damage in the brain 0 None
2012-07-31 NYGC purchases four Life Technologies' Ion Proton Sequencers 0 None
2012-07-31 Opioid receptors can control metabolic response to diets high in fat and sugar 0 None
2012-07-31 High choline intake during pregnancy may improve how a child responds to stress 0 None
2012-07-31 Researchers use computational analysis to identify new Achilles heel for drug-resistant breast cancer 0 None
2012-07-31 Advanced understanding of neurodegenerative diseases achieved by Trophos 0 None
2012-07-31 Mapping rhomboid enzymes could eventually lead to drugs to treat malaria 0 None
2012-07-31 Stem cell therapy holds promise for craniofacial bone repair 0 None
2012-07-31 Photoacoustics limited in its ability to identify multiple types of cancer 0 None
2012-07-31 Stem cells can actually replace dead tissue after heart attack very early in life 0 None
2012-07-31 TAU researcher reveals link between plant and human biology 0 None
2012-07-31 Two new targets could enhance the body's defenses against West Nile and hepatitis C 1 None
2012-07-31 Traditional cures provide economic benefits 0 None
2012-07-31 EPHA3 mutations may be important drivers of lung cancers 0 4
2012-07-31 Gluconeogenesis severely compromised in HCC by IL6-Stat3-mediated activation of miR-23a 0 None
2012-07-31 Researchers identify new genetic target for diuretic therapy 0 None
2012-07-31 Study finds brain structural variations in people with highly superior autobiographical memory 0 None
2012-07-31 ATP1A3 gene mutations responsible for alternating hemiplegia of childhood 0 None
2012-07-30 New research indicates molecular signaling from end to end in peripheral nerve cells 0 None
2012-07-30 Study sheds light on complexities of cancer genetics 0 None
2012-07-30 Evidence for ADHD due to delay in brain development 0 None
2012-07-30 Progress with GSK in advancing VaxiRNA technology earns Alnylam $3.2M milestone payment 0 None
2012-07-30 FDA grants Senesco's SNS01-T orphan-drug designation to treat lymphomas 0 None
2012-07-30 Scientists identify new gene responsible for genetic form of blindness in newborns 0 None
2012-07-30 Antioxidants and pancreatic cancer risk: an interview with Dr Andrew Hart 0 3.5
2012-07-30 Promising implications for improving cellular immunotherapy for treatment of cancer 0 None
2012-07-30 Tenth patient treated in ACT's hESC derived RPE cell trial for SMD 0 None
2012-07-30 Study extends scientific understanding of how pheromones activate the vomeronasal organ 0 None
2012-07-30 Elsevier introduces Applied and Translational Genomics journal 0 None
2012-07-30 MCW, Transgenomic partner to offer next-generation genetic testing services 0 None
2012-07-30 Toshiba’s Vantage Titan 1.5T and 3T MR systems can help visualize CSF bulk flow 0 None
2012-07-30 Boys show more preference to solve arithmetic problems than girls 0 None
2012-07-30 UTMB researchers receives NIH grant to develop engineered lung tissue for biomedical studies 0 None
2012-07-30 Researchers describe new human tissue dendritic cell with cross-presenting function 0 None
2012-07-30 Scientists decipher molecular causes of life-threatening candida fungal infections 0 None
2012-07-30 New assay method finds evidence of clonal evolution in chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 None
2012-07-30 New compound effective at blocking damage to the retina in diabetic retinopathy 0 None
2012-07-30 Insight into neural basis of human consciousness 0 None
2012-07-30 OX40 molecule responsible for airway inflammation in the lungs 0 None
2012-07-30 Researchers discover gene mutations in patients with alternating hemiplegia of childhood 2 None
2012-07-30 Researchers isolate elusive human gene that causes NMNAT1-related Leber congenital amaurosis 0 None
2012-07-29 Ephrin-A5 blocks formation of new connections between neurons after stroke 0 None
2012-07-28 New study sheds light on exactly how cigarette smoke causes osteoporosis 0 None
2012-07-28 New drug can aid in losing weight and keeping it off 0 None
2012-07-28 Roofers have higher PAH blood-levels after 6-hour shift 0 None
2012-07-28 Study investigates effects of stress management tool that can also appeal to younger generation 0 None
2012-07-28 Study shows how neurons in the brain select information needed to keep us in balance 0 None
2012-07-27 Potential biomarker to predict lung cancer patients' response to chemotherapy 0 None
2012-07-27 PedBrain Tumor network publishes evaluation of first 125 genome analyses of medulloblastomas 0 None
2012-07-27 MEG-MRI combined device for mapping the human brain 0 None
2012-07-27 Viral evolution and host protein levels predict rapid disease progression in hepatitis C patients 0 None
2012-07-27 Study investigates molecular markers in drug-resistant ovarian cancer 0 None
2012-07-27 Study validates importin beta1 protein's crucial role in nerve repair 0 None
2012-07-27 Vaccine complex delivered safely by piggybacking onto 3D DNA nanostructures 0 None
