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2007-01-30 FDA and VA to share information on safe use of medical products 0 None
2007-01-30 FDA commits to safety 0 None
2007-01-30 Merck lobbying States to mandate Gardasil for school girls 0 None
2007-01-30 Utah Senate approves bill to establish Medicaid preferred drugs 0 None
2007-01-30 Drug giant Wyeth loses another HRT trial to the tune of $1.5 million 0 None
2007-01-29 Thailand the latest drug patent buster 0 None
2007-01-29 GlaxoSmithKline's new influenza vaccine accepted for review in Europe 0 None
2007-01-28 Panel recommends FDA to not create specific effectiveness standard for oral contraceptive approvals 0 None
2007-01-23 More med schools, hospitals ban gifts from pharmaceutical companies 0 None
2007-01-23 House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee will make Medicare prescription drug benefit oversight priority in 2007 0 None
2007-01-22 AstraZeneca makes $100 million investment in Boston 0 None
2007-01-22 Sequella receives FDA fast track status for pulmonary tuberculosis drug 0 None
2007-01-22 Novavax's pandemic flu vaccines show promise 0 None
2007-01-22 Shire licenses the north American rights for Apricitabine to Avexa 0 None
2007-01-18 Lessons from Vioxx litigation 0 None
2007-01-14 Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca to collaborate on Type 2 diabetes compunds 0 None
2007-01-14 Lilly to change global manufacturing operations 1 None
2007-01-14 New Rosacea treatment kit 2 None
2007-01-09 India's decision to abide to pharma patents could limit access to medicines 0 None
2007-01-09 Amphora sells oncology target to Genentech 0 None
2007-01-09 Viral Genetics identifies two key peptides for potential HIV/AIDS drug 0 None
2007-01-08 FDA approves MedImmune's new refrigerated formulation of FluMist influenza virus vaccine 0 None
2007-01-07 New Medicare payment method for prescription drugs covered under Part B reducing spending 0 None
2007-01-07 Less than 1% of eligible Arkansas residents pre-enroll in prescription drug discount program 0 None
2007-01-07 China's Henan province bans abortion drugs 0 None
2007-01-07 HHS and BioCryst advance development of new influenza drug 0 None
2007-01-07 FDA updates health claim for calcium and Vitamin D for osteoporosis 0 None
2007-01-02 Ranbaxy granted approval to manufacture Atenolol 0 None
2007-01-02 FDA announces tentative approval of generic Zoloft 0 None


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