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Date Title Comments Rating
2010-09-30 Progressive Medical updates 2010 Drug Spend Analysis 0 None
2010-09-30 Tengion presents Neo-Kidney Augment development program at ISCT Symposium 0 None
2010-09-30 Canadian Cancer Society alarmed by government inaction to establish national catastrophic drug insurance program 0 None
2010-09-30 Genotoxic impurities in prescription drugs 0 None
2010-09-30 Dyax, CMIC enter agreement to develop and commercialize DX-88 for HAE treatment 0 None
2010-09-30 Circassia announces advancement in T-cell allergy vaccines development 0 None
2010-09-30 Malaria experts focus on RTS, S as Malaria Vaccines for the World Conference begins 0 None
2010-09-30 Access Pharmaceuticals reports significant progress in Cobalamin-targeted drug-delivery program for siRNA therapies 0 None
2010-09-30 Research shows dexamethasone treatment effective for bacterial meningitis 0 None
2010-09-30 Increase in sales of new antidepressants not linked to decline in suicide rate 0 None
2010-09-30 Merck's ROTATEQ vaccine receives Prix Galien USA 2010 Award for Best Biotechnology Product 0 None
2010-09-30 NABP seeks to educate public about rogue Internet drug outlets, counterfeit medications 0 None
2010-09-30 FDA, EMA and Health Canada approve Progenics' RELISTOR in pre-filled syringes 0 None
2010-09-30 USFDA grants Sun Pharma subsidiary tentative approval for generic Crestor ANDA 0 None
2010-09-30 Precautionary guidelines on flu vaccine safety for allergic children 0 None
2010-09-30 FDA clears Abbott's RevitaLens Ocutec contact lens disinfecting solution 1 None
2010-09-30 Austrian AGES approves Baxter's PREFLUCEL vaccine for seasonal influenza 0 5
2010-09-29 NEUROKIN accentuates its leadership in the treatment of acute neurological diseases 0 None
2010-09-29 Circadian partners with Cincinnati Children's Hospital to develop blood test diagnostic for LAM, a serious lung disease 0 None
2010-09-29 Starpharma expands partnership with Eli Lilly 0 4
2010-09-29 Malaria vaccine close to reality 0 5
2010-09-29 NIAID study utilizes Biojector B2000 system to explore syringe, needle benefits 0 None
2010-09-29 Bayer Schering collaborates with Ligon to apply SMM technology for first-in-class drug discovery 0 None
2010-09-29 Outbreak of whooping cough mirrors challenges in developing world, global health official says 0 None
2010-09-29 African-American lung cancer patients with EGFR mutation respond better to erlotinib therapy 0 None
2010-09-29 Malaria vaccine development meeting begins in Washington 0 None
2010-09-29 BAC completes feasibility study on CaptureSelect affinity ligands for Genmab 0 None
2010-09-29 Morphotek announces first therapeutic monoclonal antibody for clinical development 0 None
2010-09-29 New topical microbicide gel can prevent HIV transmission 1 1
2010-09-29 Ready-to-Use Cardene I.V. lowers acutely elevated blood pressure: CLUE study 0 None
2010-09-29 New genetic screening program to reduce risk associated with Plavix 0 None
2010-09-29 KINAXO, Daiichi Sankyo enter long-term partnership in cancer research 0 None
2010-09-29 Researchers identify biomarker to predict tivozanib drug resistance 0 None
2010-09-29 National Jewish Health's liposome-based vaccine receives US patent 0 None
2010-09-29 Computer-assisted decisions can sometimes cause problems for prescribing 0 None
2010-09-29 Hypertension drug market to decline by $3 billion in 2019: Decision Resources 0 None
2010-09-29 USFDA approves Sun Pharmaceutical's ANDA to market Rilutek tablets 0 None
2010-09-28 Researchers find genetic variants that cause arthritis in breast cancer patients taking aromatase inhibitors 0 None
2010-09-28 Venous thromboembolism drugs to experience robust growth by 2019 0 None
2010-09-28 Mucosis collaborates with PATH to pursue use of Mimopath technology in diarrhea vaccines 0 None
