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Date Title Comments Rating
2010-12-29 FDA approves Endo's FORTESTA Gel for low testosterone 0 None
2010-12-28 U.S judge awards $11.7 million to DF/HCC for large-scale prostrate cancer research 0 None
2010-12-23 Janssen files abiraterone acetate NDS with Health Canada for metastatic, advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2010-12-22 Men above age 75 with high-risk prostate cancer often under-treated 0 None
2010-12-22 Wyden's cancer treatment highlights debate over health care cost vs. personal choice 0 None
2010-12-20 Mums urged not to delay births for leave scheme 0 None
2010-12-20 U of A student wins annual master's thesis competition for research on light-sensitive drug for prostate cancer 0 None
2010-12-20 Researchers demonstrate that monensin antibiotic prevents prostate cancer cell growth 0 3.5
2010-12-17 New study suggests PSA test effective for men with prostate cancer 0 None
2010-12-17 Recordati, Nymox sign European licensing agreement for BPH investigational drug, NX-1207 0 None
2010-12-14 Concordia sociologist documents men's changing and increasingly confusing roles 1 None
2010-12-14 GTx announces Capesaris proof of concept clinical trail in men with advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2010-12-13 Pomegranate juice exhibits potential to prevent metastasis of prostate cancer cells to the bone 0 None
2010-12-13 Prostate cancer study identifies 295 genes associated with clinical recurrence following radical prostatectomy 0 None
2010-12-13 Men with type 1 diabetes could grow their own insulin-producing cells from testicular tissue, says GUMC 0 None
2010-12-12 Young gay men taking risks - raising HIV transmission 3 5
2010-12-09 Expert discusses androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer 0 4
2010-12-09 WSJ investigation: A sharp rise in specific prostate therapy parallels high Medicare payments 1 None
2010-12-08 MassMutual broadens life insurance underwriting guidelines for prostate cancer survivors 0 None
2010-12-08 Bavarian Nordic receives SPA for Phase 3 study of PROSTVAC for advanced prostate cancer 0 4
2010-12-08 Researchers develop imaging technology that can accurately identify prostate cancer 0 3
2010-12-07 VIVUS reports positive results from avanafil phase 3 study in erectile dysfunction 0 None
2010-12-06 Frisky old men - still keen and active: Sex study 0 None
2010-12-06 Research on BCR-ABL inhibitors for treating ALL, CML presented at ASH Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-12-04 KIRN 670AM RADIOIRAN to create new awareness about prostate cancer 0 None
2010-12-04 Companies, media organizations join Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition to launch pledge campaign 0 None
2010-12-04 Decrease in physician reimbursement leads to decline in AST usage for prostate cancer 0 None
2010-12-03 Prostate cancer imaging shows real-time tumor metabolism 0 2
2010-12-03 MU nanomedicine experts form new partnership with Shasun Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2010-12-03 Olympus PlasmaButton- vaporization technology now usable with Gyrus ACMI SuperPulse- Generator platform 0 None
2010-12-02 FDA panel rejects expansion of drug label 0 None
2010-12-02 FDA advisory committee votes against Avodart sNDA for prostate cancer risk reduction 0 None
2010-12-02 American-style diet plays a vital role in prostate cancer, researchers say 0 None
2010-12-01 Finger length may predict prostate cancer 0 5
2010-12-01 Active surveillance improves quality of life in low-risk prostate cancer patients 0 None
2010-12-01 Men with long index fingers at lower risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-30 Researchers conduct real-time metabolic imaging in human patient with prostate tumor 0 None
2010-11-30 Medivation, Astellas enroll 1,199 patients in MDV3100 Phase 3 AFFIRM study in advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-29 FDA approves Axiron topical solution CIII for testosterone replacement therapy in men 0 None
2010-11-29 Study finds association between DGKK gene and hypospadias 0 None
2010-11-28 ESF report: Reduced male fertility may contribute to low birth rates 0 None
2010-11-26 Segasist Technologies receives HTX funding for clinical validation of prostate MRI software 0 None
2010-11-24 HIV treatment drugs also help prevent HIV infection in high-risk men: Study 1 None
2010-11-24 Daily oral antiretroviral reduces HIV infection risk in MSM by 44%, study finds 0 None
2010-11-23 Men failing to protect eyes from injuries: Experts 0 5
2010-11-22 Study finds no link between prostate cancer clinical stage and risk of recurrence after radical prostatectomy 0 None
2010-11-19 DoD recommends funding for Synta's STA-9584 for prostate cancer study 0 None
2010-11-19 Expert panel to endorse newly approved therapeutic vaccine for advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-18 Multidisciplinary clinic approach can improve survival in patients with aggressive prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-18 New anti-cancer drug targeting vitamin D receptor reduces PSA level in HRPC 0 5
2010-11-18 Exelixis reports interim data of XL184 for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer 0 3
2010-11-17 Medicare roundup: Payment cuts irk healthcare industry; officials mull new prostate-cancer treatment 0 None
2010-11-16 HUPTI's first group of patients complete prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2010-11-16 Men treated with hormone-based therapy for prostate cancer face higher risk of colorectal cancer: Study 0 None
2010-11-15 GTx presents preclinical studies of GTx-758 and GTx-230 for treatment of cancer 0 None
2010-11-15 Light alcohol consumption benefits post-coronary bypass patients 0 None
2010-11-12 Hartford Hospital research team receives $238,000 grant from InHealth to study prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-11 Androgen deprivation therapy may increase fracture risk in older men with localized prostate cancer: Research 0 None
2010-11-10 Using mild painkillers during pregnancy can increase risk of male reproductive disorders 0 None
2010-11-10 New study reveals finger length can indicate high testosterone levels 0 None
2010-11-09 Long-term androgen deprivation therapy increases risk of fracture in older men with prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-09 Research may help develop new therapies for aggressive prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-09 New research shows psychoprophylaxis can help tocophobic men 0 None
2010-11-09 New approach to treat castration resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-09 Study confirms defect in sweat gland function as disease biomarker for XLHED 0 None
2010-11-09 CMS to review cancer vaccine, analysis shows high Medicare drug spending not correlated with better care 0 None
