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2005-05-31 BMA Scotland response to McTear v Imperial Tobacco verdict 0 None
2005-05-31 Doctor sold Surgery Board exam answers on eBay 0 None
2005-05-30 Asbestos Compensation Fund Legislation passed by Senate Judiciary Committee 0 None
2005-05-29 Music store manager charged after allowing an alzheimer victim to buy 11 organs 0 None
2005-05-29 Chefs up in arms because doctors want long pointed kitchen knives banned 0 None
2005-05-25 Tragic death of 5 year old asthma patient was avoidable and due to complacency of health professionals 0 None
2005-05-25 American Diabetes Association applauds passage of Stem Cell Legislation 0 None
2005-05-24 NC3Rs announces increased funding for the 3Rs and welcomes the Nuffield Council report 0 None
2005-05-23 Vatican says embryo cloning is a crime 0 None
2005-05-23 Heart disease and stroke burden every region of the world leading to increased inequalities in health 0 None
2005-05-23 New set of International Health Regulations to manage public health emergencies of international concern 0 None
2005-05-23 Medicaid paying for Viagra for sex offenders in New York 0 None
2005-05-23 Milk is back in fashion and who loves it most - the Welsh of course!! 0 None
2005-05-23 Guyana Health Minister outlines progress at World Health Assembly 0 None
2005-05-23 Celebrity UV Guide, using star skin types as a guide to when people should cover up 0 None
2005-05-23 Australian partnership to rebuild Banda Aceh Hospital 0 None
2005-05-20 Disability Rights Groups condemn British health secretary over right to life case 0 None
2005-05-19 Genetically modified rice will not eliminate hunger in China 0 None
2005-05-19 Statement from The Lancet in response to Stephen Cox of The Royal Society 0 None
2005-05-18 Right-to-life case doctors backed by British Government 0 None
2005-05-18 Only 34% of polling stations accessible to disabled people 0 None
2005-05-18 Prince Charles calls for a more holistic approach towards medicine 0 None
2005-05-17 Unlucky news for Kylie Minogue 0 None
2005-05-17 Big pharma gets the desired results from medical journals 0 None
2005-05-17 Safety belts in police cars may be life threatening 0 None
2005-05-16 Bill Gates calls on world leaders to seize opportunity to improve health 0 None
2005-05-15 Parents of new born convicted of reckless homicide 0 None
2005-05-12 If you want to avoid smoke-filled pubs you will be better off in the south of England 0 None
2005-05-12 Fertility clinics across the United States already ensure that donated sperm is safe, regardless of the sexual orientation of the donor 0 None
2005-05-11 Another thing to add to the fright list - a killer summer for Britain! 0 None
2005-05-11 UK Chief Medical Officer updates heatwave plan 0 None
2005-05-10 Berkeley imposes ban on alcohol at fraternity and sorority events 0 None
2005-05-10 BMA Wales delighted with Assembly committee's smoking conclusions 0 None
2005-05-09 Para Red found in more products in the UK 0 None
2005-05-08 FDA seeks to ban gay men from donating sperm 0 None
2005-05-05 Britain recalls 35 more products with Para Red dye 0 None
2005-05-04 Does it ever occur to you that Angelina Jolie is really phat? 0 None
2005-05-03 45% of US drug arrests are for marijuana, is this a waste of resources? 0 None
2005-05-03 American Fertility Association launches new phone support service 0 None
2005-05-03 UK products recalled because of banned food dye 0 None
2005-05-03 Couple demand an apology over failed vasectomy 0 None
2005-05-02 Heart patient dies the day after a 3,800 kilometre bike ride 0 None
2005-05-02 Shade structure grants help make it safer to have fun in the sun 0 None
2005-05-01 9/11 rescue workers screening program to continue 0 None
2005-05-01 British Medical Association on the attack over smoking myths by pro-smokers groups 0 None
2005-05-01 British court gives the go ahead for IVF babies to be created to save sick siblings 0 None


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