2012-07-27 Researchers decode deadly 2011 E. coli outbreak in Germany 0 None
2012-07-27 Novel method of identifying molecules that can help prevent diabetes 0 None
2012-07-27 HIV drug resistance: an interview with Dr. Silvia Bertagnolio 1 4.5
2012-07-27 Coca-Cola sold in California now contains little of cancer-causing chemical 4-methylimidizole 0 None
2012-07-27 A2bAR receptor plays a significant role in regulation of type 2 diabetes and obesity 0 None
2012-07-27 Skin microbiota may help protect the body from infection 0 None
2012-07-26 Fusion of FGFR and TACC gene leads to glioblastoma 0 None
2012-07-26 Novel technique allows scientists to assay tumor invasion attributable to interstitial fluid 0 None
2012-07-26 Researchers develop piglet model to study infant brain development 0 None
2012-07-26 Researchers decipher function of β-catenin in generating blood tissue stem cells 0 None
2012-07-26 Raising dopamine levels in frontal cortex reduces impulsivity in healthy adults 0 None
2012-07-26 Rapamycin improves function and extends survival in mice with DCM and rare muscular dystrophies 0 None
2012-07-26 Vitamin B12 supplements and hepatitis C treatment: an interview with Gerardo Nardone and Alba Rocco 2 5
2012-07-26 Two Ottawa researchers take innovative approaches to improve virus-based cancer therapy 0 None
2012-07-26 ZOLOFT holds promise against cryptococcal meningitis 0 None
2012-07-26 Molecular explanation for increased susceptibility to intestinal inflammation in malnutrition 0 None
2012-07-26 AAQ chemical temporarily restores vision in blind mice 4 5
2012-07-26 Combination of two stress hormones shuts down brain activity for goal-directed behaviour 0 None
2012-07-26 AHAF announces glaucoma and macular degeneration research grants 0 None
2012-07-26 Researchers discover new cause of congenital myopathy 0 None
2012-07-25 How an opportunistic fungal pathogen knows when to attack 0 None
2012-07-25 Cepheid launches new Xpert BCR-ABL Monitor test 0 2
2012-07-25 NIH grants aim at creating 3-D tissue chips to help identify drug safety signals 0 None
2012-07-25 MASL protein from plant's seeds may halt spread of melanoma 0 None
2012-07-25 Scientists use inactive, fat rats to study juvenile obesity 0 None
2012-07-25 Human neutrophil peptide 1 effectively prevents HIV entry into cells in multiple ways 0 None
2012-07-25 WASC accredits Cedars-Sinai PhD program in biomedical sciences and translational medicine 0 None
2012-07-25 Rutgers cell biologist to receive Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers 0 None
2012-07-25 Study uncovers pathways by which yoga impacts biological processes 0 4
2012-07-25 Insights into link between fat-hoarding genes and ancient diet 0 None
2012-07-25 Researchers discover important link between sodium and calcium 0 None
2012-07-25 Study demonstrates how C. albicans can sense and attack hosts with varying immune statuses 0 None
2012-07-25 Mice have different neural subsystem associated with instinctually important smells 0 None
2012-07-25 Giving patients a new immune system can cure Crohn's disease 0 None
2012-07-25 RhoC gene promotes breast cancer stem cell progression 0 None
2012-07-25 Moderate-to-severe TBI can disrupt proteins that regulate enzyme associated with Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-07-25 Vanderbilt researchers receives new $2.1M grant to develop microbrain bioreactor 0 None
2012-07-25 Deep look into how brain mechanisms for memory retrieval differ between adults and children 0 None
2012-07-25 New algorithm can help scientists predict gene and drug interactions 0 None
2012-07-25 Insight into possible new approaches in vaccine development for blood-borne infections and HIV 0 None
2012-07-25 Hypoxic lung environment increases HIF-2a tumor growth signaling 0 None
2012-07-25 Scientists discover structure and operating procedures of anti-bacterial killing machine 0 None
2012-07-25 New classification scheme for psychiatric symptoms 0 None
2012-07-24 New large animal model for human cancer studies 0 None
2012-07-24 Study identifies MDM4 protein as promising target for treatment of melanoma 0 None
2012-07-24 Biokine receives FDA Orphan Drug designation for BKT140 to treat hematological cancers 0 None
2012-07-24 Mephedrone does have potential for abuse and addiction 0 None
2012-07-24 Study represents new use of bone marrow transplantation 0 None
2012-07-24 Tumor necrosis factor may play a key role in how light at night leads to depression 0 None
2012-07-24 Pancreatic cancer risk may be lowered by high dietary antioxidant intake 0 None
2012-07-24 Researchers identify new class of compounds that inhibit spread of prions 0 None
2012-07-24 UV induction of melanin is directly involved in melanoma formation 0 None
2012-07-24 Scientists identify mechanisms by which GLP-1 protects against kidney disease, diabetes 0 None
2012-07-24 PAMAM G-3 actually prevents activation of the process that leads to thrombosis 0 None
2012-07-24 Scientists demonstrate link between cancer and faulty differentiation of stem cells 0 None