2010-11-08 Soy-based drug could prevent prostate cancer metastasis 0 None
2010-11-08 Potential new biomarkers for very early prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-08 NCRI launches first virtual biobank for prostate cancer research 0 None
2010-11-08 Radiotherapy can benefit men with high risk prostate cancer: Research 0 None
2010-11-04 Testosterone treatment for frailty in older men lacks long term benefits 0 None
2010-11-04 Level of prostate-specific protein after salvage radiation therapy predicts mortality and disease progression 0 None
2010-11-04 Gene fusion prostate cancers susceptible to secondary mutations 0 None
2010-11-04 Millennium and Takeda initiate TAK-700 Phase III clinical trial in advanced prostate cancer 0 5
2010-11-04 Nymox awarded federal grant for NX-1207 Phase III BPH clinical trial program 0 None
2010-11-04 Medicare reimbursement cuts lead to decline in unnecessary or inappropriate care 0 None
2010-11-03 EUSA announces publication of PROSTASCINT imaging for prostate cancer in official journal of American Society 0 None
2010-11-03 AHRQ study finds prostate cancer mortality rate declines by 45% 0 None
2010-11-03 Image Guided IMRT preserves sexual function in men after prostatectomy 0 None
2010-11-03 Staff member of U.S. preventive services task force quits over cancelled meeting 0 None
2010-11-02 Hypofractionated IMRT therapy does not increase side effects in prostate cancer patients 0 None
2010-11-01 Calypso Medical to showcase FDA cleared Dynamic Edge Gating Technology at 52nd ASTRO 0 None
2010-10-30 Dance for the Cure of Prostate Cancer: A national awareness and fundraising campaign 0 None
2010-10-30 Karmanos, WSU SOM present long-term results of fast neutron radiotherapy in localized prostate cancer 0 None
2010-10-30 UB endocrinologist receives Junior Faculty Award to study effects of low testosterone in young men with type 2 diabetes 1 None
2010-10-28 High urine BPA levels associated with decreased sperm quality 0 None
2010-10-28 Experts urge clinicians to discuss sperm banking with male cancer patients 0 None
2010-10-28 Nymox updates NX-1207 Phase 3 pivotal trials for benign prostatic hyperplasia 0 5
2010-10-27 Taller men at increased risk of testicular cancer: Study 0 None
2010-10-27 Scientists discover MSMB protein in urine can predict prostate cancer risk 0 5
2010-10-27 New type of radiation reduces GI side effects but does not improve survival rate in prostate cancer patients 0 None
2010-10-27 PSA test helps detect prostate cancer before it spreads 0 None
2010-10-27 U.S. Preventative Services Task Force cancels meeting to review prostate-cancer screening 0 None
2010-10-27 IMRT reduces gastrointestinal complications in prostate cancer patients 0 None
2010-10-27 Sex hormones behind increased risk of destructive periodontitis in men 0 None
2010-10-26 First step in development of artificial human testicle 0 None
2010-10-26 Routine prostate cancer screening reduces metastasis risk 0 None
2010-10-26 Combination of radiation and hormone therapy improves survival rate among prostate cancer patients 0 None
2010-10-26 Aspirin reduces risk of death from prostate cancer 0 None
2010-10-26 IMRT minimizes gastrointestinal side effects of prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2010-10-25 Valvoline stores raises funds to fight prostate cancer 0 None
2010-10-22 Research suggests lowering cholesterol can reduce benign prostatic hyperplasia 0 4
2010-10-22 UCLA researchers receive NIH grant to study HIV-positive men from LA County jails 0 None
2010-10-21 Oral cancer linked to oral sex: Study 0 5
2010-10-21 Study demonstrates anti-prostate cancer properties of Modified Citrus Pectin 0 5
2010-10-21 FDA asks manufacturers to add new warnings to labeling of prostate cancer drugs 0 None
2010-10-21 Agensys and Seattle Genetics initiate ASG-5ME phase I clinical trial for castration-resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2010-10-21 NYU Langone Medical Center announces establishment of Smilow Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Center 0 None
2010-10-21 Link between low testosterone and heart disease deaths: Study 0 None
2010-10-20 Prostate cancer can risk of colon cancer: Study 0 None
2010-10-20 Researchers to study effectiveness of gamma-tocotrienol on prostate cancer cells 0 None
2010-10-19 Tips to improve cellular prostate health 0 None
2010-10-19 Robot-assisted surgery effective for five-year prostate cancer control: Study 0 None
2010-10-19 Dopamine behind mens susceptibility to alcoholism 0 None
2010-10-19 Type 2 diabetes and insulin use associated with CRC risk in men, but not women 0 None
2010-10-15 Robot-assisted brachytherapy for treating prostate cancer 0 None
2010-10-14 Scientists identify protein in urine can indicate prostate cancer risk 0 None
2010-10-13 New evidence supports possible link between XMRV and prostate cancer 0 None
2010-10-12 Australian women stressed and overweight: Survey 0 None
2010-10-12 Most men with prostate cancer not referred to hospice care early enough 0 None
2010-10-11 Fertility concerns of cancer survivors inadequately addressed, study finds 0 None
2010-10-11 Abiraterone acetate improves survival in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer 0 3.2
2010-10-11 COU-AA-301 Phase 3 study demonstrates improvement in CRPC survival rate 0 None
2010-10-11 Rutgers University receives NIH grant to increase reliability of prostate cancer imaging 0 None
2010-10-11 Auxilium commences dosing in global XIAFLEX phase III program for Peyronie's disease 1 2
2010-10-11 CDC, national leaders issue recommendations to standardize testosterone tests 0 None
2010-10-08 Abiraterone Phase III clinical data to be presented at ESMO meeting 0 5
2010-10-08 Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center receives $7.6M ARRA stimulus grant for prostate cancer research 0 None
2010-10-08 New imaging technique may help in early detection of prostate cancer 0 None
2010-10-08 Prostate cancer updates 0 None
2010-10-07 AnalizaDx SIA technology, Nanosphere Verisens assay effective for prostate cancer diagnosis 0 None
2010-10-06 Androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer associated with structural bone decay 0 None
2010-10-06 Urovalve reports promising early results from Surinate Bladder Management System multi-site clinical study 0 None
2010-10-06 Low level of testosterone increases risk for Alzheimer's disease 1 None
2010-10-05 mtDNA deletion: New biomarker for identifying malignant prostate cancer 0 None
2010-10-04 Public hospitals in two Australian states acquire GreenLight HPS laser consoles for BPH treatment 0 None
2010-10-04 VIVUS announces divestiture of MUSE to Meda 0 None
2010-10-04 Prostate cancer mortality rate declines among American men: AHRQ 0 None
2010-10-04 Meda announces acquisition of global rights to erectile dysfunction product MUSE 0 None
