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2009-02-25 United States files complaint against Forest Labs for allegedly violating the false claims act with Celexa and Lexapro 0 None
2009-02-25 Mylan's Matrix receives WHO approval for generic Lopinavir/Ritonavir tablets 0 None
2009-02-25 Supermarkets should offer free flu shots rather than free antibiotics 0 5
2009-02-25 Aton Pharma acquires Timoptic product line from Merck & Co 0 4
2009-02-25 Implicit licenses clinical stage antibody program from Lilly 0 None
2009-02-24 Valdoxan granted marketing authorisation for the treatment of major depressive episodes in Europe 0 4
2009-02-24 Ambrx and Merck Serono expand collaboration through multiple sclerosis drug 0 None
2009-02-24 34 percent of all Medicare Part D enrollees select Medicare Advantage plans for 2009 0 None
2009-02-23 Xencor and CSL Limited establish antibody optimization collaboration 0 None
2009-02-23 Genentech special committee rejects Roche’s $86.50 offer as inadequate 0 None
2009-02-22 Shire to enter European ADHD market with acquisition of EQUASYM IR and XL 0 None
2009-02-22 Schering-Plough submits response to FDA for SAPHRIS (asenapine) in the acute treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder 0 None
2009-02-22 Endo and Penwest announce settlement of Opana ER litigation 0 None
2009-02-22 Biocomposites granted SFDA clearance for geneX in China 0 None
2009-02-20 FDA issues warning on psoriasis drug Raptiva (efalizumab) 0 None
2009-02-17 U.S. Court of Federal Claims declares vaccines do not cause autism 0 None
2009-02-11 Abbott receives FDA clearance for new CELL-DYN Emerald hematology instrument 0 None
2009-02-10 Sundia MediTech and Xcovery announce new drug discovery 0 None
2009-02-10 Roche commences tender offer for Genentech 0 None
2009-02-10 New guidelines for prescribing opioid pain drugs 0 None
2009-02-10 Most seniors have drug coverage, study shows 0 None
2009-02-10 FDA approves clinical studies of novel anti-cancer drug developed by Italian researchers 0 None
2009-02-10 First data released on genetic basis of adverse drug events 0 None
2009-02-10 Endo Pharmaceuticals announces research collaborations on novel pain treatments and potential cancer treatments 0 None
2009-02-10 New drug short-circuits cancer growth 0 None
2009-02-08 Temozolomide sales reach $1 billion 0 None
2009-02-08 Medicines sold in Sweden cause serious environmental harm in India 0 None
2009-02-08 New guideline for prescribing opioid pain drugs published 0 None
2009-02-08 Medications control metabolism dominate spending for prescription meds 0 None
2009-02-08 Idenix Pharmaceuticals and GSK sign agreement for novel NNRTI for treatment of HIV 0 None
2009-02-08 FDA approves orphan drug ATryn anticoagulant 0 None
2009-02-08 Emergency physicians question antibiotic guidelines for pneumonia 0 None
2009-02-08 Abbott's acquisition of Advanced Medical Optics clears U.S. antitrust review 0 None
2009-02-05 FDA issues early communication about Xigris safety 0 None
2009-02-05 FDA grants priority review of Cinryze C1 inhibitor as treatment for acute attacks of hereditary angioedema 0 None
2009-02-02 New vaccine developed for preventing human adenovirus type-3d virus 0 None
2009-02-02 FDA approves KAPIDEX (dexlansoprazole) capsules for the treatment of GERD 0 None
2009-02-02 Chronic lung disease progress report from Axentis Pharma 0 None
2009-02-02 Bioidentical hormone facts and perspectives 0 None


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