2010-09-28 Clinical study results for patient-specific vaccine therapy to treat metastatic melanoma announced 0 None
2010-09-28 CareFusion signs agreement with Healthpoint to market, sell surgical scrub solutions 0 None
2010-09-28 Japanese Patent Office issues patent for ZIOPHARM Oncology's darinaparsin 0 None
2010-09-28 Bayer’s new oral contraceptive receives FDA approval 0 None
2010-09-28 Many adults skip vaccines because of costs 0 None
2010-09-28 LIMK inhibition blocks collective invasion of tumor cells: Researchers 0 None
2010-09-28 Hi-Tech to market buprenorphine HCl sublingual tablets 3 3.3
2010-09-28 Novel therapies for HCV treatment can precipitate several changes: Report 0 None
2010-09-28 Amira submits IND application for AM152 antagonist 0 None
2010-09-27 MediciNova receives FDA approval to proceed with initial trial of ibudilast 0 None
2010-09-27 Study shows regadenoson is safe and effective for chronic lung disease 0 None
2010-09-27 Takeda announces SGN-35 ADC trial results in Hodgkin lymphoma patients 0 None
2010-09-27 Hospira's Nivestim receives Australian TGA approval 0 None
2010-09-27 ARTES acquires ANAVAX virus-like particle technology from Select Vaccines 0 None
2010-09-27 FDA approves Beyaz tablets to increase folate level in women 0 2.8
2010-09-27 FDA, European regulators restrict Avandia use 0 None
2010-09-27 Bio-Dome wound interface dressings superior than GranuFoam 0 None
2010-09-27 Calcitonin combination therapy may help treat osteoarthritis: Study 0 None
2010-09-26 Stirling Products’ drug delivery technology interests big ‘pharma’ 0 None
2010-09-24 The House approves six health-related measures, including legislation related to the disposal of unused prescription drugs 0 None
2010-09-24 Amgen announces voluntary recall of certain lots of EPOGEN and PROCRIT 0 4
2010-09-24 Perrigo files NDA with FDA for generic Zegerid OTC 0 None
2010-09-24 Health Council of Canada applauds Nova Scotia for initiative towards ensuring low drug prices 0 None
2010-09-24 Consumers need to be made aware of benefits of low-calorie sweeteners 0 None
2010-09-24 Warner Chilcott to acquire U.S. rights to Enablex from Novartis for $400 million 0 None
2010-09-24 Pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide 50% discount on brand-name prescription drugs 0 None
2010-09-24 Tufts CTSI releases report from multi-state study on psychotropic medication oversight in foster care 0 None
2010-09-24 Takeda underscores commitment to ACTOS following FDA and EMA announcements for rosiglitazone 0 None
2010-09-24 EMA, FDA announce regulatory decisions on Avandia drug 0 None
2010-09-24 Balsamic rub cream now available in innovative dispensing stick 0 None
2010-09-24 Simple treatment may counteract widespread problem of subnormal vitamin levels in acute-care patients 0 None
2010-09-24 FDA designates AMT-080 gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy 0 None
2010-09-24 ASTMH recommends FDA to include neglected infections of poverty in orphan classification 0 None
2010-09-24 FDA grants clearance for HPβCD treatment for Niemann Pick Type C disease 0 None
2010-09-24 Advitech completes UVA testing study on oleosome sunscreen formulation 0 None
2010-09-24 Advanced Targeting Systems receives NCI award to advance SP-SAP drug 0 None
2010-09-24 Avandia restricted by the FDA and EMEA 0 None
2010-09-24 FDA approves Bionovo's CMC plan for Menerba drug candidate 0 None
2010-09-24 Abbott, Reata enter agreement to commercialize bardoxolone drug for CKD 0 None
2010-09-23 Cardialysis and Sticares InterACT announce strategic collaboration 0 None
2010-09-23 ENTrigue partners with HemCon to distribute hemostatic surgical gel 0 None
2010-09-23 Raltegravir could be valid target against all Herpesviridae 0 5
2010-09-23 Athersys presents MultiStem phase I study results at TCT Conference 0 None