2010-10-03 Osteoporosis common but underestimated in old men: Study 0 None
2010-09-30 Men may connect strongly to publicity campaigns about depression and suicide 0 None
2010-09-30 Radical prostatectomy increases survival rate in prostate cancer patients: Study 1 None
2010-09-29 Medivation and Astellas commence MDV3100 second Phase 3 clinical trial in advanced prostate cancer 0 5
2010-09-29 Most men unaware of breast cancer risk 0 None
2010-09-29 New predictive test to identify aggressive prostate cancer 0 None
2010-09-28 Researchers find radical prostatectomy provides high survival rates 0 None
2010-09-28 Pfizer ceases SUN 1120 Phase 3 trial of SUTENT in men with CRPC 0 None
2010-09-28 Depression and anxiety disorders common in loved ones of breast cancer patients: Study 0 None
2010-09-27 OncoGenex initiates OGX-427 Phase 2 trial for metastatic prostate cancer 0 None
2010-09-24 Comic books to educate young men about testicular cancer 0 None
2010-09-24 Many antisocial boys may have malfunctioning brains 0 None
2010-09-24 Radiotherapy Centers of Georgia hosts motorcycle ride for prostate cancer awareness 0 None
2010-09-23 Male partners of women with breast cancer at increased risk of developing mood disorders 0 5
2010-09-22 Results of custirsen Phase 2 trial for advanced prostate cancer published in Journal of Clinical Oncology 0 None
2010-09-22 Gen-Probe submits PMA to FDA for PROGENSA PCA3 assay 0 None
2010-09-21 Prostate cancer - TRAIL is worth a trial 0 None
2010-09-21 Recommendations for prostate cancer prevention and treatment 0 None
2010-09-20 Crestor suppressed human cancer cells transplanted to mice 0 None
2010-09-20 High-intensity exercise video game to improve health of middle aged men 0 None
2010-09-19 Male circumcision shown to help prevent HIV transmission 1 1
2010-09-18 CBC members, patient advocacy organizations offer support for PRIME Act 0 None
2010-09-17 PCF applauds new prostate cancer legislation 0 None
2010-09-16 Johns Hopkins offers sources who can answer queries on prostrate cancer 0 None
2010-09-15 CINJ experts available for discussion during National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 0 None
2010-09-15 Phase II clinical trial shows GTx-758 reduces serum free testosterone 0 None
2010-09-15 Organizations issue five-point plan to accelerate research, discovery of effective prostate cancer treatments 0 None
2010-09-15 TNS NIPO study underlines need for wide-scale, reliable prostate cancer screening 0 None
2010-09-15 Harbor BioSciences releases Apoptone clinical trial data for castration resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2010-09-15 Researchers develop new blood test to predict prostate cancer risk 0 None
2010-09-14 Over half of men surveyed believe erectile dysfunction as a symptom of overall health 0 None
2010-09-14 Differences between sexes affected by environment during first six months of life 0 None
2010-09-13 Less-invasive alternative to vasectomy 0 None
2010-09-13 Men with low PSA level does not benefit further treatment: Study 0 None
2010-09-13 Measuring PSA levels effective in detecting prostate cancer: Study 0 None
2010-09-10 More men than women discontinue medications due to side effects 0 None
2010-09-10 Experts advise men to maintain record of prostate specific antigen test results for risk detection 0 None
2010-09-09 High testosterone levels in CEOs linked to higher rate of dropped deals in negotiating M&As 0 None
2010-09-07 CytRx commences PROACT Phase 2 clinical trial of bafetinib for advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2010-09-03 CyberKnife radiosurgery treatment effective for prostate cancer without side effects 0 None
2010-09-03 More support needed for erectile dysfunction says sexologist 0 None
2010-09-03 Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare offers free prostate cancer screenings 0 None
2010-09-03 President Obama designates September 2010 as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 0 None
2010-09-03 International study to improve treatments for Duchenne muscular dystrophy 0 5
2010-09-03 First direct evidence that X-linked TLR7 gene promotes lupus in humans 0 None
2010-09-02 Agent Orange cases expanded; Added costs raise fiscal concerns 0 None
2010-09-02 Chronic insomnia with objectively measured short sleep duration associated with increased mortality in men 0 None
2010-09-02 SET the PACE conducts annual race to raise prostate cancer awareness 0 None
2010-08-31 InSightec's ExAblate Robotic Acoustic Surgery system used for prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2010-08-31 First time use of ExAblate MR Guided Focused Ultrasound System for prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2010-08-30 PCEC coordinates free or low-cost prostate cancer screenings as part of PCAW 0 None
2010-08-30 Genetic variations in Y chromosome affect men's risk of coronary heart disease: Scientists 0 5
2010-08-26 Affordable Care Act that mandates free preventative services goes into effect in September 0 None
2010-08-26 EDAP TMS introduces Albatherm HIFU device for prostate cancer in Chinese healthcare market 0 None
2010-08-26 Study finds BPA exposure impacts endocrine changes in men 0 None
2010-08-25 Researchers identify molecular signals that impact male fertility: Research 0 None
2010-08-25 Prenatal exposure to atrazine leads to prostate inflammation in male rats 0 None
2010-08-24 Men who get genital piercings not strange or aberrant: Study 0 None
2010-08-24 PCF to conduct special Charlie Wilson Concert to support fight against prostate cancer 0 None
2010-08-23 Scientific findings provide new information on prostate cancer care 0 None
2010-08-21 Low testosterone levels to blame for low libido, fatigue and weight gain 0 None
2010-08-19 Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network recognized for 20 years of service 0 None
2010-08-19 Scientists study yeast to understand human pathologies affecting male fertility 0 None
2010-08-18 Aggressive children more inclined to misuse drugs 0 None
2010-08-18 Loyola University Medical Center to offer free prostate cancer screenings 0 None
2010-08-17 Palatin reports positive results from bremelanotide Phase 1 trial for sexual dysfunction 0 None
2010-08-16 Involuntary childlessness affects couples more negatively than previously reported 0 5
2010-08-13 Cancer Research Technology grants Valirx global rights to develop VAL 201 for cancer treatment 0 2.5
2010-08-11 Repros receives US patent for Androxal 0 5
2010-08-11 Magnetic resonance image analysis helps assessment of prostate cancer severity 0 None
2010-08-11 Study shows physicians reluctant to use finasteride for prostate cancer 0 None
2010-08-09 AMS AdVance XP sling for male stress urinary incontinence receives CE Mark 0 4
