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RSSArchived Pharmaceutical News Stories - 2004

Date Title Comments Rating
2004-12-30 New painkiller was discovered in natural form in venomous snails in 1979 0 None
2004-12-28 Information submitted via new drug applications could easily be made accessible to the public 0 None
2004-12-28 Lessons learned from troubles with COX-2 inhibitors 0 None
2004-12-26 Update on world antimalarial drug supply 0 None
2004-12-26 Supply problem with the opiate painkiller, diamorphine 0 None
2004-12-26 FDA issues not approvable letter to Cellegy Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2004-12-23 Public health advisory for the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug products 0 None
2004-12-22 FDA approves Enablex for the treatment of overactive bladder 0 4
2004-12-21 Pharmacogenomics, has the potential to spark a major, technology-driven restructuring of the health care and pharmaceuticals industries 0 None
2004-12-21 Arthritis drug caution advised by New Zealand experts 0 None
2004-12-21 No increased cardiovascular risk seen in elderly patients taking Celebrex 0 None
2004-12-21 New advice on anti-inflammatory drugs called Cox-2 Inhibitors, including Celebrex 0 None
2004-12-20 FDA issues advice on Naproxen 0 None
2004-12-20 Genzyme files for European approval of Myozyme for treatment of Pompe disease 0 None
2004-12-20 Genetic markers implicated in fatal side effects of schizophrenia drug 0 None
2004-12-20 Advice for patients who have been taking Celebrex or Bextra 0 None
2004-12-20 Potential safety risks with Celebrex 0 None
2004-12-20 Tentative approval for Topiramate Tablets 0 None
2004-12-20 Macugen approved for the treatment of neovascular (wet) age-related macular degeneration (AMD) 0 None
2004-12-19 Celebrex suspension 0 None
2004-12-16 Obesity drug codenamed AOD9604 highly successful in trials 0 4.7
2004-12-14 Scientists have identified a novel anti-tuberculosis (TB) compound 0 None
2004-12-14 GlaxoSmithKline acquires full marketing and development rights for BEXXAR worldwide 0 None
2004-12-14 Safety of AIDS drug to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV questioned 0 None
2004-12-13 Detrol LA significantly reduces symptoms of overactive bladder 0 None
2004-12-13 Successful human trial of obesity drug that mimicks metabolic effects of growth hormone 0 None
2004-12-13 FDA accepts Genmab's Investigational New Drug Application for active rheumatoid arthritis treatment 0 None
2004-12-13 Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and drug discovery companies are increasingly turning their attention to cell-based assays 0 None
2004-12-08 FDA approves Topigen's investigational New Drug Application for new inhalation drug to treat asthma 0 None
2004-12-08 Lilly launches publicly available clinical trial registry 0 None
2004-12-08 Chiron flu vaccine banned for a further three months 0 None
2004-12-08 HHS purchases 1.2 million doses of GSK's Fluarix flu vaccine 0 None
2004-12-07 Escalating costs and lengthy clinical trials are major concerns for researchers in the field of drug discovery 0 None
2004-12-06 Prescription drug cost increases continuing to outpace inflation 0 None
2004-12-06 ID Biomedical announces strategic alliances for U.S. marketing and distribution of Fluviral vaccine 0 None
2004-12-06 Review findings released on the safety of antidepressants (SSRI's) 0 None
2004-12-06 Alliance to develop and commercialize fully-human anti-anthrax antibody 0 None
2004-12-06 Australian Government's decision to purchase sufficient influenza vaccine for the next three seasons is good health planning 0 None
2004-12-05 Positive results from phase 2 trial of Telintra, drug candidate in myelodysplastic syndrome 0 None
2004-12-04 Pfizer submits regulatory filings for Revatio (sildenafil citrate) as a treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension 0 None
2004-12-04 A vitamin B pill that drastically lowers blood levels of homocysteine could one day be used to prevent dementia 0 None
2004-12-03 FDA approval of cream to treat bacterial vaginosis 0 None
2004-11-30 World Health Organization is reinstating two antiretrovirals manufactured by Cipla Ltd 0 None
2004-11-30 Novel anti-obesity compound shows promise for treatment of obesity 0 None
2004-11-30 Rimonabant could be safer for treating obesity than previous weight-loss drugs 0 None
2004-11-30 Potential vaccine for the deadly toxin ricin 0 None
2004-11-30 Biopharmaceuticals industry, a rapidly growing sector within the pharmaceuticals industry 1 4
2004-11-29 Avastin plus Folfox4 chemotherapy significantly extends survival in second-line metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2004-11-29 Manufacturers in the European active pharmaceutical ingredients market are struggling to overcome a variety of challenges 0 5
2004-11-29 FDA approves Combunox tablets for the short-term treatment of acute, moderate to severe pain 0 None
2004-11-24 FDA approves Remodulin for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension 0 None
2004-11-24 Scientists join forces to improve the effectiveness of a drug used to treat chronic myeloid leukaemia 0 None
2004-11-24 MedImmune and Medarex have announced a collaboration to develop antibodies 0 None
2004-11-24 FDA approval of Tysabri, for the treatment of multiple sclerosis 0 None
2004-11-24 Topical cream alternative to Vioxx 0 None
2004-11-24 FDA incapable of protecting America against another Vioxx 0 None
2004-11-23 FDA approves Vesicare (solifenacin succinate) for the treatment of overactive bladder 0 2
2004-11-23 Information about serious adverse effects of cerivastatin were known within months after drug launched 0 None
2004-11-20 Hetero Drugs withdraws antiretrovirals 0 None
2004-11-20 AstraZeneca reconfirms the safety of Crestor 0 None
2004-11-20 FDA approves Tarceva (erlotinib) 0 None
2004-11-19 Vaccinex and Biocon to co-develop at least four therapeutic antibody products 0 None
2004-11-19 FDA Vioxx fiasco raises questions about AIDS drug approvals for developing world 0 None
2004-11-17 FDA clarifies it's position on Vioxx 0 None
2004-11-16 Canadian prescription drugs 0 None
2004-11-16 Eisai In-licenses Anti-hepatitis B Agent clevudine From Bukwang Pharm 0 None
2004-11-16 FDA commits to use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology 0 None
2004-11-16 Sildenafil tablets will soon have small radio frequency tags 0 None
2004-11-16 Vasogen announces full patient enrollment in its trial of Celacade in peripheral arterial disease 0 None
2004-11-14 Use of the drug etodolac instead of drugs like Celebrex or Bextra could save $40 million annually 0 2
2004-11-14 Can poor countries help rich countries contain drug costs? 0 None
2004-11-11 Canada puts in place a national plan to ensure an adequate flu vaccine supply 0 None
2004-11-11 Washington to get 160,000 additional doses of influenza vaccine 0 None
2004-11-10 Dementia patients receiving long-term treatment with Reminyl may be able to stay at home for longer compared 0 None
2004-11-10 Pennsylvania to distribute 340,000 doses of influenza vaccine to most in need 0 None
2004-11-10 Bretylium tosylate has unique benefits for patients with acute myocardial infarction 0 None
2004-11-08 Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals increases production of antiviral flu drug, Amantadine 0 None
2004-11-08 Generic statin drugs shown to produce similar or better results than expensive brand-name drugs 0 5
2004-11-04 VaxGen gets $877.5 million to supply 75 million doses of anthrax vaccine 0 None
