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2010-01-31 Alleged child trafficking: SOS Children's Villages offers care and protection for 33 Haitian children 0 None
2010-01-31 World Vision to join seven other aid agencies to distribute food in Haiti 0 None
2010-01-30 Safe, natural ways to eliminate head lice: Hair Fairies salons offer free guidance 1 None
2010-01-30 Artists and social agencies collaborate to deliver services for needy people 0 None
2010-01-30 In observance of NCDHM in February, PDA sponsors annual poster contest for all third-grade students 0 None
2010-01-30 Specialized Products Company adds PT-7500 commercial and industrial labeling tool to its 2010 source book catalog 0 None
2010-01-30 The Nutro Company announces $50,000 donation to SDF 0 None
2010-01-30 IKF's Wonderfund establishes emergency fund for Haiti's children 0 None
2010-01-30 DynCorp International rolls out DI Care program for employees 0 None
2010-01-30 Gay teens and young adults face higher risk of bullying than their counterparts 0 5
2010-01-30 West Africa's Sahel belt could face famine in 2010 0 None
2010-01-30 Food labels can help in making heart-healthy food choices 0 None
2010-01-29 Homeland security research initiatives to be discussed at DHS University Network Summit 0 None
2010-01-29 Best Practices offers tools and resources to build integrated quality systems 0 None
2010-01-29 Universal Detection Technology responds to the U.S. Government's failure to address bioterrorism 0 5
2010-01-29 EU-SILC data show older people face higher poverty risks than total EU population 0 None
2010-01-29 Pretreating BPA plastic may be the key to dispose waste in an eco-friendly way 0 None
2010-01-29 Abstract submission deadline is one week away 0 None
2010-01-29 Environmental tobacco smoke may have significant impact on smokers' health 0 1
2010-01-29 When it comes to marital satisfaction, pronouns matter 0 None
2010-01-28 Haitian President asks for better aid coordination, tents, jobs 0 None
2010-01-28 Alcohol increases risk of violence in couples, says study 0 None
2010-01-28 Excelsior Medical donates medical supplies to support Haiti earthquake relief effort 0 None
2010-01-28 Study shows guilt feelings are more pronounced in older women 0 None
2010-01-28 Sexuality publishing portfolio gains key journal 0 None
2010-01-28 Salvation Army welcomes Haitian evacuees and children in Canada 0 None
2010-01-28 Patterns of urban violent injury: A spatio-temporal analysis 0 None
2010-01-28 Leaders and advocates for medical interpreting profession to gather for an open forum 0 None
2010-01-28 Real-time data provide baseline information on sodium contents of processed foods 0 None
2010-01-28 Miami businesses and charities supply clean drinking water to help facilitate Haiti relief efforts 0 None
2010-01-28 Indoor tanning: FTC prohibits ITA from making false health and safety claims 0 5
2010-01-28 Study finds sexual minority youth are bullied more than heterosexual youth 0 None
2010-01-28 Yeast could help prevent sale of aflatoxin-contaminated food 0 None
2010-01-28 Teens who drink under their parents' watch have an elevated risk of developing alcohol-related problems 0 None
2010-01-27 Research suggests people are more likely to stick with weight control program with group support 0 None
2010-01-27 FDA issues update on smoking cessation products 0 None
2010-01-27 H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation donates $1M for Haiti relief efforts 0 None
2010-01-25 Nordic Naturals to launch special campaign for Haiti relief fund 0 None
2010-01-25 NPD Group names yogurt as food trend of the decade 0 None
2010-01-25 European study results on consumer use of nutrition information on food labels available online 0 None
2010-01-23 Mitchell Group's clinically proven cosmetic products focus customer's safety above anything else 0 2.5
2010-01-23 Healthy eating trend fuels probiotic yogurt sales 0 1