2012-07-23 Neural precursor cells suppress aggressive tumors 0 None
2012-07-23 Synthetic triterpenoids block development of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2012-07-23 HALO, UND enter agreement to develop biomarkers for early detection of breast cancer 0 5
2012-07-23 Overeating and increased weight linked to brain region associated with motivation and reward 0 None
2012-07-23 Novel genomic sequencing method can help conduct in-depth analysis of single cells 0 None
2012-07-23 Reward-related decision making may be affected by the emotional processing system 0 None
2012-07-23 Insights on neural mechanisms behind guidance of attention 0 None
2012-07-23 Protein associated with Huntington’s and other neurodegenerative diseases has several brain-specific forms 0 None
2012-07-23 Research finds new gene involved in epilepsy 0 None
2012-07-23 Egg allergy treatment for children: an interview with Dr Robert Wood 0 5
2012-07-23 Researchers uncover protein structure that regulates blood cell formation and activity 0 None
2012-07-23 Targeting monocyte activation may reduce arterial inflammation in HIV-infected patients 0 None
2012-07-23 Researchers identify several gene mutations responsible for medulloblastoma 0 None
2012-07-23 Researchers link specific gene mutations with four recognized subtypes of medulloblastoma 0 None
2012-07-23 Researchers turn inanimate silicone and living cardiac muscle cells into a jellyfish 0 None
2012-07-21 International Congress on Natural Products Research to be held in New York City 0 2
2012-07-21 Many patients may benefit from day 5 embryo biopsy 0 None
2012-07-21 Antibody detects progenitor cells in cancers and cirrhosis of liver 0 None
2012-07-21 Study identifies genetic markers that influence protein involved in regulating oestrogen, testosterone levels 0 None
2012-07-21 2-D models may often give researchers misleading results 0 None
2012-07-21 Neuroscience 2012 annual meeting to take place from Oct. 13-17 0 None
2012-07-21 Researchers discover reason why breast cancer cells become drug resistant 0 None
2012-07-21 Experts examine host recognition of Staphylococcus and E.coli bacteria 0 None
2012-07-21 New antibody can be used as early diagnostic tool for Parkinson's 0 None
2012-07-21 Marshall University faculty member receives $426,000 NIH grant for lung cancer study 0 None
2012-07-21 Study explores role of L. reuteri against foodborne infection 0 5
2012-07-21 Scientists uncover how internal mechanisms in nerve cells wire the brain 0 None
2012-07-21 Study identifies genetic markers that influence sex hormone-binding globulin 0 None
2012-07-20 Study opens way for new approaches to slow development of AIDS in HIV-1-infected patients 0 None
2012-07-20 Placenta-derived endothelial colony-forming cells are more vasculogenic: Study 0 None
2012-07-20 Mother's exposure to air pollution increases risk of obesity and insulin resistance in offspring 0 None
2012-07-20 Study on relationship between pain and higher brain functions 0 None
2012-07-20 Natural compound can virtually eradicate HIV in infected culture cells 0 None
2012-07-20 Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology receives Gates Foundation grant 0 None
2012-07-20 Scientists develop simple assay to diagnose 'superparasites' 0 None
2012-07-20 Short-term infection with intestinal worms may provide long-term protection against TID 0 None
2012-07-20 SGC, Life Technologies to generate first-ever master set of epigenetic recombinant antibodies 0 None
2012-07-20 Studies report on therapeutic efficacy of stem cell transplantation in animal models of ALS, SCI 0 None
2012-07-20 Study demonstrates how nerve stimulation paired with specific experiences can reorganize the brain 0 None
2012-07-20 Researchers identify six genes with driving mutations in melanoma 0 None
2012-07-20 Internal clock of human skin responsible for time-based steering of repair and regeneration 0 None
2012-07-20 Scientists identify inhibitors of key enzyme involved in survival of malaria parasite 0 None
2012-07-20 Study helps explain why leukemia occurs more frequently as people age 0 5
2012-07-20 Scientists to create new drugs with bone formation stimulating activities 0 None
2012-07-20 IMDx HSV-1/2 for Abbott m2000 assay receives CE-marking 0 None
2012-07-20 Epithilone D effective in preventing Alzheimer's in animal models 0 None
2012-07-20 Single-step method can rapidly detect pathogens and chemical contaminants 0 None
2012-07-19 Brain study assesses effect of fat on the processing of flavour perception 0 None
2012-07-19 Researchers discover potential drug targets that might reduce ventilator-induced lung inflammation 0 None
2012-07-19 UNMC's ART injectables can successfully treat HIV infection 0 None
2012-07-19 Statistical method uses evolutionary information to enhance identification of disease-associated alleles 0 None
2012-07-19 Huddersfield scientist receives Pain Relief Foundation grant for research into BH4 pathway 0 None