2004-11-04 New York redistributes existing flu vaccine supplies 0 None
2004-11-04 Trial of new type of drug that attacks amyloid 0 None
2004-11-04 Pfizer licenses drug from University of Rochester for treatment of hot flashes 0 None
2004-11-04 Cyclooxygenase (COX) inhibitors tested in both prevention and treatment clinical trials 0 None
2004-11-04 FDA fast tracks investigational anti-cancer drug, phenoxodiol 0 None
2004-11-04 Psoriasis trial enters final stage 0 None
2004-11-04 European approval for Taxotere (docetaxel) in prostate cancer 0 None
2004-11-04 Cholesterol-lowering drugs can interact with grapefruit juice and increase the risk of the drugs' potential side-effects 0 None
2004-11-04 FDA warns against use of Actra-Rx and Yilishen 0 None
2004-11-04 Guidance for generic drugs 0 None
2004-11-04 Wyeth shows new Phase III data about its investigational antibiotic, tigecycline 0 None
2004-11-02 Analysis shows Remicade reduces pain associated with Crohn's disease 0 None
2004-11-02 Maxim Pharmaceuticals to withdraw NDA for advanced malignant melanoma 0 None
2004-11-01 New vaccines to counter biological agents such as anthrax 0 None
2004-11-01 Studies show Pfizer's Azithromycin Microspheres effective as treatment for respiratory tract infections 0 None
2004-11-01 Tentative approval of testosterone gel product 0 None
2004-11-01 No evidence that Glatiramer acetate slows multiple sclerosis progression 0 1
2004-11-01 Tamiflu significantly reduced the risk of pneumonia in patients diagnosed with flu 0 None
2004-11-01 Discovery of a number of potent and selective small molecule inhibitors of the hepatitis C (HCV) NS3/4 protease 0 None
2004-11-01 Warning on Alzheimer drug mix up 0 None
2004-11-01 FDA approves Nastech vitamin B-12 deficiency nasal spray 0 None
2004-11-01 Alimta approved as first treatment for Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by asbestos 0 None
2004-10-29 U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has announced progress toward expanding the nation's supply of vaccines for flu season 0 None
2004-10-29 New data supporting the use of Renagel in patients who are new to hemodialysis 1 None
2004-10-29 Micro-array technology is revolutionising current drug development 0 None
2004-10-26 Human Genome Sciences announces agreement with GSK for development of drug to treat diabetes 0 None
2004-10-26 Call for a Senate Inquiry into the pharmacy industry in Australia 0 None
2004-10-26 Nonprescription medications to treat upper respiratory infections could save $4.75 billion a year 0 None
2004-10-25 New Drug Application for Velac accepted for filing by the FDA 0 None
2004-10-25 Arizona will receive 22,500 additional doses of flu vaccine 0 None
2004-10-25 Scientists are testing the effectiveness of a new type of flu vaccine 0 None
2004-10-25 Agreement reached on new community pharmacy contract 0 None
2004-10-25 The first new TB vaccine for more than 80 years has successfully come through safety trials in the UK 0 None
2004-10-25 New oral vaccine treatment is effective in reducing Alzheimer's disease pathology 0 None
2004-10-25 Fatbuster drug targets obesity 0 None
2004-10-25 Call for disclosure of the prices of the most commonly-used prescription drugs over the Internet 0 None
2004-10-25 Following the withdrawal of Vioxx, the European Medicines Agency has been asked to review of COX-2 inhibitor medicines 0 None
2004-10-25 Infectious diseases physicians call for financial incentives for industry 0 None
2004-10-25 Rosiglitazone helps boost the effectiveness of a treatment for opening clogged arteries 0 None
2004-10-25 Boehringer Ingelheim - New Drug Application (NDA) for tipranavir 0 None
2004-10-22 MedImmune bumps up production of FluMist vaccine 0 None
2004-10-22 New advice on prescribing anti-depressants 0 None
2004-10-22 MedImmune initiates clinical trial comparing intranasal influenza vaccine with injectable flu vaccine 0 None
2004-10-21 New law will help stop litigation abuse against vaccines 0 None
2004-10-18 FDA grants traditional approval for Fuzeon (enfuvirtide), to treat HIV 0 None
2004-10-18 Campaign gives Florida residents 30,000 flu shots for free 1 None
2004-10-18 Chiron responds to FDA announcement 0 None
2004-10-18 Pfizer provides information about its COX-2 product Bextra (valdecoxib) 0 None
2004-10-16 FDA finds Chiron influenza vaccine unsafe for use 0 None
2004-10-13 Teva Pharmaceutical granted FDA approval for Flumazenil injection 0 None
2004-10-13 MedImmune progresses development of Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Parainfluenza Virus Type-3 vaccines 0 None
2004-10-13 California issues alert and warning about flu vaccine price gouging 0 None
2004-10-13 FDA and MHRA to cooperate efforts to address manufacturing concerns related Chiron's influenza vaccine 0 None
2004-10-12 CDC and Aventis Pasteur plan to allocate influenza vaccine 0 None
2004-10-11 New survey reveals continued drug price disparities across the New York State 0 None
2004-10-10 Pharmacists respond to unprecedented demand for the flu vaccine in the wake of the current shortage 0 None
2004-10-08 HHS awards contracts totaling more than $232 million to fund development of new vaccines against smallpox, plague and tularemia 0 None
2004-10-08 Flu vaccine shortage highlights need to accelerate the approval of affordable generic biopharmaceuticals and vaccines 0 None
2004-10-08 Aspirin might well be considered the top utility player in the medicine cabinet 0 None
2004-10-07 Vioxx: an unequal partnership between safety and efficacy 0 None
2004-10-07 Canadian Rheumatology Association issues statement on Vioxx alternatives 0 None
2004-10-06 EMEA statement following withdrawal of Vioxx (rofecoxib) 0 5
2004-10-05 Ireland's Department of Health has resolved outstanding concerns over the availability of flu vaccines 0 None
2004-10-05 U.S. healthcare industry reaction to the withdrawal of Vioxx from the world-wide market 0 None
2004-10-05 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services responds to loss of Chiron flu vaccine 0 None
2004-10-05 RiboNovix secures license to novel anti-infective discovery technology from Wayne State University 0 None
2004-10-05 Natural alternatives to osteoarthritis drug 0 None
2004-10-05 Teva Pharmaceuticals granted final approval for Ribavirin capsules 0 None
2004-10-05 A trial of beta-interferon-1a in inclusion-body myositis has failed to find benefit from the drug in this disease 0 None
2004-10-05 Analysis shows Teriparatide reduces fracture risk independent of bone turnover 0 None
2004-10-04 Immediate voluntary world-wide withdrawal of Vioxx (rofecoxib) 0 None
2004-10-04 FDA fast tracks Genaera's drug for the treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration 0 None
2004-10-04 First U.S. program to allow citizens to purchase lower cost, safe prescription drugs from Europe and Canada 0 None
2004-10-04 Bristol-Myers Squibb submits New Drug Application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for entecavir 0 None
2004-10-04 MHRA advice following withdrawal of Vioxx (rofecoxib) 0 None
2004-10-04 Chiron grants a non-exclusive license to the German Red Cross 0 None
2004-10-04 Data demonstrate that Celebrex does not increase the risk of heart attack or stroke in patients with arthritis and pain 0 None
2004-10-04 Approval of Abilify (aripiprazole) for the treatment of acute bipolar mania 0 None
2004-09-30 Australian nanotech Starpharma to develop a second generation microbicide for the prevention of infection by HIV 0 None
2004-09-29 ID Biomedical awarded US$9.5 million to develop its cell culture-based influenza vaccine 0 None