2010-09-23 Semprae Laboratories markets Zestra to help make sex effortless for women 0 None
2010-09-23 LSUHSC hosts international scientific conference on drug abuse research and politics 0 None
2010-09-23 Scientists to develop methotrexate nose drops for brain cancer 0 4
2010-09-23 FDA and EMA accept regulatory submissions of vandetanib for advanced medullary thyroid cancer 0 None
2010-09-23 New analytical technique to improve personalized medicine 0 None
2010-09-23 RXi, EyeGate collaborate to develop RNAi therapeutics for retinal disorders 0 5
2010-09-23 Mitsui Ventures invests US$5 million to support S*BIO's clinical program 0 None
2010-09-23 DuPont and Royal DSM enter joint venture for advanced surgical biomedical materials 0 None
2010-09-23 FDA approves fingolimod drug for multiple sclerosis 0 None
2010-09-23 DCGI approves ADXS11-001 human testing for cervix cancer 0 None
2010-09-23 Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation to initiate clinical trial of new investigational vaccine 0 None
2010-09-23 Researchers develop drug to eliminate disease transmission by cough 0 None
2010-09-23 Generex presents study results of Oral-lyn insulin spray at EASD Annual Meeting 0 5
2010-09-23 Hyponatremia may lead to neurological complications 0 4
2010-09-23 FDA grants priority review status for Endo’s oxymorphone oral formulation 0 None
2010-09-23 BARDA awards Rapid Micro Biosystems $6.7M contract to develop rapid sterility testing platform for vaccines 0 None
2010-09-23 U.S. joins whistleblower suit against Pfizer for drug marketing 0 None
2010-09-23 Abbott's Humira gains first-line biologic use for psoriasis treatment: Report 0 None
2010-09-22 FDA approves Gilenya capsules for reducing MS relapses 0 None
2010-09-22 G-CSF compound may activate virus, increases risk of infection: Research 0 5
2010-09-22 George Higginson Professor to receive 2010 Warren Alpert Foundation Prize 0 None
2010-09-22 Teva asserts infringement of 4 COPAXONE-related patents by Mylan, files complaint in U.S. District Court 0 None
2010-09-22 PA State Police, PCCD join national effort to collect medications on Sept. 25 0 None
2010-09-22 Mylan obtains temporary restraining order against Apotex and GlaxoSmithKline 0 None
2010-09-22 Immunization is critical to reduce child deaths 0 5
2010-09-22 Merus partners with Innocoll to launch 3 advanced wound care products in Canada 0 None
2010-09-22 FDA grants orphan-drug designation to Catalyst's CPP-115 investigational drug 0 1
2010-09-22 High dose aspirin effective for treatment of severe headache and migraine 0 None
2010-09-21 Access enters $30M supply agreement for MuGard with RHEI 0 None
2010-09-21 Optimer submits fidaxomicin rolling NDA for treatment of Clostridium difficile infection 0 None
2010-09-21 MD Analytics releases early results from annual Pharmacists Prescribing report 0 None
2010-09-21, Columbia Medical Associates announce partnership to provide generic prescription medications 0 None
2010-09-21 EffRx, Nycomed announce European filing for EX101 marketing approval 0 None
2010-09-21 FDA grants orphan drug designation for MultiStem stem cell therapy 0 None
2010-09-21 FDA approves Mylan's generic Prograf Capsules ANDA 0 None
2010-09-21 DCPC submits comments to DC Attorney General on proposed medical cannabis regulations 0 None
2010-09-21 immatics raises EUR53.8million in Series C financing round 0 5
2010-09-21 Researchers to develop vaccine for plague 0 None
2010-09-21 Despite product recalls, consumers maintain brand loyalty for Tylenol: Study 0 None
2010-09-21 Ginkgo-special extract improves mental performance of dementia patients 0 None
2010-09-21 Orthovita publishes clinical data from IDE pilot studies 0 None
2010-09-21 Inovio Pharmaceuticals completes enrollment for PENNVAX-B vaccine Phase I clinical study 0 None
2010-09-21 Researchers discover new drug to control acute and chronic pain 0 None