2010-01-23 Breema Center to host weekend workshop on exercise and bodywork 0 None
2010-01-23 Registered nurse with donation from Give them a Hand Foundation and JetBlue headed to Haiti 0 None
2010-01-23 Grand Circle Foundation and Grand Circle travelers donate funds in support of Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti 0 None
2010-01-23 LA entrepreneur donates $1 million; launches Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization 0 5
2010-01-23 New ACS report outlines 21 challenges and needs for global tobacco control 2 5
2010-01-23 First Presidency appeals for donation to assist Haitian victims 0 None
2010-01-23 MEMI Tech launches new 911 Medical ID Medallion 1 5
2010-01-22 APX Alarm and IASK team up to support Haiti relief efforts 0 None
2010-01-22 Aid flow to Haiti improves as seaport opens, airport volume dramtically increases 0 None
2010-01-22 St. John Ambulance to send first aid and emergency medical care experts to Jacmel 0 None
2010-01-22 California Heart Center joins Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute and Cedars-Sinai Medical Care Foundation 0 None
2010-01-22 Canadian TV networks, celebrities and government leaders support relief efforts in Haiti 0 None
2010-01-22 Haiti Government calls for WSPA’s aid to support emergency relief operation 0 None
2010-01-22 Catholic Charities USA convenes Centennial Summit in San Antonio 0 None
2010-01-22 Study: Chinese anesthesiologists willing to help patients quit smoking, reduce tobacco-related deaths 0 None
2010-01-22 Long-term health effects of e-cigarettes: More research needed 2 2
2010-01-22 Companies across the United States to donate millions of dollars to support Haiti earthquake victims 0 None
2010-01-22 Americans for Responsible Heath Care launches second wave of advertising 0 None
2010-01-22 World Bank forecasts global economic growth for 2010, notes toll of financial crisis 0 None
2010-01-22 Amerinet contributes to Haiti's relief efforts 0 None
2010-01-21 Genesis Invest AG provides Mobile Cube to the US Disaster Management for its deployment in Haiti 0 None
2010-01-21 Interactive debate on low calorie sweeteners in today's changing foodscape 0 None
2010-01-21 New book reviews human personality and personality disorders 0 5
2010-01-21 Neways North America donates hygiene items to Haiti victims 0 None
2010-01-21 U.S. veterinarians join coalition to address ongoing humanitarian relief efforts in Haiti 0 None
2010-01-21 OA urges patients to stop smoking before surgery to protect their own health 0 None
2010-01-21 New York Times examines innovative approaches to tackling infrastructure needs in developing countries 0 None
2010-01-21 Blue Shield of California to offer Healthways' SilverSneakers Fitness Program to Medicare beneficiaries 0 None
2010-01-21 Opinions: Haiti relief, recovery efforts 0 None
2010-01-21 Chances for Children sets up Haiti Renewal Fund 0 None
2010-01-21 Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems converts its bottled vitamin line to sustainable EcoGuard bottles 0 None
2010-01-20 MedPage Today publishes the Most Read Stories for the Past Week 0 None
2010-01-20 Catalina Marketing releases an in-depth study on weight-management 0 None
2010-01-20 Weight Watchers International files complaint against Jenny Craig 0 None
2010-01-20 Davis Vision's "Order Online to Win" promotion awarded to Dr. Candice Macri 0 None
2010-01-20 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries to donate over $7M in medicine to benefit earthquake victims in Haiti 0 4
2010-01-20 Motivational interviewing may help people to quit smoking 0 None
2010-01-20 Studies explore consequences of sexual abuse 0 None
2010-01-20 Rescue, relief efforts continue in Haiti, 200,000 people estimated to have perished in quake 0 None
2010-01-19 Kessler Institute offers tips to avoid injury during snow shoveling 0 None
2010-01-19 Filmmaker conducts workshops to promote happiness and positive thinking in community 0 None