2004-09-29 Biomira and Merck announce fast track status for liposome vaccine 0 1
2004-09-29 Schwarzenegger signs AIDS Pharmacy Bill 0 None
2004-09-28 Chiron CEO to appear before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging 0 None
2004-09-28 New capsule, made from fish gelatin, should end fears of viral infections such as BSE and vCJD 0 None
2004-09-27 Half of sildenafil samples purchased on the internet were fake 0 5
2004-09-26 New drug application to market ramelteon for insomnia 0 None
2004-09-26 Ranbaxy receives FDA approval to market Loratadine and Pseudoephedrine Sulfate extended release tablets 0 None
2004-09-26 Drug companies and FDA crack down on Canadian drug importation to protect profits 0 None
2004-09-26 Drug shortages are having major negative effects on patient care and hospital costs 0 None
2004-09-26 Palladone approved for pain relief 0 None
2004-09-23 New combination of drugs results in fewer incidences of rejection in liver transplant patients 0 None
2004-09-23 PA Consulting sells drug delivery venture, Meridica, to Pfizer 0 None
2004-09-22 Glaxo drops appeal in AIDS drug pricing case 0 None
2004-09-22 GlaxoSmithKline has granted a voluntary licence to Cosmos Limited for the manufacture and sale of antiretrovirals 0 None
2004-09-22 Aventis Pasteur to manufacture and store 2 million doses of avian influenza H5N1 vaccine 0 None
2004-09-20 Data suggests potential role of Quadramet in conjunction with chemotherapy for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2004-09-20 Isis Pharmaceuticals licenses second anti-cancer drug candidate to Lilly 0 None
2004-09-20 Bonviva, to treat osteoporosis, submitted for marketing authorisation in Europe 0 None
2004-09-20 European positive for Cymbalta and Xeristar 0 None
2004-09-20 Crucell and AIDS Vaccine Initiative have signed an exclusive license agreement to develop an AIDS vaccine 0 None
2004-09-16 Wyeth supports FDA recommendation to strengthen antidepressant labeling 0 None
2004-09-14 Prozac, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Celexa, Effexor, Luvox and Remeron should have "Black Box" warnings 1 5
2004-09-14 ID Biomedical to supply meningitis C vaccine to the Canadian government 0 None
2004-09-14 Which provincial pharmacare system works best to protect Canadians against catastrophic drug costs? 0 None
2004-09-13 Potential new drug for the treatment of sickle cell disease 0 None
2004-09-13 Yentreve available in Europe for treatment of stress urinary incontinence 0 None
2004-09-08 Phase I clinical trial of new drug for severe asthma 0 None
2004-09-08 Cymbalta approved for diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain 1 2.2
2004-09-07 FDA approval for chewable ADHD tablets 0 None
2004-09-07 Topiramate help patients with alcohol dependence 0 None
2004-09-07 Ezetrol co-administration with statin therapy lowers LDL cholesterol in diabetics 0 None
2004-09-06 Phico Therapeutics secures funding to tackle superbug 0 None
2004-09-05 More than 100 million doses of influenza vaccine available this year in the United States 0 None
2004-09-02 Pfizer files lawsuits against eighteen internet sites for selling illegal copies of LIPITOR 0 5
2004-09-02 New drug application for exenatide has been accepted for review 0 None
2004-09-01 MGI PHARMA acquires Aesgen for $32 million 0 None
2004-08-29 Dronedarone is effective and well-tolerated in the prevention of atrial fibrillation 0 None
2004-08-29 U.S. FDA study shows Canadian drugs to be more expensive 0 None
2004-08-26 Cymbalta, treatment for major depression hits the market 0 None
2004-08-26 FDA approves revised labeling for anti-inflammatory corticosteroid nasal spray 0 None
2004-08-26 Chiron delays Fluvirin influenza virus vaccine shipments 1 None
2004-08-26 FDA reinforces use of Sustiva in first-line HIV combination therapy 0 None
2004-08-25 Phase 1 clinical trial of new anticancer drug from Human Genome Sciences 0 None
2004-08-25 Cymbalta, a new treatment for major depression 0 None
2004-08-25 U.S. to vigorously defend against Vermont's lawsuit on importing drugs from Canada 0 None
2004-08-23 Powerful new cancer-fighting property of Herceptin 0 None
2004-08-23 Pfizer receives approval for acute bipolar mania drug 0 None
2004-08-23 Genmab's HuMax-CD4 receives U.S. orphan drug designation 0 None
2004-08-21 Pfizer drug effectively treats overactive bladder symptoms 0 None
2004-08-21 Current information on the use of antidepressants in pediatric patients 0 None
2004-08-18 Consumer education campaign warning Connecticut residents of the dangers of illegal drug importation 0 None
2004-08-18 FDA fast tracks temsirolimus, first-line treatment of poor-prognosis patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma 0 None
2004-08-17 New guidelines urge early and long-term treatment with Aldosterone blockade therapy 0 None
2004-08-16 Insomnia drug market will exceed $5.6 billion in 2013 0 None
2004-08-13 Wyeth wins four combined diet drug cases 0 None
2004-08-13 Drug company fights to keep toxin in vaccines 0 None
2004-08-11 Thyroid expert concerned about recently approved generic levothyroxine preparations 0 None
2004-08-11 The U.S. FDA approves 2 drugs for treating radiation contamination 0 None
2004-08-11 John Kerry outlines plan to bring down the costs of prescription drugs 0 None
2004-08-11 IBM and Cellomics offer new solution to accelerate cell-based drug discovery 0 None
2004-08-11 Genentech announces FDA approval of Avastin manufacturing 0 None
2004-08-09 Promising families of drugs combat the spread of tumors in different ways 0 None
2004-08-09 Total global market for oligonucleotides is likely to grow from USD 340.0 million in 2003 to USD 776.0 million in 2010 0 None
2004-08-05 Promising new cancer drug, Nanotax 0 None
2004-08-05 Approval of Cymbalta for treatment of major depressive disorder 0 None
2004-08-05 Approval of fixed-dose combination treatments for HIV-1 infection 0 None
2004-08-05 Approval of cholesterol-lowering therapy Lipitor for the prevention of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2004-08-03 Michigan settlement with pharmaceutical manufacturer Schering Plough 0 None
2004-08-03 Third of heart failure patients face increased risk of death because they do not receive an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor 0 None
2004-08-03 CV Therapeutics initiates approval-enabling trial of drug to treat chronic angina 0 None
2004-08-03 FDA approval for mint flavor nicotine gum 0 None
2004-08-03 Aventis ships its influenza vaccine, Fluzone 0 None
2004-08-03 FDA has granted orphan drug designation to Myogen's ambrisentan, for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension 0 None
2004-08-03 Metabasis Therapeutics announces multi-center Phase 2 study to evaluate the orally administered antiviral compound remofovir mesylate 0 None
2004-08-03 New Drug Application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for Tarceva 0 None
2004-08-02 FDA approves two fixed-dose combination treatments for HIV-1 infection 0 None
2004-08-02 Schering-Ploug will return more than $9 million to the Texas Medicaid program for the company’s fraudulent reporting of prices for drug Claritin 0 None
2004-08-02 European recommended approval of Remicade for treatment of psoriatic arthritis 0 None
2004-08-02 Requip significantly reduces periodic leg movements in patients with restless legs syndrome 0 None
2004-07-31 Schering Plough to reimburse Washington's Medicaid program $3.57 million in Claritin case 0 None
2004-07-31 Warning for counterfeit drugs simvastatin and carisoprodol recently imported from Mexico 0 None