2012-07-19 Duke-led consortium to focus on inducing neutralizing antibodies for HIV-1 prevention 0 None
2012-07-19 New research sheds light on pluripotency 0 None
2012-07-19 Pioneering technique that uses thermal imaging can help fight obesity 0 None
2012-07-19 Diabetes linked to onset of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2012-07-19 Researchers verify role of alpha-synuclein aggregates in vivo 0 None
2012-07-19 Inhibiting STAT3 might unleash an effective anti-lymphoma immune response 0 None
2012-07-19 Metabolic syndrome may reduce cerebral blood flow 0 None
2012-07-19 High ceramide levels may increase a person's risk of AD 0 None
2012-07-19 Abscisic acid has anti-inflammatory effects in the lungs and gut 0 None
2012-07-19 Researchers identify new behavior for the human macrophage 0 4
2012-07-19 ADHD drugs do not appear to have long-term effects on the brain 1 None
2012-07-18 Study focuses on interaction between two key proteins involved in apoptosis 0 None
2012-07-18 CSIRO to produce antibodies for development of new vaccines against rotavirus 0 None
2012-07-18 Research explains why exercise is beneficial for heart function in type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-07-18 Nanofiber scaffolds regenerate protein components in cartilage repair 0 None
2012-07-18 Targeted regulation of microRNA-125b may lead to effective prostate cancer therapies 0 None
2012-07-18 USDTL releases new BloodSpot Collection Kit 0 None
2012-07-18 Novel technique can cause apoptosis of cancer cells 0 None
2012-07-18 Mobile Music Touch may improve motor skills, sensation for people with paralyzing SCI 1 None
2012-07-18 Scientists create synthetic pores that mimic activity of cellular ion channels 0 None
2012-07-18 Medica releases EasyCell solution for hematology laboratories 0 None
2012-07-18 Toshiba's MicroPure software improves identification of microcalcifications in the breast 0 None
2012-07-18 Researchers uncover mechanism by which aging may weaken immune response 0 None
2012-07-18 Kawasaki Disease may increase risk of atherosclerosis in children 0 None
2012-07-18 Study into how IDPN nitrile causes neurological syndromes similar to ALS 0 None
2012-07-18 c-Kit receptor plays critical role in development and function of insulin-producing beta cells 0 None
2012-07-18 Combination of Dox with MCP shows promise against prostate cancer 0 None
2012-07-18 Jade, BioTime sign exclusive sublicense and supply agreement for HyStem 0 None
2012-07-18 Wake Forest, UCSD develop new genetic test for prostate cancer 0 None
2012-07-18 BJP publishes data from ESTEVE's E-52862 preclinical studies on pain 0 None
2012-07-18 Combination of tPA and 3K3A-APC may effectively treat stroke 0 None
2012-07-18 Heart-protective protein finally found 0 None
2012-07-17 Promising path to Parkinson’s disease treatment 0 None
2012-07-17 Premier research institutions, Biogen Idec partner to sequence genomes of patients with ALS 0 None
2012-07-17 WCMC receives NHLBI grant to study smoking-induced COPD 0 None
2012-07-17 Study shows why eating less may be therapeutic for people with neuromuscular disorders 0 None
2012-07-17 Illumina launches new kits for targeted resequencing studies 0 None
2012-07-17 Researchers begin to uncover important clues about SCAD 0 None
2012-07-17 Venom protein could treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy 0 4
2012-07-17 New Alzheimer's model derived from skin cells of patients may prove to be more accurate 0 None
2012-07-17 Duke University to receive CHAVI-Immunogen Discovery grant for effective HIV vaccine 0 None
2012-07-17 Relationship between two biological risk factors for schizophrenia 0 None
2012-07-17 Helper T cells may be frontline warriors when battling hepatitis A infection 0 None
2012-07-17 Activating NOTCH and AKT gene may trigger cholangiocarcinoma 0 None
2012-07-17 Researchers identify cannabinoid-making pathway 0 None
2012-07-17 Scientists discover new way to convert cord blood cells into iNC 0 None
2012-07-17 Ampio announces advancement of NCE001 to preclinical development 0 None
2012-07-17 Scientists develop first cell-based model of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2012-07-17 BRAF L597 mutation in melanoma patients responds to MEK inhibitor drugs 0 None
2012-07-17 People with amnestic MCI more likely to die 0 None
2012-07-17 Patients with early-stage MS show sodium accumulation in specific brain regions 0 None
2012-07-17 Cadherin-catenin-actin structure exerts force inside and between cells in living tissues 0 None
2012-07-17 Studies provide evidence of connections between MCI and negative health outcomes 0 None
2012-07-17 New CD141hi DC subset plays a critical role in activating immune response against pathogens 0 None
2012-07-17 Introducing missing gene could help extend lives of patients with SMA 0 None
2012-07-17 Stress management treatment reduces formation of new brain lesions in people with MS 0 None
2012-07-17 InvivoSciences, WUSTL to construct artificial tissue models for heart failure 0 None