2010-01-19 Access to clean water remains an issue for victims and Haiti earthquake volunteers 0 None
2010-01-19 Interdisciplinary nature of biological research triggers changes to JBC's publishing policies 0 5
2010-01-19 Clemson University researchers explore ways to solve housing crisis in Haiti 1 4
2010-01-19 One of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's active volunteers to carry Olympic Torch in Calgary 0 None
2010-01-19 SAMHSA report indicates one quarter of adolescent girls were involved in serious fights in the past year 0 None
2010-01-19 Study indicates school burnout among adolescents is shared with parental work burnout 0 None
2010-01-19 Save the Children focuses on long-term plan to build better disaster planning and management in Haiti 0 None
2010-01-19 Two heavily damaged zones in Haiti are assigned to PADF 0 None
2010-01-19 Canadian, US and International Salvation Army teams support relief efforts in Haiti 0 None
2010-01-19 World Vision responds to Haiti disaster, but situation remains grave 0 None
2010-01-19 Laurus Technologies introduces comprehensive set of IT support and maintenance services 0 None
2010-01-19 Eating strategies can reduce cell damage and enhance sports performance 0 None
2010-01-19 New satellite maps show degree of destruction following Haiti's earthquake 0 None
2010-01-19 Urgent aid shipment containing tents and family survival kits docked at Jacmel, Haiti 0 None
2010-01-19 Residents of Canada's northern regions contribute more than $25,000 to support Haiti earthquake victims 0 4
2010-01-19 New policy sets nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in Ontario schools 0 None
2010-01-19 Relief director debunks myths about disaster relief 0 None
2010-01-19 CSafe and AcuTemp Thermal Systems offer temperature controlled containers for the Haitian relief effort 0 None
2010-01-19 Capital BlueCross and Department of Health introduce a grant program for school-aged children 0 None
2010-01-19 British Columbian donors sponsor 1,610 Haiti children 0 None
2010-01-19 Regence Foundation contributes to Haiti relief fund 0 None
2010-01-19 Remote Area Medical sets up RAM operations to assist in Haiti earthquake relief efforts 0 5
2010-01-19 Smart for Life Cookie Diet ranked number one in diet category and number two overall on IMS 0 None
2010-01-19 CARE's disaster-response teams teach water purification techniques in earthquake-ravaged Haiti 0 None
2010-01-19 TRMA: Duke Medicine agrees to be the title sponsor of Tobacco Road Marathon 0 None
2010-01-19 Newfoundland residents contribute to Haiti relief programs 0 None
2010-01-19 HTI to deliver drinking water filtration systems to Haiti quake victims 0 None
2010-01-19 Red Cross continues its response to Haiti crisis 0 None
2010-01-19 Wellness International Network introduces new product packaging for BioLean 0 None
2010-01-18 325 Haiti children sponsored by Saskatchewan donors 0 None
2010-01-18 Neurosurgical journals influence neurosurgeons and their patients 0 None
2010-01-18 55% of medical device industry professionals looking for a job change 0 5
2010-01-18 Repeal of Texas helmet law results in increased motorcycle fatalities 0 1
2010-01-18 Illuminea: A newsletter for academic librarians and information professionals 0 None
2010-01-18 Plan launches international appeal to support its emergency operations in Haiti’s affected areas 0 None
2010-01-18 People of low social status more likely to be smokers, physically inactive and to be obese 0 4.5
2010-01-18 Nine-member Creighton University surgical team departs to treat victims of Haiti earthquake 0 5
2010-01-18 Possibility of a shorter life span encourages youth to commit crimes 0 None
2010-01-18 Nutrisystem recognized as best among popular weight loss programs 0 None
2010-01-18 Vilsack promotes agriculture improvement in Afghanistan, announces $20M in aid 0 None
2010-01-18 offers personalized yoga classes and consultation via video conferencing 0 None