2004-07-29 Tablets which help recovering alcoholics stay off the drink 0 None
2004-07-29 Medicare prescription drug plan for seniors and the disabled is providing substantial discounts on drugs 0 None
2004-07-29 Philadelphia diet drug trial completed 0 None
2004-07-29 Drug to fight virus from the herpes family in transplant patients moves forward in trials 0 None
2004-07-29 Pharmacy Care Alliance provides $2.9 million in savings to Medicare beneficiaries 0 None
2004-07-29 Research collaboration to discover novel oral drugs for the treatment of viral infections 0 None
2004-07-29 Alimta receives positive endorsement for lung cancer approval from FDA Advisory Committee 0 None
2004-07-28 BMA ready to support overworked doctors who decide to take legal action 0 None
2004-07-27 Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines available faster 0 None
2004-07-26 FDA approval for VYTORIN for the treatment of high LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) 0 None
2004-07-26 Y's Therapeutics files for clinical trials in Europe for rheumatoid arthritis and asthma 0 None
2004-07-26 Janssen Pharmaceutica has sent a letter to health care providers to clarify the risks involved with the use of RISPERDAL® 0 None
2004-07-26 The Internet has become the street corner for many drug users and traffickers 0 None
2004-07-26 GlaxoSmithKline to stand trial on AIDS drugs 0 None
2004-07-23 Plan B has been shown to reduce the risk of pregnancy by 89 percent 0 None
2004-07-23 New cream treatment for common form of skin cancer 0 None
2004-07-22 Several key findings from clinical trial of an investigational Alzheimer's disease treatment 0 None
2004-07-21 Erbitux (cetuximab) combined with irinotecan offers another option for patients who have colorectal cancer 0 None
2004-07-21 Lower drug prices could eliminate coverage gap in Medicare Prescription Drug Plan 0 None
2004-07-21 Court ruling favors State over pharmaceutical manufacturers 0 None
2004-07-21 A new vaccine that may delay cancer recurrence 0 None
2004-07-21 Roche files for application with FDA to market hepatitis C medication Pegasys(R) for chronic hepatitis B treatment 0 None
2004-07-21 Neuro3d identifies candidate compound 0 None
2004-07-20 Debate over acetaminophen and acute liver failure 0 None
2004-07-20 FDA is proposing to change the new and generic drug review process 0 None
2004-07-20 Melanotan-1 can induce tanning in human volunteers who are known to tan easily in response to sunlight 2 5
2004-07-20 Levodopa and pramipexole appear to be reasonable options as initial therapy for Parkinson disease 0 None
2004-07-19 ARICEPT® delays the onset of Alzheimer's among people with mild cognitive impairment 0 None
2004-07-19 New book focuses on pharmaceutical care 0 None
2004-07-19 Statins may help prevent memory loss connected to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease 0 4
2004-07-19 Drug slows the progression of mild cognitive impairment 0 None
2004-07-19 New drugs that can prevent scarring in the eye after glaucoma surgery 0 None
2004-07-17 New compound that is designed to overcome Gleevec resistance 0 None
2004-07-17 Results from clinical trial of TA-NIC, therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of nicotine addiction 0 5
2004-07-16 3M granted FDA approval for cream to treat superficial basal cell carcinoma 0 None
2004-07-15 Ghrelin may help reduce obsesity in children with genetic disorder 0 None
2004-07-15 Prescription drugs from bogus Canadian website are all fake 0 None
2004-07-15 Four new AIDS medicines added to the World Health Organization prequalification list 0 None
2004-07-15 New guidelines for antiretroviral drugs to prevent the transmission of HIV from mothers to their children 0 None
2004-07-15 A drug derived from an ocean-growing sponge helps prevent the growth of cancer cells 0 None
2004-07-15 BMA comment on Shipman Inquiry's recommended changes to the regulation of controlled drugs in the community 0 None
2004-07-15 New early breast cancer treatment significantly reduces the risk of cancer returning 0 None
2004-07-15 Quality HIV/AIDS treatment eased through extended agreement about lowest-priced drugs and diagnostics 0 None
2004-07-15 Strategic analysis of the breast cancer therapeutics pipeline 0 None
2004-07-13 Thalidomide's role in fighting blood disorders, such as multiple myeloma 0 None
2004-07-13 Fluoxetine, orlistat, and sibutramine can diabetics achieve significant weight loss 0 None
2004-07-12 Cell Therapeutics receives Fast Track Designation for Pixantrone, treatment for aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 0 None
2004-07-12 Study evaluates effectiveness of LEXIVA/ritonavir and Lopinavir/ritonavir in protease inhibitor 0 None
2004-07-12 GSK and Boehringer Ingelheim to develop treatment for HIV infection specifically for the developing world 0 None
2004-07-11 Comparison of antiretroviral therapies shows that tenofovir DF and stavudine are equally effective 0 None
2004-07-11 Nevirapine effective in reducing the risk of transmission of HIV at birth 0 None
2004-07-10 ATS receives a US $3.8 million order for a manufacturing system for new drug delivery technology 0 None
2004-07-09 Health Canada warning on Trazodone interaction with certain medications 0 None
2004-07-09 Dexrazoxane reduces heart damage caused by childhood leukemia treatment with doxorubicin (Adriamycin) 0 None
2004-07-08 Natural products to be developed as anti-cancer therapeutics 0 None
2004-07-07 Chiron has received a license for its new meningococcal B vaccine for New Zealand 0 None
2004-07-07 Endo announces agreement With FDA for new trial design of oxymorphone extended-release tablets 0 None
2004-07-07 Pfizer focuses on enabling America's 43 million uninsured to obtain medicines at significant savings 0 None
2004-07-07 New compound, ZK-CDK combines the inhibition of tumour cell growth as well as inhibition of tumour angiogenesis in one single molecule 0 None
2004-07-04 Report highlights progress on cancer drugs but more can be done 0 None
2004-07-04 Treatment of chronic hepatitis C with interferon can be ineffective due to relapse 0 None
2004-07-02 Generic fixed-dose combinations (FDCs) of antiretrovirals are a key factor in access to treatment of HIV/AIDS infection in the developing world 0 None
2004-07-01 U.S. drug prices rise by 3.4 percent during the first quarter of 2004, elderly especially hard hit 0 None
2004-07-01 New drug application for cilansetron, an investigational product for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome 0 None
2004-07-01 New drug application for regulatory approval of exenatide for the treatment of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2004-06-30 Request for further evidence about the risks and benefits of the painkiller co-proxamol 0 None
2004-06-30 Alcon updates filing status of RETAANE® new drug application 0 None
2004-06-29 Oxford Therapeutic Antibody Centre receives Manufacturer’s Authorisation 0 None
2004-06-29 Treatment with Strattera makes children with ADHD fall asleep faster 0 None
2004-06-29 Duloxetine reduces stress urinary incontinence and improves quality of life for women 0 None
2004-06-29 Exelixis files new drug application for a proprietary novel anticancer compound 0 None
2004-06-25 FDA finds gepirone ER “not approvable” as a treatment for Major Depressive Disorder 0 None
2004-06-24 47.2% of the estimated $16.0 billion spent on prescribed drugs in Canada was financed by the public sector in 2003 0 None
2004-06-24 A new single pill is available for treating both high blood pressure and high cholesterol 0 None
