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2009-11-30 Sentinelle Medical, Siemens Healthcare to jointly develop solutions for Interventional Prostate MRI 0 4
2009-11-26 Healthy dietary habits are important for GCA prevention 0 None
2009-11-24 Study: Men who do moderate-to-heavy intensity exercise are less likely to have stroke 0 None
2009-11-20 "Hotline" report on finasteride for prevention of prostate cancer 0 None
2009-11-20 FDA acknowledges Dendreon's amended BLA for PROVENGE as a complete response 0 None
2009-11-20 HHS Secretary commended for her statement on government medical panel 0 None
2009-11-20 Data from second positive pivotal study of PSD502 for treatment of PE presented 0 None
2009-11-19 Positive results from Sciele Pharma's second pivotal study of PSD502 for the treatment of PE 0 None
2009-11-19 Annual conference to discuss male infertility and tackling falling birth rates across Europe 0 None
2009-11-18 Gene therapy may hold promise for cryptorchid individuals risking infertility 0 None
2009-11-18 Phase III randomized clinical trial for Alpharadin to be commenced 0 3
2009-11-16 Interim data from Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals' Apoptone Phase I/II clinical trial presented 0 None
2009-11-13 LA BioMed to participate in a national study of the effectiveness of testosterone 0 None
2009-11-11 Cancer screening methods are not perfect: Experts 1 4
2009-11-11 Prostate size growth not necessarily a predictor of development of cancer 0 None
2009-11-11 First human study to measure effects of BPA on male reproductive system 0 None
2009-11-10 Prostatitis is a psychoneuromuscular condition: Study 0 5
2009-11-10 Study reveals that male factor infertility is associated with a number of medical comorbidities 0 None
2009-11-09 Chicago Prostate Cancer Center offers free prostate cancer guide 0 None
2009-11-07 Elevated PSA levels in men are not necessarily a predictor of the need for a prostate biopsy: Study 0 3.5
2009-11-07 Men's Wellness Center launched at AHF Blair Underwood Healthcare Center’ 0 None
2009-11-06 Changes in PSA over time aid prostate cancer detection 0 4
2009-11-04 Combination therapy before prostate removal may prevent recurrence of cancer 0 5
2009-11-04 Patients who have an undetectable level of PSA after therapy have good chance of being cured 0 4
2009-11-04 AUA clarifes recommendations on prostate cancer testing with PSA test and DRE 0 5
2009-11-04 Radiation treatment as effective and as safe in reducing the risk of prostate cancer from returning 0 None
2009-11-04 Men with lower cholesterol less likely to develop high-grade prostate cancer 0 None
2009-11-04 Blood vessels good indicators of prostate cancer behavior 0 None
2009-11-03 Early tolerance of proton therapy excellent in prostate cancer patients 0 None
2009-11-03 Extra dose of proton radiation therapy reduces prostate cancer recurrences 0 None
2009-11-02 NIA funds national Testosterone Trial, Penn Medicine to lead 0 None
2009-11-02 Dendreon submits an amended BLA for PROVENGE active cellular immunotherapy 0 None
2009-11-02 FDA issues a Complete Response Letter for GTx' toremifene NDA 0 None


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