2010-08-09 Aragon initiates dosing in ARN-509 Phase 1/2 clinical trial for castration-resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2010-08-07 Surgery offers high survival rate for prostate cancer patients: Study 0 None
2010-08-06 New laser technology for robotic prostate cancer surgery 0 4
2010-08-05 Aeterna Zentaris announces $1.5M NIH award for AEZS-108 Phase 1/2 study in refractory prostate cancer 0 None
2010-08-04 Study to understand processes that lead to onset of testicular germ cell cancer 0 None
2010-08-04 Bisphenol A may decrease sperm quality, concentration: Research 0 None
2010-08-03 Effects of natural compound against prostate cancer published in Integrative Cancer Therapies 0 3
2010-08-03 Study reveals potential marker for prostate cancer 0 None
2010-08-02 ARO uses Elekta VMAT system for prostate cancer patients 0 None
2010-08-02 Scientists identify genetic basis for prostate cancer susceptibility in non-European population 0 None
2010-07-31 Cell-of-origin for prostate cancer identified 1 5
2010-07-30 Families with male breast cancer perceive as being at higher risk: Study 0 None
2010-07-30 New discovery may lead to effective targeted treatments for prostate cancer: UCLA 0 None
2010-07-30 Prostate basal cell can spawn tumors in prostate gland: Research 0 4
2010-07-29 Narcissistic heterosexual men target hostility primarily at heterosexual women 0 None
2010-07-29 Nymox provides update on NX-1207 Phase 3 program for benign prostatic hyperplasia 0 None
2010-07-29 Pivotal Phase 3 IMPACT study results of PROVENGE published in New England Journal of Medicine 0 None
2010-07-29 Scientists develop new surgical procedure for prostate cancer using natural orifices 0 None
2010-07-29 Aggressive prostate cancer patients tend to retain denser bones 0 None
2010-07-28 Aphios awarded US patent for compositions, methods for treating diseases involving 5-α reductase enzyme 0 None
2010-07-28 NYU Langone opens vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy trial to men with localized prostate cancer 0 None
2010-07-28 National health campaigns make men less likely to choose cancer screening: Study 0 None
2010-07-28 U.S. Marshals seize FastSize Extender devices and FastSize EQM Erectile Quality Monitor devices 0 None
2010-07-28 Analyzing PSA level not sufficient for treatment decisions: Report 0 None
2010-07-27 Report shows most men with low PSA undergo aggressive therapy 0 None
2010-07-27 Study on treatment needs of prostate cancer patients with low level PSA 0 None
2010-07-26 Gamma-tocotrienol suppresses colony formation of cancer stem cells: Research 0 None
2010-07-23 Cancer institute offers new tumor monitoring system for radiation therapy patients 0 None
2010-07-23 AIDS 2010 studies, releases: Criminalization, discrimination of high-risk groups; Test-and-treat; UNAIDS launches HIV prevention commission 0 None
2010-07-22 Adult circumcision proposed for possible HIV prevention in gay men 0 None
2010-07-21 Report: Older gay, bisexual men enrolled in long-term study of HIV used illicit drugs infrequently 0 None
2010-07-21 Researchers block central pathway for prostate cancer progression 0 None
2010-07-21 WHO, UNAIDS and PSI call for scale up of male circumcision in Eastern, Southern Africa 0 None
2010-07-21 Researchers receive $12M NCI grant to identify biological pathways that lead to prostate cancer risk 0 None
2010-07-21 Scientists find way to block androgens, halt tumor progression in prostate cancer 0 None
2010-07-21 Men with asthma or eczema at lower risk of developing cancer 0 None
2010-07-20 Prostate cancer: To screen or not to screen 0 None
2010-07-20 ARUP enters partnership to offer deCODE's DNA-based prostate cancer risk assessment test 0 None
2010-07-20 Failure to seek help for ED could prevent detection of underlying cardiovascular disease 1 None
2010-07-20 PSI to release evidence supporting quality scale-up of male circumcision 0 None
2010-07-20 CytRx updates on progress in clinical development of bafetinib in three oncology indications 0 None
2010-07-16 USFDA approves Sun Pharma's generic Flomax ANDA 0 None
2010-07-16 PSA test reduces prostate cancer death rate by nearly 50%: NCI 0 None
2010-07-15 Study links high-fat diet as potential cause of prostatic diseases 0 None
2010-07-14 Oncura signs distribution agreement with Theragenics for palladium-103 brachytherapy seeds 0 None
2010-07-14 Improved delivery methods needed to advance gene therapy strategies for prostate cancer: Review 0 None
2010-07-13 Study identifies protein that turns non-malignant tumor into metastatic neuroendocrine tumor 0 None
2010-07-13 SPET-085 is effective in blocking critical enzyme that leads to BPH: Study 0 None
2010-07-13 Men with prostate cancer lose less bone mineral content as they age: Study 0 None
2010-07-13 Men who enter adult life obese are at increased risk of premature death 0 3
2010-07-13 GWAS suggests genetic variant with increased oncogene expression for cancer study 0 1
2010-07-13 Depression increases cardiovascular problems in men with erectile dysfunction 2 None
2010-07-13 Differences in response to taste of fat between obese and lean men 0 None
2010-07-12 Theragenics signs supply agreement with Oncura for TheraSeed palladium-103 brachytherapy seeds 0 None
2010-07-09 Males with faulty BRCA2 genes at risk of breast cancer 0 None
2010-07-09 MHN endorses 'The American Journal of Men's Health' 0 None
2010-07-09 Men with higher baseline PSA value more likely to die from prostate cancer, say researchers 0 None
2010-07-08 Experts to sound alarm on the worsening global AIDS crisis among MSM 0 None
2010-07-08 Nymox reports positive new results from pooled analysis of NX-1207 clinical trials for BPH 0 None
2010-07-07 Patients are not presented with information about prostate cancer treatment options: Urologists 0 None
2010-07-07 Study finds additional targets for new therapies to treat advanced prostate cancer patients 0 None
2010-07-06 Erectile dysfunction drug user over 40 more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases 0 None
2010-07-03 ZERO demands ACS apology on effectiveness of PSA test 0 None
2010-07-02 Modified Citrus Pectin holds promise against prostate cancer 0 None
2010-07-02 Researchers develop first model of hormone-induced human prostate cancer initiation and progression 0 None
2010-07-02 Medicare weighs cost, benefit of covering Dendreon's Provenge for prostate cancer 0 None
2010-07-02 Older men with high testosterone levels more likely to have heart attacks 0 None
2010-07-02 USPTO awards Furiex method patent for dapoxetine in treatment of premature ejaculation 0 2
2010-07-01 Highly specific assay developed to detect ERG alterations in prostate cancer 0 4.7
2010-07-01 Endo responds to FDA Complete Response letter for FORTESTA NDA 0 None
2010-07-01 BIDMC physician-scientist receives Young Investigator Award to research on prostate cancer 0 None
2010-07-01 AMS granted 510(k) clearance for MoXy Liquid Cooled Fiber 0 None