2004-06-23 Possible association between the cholesterol lowering drug Crestor, and a serious condition called rhabdomyolysis 0 None
2004-06-23 European marketing approval for new influenza vaccine 0 None
2004-06-23 Drug companies spend about 37% of their overall R&D budgets on clinical affairs 0 None
2004-06-23 FDA to be sued by Mylan Laboratories 0 None
2004-06-23 European Commission has approved the use of Herceptin® (trastuzumab) in combination with Taxotere® 0 None
2004-06-21 Paclitaxel analog kills more cancer cells than natural product 0 None
2004-06-21 Cost differences of methotrexate and cyclosporine to treat psoriasis neglible 0 None
2004-06-20 WHO removes two antiretroviral products from the WHO List of prequalified products 0 None
2004-06-17 Further evidence that a class of drugs that lower blood pressure are a treatment option for older people at high cardiovascular risk 0 None
2004-06-16 Research on the potential oral delivery of a current intravenous cancer drug using polymeric nano-delivery systems technology 0 None
2004-06-16 Results from study of Rituxan in rheumatoid arthritis show promise 0 None
2004-06-15 Cancer drug gefitinib (Iressa) may be able to restore tamoxifen's anticancer activity 0 None
2004-06-15 Benefits of current therapeutic options for pancreatic cancer are eclipsed by their toxicity and inconvenience 0 None
2004-06-15 Report shows unacceptably high variations in access to cancer drugs across the UK 0 None
2004-06-15 Investigational drug Abraxane is active and well tolerated in women with metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2004-06-15 Fair access to recommended drugs in Britain 0 None
2004-06-14 Topiramate may protect newborns from brain injury and long-term neurologic problems caused by excitotoxicity 0 None
2004-06-14 New Drug Application for a novel dosage format of citalopram for the treatment of depression 0 None
2004-06-14 Retirees taking COX-2 anti-inflammatory drugs on a long-term basis also take aspirin therapy 0 None
2004-06-14 New vaccine to stop cocaine addiction 0 None
2004-06-14 Outsourcing the way to control spiraling R&D budgets in drug industry 0 None
2004-06-11 Cannabis extract drug may help patients with rheumatoid arthritis 0 5
2004-06-11 Sirolimus-based therapy following early cyclosporine withdrawal improves transplanted kidney structure and function 0 None
2004-06-11 Enbrel therapy allowed more rheumatoid arthritis patients to achieve clinical remission 0 None
2004-06-11 Canadians advised of stronger warnings for selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors and other newer anti-depressants 0 None
2004-06-11 New York State accuses GlaxoSmithKline of fraudulent behaviour 0 None
2004-06-11 Docetaxel decreases the chance of dying by 24 percent in advanced-stage prostate cancer patients resistant to hormone therapy 0 None
2004-06-11 New treatment significantly improves long-term outlook for breast cancer survivors 0 None
2004-06-10 Drug commonly used for diabetes might be effective in treating multiple sclerosis 0 None
2004-06-10 America's first two WNV encephalitis cases of 2004 respond to treatment 0 None
2004-06-10 Remicade shows improvement in both the arthritis and psoriasis associated with psoriatic arthritis 0 None
2004-06-10 Drug may benefit patients suffering deep scarring after radiation treatment 0 None
2004-06-10 Non-aspirin pain drugs may help men with recurrent prostate cancer 0 None
2004-06-10 Significant progress in the enrollment of beneficiaries in the Medicare drug discount card program 0 None
2004-06-09 Advertising restrcitions on some over the counter medicines likely to be lifted 0 None
2004-06-09 Gemcitabine/paclitaxel combination helps breast cancer patients live longer 0 None
2004-06-09 Higher generic drug use in 2003 slowed the rising cost per prescription to a 7.9% increase 0 None
2004-06-09 SU11248 proves effective in the treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumors 0 None
2004-06-09 Lovastatin and Simvastatin have a significantly reduced risk of prostate cancer 0 5
2004-06-07 Gene mutation found in some women may decrease effectiveness of tamoxifen breast cancer drug 0 None
2004-06-07 Chemotherapy regimen more effective and more toxic in Japanese patients than in American patients 0 None
2004-06-07 Atrasentan reduces cancer risk by 20 percent in men with advanced hormone-resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2004-06-07 A biological agent used without chemotherapy appears to offer a disease-free future to patients with rare leukemia 0 None
2004-06-07 Herceptin shows real promise in treatment of HER-2 positive breast disease 0 None
2004-06-07 Experimental human monoclonal antibody shows striking benefit in patients with advanced melanoma 0 None
2004-06-07 Investigational drug, LAF237 improved glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2004-06-07 Serum estrogen receptor modulator's (SERM's) may help reduce postmenopausal breast cancer risk 0 None
2004-06-07 Treatment with atorvastatin cut incidence of stroke by almost a half 0 None
2004-06-06 Combination treatment may help type 2 diabetes patients 0 None
2004-06-06 Gemcitabine may help breast cancer patients with advanced disease live longer 0 None
2004-06-06 Multi-targeted anticancer drug shows promise as treatment for metastatic renal cell cancer 0 None
2004-06-06 Velcade major improvement over standard therapy for relapsed multiple myeloma 0 None
2004-06-05 Exenatide shows significant improvements in glucose control for people With type 2 diabetes 0 None
2004-06-05 60,000 set to run in race for the cure 0 None
2004-06-05 Drug Tarceva improves survival chance for patients with advanced lung cancer 0 None
2004-06-05 Five major prescription drug manufacturers make drugs available to Medicare discount cardholders 0 None
2004-06-05 New generation drug therapy targets the individual 0 None
2004-06-03 Drug helps children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 0 None
2004-06-03 Antipsychotic compound bifeprunox worth USD 1 billion per year to Solvay and Wyeth 0 None
2004-06-03 Drug helps patients with metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2004-06-02 Avastin study shows significant improvement in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2004-06-02 Pharmacy Care Alliance gives out first prescription discounts 0 None
2004-06-02 HHS urges people to sign up for Medicare-approved drug discount cards 0 None
2004-06-02 BioSante publishes oral insulin study 0 None
2004-05-27 Bird flu vaccine 0 None
2004-05-27 Weight loss medication Xenical® more effective than lifestyle changes alone in managing weight 0 None
2004-05-27 Human Genome Sciences has begun dosing patients with chronic hep C drug 0 None
2004-05-26 ACE inhibitors for diabetics cut in half the risk of death 0 None
2004-05-26 Change of policy concerning generic product approvals 0 None
2004-05-26 New company is developing advanced therapeutics for stroke victims 0 3
2004-05-25 New website helps older Texans and disabled get information that may help them obtain their prescription drugs 0 None
2004-05-25 Zengen announces positive results of treatment for vaginal yeast infection 0 None
2004-05-25 Anti-inflammatory medicine Roflumilast improved lung function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 0 None
2004-05-25 Collusion seen after release of flawed vaccine-autism report 0 None
2004-05-25 Launch of Zorbtive for use in the treatment of patients with short bowel syndrome 0 None
2004-05-24 Trial shows Daclizumab therapy improves multiple sclerosis outcome 0 None