2012-07-17 Targeting CDK1 pathway may be efficacious for acute myeloid leukemias with FLT3 mutation 0 None
2012-07-16 Osteoporosis and sarcopenia: researchers at UMKC receive $8.3 million to study relationship 0 None
2012-07-16 UMMS scientists identify new genetic mutation that causes familial ALS 0 None
2012-07-16 Gait disturbances could indicate a decline in cognitive function 0 None
2012-07-16 Varying brain activity may reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2012-07-16 New NMR spectrometer to benefit researchers from across Texas A&M 0 None
2012-07-16 Researchers discover HVEM’s unknown role in fighting off E. coli infections 0 None
2012-07-16 IDH mutation drives aggressive form of acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2012-07-16 Scientists uncover new strategy that may help reverse mucus dehydration in CF, COPD 0 None
2012-07-16 Researchers link newly discovered gene mutations to ALS 0 None
2012-07-14 Cleveland Clinic receives NHLBI grant to identify new pathways linked with cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2012-07-14 Five recent Science and Nature papers shed light on elusive 'GPCRs' 0 None
2012-07-14 Scientists clone tannin gene in sorghum 0 None
2012-07-14 Body rids itself of excess copper through urine: New study 0 None
2012-07-14 Scientists isolate beige fat cells that may have therapeutic potential against obesity 0 None
2012-07-14 Health risks of egg donation for young females 0 None
2012-07-14 Study shows why co-morbid conditions can result in impaired vision 0 None
2012-07-14 Ajuba protein plays a central role in regulating function of heart stem cells 0 None
2012-07-14 New paper documents discovery of novel lipids, including MC3 0 None
2012-07-14 Two cellular proteins team up to provide steady supply of RBCs 0 None
2012-07-14 WUSM receives NHLBI grant to study heart disease in patients with diabetes 0 None
2012-07-14 Obesity-fighting tissue in humans is actually not quite brown, says study 0 None
2012-07-14 Researchers identify potassium channel as an autoantibody target in MS 0 None
2012-07-14 Researchers define interaction between two essential proteins that control inflammation 0 None
2012-07-13 Five rare mutations in single gene increase chances of boys developing ASD 0 None
2012-07-13 Scientists isolate new type of energy-burning fat cell 0 None
2012-07-13 3D cell culture technology discussed in on-demand webinar 0 None
2012-07-13 Discovery sheds light on why human body is unable to fight off HIV infection 0 5
2012-07-12 UC Davis, CDC, Agilent and FDA partner to develop public database of foodborne pathogen genomes 0 None
2012-07-12 Eisai, Verastem partner for next-generation of small molecule Wnt inhibitors 0 None
2012-07-12 Superorganism view of the human body 0 None
2012-07-12 PGC-1alpha and TFEB provide two new therapeutic targets for Huntington's disease 0 None
2012-07-12 Manipulating retinal recipient microenvironment impacts photoreceptor cell transplantation 0 None
2012-07-12 SLU professor to study how antithrombin might prevent premature death from heart disease 0 None
2012-07-12 Scientists assemble timeline of brain changes that lead to Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-07-12 Communication between brain and muscle cells is short-lived without LRP4 protein 0 None
2012-07-12 BGI, BioMed Central launch GigaScience journal 0 None
2012-07-12 Researchers identify set of laboratory-based biomarkers that aid in diagnosis of schizophrenia 0 None
2012-07-12 Cellular change also occurs in early-stage lung cancer, say researchers 0 None
2012-07-12 TGen's customized procedure produces high amounts of exosomes for treatment of CKD 0 5
2012-07-12 Eschar-derived cells may be used for tissue engineering 0 None
2012-07-12 Memory-binding process allows people to better understand new concepts and make decisions 0 None
2012-07-12 Researchers settle controversy over the mechanism by which silver nanoparticles kill bacteria 1 None
2012-07-12 Physiologists, neuropathologists identify origin of cancer metastasis formation 0 None
2012-07-12 SRI receives NIAID grant to develop HIV vaccine 0 None
2012-07-12 New assay can identify rare cancerous cells within mixed populations 0 None
2012-07-12 Study details how resistance to targeted drug therapy emerges in colorectal cancers 0 None
2012-07-12 Study links brain anatomy and activation with human altruism 0 None
2012-07-12 Novel molecular mechanism responsible for most important symptom of major depression 0 None
2012-07-12 Genes responsible for immune function are almost different in middle age than in early adulthood 0 None
2012-07-12 Powerful brain chemical systems work together to paralyze skeletal muscles during REM sleep 0 None
2012-07-12 Brain anatomy and brain activity connected to altruistic behavior 0 None
2012-07-12 Naturally occurring molecule may prevent plaque buildup inside arteries 0 None
2012-07-11 Oligodendroglia cells: An interview with Jeffrey Rothstein 0 None
