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2006-06-29 British doctors consider euthanasia issue once again 0 None
2006-06-28 New guidelines for healthy swimming 0 None
2006-06-28 Canadian task force targets trans fats 0 None
2006-06-28 The complex battle against anorexia 0 None
2006-06-28 A red light for surgeries in supermarkets and a green light for better food labelling 0 None
2006-06-28 England supporters could experience euphoria for several months without the assistance of drugs 0 None
2006-06-28 When the smoke clears even secondhand smoke is found to be a killer 0 None
2006-06-27 Smart snack food for healthy eating 0 None
2006-06-27 Scots now more likely to visit pub since "smokefree" 0 None
2006-06-27 New marketing tactics by the tobacco industry reported 0 None
2006-06-27 Born gay or made gay? Or is it not that simple? 0 None
2006-06-26 Cadbury kept quiet about contaminated chocolate 0 None
2006-06-26 Thunderstorms plus mobile phones equal a dangerous combination 0 None
2006-06-20 Brits get serious about junk food advertising 0 None
2006-06-20 To stay slim and healthy eat sensibly and kick those heels! 0 None
2006-06-20 Colonel Sanders goes to court 0 None
2006-06-19 New technique will screen embryos for almost 6,000 inherited diseases 0 None
2006-06-18 Brits call for ban on imported eggs 0 None
2006-06-14 Government scientist accused of profiting from selling human tissue samples 0 None
2006-06-14 Americans need lessons on salt 0 None
2006-06-14 Retrial in Libya of medics back on track 0 None
2006-06-13 Health crisis in the occupied Palestinian territory 0 None
2006-06-12 Doctor who linked MMR jab to autism faces charges of serious professional misconduct 0 1
2006-06-08 New football boots and toxic shock syndrome 0 None
2006-06-08 Fewer high school students engage in health risk behaviors 0 None
2006-06-07 House of Lords says scientific evidence does not support public smoking ban 0 None
2006-06-06 Consumer magazine warns against canned tuna 0 None
2006-06-05 The science of sex and gender in human health 0 None
2006-06-04 FDA's report blames food industry for U.S. obesity problems 0 None
2006-06-01 Shortages of specific medicines and supplies in Indonesia 0 None


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