2010-01-18 Health and Wellness Partners completes production of Surge product line 0 None
2010-01-18 Nine banks in Canada accept cash donations in support of Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti 0 None
2010-01-18 Nu Skin Enterprises starts international tour to roll out its ageLOC anti-aging product portfolio 0 None
2010-01-18 PerkinElmer announces a suite of hyphenated solutions for EGA 0 None
2010-01-18 QualiSystems releases TestShell Resource Manager 0 None
2010-01-18 freshHAIR: A new hair care line to prevent acne 0 None
2010-01-18 A guide for health professionals and food industry 0 None
2010-01-18 Obama announces $100M in aid for Haitian earthquake recovery 0 None
2010-01-13 Minnesota honored for covering tobacco cessation medications and counseling for its citizens 0 None
2010-01-13 ALAC to release annual State of Tobacco Control report card for the state of California 0 None
2010-01-13 American Fertility Association to educate gay and lesbian community on gestational surrogacy 1 1
2010-01-13 Radon gas responsible for approximately 20,000 deaths in the U.S. 0 None
2010-01-13 Red Cross responds to a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of Haiti 0 None
2010-01-13 WellPoint recognized with 2010 Diversity Leader Award 0 None
2010-01-13 Study finds no elevated risk of dust-related disease for subway workers 0 None
2010-01-13 Study reveals potential opportunity for sponsors to reduce costs 0 None
2010-01-13 Public health experts take steps to reduce number of healthcare professionals who smoke 0 None
2010-01-13 Tobacco control policies of Iowa earn mixed grades 0 None
2010-01-13 Self-employment tax changes for 2009 0 None
2010-01-13 Massage Heights Houston opens new retreat in Royal Oaks area of Houston 0 5
2010-01-13 Mindful Health introduces 'Body Balance Holistic Weight Loss' program 0 5
2010-01-13 Standard Process offers new Post-Purification Program and Product Kits 0 None
2010-01-13 Significant gaps exist between Americans’ reported sense of overall optimism and individual health and well-being 0 None
2010-01-13 Allegations against Take Shape For Life false and misleading, says Medifast 1 5
2010-01-13 On Call International sets up a national, emergency hotline 0 None
2010-01-13 Monsanto and Stokes Bio announce licensing agreement and R&D collaboration 0 None
2010-01-13 Study reveals new insights about stress in work-life balance 0 None
2010-01-13 Natural Magic' herbal skin care line to feature in VIP gift bags at Golden Globes events 0 None
2010-01-13 New book provides tools to control mind/body connections 0 None
2010-01-13 First phase of FDA's Transparency Initiative designed to explain agency operations unveiled 0 None
2010-01-12 Richard N. Zare to receive the 2010 TWR Medal for Conspicuous Achievement in Chemistry 0 None
2010-01-12 Alleged sex offender not a registered physiotherapist, confirms the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario 0 None
2010-01-12 miRagen Therapeutics establishes SAB 0 None
2010-01-12 Medtech Investment Week to be held in Stockholm 0 None
2010-01-12 ePro custom footbeds reduce sport-induced injuries 0 None
2010-01-12 Health Press NA releases new children’s bibliotherapy book on separation anxiety 0 None
2010-01-12 NeuroScience launches NEI Guided Nutrition Program 0 None
2010-01-12 New standards proposed to enhance infant formulas and functional foods 0 None
2010-01-12 American Lung Association releases State of Tobacco Control 2009 report 0 None
2010-01-12 Book explores difficulties women face in working life and retirement 0 None
2010-01-12 Yoga lowers number of compounds in blood and reduces inflammation 0 5
2010-01-12 ProPublica examines USAID efforts to fund, train local organizations in Pakistan 0 None
2010-01-11 Tampa Bay Partnership releases new briefs on the economic and business growth in the Tampa Bay Region 0 None
2010-01-09 Study analyses physiological parameters of athletes 0 None
2010-01-09 Home-laundered scrubs have greater bacterial contamination than other alternatives 0 None