2010-09-21 FDA accepts IND application for vaccine candidate based on iBioLaunch technology platform 0 None
2010-09-21 FDA recommends dabigatran etexilate to prevent stroke in AF patients 0 None
2010-09-21 Study suggests older people may not benefit from new tuberculosis vaccines 0 None
2010-09-21 Public health at risk as Vitamin D evidence mounts 0 2
2010-09-21 USP PET results qualify Apricus Bio's NexACT as anti-microbial preservative 0 None
2010-09-21 Intravenous aspirin safe, effective option for severe headache or migraine 0 4
2010-09-21 Study: Capecitabine with concurrent radiation is effective for treating gastric cancer 0 None
2010-09-21 FG-4592 oral anemia therapy receives CTA approval from SFDA 0 2
2010-09-21 3M Health Care introduces Tegaderm I.V. Advanced Securement Dressing 0 None
2010-09-21 Methylphenidate drug prescriptions are on the rise 0 None
2010-09-21 FDA Advisory Committee recommends approval of dabigatran etexilate for stroke prevention in AFib patients 0 5
2010-09-21 FDA approves Medtronic's Integrity Coronary Stent System 0 None
2010-09-21 AstraZeneca urges to increase funds for FDA fiscal year 2012 budget 0 None
2010-09-20 Elias Shaker to sell Generex's novel consumer products 0 None
2010-09-20 MJFF selects Epitomics to distribute LRRK2 monoclonal antibodies 0 None
2010-09-20 Genzyme announces Japanese approval of Synvisc viscosupplement for OA knee pain relief 0 None
2010-09-20 Harbor BioSciences granted US patent for Triolex metabolic disease and anti-inflammation drug candidate 0 None
2010-09-20 Lisofylline drug effective for Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-09-20 Cellectis bioresearch, Helix Biocon collaborate to promote cGPS service in India 0 None
2010-09-20 Oxygen Biotherapeutics announces CRADA Agreement amendment 0 None
2010-09-20 URB937 drug boosts natural painkiller level: Study 0 5
2010-09-20 Researchers discover HIV-1 resists AZT drug 0 None
2010-09-20 Tiotropium bromide shows potential as an alternative asthma treatment 0 None
2010-09-19 Immunotherapy accepted for coverage in MEDLINE® 0 2.5
2010-09-19 Johnson & Johnson in talks to buy Crucell 0 5
2010-09-18 Study examines effects of AEDs on nicotine metabolite levels in smokers 0 None
2010-09-18 CytoGenix initiates novel liner DNA technology testing on ferrets for vaccine development 0 None
2010-09-18 Pazopanib drug reduces thyroid cancer progression: Study 0 None
2010-09-18 Walgreens pharmacists in California offer immunizations that protect against pertussis 0 None
2010-09-18 HRA Pharma, Watson enter licensing agreement for ulipristal acetate emergency contraceptive commercialization 0 None
2010-09-18 Researchers suggest potentially valuable role for minocycline plus N-acetylcysteine to treat TBI 0 None
2010-09-18 CMB initiates first human trial for plant-produced H1N1 influenza vaccine 0 None
2010-09-18 Ligand Pharmaceuticals transfers license rights to Proximagen for CXCR4 target 0 None
2010-09-18 Emergent BioSolutions signs contract with HHS to develop rPA anthrax vaccine 0 None
2010-09-18 Emisphere’s SNAC drug successful in reducing food intake; increasing satiety 0 None
2010-09-18 CBO finds generic drugs save Medicare $33 billion in 2007 0 None
2010-09-18 Use of oral medications for diabetes increases among Americans: Report 0 None
2010-09-18 FDA accepts to review Aricept NDA for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-09-18 FDA reviews Actos drug for bladder cancer risk 0 4
2010-09-18 BARDA awards contract to Emergent BioSolutions for anthrax vaccine development 0 None
2010-09-18 FDA decides to review information on Avastin for advanced HER2-negative breast cancer 0 None
2010-09-17 New iPhone application tracks drug safety updates 0 None
2010-09-17 Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers to strengthen alliance with GAVI 1 None
2010-09-17 Opiate usage increases in workplace and ER 0 None