2004-05-24 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics awards $21 million to Vertex 0 None
2004-05-24 Medicare Drug Discount Card pricing is lower than internet and mail-order pharmacy prices 0 None
2004-05-24 Innovative new cancer drug enters the first phase of clinical trials 0 None
2004-05-24 KETEK® (telithromycin) is highly active in vitro against Streptococcus pneumoniae (S. pneumoniae) isolates 0 None
2004-05-24 Significant symptom relief reported in clinical trial patients with irritable bowel syndrome 0 None
2004-05-24 Once-daily treatment with Alvesco (ciclesonide) in asthma patients has no effect on normal adrenal function 0 None
2004-05-23 An antibiotic, Tigecycline produces 74 percent cure rate in cSSSI patients 0 None
2004-05-20 Diabetes drug improves metabolic changes associated with HIV combination therapy 0 None
2004-05-19 First drug approved for hormone refractory prostate cancer that has shown a survival benefit 0 None
2004-05-19 FDA approves new drug for bone marrow disease 0 None
2004-05-19 Drug combo effective for advanced breast cancer 0 None
2004-05-19 Variability in weight and drug content of split tablet may put patients at risk of receiving wrong dosage 0 None
2004-05-19 A new synthetic chemical may provide framework for future drugs to treat brain-based ailments 0 None
2004-05-19 Prescription drugs imported by patients into the United States may be unsafe 0 None
2004-05-18 Drug-Drug Interaction Initiative to provide pharmacists with reliable drug interaction messaging 0 None
2004-05-17 First filing for zoledronic acid in metabolic bone disease 0 None
2004-05-17 FDA today alerted consumers not to purchase or use a recalled lot of DU brand nasal decongestant spray 0 None
2004-05-17 Statins should not be considered as a stand-alone wonder-drug in the fight against heart disease 0 None
2004-05-17 IMPAX receives final FDA approval for generic version of Sinemet CR 0 4
2004-05-17 Pharmaceutical agreement involving novel obesity compound 0 None
2004-05-17 GlaxoSmithKline and Boehringer Ingelheim agree to assess the development of important HIV medicines for the developing world 0 None
2004-05-17 Guidelines for FUZEON (enfuvirtide) are published today in AIDS 0 None
2004-05-16 HHS to ensure safe, effective drugs delivered to developing countries under the President's $15 billion plan for AIDS relief 0 None
2004-05-16 Plans for once-daily, fixed-dose combination of three anti-HIV drugs 0 None
2004-05-16 Drug discount card accepted across 41,000 US PCA pharmacies 0 None
2004-05-15 Influenza vaccine does provide protection against influenza in most asthma patients taking inhaled steroids 0 None
2004-05-15 FDA approval of topical anti-inflammatory cream 0 None
2004-05-15 The number of antibody-based medicines will climb dramatically 0 None
2004-05-15 Medicare drug discount cards continue to drop prices 0 None
2004-05-14 People with malaria who are too ill to take oral medication can benefit from rectal artesunate as initial treatment 0 None
2004-05-14 FDA approves software that determines drug dosages of insulin 0 None
2004-05-13 Britannia Pharmaceuticals’ partner receives FDA approval for Parkinson’s disease treatment 0 None
2004-05-13 Genomed treatment helps bald eagles with West Nile virus encephalitis 0 None
2004-05-13 New Canadian drug submission for cannabis-based medicine 0 None
2004-05-13 Biochip technology to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry 0 None
2004-05-13 FDA knocks back King Pharmaceuticals self-injectible epilepsy product 0 None
2004-05-12 Heart drug simvastatin will be available without a prescription 0 None
2004-05-12 Phase 3 trial of Ceplene in acute myeloid leukemia meets primary trial endpoint 0 None
2004-05-12 Cardiovascular marketing budgets hit $200 Million 0 None
2004-05-12 Restrictions by health insurers and government to control expenses may hurt the malignant melanoma drug market 0 None
2004-05-12 Bentley Pharmaceuticals lists on NYSE 0 None
2004-05-12 Zocor Heart Pro to be available over the counter 0 None
2004-05-11 Trial of a drug derived from the puffer fish for treatment of refractory cancer pain 0 5
2004-05-11 Collaboration on GPCR and Ion Channel Technologies 0 None
2004-05-10 Strategy to treat obesity through molecular liposuction 0 None
2004-05-10 Functional genomics and proteomics may accelerate the discovery of new drugs 0 None
2004-05-10 More UK health professionals will be able to prescribe medicines 0 None
2004-05-10 Alternative vaccine to Dryvax for smallpox 0 None
2004-05-08 Department of Health and Senior Services selects Medicare drug discount card provider 0 None
2004-05-08 Research will test the effectiveness of new drug treatments for the cognitive deficits of schizophrenia 0 None
2004-05-08 Call for consumers to legally and safely import prescription drugs 0 None
2004-05-08 Traditional Chinese medicine contains human placenta 1 5
2004-05-08 Differing views on discount drug pricing 0 None
2004-05-07 Crime & prescription drug use in Australia 0 None
2004-05-07 West Nile treatment showing 100% response rate among immunocompetent patients 0 None
2004-05-06 The world generic drug market is expected to grow 10-15% annually 0 None
2004-05-06 Study shows Chromium Picolinate and Biotin Combination significantly lowers coronary risk factors in people with Type 2 Diabetes 0 None
2004-05-06 FRC applauds FDA for rejecting over-the-counter pill in America's pharmacies 0 None
2004-05-06 Vitrase has been approved for use as an adjunct to rehydrating agents 0 None
2004-05-06 Study finds malaria drug does not affect the ability of airline crew to perform their duties 0 None
2004-05-06 Experimental sleep drug eszopiclone helps elderly to sleep better 0 5
2004-05-06 New guidelines for using new antiepileptic drugs to treat epilepsy 0 None
2004-05-06 Ritalin drug used to treat hyperactive children boosts the potency of Parkinson's drug levodopa 0 None
2004-05-06 Medicare says drug discount program shows savings up to 17 percent for brand name drugs 0 None
2004-05-06 FDA approval of Hylaform and Restylane, both injectable gels, to treat facial wrinkles 0 None
2004-05-05 Immtech signs agreement with CombinatoRx to test Immtech compounds as potential cancer treatment 0 None
2004-05-05 Trial of antibody for HIV Infection 0 None
2004-05-05 Agreement expands Quintiles capabilities to support drug approvals in Japan 0 None
2004-05-05 Mylan announces FDA approval of Parkinson’s disease drug 0 None
2004-05-04 First canine insulin drug 0 None
2004-05-04 UK researchers get 180,000 Euros to identify and develop new vaccines against Tuberculosis 0 None
2004-05-04 New license agreement for rotavirus diarrhea vaccine 0 None
2004-05-04 Pfizer targets five internet sites for selling an unapproved copy of Pfizer's top selling cholesterol medicine, Lipitor 0 None
2004-05-04 First drug product for treatment of short bowel syndrome 0 2
2004-05-03 FDA to create database to help identify counterfeit pharmaceutical brands 0 None
2004-05-03 Schering-Plough Corporation settles with $27 million to the State of Texas 0 None
2004-05-03 Australian company receives FDA orphan drug designation for product to treat malignant melanomas 0 None
2004-05-03 America’s Health Insurance Plans to provide drug discount cards to Medicare beneficiaries 0 None
2004-05-03 Pharmacy Care Alliance set to begin marketing to Medicare beneficiaries 0 None
2004-05-03 Cymbalta helped patients with depression feel better 0 3.7
2004-05-03 Medicare drug discount cards now available 0 None