2012-07-11 Research into “insulating” brain cells could help to cure neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS 0 None
2012-07-11 Courtagen launches nucSEEKPDx assay 0 None
2012-07-11 Neonate blood-brain barrier more intact than adults following stroke 0 None
2012-07-11 PROLOR to present data on long-acting clotting factors for hemophilia at WFH World Congress 0 None
2012-07-11 Breast cancer drug bevacizumab slows progression but has no overall survival benefit 0 None
2012-07-11 Study details development of first mouse model for Usher syndrome III 0 None
2012-07-11 Microbiologists reveal how T. brucei’s key proteins organize to replicate its mtDNA 0 None
2012-07-11 Registration now open for Disease Models & Mechanisms' one-day symposium 0 None
2012-07-11 Cylene's Pol I inhibitor activates p53 and selectively destroys cancer cells 0 None
2012-07-11 TLR1 plays a critical role in protecting the body from food-borne illnesses 0 None
2012-07-11 Researchers discover unknown mechanism that promotes growth and spread of cancer 0 None
2012-07-11 Research finds new single-gene cause of chronic kidney disease 0 None
2012-07-11 Article addresses tremendous impact of genetic testing for Alzheimer’s 0 None
2012-07-11 New method uses acoustic angiography to identify cancer in minutes 0 None
2012-07-11 Book explains complex world of personalized medicine 0 None
2012-07-11 Nutrient cocktail can boost memory in patients with mild cognitive impairment 0 None
2012-07-11 New algorithm for faster human genome sequencing 0 None
2012-07-11 SRI International receives DoD grant to develop novel therapy for MS 0 None
2012-07-11 Colon cancer cells use clever trick to migrate: Study 0 None
2012-07-11 Common barnyard chicken might offer new ways to attack cancer 0 None
2012-07-10 Multi-well microplates ensure high filtered sample integrity 0 None
2012-07-10 Scientists identify novel strategy to target Taspase1 enzyme 0 None
2012-07-10 First-ever captivity-bred bat colony to unlock secrets of behavior, cognition 0 None
2012-07-10 ACADI’s pimavanserin may have therapeutic benefits in treatment of ADP 0 None
2012-07-10 Scientists discover two key epigenetic regulating genes that govern stem cell differentiation 0 None
2012-07-10 MiR-33 plays a key role in regulating bile metabolism 0 None
2012-07-10 Researchers investigate whether PTSD is a brain disorder 0 None
2012-07-10 Researchers discover mechanism that favours disappearance and inhibition of SCC development 0 None
2012-07-10 Lipid ceramide helps cells keep cilium or antenna from retracting 0 None
2012-07-10 Glycemic index varies from one type of rice to another 0 None
2012-07-10 Scientists develop novel anticancer drug designed to travel through the bloodstream 0 None
2012-07-10 Disabling Nf1 gene makes stem cells from the third ventricle proliferate rapidly 0 None
2012-07-10 Methylation provides signal of unique mix of leukocytes 0 None
2012-07-10 Oligomers may be responsible for onset of Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-07-10 Sox10 gene plays a central role in melanoma 0 None
2012-07-10 MammaPrint more cost-effective and clinically-useful test than Oncotype DX 0 None
2012-07-10 Measuring creatinine and cystatin C more accurately estimates kidney function 0 None
2012-07-10 Combination of estrogen and MPA increases synapses in the prefrontal cortex 0 None
2012-07-10 U-M to receive CTSA grant renewal in support of clinical and translational research 0 None
2012-07-10 Prolonged exposure to high-fat diets reduces quality of sleep in rats 0 None
2012-07-10 Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery induces changes in the gut microbiota 0 None
2012-07-10 Protein interactions outside breast cancer cells can permanently stop proliferation 0 None
2012-07-10 Blocking a fundamental process deep within cancer cells can selectively kill them 0 3
2012-07-10 Einstein researchers to study molecular mechanism behind Ebola virus infection 0 None
2012-07-10 Study clarifies anti-inflammatory impact of boswellic acids 0 None
2012-07-10 EGF helps prevent inflammation-induced cancer 0 None
2012-07-10 Adiponectin reduces depression-like symptoms in mice 0 None
2012-07-09 Gene defect linked to cluster of systemic complications 0 None
2012-07-09 Luminex to acquire molecular diagnostics company, GenturaDx 0 None
2012-07-09 Researchers use metal complexes to modify peptide hormones 0 None
2012-07-09 KannaLife enters exclusive license with NIH-OTT for patent regarding cannabinoids 1 5
2012-07-09 Novel treatment for cancer based on protein from HIV-1 virus 0 None
2012-07-09 Human immune response: TCD scientists make breakthrough which could lead to new drug therapies 0 None
2012-07-09 Merck, OMT announce new antibody discovery collaboration 0 None
2012-07-09 Next generation predictive 3D cell toxicity assays to be developed by Medicyte GmbH and Reinnervate Ltd 0 None
2012-07-09 Sectioning of bone as a specialist histology specimen 0 None