2010-09-17 Vital Therapies expands SILVER clinical trial to Middle East 0 None
2010-09-17 Arena, Eisai provide update on lorcaserin NDA 0 None
2010-09-17 Elite Pharmaceuticals signs agreements with Precision Dose for four generic products 0 None
2010-09-17 NIH to implement ScriptPro pharmacy automation systems 0 None
2010-09-17 Metabolic Solutions to present MSDC-0160 clinical candidate data at EASD conference 0 None
2010-09-17 Common Alzheimer's disease drug enhances learning of new skills 0 None
2010-09-17 Researchers reveal Prozac reactions to increase serotonin level 0 None
2010-09-17 Diclectin's effectiveness for morning sickness: Report 0 2.3
2010-09-17 Alcohol addiction drug may help opioid addicts: FDA panel considers reports 0 None
2010-09-17 FDA Advisory Committee recommends approval of Alkermes' VIVITROL for opioid dependence 0 None
2010-09-17 FDA approves CRT-D device to treat heart failure patients 0 2
2010-09-17 FDA approves Akorn's Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment USP 1 g 0 None
2010-09-16 NovaBay Pharmaceuticals delivers poster presentations on Aganocide compound at ICAAC Conference 0 None
2010-09-16 Forest Pharmaceuticals to pay $300 million as penalty for criminal actions 0 None
2010-09-16 Generics drugs in Medicare program saved $33 billion in 2007: CBO 0 None
2010-09-16 Anonymous Funding promotes drug development for Fragile X syndrome treatment 0 5
2010-09-16 Researchers develop infected tissue model for Aganocide compounds 0 None
2010-09-16 Abbott issues statement in response to FDA's mixed vote for weight loss medication sibutramine 0 None
2010-09-16 bluebird bio publishes LentiGlobin gene therapy clinical trial data results 0 None
2010-09-16 Orexo signs agreement with NewBridge for Abstral drug sale 0 None
2010-09-16 European Commission approves SmPC update for VIRAMUNE in HIV treatment 0 None
2010-09-16 GSK, Genmab to refocus on ofatumumab development program in autoimmune indications 0 None
2010-09-16 Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals presents preclinical data of TP-434 antibacterial drug 0 None
2010-09-16 Researchers find NCT analogs show antimicrobial, anticoagulant activity 0 None
2010-09-16 ASG-5ME compound kills pancreatic cancer cells: Researchers 0 None
2010-09-16 JAK oral medication produces lasting relief for patients with myelofibrosis: Researchers 0 3.3
2010-09-16 K.U.Leuven enters license agreement with Pfizer to commercialize anti-HIV drugs 0 None
2010-09-16 FDA updates dosing recommendation for Valcyte medication 0 4
2010-09-16 Researchers investigate antimicrobial activity of Aganocide compounds against H1N1 0 None
2010-09-15 Access Pharmaceuticals launches product website for MuGard 0 None
2010-09-15 Bruner to encourage FDA advisory committee to consider effectiveness of obesity drug Lorcaserin 0 None
2010-09-15 Bohai adds additional pharmaceutical products to Traditional Chinese Medicine portfolio 0 None
2010-09-15 Abstract on ACH-1625 accepted as late breaking poster presentation at The Liver Meeting 2010 0 None
2010-09-15 Oramed Pharmaceuticals announces clinical trial results of ORMD-0801 capsule in Type I diabetics 0 None
2010-09-15 FDA extends PDUFA date for AstraZeneca's ticagrelor NDA 0 None
2010-09-15 MVI agrees to provide fund for evaluating Inovio's malaria DNA vaccine candidate in non-human primates 0 None
2010-09-15 Elsevier launches new Pharmacokinetics Module of PharmaPendium 0 5
2010-09-15 Savient's KRYSTEXXA receives FDA approval for chronic gout in adult patients refractory to conventional therapy 0 None
2010-09-15 FDA approves Krystexxa drug to treat gout 0 4
2010-09-15 Apricus Biosciences announces reformulation of Rituxan enables rectal delivery of biologics 0 None
2010-09-15 CytoGenix reports positive results of CYDBA507 avian influenza vaccine candidate 0 None
