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2009-06-30 Sinovac receives revised Chinese approvals for Panflu 0 3
2009-06-30 Hospira receives FDA approval for Azithromycin for injection 0 None
2009-06-29 White House: Shield biotech drugs from generics for only seven years 0 5
2009-06-29 Drug companies increasingly use medical science liaisons 0 None
2009-06-28 Australian swine flu vaccine ready in months 0 5
2009-06-28 Roche files MabThera as a first-line biologic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in Europe 0 None
2009-06-24 Lancet Infectious Diseases examines spread of XDR-TB 0 None
2009-06-24 HHS awards $35 million contract to company in hopes of faster flu vaccine production 0 None
2009-06-24 FDA approves generic emergency contraceptive Plan B (levonorgestrel) tablets 0 None
2009-06-24 Americans come up with first swine flu vaccine 1 None
2009-06-23 Good bet in market pullback: health-care shares 0 None
2009-06-23 Details remain unclear on Medicare drug deal 0 None
2009-06-23 Merck partners with non-profit for neglected diseases initiative 0 None
2009-06-22 Obama, AARP announce agreement to cut prescription drug costs 0 None
2009-06-21 PEPFAR and IDUs; economic crisis and health; human-rights and pharmaceutical companies 0 None
2009-06-18 Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline will donate influenza vaccines to WHO 0 None
2009-06-18 Tibotec, TB Alliance join to expedite development of promising tuberculosis drug 0 None
2009-06-18 The Federal Government should have limited, but crucial, role in comparative effectiveness 0 None
2009-06-18 A long ‘to-do’ list for FDA Chief Hamburg 0 None
2009-06-18 Senate Health Committee to begin reform mark up today, finance to follow next week 0 None
2009-06-18 Medical schools improve conflict of interest policies, but widespread problems remain 0 None
2009-06-18 House bill may target drugmakers' advertising tax breaks 0 None
2009-06-17 Circadian Technologies granted significant European patent 0 None
2009-06-16 Sinovac completes construction of H1N1 virus seed bank 0 None
2009-06-15 GlaxoSmithKline to cut some drug costs in emerging markets 0 None
2009-06-13 Drugstores group sues Delaware over Medicaid cutbacks 1 None
2009-06-13 India to promote drugs in Africa after fake Chinese drugs 'made in India' seized 0 None
2009-06-13 FDA issues health advisory on Levemir insulin 0 None
2009-06-11 FDA approves injectable Ibuprofen 1 None
2009-06-10 New drug for muscle degenerating diseases shows great promise 0 4
2009-06-10 Innovative partnership targets cancer-causing 'chaperones' 0 None
2009-06-10 Medical industry showers Department of Defense with free travel 0 None
2009-06-10 GlaxoSmithKline opens pneumonia vaccine plant In Singapore 0 4
2009-06-09 Sinovac begins production of H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2009-06-08 New antibiotics could come from a DNA binding compound that kills bacteria in 2 minutes 0 None
2009-06-05 Abbott and AstraZeneca to co-promote Trilipix (fenofibric acid) 4 1.5
2009-06-04 Economic downturn pushes cost of medicines up, pharmacists lobby for reform role 0 None
2009-06-04 Promising antimicrobial agent kills viruses, stimulates immune system 0 None
2009-06-03 FDA moves towards greater openness 0 None
2009-06-03 Lilly resubmits Cymbalta supplemental NDA for chronic pain to FDA 0 4.3
2009-06-02 Schering-Plough announces European filing of Sycrest (asenapine) for schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder 1 None
2009-06-01 Impact of Medicare Part D on access to and cost sharing for specialty biologic medications for beneficiaries with rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2009-06-01 FDA approves Reclast (zoledronic acid) for osteoporosis in postmenopausal women 1 None


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