2010-06-29 Claros point-of-care system for PSA receives European CE Mark approval 0 None
2010-06-29 Study: Statins can reduce risk of prostate cancer recurrence after surgery 0 5
2010-06-28 Study demonstrates effectiveness of pre-emptive pain management protocol using pregabalin in urologic surgery 0 None
2010-06-28 Genomic analysis leads to more effective diagnostic tests, treatment options for prostate cancer: Study 0 None
2010-06-25 PARP inhibitors may be effective in men with prostate cancer due to BRCA2 alteration: Researchers 0 None
2010-06-25 Minnesota AIDS Project awarded federal grant to support HIV prevention services for young gay, bisexual men 0 None
2010-06-25 Researchers develop new assay test for bladder cancer 0 None
2010-06-24 Palatin announces completion of patient dosing, database lock in bremelanotide study for ED 0 None
2010-06-24 AVIS donates health research project focuses on cancer biomarkers 0 None
2010-06-23 Female biology screens for the best sperm: Study 0 None
2010-06-23 Optimum radiation dose on same day as brachytherapy implant can control prostate cancer 0 3
2010-06-23 Study shows monitoring can be the best treatment for men with prostate cancer of low-risk type 0 None
2010-06-23 Nymox reports positive new results from NX02-0014 follow-up study of NX-1207 for BPH 0 None
2010-06-23 Exposure to chlordecone associated to increased risk of prostate cancer: Researchers 0 None
2010-06-21 OncoGenex initiates Phase 3 Prostate Cancer SATURN Trial 0 None
2010-06-19 Active surveillance sufficient for patients with low-risk prostate cancer 0 None
2010-06-19 Data shows younger, unmarried men are least aware of hypertension 0 None
2010-06-19 AMLU, OPEIU partner with Ed Randall's Bat for the Cure to raise funds for fight against prostate cancer 0 None
2010-06-19 Most men admitted for heart attack had erectile dysfunction 0 None
2010-06-19 SAHM strongly recommends HPV vaccines for males 0 5
2010-06-19 Research may identify reasons underlying increased risk of AAA in men 0 None
2010-06-18 FDA approves Jevtana to treat men with prostate cancer 0 None
2010-06-18 FDA approves Jevtana in combination with prednisone for metastatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer 0 None
2010-06-17 Research findings shed light on risk factors, prevention strategies for suicide 0 None
2010-06-17 CINJ researchers combine series of vaccination injections to treat prostate cancer 0 None
2010-06-17 Obesity linked to bad sexual health: French Study 1 None
2010-06-17 Scientists identify symptoms associated with late-onset hypogonadism 0 None
2010-06-16 Prevention, awareness of enlarged prostate can help save lives 0 None
2010-06-16 New public service advertisements to spread preventive medical testing awareness 0 None
2010-06-16 Prostate cancer deaths are expected to jump 17%: 2010 statistics 0 None
2010-06-15 Best gift for Father's Day: CISRC 0 None
2010-06-15 Women who drink boiled coffee at lower risk of breast cancer 0 None
2010-06-14 FDA clears U.Va.'s SpermCheck Fertility at-home test 0 None
2010-06-14 TF12 antibody targets EGP-1 expressed in epithelial cancer: Immunomedics 0 None
2010-06-11 Type 2 diabetes doubles risk of cancer in women 0 None
2010-06-11 NexMed provides update on Vitaros NDS with Health Canada 0 1
2010-06-10 Young adult men more vulnerable to heart breaks: Study 1 5
2010-06-10 Scientists discover how polyphenols present in red wine and green tea inhibit prostate cancer growth 0 4
2010-06-09 Home Run Challenge: PCF, MLB and MLBPA partner to raise funds for prostate cancer research 0 None
2010-06-09 Tumors not likely to worsen during active surveillance period in low risk prostate cancer patients 0 None
2010-06-09 Sonic hedgehog helps regenerate critical nerve that runs along prostate: Research 0 None
2010-06-09 Blood vessel-blocking drug slows prostate cancer progression: Experts 0 None
2010-06-09 GE Healthcare to present anti-[18F]FACBC phase 1 study results at Society of Nuclear Medicine annual meeting 0 3.5
2010-06-08 GTx reports positive results from toremifene Phase III clinical trial 0 None
2010-06-08 Single semen test for clearance following vasectomy 0 None
2010-06-08 Researchers discover RAF oncogene that may drive aggressive forms of prostate cancer 0 None
2010-06-08 Progenics presents Phase 1 PSMA ADC therapy study data for taxane-refractory prostate cancer at ASCO 2010 0 None
2010-06-08 Chronix' DNA blood tests detect prostate, breast cancer with 92% sensitivity and 100% specificity 0 None
2010-06-08 Genetic mutations help predict risk of prostate cancer in younger men: Researchers 0 None
2010-06-07 Positive results from VIVUS' Phase 3 study of avanafil for ED in men with diabetes 0 5
2010-06-07 Phase 3 trial demonstrates superiority of Amgen's denosumab over Zometa in preventing SREs 0 None
2010-06-07 New molecular imaging agent improves diagnosis of recurrent prostate cancer 0 None
2010-06-04 Bayer to present Phase I and II clinical trial data of Alpharadin in CRPC at 46th ASCO 0 None
2010-06-04 Ongoing clinical development program for NX-1207 for treatment of BPH highlighted 0 None
2010-06-03 Testosterone deficiency can lead to multiple disorders 0 None
2010-06-03 Light therapy may be alternative treatment for prostate cancer 0 3.5
2010-06-02 Shionogi Pharma presents study results of PSD502 for treatment of primary PE at AUA 2010 0 None
2010-06-02 TQ can suppress growth of aggressive PCa cell lines: Researchers 0 None
2010-06-02 Men who refuse surgery for prostate cancer have 51% overall survival rate: Study 0 None
2010-06-02 Phase 3 pivotal REVIVE study data of VIVUS' avanafil for ED presented at 2010 AUA 0 None
2010-06-02 Men with ED are at increased risk of high CACS: Researchers 0 None
2010-06-02 Study results show calcium consumption increases prostate cancer risk in Chinese 0 None
2010-06-01 Shionogi Pharma presents data on PSD502 pivotal studies for primary premature ejaculation at 2010 AUA 0 None
2010-06-01 Dendreon announces data presentation from 4 PROVENGE clinical trials at 105th AUA annual meeting 0 None
2010-05-31 Surgery more beneficial than drug therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia 0 None
2010-05-31 Rates of men dying from skin cancer double in last 30 years 0 None
2010-05-29 AMS issued U.S. patent covering surgical methodology for implanting AdVance Male Sling 0 None
2010-05-29 Researchers discover method to select sperm with highest DNA integrity 0 None
2010-05-29 New GreenLight XPS Laser System launched for treatment of BPH 0 None
2010-05-28 VIVUS to present phase 3 data on avanafil for treatment of ED at AUA 2010 0 None
2010-05-28 Northwestern Memorial performs robotic assisted vasectomy reversal using da Vinci surgical robot 0 4
2010-05-28 Amgen announces European approval of Prolia 0 5
2010-05-28 Study measures effects of BPA on male reproductive system 0 None