2010-09-14 Stroke risk with common pain killers dismissed by manufacturer 1 4
2010-09-14 Cetaphil launches Restoraderm for management of eczema and atopic dermatitis skin 2 3.8
2010-09-14 UBM Live anticipates CPhI Worldwide attendance to exceed 25,000 0 5
2010-09-14 SAMHSA to unveil results of 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health 0 None
2010-09-14 AMCP supports legislation to prohibit financial agreements for delaying marketing of lower-cost generic drugs 0 None
2010-09-14 Gilead Sciences announces Quad regimen Phase II clinical trial results for HIV infection treatment 0 None
2010-09-14 NCCN Oncology Policy Summit focuses on off-label use of drugs and biologics 0 None
2010-09-14 Bisphosphonates drug may lead to atypical femur fractures in osteoporosis patients: Report 0 2
2010-09-14 Neoprobe Corporation presents information on Lymphoseek at TERACHEM Symposium 0 None
2010-09-14 Cell Therapeutics to appeal FDA decision on pixantrone NDA for relapsed/refractory aggressive NHL 0 None
2010-09-14 IGI submits first ANDA to FDA 0 None
2010-09-14 ADHD medication improves childhood cancer survivors: Research 0 None
2010-09-14 Sanofi Pasteur files Fluzone Intradermal influenza virus vaccine sBLA with FDA 0 None
2010-09-13 Complementary medicine to save millions: Report 0 None
2010-09-13 Counterfeit drugs become growing problem 0 None
2010-09-13 FDA updates Shire's ProAmatine medicine for symptomatic orthostatic hypotension treatment 0 None
2010-09-13 AB SCIEX, University of Melbourne join to develop drug metabolism studies of biopharmaceuticals 0 None
2010-09-13 InterMune's development program for pirfenidone, IPF to be presented at Annual Congress of ERS 0 None
2010-09-13 Forest files response to FDA Complete Response Letter for roflumilast NDA 0 None
2010-09-13 Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals presents TP-434 drug candidate clinical data 0 None
2010-09-13 Scientists to present preclinical pharmacology data on TRV120027 at Heart Failure Society of America Meeting 0 None
2010-09-13 Daiichi Sankyo receives marketing approval for Inavir in Japan 0 None
2010-09-13 Court of Appeals favors Lilly in third-party payor suit 0 None
2010-09-13 Santarus expands development pipeline, adds two novel biologic drug candidates 0 None
2010-09-13 Debiopharm, Aurigene commence IND enabling studies for Debio 0617 inhibitor 0 None
2010-09-13 FDA approves FASLODEX 500mg dose for metastatic breast cancer in postmenopausal women 0 2.7
2010-09-13 Rib-X Pharmaceuticals presents preclinical data of radezolid drug at ICAAC Conference 0 None
2010-09-13 CRT agrees with AstraZeneca for AZD-3965 clinical trial 0 None
2010-09-13 Covidien supports FDA labeling changes for gadolinium-based contrast agents 0 None
2010-09-13 FDA approves CorMatrix ECM for Pericardial Closure 0 None
2010-09-13 Researchers develop mathematical framework for vaccine stockpile implications 0 None
2010-09-13 NanoBio Corporation to present Nanoemulsion Phase I clinical trial data at ICAAC Conference 0 5
2010-09-13 Advaxis publishes research article on Her2 antigen for Listeria vaccine 0 None
2010-09-12 MRSA infection hVISA linked to mortality 0 None
2010-09-10 Lantheus Medical Imaging supports FDA action to ensure appropriate use of gadolinium-based contrast agents 0 None
2010-09-10 K-V successfully completes FDA inspection for resumption of manufacturing and shipment of products 0 None
2010-09-10 Harris Teeter to distribute Oragenics' EvoraPlus and EvoraKids oral care probiotics 0 None
2010-09-10 PurCotton brand promotional events held in Shenzhen 0 None
2010-09-10 Current treatment strategies for mood and addictive disorders 0 None
2010-09-10 395 new vaccines being developed for infectious diseases: PhRMA 2 2.2
2010-09-10 John Theurer Cancer Center plays major role in FDA's fast tracking of ipilimumab for metastatic melanoma 0 None