2012-07-09 Does alcohol kill brain cells? 0 3.9
2012-07-09 Novel gene therapy approach may treat dysferlinopathies 0 None
2012-07-09 Researchers describe inflammatory mechanism of sunburn 0 None
2012-07-09 New somatostatin vaccines promote weight loss 0 None
2012-07-09 DNA from CF patients with and without chronic infections points to unsuspected mutation 0 None
2012-07-09 Targeting double-stranded RNA dependent protein kinase could treat inflammation 0 None
2012-07-09 High expression of interleukin-9 in immune cells inhibits melanoma growth 0 None
2012-07-08 Conference highlights utility of zebrafish for human disorder studies 0 None
2012-07-08 Mouse model demonstrates role of AEG-1 in hepatocellular carcinoma 0 None
2012-07-08 Effect of spaceflight on C. elegans could help it to live longer 0 None
2012-07-08 Presence of SPDEF protein may predict prostate cancers that are unable to metastasize 0 None
2012-07-07 Dynorphin plays an important role in weakening anxiety 0 5
2012-07-07 Study reveals connection among sugar, cancer, and dependence on breathing machines 0 None
2012-07-07 Key difference between spinal regeneration in fish and mammals 0 None
2012-07-07 Protein AMPK protects sensory cells in the inner ear from permanent damage 0 None
2012-07-07 New strategy to reduce or eliminate scars on the skin 0 None
2012-07-07 New epigenetic path toward a cure for osteoarthritis 0 None
2012-07-07 Biological mechanisms behind appetite-suppressing effects of proteins 0 None
2012-07-07 New vaccine candidate against leading cause of hospital-acquired infections 0 None
2012-07-07 FDA approves KRAS gene mutation test for colorectal cancer 0 None
2012-07-07 New optical microscope identifies rare breast cancer cells 0 None
2012-07-06 New insights into role and importance of exosomes and their targeted gene transcripts 0 None
2012-07-06 Bioengineers develop microfluidic platform to mechanically confine cancer cells 0 None
2012-07-06 Researchers to use nanoscopic clay for controlled release of drugs in patients 0 None
2012-07-06 New class of injectable materials can stimulate tissue regeneration 0 None
2012-07-06 Toxins and cell death: Interview with Professor Denise Montell 0 5
2012-07-06 Study represents starting point for future clinical applications using propolis 0 None
2012-07-06 Study sheds light on the assembly of ribosome 0 None
2012-07-06 FDC precursor cells exist in the wall of blood vessels 0 None
2012-07-06 PHF21A gene plays a big role in Potocki-Shaffer syndrome 0 None
2012-07-06 MiR-125b downregulated in both aggressive and indolent forms of CLL 0 None
2012-07-06 Peptides block MORs and curb appetite 0 None
2012-07-06 Insight into understanding IDH mediated disease 0 None
2012-07-06 Metformin can activate neural stem cells to encourage brain repair 0 None
2012-07-06 TPJ in brain carries information for decisions during social interactions 0 None
2012-07-06 Scientists discover new signalling pathway that controls both obesity and atherosclerosis 0 None
2012-07-06 Scientists use antibody injections to rapidly reverse onset of Type I diabetes in mice 0 None
2012-07-05 Reprogramming asthma-promoting immune cells diminishes airway damage and inflammation 0 None
2012-07-05 Cancer Therapeutics announces validation and performance of CTx-294886 plus Avastin 0 None
2012-07-05 Scientists discover constant cloud of potent inflammatory molecules surrounding the monocytes 0 None
2012-07-05 Study shows cells from different Parkinson’s patients have unique drug responses 0 None
2012-07-05 Eltrombopag can raise blood cell levels in some people with severe aplastic anemia 0 None
2012-07-05 Neighboring non-cancer cells may contribute to drug resistance 0 None
2012-07-05 Researchers use maternal blood sample to sequence genome of an unborn baby 0 2
2012-07-05 Interfascicular matrix essential for tendon function 0 5
2012-07-05 Lower pH reduces ability of ASL to kill bacteria in CF airways 0 4
2012-07-05 Scientists identify causative link between oncometabolite and onset of AML 1 None
2012-07-05 Alcoholic liver disease risk only ‘modestly’ affected by genetic factors 0 None
2012-07-04 Strawberry extracts actively stimulate proteins that offer protection against cardiovascular disease 0 5
2012-07-04 New research approach can help predict the 'tenability' of antibiotics 0 None
2012-07-04 The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation supports Genetic Initiative at CCFA 0 None
2012-07-04 UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging to partner in new effort to combat Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-07-04 Study examines how cells exploit gene sequences to cope with toxic stress 0 None
2012-07-04 Researchers identify mechanism responsible for inhibition of AMPK activity in the hypothalamus 0 None
2012-07-04 Researcher discovers how West Nile virus breaks through the tough blood-brain barrier to CNS 0 None
2012-07-04 Epigenetic changes due to methylation play a key role in altering genes in RA 0 5