2010-05-27 Toremifene reduces fracture risk in men with prostate cancer after initiation of androgen deprivation therapy 0 None
2010-05-26 Conceptual Options to conduct FREE seminar on Surrogacy, Embryo, Sperm and Egg Donation 0 None
2010-05-26 GTx reports top line results from toremifene Phase III clinical trial for prostate cancer 0 None
2010-05-25 REDUCE trial data published in the online version of European Urology 0 4
2010-05-24 SiMoA technology measures individual PSA molecules in prostate cancer patients: Nature Biotechnology 0 None
2010-05-24 New study indicates pregnancy can double HIV risk in men 0 None
2010-05-21 Data on serum DNA blood tests for early detection of cancer to be presented at ASCO 2010 0 None
2010-05-21 Data from Phase 3 clinical trials of PROVENGE in advanced prostate cancer to be presented at ASCO 2010 0 None
2010-05-20 Study demonstrates anti-prostate cancer properties of Modified Citrus Pectin 0 5
2010-05-20 Over-expression of Stat5 protein leads to deadly spread of prostate cancer: Study 0 None
2010-05-19 Significant proportion of men with ED exhibit early signs of CAD: Review 0 None
2010-05-19 Researchers develop PHI test to help determine aggressiveness of prostate cancer 0 None
2010-05-19 New multi-center follow-up study of NX-1207 for treatment of BPH to be completed 0 None
2010-05-19 Generex Biotechnology's Phase I study data of AE37 for prostate cancer published 0 None
2010-05-18 Harbor BioSciences announces presentation of new data from Apoptone Phase I/IIa trial at ASCO Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-05-18 Study reviews impact of focal therapy for low-risk prostate cancer patients 0 None
2010-05-18 New DVS radiation measurement device for prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2010-05-15 Low testosterone levels can impact sleep quality 0 4
2010-05-15 Rich Canadian men increase their likelihood of being overweight 0 None
2010-05-14 Multivitamin and mineral supplements improve mood, mental performance in healthy males: Study 0 None
2010-05-14 RMEI, PIM sponsor continuing education series on castration-resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2010-05-13 Rexahn Pharmaceuticals announces Phase IIb clinical trial of Zoraxel for ED 0 None
2010-05-13 25% of adults quit their overactive bladder medication: Study 0 None
2010-05-13 Researchers develop new technology to manage prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2010-05-12 Update on Nymox Pharmaceutical's Phase 3 program for NX-1207 0 None
2010-05-12 Allergic conditions that result from hyper reactive immune system may lower cancer risk: Study 1 None
2010-05-12 Quest initiates dosing in Phase I clinical trial with SL052 Photodynamic Therapy in prostate cancer patients 0 None
2010-05-11 Older Americans staying sexually active but not practicing safe sex 0 None
2010-05-11 UNC-CH awarded $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations grant for study of ultrasound as a contraceptive 0 None
2010-05-10 Medical options to help prostate cancer patients make informed treatment decisions 0 None
2010-05-10 Experts to present latest research on prostate cancer and related conditions 0 None
2010-05-07 Preoperative MRI helps spare erectile function, continence after RALP for prostate cancer 0 None
2010-05-06 Australia’s first ever health policy for men 0 None
2010-05-06 FDA approves Provenge for treating men with advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2010-05-05 Nymox Pharmaceutical announces new positive results from long term outcome study of NX-1207 for BPH 0 None
2010-05-04 LA BioMed receives $1.5M in grant to study contraceptive for men 0 None
2010-05-04 Obese men more likely to have low testosterone than non-obese men: HIM study 0 None
2010-05-03 FDA issues advisory on prostate cancer drugs 0 None
2010-05-03 BioSante Pharmaceuticals reinitiates GVAX Prostate Cancer Vaccine development 0 None
2010-05-03 Advaxis advances lead prostate cancer immunotherapeutic toward clinical trials 0 None
2010-05-03 FDA oks 'vaccine' to treat prostate cancer 0 None
2010-04-30 Approval of Provenge marks beginning of new era in cancer treatment: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 0 1
2010-04-30 PROVENGE receives FDA approval for treatment of CRPC 0 None
2010-04-30 FDA approves new treatment option for prostate cancer 0 None
2010-04-30 Provenge cellular immunotherapy for men with advanced prostate cancer receives FDA approval 0 None
2010-04-30 Kissei to commercialize Protox's PRX302 PSA-activated pro-drug for BPH, prostate cancer in Japan 0 None
2010-04-30 FDA approves Provenge prostate cancer vaccine 1 None
2010-04-29 IMD seeks FDA regulatory clearance for NADiA ProsVue prostate cancer prognostic test 0 5
2010-04-29 FDA grants Bavarian Nordic Fast Track designation for PROSTVAC 0 None
2010-04-29 Preventing HPV infection could slow HIV epidemic, say researchers 0 None
2010-04-28 Phase I clinical trial results of AE37 in prostate cancer patients presented at EAU Congress 0 None
2010-04-28 Priligy - new drug for premature ejaculation 1 2.4
2010-04-27 Reluctant Australian sperm donors forces fertility clinics to import from U.S. 0 3.7
2010-04-27 Patients with most severe form of prostatitis show signs for periodontitis: Researchers 0 None
2010-04-27 Men with erectile dysfunction, low testosterone at higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease 0 None
2010-04-26 Phase 1/2 clinical trial of TRC105 therapy initiated for patients with castrate-resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2010-04-24 Personal risk of developing prostate cancer increases when more direct relatives are affected 0 None
2010-04-23 Insufficient evidence on prostate cancer radiation treatment 0 None
2010-04-23 Better diagnostics in prostate cancer needed 0 None
2010-04-23 RMEI, PIM jointly sponsor complimentary continuing education virtual lecture on CRPC 0 None
2010-04-22 DiagnoCure's proprietary prostate cancer biomarker PCA3 presented at 2010 EAU meeting 0 None
2010-04-22 Gen-Probe's PROGENSA PCA3 assay helps determine necessity of initial biopsy in prostate cancer suspect men 0 None
2010-04-21 CINJ researches identify new drug candidates that inhibits prostate cancer growth 0 None
2010-04-21 Cold, dry weather linked to increased risk of prostate cancer: Researchers 0 None
2010-04-21 IMPACT trial shows improvement in OS for metastatic CRPC 0 None
2010-04-20 Weight gain near time of prostate surgery doubles risk of cancer recurrence 0 None
2010-04-20 PTEN expression clinically useful in assessing risk of prostate cancer recurrence: Study 0 None
2010-04-19 Encouraging early data from Bellicum Pharmaceuticals' Phase I/II study of BPX-101 for mCRPC 0 4
2010-04-19 Debate continues over prostate cancer screening in Europe 0 None