2004-05-02 76 percent of Medicare beneficiaries believe the Medicare drug discount cards are a good idea 0 None
2004-05-01 Botox helps children with cerebral palsy 0 5
2004-05-01 New medicare website shows inaccurate pricing 0 None
2004-05-01 FDA approves new drug Enbrel for psoriasis 0 None
2004-04-30 New UK regulations to better protect patients taking part in clinical trials 0 None
2004-04-30 Agreement supports students seeking health careers 0 None
2004-04-30 Changes in the names of medicines, healthcare professionals to be vigilant against medication errors 0 None
2004-04-30 FDA updates Zelnorm labeling a treatment of women with irritable bowel syndrome 0 None
2004-04-30 Addition of insulin sensitizer provides lipid benefits for patients with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2004-04-29 Functional genomics and proteomics may accelerate the discovery of new drugs and therapeutic molecules 0 None
2004-04-29 Cinacalcet drug more successful than a placebo in treating hyperparathyroidism 0 None
2004-04-29 Antiepileptic drug Levetiracetam may help patients with Parkinson's disease 0 1.5
2004-04-29 MSF celebrated their 1,000 patient on antiretroviral treatment in a South African township 0 None
2004-04-29 New technique of identifying genes may help researchers developing drugs 0 None
2004-04-29 Studies show pregabalin does not affect male reproductivity or interfere with oral contraceptives 0 None
2004-04-29 Study of an oral fumarate shows improvement in psoriasis 0 None
2004-04-29 Securing pharmacists into the future 0 None
2004-04-28 Superdrug has chosen Macmillan Cancer Relief as its new charity partner 0 None
2004-04-28 A popular supplement, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), may help prevent migraine 0 None
2004-04-28 Shubao slimming capsules contain illegal Fenfluramine and Nitrosofenfluramine 0 None
2004-04-28 Study shows MIRAPEX(R) (pramipexole) relieves patients with restless legs syndrome 0 None
2004-04-28 FDA requires pancreatic extract manufacturers to get approval to remain on the market 0 None
2004-04-28 Education campaign to inform people with Medicare about the new prescription drug savings 0 None
2004-04-28 Cholesterol-lowering statin products may be the next class of drugs to go over the counter 0 None
2004-04-28 Estimates vary, but as much as 20% of new prescriptions never get filled and 85% of refills never leave the pharmacy 0 None
2004-04-28 HIV drug market will grow to an $8 billion industry by 2013 0 None
2004-04-28 Serono says Rebif an effective treatment for brain lesions 0 3
2004-04-28 New standard may minimize the risks and exaggerated benefits of medications 0 None
2004-04-27 Wyeth to appeal $1 billion awarded to the family of a woman who died after using fen-phen diet drug 0 None
2004-04-27 Blood pressure drug helps delay ischemic brain damage in stroke patients 0 None
2004-04-27 Study shows ZOMIG nasal spray to be an effective treatment for migraine headaches 0 None
2004-04-27 Antiepileptic drug levetiracetam (Keppra) shown to help chronic daily headaches 0 2
2004-04-27 Guidelines include Strattera as an ADHD therapy option 0 None
2004-04-27 Psoriasis medications can treat more than the skin 0 None
2004-04-27 FDA mandates approval for all pancreatic enzyme replacements 0 None
2004-04-27 Experimental smallpox DNA vaccine 0 None
2004-04-27 FDA approval for Cladribine to treat active Hairy Cell Leukemia 0 None
2004-04-27 First generic cultivate(R) cream to receive tentative FDA approval 1 None
2004-04-27 Inspire announces positive results in cystic fibrosis study 0 None
2004-04-27 Helix BioMedix announces positive results of comparative product anti-wrinkle study 0 None
2004-04-26 Parkinson’s disease drug Pergolide effective in treating restless legs syndrome 0 None
2004-04-26 Alzheimer’s drug has been shown to improve memory and cognition in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients 0 None
2004-04-26 Experimental immune-boosting drug interleukin-2 helps HIV Patients 0 None
2004-04-26 Anti-counterfeiting coalition supports Giuliani to protect public from fake drugs 0 None
2004-04-26 Clinical trial of enzyme replacement therapy for the treatment of Gaucher disease 0 None
2004-04-26 SARS antibody sent to China 0 None
2004-04-26 NICE issues guidance on use of newer drugs for epilepsy in adults 0 None
2004-04-26 Oxford researchers find possible new type of antibiotic 0 None
2004-04-26 Aventis and Sanofi to become one 0 None
2004-04-26 New cancer drug Tarceva - a breakthrough with significant survival benefit in patients with advanced lung cancer 0 None
2004-04-25 New Jersey announces automatic enrollment in new medicare drug discount program 0 None
2004-04-25 Public Health Advisory for medical professionals with patients on anti-depression medication 0 None
2004-04-23 7,000 U.S. hospital patients die each year and more than 750,000 are injured as a result of avoidable medication mistakes 0 None
2004-04-23 Helping doctors to prescribe the right medication 0 None
2004-04-23 Canadian doctors oblivious to costs of prescribed drugs 0 None
2004-04-23 CellCept linked to reduced cancer incidence 0 None
2004-04-23 Idebenone continues to show promise in treating Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) 0 None
2004-04-23 IVAX announces intention to revise offer for Polfa Kutno 0 None
2004-04-23 New steps to prevent drug card fraud 0 None
2004-04-23 Research may offer potent vaccines for viruses such as HIV and West Nile 0 None
2004-04-22 SSRI antidepressants may be unsuitable for children 0 None
2004-04-22 Access to effective malaria treatment for Africa threatened by drug shortages 0 None
2004-04-22 Clinical trial of curcumin in people with cystic fibrosis 1 None
2004-04-22 SkyePharma delivery technologies for respiratory drugs to feature at two international conferences 0 None
2004-04-22 Schering-Plough submits Japanese application for hepatitis C drug 0 None
2004-04-22 FDA approval for drug to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 0 None
2004-04-22 FDA approves Advair Diskus® for children with asthma 0 None
2004-04-22 ALTANA gets MHRA approval for Alvesco (Ciclesonide) 0 None
2004-04-21 FDA approves new breakthrough Parkinson's drug 0 None
2004-04-21 Americans over using perscription drugs 0 None
2004-04-21 500,000 patients have now been treated with REMICADE® worldwide 0 None
2004-04-21 FDA revises guidance on changes to an approved NDA, ANDA 0 None
2004-04-21 Desensitization Useful for Allergy to Life-Saving Drug 0 None
2004-04-21 Drug importation a 'counterfeit issue' 0 None
2004-04-21 Altana starts legal action to fight generic drug competition 0 None
2004-04-20 New drug is effective at treating patients in the early stages of Parkinson’s 0 None
2004-04-20 FDA Approves PROSCAR® Combined With Doxazosin to Reduce the Risk of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Symptoms 0 None
2004-04-20 Myriad Genetics advances drug for chemotherapy-induced nausea 0 None
2004-04-19 Preclinical data on Histamine's ability to prevent liver damage 0 5
2004-04-19 Medicare makes drug card enrollment easier 0 None
2004-04-19 Menthol in topical creams relieves Osteoarthritis pain 1 None
2004-04-19 Australian company set to spearhead drug discovery 0 None
2004-04-19 World's largest drug-like library comprising 100 million diverse compounds synthesised in a single test tube 0 None
2004-04-17 Medicare wants better access to drug discount cards 0 None
2004-04-17 Three actors tested positive for HIV - Quarantine list update 0 None
2004-04-16 New and Generic Drug Approvals from FDA 0 None
2004-04-16 Abbott Laboratories attempt to silence AIDS advocates 0 None