2010-09-10 Koronis Pharmaceuticals to present KP-1461 clinical trial data at ICAAC Conference 0 5
2010-09-10 Illinois researcher urges CDC to revisit pediatric vaccine stockpile policies 0 None
2010-09-10 GBCAs carry new warnings on their labels about risk of NSF: FDA 0 None
2010-09-10 Meditrina licensor AstraZeneca granted US allowance of patent for endometriosis treatment 0 1
2010-09-10 Survey finds women mistreat yeast infections 0 None
2010-09-10 Shire announces expansion of Human Genetic Therapies pipeline 0 None
2010-09-10 FDA approves pediatric use of Protopam Chloride 0 None
2010-09-10 Noscira receives FDA approval for Tideglusib drug to treat PSP 0 2.7
2010-09-09 New melanoma drug in the pipeline from Plexxikon and Roche 0 None
2010-09-09 Performance Plus Marketing wins IMA's Circle of Excellence Award for Victoza campaign 0 None
2010-09-09 BioMedTracker launches Thought Leader Opinions service for drug information 0 None
2010-09-09 Questcor Pharmaceuticals provides update on sNDA for H.P. Acthar Gel 0 None
2010-09-09 SDI's VaccineTrack data reports on season's flu vaccination 0 None
2010-09-09 Federal appeals court declines to reconsider 'pay-for-delay' on generic drugs 0 5
2010-09-09 C.A.R.E.S. Alliance launches online tools for addressing misuse and abuse of pain medications 0 None
2010-09-09 Santarus, VeroScience enter agreement to commercialize CYCLOSET drug for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-09-08 Zyngenia completes $15M Series A financing extension from NEA 0 None
2010-09-08 Quick-Med expands and strengthens NIMBUS technology intellectual property 0 5
2010-09-08 USPTO awards Medicis new patent for SOLODYN Extended Release Tablets 0 None
2010-09-08 Update on Enobia Pharma's effort to develop ENB-0040 for treating HPP patients 0 None
2010-09-08 Champions Biotechnology signs agreement to test Cephalon's CEP-32496 in Biomerk Tumorgraft platform 0 None
2010-09-08 Perrigo receives FDA approval to manufacture, market Imiquimod Cream, 5% 0 None
2010-09-08 AVAC welcomes new Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Scientific Strategic Plan 0 None
2010-09-08 Experts gathered for UNAIDS, WHO meeting recommend follow-up studies of ARV-containing microbicide gel start soon 0 None
2010-09-08 Oxygen Biotherapeutics offers traumatic brain injury trials for Israeli soldiers 0 None
2010-09-08 La Jolla Pharmaceutical seeks clinical product for lupus treatment 0 None
2010-09-08 Global Fund investigates allegations that donated malaria drugs were stolen, resold in some African countries 0 None
2010-09-08 Forest Laboratories' ceftaroline fosamil receives FDA Advisory Committee approval for CABP and cSSSI 0 None
2010-09-08 Fluctuation in PCV-7 vaccine dosing time increases pneumococcal serotype 19A strains: Study 0 None
2010-09-08 BMJ investigation raises concern on rosiglitazone diabetes drug safety 0 None
2010-09-08 CDC ramps up production of new three-in-one flu vaccine 0 None
2010-09-08 Alzheimer's disease drug market to increase from $4.3 billion to $13.3 billion in 2019: Report 0 None
2010-09-07 Watson Laboratories receives FDA approval for Zarah tablets 0 5
2010-09-07 Oragenics launches oral care probiotic products through GNC Stores 0 None
2010-09-07 Bayer Consumer Care introduces One A Day Menopause Formula to help address hot flashes 0 None
2010-09-07 Somaxon's Silenor now commercially available in U.S. 0 5
2010-09-07 Idenix Pharmaceuticals receives clinical hold order from FDA for IDX184, IDX320 programs 0 None
2010-09-07 Bend Research expands hot-melt extrusion pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities 0 None
2010-09-07 DSM Pharma launches InnoSyn route scouting services for pharmaceutical customers 0 None
2010-09-07 Scientists urge government to set target effectiveness for newly approved antibiotics 0 None
2010-09-04 Almost half of all Americans use prescription drugs each month 0 None
