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2007-06-29 High dose rate brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer 0 None
2007-06-29 Lifestyle changes and prostate cancer 0 None
2007-06-23 Omega-3 fatty acids appear to slow prostate cancer 0 None
2007-06-21 Men bitten more often than women and alcohol is the culprit 0 None
2007-06-20 Rheumatoid factor is a risk factor for heart disease in men 0 None
2007-06-20 Men are 12 times more likely than women to sustain severe human bite injuries 0 None
2007-06-20 Men fall short when it comes to managing their personal health 0 None
2007-06-19 Russian men dying from booze 0 None
2007-06-17 Does circumcision affect sensitivity? 0 5
2007-06-17 Cognitive behavioral therapy workshops effective at getting men to seek help for insomnia 0 None
2007-06-08 Study of exertion-related shortness of breath in obese men 0 None
2007-06-08 Low levels of testosterone may increase the long-term risk of death in men over 50 years old 0 None
2007-06-08 Inflammation again implicated in atherosclerosis 0 None
2007-06-06 Low testosterone means men may die young 0 5
2007-06-05 Genetic variations may help explain why some men with depression develop suicidal thoughts 0 None
2007-06-05 African-American men understimate risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2007-06-05 When to change the course of treatment 0 None
2007-06-04 Women don't care about penis size! 3 3.7
2007-06-03 Men who smoke risk genetic damage to their sperm which is passed on to their children 0 None
2007-06-03 Smoking can cause changes in the DNA sequence of sperm cells 0 None
2007-06-01 Review of small penis syndrome 1 3.3


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