2012-07-04 TMC receives NIH grant to evaluate pepducin in heart disease patients 0 None
2012-07-04 Important insight into association between childhood maltreatment and suicide 0 None
2012-07-04 Global warming may stimulate growth of cyanobacteria 0 None
2012-07-04 Investigators identify cell replacement/tissue repair potential in adult bone marrow stem cells 0 None
2012-07-04 Tolfenamic acid appears to reduce esophageal tumors 0 5
2012-07-04 Early childhood adversity linked with depression and inflammation 0 None
2012-07-04 Study shows higher levels of phenolic compounds in organic tomatoes 0 None
2012-07-04 Nottingham scientists to develop world's first atlas of the Asian brain 0 None
2012-07-04 Physicists develop new nanoscale materials using moth eyes 0 None
2012-07-04 Researchers reveal how WBCs move to infection or inflammation in the body 0 None
2012-07-04 Social interventions may help slow or treat age-related dementia 0 None
2012-07-04 Scientists reprogram amniotic fluid cells without introduction of extra genes 0 None
2012-07-04 Cigarette smoke reduces production of Fallopian tube gene - BAD 0 None
2012-07-04 23andMe identifies seven SNPs associated with breast size 0 None
2012-07-04 Scientists develop new animal model to study nonalcoholic steatohepatitis 0 None
2012-07-03 New method promotes selection and growth of dangerous cancer cells 0 None
2012-07-03 WSU researcher looks for clues on link between H1N1 flu and obesity 0 None
2012-07-03 Researchers use mouse model of autism to treat CTD 0 None
2012-07-03 Rodents may hold the key to long and active lifespan 0 None
2012-07-03 NOTCH1 signaling promotes T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia-initiating cell regeneration 0 None
2012-07-03 Study confirms a rare susceptibility variant in glioma 0 None
2012-07-03 Researchers identify new gene target for leukemia therapy 0 None
2012-07-03 Being a parent protects against cold: Study 0 None
2012-07-03 July issue of Neurosurgery provides update on Human Connectome Project 0 None
2012-07-03 PGD for breast cancer genes BRCA1/2 is now feasible 0 None
2012-07-03 GRP78 plays an important role in breast cancers that respond to anti-estrogen therapy 0 None
2012-07-03 Cells close to death from toxin exposure can survive when toxins are removed 0 None
2012-07-03 Study identifies possible new approach to defeat bacterial infections 0 None
2012-07-03 Osteoarthritis susceptibility: eight potential genes discovered 0 None
2012-07-03 GHB binds to GABAA-receptor in the brain under physiologically relevant conditions 0 None
2012-07-03 Researchers report positive effects of ibuprofen on bone repair after fracture or surgery 0 None
2012-07-03 Women with higher intake of dietary saturated fats have fewer mature oocytes available for IVF 0 None
2012-07-03 Changing tissue landscape promotes higher cancer rates in the elderly 0 None
2012-07-03 Imaging PR status may help identify tumor response to endocrine therapy 0 None
2012-07-03 Scientists discover Eya1 enzyme control of pulmonary barrier integrity 0 None
2012-07-03 Study demonstrates effectiveness of combination therapy for breast cancer cells in vitro 0 None
2012-07-03 ASU professor to receive $6.25M basic research award under DoD's MURI program 0 None
2012-07-03 Researchers show how aggressive form of multiple myeloma resists chemotherapy 1 None
2012-07-03 Scientists assemble string of genetic letters that could control parrots' vocal learning 0 None
2012-07-03 Caffeinated coffee intake may reduce risk of basal cell carcinoma 0 5
2012-07-03 Heart attacks that occur in late pregnancy cause more damage 0 None
2012-07-02 Deleting a single gene results in autism-like behavior 0 None
2012-07-02 Study investigates association between SCC and cutaneous HPV types belonging to five different genera 0 None
2012-07-02 Abnormal bone marrow stem cells drive development of myelodysplastic syndromes 0 None
2012-07-02 Potential link between mutant huntingtin, cell loss and cell death in Huntington's disease 0 None
2012-07-02 Safer alternative to experimental gene therapy against HIV infection 0 None
2012-07-02 New treatment target against metastatic pancreatic cancer 0 None
2012-07-02 Chronic inflammation can predispose the brain to develop Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2012-07-02 Blocking AXL protein may prevent resistance to lung cancer drug 0 None
2012-07-02 Early brain changes predict chances of developing chronic pain 0 None
2012-07-02 3D printed templates of filament networks can improve function of engineered living tissues 0 5
2012-07-02 Study illuminates key step in the journey of inflammation-producing immune cells 0 None
2012-07-02 Researchers map significant portion of functional sequences of mouse genome 0 None
2012-07-02 Researchers demonstrate power of single-molecule sequencing 0 None
2012-07-02 Study illustrates novel mechanical transduction properties of hematopoietic stem cells 0 None


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