2010-09-04 FDA approves IDE study to evaluate HeartWare Ventricular Assist System 0 5
2010-09-03 Tibotec submits MAA for investigational HIV drug TMC278 to European Medicines Agency 0 None
2010-09-03 Celgene receives Paragraph IV Certification Letter on submission of ANDA for REVLIMID 0 None
2010-09-03 Celldex Therapeutics regains worldwide rights to commercialize rindopepimut therapeutic cancer vaccine 0 None
2010-09-03 Regional Director of WHO Africa warns of impact global financial situation will have on health systems, MDGs 0 None
2010-09-03 EQP program helps healthcare professionals identify quality of dietary supplements 0 None
2010-09-03 New peer-reviewed study on chemopreventive effects of Protandim 0 None
2010-09-03 Dilemmas created for healthcare professionals by medicinal use of cannabis 0 None
2010-09-03 'Gateway effect' of marijuana overblown 0 None
2010-09-03 'Aspartame danger' myths 12 4.3
2010-09-03 Gilead Sciences seeks MAA in Europe for fixed-dose combination of Truvada and TMC278 for HIV-1 infection 0 None
2010-09-03 European Commission approves MSD's MAA for SYCREST in manic episodes associated with bipolar I disorder 0 None
2010-09-03 BDSI announces positive meeting with FDA, Meda on REMS program for ONSOLIS 0 None
2010-09-03 Study finds high content of aluminium in infant formulas 1 None
2010-09-03 Botox maker agrees to pay $600 million for misbranding 1 None
2010-09-03 Diabetes drug metformin exhibits potential against tobacco-induced lung tumors 0 None
2010-09-03 Rexahn Pharmaceuticals publishes research article on RX-8243 anti-tumor activity 0 None
2010-09-03 CaPre drug candidate shows promising result on CRP level reduction 0 None
2010-09-02 New antibacterial peptide effective against infections in burn or blast wounds 0 None
2010-09-02 Purdue University researchers develop new type of pump for drug-delivery patches 0 None
2010-09-02 announces enhancement to online shopping system 0 None
2010-09-02 iBio and CMB enter development and marketing collaboration with GE Healthcare 0 None
2010-09-02 Emergent BioSolutions signs contract with NIAID to develop third generation anthrax vaccine candidate 0 None
2010-09-02 AHF proposes innovative solution to resolve AIDS drug crisis in Florida 0 5
2010-09-02 Dietary supplement combining zinc, phytase enhances effectiveness of BTX injections: Study 0 None
2010-09-02 Lilly's Evista method patents upheld through March of 2014 0 None
2010-09-02 Researchers develop new technique to trace counterfeit drugs 0 None
2010-09-02 Orexigen and Takeda partner to develop, commercialize Contrave in US, Canada and Mexico 0 None
2010-09-02 XARELTO achieves net clinical benefit in treatment of patients with DVT 0 None
2010-09-02 BRINAVESS IV granted marketing approval in EU for conversion of recent onset AF to sinus rhythm 0 3
2010-09-02 Biodel replaces Linjeta with trade name VIAject 0 1
2010-09-02 QRxPharma announces interim analysis of MoxDuo IR clinical program 0 None
2010-09-02 Nabi Biopharmaceuticals, Diosynth sign long-term commercial manufacturing agreement 0 None
2010-09-02 Unitract Tuberculin syringe clears FDA 510k market clearance 0 None
2010-09-02 Involving pharmacists in direct patient care activities has favorable effects: Study 0 None
2010-09-02 FDA approves Atomoxetine HCl capsules for ADHD 0 None
2010-09-02 Pharmacor 2010 findings predict COPD drug market rise to $13 billion in 2019 0 None
2010-09-02 USFDA grants Sun Pharma subsidiary approval for generic Strattera capsules ANDA 0 3
2010-09-02 FDA approves LUMIGAN eye drops for intraocular pressure reduction in open-angle glaucoma patients 0 3
2010-09-01 Event Pulse report reveals impact of new therapies on MS drug market 0 None
2010-09-01 Report finds some donated malaria drugs are being stolen, resold In Africa 0 None


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