2010-01-09 New book on baking recipes for people with food allergies 0 None
2010-01-09 Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips and Ashley Koff join to help fans make their “Real Resolutions” a reality 0 None
2010-01-09 "Ultimate Chef America" title to be held during the 2010 Ultimate Chef America tour 0 None
2010-01-09 Arizona resident achieves weight-loss with Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET 0 None
2010-01-09 Baskin-Robbins introduces BRight Choices treats 0 None
2010-01-09 Bruce Bodaken releases statement on FVPF's International Center 0 5
2010-01-09 Maryland seafood processor to stop fish distribution for non-compliance of food safety laws 0 5
2010-01-09 Elysium Internet to exhibit direct navigation patient acquisition program 0 None
2010-01-09 Apollo Health Street launches two service lines to expand hospital revenue cycle management solutions 0 None
2010-01-09 Type A characteristic associated with reduced job stress 0 None
2010-01-08 A holistic approach to weight loss 0 None
2010-01-08 Medicare documentation requirements for power wheelchairs must be improved, federal report 0 5
2010-01-08 Dr. Jack Kushner's new book offers counsel for surviving and succeeding in changing economy 0 None
2010-01-08 Jamba Juice and CAHPERD join to introduce the 2010 Jamba Jump Day event 0 5
2010-01-08 Survey reveals compliance spending remains stronger than anticipated 0 None
2010-01-08 NCD to release report on housing programs and policies for people with disabilities 0 None
2010-01-08 Additional education to liver transplant candidates increases live donation and donor evaluation 0 None
2010-01-08 Canadian Cancer Society calls on the B.C. government to ban cosmetic use of pesticides 4 1.7
2010-01-08 A.D.A.M. announces new online education product for K-12 market 0 None
2010-01-08 Researchers identify key epigenetic mechanism that helps explain cocaine's addictiveness 0 None
2010-01-08 Nutrition and fitness expert shares secrets on wellness, happiness and lasting weight loss 0 None
2010-01-08 Basic guidelines on how to develop healthy eating habits 0 None
2010-01-08 ALAC to release third annual State of Tobacco Control report card for California 0 None
2010-01-08 Small changes in daily routine activities may help Americans reach a healthy, stable weight 0 None
2010-01-08 Boar's Head launches campaign to encourage salt sensible food choices 0 None
2010-01-07 U.S. Marshals seize all FDA-regulated foods susceptible to contamination by rodents and insects 0 None
2010-01-07 Fitness tips from Lady Foot Locker 0 None
2010-01-07 LIVESTRONGTM.COM compiles tools to help users maintain healthy living 0 None
2010-01-07 Sundia MediTech Company recognized as technically-advanced service enterprise in Shanghai 0 None
2010-01-07 Rx Locker device to secure prescription medications 0 None
2010-01-07 Minnesota dentists to provide free dental care to less fortunate children 0 None
2010-01-07 Manduka announces the release of Manduka Mat Sling 0 3.5
2010-01-07 Board of Directors for Legacy continue efforts to preserve tobacco funds in Ohio 0 None
2010-01-07 HaloSource raises $10 million to support commercialization of HaloPure 0 None
2010-01-07 Scientists develop first-of-its-kind cloth that releases nitric oxide gas 0 None
2010-01-07 Muscle Flex to launch Muscle Flex VATA Brasil Sports and Active Wear Line 0 None
2010-01-07 Calorie content information reported by restaurants and packaged food companies may be inaccurate 0 None
2010-01-07 ISC-SHRM and BCBSIL announce new workplace wellness program 0 None
2010-01-07 Vignet releases Connected Health Services platform infrastructure for mHealth devices and services 0 None
2010-01-07 Tips to prevent injuries while shoveling 0 None
2010-01-07 Negative experiences with coaches and instructors can result in lifetime of inactivity 0 None
2010-01-07 Media examines efforts to treat patients, train doctors in Afghanistan, fight malnutrition 0 None