2004-04-16 AIDS advocates and patients protest Abbott Laboratories' Norvir price hikes 0 None
2004-04-16 GlaxoSmithKline files asthma treatment drug for approval in Japan 0 5
2004-04-16 Cancer-specific protein offers new target for the development of melanoma vaccine 0 None
2004-04-16 How cutting-edge computer techniques can be used to develop drugs 0 None
2004-04-15 Decongestant may increase blood pressure 0 None
2004-04-15 HIV Vaccine Program to Lead Local Efforts 0 None
2004-04-14 FDA approval for skin cancer cream 0 None
2004-04-14 New and Generic Drug Approvals from FDA 0 None
2004-04-14 Biotech production of Sucanon Diabetes drug commences 1 None
2004-04-14 'Medicare-Approved' cards available soon 0 None
2004-04-14 Canadian health groups urge ban on exportation of pharmaceutical drugs from Canada to the U.S. 0 None
2004-04-14 FDA Partners with States to Warn Consumers 0 None
2004-04-14 Drug duo prevents life-threatening condition in children undergoing stem cell transplant 0 None
2004-04-14 Stong evidence for lower penicillin allergic reactions 0 None
2004-04-14 FDA approves advanced malignant melanoma drug 0 None
2004-04-14 21st century is shaping up to be the "century of vaccines" 0 None
2004-04-13 FUZEON (enfuvirtide) to be widely available through pharmacies in the U.S. 0 None
2004-04-13 Novartis to provide free medicines to low-income medicare recipients 0 None
2004-04-13 GlaxoSmithKline acquires injectable anti-thrombotic agents Fraxiparine® and Arixtra® 0 None
2004-04-13 Drug's ability to reverse acute ischemic stroke 0 None
2004-04-13 Compound in ventolin inhalers could make asthma worse 3 None
2004-04-13 Researchers find next generation of medications to help schizophrenics 0 None
2004-04-12 Pfizer's files lawsuit against unapproved copy of cholesterol drug Lipitor 0 None
2004-04-12 FDA makes final ruling on dietary supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids 0 None
2004-04-12 New and Generic Drug Approvals from FDA 0 None
2004-04-12 FDA approval of stomach acid suppressant 0 None
2004-04-12 Medicare to launch website showing comparative drug pricing 0 None
2004-04-11 FDA issues warning againts street drug alternatives 0 None
2004-04-11 Bush Administration Undermining World Health Organisation Guidelines 0 None
2004-04-11 Ephedra - herbal stimulant sales illegal as of Monday 0 None
2004-04-10 Natural medication shown to not always be a safe alternative to synthetic medication 0 None
2004-04-10 Indevus announces agreement with Pliva for overactive bladder treatment drug 0 None
2004-04-09 Generic ribavirin product launched in the United States 0 None
2004-04-09 A drug that improves function of retinal blood vessels may be able to reduce the risk of stroke 0 None
2004-04-09 Roche announces new dosing strategy 0 None
2004-04-08 Hepatitis C wonder drug Ribasphere gets approval from FDA 0 None
2004-04-08 Unique heart arrhythmia drug represents one of the first molecular-based therapies for heart failure 0 None
2004-04-07 Cinacalet helps control overactive thyroids, a major complication of advanced kidney disease 0 None
2004-04-07 Research shows that intense high dose cholesterol lowering drugs result in a major reduction in deaths and severe heart attacks 0 None
2004-04-06 Oral sildenafil improved exercise tolerance, cardiac output and quality of life in 22 patients with primary pulmonary hypertension 0 None
2004-04-06 Phase 3 study of drug teduglutide in patients with short bowel syndrome 0 None
2004-04-05 Collaboration to create a series of small molecule drugs leads against a Takeda target 0 None
2004-04-05 NeoRx Corporation acquires worldwide rights to platinum-based anti-cancer agent 0 None
2004-04-05 SkyePharma agreement with Medeus Pharma for marketing and distribution of DepoMorphine 0 None
2004-04-05 New MRI Liver Contrast Agent Primovist(TM) Approved in Sweden 0 None
2004-04-05 AMA advises physicians to order influenza vaccine 0 None
2004-04-04 First Approval in Europe of Ezetimibe/Simvastatin for treatment of elevated cholesterol 0 None
2004-04-04 Doctors Likelier to Delay Prescribing Antiretroviral Drugs for Women and Minority HIV Patients 0 None
2004-03-31 GlaxoSmithKline and Theravance to form strategic alliance 0 None
2004-03-30 Drug, Nembutal can suppress activity in colon cancer cells 0 None
2004-03-30 FDA has approved Zyprexa, injectable anti-psychotic drug 0 4.5
2004-03-30 Aspirin surgery on neck arteries can prevent complications 0 None
2004-03-30 First Canadian therapeutic HIV vaccine trial 0 3
2004-03-30 Researchers find new purpose for existing drugs to suppress colon cancer metastasis, secure post-radiation brain function, and trick tumors 0 None
2004-03-30 Genencor Sells Its Therapeutic Vaccine Program to Innogenetics 0 None
2004-03-30 Trial of new drug that may halt progression of Type I Diabetes 0 None
2004-03-30 World’s largest biotechnology company acquires Tularik 0 None
2004-03-30 New Australian collaboration to discover new drugs targeting epilepsy and anxiety 0 None
2004-03-29 Almost half of all medicines globally are used irrationally according to WHO 0 None
2004-03-29 Data on pre-clinical activity of satraplatin in prostate cancer to be released 0 None
2004-03-29 IPM takes over Microbicide development to protect against sexual transmission of HIV 0 None
2004-03-29 Novel vaccine technology to suppress the growth of certain tumors 0 None
2004-03-27 Anti-ageing formula recalled due to excessive vitamin D3 0 1
2004-03-26 St. John’s wort may interfere with cancer-fighting drug’s ability to prevent relapse in leukemia patients 0 None
2004-03-26 Oral chemotherapy agent Orathecin™ (rubitecan) capsules accepted by FDA for filing 0 None
2004-03-25 Alfuzosin, new treatment for Acute Urinary Retention 1 None
2004-03-25 Partnership to improve TB vaccine, Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) 0 None
2004-03-25 Approval for FOSRENOL (lanthanum carbonate), which controls phosphate levels in renal dialysis patients 0 None
2004-03-24 Indiplon may help insomniacs improve their quality of sleep 0 None
2004-03-24 FDA Approves Pre-Filled Pre-Mixed Fertility Medication 0 None
2004-03-24 First US Tests of Bird-Flu Vaccine in Humans 0 None
2004-03-24 LAM Pharmaceutical receives approval to sell it's wound gel in China 0 None
2004-03-23 Cladribine Targeted to Become First Oral Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis 0 None
2004-03-23 New therapy for multiple sclerosis sufferers 0 None
2004-03-22 Tiny Ribozyme package could be future treatment of Hepatitis B virus 0 5
2004-03-22 Study shows Kinerase cream aids skin appearance 0 None
2004-03-22 Anti-blood clotting OJ from University of Liverpool 0 None
2004-03-22 Olopatadine nasal spray shown to minimise hay fever 0 None
2004-03-22 Raptiva, 20 percent improvement in an individual's signs and symptoms of arthritis. 0 None
2004-03-22 New drug to treat urinary tract infections, a step closer 1 None
2004-03-22 New pill for post-traumatic stress disorder 0 None
2004-03-22 Forward step in treatment of Allergic Rhinitis 0 None
2004-03-22 Pfizer breast cancer drug looks to be best in field 0 None
2004-03-22 Pharmexa vaccine is designed to induce antibody responses against the HER-2 protein 0 None
2004-03-22 Atrix Signs Feasibility Agreement for Development of Two New Compounds 0 None
2004-03-22 Largest marketing campaign for a single drug to date 0 None
2004-03-22 Obesity Drug Inhibits Prostate Tumor Growth 0 None
2004-03-22 New Drug Offers Hope For Advanced Colorectal Cancer 0 None


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