2010-04-17 Updated clinical guidelines presented at EAU Anniversary Congress 0 None
2010-04-17 New drug to stop the growth of prostate cancer tumors investigated 0 None
2010-04-17 Men with prostate cancer may face increased risk of thromboembolism 0 None
2010-04-16 Prostate cancer patients having robotic prostatectomy enjoy significant benefits: Study 0 4
2010-04-16 Premature ejaculation causes intense distress on men and partners 0 None
2010-04-16 Trans-urethral prostate hyperthermia treatment offers 100% response rate 1 3.6
2010-04-16 New study describes impact of chronic pain on black men 0 None
2010-04-15 Gene causing progressive form of hair loss identified 0 4
2010-04-15 Targeted therapy MDV3100 is effective for patients with CRPC: Study 0 None
2010-04-14 Men who live further from cities more likely to have chronic health problems and higher death rates, says report 0 5
2010-04-14 Ban on Gay men from donating blood to be reviewed in light of new evidence 0 5
2010-04-13 DHA crucial for male fertility 0 5
2010-04-12 New push to encourage sperm donation 1 None
2010-04-09 PSA test distress, study urges caution 0 None
2010-04-08 Obstructive sleep apnea more than doubles stroke risk in men 0 None
2010-04-08 Dutasteride may help reduce risk of developing prostate cancer, say researchers 0 None
2010-04-08 Men test positive for chlamydia twice as much as women: survey 1 5
2010-04-07 Cytrx to commence Phase 2 trial of bafetinib for advanced prostate cancer 0 4
2010-04-07 Prostate cancer testing: Doctors should warn men of possible distress 0 5
2010-04-07 Study: 75% of men with diabetes will develop some degree of ED 0 None
2010-04-06 Emory University researchers develop experimental clinical test for XMRV 0 None
2010-04-03 Men's Health digital edition on Apple iPad 0 None
2010-04-03 "Check Yo Nutz" testicular cancer awareness campaign launched 0 None
2010-04-02 International, four-year study finds dutasteride reduces risk of prostate cancer diagnosis in men 0 None
2010-04-01 Pro-Vas male contraceptive procedure available to physicians across the U.S. 1 5
2010-04-01 Refinements to CTC-chip may better monitor how CTC levels react to prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2010-04-01 Worker health checks reveal 50% men at risk of developing diabetes 0 None
2010-04-01 Dutasteride reduces risk of prostate cancer 0 5
2010-03-30 U.Va. develops Prostate Exam Simulator 0 None
2010-03-30 Resurgence of mumps orchitis among teenage boys and young men 0 None
2010-03-30 GSK re-submits sNDA for Avodart to FDA 0 None
2010-03-29 FDA grants IDE approval for Urovalve's Surinate Bladder Management System 0 None
2010-03-27 Increasing spread of HIV/STD disease among MSM in Africa and Asia 0 None
2010-03-27 State HIV programs face cuts, CDC notes high prevalence in young African-Americans, gay men 0 None
2010-03-27 New study may give men a way to combat high cholesterol without drugs 0 None
2010-03-26 Muscular dystrophy: $1M grant for study of erectile dysfunction drugs in improving muscle blood flow 0 None
2010-03-24 RCOG prostate cancer treatment database reaches new milestone 0 None
2010-03-23 Ipsen, GTx expand partnership for toremifene 80 mg 0 None
2010-03-23 Walnuts affect genes related to prostate tumor growth: Study 0 None
2010-03-23 Infertile men are at greater risk for developing prostate cancer: Study 0 None
2010-03-22 AngioDynamics welcomes book on “Irreversible Electroporation” 0 None
2010-03-22 Male infertility linked to increased risk of high grade prostate cancer 0 None
2010-03-20 Young men take riskier decisions in presence of attractive women, study confirms 0 None
2010-03-19 Noscapine can be used as prophylactic treatment for prostate cancer: Study 0 2
2010-03-19 Jail and fines for performing circumcision: Massachusetts Judiciary Committee rejects bill 2 1
2010-03-18 MR-guided ablation therapy may hold promise for treatment of prostate cancer recurrences 0 None
2010-03-18 Early baldness may not be associated with risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2010-03-18 Low T Center opens new men's testosterone diagnosis and treatment center in Southlake, Texas 0 3.6
2010-03-18 Watchful waiting is viable option for many men with low risk prostate cancer 0 None
2010-03-18 High plasma selenium concentrations linked to lower occurrence of dysglycemia in elderly men 0 None
2010-03-17 Most controversial issues in urology to be discussed in the Annual Congress of EAU 0 None
2010-03-17 Boosting radiation dose for prostate cancer patients does not increase severity of side effects 0 None
2010-03-15 Multimedia software program developed to help prostate cancer patients make treatment decisions 0 None
2010-03-12 New SpermCheck Fertility home test kit for sperm level measurement 0 None
2010-03-12 New method to better study prostate cancer 0 None
2010-03-12 Genentech announces topline results from Phase III trial of Avastin 0 None
2010-03-12 PSA test is still the best option for diagnosing prostate cancer 0 None
2010-03-12 Abbott's sNDA for new six-month 45-mg formulation of Lupron Depot: FDA accepts for review 0 None
2010-03-11 Watson Pharmaceuticals' TRELSTAR receives FDA approval for treatment of advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2010-03-11 Study supports Myriad Genetics' PROLARIS molecular diagnostic test for predicting prostate cancer recurrence 0 None
2010-03-11 Genetic mutation in African-American men with family history of prostate cancer discovered 0 None
2010-03-10 Imaging tools may help address challenging clinical dilemma of prostate cancer care: Study 0 None
2010-03-10 Researchers in Canada discover novel oncolytic viral therapy against prostate cancer 0 None
2010-03-09 Type of specialist that men with prostate cancer see can influence form of therapy they ultimately receive 0 None
2010-03-09 Prostate cancer: Therapy depends on consulted specialty 0 None
2010-03-08 Prostate-specific dietary supplements discouraged during radiation therapy treatments: Study 0 None
2010-03-08 DiagnoCure: Global studies confirm clinical utility of PROGENSA PCA3 test 0 None
2010-03-08 Necessity of repeat biopsy in suspected prostate cancer: Gen-Probe's PROGENSA PCA3 assay can help determine 0 None
2010-03-08 Men employed in occupations with potential exposure to sunlight have reduced risk of kidney cancer 0 5
2010-03-06 Poniard Pharmaceuticals' picoplatin Phase 2 study in metastatic CRPC: Positive results 0 None
2010-03-05 American Cancer Society stresses importance of educating patients to risk of prostate screening 0 None
2010-03-05 America's Prostate Cancer Organizations release shared perspective on screening and treatment 0 None
2010-03-05 Men should discuss risks, benefits with doctor before undergoing prostate-cancer screening 0 None
2010-03-05 Health Discovery delivers letter of gratitude and support to Congressman Edolphus Towns for holding congressional hearing 0 None