2010-01-06 DBA Analytical to host a 2-day training course on dietary supplements 0 None
2010-01-06 NCD to hear presentations and discuss the state of wounded warrior care and transition 0 None
2010-01-06 HealthSpring establishes its presence on popular social media site Facebook 0 None
2010-01-06 Federal judge upholds key provisions of new law, gives FDA the power to regulate tobacco products 0 None
2010-01-06 SMART Modular Technologies releases XceedIOPS SATA 0 None
2010-01-06 American Red Cross offers tips to stay warm in bone chilling temperatures 0 None
2010-01-06 CAMH: Online interventions for problem alcohol use can be effective in changing drinking behaviours 0 None
2010-01-06 NSF International develops new protocol for clothes washers 0 None
2010-01-06 Innovative ways to get fit in 2010 0 None
2010-01-06 Three out of four Americans fall into 'WannabeWELL' category 0 None
2010-01-06 H-TRIO launches new, all-natural whey protein powder 0 5
2010-01-06 'Make Today the Day' public awareness campaign to quit smoking launched 0 None
2010-01-06 Microfluidics introduces "Voice of the Customer" program 0 None
2010-01-06 ACE launches "Get Fit" Web site for consumers 0 None
2010-01-05 MedApps receives CE Mark and CMDCAS certifications to distribute its products in Europe and Canada 0 None
2010-01-05 Royal Philips Electronics launches Activa portable audio player at CES 2010 0 None
2010-01-05 Philips DirectLife, a new interactive fitness program launched 0 None
2010-01-05 Medical Marijuana launches National Educational Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center 0 None
2010-01-05 Restoration of natural water flows can cause ecological harm 0 None
2010-01-05 Health and hard-earned money traded on high-fat, poor-quality food 0 None
2010-01-05 RL&A to conduct social media campaigns for Coty's Jovan fragrance brand and Pedia-Lax dietary supplement 0 None
2010-01-05 CRT&T presents unique approach to solve issues presented to pharmaceutical executives 0 None
2010-01-05 Subjective experience of sexual arousal and corresponding physiological genital response linked to gender 0 None
2010-01-05 Fifth Driven to Quit Challenge launched to fight against cancer 0 None
2010-01-05 Water experts plan coordinated approach towards global water crisis 0 None
2010-01-05 SSHE starts off "Seattle Sutton's 2010 Slim Down" weight loss contest 0 4
2010-01-05 Young adult with weight problems more likely to purchase weight loss products from spam e-mail 0 None
2010-01-04 Sunlighten to unveil mPulse Series in April 2010 0 5
2010-01-04 Charity contest held in Toronto; proceeds to benefit Kahi Water Project in Rwanda 0 None
2010-01-04 Unison Health Plan employees donate socks to Operation Safety Net 0 None
2010-01-04 Employees from AmeriChoice donate 535 pairs of socks to the Dayspring Center in Indianapolis 0 None
2010-01-04 Gamercize introduces GZ Personal Trainer software for fitness and weight loss goals 0 None
2010-01-04 The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge and Driscoll's create recipes to help people keep their resolution 0 None
2010-01-04 Hoffman and Connolly partner to form family-focused exercise and fitness store 0 None
2010-01-04 Employees from UnitedHealthcare of Wisconsin donate 1183 pairs of socks to Milwaukee Rescue Mission 0 None
2010-01-04 BiPro completes the requirements of NSF International's Athletic Banned Substances Certification Program 0 None
2010-01-04 North Carolina takes historic step for health with the implementation of smoke-free law 0 None
2010-01-04 Tips for maintaining health and fitness resolutions in 2010 0 None
2010-01-03 TechPrecision presents strategic plan and outlook for 2010 0 None
2010-01-03 International Isotopes submits a license application for its uranium de-conversion and fluorine extraction project 0 None
2010-01-03 Smart for Life Cookie Diet for successful weight loss 1 1


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