2010-03-04 Accurate, life-saving diagnostic tools needed for screening and prevention of prostate cancer, says AdMeTech 0 None
2010-03-04 Arc radiotherapy treatments: Breakthrough in image-guided targeting of prostate tumors 0 5
2010-03-04 Prostate cancer screening: Another set of new guidelines adds to the confusion 0 None
2010-03-04 Also in Global Health News: U.S. Ambassador to U.N.; Male circumcision; River blindness in Ecuador; Nursing shortage in Caribbean; Maternal health in Bolivia; Drug-resistant TB in North Korea; Cholera vaccine 0 None
2010-03-04 Androxal Type C meeting: Repros Therapeutics receives FDA’s version of minutes 0 None
2010-03-04 PCF: PSA screening remains valuable tool for identifying potential prostate disease 0 None
2010-03-04 Zoraxel for treatment of ED: Rexahn Pharmaceuticals submits Phase IIb protocol to FDA 0 None
2010-03-03 Phase 3 trial: Cabazitaxel improves survival in patients with metastatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer 0 5
2010-03-03 AUA Foundation joins AUA in response to the ACS updated prostate cancer screening guidelines 0 None
2010-03-03 Enlarged prostate: Dutasteride-tamsulosin combination therapy more effective 0 None
2010-03-02 Generic version of Flomax Capsules receives FDA approval 0 None
2010-03-02 AdMeTech Foundation: Health care reform highlights need for better screening and prevention of prostate cancer 0 None
2010-03-02 RMEI and PIM sponsor education webcast on therapeutic considerations for CRPC 0 None
2010-03-02 High levels of anti-aging hormone may increase cancer mortality in older men 0 None
2010-03-01 Regular use of aspirin, acetaminophen and NSAIDs increases risk of hearing loss in men 0 3.7
2010-02-25 Scientists identify new way to treat castrate resistant cells in prostate cancer patients 0 2
2010-02-25 Kinex Pharmaceuticals announces KX2-391 Phase 2 safety and efficacy clinical trial in men with CRPC 0 None
2010-02-25 OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals receives CHMP advice on OGX-011 development plan in treatment of mCRPC 0 None
2010-02-25 Focal therapy for localized prostate cancer: US HIFU announces intention to fund multi-center trial 0 5
2010-02-25 MHN forms Men's Health Caucus to improve health and well-being of men 0 None
2010-02-25 Study: Single, unhappily married men may have elevated risk of fatal stroke in the coming decades 0 None
2010-02-23 Health Canada approves GARDASIL for prevention of genital warts in males 0 3
2010-02-23 MRI: An efficient diagnostic tool for testicular cancer 0 None
2010-02-23 Nation-wide study to assess risk of suicide among men 0 None
2010-02-22 Testosterone replacement therapy may benefit male cancer survivors with testosterone deficiency 0 None
2010-02-22 Study comparing open and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy reveals few differences in outcomes 0 None
2010-02-19 11 cities to join DASH FOR DAD national race series to end prostate cancer 0 None
2010-02-18 Phase III data reveals potential of Merck’s GARDASIL in preventing HPV and HPV-related cancers 0 None
2010-02-17 Phase III study: GARDASIL prevents 77.5% of pre-cursor lesions to anal cancer 0 None
2010-02-17 Phase II clinical trial result of abiraterone drug shows promise for advanced prostate cancer 0 5
2010-02-17 Calypso real-time tumor tracking system usage during IMRT for prostate cancer reduces rectal/urinary side effects 0 5
2010-02-16 'Fertility chip' to accurately count spermatozoa in sperm 0 2.3
2010-02-12 HIV transmission among male partners: CFAR scientists discover origin of strains 0 None
2010-02-10 Top ten myths about sex 2 5
2010-02-10 New Success Prime IVF Program launched 0 None
2010-02-10 Palatin Technologies completes first cohort dosing in bremelanotide trial for sexual dysfunction 0 5
2010-02-09 U.S. PSA screening efficacy lower than in ERSPC-Rotterdam due to lower testing sensitivity 0 None
2010-02-09 Denosumab exhibits superiority over Zometa in treatment of prostate cancer men with bone metastases 0 None
2010-02-08 Repros Therapeutics submits Androxal revised indication statement to the FDA 0 None
2010-02-05 Non-invasive MR Spectroscopy to determine ability to be fathers 0 5
2010-02-04 Ipsen launches Decapeptyl LP 22.5 mg in France 0 None
2010-02-03 Older male Italian immigrants more prone to depression 0 None
2010-02-03 Repros Therapeutics receives FDA confirmation for initiating Androxal IND 0 None
2010-01-28 Men welcome male contraceptive pill currently undergoing trials 0 None
2010-01-27 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals discontinues the development of ozarelix in BPH 0 None
2010-01-25 Prostate cancer: Surgery in county hospitals, radiation or hormone therapy in private facilities 0 None
2010-01-23 Smoking and high blood pressure increase risk of abdominal aortic aneurysm in men over 60 0 None
2010-01-20 Over 44% of internet Viagra is counterfeit 0 None
2010-01-20 PTC Therapeutics initiates additional clinical trial of ataluren in boys and young men with nmDBMD 0 None
2010-01-20 Erectile dysfunction can be strongly related to the development of CVD 0 None
2010-01-18 Bone marrow transplantation survivors can father children: new study says 0 None
2010-01-18 Androgen replacement therapy may ward off heart damage, says study 0 None
2010-01-13 European trial casts doubt over the viability of prostate cancer screening 0 None
2010-01-12 Researchers identify genetic variant linked with the risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2010-01-11 Positive top-line results from Protox Therapeutics' Phase 2b study of PRX302 announced 0 None
2010-01-11 New data from phase 3 study of avanafil for treatment of ED announced 3 5
2010-01-08 Seminar highlights latest treatment options for common medical conditions that affect men 0 None
2010-01-08 NCCN updates the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines for Oncology for Prostate Cancer 0 None
2010-01-08 Exercise, nutrition and hormone optimization are key to improve men's health issues 0 None
2010-01-06 Similar effectiveness in treatment options for low-risk prostate cancer; research may help improve patient outcomes 0 None
2010-01-06 OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals receives grant funding for Phase 2 clinical trial of OGX-427 0 None
2010-01-06 ASTRO: Sexual function does not decline in prostate cancer patients receiving EBRT 0 None
2010-01-06 U.S. market for urological devices to reach over $5.4 billion in 2016 0 5
2010-01-05 Circumcision lowers HIV risk; changes bacterial community on penis microbiome 1 None
2010-01-05 Author evaluates potential benefits of IAD for treating prostate cancer 0 None
2010-01-05 Androgen receptor plays critical role in wound healing 0 None
2010-01-03 Erectile dysfunction linked to RLS in older men 0 None


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